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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 68: Ascension

“Shuo Yan, come forth!” At Qin Yu’s command, Shuo Yan quickly came out. With regard to teleportation, Shuo Yan was more well-versed than him. “Shuo Yan, can you tell me, how far could one teleportation could go? Is it possible to directly teleport to the mysterious purple planet from Yellowstone star?” Once Shuo Yan came out, Qin Yu inquired hastily and playfully chopped at Shuo Yan’s head. He was having misgivings about the information he got from Shuo Yan.

Shuo Yan froze. To teleport directly from surface-to-surface: from Yellowstone to the Mysterious Purple Planet? Is that also Teleportation?

“Master, don’t jest like that (*uuuu pout, ouwie my head*). How could it be possible to teleport from surface to surface…even if the route was in a straight line, it would be impossible. Let alone once, even if one would try a hundred times, it would still be impossible.” Shuo Yan exclaimed with an unwavering expression.

Then Shuo Yan swivelled 360 degrees then stopped. She was dumbstruck at the sight.

She had finally snapped out of her earlier daze. “This……this is? Master, this should be the Mysterious Purple Planet, right?” Shuo Yan could not believe what her eyes saw, but the in facts are there – the trees and wooden hamlets, are undisputable. Not to mention the anxious-looking divine beast to the right side of Qin Yu, who looked like he wanted to interject but was too afraid to speak…all are undisputable facts.

She remembered that just then, the master asked her about teleportation. In a blink of an eye, they were on the mysterious purple planet. Isn’t that a bit too fast?

“This is definitely my home world. Shuo Yan, I did exactly as you explained to use teleportation. But isn’t this a bit too sudden? To suddenly arrive directly in the imperial courtyard of the Qian Long continent.” Qin Yu looked at Shuo Yan questioningly, “Tell me, what is going on?”

Shuo Yan, in turn, gave Qin Yu a somewhat blank stare~~

Sluggishly, she responded, “Milord, you say you directly teleported here from Yellowstone?” She couldn’t believe her words.

Qin Yu nodded assertively.

“Master. That means! That means……that was Greater Teleportation! It definitely had to be that, how else could normal teleportation suffice? But……but, how could your power be enough to use Greater Teleportation? How could it be Greater Teleportation????” Shuo Yan still conflict with what she thought. She couldn’t accept the reality of her own words.

His face lit up with puzzlement. “Greater Teleportation? As far as I know this technique called greater teleportation requires you to be, at least, at the golden immortal stage to use. Say, to use this ‘greater teleportation’, what are the main requirements?”

“Of course.” Shuo Yan pondered for a short while, and carefully chose her words, “Before I explain that, I want to tell milord that both, ‘teleportation’ and ‘greater teleportation’, are techniques that manipulate and convert space. The main principle is this space conversion. It will determines whether one can use teleportation or greater teleportation. The main deciding factor of this is his or her progress in their soul force, ie the power of the soul and the stage of the soul!”

“The stage and power of the soul?” Qin Yu repeated for clarity.

Shuo Yan confirmed: “That’s right, if you want to use normal teleportation, the soul must be at least at the immortal (or equivalent) stage, if its greater teleportation then it must be at least golden immortal (or demon/devil equivalent).”

“But my soul’s power isn’t at the golden immortal stage…?” Shuo Yan’s reply gave him more questions than answers. Even Shuo Yan had no idea why this is so. “I…I don’t know why it is so.” The two continued to muse quietly, but alas, they were unable to come up with an explanation why Qin Yu could use greater teleportation. He sighed with resignation, and recalled Shuo Yan back into the Atlas of 10000 Beasts.

What he doesn’t know that when the meteoric tear fused with his soul, this was part of the transformation’s benefits. When Qin Yu gained absolute control over his soul, it allowed him to merge unexpectedly well with the world. So whether it was teleportation or greater teleportation, both depended on the degree of assimilation with the world. If that degree was high, then it would be possible to teleport instantly to any corner of the universe!

The aftermath of the fused meteoric tear allowed Qin Yu assimilate at a degree similar to the general degree of golden immortals. That alone will allow Qin Yu to use the greater teleportation technique.

