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Chapter 1065
Chapter 1065: Crazy Threat

“I didn’t expect you to do it; we always thought you are a reasonable person, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

Siena spoke, gazing at Rhode grimly . Rhode had no intention of covering up the earlier battle . Moreover, the impact of the battle was extremely huge . Alice and Balende were formidable beings in the realm of Order . The battle between them almost shook the Order in the entire continent . It would be ridiculous if Siena and Nalea didn’t realize it happened . It was due to this reason that they actually left the Country of Law and arrived in Grandia to discuss this matter with Rhode .

But even so, Rhode had no intention of holding back .

“So? That bast*rd, Ion, sent two of his men to cause trouble in my turf . Do you think I would let him do whatever he wants?” Rhode said, spreading his arms apart and knitting his brows to scrutinize Siena . Siena’s expression changed slightly as she continued to speak: “Indeed, we are not against the battle . But Your Majesty Rhode, it has been years since the Creator Dragons’ dependents fought and died in a battle… The consequences of you doing this may be very, very serious . Perhaps you are unaware of the seriousness of this matter?”

“Back then, did you two say the same thing to the Light Dragon when Charlie lost all hope in the parliament and fled to the Country of Darkness?” Rhode glared at Siena . “I thought the Country of Law was always in a neutral standpoint . But it seems like I may be wrong . ”

“Your doings may lead to a war, and that isn’t a smart decision . ”

Upon hearing Rhode’s words, Siena kept her cool and said helplessly . But Rhode gave a snort of contempt to her explanation .

“You should have told Ion this when he invaded the Country of Light and not me right now, Your Majesty Siena . Besides, I think you shouldn’t be here now . Perhaps you can go for a walk in the Country of Darkness after this?” Rhode stared into her eyes without any intention of shifting away his gaze . Upon hearing his criticism, Siena’s expression finally changed . She understood that Rhode was criticizing them for being bullies who picked soft targets . If they were truly neutral in their standpoint, they should have gone to the Country of Darkness and accused Ion for his provocation instead and not blame Rhode for his over-defense . But Siena let out a sigh, before providing an explanation quickly .

“Big Sister Nalea has been to the Country of Darkness and of course, we’ve also spoken to His Majesty Ion about his actions . ”

“You spoke to him about his actions but chose to give me a warning? Your Majesty Siena, do you really think that just because my Void Territory isn’t considered a country, we’re a pushover?”

“I don’t mean it that way, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

This time, Siena couldn’t tolerate it anymore .

“I just hope that you can give it some consideration . Currently, you are unable to defeat the Country of Darkness even if the Void Territory and Country of Light joined forces . If a war were to break out…”

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“So what?”


Perhaps Rhode’s tone sounded too relaxed, it surprised Siena instead . She lifted her head dubiously, seemingly unable to understand what he meant . Facing her suspicious gaze, Rhode spread his arms apart and shrugged casually .

“Indeed, almost all of the worthless trash in the Country of Light was killed and the Void Territory hasn’t started developing . But so what? Does that mean we should allow the Country of Darkness to send out millions of undead creatures to trample on every corner of the Void Territory and Country of Light and massacre every single human? Even if there is no one left in my territory, I will still be able to take the Dark Dragon’s head and hang it up on the wall of my study room for admiration . So what if all my people die, Your Majesty Siena? I protected them, gave them land and food because I needed them to fight for me . The place where the tip of my sword points is where they should lift their weapons and attack, be it demons, devils, undead creatures, or whatnot . Isn’t that the reason why I’m raising them? If not, why must I pain myself by staying in Grandia all day, considering health issues, taxes, food, education, and land-distribution for them? Do you think I have nothing better to do? I protect them and they fight and die for me . I don’t see any problem with that . ”

“But war will possibly lead to the infiltration of Chaos…”

“Chaos has already invaded . Besides, if I recall correctly, we’re not the ones who started that damn war! Also, I hope you won’t forget who chased those bast*rds back home; it isn’t the job of the Country of Darkness to do it . Alright then, even though I admit that the moon princess contributed to a certain extent, apart from that I don’t see what that bast*rd, Ion, has done for Order! Your Highness Siena, you may have forgotten, but do you remember why he sent out his armies to attack the Country of Light back then?”

