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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 1 Amber Moon Star


+Previously on Stellar Transformations…

Having accomplished the prerequisites to ascend, Qin Yu decided to spend the last three months with his family on Qian Long continent. Once there, he left his legacy – Stellar Transformations path of practice up to stage eight, with his father. His father was tasked to search for a worthy successor to his legacy. With a beam of holy light from heaven, Qin Yu left the mortal world where his loved ones reside…

The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms makes up a vast space – Almost endless space. The entire region was filled with limitless holy elemental spirit. Its density was exponentially higher than energy equivalent of holy spiritual energy found in the mortal realm.

The massively large region is comprised of four major powers: the immortals at the East realm, the devils at the South realm, the demons in the West and North realms, and finally, the hidden and special power in the Northeast realm.

Though the four major powers may be allocated to their own realms, the boundaries for each realm is very much blurred, in particular the boundary of the mysterious and special region. The borders are usually complex, jagged and overlapping.

One of the largest cosmic domains that contain the immortals and devil realms – Indigo Bay.

The Indigo Bay, a cosmic domain with ten mega-galaxies. These ten galaxies span unimaginably large, each galaxy hold countless planets and stars, but in any case, the planets with life are far less than the total number there is.

One shouldn’t assume that the weakest or the lowest of the food chain in the immortal plane, are immortals, devils and demons. It was just a place with worlds like the mortal world except there are countless Xiuzhenists (practitioners), but many couples give birth to children, whose children become Xiuzhenists, in turn, gives birth to more children, this is the cycle of life in the immortal plane. Being born under the pressure exerted by the transparent and gaseous form of holy elemental energy, infants are born to be at least at the Jindan stage.

Since at birth, the infants must be able to absorb holy elemental energy, while mortals cannot. Remember that these infants are the children of original Xiuzhenists at least at the Jindan stage. Even before birth, in the womb, these children can absorb holy elemental spirit already!

In the immortal plane, infants are born mostly at the boundary between mortals and immortals – Peak Houtian Stage! They are much more powerful than ordinary mortal ascendants, and with just a hundred years of serious training, they can immediately become Jindan Xiuzhenist.

Now compare that to martial practitioners of the mortal realm, the latter needs thousands of years of training to achieve the same stage of comprehending the way of heaven. They’re simply incomparable; not at the same grade like pears versus apples.

Nevertheless……these infants may become immortals very quickly, but it does not mean all will survive those years, so even with the accelerated training, their numbers could not keep up with mortal ascendants.

The Indigo Bay cosmic domain, in a Silver Stream Star System. In there, are thousands upon thousands of planets with Xiuzhenists, but the Amber Moon star is only a mid-large Xiuzhenists’ planet. On it, there are tens of millions of Xiuzhenists, immortals in the tens of thousands and only a few golden immortals.

Even a mid-size planet has so many immortals. Now imagine how many there will in the entire immortal plane?F

At the border of the immortal and devil realms, in the cosmic domain of Indigo Bay, within the silver stream system, and on the ‘Amber Moon’ star…

Lakeside of ‘Liu Feng’ city – one of the three largest cities of Amber Moon.

A youth in the twenties, was kneeling at the lake, tears glistened in the light like silver droplets.

‘Sob’ “Mother…’sniff’…I’ve been training for many years. At twenty five years old, I, my mother’s son, is 25 years old now, but is still at the Jindan Stage. Only the Jindan Stage! ‘Sob’…Of our clan, the oldest other is only sixteen years old!” the blue clothed youth sobbed to himself, resenting his own lack of talent. Amongst the inner sect of the clan, he’s results was unprecedented.

“I’ve worked so hard, I’ve never slacken my diligence. But, but, no matter how hard I train, how long I train, it’s no use!” the youth in blue bit down on his molars and pounded his right fist into the moist ground. “I don’t have any low grade holy elemental stone. By simply absorbing the elemental spirits in the world, when will I be able to reach the Yuanying Stage?? My only chance….during the clan contest among the inner sect, my only chance was dashed when I fell to the hundredth rank…” His shoulders sagged, frustrated with his own helplessness.

The contest, it was a test of sorts, a contest between peers, an event to gain qualifications.

In his generation, all his peers were at the Yuanying stage, if he weren’t at the last place, who else would it be? “Because I’m weak, I’m at the lowest rank of the contest within the clan, so none of the low grade holy elemental stones were given to me. While the higher ranks are treated as elite disciples with elite privileges. They are given the low grade holy elemental stones, while I’m not given any. I’ve declined, while they’ve grown. The power gap gets larger with each coming year. This burden, this responsibility is getting heavier year on year. Now the gap is so large, that I……I am losing confidence in my abilities…I feel like I’m wandering in the darkness, lost…I can no longer carry on.” The two salty streams fell from above, down the soft textured hills and splashed into the serene lake, causing ripples on the surface.

