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Published at 16th of September 2020 03:00:20 AM
Chapter 1064
Chapter 1064: Punishment


Ashvril screamed, struggling to break free from Angelina . However, it was too late as Canary’s and Mini Bubble Gum’s attacks arrived before her . At the very next moment, the incomparable holy power and flames plunged into Ashvril’s body . The Blood Countess who had lost all strength finally gave in to this powerful attack and let out a high-pitched mourn . But this wasn’t the end . Angelina turned the sickle around and withdrew it from Ashvril’s body . The Blood Countess lost her balance and crashed to the ground . She lifted her head, gnashed her teeth, and glared at Angelina . Angelina stared back at her prey .


“Mixed-breeds will always be mixed-breeds . Now, I will make you pay for your blasphemy, you shameless slut! How dare you use your lowly body to stain the noble and sacred blood of the Babylonians! It is time for your punishment!”

Angelina snarled and extended her arm to grab Ashvril’s collar and pulled her up from the ground . Ashvril’s expression became twisted, her blood-shot eyes filled with murderous intent . She snapped her jaws open, roaring at Angelina like a wild animal . But despite that, Angelina disregarded her completely . She gnashed her teeth and glared at Ashvril .

“First punishment, for your profanity and arrogance!”

Angelina yelled, extending her left arm forward . Shortly after, her fingers were covered by a layer of thick and solid white bones . Then, she placed her hand into Ashvril’s mouth, grabbed tightly with her fingers, and tugged!


Ashvril let out a mournful, ear-deafening scream and shuddered . Angelina lifted her left arm high and in her fingers were two extremely sharp canines forcefully plucked from Ashvril’s gum . The bloody roots of the canines trembled constantly in Angelina’s hand . Looking at this scene, Canary knitted her brows silently . On the other hand, Mini Bubble Gum’s eyes glinted in excitement as she hopped about on the side . She must have been an enthusiast for B movies .

“I, in the name of the honorable Babylonians, seize your right to suck blood and strip your identity as a vampire!”

“Second punishment, for your greed, rudeness, and foolishness!”

The scarlet sickle in Angelina’s hands transformed, turning into a flower with layers upon layers of steel blades . Ashvril looked at the lethal weapon and this was the first time she revealed such a terrified expression . On the other hand, Angelina revealed a twisted smile to her reaction and extended her arm forward . Along with her action, the scarlet, bloody flower in her hand wrapped Ashvril from the back entirely . Ashvril couldn’t take it anymore . She screamed in rage .

“How dare you! I’m Ashvril, I’m…”

“You’re only a mixed-breed as lowly as a bedbug . Why? Do you think I don’t know the royal punishment for traitors? I have been thinking of the day when I can finally give you the most torturous agony! I shall let you suffer the consequences for violating and defying the royal family!”

Angelina yelled, extended two fingers on her right hand, and punctured Ashvril’s eyes mercilessly . Along with the blood-curdling screech from Ashvril, Angelina bent her fingers and dug out her eyeballs from the eye sockets . Angelina opened her palms and stared at the eyeballs . The eyeballs soaked in blood were seemingly self-conscious, swirling constantly to break free from Angelina’s restraint . However, it was just meaningless .

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“I, in the name of the Babylonians, seize your right to see and strip your honor as a vampire!”

As Angelina roared, she clenched her right hand and popped! The pair of eyeballs was squashed completely . Ashvril let out a frantic scream as thick streams of blood gushed out of her eye sockets . Witnessing this scene, Mini Bubble Gum raised her arms and cheered in excitement like someone in the marketplace watching someone who was about to jump off the building . This was just one deep-rooted, bad habit of humans…

“Third punishment, for your rage, plundering, and disrespect, offending your superior!” Angelina said, taking two steps back . She narrowed her eyes and gazed at Ashvril . The corners of her mouth perked up into a sinister and thrilled smile .

“This is your final punishment, Ashvril . You should know what it is . ”

“No…! You can’t! You can’t do that!”

Upon hearing Angelina’s words, Ashvril seemed to recall something . All of a sudden, she struggled frantically, attempting to break free from the large, blood-colored flower that was restricting her movements . But after the continuous attacks from Angelina, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum before, the powerless Ashvril could no longer make any threatening moves . It was apparent that Angelina couldn’t be bothered with her meaningless actions . She stretched out her arm and snapped her fingers .


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The razor-sharp blades of the flower wrapping around Ashvril punctured into her . After a few moments, the flower bloomed and opened up, revealing Ashvril’s determined fate . Her skin was forcefully stripped off her body like banana peels . The beautiful, alluring body was turned into a nightmarish human specimen in the blink of an eye, exposing the bloody, revolting flesh under the fair, smooth skin . Mini Bubble Gum shrieked in exhilaration as though it were the climax of the movie, while Canary let out a rare sigh and shook her head .

Ashvril’s screams were hysterical, but Angelina had no intention of stopping . The latter squinted in satisfaction at the pitiful plight of the former, her eyes glinting in indescribable contentment and excitement . Shortly after, she began the final step .

“This is the final punishment for resisting the royals: you shall be punctured to death by blades and turned to ashes by the rising sun!”

Ashvril’s screams turned into ear-piercing groans like the howls of despair from a lonely wolf at the edge of a cliff . The surrounding trees also shook in her screams . Angelina was completely unmoved . She raised her arms and lifted her head to gaze at the sky . At this moment, dawn was almost here and the night sky would soon make way for the sun from the other side of the horizon .

At this moment, an extremely sharp column like a ‘stake’ burst out from the ground, piercing from between Ashvril’s legs and into her body, emerging from the top of her skull . Then, the bloodied ‘stake’ grew taller along with Ashvril’s body and stopped after several meters in midair . At this moment, the first ray of golden sunlight from the horizon emerged, illuminating the world around them, as well as the appalling body of Ashvril .


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Along with the blood-curdling screams, Ashvril’s body started burning from the outside . Shortly after, the flames consumed her entirety . She shuddered meaninglessly as the ‘stake’ that had punctured her body executed its master’s command . No matter how hard Ashvril grappled, the stake wouldn’t budge at all . Then, Ashvril’s body started changing . Her limbs became pitch-black like scorched firewood, before slowly dissipating and turning into black dust drifting into the air . Her screams turned softer and weaker . Her limbs finally disappeared . Her body and skull became as black as coke . But to Angelina, this wasn’t the end . She extended her right arm and pointed straight at Ashvril’s remains . Her eyes glinted and the bloodied sickle that vanished earlier once again appeared in her hand .

“Resonance of the soul! The soul that betrayed the royals will forever not rest! She will suffer unimaginable pain in eternal purgatory!”

Along with Angelina’s actions, a fuzzy, shadow-like soul was extracted from the scorched body by an unknown force, trembling violently as though resisting . However, Angelina flourished the sickle without hesitation and the soul screeched, before being absorbed into the sickle entirely . As the soul vanished, the remains under the daylight shattered and disappeared completely .

Angelina lowered her head and stared at the sickle in her hand where there was an indistinct, mourning face flickering from time to time, eventually vanishing . Angelina let out a snort, before turning her hand around and putting the sickle away .

At this moment, the bright radiance of the sun had infiltrated the night sky completely .

Night was over and it was the start of a new day .

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