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Chapter 266


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A swordsman flew out of the ring and fell to the ground . The cheers once again sounded through the colosseum . Unlike before, the mercenaries were at loss for words . Whether it was the mercenary leader or ordinary mercenaries, they were all baffled . They were looking at the maiden who hadn’t even moved a step at the center of the ring in bewilderment .

Five defeats .

The five elites from the first team lost without even being able to scratch Marlene’s robe . After she had won, Marlene didn’t even turn her head and went straight down from the ring as if it wasn’t really an amazing thing to accomplish . In fact, there were many people who were so surprised by her strength that they couldn’t even utter a single word .

Everyone knew that Starlight was strong, not to mention there were a few mercenary groups that had been rescued by them . This matter also quickly spread around the mercenary circle, so they had already mentally prepared . But now it seemed like their mental preparation was a little inadequate . One versus five? The five of them were all mercenary group elites . They were the second-in-command of a the mercenary group, but the five of them were easily beaten just like that?! This was not something that ordinary people could do . Of course, Hiller or Shawn might be able to do it, but they were the leader of the strongest mercenary groups in the Paphield area for several years . As for Marlene, she was only the vice leader of Starlight mercenary group!

After a while, people began to talk about them . They didn’t expect the Starlight mercenary group to actually be this strong . They were on a totally different level . But even if they were shocked, they still accepted reality . After a moment, they finally found out about the young maiden’s identity . She was the only heir of Sennia family and also a rare magic genius . Just due this identity, this young maiden would be able to suppress all of them . What more, the other four people hadn’t yet shown up . Could they also achieve a winning streak just like Marlene?

There’s no way, right…

The mercenaries finally stopped gossiping . Unlike Marlene, Anne and Lize were no strangers in the mercenary circle . People already had some insight regarding their strength, Not to mention Randolf and Joey—a lot of people knew that they were just rookies that stepped into mercenary group world for two to three years . Needless to say, they already knew their strength .

So who was going to represent Starlight on the next battle?

“Good job, qualified . ”

Seeing Marlene walk down the ring, Rhode gave her a nod of satisfaction . When she heard Rhode’s words, Marlene smiled and looked at her wand with a complicated expression .

“I just realized that… ‘Ms . Canary’ and company are really strong . ”

“Eh? ”

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When he heard this, Rhode froze while Marlene shook her head .

“I’ve learned all these tricks from ‘Ms . Canary . ’ but I only learned the basic . But even with the basic tricks, I was able to beat five people easily . It was something I couldn’t have done before, and if it weren’t for this fight, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to realize that .

Having said that, Marlene’s face was a little depressed . Previously in the Mirage, she was trained by her in a pitch darkness, so there was no way for her to judge Canary’s true strength; she only knew that the other side was very powerful . Right now, seeing that she was able to defeat those mercenaries easily, she finally had a clear judgment of her strength . The gap between them was really too big, so she felt somewhat dejected . Before, Marlene had no idea just how tall the mountain that she wanted to climb was, but after this battle, she realized that the mountain was as tall as Mount Everest . However, it didn’t really make any difference since the difficulties were the same . Perhaps after finding out the truth, it would be even more difficult for her .

“Don’t mind too much; you are you, and she is her . The two of you are different individuals after all . ”

After that, Rhode patted Marlene’s shoulder . As she heard Rhode’s answer, her expression improved a bit . However, she soon looked up and gazed at Rhode curiously . After a moment, she suddenly asked .

“Please forgive me for being rude… Mr . Rhode, is Ms . Canary your partner?”

Upon hearing this question, Rhode loudly coughed . He turned around and shrugged .

“This… Our relationship is more complicated than that, how to say… She likes me very much, but at that time… Well, things happened, so … ”


Seeing Rhode’s embarrassed expression, Marlene was a little puzzled . At this moment, Gillian suddenly came .

“It’s not complicated at all, little Marlene . That little girl was once the Master’s wo… Uu uu uu… ” Gillian’s words hadn’t yet finished, when Rhode had already come to her side to cover her mouth . Marlene was puzzled as she looked at Rhode . Wo? What did ‘wo’ mean?