‘Sniff’, “I’m respectful towards all the older generations of the clan, and I train so hard. Bu…’s useless, the results are fruitless. Without the strength, I cannot carry the burden. Without power, I cannot even dream to be… be an elite disciple, I will always be tread on as the loser at the bottom.” The young man lamented to himself, his body trembled at this reality.

“Father, he….he is so strict with his demands, but…..I can’t help it! Every day, ‘Sniff’, every day, I spent more than half the day training, but my potential is poor, much worse than my peers. My meridians – my spiritual channels, are weak and thin…..when will I be able to stand up? When will I be able to change my life for the better?” the youth wore a bleak expression, his lips – a grimace. “Liu Han Shu, I am a ‘Liu’ of the great ‘Liu’ Clan. But for me, it represents endless pressure. My heart and body are tired. I can no longer hold up the burdens.”

The Liu Clan, one of three great houses on Amber Moon. The Liu Clan has been in existed for a number of thousands of years, naturally, its younger generations are numerous as well. In the Clan contest, the competition is fierce, and Liu Han Shu is the weakest among his peers.

New-borns are generally near the edge of the peak Houtain Stage. In general, at age five, they will reach early Jindan stage and at age ten, they’ll reach early Yuanying stage. But Liu Han Shu? He was still at the Jindan stage at age twenty five! His peers were already at the Yuanying stage.

Poor aptitude, there’s nothing more to say.

“Father, he originally had poor aptitude, but he was very respectful and treated everyone with care. One day, on that particular day, he met an immortal stage expert who helped him widen his meridian channels, so that father could finally catch up to the average man. Now he is a Dongxu stage practitioner. Father said that towards experts, ‘you must bowed and pay compliments’. But to do so for a lifetime, to live as a person at the will of another, I cannot withstand such humiliation.” He laughed at himself, “Mother, I don’t have the aptitude, the strength, the talents, and still desire to be the strongest, like the tallest pine in the forest. Are these only dreams?” Liu Han Shu wore a dreary expression.

He had become very tired over these passing years. A young adult at the Jindan stage, what was that? Every when walking down the street, one needs to look down and avoid eye contact and other’s wrath. Children at the age of twelve years old would already be at the Yuanying stage, they could beat him blind-folded.

Being humiliated by others, being looked down at by his own clan members, being denounced by his father, and even despised by his peers……

This has all driven Liu Han Shu mad. Mad with grief.

He always wanted to be someone who was respected, someone praise-worthy, someone with a happy and warm home of a loving family. But…… in this world, a fiercely competitive world, only the strong is respected….

But Han Shu is the weak.

It’s not because he doesn’t work hard – he works harder than anyone, but his aptitude and potential were too poor, that is why he is failing so miserably.

Whenever he cannot withstand that pressure, that humiliation, he would come to this lakeside.

That year, his mother had perished at this same lake, killed by a Kongming stage expert. His mother was a strong practitioner at the Kongming stage. If his mother was still alive, maybe he would have live a better life.

But –––––––

That was only just a fantasy.

“This is how my days pass. Anyway, I should return. Amber Moon is only so big, where could I hide from the probing sense of a Xiuzhenist? Impossible, I can only face reality. Time to go back and train in earnest.” Liu Han Shu stood up, his face – a sour expression.

If Liu Han Shu would return normally with Qing Chang, then he would be subject to a lifetime of endless humiliation, and to live at the very bottom of the entire Amber Moon star.

However, this time it will be different from the first few times…

As Liu Han Shu turned, preparing to go back…

A voice echoed around the lake, a clear and aloof voice. “Hey, friend.”

Liu Han Shu was truly the weakest critter on Amber Moon. If someone called him, how could he dare not to listen? He immediately turned his body, his visage instantly changed from grim to ‘respectful and friendly’.

It was a notable skill to not insult the great powers out there and to live a good life.

He slowly looked upwards to the source of the voice.

The air above him blurred, a figure appeared in front of him.

“So fast. At least a Kongming expert.” He’s live for some time among Xiuzhenists so his judgement isn’t bad.

The expert was a man dressed in black robes. Robes the fluttered lightly with the wind. Eyes full of wisdom, but also piercing as if he could see through people’s souls.

