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Chapter 225

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A man wearing a camo cloak stood up . His face was gloomy, and he subconsciously backed down a few steps, vigilantly watching Rhode, who suddenly appeared behind him . He didn't know since when Rhode had been standing behind him, so he felt a little bit uneasy . At this moment, Rhode didn't even move at all . He only looked at that man silently, as if what the man did didn't concern him at all .

Rhode looked at the enemy and slightly narrowed his eyes .

Druid .

In the game, druids weren't as good as they were described in fantasy novels . In the Dragon Soul Continent, Druids were a group of an extreme fanatical environmentalists . They thought that the only way for human beings to survive was by going back to nature . Of course, there was no problem about that . However, the way that they implemented their visions were very heinous . Druids seldom wore and used clothing and props that were handcrafted by humans . They usually wore camo cloaks and used their fists and teeth to attack . They could command beasts and insects to fight for them and drove away threats that might do harm to nature .

To the people in Dragon Soul Continent, Druid were no better than bandits . Or, it was a little bit wrong to describe it that way because they were a little different . At least bandits attacked people to steal treasures and women . However, the reason Druids attacked people was only because they thought that humans defiled their nature, and they wanted humans to know the greatness of nature . They worked hard so humanity would be able to understand that nothing could defy the power of nature .

To some people, their actions were totally meaningless .

But it didn't mean that they should be underestimated .


The man suddenly echoed a roar that didn't sound like a human . He bowed down and waved out his hands forward as if it were a sharp claw . After that, he slowly retreated and began to circle around Rhode just like a wolf waiting for an opportunity to kill the prey . He twitched his nose, carefully observing the enemy before him . It could be seen that the enemy was a very young man, but his actions made him felt a little bit puzzled . Rhode wasn't panicked or afraid, not even angry or hasty . He was calm and his breath was stable . His black eyes reflected darkness deeper than the abyss .

The enemy was a little bit troublesome .

Thinking until here, the Druid clenched his teeth and roared toward Rhode .

In response, Rhode lifted up his sword .

The moment the Druid saw the sword, he squinted his eyes . There was a trace of hatred and disgust when he looked at it . Druids hated these kind of props . In their opinion, because of people's self-ignorant desire, they plundered the stone from the earth's embrace and made the stones lose their original form . What they did was an unforgivable sin . In the past, when enemies waved around that weapon, he would use his both hands to eliminate those who dared to desecrate the earth due to anger . But now… there was another thing he could do besides getting angry . Thinking until here, he quickly calmed down and walked to the side . However, Rhode didn't stop, raising his Red Tears sword and pointing it toward that man while slowly walking to the left .

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Then he slowed down his movement .

At the same time, the Druid noticed that he had lost the target because Rhode had suddenly transformed into an ethereal spirit, or perhaps a shadow illusion, to make others confused as to where he was . Although his eyes were telling him that it was nothing more than an illusion, his brain immediately sent a contradictory signal .

This made the Druid felt a little bit puzzled . He stopped and clenched his teeth . The sudden intense pain made his originally confused brain became a lot clearer . He quickly calmed down and looked at Rhode carefully . But no matter what, he still couldn't grasp Rhode's location . Not only that, he also felt a surge of adrenaline . It had been a long time since he felt like that, but his body still remembered and subconsciously reacted . His heart started beating faster and faster, and the air around him also got heavier and made him unable to breathe . His muscles tightened as if it were warning him, instinctively telling him that there's a threat ahead .

It's death threat .


At this time, he finally made a move .

He roared like a wolf and then three to four wolves rushed there from the depths of the forest . They were waving their sharp claws and showed their fangs, trying to attack Rhode, who only stood still .

But Rhode suddenly moved .

The Druid thought that the scene before him was just too unbelievable . Rhode was defenseless when facing the wolves . After all, Rhode was more focused on fighting with him . He was pretty sure about that because he could feel Rhode's sharp glare . The strong, barbaric, and absolute sense of oppression made the Druid felt overwhelmed . That was why he had to attack first in order to break this suffocating pressure .

Sure enough, the atmosphere around him suddenly loosened .

However, before the Druid recover from the excitement of being alive, he soon saw an unforgettable scene .

Rhode's expression didn't change the slightest as he faced the wolves, only swinging his sword . With the Druid's talent, he was able to clearly saw the tip of Rhode's bright red sword getting sharper and sharper, followed by Rhode's movements . But he hadn't yet seen it carefully yet Rhode's figure suddenly disappeared .

No, it might be incorrect to say that he had disappeared . Because when Rhode stepped forward, he suddenly appeared behind the wild wolf and pierced his sword forward .

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Unfortunately, the sword wasn't able to pierce through the wolf because the wolf had instinctively sensed the incoming danger and decided to back down . It turned its body around, trying to dodge Rhode's attack . However, it failed to escape and gradually lost its strength . It fell to the ground and was unable to get up again .

When Rhode pierced it, he didn't even look at it . To the contrary, he smoothly moved forward like the stream .

And he suddenly appeared in front of the wolf that was the farthest from him .

What on earth happened?

The Druid blankly stared at Rhode, who didn't even hesitate to split the wolf's head apart . Rhode once again disappeared when the blood spurted out from the wolf . However, the next scene couldn't help but made the Druid's heart sink . He knew everything that Rhode had done was very abnormal; he had never seen such a weird fighting style before . Before the first attack, Rhode was originally in front of the wolf, but just after he stepped forward, he suddenly appeared behind the wolf . It didn't look like the wolf was attacking him . It looked as if he was attacking the wolf .

