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Published at 16th of September 2020 03:00:21 AM
Chapter 1063
Chapter 1063: Bloody Death of War

If Ashvril knew what had happened to her most reliable ally, she would have tried to come up with other solutions . But it was a pity that she didn’t have the time to care about him anymore . Her priority now was to resolve her own problem that involved life and death .


A shadowy whip lashed out, causing violent ripples in midair . But despite that, it struck the perfect defensive barrier without gaining any results . Mini Bubble Gum spread her arms apart and let out a sneer . The strong barrier enveloping her was more reliable than a tall, thick wall . She clenched her fists and dashed forward like a heavy-duty truck speeding down the highway, unleashing a powerful punch at Ashvril along with mighty winds . Facing this menacing attack, Ashvril knitted her brows and retreated swiftly, tapping lightly on a boulder with her toes and making a 90 degree turn in the air to dodge Mini Bubble Gum’s attack . But this didn’t mean that she had gotten away from danger as she caught a glimpse of a scarlet radiance from the corner of her eye .

This was the first time Ashvril’s expression turned solemn; the prideful smile from earlier had disappeared completely, only to be replaced by fluster and grimness . She laid her arms out before her hurriedly and along with her movements, a pair of shadowy bat wings emerged on her back and wrapped around her entirely like a defensive cocoon .

But at the same time, Canary made her move .

Canary stooped over, her left hand wielding the sheath of the sword coalesced from flames and her right hand held onto its hilt . She took one step forward and raised her right hand to unsheathe the sword . Her movements were so fast that the instant she drew the sword, Ashvril had only turned around and the pair of shadowy, bat wings merely expanded in shape . Before Ashvril knew it, the sword of flames punctured her shadowy, bat wings, while glaring scarlet flames exploded upon impact and blasted Ashvril away like a massive fireball . Despite that, as she was about to crash-land, she quickly turned over and extinguished the flames that were enveloping her instantly . Then, she landed on her feet again lithely .

“Argh, she can’t really have 1 million health points, right!?”

“We’ll know after fighting on . ”

Canary responded calmly . Compared to the exasperated Mini Bubble Gum, she was apparently more composed, which she even casually drew a pretty pattern using the tip of her sword . On the other hand, Ashvril was wide-eyed; she was surprised by Mini Bubble Gum’s and Canary’s performances . Just like Angelina mentioned, the pure royal blood wasn’t that easy to manipulate . Back then, Ashvril spent an entire century just controlling this pure royal blood . Angelina was right . Ashvril only had a human body, to begin with, and managed to become a vampire after two different vampire blood from her parents were injected into her . She was innately weak in immunity against the pure royal blood, which was why even if she had taken in the pure royal blood, it didn’t mean that she could control it effortlessly like Angelina .

From the start, Ashvril was actually confident of her chances of winning as the pure royal blood could not only allow her to extract the power of other vampires, but it could also let her absorb and transform their magical powers, using them to strengthen herself . Ashvril thought that with her awakening, she could comfortably deal with Mini Bubble Gum and Canary . After all, they were spell casters, a Cleric and Mage respectively . If they cast magic and spiritual spells on her, she could manipulate their attacks and turn the table on them!

But never did Ashvril expect them to be so familiar with the royal vampires’ characteristics . Not only were Mini Bubble Gum and Canary cautious in not letting Ashvril contaminate their blood, but they also stopped using their habitual, bombardment spells . After casting the habitual spells in the beginning, they quickly switched their long-range attacks to close-combat . Ashvril was unable to adapt to the situation and she had never seen a Mage and Cleric engaging in close-combat battle before!

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But Ashvril had to admit that through this attacking style, the two young ladies became a much larger threat to her . Be it Mini Bubble Gum or Canary, they had high attainments in close-combat tactics . Not only was their coordination in sync, but the elemental flames and iron fists powered by pure, holy energy contained massive strength . It was simply too tough for Ashvril to resist their attacks . What depressed her further was that they also seemed to know that there was a time limit to her awakening! This explained why after Ashvril awakened her powers, not only did they not rush ahead and unleash their attacks quickly, but they also deployed delaying tactics against her, leaving her dejected and popping a vein .

If Ashvril knew that her attacking strategies were already known by everyone on the internet, perhaps she might pop a few more veins .

Perhaps Canary and Mini Bubble Gum could continue dragging the battle, but Ashvril couldn’t wait any longer . She attempted to escape, but the barrier that was as thick as a turtle shell cut off her final hopes . There were no other choices left apart from defeating the two young ladies as quickly as possible . As soon as the time limit to her awakening was over, she would be trampled on like a fish on the cutting board . When that happened, she wouldn’t have a say on whether she’d be steamed, braised, or stewed .

Ashvril wasn’t about to waste anymore time . She grunted, lashing the long whip in her hand that turned into three mysterious, viper-like presences at its end . The three vipers hissed, pouncing on the two young ladies before them as though they were self-conscious . But Mini Bubble Gum neglected their presence entirely as she continued to burst forward like a rampaging tank with its cannon upfront on the battlefield, ignoring all insignificant damage . Facing Ashvril’s attack, Mini Bubble Gum snarled and took large steps forward . She clenched her hands into fists, pushing them before her . Along with her actions, another defensive barrier appeared around her hands . Then, she thrust the defensive barrier forward like a forklift that had lost control, flattening every obstacle before it .

Ashvril’s attack was no exception . The ice-cold, venomous, dark vipers of death instantly melted to the incomparable holy strength as soon as they collided with the barrier . Before Ashvril retracted her arm, a red flare had enveloped her as Canary’s sword had arrived in the blink of an eye . Once again, the unmatched power of flames that could roast the entire world blasted at Ashvril .

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“You’re asking for death!”

Facing this combined attack, Ashvril snarled in rage . She raised her arms, coalescing all her power, attempting to teach the two scoundrels an unforgettable lesson about who she was and the consequences of treating her this way!

The power inside her gathered, abstracting the most essential and destructive presence within . They turned into several long whips that lashed in all directions, forcing Canary and Mini Bubble Gum into defensive stances . Just a while more and Ashvril could coalesce the purest form of energy and destroy everything…

But this was the end .

All of a sudden, the power inside her ran wild, scattering to all parts of her body uncontrollably . Ashvril shuddered as she sensed her power declining, disappearing, and returning to peace under the influence of a certain external factor .

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What?! Who is it!?

Ashvril couldn’t consider this question anymore . She retreated quickly to evade the blade strike from Canary, which almost took her life . But before Ashvril readied herself again, a piercing pain had punctured her body from the back . Ashvril lowered her head and witnessed a scarlet, razor-sharp blade of a massive sickle penetrating out of her slender, alluring body, destroying this beautiful presence cruelly .

At this moment, she heard Angelina’s voice .

“Awakening the royal blood was your most foolish decision…”


Upon hearing Angelina’s voice, Ashvril gnashed her teeth and snarled fumingly . She finally understood why she couldn’t control her power at that very instant . Even though it was Ashvril’s power, from a certain degree, she was also considered part of the royal vampires after her awakening . Moreover, as a royal vampire, Angelina was ranked higher than Ashvril! If it were before Ashvril’s awakening, Angelina surely wouldn’t have been able to affect her actions . But now, although Angelina couldn’t control Ashvril’s every movement, she could still influence and manipulate the flow of power inside her!

“The noble and sacred power doesn’t belong to you, you mixed-breed wh*re! Today, I will make you pay for all that you have done!”

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