The expert was…

It was Qin Yu.

Formerly, he had ascended with Shi Xin, his divine beast. He had thought that they would arrive at the same place, but after he came to Amber Moon, he could not find Shi Xin at all.

Even with his ‘Soul link’, he could barely feel Shi Xin in the western direction, but how far, he wasn’t sure. Qin Yu couldn’t imagine the distance between him and Shi Xin. Clearly, Shi Xin has ascended to another planet in the demon realm, while he was one this planet.

“Junior Liu Han Shu greets his senior.” The blue robed youth bowed respectfully.

Qin Yu secretly nodded at the fellow, and using his immortal sense, he swept through the youth. He found that this Liu Han Shu was at the middle Jindan stage, but the fellow’s meridians was actually very narrow.

“With such narrow meridian, he could still become a Jindan stage practitioner?” Qin Yu felt shocked at this information.

If the fellow was in the mortal plane, and with such narrow meridians, even reaching Xiantian would be near-impossible, let alone Jindan stage. But Qin Yu was mistaken, he had forgotten than practitioners in the immortal plane could not be compared to those in the mortal plane. This was because, in the immortal plane, the practitioners would be able to absorb the dense elemental energy.

“Hm, how old are you?” Qin Yu inquired. He wanted to know how long it takes to become a Jindan stage Xiuzhenist with such poor quality meridians.

Liu Han Shu could not help a trace of bitterness show on his face. An aged twenty-five middle Jindan stage practitioner was regarded as a joke.

“This junior is twenty-five this year. Because I have poor aptitude, I’ve spent such a long time to reach this stage.” The fellow replied without hesitation, he couldn’t dare not to answer.

Qin Yu was shocked. “Twenty-five years old? It took twenty-five years to reach middle Jindan stage? You aren’t lying, right?” On the Qian Long continent, in general, for practitioners to reach early Jindan stage it takes an additional decade, and to reach middle Jindan stage, it will take over a century. At only twenty-five, the fellow was already at middle Jindan! He is a genius.

Qin Yu took close to twenty years to reach early Nebula stage.

“Junior dares not to lie to senior about such a shameful thing.” Liu Han’s face twisted into a grimace, but he felt that this expert was different from the resident experts of Amber Moon. The experts in the past were extremely arrogant, hardly giving a word, but this fellow was at least friendly with him.

“Shame?” Qin Yu felt startled at Liu Han’s reply.

Prior to ascending, Qin Yu had investigated some things about the immortal plane such as information about golden immortals and immortal emperors, as well as geography and so on. As for immortal plane Xiuzhenists? Why would Qin Yu care about them?

That’s why he wasn’t very knowledgeable about immortal planes’ Xiuzhenists.

Seeing Qin Yu undisguised surprise, Liu Han Shu continued in a self-mocking manner, “Usually around the age of 5-6, children will reach early Jindan stage, around 10-11, they will be at Yuanying stage. And around the twenties, they will be at the Dongxu stage, yet I’m still at the Jindan stage, how could I not be ashamed?”

Qin Yu inhaled a sharp breath. Jindan stage at ages 5 to 6? And that’s normal?? Himself had only reach Nebula at twenty and was venerated and worship by countless descendants of the Qin clan. If these results were to be brought to the immortal plane, would it not be humiliating?

“Shuo Yan. Does immortal planes’ Xiuzhenists train very quickly?” Qin Yu projected his inner voice into the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Within the first layer world of the Atlas, Shuo Yan began to explain the situation to her master. Their conversation last a long time, but in reality, time had trickled by, by less than a split second.

“I see.” Qin Yu nodded to himself. Thought he still has many grievances such as finding a complete map of the realms. For most golden immortals (devils and demons), they rarely venture out of a galaxy, in most case, they would just teleport within the galaxy to go about their businesses. Even the demons of the Atlas only have knowledge about a few demon systems in the demon realm. They wouldn’t know of the overall geography of the realms.

“Liu Han Shu, which planet are we on now? And which territory does it belong to – demon, devil or immortal?” Qin Yu urged to the fellow to continue.

In spite of the expert’s near ‘dumb’ questions, Liu Han Shu continued to explain politely: “This planet is called the Amber Moon planet. It is within the Indigo Bay domain that is within the Silver Stream galaxy. This galaxy is not in either immortal or devil controlled realms, it is on the boundary of both, and connect to either side. There are immortal controlled planets and devil controlled planets within this galaxy. This planet is under the control of the immortals.”

