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Chapter 268

As the saying went, the insider knew the ropes, while the outsider just came along for the ride .

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Even though most mercenaries ridiculed Nancy as they saw her performance, but there were some of them who were frowning while carefully observing the girls’ movements in the ring .

“What do you think?”

Sereck retracted his eyes from Nancy and turned around to look at the Old President . At this moment, the old man who was originally sitting on the chair also opened his eyes and looked at the ring with a serious expression .

“She did it on purpose . ” Not long after, the Old President said . “She did it on purpose . ”

He repeated this sentence . Hearing the Old President answer, Sereck also nodded . He turned his head, looking toward the ring . Currently, Nancy was no longer attacking, but circling around Lize . Under the spectators booing, Nancy’s complexion was obviously very ugly, but it seemed like she also had no other way . Hearing the shouting around her, Nancy once again waved her lance and rushed forward . In the end, she fell to the ground for no reason again and everyone immediately burst out of laughter .

“It’s her who did it . ”

Lize’s trick was very concealed, and ordinary mercenaries wouldn’t be able to find anything wrong, but Sereck, as a swordmaster, was able to perceive her subtle movements . When Nancy raised her lance, Lize lifted her right hand and quickly put it down . Just like that, Nancy suddenly lost her balance and heavily fell to the ground .

At this time, the old president suddenly spoke .

“If you’re the one facing her, could you win?”

Hearing the Old President’s inquiry, Sereck was silent for a moment . He carefully looked at the scene in the ring and shook his head a moment later .

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“I don’t know . ”

“You don’t know?”

Hearing this answer, the Old President was surprised . He turned around to look at Sereck .

“If Lize can’t keep up with my movement, then it would be my victory . But if she can, it’s hard to tell . ”

As an experienced swordmaster, he already had a basic understanding of what Lize was doing after watching the battle for a long time . However, he also couldn’t come up with a method to counterattack . Spirit power and magic were different; it was almost impossible to defend against her attack . So unless he relied on his speed to make Lize’s judgment go wrong, then even Sereck wouldn’t be able to do anything .

After all, this ‘treating foes as friends’ combat method had a stronger impact against the strong . The more powerful one’s strength, the faster their speed, and the greater the disruption of the rhythm . To a powerful master, it would be better if they were stabbed directly by a knife .

That was just how Nancy felt now .

Nancy, who was being fooled by Lize, felt a little angry, but whenever she wanted to take her revenge, her body didn’t seem to listen to her . She immediately fell to the ground and even almost injured her waist . Then, she tried to directly attack and pierced through Lize’s Guardian Shield . However, when she did that, she suddenly felt her strength disappear for a moment and the impact from the lance almost broke her wrist .

There was a fire in Nancy’s heart . She thought she was going to go up and beat her straight away, but she’s unable to do it . This feeling really made her feel depressed . Not to mention, there were a lot of mercenaries who were ridiculing her . It was no wonder that they would laugh at her; she was an elite after all, but her current performance was no better than a rookie’s .

Damn it . What should I do? What should I do?!

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Nancy clenched her teeth and cursed . She fiercely glared at Lize . On the other hand, Lize wasn’t looking at her, but toward the lines on the floor .


Looking at this scene, Rhode frowned . He turned around and looked at the others .

“Does Lize have a bad relationship with this woman?” ”



As they heard Rhode’s question, they were surprised . From the dialogue between Nancy and Lize, they obviously knew each other . This was the first time the Starlight mercenaries had seen Nancy, so they were not clear about the situation .