“Master?” A rather nervous looking ice lion – Shi Xin, quietly gestured, afraid that he would disturb his master’s thoughts.

“Oh, it’s Shi Xin…” Qin Yu snapped out of his reverie, with a mild acknowledgement. Qin Yu may be clever, but he didn’t think that, along with the superior physical benefits of the meteoric tear, there were benefits for the soul as well. It was this that allowed him achieve a higher level of ‘merging’ with the world. When he actively tried to emerge with the world, he had thought this was just a part of his innate talents.

The divine ice lion was completely ignorant of Qin Yu’s inner thoughts, the former quivered with silent excitement. “Master, have already broken through the sixth stage? Will you be ascending soon?”

Since Qin Yu has come out of closed-door training, it must mean…

Qin Yu confirmed with his reply. “Soon. I have only got three months left.”

The beast trembled with happiness, “That’s magnificent! Finally, we can ascend. This day…This day has finally come!” tears of joy threatened to pour from the fellow eyes, he could harder contain his merriment. Qin Yu wore a wistful smile at the fellow’s cry of delight.

Qin Yu could understand the fellow’s merriments, since the ice lion trio of brothers had already reached the ascending stage, but was detained by their master – Qin Yu. The eldest of the three was still here with Qin Yu, while the younger brothers – Shi Bing and Shi Zhan, had already ascended more than a century ago with his own brothers – Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

Over these years, Shi Xin, most definitely, missed his brothers.

He can finally see the ‘light’ at the end of his wait. “Ah, I’ve troubled you all this time.” Qin Yu couldn’t but help feel some guilt towards Shi Xin. While he was undergoing his closed-door training by himself, the fellow was trapped in the mortal world unable to ascend.

“Not at all. For my master to ascend with me, I’m also quite happy about it. Ah…master, your father often thinks about you. Did you come back to see him?” Shi Xin jolted with realisation. Qin Yu nodded.

“Father!” His return was primarily to see his family once more.

Qin Yu expanded his immortal spirit sense and in an instant he had already encompassed the entire Qian Long continent including the three major dynasties. From his probing, he found his father and his uncle Feng Yuzi was currently residing at the Peak of East Lan Mountain, and his father had already reached the Dongxu stage after over a century. While his two brothers were in a palace grounds at the Boundary of the Great Plains.

With his investigation done, his body instantly vanished from sight.

East Lan Mountain Peak.

Strong mountain gales howled across the pinnacles, two figures – Qin De and Feng Yuzi, was playing a fierce game of Chinese chess, completely oblivious to the winds. For experts at their level, some breeze, that would have pummelled common folk, was more for refreshment than threat.

A thin layer of frost was found on the shoulder tips and knee caps of the two. Both had been playing in this harsh weather for a full thirteen days.

The two were old chess rivals, both played the game slowly and carefully. In particular, in the late-game phase, at these times, a move may not be played for half a day.

A youthful voice breaks the silent reverie. “Father, Uncle Feng.”

Qin Yu’s voice rode with the wind along the mountain tops and in the ears of the two figures. The two fellows did not mind the wind at all, but that message had startled the two players.

The message continued along the wind, “Fathe..r..r…cle..Fe..n..n..g.”

The figure on the left side suddenly got up, it was Qin De, looked at the direction where the voice came from. The fellow’s body quivered slightly like he was electrocuted, then dropped the chess piece in his hand. A delicate ‘ping’ rang forth when the piece hit the marble chess board, it would’ve continued to echo in the pursuing silence but the wind had already pulled it away.

In that continuous mountain breeze, a long haired Qin Yu levitated in the mountain air, whose robes fluttered lightly. Beyond that lengthen hair, one could see a youthful pair of eyes glistening with intelligence and……a hint of attachment.

“Yu’er, you…you have finally come back.” His father stuttered, and a little overwhelmed with emotion, his eyes became misty.

“Mmm, I’ve returned.” Qin Yu nodded.

Uncle Feng Yu broke the pleasant quietude with an ill-contained cry of joy. “Come, come join me, Xiao Yu. Come quickly, sit and stay awhile with your father and uncle Feng.” He hurriedly waved and gestured at Qin Yu.

“Mmhm” came a quick reply, Qin Yu was like a good little boy in front of his family. He eagerly sat down next to his father and his uncle Feng.