Qin Yu finally gained a clear understanding. He ascended to a place not of immortal nor devil. To this day, he has only opened the first layer world of the Atlas, whose demons would not know anything about the devil or immortal realms, let alone this planet called Amber Moon.

An idea springs to his mind, “In this immortal plane, with powers lower than a golden immortals are incapable of interstellar travel. For now, I’ll live here temporarily on this Amber Moon planet. Only when I’ve reached the golden immortal stage and able to open the second layer world of the Atlas, and at that time, I will go scour the universe!” He had made up his mind – first train then act.

Now, Qin Yu understood that this Liu Han Shu stood at the bottom level of all Xiuzhenists on this planet.

“Liu Han Shu, I am not very familiar with this Amber Moon planet, so advice where possible. Here.” He retrieved a middle grade holy elemental stone from his inventory, “This is a middle grade holy elemental stone, and it will be a remuneration for your guidance.”


Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 2 Reforming the Meridians


+Previously on Stellar Transformations…

A lone young man known as Liu Han Shu was lamenting his pitiful life at the lakeside near a large city – Feng Liu city. The man was suffering continuous humiliation from his peers as a poorly gifted Xiuzhenists who was at Jindan stage, while his peers were at least at the Yuanying stage. On that fateful day, he met a wandering expert. Unbeknownst to him, the expert was Qin Yu, a recent ascendant from the mortal plane…

A piece of middle grade holy elemental stone?

Something like that wasn’t even worth much to Qin Yu. In his Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, the entire structure was made of one whole holy elemental stone. And within the allotted warehouses within the mansion, these stones are piled high like small mountains, even high grade stones were a common place. Aside from holy elemental stones, other treasures piled high are all ores used to refining immortal weapons, the downside is that there aren’t any top grade elemental stone anywhere.

“Middle grade holy elemental stone? For being a…guide?” Liu Han Shu couldn’t believe what his ears were telling him. For normal immortal stage expert, something like a middle grade elemental stone was to be cherished, while poorer ones hold to them like their own precious children, and wealthy ones may gift them rarely.

But providing guidance….?

Guidance in exchange for a piece of middle grade holy elemental rock? Seriously???

Han Shu stared at the stone in the fellow’s hands and felt the whole world burst with life. Gone was the decrepit world in gray-scale of humiliation and neglect, and come the new vibrant world – full of valour, life and colour, of hopes and dreams.

“Unless, you do not want to?” Qin Yu raised his brows questioningly.

“I do, I do. Junior is honoured to do so.” He was excited. In the last twenty years, he hadn’t been as excited as he was now. He wasn’t as foolish to pretend it was good enough a reward. “Senior, a little thing as guiding you isn’t worth a holy elemental stone. Junior does not deserve such exuberant reward.”

Qin Yu smiled at the fellow’s generosity, “If I say you can have it, then take it. This is the first time I’ve come to Amber Moon planet, I am not familiar with much of the situation here, which you will have to inform me. Come, take me to a place where I can stay.” He tossed the middle grade elemental stone to the young man.

Liu Han Shu jumped to catch the stone, and bowed immediately after. “Senior, please follow me.” The moment he took the stone, he grasped it firmly, suddenly forgotten to store it. He was too excited at his luck. By turning towards the city’s direction, he stored away his treasure. “Thankfully, I have a storage bracelet…” With the stone stored, he finally regained his posture and felt relieved.

Once the exchange was done deal, Liu Han Shu leaped onto his flying sword and starting flying towards the destination, alongside him was Qin Yu – matching his speed.

Qin Yu was already aware there was a city in the distance, but he knew little about the immortal plane and its realms. He had decided to get a guide and live in this city for the time being. He knew this Liu Han Shu fellow grew up in Amber Moon, and having a native help out would save him a lot of worry.

Well………he also was determined to help change Liu Han Shu for the better.

Close to the city boundaries.

To this day, Qin Yu had never seen such an expansive city, whose population was at least ten million.

Han Shu started to give the expert a detailed tour. “Senior, this is Liu Feng city, one of three major cities of Amber Moon. The other two are Wan Lian city and Yan Shan city.” Qin Yu nodded, and answered with a question. “Han Shu, how strong are the experts of on Amber Moon?”

Han Shu paused for a short while, and thought out loud, “Hmmm, experts….on Amber Moon, that would at least be at the immortal stage. In the entire planet there are about ten thousand, while golden immortals are few in number. They could be counted in one hand.”

A handful?