Rhode naturally also didn’t know about it . However, seeing the way Lize fought her, she was using one of the meanest, most shameless, and most hated method of ‘treating foes as friends’ . The regular ‘treating foes as friends’ method was to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm and use spirit power to give the killing blow . But this non-mainstream method was used without having to exert any physical strength because the damage given was almost zero . This kind of method was used to force the opponent to admit defeat . In the past, a player called ‘Big Bubble Gum’ particularly liked to use this method—she was the one who invented the Cleric PK method . Many people underestimated her, and in the end, she used this method to torture those people for 30 minutes to one hour to make them admit defeat themselves after experiencing a mental breakdown . Although there had been no special changes in her expression, Rhode was clear about this . He was judging her intention based on the skills she used . Lize had been using this method constantly, and it was enough to explain the situation . She didn’t intend to attack the opponent directly as Marlene did . Instead, she used the most annoying, most cruel method, which took up a lot of time . This meant that there was a grudge between Lize and that woman, or else, based on Lize’s character, she wouldn’t do something like this .

Did that guy teach her something bad in the Mirage?

Rhode thought for a while and soon gave up that thought . The image in the Mirage had no self-awareness and no ability to speak . Even if he wanted to teach something bad, he was still unable to do so . It was just that…

Thinking until here, Rhode shrugged his shoulders . He turned his head once again to look at the ring .

Why do women make things difficult for other women?

Lize was, of course, unable to hear Rhode’s thought . She carefully kept her distance from Nancy and constantly used her spirit power to interrupt Nancy’s rhythm . As Rhode had guessed, she hated this woman . When she had just arrived at Deep Stone City, she had been unfamiliar with the place and the people there . When she felt at loss, Nancy appeared and pretended to introduce a mercenary group to her, but she actually meant to sell her to a merchant . At that time, that feeling really made her felt an abnormal fear . If her former leader didn’t pass by and saved her, she would have become a merchant’s concubine by now .

Since then, Lize had been hoping to take a revenge, but as a Cleric with no fighting ability, Lize didn’t want get everyone involved just because of her personal matter . Moreover, Nancy was an important member of a mercenary group, which was why she had been patiently waiting . Whenever Nancy met her, she always ridiculed her with a mocking tone, which made her very angry . Now that Nancy was in the ring, Lize soon realized that it was a good chance to avenge her grudge .

Because of that, Lize chose to fight with this method .

In fact, it also seemed to be effective .

In the constant battle, Nancy had completely fallen under Lize’s control . She was no longer the old Lize . Not only did she learn how to use the buff, now she could even use it to bind and suppress the opponent . With her new knowledge, she was able to firmly suppress Nancy below her . Though Nancy, who was waving her lance around, looked aggressive, her movements were a complete mess as she fell to the ground and lost her balance . She was yelling in anger like a crazy woman, but it wasn’t like she had a lion’s roar skill . So yelling around was basically useless since it wouldn’t give Lize any damage .

At this moment, the other mercenaries also finally realized that something was wrong . No matter how stupid Nancy was, there was no way that she would make mistakes one after another .

She didn’t come here just to be a laughingstock, right?

That was obviously impossible . Then the reason she fell into that state was because of that Cleric?

Could a Cleric even do something like that?

The mercenaries had begun to talk about it . At this time, Lize finally lifted her head and quietly looking at Nancy .

“I’ll give you a chance to concede defeat, Nancy…”

“You b*tch, you want me to concede?” ”

Nancy coldly snorted . She was already feeling really angry, but after hearing Lize’s words, she couldn’t hold it anymore .

“Tch! Who do you think you are? You’re just a spoiled goods! Want me to give up? Go die first!”

Followed along with this remarks, Nancy’s body suddenly emitted a light . Then, she shouted while rushing forward with her lance . The sharp tip heavily hit Lize’s Guardian Shield at full speed . Accompanied by the crisp sound, the shield, which had suffered a strong attack, suddenly shattered . The huge impact made Lize slightly stagger, while Nancy clenched her lance and rushed straight forward .

“Be careful!!”

Seeing this scene, a lot of people were surprised and shouted . However, Lize’s expression was calm and she didn’t seem to be surprised by the incoming attack . She only stretched her right hand and aimed to the front .

A dazzling light suddenly burst out .

Countless golden beams came out of her fingers and whistled forward .

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