“Yu’er. In these past years of your training, I’ve tried my best to find you, and yet I couldn’t find a wisp of your presence anywhere. Where have you been undergoing your closed-door training?” His father, Qin De enquired hastily.

“Oh, Yellowstone Star.” Qin Yu responded with a wistful smile.

“Yellowstone star?? Are you saying that……that it was on another planet?” Qin De was giving Qin Yu a perplex look then froze, while uncle Feng was also stunned by this revelation.

Qin De snapped out of his stunned state and chuckled with delight. “Yu’er…even I, your father cannot perceive the magnitude of your accomplishments anymore. Yellowstone star? Even on another planet…I afraid that even those loose practitioners could not freely leave our planet.”

Qin Yu nodded again. He knew that those experts of Reverend Ming Liang’s level would not be able to lease the ‘Mysterious Purple Planet’ with ease at all. Unless they were towed by powers with the greater teleportation technique, and only then could they enter a planet with human activity.

“Brother Feng, you know. In my entire life, what I’m most proud of is…It is my son, Qin Yu.” Qin De wore a dignified expression, full of pride, as he was the proud father of Qin Yu.

Uncle Feng nodded dramatically many times as if to emphasize and mock his companion’s words. “My oldest friend and brother, Qin De. I still remember when Qin Yu was wee size, you were convinced that he would not amount to much, and yet he persevered.” His eyes twinkled with mirth.

Oblivious to their playful bout, Qin Yu could not help but recall that year, all those years ago, when he sat on his father’s lap, unsure of the future. That year in his youth; it was night time, and just like this cold mountain top. That night was cold like this mountain top, he was watching the stars twinkle in the night sky.

That was his youth days where he spent everyday training, and in that frosty night, his sweat and blood was fell on the snowy path along this very mountain.

One by one, his past floated in a cyclic order in front of his mind’s eye: ‘Swimming, Weight training while running, flexibility training, resilience training with iron sand……’many more memories of his training days revolved about his mind.

In a turn of the hand, over two centuries have passed, but his memory was still keen.

Qin Yu drifted out of memory lane and looked at his father…

All those years of training, all those sweat and blood was just so that he could hear his father’s praise.

Qin De uttered a short self-deprecating chuckle, “That’s right. That year when I found that Yu’er could not train in internal energy, nor have interest in politics, I had already given up on him. I was a fool. Yu’er then became the first external Xiantian expert in the history of the Qian Long continent. And shortly after, he entered into the ranks of the Xiuzhenists with other internal experts.”

Qin De drew in a long breath, “Everything that has happened after was like a dream. The third son I abandoned has, time and time again given me so many pleasant surprises.” He spat out a short self-mocking laugh, “That time, when thousands of Xiuzhenist experts kneeled in front of Yu’er and announced their allegiance and servitude towards him…that time, I was completely stunned. And since their admittance in the imperial palace, I grasped many things about the Xiuzhenists’ world. Then there was that other time, when those powerful loose practitioners who terrorized my home, and yet we could only bow to that power with opposition. And only Yu’er could……”

“And then there is the two sentinels who were supposedly at the loose demon level…And! They were only Yu’er’s tamed divine beasts.” Qin De glanced at Qin Yu once again, “Yu’er, I cannot believe, I – Qin De, would foster such an incredible son.” The look he gave Qin Yu was one of veneration and pride.

When Qin Yu heard these honest remarks, his heart felt moved and surging with emotion.

“Yu’er, a century ago, just ten years after you started your closed-door training, Zong Jue came to visit. His parting gift to us was killing Yu Liang. He also told me that you would also be ascending soon……all these years, I’ve been worried about: ‘has Yu’er ascended already? Or not?’ but now I’ve seen you, I finally feel at ease. I’ve finally seen that you are okay, Yu’er.” Qin De patted Qin Yu on the shoulder and gave Qin Yu a comforting look. His heart was relieved that he’d be able to see Yu’er one last time before Qin Yu ascended.

How could a father whose son was away from home without notice, not feel some regret?

Qin Yu looked at his father, his eyes a little misty, “Father” he knows. He knows that in three months he would have to ascend. Ascension was bound the rules of heavens and earth and cannot be overruled.