A smile surfaced on Qin Yu’s face. Was that all? That was the pinnacle of the experts on Amber Moon? Qin Yu could tread wherever he likes without fear. Let alone the golden immortal sword puppet, he – himself was a force to be reckoned with. Coupled with his Blazing Ice Ring and his divine weapon – Sky Piercer, and divine armour – Black Snow, his strength would be supreme. But nevertheless, he wanted to be on the safe side, “There aren’t any Mystic Immortals – immortal emperors?”

“Immortal Emperors?” Han Shu’s lips quivered, he swallowed aloud, “Senior, those figures are…… truly reign supreme. They are too distant from us. Even the main branch of my clan had not ever met an immortal emperor.” Qin Yu felt much relieved, but it seems that mystic immortal emperors were far and few between.

Qin Yu lifted his head from quietly musing and absorbed the sights and sounds of the bristling city. Liu Feng city gates were wide and tens of metres tall, as he follow Han Shu into the city. From the gate, Qin Yu was stunned by the width and size of the streets, and the amount of pedestrians. With a casual sweep of his immortal sense, he noted the weakest was at Jindan stage, most of all he was awestruck by the infants. The infants, still in arms of their mothers’, were at the Xiantian stage!

Seeing was believing. The fantastical scene amazed Qin Yu. The immortal plane was really a different place, even infants was Xiantian practitioners. Roadside shops had various and wide range of ores, arms and clothes. He did not hesitate, and allowed Han Shu continue to show and tell him about everything. “Senior, look, this weapon shop is renowned as the top three arms shops in the city, but the price is also exuberant. Oh, that pub’s wine is superb. I’ve also frequented there once.” Han Shu felt somewhat proud to have drank the wine from that pub. “Ah, Senior, see that store….”

After walking around for an hour, Qin Yu had gained a reasonable understanding of Xiuzhenists’ cities in the immortal plane. He also bought a few bottles of high class wine to quench his thirst on the way. The true experts of Amber Moon may be far and few between, but the wine was undeniably better than the wine from his home world.

“Senior, the city is governed by the Liu Clan – one of the three great clans of the city. Myself, am a son of the Liu Clan.” Han Shu whispered softly, he did not want others to hear this.

Qin Yu face broke into a wistful smile, “Hoh, I didn’t expect that you were a son of the governing clan.” Han Shu replied by shaking his head with a bitter smile, “Senior, please don’t make fun of junior. The Liu clan had existed for many generations, there are over tens of thousands disciples, so what make me? Though I am a son of main family, but when raising disciples or successors, the clan favours the strong, it has little to do with being in the main family or not.” This was the world where the strong ruled; strength was respected, nobody cared if you were a direct descendent or not.

“Don’t be discouraged. The strong also started from being the weak.” Qin Yu reassured, he saw much of himself from this fellow – Han Shu. Back then, he had no aptitude at all and had to forcibly practice external techniques. Compared to Han Shu, he had worse aptitude, but even so, he persevered to the present level. “Your right.” Han Shu lightened up hearing Qin Yu’s encouragement.

“Senior, today I’m very fortunate. I mean, how often, do I get the chance to walk with head held up in the middle of the road? Normally, I would’ve already be kicked aside by some passer byer.” Han Shu laughed at his own joke as to elevate his pain. Qin Yu could only give Han Shu a reassuring pat on the fellow’s back.

Qin Yu had already pick up those condescending looks the passer byers directed at Han Shu. When they noticed him beside Han Shu, they did not dare to stare any longer.

“Senior, this is my home. Amber Moon may not have much else, but land is plentiful. Another good thing is that as the descendent of the main family, I am assigned a small town house.” Han Shu led Qin Yu to the gate in front of a town house with a small courtyard. He opened the gate and let Qin Yu enter first. “Ho, not bad. It’s pretty comfortable. I shall live here for now, do you mind?” Qin Yu uttered a short laugh. Han Shu hastily gestured, “Not at all, feel free to pretend it were your own home.” He whooped to himself, at his luck. For a master like Qin Yu to stay with him only had benefits rather than inconveniences.

“I found you have some problems with your meridians, come here and let me see…” Qin Yu sat down on a nearby stone bench, and gestured at Han Shu, but the fellow shook his head and sighed, “Senior, I’m sorry, but this is something I was born with. Without reaching the immortal stage, it would be impossible to widen the meridian channels.”

In the mortal plane, it may be possible for Dongxu stage practitioners to open up another’s meridians. But in the immortal plane, the mortals from infancy absorbed elemental energy. They were physically different from the mortals of the mortal plane.