“Anyways, you worked hard, Marlene . Go there and rest… Let’s take a look at Lize’s performance . ”

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Sure enough, hearing Lize’s name, Marlene no longer cared about this gossip and quickly walked to the side to talk with Lize . After seeing Marlene’s battle, Lize had gotten a lot more confident . When talking with Marlene, she looked firm and unwavering . It seemed like the training in the Mirage had helped Lize improved a lot .

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rhode let his left hand slip from Gillian’s mouth . Gillian immediately gasped loudly . If he had been a few seconds late, it would have ended up very differently .

“Master, what are you doing?” ”

“You know a little too much . ”

Rhode glanced at Gillian, but the latter was evidently unconscious about it .

“This saying goes ‘if you don’t want people to know, you’d better not do it’… What more, this is not a shameful thing . A hero is usually flirty; if he’s not flirty, he wouldn’t be a hero, right? Especially such a hero like you, Master…

“Stop it, stop it . ”

Seeing that other people seemed to have been attracted by her words, Rhode decisively stopped her . Gillian also obediently stopped and no longer said anything after hearing Rhode’s words . She slyly smiled and ran towards Lapis . Seeing that Gillian was leaving, Rhode felt relieved . Right now, Lize stood beside him and was waiting for his order .

“I’ll leave the next battle to you, Lize . I’m sure those guys are going to freak out and drop their jaw after seeing you fight … Just do it as you trained; calm down and show your strength . ”

“Yes, Mr . Rhode!”

Hearing Rhode’s words, Lize clenched her fists and turned her head . Seeing the crowd around her, she took a deep breath and walked towards the ring .

Sure enough, the crowd didn’t react much when seeing her . Instead, the mercenaries were shocked .

“Holy Spirit, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t that Lize?” ”

“Yes, it’s her… She’s a cleric! ”

“Cleric… Can a cleric even go to the ring? ”

Almost everyone was perplexed and had no idea what to say . Even the large mercenary group leaders were also surprised . They obviously didn’t expect Starlight to send a cleric up to the ring . After all, in the Dragon Soul Continent, a cleric was a healer and belonged to the support class . Although under Rhode’s leadership, it was known that a cleric could fight an undead and everyone understood the principle behind it . But now… this was a fight against humans, not undead creatures! Their attack could not harm ordinary humans .

At this moment, not only were the mercenaries surprised, even the elites in the second team were confused . They glanced at each other and did not know what to do . Starlight’s action was too unexpected . First, they sent such a strong mage, and now they actually sent a cleric with no fighting ability . What the hell?

At this moment, the second team elites were more stressed than the first team . Even if the first team lost, they lost because they were facing a mage . Everyone in the Dragon Soul Continent knew about a Mage’s status and strength; it’s no wonder they lost . But what about a Cleric? Everyone knew that a Cleric was incapable of fighting, so how were they going to fight? There was nothing to be proud of if they won and but if they lost, they would turn into a laughingstock…

But would they lose?

“I’ll go first . ”

When everyone was being indecisive, a sweet voice suddenly sounded . A beautiful girl who was holding a lance in her hand rushed forward and greeted everyone . After that, she walked towards the ring . Seeing her action, the remaining four helplessly shook their heads and let her go .

Seeing the second team had sent another woman on stage, they loudly cheered . When Lize looked at her opponent, she was surprised .

“Nancy?” ”

“Hey, long time no see, Little Lize . ”

The woman named Nancy waved at her while smiling mockingly as she heard Lize’s inquiry .

“It never occurred to me that you would be standing in this place . It really feels funny… How is it, Lize? Are you really going to fight? Or are you going to cry and make your opponent give up fighting? Isn’t that what you’re good at? ”

When Lize heard Nancy’s cynicism, she stayed silent and said nothing . Seeing Lize didn’t respond to her words, Nancy showed some interest . She waved the lance in her hand .

“Well, little one, I’d advise you step down now to prevent any injury . How about it?” ”

“… It’s you who should step down, Nancy . ”

On the other hand, Lize toughened up and said . She put down her hands with a trace of disgust on her face .

“Because I will never lose . ”


When she heard Lize’s words, Nancy finally stopped showing her fake smile .

“Shameless little b*tch, let me see if you have any other skill besides crying . ”

The woman suddenly began to attack with her lance .

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