With a calloused hand, his father touched Qin Yu’s face. “Don’t be like this…You are a man and men are tough as old boots.”

Qin Yu took a staggered deep breath, and squeezed out a grin, but his eyes was still teary.

The time Qin Yu spent be his imminent ascension was passed very contently.

He spent these months accompanying his father and his two brothers, visiting the younger generations of the Qin family. Most of the time he spend with his immediate family, chatting and carousing.

Qin Yu had become a grandfather, with many younger generations. After all, he had already became a Xiuzhenist for more than two hundred years.

“I never would have thought that in a short three decades, Qin dynasty would decline so much.” During the three months’ time, on this day, Qin Yu was discussing matters with his father and brothers. With this regard, even Qin Yu was surprised.

“Xiao Yu, don’t worry about it. A dynasty can only go with the flow of the times. To be the forefront of the dynasties in all generations would be almost impossible. Though, our Qin house is powerful in the region north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean and in the Qian Long continent, we cannot also reign with force. That would only harm the common people.” Qin Zheng said lightly. He, himself, was a superior emperor with a plethora of capabilities befitting the head of a nation. But, with each successive generation, how could they also have the same superior capabilities?

Each generation of Qin emperors are given a lot of power. Even if the latest generation declined, their ancestors – Qin Zheng and his immediate family, would still be alive having not acted. These ancestors understand that to become the most powerful house in the Qian Long continent, they require it’s successors to train hard.

Path of kingship? As of today, many Qin generations are practitioners of heaven’s path, let alone the path of the Xiuzhenists. In the face of these true powers, worldly nations mean very little.

“All is well then. The governance of a nation is very tedious, while training is much easier.” Qin Yu took a deep breath and exhaled, he wore a solemn expression. From his ring, he took out a jade slip, and handed it to his father.

“What is this?” Qin De looked at the jade slip and then at Qin Yu with a quizzical expression.

Qin Yu replied: “This is my way of practice – the Stellar Transformations. Its requirements are very high, the successors must be an external expert at the Xiantian stage. Father, you can choose some talent people across the continent to cultivate their talents. If someone has reach the Xiantian level using external techniques and is a good person, then you can pass down my legacy to them.”

Qin Yu stood up, and look above at the stars. “This practice path was bestowed upon me by my master – Lei Wei, it has six stages. The seventh stage was created by me, while the eighth stage was conceived by me but I haven’t tested it. As for the later stages……if there are any Stellar Transformations successors, and if they can meet me then I will tell them, if now then they will have to reveal using their own powers.”

His father nodded solemnly, “Yu’er be at ease, this path of practice, I, your father will help you pass it on. If your father cannot find a successor in this lifetime, then I will instruct the Qin house to continue the task.”

Qin Yu felt relieved at once. If he does not return, there would be nothing in his legacy. To pass on his Stellar Transformations is to prevent such venerable power being lost.

In the late night and among the darkness, his family awaited, with him, for dawn. This is the last day.

The next morning.

Qin De, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi, Xu Yuan and the rest of the Qin extended family, all came to the field in front of the Misty Peak Villa. This was the first Qin member in all history to ascend. Numerous children, grandchildren and later generations took up places in the field with the immediate family at the front.

“Yu’er” Qin De, the eldest and second eldest brothers looked towards Qin Yu. As well as, all the rest of the Qin family watch Qin Yu’s every move.

From the heavens above, streams of golden light shone down converging on Qin Yu and Shi Xin. It basked Qin Yu in holy light, and Qin Yu slowly rose towards the sky along the path of the beam.

Qin Yu’s gaze was fixed on his loved ones below, his unshed teas threatened to roll down his cheeks, thus he lifted his face skyward. But, nevertheless, tears fell down and splashed on the ground below, scattering in all directions.

“Father, elder brother and second brother….Goodbye. I can only hope……to see you all again in the immortal plane…” Qin Yu mumbled, untrusting of himself to continue saying anymore.

Two brilliant golden flashes bloated out the sky, and with that…

Qin Yu and Shi Xin vanished from the crowd’s eyes. They knew that Qin Yu has left the mortal plane and ascended to another world of the immortal plane.

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