“Just come here and give me a look.” Qin Yu had his hands stretched forward, Han Shu was dragged to his side by an invisible force. With his open palms, he gripped the fellow’s wrist like vice, then injected a strand of power from his dark star and a trace of his life force into the latter’s body. The life force came from within the meteor tears. And with the offensive power of his dark star, Qin Yu break down the fellow’s meridians directly, since it was much harder to widen the narrow channels. After breaking them down, he would use the extended life force to rebuild another, since it was the life restoring force from his meteoric tear, he did not doubt its capability to such a task.

“Ah!” Tearing apart Meridians was incredibly painful. The pain racked Han Shu’s body, and cause him to convulse involuntarily, but despite so, he tried to suppress the pain.

“Good. You have perseverance.” Qin Yu smiled and encouraged, like a good doctor using something else to distract the patient from the pain. He began to manipulate the life force energy to build the meridians anew.

Under the continuous application of the energy, the meridians reformed. The newly formed meridians was several times wider and more resilient than the average man in the immortal planes. As the meridians grew with the life force energy, the toughness increased to the level of Kongming stage experts.

Whereas, previously Han Shu convulsed with pain, now his body felt serene and relaxed.

“Alright.” Qin Yu let go and nodded at Han Shu, “Liu Han Shu, I will go ahead and rest in the house. In a moment, when I tell you, you must come in as well.” As soon as he had informed Han Shu, he walked into the empty house.

Han Shu barely registered what Qin Yu said, as he was too busy dumbstruck by the status of his meridians. Suddenly his face flushed and his body vibrated with unnatural frenzy, the facial muscles tensed and wild tears streamed down his taut cheeks. ‘Smack’, both his knees hit the courtyard ground. He knelt in unknowing worship of the changes to his body, and exclaimed, “Mother, I’ve finally, finally have the chance to stand up. I can finally walk down the street without worrying who my next aggressor would be, or who might insult and spit on me. I can finally stand up proud!” Tears rained on the region of the ground directly from his face while he kowtowed. Those tears moisten the dry ground like merciful life droplets.

Liu Han Shu was so excited that he was silent thereafter.

From a young age, more than twenty year, he had been the bottom scrubber of every person he ever knew like a grovelling slave. He’d suffered endless curses, humiliation, scorn of his fellow peers, if that weren’t enough, even strangers to go out of their way to harass him. Life of unbearable; it wasn’t life.

But –––––––

Now, he was given a chance, a god-sent chance to stand up tall with his newly transformed meridians aided by Qin Yu. Now he had the potential and aptitude of a thousand men – a genius of geniuses. He also had the middle grade holy elemental stone making breakthrough to the next stage easy.

Listening to the rampart cries of joy and hoarse exclamations, Qin Yu only smiled lightly. “This reminds me of that year when I achieved Xiantian stage via external techniques. I think I was as elated as Han Shu was, but that time my father did not let me go with him to the chosen place in the Wilderness.”

He withdrew his grin, and thought about numerous things about the situation.

“Han Shu, you can come in now.” Qin Yu beckoned to Han Shu. The fellow should have felt calmer after his outcry.

After being harassed for over twenty years, Han Shu had, at last, released some of his pent up frustration. Afterwards, he used his internal spiritual energy to dry his tears and clean up his attire, then he strode into the house.

“Junior Liu Han Shu will never forget this gracious act.” ‘Smack’ his head hit the cold, hard floor as he kowtowed showing his undying respect towards his benefactor.

Qin Yu laughed openly – a open and honest laugh, and waved it off, “You’re welcome. To be honest, you could still train with me doing so. You were far better than I was, I couldn’t even train in the normal method, but you can. Alas, when I see you I see a part of myself.”

Han Shu froze, this senior was worse than himself?

“Senior, I beg of you, please take me in as your disciple.” Han Shu pled.

Qin Yu froze, his face an expressionless visage, then glanced at Han Shu. “This Liu Han Shu is not without diligence. Ha ha, he knows that I have a good impression of him, so that he asked me.” Either way, Qin Yu did not mind, and nodded to himself, then spoke aloud: “Alright, I will take you in as my disciple.”

Han Shu was elated, he quickly stood up and gave his new master a respectful bow. “Disciple greets his master.” Having a master would allow him to live better days in the future.

“Han Shu, let me ask you one thing: if I want to travel to the demon realm, how would I go about it?” As if the previous pled was just a small episode in Qin Yu’s life.