The things that Rhode did next were even more confusing to the Druid . Not only did Rhode use a strange method to kill the first wolf, but he already appeared in front of the second wolf, which was very far from him, in a blink of an eye just after the first wolf fell into the ground . It seemed as if he has teleported . Wolves, who were the hunter of the forest, couldn't even react and turned into Rhode's prey .

What on earth did that young man just do?

Thinking until here, the Druid subconsciously felt fearful . When he saw another wolf fal to the ground as it passed by Rhode, the Druid could swear to the Holy Spirit above that Rhode hadn't even touched the wolf yet . Rhode's sword only grazed the wolf and didn't even cut it .

Is it magic?

This thought quickly flashed by him, but then he shook his head, trying to deny it . As a slave of nature, he was able to feel even the slightest magical fluctuation, but he couldn't sense anything in Rhode's movement . That's meant that that black-haired young man was relying on his own swordsmanship skill to achieve it .

But… could this kind of thing be done by a human?

If Rhode could hear the Druid's thought, then he definitely would comfort him and say, indeed, it wasn't done by a human .

The Dark Dance swordsmanship was handed down by Dark Elves who lived underground and were close to the Devil . Their fighting skill far exceeded the people who lived on the surface . The harsh, underground environment forced them to bring out their full potential . The Dark Dance was created because of it .

The Dark Elves condensated their thousand years of lives and experiences . In the game, the only skill that could reach the S-Rank was Dark Dance Swordsmanship, and its critical damage was also above Rank . It relied on fast speed to kill the enemy . However, it had a high requirement for AGI and only a few people could learn it . The Dark Dance swordsmanship wasn't without flaws; the fast speed was likely to increase the body's burden, and the holder also needed high flexibility to do it . Because of it, the holder was unable to wear heavy armor, or else it would be difficult to execute it .

Rhode was extremely happy at this moment .

Along the way, he had been eager to find someone to practice with . Unfortunately, the mercenaries weren't strong enough, and the Dark Dance swordsmanship was a vicious killing move . If this was in the mirage, Rhoe might try to do it . However, he didn't want to kill someone outside, so he could only be patient .

It had to be said that this feeling was indescribable, like someone who had won a lottery worth five million and wanted to show it off to everyone so they became jealous, but was also personally worried to expose the power . This example really portrayed how he felt right now .

Finally, there was someone for him to practice against .

Thinking until here, Rhode couldn't help but snort coldly . At this moment, the last wolf had also fallen to the ground and lost its life .

However, they were only appetizers; the main course was yet to come .

Swoosh .

Whirlwind passed by .

Rhode moved back .

Rhode backed down, and his body suddenly moved to the side . When he turned around to dodge, a huge fist brushed past him and heavily hit the ground . Followed by the dull crashing noise, Rhode could feel the huge force extending down to the ground and even made his legs felt numb . Although the Druid's first attack failed, he still didn't plan to stop . He slowly stood up and looked at the young man not far from him .

Now, the Druid's camo cloak had already transformed into a golden armor . His fists were almost the size of basketballs . This was a Druid's special skill . By using soul power, they could temporarily borrow the "great gift from nature" . Of course, this was only their own opinion . Through the information from the Dragon Soul Continent's researchers, these damn environmentalists were just using variations on magic spells .

This matter didn't concern Rhode at all .

"Very good!"

Rhode, who had just dodged the Druid's attack, didn't panic or became serious . Instead, he clenched his fists and shouted .

Rhode could feel that his swordsmanship had gotten even more proficient after this battle . At first, he hadn't yet familiarized himself with the Dark Dance swordsmanship . But apparently, he recovered a lot under this strong pressure .

If that's so, sorry to trouble you, but please be my sandbag .

Rhode lifted his sword . At the same time, the Druid also swung his fists and rushed toward Rhode . However, unlike the first attack, this time, he made sufficient preparation . He threw a punch while shouting, and a wave surged with a rapid current sweeping through . The force was strong enough to make the trees around the forest tumble down . However, it was still unable to hit Rhode . In fact, when he attacked Rhode, Rhode had once again dodged it using that strange skill . This made the Druid felt really puzzled because he obviously was about to hit the enemy, but at that moment Rhode moved forward . He only felt his vision become blurry, and then suddenly, his fist fell on the wall heavily and dust came out from it .

Not only that, at the same time, a bright red light flashed .

Rhode had arrived beside the Druid, quickly swinging the sword in his hand to cut the Druid's right hand! Facing this sudden attack, the Druid quickly retreated to dodge Rhode's sword . When the Druid thought that he had dodged, a feeling of pain flared from his wrist .

What happened?

The Druid instinctively moved his right hand and realized that it was numb! He looked down, but there were no injuries . His hand was still intact and there was no injury, but his hand felt dead as if it were being cut by something, leaving only the outer shell .

It's him!

The Druid lifted his head and looked forward in surprise, but there was no one there .

"What's going on? Can't you fight anymore? Really disappointing . "

At this moment, Rhode's voice suddenly echoed from the Druid's right side and shocked him . He widened his eyes, fiercely glaring at the man before him .

The Druid finally understood that Rhode wasn't an opponent he could handle .

"Don't be modest . Please use your full power; otherwise you will die here, Mr . Druid . "

Rhode's tone was flat like that a tour guide who showed no enthusiasm while making a presentation to the tourist . However, upon hearing it, the Druid felt chill down to his heart . He knew that he couldn't do anything anymore .

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