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Chapter 226: 226

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"The situation has changed . "

A man who was hiding in the depths of the forest frowned as he looked at the fiery hills from the distance . He was wearing a leopard skin robe . He leaned his body into the bushes, hiding like a wild beast ready to attack its prey .

"Brown Bear hasn't come back yet . According to our plan, he should have assembled with us here . "

"Did something happen to him?"

Besides him, a naked woman, who only used shells to cover her body parts, stood up . She wore a feather cloak that drifted along in the cold night wind . It looked as if she didn't feel cold at all .

"Our friend didn't come back . "

Standing on the other side was a man covered in wolf's skin . He wore a huge, dried up wolf skeleton on his head . He looked like a terrible, huge black wolf . They were one of the Druids in the forest, and Oriole was also part of them . According to their original plan, they were supposed to lure these people into the depths of the forest . After that, they would separate their forces into two . The first force would use the a familiar path and their Druid power to save their comrades while the other force took the opportunity to go to the camp and capture Oriole . But now it seemed like there were some changes . Some time had passed, but they still didn't get any sign from Brown Bear .

Did something happen to him?

The man reached out his hand to pat the wild wolves, who were crawling on the ground . Then he sniffed and frowned .

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"There's the smell of blood…"

As the man said that, a roar suddenly sounded from the depths of the forest, proving his bad premonition .


"Not good!"

Hearing this sound, the three of them showed serious expressions . At the same time, the wolves also got up and rushed toward the source of this sound . Those three Druids looked worried as they glanced toward each other .

The Brown Bear was in a big trouble .

Thinking until here, the three of them quickly went into the forest .

In the dark forest, fire reflected through the leaves gaps . Mottled black spots interacted with the shadowy light, forming a hellish nightmare scenery . The three of them followed the wolf's footsteps, staggered through the forest without stop . The thorns, shrubs, even vines, and slippery moss on the ground didn't impede them from moving forward . They rushed forward through the gaps like the wind in the woods, fast and gentle .

When the three of them were about to reach their destination, the wolf howling suddenly stopped . The forest that originally echoed some noises immediately turned silent . This made the three of them subconsciously stop walking . They knew that it wasn't a good omen . As their companions, these wolves were very brave and clever . If they found the target or if they were in danger, the wolves would howl differently to inform them . But now, the howl suddenly stopped, it's as if someone had strangled their throats and didn't even give them a chance to struggle .

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What should they do now? Just move on?

Seeing the dark forest before them, they felt a little bit uneasy . Before they could make any decision, the shrubs in front of them shook . They saw a sturdy man running out from there . He seemed to be in a panic; the cloak he was wearing now become tattered . He held his right hand while running .

"Brown Bear!?"

Seeing that man, the three of them shouted . Looking at the man in front them, they were surprised . Was he still the strong Brown Bear they knew? How did he turn to this? What happened? Although the three of them were curious about what happened, Brown Bear clearly didn't have time to explain . Instead, when Brown Bear saw them, he seemed very surprised and frightened . He didn't seem to care about his right hand anymore and shouted .

"Be careful, quickly run————!!"

At the same time, a subtle wind passed through .

Brown Bear no longer hesitated . He rolled to the ground and dodged the critical attack that almost hit him . But that didn't mean he escaped unscathed . Soon, Brown Bear shouted, then collapsed on the ground, unable to move .

A shadow passed through the leaves and arrived beside the Brown Bear . From afar, a dark-haired young man holding a sword appeared before them, quietly observing .

As expected, there were more .

Looking at those strangely dressed people, Rhode didn't seem to be surprised . It wasn't his first time fighting with the Druids, so he understood how they fought pretty well . In fact, since the beginning, he had been looking out for these guys from the sidelines . His judgment appeared to be correct .

The three of them were the same as that man—they looked defenseless and didn't carry any weapon . But Rhode wouldn't underestimate them just because of this . Druids didn't have to fight with any weapon because their own body was a weapon and Rhode understood that clearly .

"You bastard!"

Seeing Brown Bear fell to the round, the female Druid standing in the front could no longer bear it anymore . She loudly cursed, then stretched out her hands, jumping toward Rhode like a giant bird . Her sharp nails were aiming toward Rhode's eyes . Seeing it almost hit Rhode, the female Druid smiled .

Rhode moved his body .

The red sword moved down with Rhode, but bounced back up like a compressed spring . A dazzling bright red light shone in the dark sky and aimed toward the female Druid's shoulder .

The female Druid wasn't wary of Rhode's attack because it looked strange . She never expected someone to actually able to attack like that . She fell into a panic . Facing the sword that almost hit her, the only thing she could do was to go back into a defensive form . She held both of her arms, changing the center of gravity and dodging Rhode attack . However, at this moment, the female Druid could hear Brown Bear shouting in horror .

"Be careful! Stay away from him!"

The icy cold sword fell into the female Druid's shoulder, tearing up a bloody wound on her body . Followed by her scream, she fell to the ground trembling as she lost her balance . She was holding her shoulder . She could feel an incomparable cold on her own shoulder . In a blink of an eye, her skin turned purple as if it had gotten a frostbite!

Although her situation was very dangerous, the Brown Bear didn't have any time to care about her, because from the very start, he wasn't warning her .

The other two stopped .

They looked at Rhode, who stood not far behind the female Druid, and didn't know what to say . Unlike her, the two of them could clearly see what was happening . Facing the female Druid's attack, the black-haired man flashed forward like a leaf blown by the wind and his sword quickly pierced the female Druid's body . Soon that "dry leaf" passed through her just like that and fell to the ground .

At first, when the female Druid attacked, they thought of helping her . However, Brown Bear's warning made them stop . Now seeing this strange black-haired man before them, they could only feel a chill down their spine . Not going forward was really the right choice .

Not bad .

Rhode ignored their frightened eyes and swung down his long sword . The blood dripping down the sword immediately scattered down and fell to the ground .

As a Dark Elf swordsmanship, Dark Dance was one of the most powerful swordsmanships in the darkness; it was a killing technique that pushed speed to the limit . Thousand Shadow used the Dark Elf's unique walking skill to counteract the reactionary force in full speed to the greatest extent . It allowed the holder to make an instantaneous change in full speed from 90 degrees to 180 degrees without too much impact . As for the Dead Soul Blade, it could use condensed soul power to form a surreal soul sword . Its strongest feature was that it was impossible to dodge unless one was familiar with this technique . No one would expect that the weapon they faced was able to lengthen in a single moment . That misjudgment could be fatal in a battle . Not to mention, that while the Dead Soul Blade wouldn't do any harm to the human body, but it would deal great damage to one's soul . For vulnerable souls, this invisible blade was a deadly killer; for a tougher soul, it still affected them equally . Only those who had stronger soul power than the Dead Soul Sword's user could resist the attack .

And now, these two moves could be said to have refreshed Rhode's memory .

Next came Dark Dance's critical moves…

Rhode lifted his sword and pointed it straight ahead . As if the air had been solidified in a moment before a huge tsunami approached, everything turned into a dead silence .

Storm Slaughter, activate .

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