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Chapter 224

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A scream broke the silent night . Lapis's body couldn't help but tremble . When she stood up, Gillian had already made her move .

Burning flame suddenly broke out from her body . It spread around them and the surging flame formed into a shield, blocking in front of them .

Followed by a cracking sound, a dozen arrows flew across the night sky, but completely disappeared before the flame shield .

This time, the other mercenaries also reacted . They quickly took out their crossbows and arrows while hiding in the shadows of the surrounding buildings . They stayed vigilant while looking at Gillian, who didn't seem to panic even the slightest . She was still leisurely standing in the center of the camp and the surging flame around her destroyed any threats that stood before her .

Although she had lost her original power, as a Fire Elemental Lord, she was still able to manipulate the flame element . She was unable to display large-scale destruction spells, but she had no problem using a simple elemental spell .

"Holy spirit above…"

Seeing the girl who was covered in flame, the mercenaries couldn't help but be shocked . Fortunately, all of them had gone through the battle in Blackrock Depth, so they were already immune toward any strange and mysterious things like this . In addition, Gillian's appearance was different from ordinary people, so when people saw her do something like this, they were not too frightened and surprised .

However, right now wasn't the best time for them to discuss her .

Gillian frowned while looking at the surrounding forest and waved her right hand . Followed by her motion, a flame appeared out of thin air and burned the trees . Soon, the fire spread wider . Under the firelight, the mercenaries could see a few shadows jump out from the trees, trying to escape .


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After seeing the enemy, the mercenaries no longer hesitated . They quickly attacked the shadows that tried to escape the fire with their bow and arrows . Soon, a few arrows hit those shadows, but they were surprised to see that those shadows didn't fall . Instead, although they looked pitiful, they were still able to escape into the forest .

"Stop, don't chase after them!"

Seeing those fellows were trying to escape, some of the mercenaries couldn't hold the urge to chase them . However, they were quickly stopped by Shauna and Kavos . As their leaders, they understood that they shouldn't chase after them because they were not familiar with the area around here . Rushing to attack would only lead to disaster . When they intended to make further orders, howls from the beasts suddenly echoed from the depths of the forest .


This sudden howl made the mercenaries surprised . When Lapis heard it, her body couldn't help but tremble .

Had they caught up with them? Holy spirit above!! How are they this fast!?


As Lapis dozed off, a chirp echoed from the sky . Followed by the sound, dozens of birds appeared from the sky and attacked the mercenaries . They didn't expect that they would be attacked by so many wild beasts, so they lost their focus for a moment . They swung their swords around, trying to expel those birds . The mercenaries kept moving closer and closer to each other, using their comrades help to gain an advantage . Of course, they didn't forget about those scholars . Some of the mercenaries already protected them . They swung around the burning tree branches, trying to drive away birds and force them to leave . However, it was strange; those birds didn't seem to plan on leaving . They continued to move forward even though they were already injured by the flame .

"What's wrong with these damned things?"

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Kavos waved around his burning long sword and cut a small falcon . It seemed that it hadn't yet matured . But it kept struggling to flap its wings to attack as if Kavos had killed its father or something .

"Be careful, it seems like they are being controlled . "

Beside them, Shauna wiped the sweat on her forehead while commanding the mercenaries to defend . She looked at the surroundings uneasily, and after that, her expression darkened .

Where did Rhode go?

After observing carefully, it seemed that Rhode hadn't been here since the enemy attacked . Where did he go? Why wasn't he in the camp base? Did something happen to him? But where's he now? Shauna had been pondering these questions for a while, but she quickly threw aside those thoughts because they finally got rid of those birds . However, they didn't yet get the chance to breathe when a deep vibration sounded .

Buzz .

"No way!"

Hearing this sound, Shauna and Kavos's expressions immediately changed .

It was just as they guessed . Soon, they saw a layer of gray-black "fog" coming from the forest . But none of them actually thought of it as mist because they quickly saw through their true appearance . It was a large group of wasps!!

Holy spirit, please protect us…

Seeing the group of wasps, the mercenaries subconsciously held their breath . They were holding the burning tree branches while clenching their teeth, desperately trying to drive away the wasps that were getting near them . However, they knew deep down that their actions were meaningless .

If their enemy was a beast, then their method might somehow work, but now they were facing a group of small insects . What to do?

Soon, the mercenaries no longer had to think about that question anymore .

"A bunch of fools . "

Seeing the mercenaries who were trying to block the wasps' attack, Gillian frowned . She and Lapis were also surrounded by the wasps . However, the wasps weren't able to break through Gillian's fire shield . Seeing those wasps clearly under the firelight was definitely not a fascinating scene .

"Then, let's end it here . I'm sorry, I'm not going to play with you guys anymore . "

Having said that, Gillian clapped her hands .

The fire burned even more violently .

A fire dragon suddenly appeared from the fire shield and roared toward the mercenaries who were surrounded . The mighty fire dragon moved like a surging wave and quickly filled the entire camp . Soon, those wasps disappeared under the boiling air and high temperatures .


The mercenaries finally felt relieved . But when they looked around, they finally noticed something .

Where was Rhode?

The attack failed .

Hidden in the depths of the forest, a man wearing a camo cloak looked at the bright camp . He frowned as he saw the mercenaries who seemed harmless . He thought that the mercenaries would be easy to deal with . But now it seemed that he was wrong . Especially the girl with fox ears and tail—her power to manipulate fire even made him tremble . He was sure that she was not using any spell . Judging from her appearance, it seemed that the fire was a part of her, blending with her in harmony .

Why did such an existence exist in that corrupted and contaminated world?

He frowned and didn't know what to do . He originally thought that he had the upper hands, but now the situation didn't go as planned . Thinking until here he couldn't help but bite his lips . It seemed this time, he was too anxious . After seeing the Oriole, he became a little bit nervous . After this attack, the mercenaries would definitely be more prepared . It would be difficult to attack them again .

He had no other choice; now, the only thing he could do was retreat .

Thinking until here, he turned around, planning to leave . But he immediately stopped after taking a step .

At this moment, Rhode was already leisurely standing before him, watching him .

"Is your business finally done, sir? So now, can you answer my questions? Seeing your passionate hospitality toward us, I think I must also do something in return . "

Rhode said expressionlessly, while gently swinging the sword in his hand .

The bright red sword's light immediately pierced the darkness .

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