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Chapter 227

The four of them didn’t know what Rhode was going to do, but clearly, it wasn’t something good . The surrounding air became heavy, making it a little hard to breathe . An invisible wind started condensating . To the Druids, the scene before them didn’t seem strange because the wind had always been strong, horrible, and frightening .

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This was the instinctive struggle before death . The remaining two Druids reacted quickly . Their bodies were trembling and distort, shrinking and expanding . Their muscles contraction and expansion became irregular . In a blink of an eye, the two people before him transformed into a meter tall wild wolf and leopard . The cloak that they used to cover themselves became one with them . This was also one of Druid’s mysterious powers—or the upgraded version, to be exact .

The Druids who finished their transformation immediately rushed toward Rhode . They had no other choice; the only thing they could do was to suppress the storm before it broke out . That was the only thing they could do now .

Unfortunately, a storm never stopped just because there were obstacles .

When the giant wolf and leopard arrived in front of Rhode, the storm broke out .

The sharp claws hit empty air, and the only thing left was a shadow . Rhode’s body moved like a storm, reaching toward the surrounding area . An icy, sharp sword passed the surrounding area wildly . As the strongest large-scale killing technique in the Dark Dance swordsmanship, Storm Slaughter was able to increase the user’s speed to its limit . When using this move, the user speed would surpass human speed . In one second, the user would be able to appear in any corner of any space, attacking everything that was swept by the storm . Everywhere—no one could escape .

This was the horrifying part of the storm .

The bright red sword flashed and pierced through the wild wolf’s head . At the same time, the leopard jumped to the side like lightning and opened up a distance of five to six meters from the giant wolf . Unfortunately, the giant wolf was still unable to escape from death . When the leopard landed on the ground, the bright red sword easily cut along its spine and pierced through its body . After leaving a deep visible wound on the leopard, the sword disappeared without a trace . At that moment, the leopard body fell onto the ground while blood flowed out from his wound . Soon, he lost his strength and transformed back into a human .

Everything escalated extremely fast .

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As the female Druid’s groaned, Brown Bear once again opened his eyes . The only thing he saw was two icy bodies, as well as Rhode, who sat beside them expressionless and indifferently .

“You killer!”

Brown Bear struggled to get up and glared at Rhode angrily, but Rhode did not react toward his accusations . He just looked at his hand and shook his head . With his current strength, Rhode could just barely maintain the Storm Slaughter for a while; if he could maintain it just a little more, then not only would it be a double kill, but also an overkill .

Well, it didn’t really matter; sharpening a knife was also an art .

“I’m not interested in your accusation . ”

Rhode put his sword back into the sheath . He walked toward the female Druid while answering Brown Bear without looking at him .

“After all, you attacked us first, Druid . We are just defending ourselves . Well, now I want to know; why did you attack us and what do you want to do?”

Upon hearing Rhode’s inquiry, Brown Bear’s mouth twitched . He looked toward the female Druid lying by Rhode’s feet while groaning . Then he clenched his teeth, but suddenly, he saw a trace of anger and perseverance in her eyes .


The Brown Bear hadn’t yet finished his speech . At this moment, the female Druid who was painfully struggling on the ground finally jumped out and tried to attack Rhode’s throat with her right hand . This female Druid had been holding her murderous intent all of this time, and now the battle was over and Rhode put back his weapon, there was no reason for her sudden attack to not succeed .

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Out of nowhere, a red light mercilessly pierced through the female Druid and pinned her body to the ground . Rhode was holding the hilt of his sword with his right hand while looking at the female Druid indifferently . She reached out her hands, trying to pull out the sword from her chest . However, Rhode gently turned the hilt in his hand . Soon, her body trembled and she spurted out a mouthful of blood . She lost consciousness with her eyes wide open…

“Life is so fragile … So we have to cherish it . ”

Rhode pulled out the sword . The female Druid’s body parts dripped down his sword like mud . Then he turned around to look at the Brown Bear .

“Maybe you have a different opinion? Mr . Druid?”

Watching Rhode’s black eyes, Brown Bear couldn’t help but tremble . He clenched his teeth and said nothing . He shouted loudly; after that, he lifted his left palm and heavily hit his own head . Although human heads were not vulnerable, if it still wouldn’t be able to resist such a heavy hit . Soon, the Brown Bear was left with half of his head crooked to the side . There was no longer any movement or reaction from him .

Seeing this scene, Rhode twitched his mouth .


This was definitely not a good choice for a Druid . They upheld a lot of things, but they definitely didn’t uphold suicide . Life was the most important part in the Druid teachings . They could tolerate their own death in combat, but they absolutely couldn’t tolerate suicide because, according to them, it was a betrayal of nature .

But now, this Druid actually committed suicide?

This was a bit illogical .

Rhode originally thought that those Druids were merely obeying Druid’s teachings to destroy their enemy who “disturb the peace and harmony of nature” like what they did in the game . But it seemed that they had another goal; otherwise, how could this not-human-nor-beast creature, who always respected those teachings, suddenly commit suicide on his own?

Thinking until here, Rhode put away his sword and began to explore their bodies . Suddenly, a lively voice echoed in his head .

“Master, have you finished there?”

“Something happened; I’m still looking for the cause, but there should be no danger . ”

Rhode, who never had any respect for the dead, pulled out the Brown Bear’s cape and looked into it . Apparently he was a very orthodox Druid; there were no artifacts in his cloak . Besides a few grains, dried fruits, and dried meat, there was nothing . Rhode also searched the remaining three, but there came up nothing .

“A Druid who committed suicide? Master go and sell it; it will make a lot of money for sure… However, I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything on those small fries . ”

“That seems to be the case . ”

While answering Gillian, Rhode stood up and looked toward the mountain peak not far from the forest . He still remembered that a Druid race once lived there . If his guess was correct, then the people who attacked him tonight should be them .

However, from the way they dressed, they should be very low-level Druids because the highest level Druids reverted completely back to nature . In other words, they roamed around the forest naked .

“There should be no danger in this area, but to avoid any trouble, tell Shauna to be cautious . How’s the situation over there?”

Hearing Rhode’s question, Gillian didn’t immediately answer . She chuckled and slowly replied, “There’s something interesting over here . Oh, and Lapis fainted . ”


When he heard the news, Rhode frowned .

“I’ll rush back right away . ”

When Rhode arrived there, everything had ended . The mercenaries were cleaning up the battlefield . They threw out the wild beasts and insects to prevent any unnecessary danger . Those Ophenians were used to these kinds of scenes, which was why the elder also only talked a bit with Rhode and found out the ones attacking them were Druids . After hearing that Rhode exterminated them, they also no longer said anything and continued to rest . Clearly, as scholars, they also knew about Druids .

After that, Rhode entered the first layer tent under Gillian’s guidance .

“It’s really strange, Master . I can swear that I made sure that nothing hurt her, but she actually still fainted . This is my first time seeing this kind of weirdo; even the greenhouse flowers aren’t as fragile as her… Although I really want to say something like that, I have to tell you: she has entered a psychic state . ”

“Psychic state?”

Rhode was surprised when he heard it . After that, they entered the next tent .

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