“To the demon realm?” Han Shu frowned in contemplation, “This could be difficult, and junior only knows the approximate geography of the immortal planes. We are currently located on the Amber Moon planet of the Indigo Bay star field, part of the Silver Stream galaxy.” Qin Yu listened carefully, he knew his understand of the immortal plane was second to his disciple. “Indigo Bay star field was between the devil and immortal realms’ borders, and all the realms have borders touching each other. As far as I know, to go to the demon realm, it would be best to go directly to the immortal hinterlands, from there go into the demon territory.” His disciple frowned again, “The problem is…… interstellar travel is very expensive for every, teleportation talisman, road tolls for passing each ruler’s planet. From here to the demon realm would costs……an astronomical amount of money!”

“Road tolls?” Qin Yu queried.

“Yes. For example, if you were to travel from Amber Moon to the next planet over – Blue Mountain, it would require a teleportation talisman costing one low grade holy elemental stone. While road toll would cost two low grade holy elemental stones. If you go further to the second star over, it would cost three for the talisman and six for the road toll, and so on.” Han Shu informed Qin Yu. It seems to be a way to make money for each planet’s ruler. “And that’s just travelling, then you need a map. A detailed maps for interstellar travel are very valuable. Recorded on it was planets’ teleportation coordinates, teleportation routes, and safe routes and so on. It would also have notes on dangerous planets, entry-barred planets. In short, interstellar travel is only possible with a map.” Han Shu took a deep breath and continued. “Don’t even need to mention travelling to the demon realm, since a detailed map of the Indigo Bay star field are few in number. As for a map from here to the demon realm, even junior does not know……oh! An immortal emperor will definitely have it.”

Once Qin Yu heard it all, he wore a strange smile. He understood that to travel to the demon realm, he needed two things: one, money to pay the exuberant road tolls, lastly, an interstellar map recording the teleportation coordinates of planets and dangerous places.


Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 3 3-in-9 Soul Refinement


+Previously on Stellar Transformations…

Qin Yu felt heartened to Liu Han Shu, and helped the fellow reform his poor meridians. Stunned by this gracious act, Han Shu pled Qin Yu to take him as a disciple, and Qin Yu accepted. From Han Shu, Qin Yu learnt how he would go about traveling from Amber Moon to the demon realm…

“So road tolls and an interstellar map.” Qin Yu repeated to himself. In terms of the road toll, he wasn’t worried at all, he has mountains of low grade elemental stones. The down side was that he didn’t have an unlimited amount, if only he could be able to sell a few pieces of immortal class equipment, it would definitely increase his stocks. He had obtained multitudes of treasures from Ni Yang’s Realm. The next most important thing was the star chart.

From what Qin Yu could gather from his new disciple, stellar maps are very rare.

“Ah, master, there is another important thing I forgot to mention before.” Han Shu suddenly said aloud. “Speak.” Qin Yu turned to face his disciple. His disciple hastily replied, “I have heard rumours that a star chart is not always correct, the coordinates may be but the teleportation talisman may be destroyed at that location.” Qin Yu couldn’t help but feel a strand of loss.

He’s right, it might not be possible to permanently destroy or damage a teleportation talisman, but these star charts are as old as time. They couldn’t be kept up to date, which is to say that the talismans may or may not be usable, at least usable with ease.

Han Shu seriously pondered his master’s query, he wanted to be useful to his new master, “And……between two talismans, a star may have collapsed and became a ‘devouring region’. It might have drawn nearby stars and planets towards its core, making the talismans on those planets or stars less accessible.”

Qin Yu gazed downwards, deep in thought, considering all the possible problems that may occur below the surface of simple interstellar journeys. Cosmic bodies are constantly changing, a star chart will only show general routes but not the present situation at each talisman’s location. In order to determine the current situation at the location, he’d have to be there to accurately assess the scenario.

“Master, another thing, I’ve heard my father talk about interstellar journeys. Supposedly, the trekker needs to be at least a golden immortal stage expert!” Han Shu whispered in a breathless tone, eyes widened.

Qin Yu only smiled slightly. “Hoooh, Han Shu, you think that your master is not on par with a golden immortal? You’re worried that I might be in danger on my interstellar journey.”

Han Shu hastily replied, he didn’t want doubt his own master, “Master, junior does not doubt in master’s prowess. It’s just that…our Amber Moon star produced an interstellar merchant. I hear that those merchants are at least above golden immortal stage experts. You see, my father once served an interstellar merchant once, and when he returned he flaunted about his time telling me many things about an interstellar merchant.”

“Interstellar merchants?” Qin Yu brows shot up in mild surprise, “Tell me, what these so-called interstellar merchants?” He had his own assumptions of what they were, but he wanted to clarify these existences.