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Rhode smacked the table and interrupted Siena’s words . He stared at her and his expressionless face gradually revealed a youthful and dazzling smile .

“He taunted and I retaliated; it was that simple . If he dares to send out his armies now, I shall attack straight into the capital of darkness . I do want to see what the Country of Darkness has in store for me after I kill the Dark Dragon and his four legendary generals . Your Majesty Siena, please remember this: I don’t want to speak reason with you because you didn’t come here to speak reason with me either . You want me to think for the bigger picture? Fine . I need you to please kill off the most unstable factor; after that, there will be many more things for us to discuss,” Rhode said and all of a sudden, he narrowed his eyes and his smile grew wider . “Oh, by the way, it would be impolite of me to not return kindness . Perhaps one day, I shall send some of my men for sightseeing in the Country of Darkness . When that day comes, I hope we will receive warm hospitality from His Majesty Ion . Besides, I hope you still remember who the territory the Country of Darkness is occupying initially belonged to . ”

The situation has reached a critical stage .

Erin put the intelligence away palely . Ashvril, one of the four legendary generals, had died, while Balende survived and made his way back after losing an arm . This news had spread throughout the entire Country of Darkness and the death knights were requesting to seek revenge for Balende . On the other hand, the vampires broke out in a chaotic internal strife . After Ashvril’s death, her plan to ‘suppress the ancient, noble families and boost the new families’ was gone entirely . At this moment, the conflicts between the vampires reached a climax . The noble families who had tolerated this for years brought about changes to themselves . The new noble families who had a sweet taste of success gnashed their teeth and fought desperately to retain them . Erin heard news of vampire families vanishing everyday and the frequently ignited sparks also proved the truth .

The Country of Darkness entered an unprecedented chaos .

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Erin understood the reasons behind it since the Country of Darkness was established for years and none of the four legendary generals were ‘sacrificed’ this way . Moreover, this wasn’t even considered a war yet . At this thought, Erin became worried, just like when Balende came to speak to her about the Void Territory back then . But now, her worries came true and it calmed her down . At the very least, Balende made it back alive . Even though he had lost an arm, he still survived, after all . This comforted her a little . If Balende died in the battle, she was sure that the undead armies would invade the Void Territory even without Ion’s orders . When that happened, it would be an all-out war . Fortunately, the worst-case scenario didn’t happen as Balende returned to the Country of Darkness and overruled his subordinates’ proposal to seek revenge on the Void Territory .

If not, the situation would have been harder to handle .

Despite it wasn’t anywhere better now, that is .

The result of this ambush stunned the other two legendary generals . They weren’t surprised that Ashvril died as she was the weakest among them and it was also calculated since she had lost her main weapon . What they were baffled about was that Balende didn’t make it back in one piece . Unlike Ashvril, in terms of battle strength, Balende was the strongest among the four of them . Charlie couldn’t defeat Balende, not to mention Garcia . Balende was known as the most powerful being in the Country of Darkness, second to the Dark Dragon, and no one expected him to be bashed up so pathetically . This was truly unexpected .

But Balende considered himself lucky to make it back alive . During his battle against Alice, he spent a Herculean effort to create a spatial passageway to escape . But he didn’t expect Alice to react so quickly as to seal off his retreat the instant the spatial passageway was formed . If Balende didn’t decisively use his arm to defend against Alice and escape at the same time, perhaps Erin would be mourning for two now .


Erin held her forehead, feeling the throbbing headaches . She could imagine what reaction her big brother would have once he heard this news . It was a reaction she dreaded to see .

But now, all she could do was pray and wait .

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