Han Shu licked his lips, his eyes swooning, his expression was in full worship, and said: “interstellar traders, those people are the cream of the crop of experts. They are all very skilled. They originate from the demon, devil and immortal realms, in all manners of places. Their primary goal is to buy cheap herbs, items or ores from one place, and sell it high at a distant place. They would earn the difference in prices – selling and buying, between the two markets. Sometimes, the difference would be ten times, or even a hundred times!”

It was as Qin Yu expected: they were very much similar to the merchants and traders of the Qian Long Continent, except they would travel longer distance.

“There is high risk to interstellar travel and the road toll is also very high, so those interstellar traders selling at prices hundred time greater than the buying price, is commonplace. The risks are sky high after all.” Han Shu continued solemnly as if showing sympathy, “Master, our small planet does not have many experts, but at the epicentre of our galaxy – the silver stream galaxy. That is at the Scarlet Leaf star, experts are plentiful and powerful. In the entire immortal plane, only the strong is respected. If others know you have many treasures, the powerful will likely to kill you for those treasures.”

Of course, Qin Yu had suspected as much. Most merchants must carry a number of treasures and precious goods, if they weren’t strong then they would’ve died and robbed by experts at each planet.

Han Shu in toned, “Our part of the immortal realm is slightly better, at least most people consider robbery in broad daylight below themselves, and they’re unlikely to act directly. They will only under the table or in secret. I hear that boundary between the devil and demon realm is far more chaotic and lawless, people get mugged as often as they could blink.”

Qin Yu uttered a hearty chuckle, his disciple was still a sapling, he doesn’t understand that underhanded cloth-and-dagger manoeuvres are more dangerous than daylight robbery. But he knew all that was said were all rumours or things his disciple heard second hand, and only by witnessing it first hand, will he be able to determine the authenticity of the information. Some things must be true or else it wouldn’t be gossiped, and from that he gain some understanding.

He heard enough, then instructed Han Shu, “Han Shu, I noticed the Xiuzhenists on the streets before did not have solid foundations. Your skills may be poor, but your soul is at the late Yuanying stage. Go on, absorb the energy from that middle grade holy elemental stone. Once you’ve reach Yuanying stage….we’ll see then.”

“At once. Then I will be retiring.” Han Shu immediately left the room after a curt bow.

Qin Yu sighed, “In the immortal plane, Xiuzhenists here are far more fortunate than the ones in the mortal plane. Here the density and quality of the energy in the world is of a higher grade than energy in the mortal plane. Alas, not only do practitioners train faster in skill, but also in soul.”

Even children are Jindan practitioners, if this were the mortal world, it would be unbelievable.

After a while, Qin Yu discarded his roaming thoughts. This place was his ‘here and now’, thinking about the past would not help his situation at all.

He recollected his thoughts and determined: “To know how much road tolls will cost, I need to find an interstellar merchant. As for the map, for now I don’t need a planar map of all the realms. A map for the Indigo Bay star field will suffice.” He knew how valuable and rare maps were, and didn’t want to set his sights on something unreachable.

But there are more things important than those goals, “I have more hidden power. As soon as possible, I should open the second layer world of the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts. In there are plenty of demon king stage divine beasts. Then will I be able to breathe easier.” Qin Yu had settled on his action plan, he wasn’t a bit worried.

A broad grin parted his lips, he remembered something essential, “Ha ha, how could I been so foolish. As a new master, I still haven’t bestow my disciple a gift.”

The only decision now was which treasure should he give? When he was in Ni Yang’s Realm, he had acquire numerous high grade immortal equipment. But, then a Yuanying brat with a high grade immortal item, isn’t that asking to be robbed and killed? “How about giving that top grade holy weapon to my disciple?” With a wave, Qin Yu retrieved that familiar black long sword, he’d used in the past, Hei Yuan.

‘Hei Yuan’ was a top grade holy weapon that Qin Yu refined himself. The key aspect that makes it no less precious than a low grade immortal item lies in its adaptability. It was that metallic sword that could shape-shift; whether it was defense, attack or various other designs, it could mimic very well.

He retracted the blood contract with the weapon and stored it again, in preparation for Han Shu, when the fellow finishes training.

“Shou Yan, bring another with you when you come out.” Intoned an indifferent voice.

From thin air, a beauty – Shou Yan, wearing fragrant purple gown and a middle-aged man in a teal robe appear unexpectedly in the room. The duo immediately bowed. “At your service, Milord.”

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