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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 67: Is This Teleportation?

The ‘3-in-9 Soul Refinement’ was a soul training technique part of a special set of arts. This soul training technique emerged within Qin Yu’s mind after the meteoric tear had fused with his soul.

“I feel that the mysteriousness of my Meteoric Tear is truly unfathomable. I didn’t know that it could fuse with my soul. All this time I had no idea it could do that.” He felt helpless and a little frustration since he had little control over all this.

“Master, are you feeling better now?” Shuo Yan couldn’t endure the bombardment of questions within her and finally let one escape. Just a moment ago, the aura around their master had disappeared without a trace. To them, this was something like only happened when one’s soul was shattered, leaving their empty bodies behind. Naturally, it scared them greatly.

They were about to approach their master, but then their master opened his eyes and looked at each of them in turn. They could feel greater strength behind that piercing sight.

“I feel……extremely good.” Qin Yu nodded.

After the fusion of his soul and meteoric tear, Qin Yu could exert greater and finer control over his life force or soul force, to an extent that he to withdraw all of his soul force into the meteoric tear and assume pseudo-death. No one would be able to sense the slightest breath or life from his body.

Complete control, that’s what it was. Complete control over every minute speck of energy or function of the body, whether it was the ‘Dark Star’ within the dantian, the soul or ordinary movement, everything was included. That feeling when one had complete authority over all, was quite a good feeling.

“My guardians, you may rest aside, I must familiarize myself with my current powers.” Qin Yu nodded at the four sentinels.

“Of course, master.” The four responded with a curt bow.

As the four stepped aside, the muscles around his arms and chest instantly tensed up like steel pythons, the space in the immediate region of his body rippled with minor waves. Then he punched his right fist forward and instantaneously thousands of shadow fists appeared at the same point of thrust.

‘Bang!’ Qin Yu flash stepped to retreat from that point where he unleashed the barrage of fists, only to see the space around that point had cracked open, revealing spatial cracks the size of a pencil.

“Master. What terrible power!” Shou Yan and the others was stunned by the display of raw power. Just then that powerful explosion had been caused by a thousand shadow fists creating spatial cracks. Even for these level 9 demons it would be devastating to take on that fist.

Qin Yu smiled in satisfaction. “A hundred and fifty years of training and elemental energy absorption, certainly packs more power than before.” This time, he underwent a hundred and fifty years of closed-door training compared to spending less than a century on his home world, to reach Star stage, a little more power is not surprising.

“Solely relying on my own power, I think that it should be equivalent to a level 7 immortal in power.” Qin Yu mused to himself, completely absorbed by his own assessments.

That could just be his own speculations, so his real combative power may or may not be higher. He could only be sure once he duelled with a level 7 immortal equivalent, on then will Qin Yu be able to accurately judge his real power. But to regards to his change from the sixth stage – star to the seventh stage – dark star, he had confidence in the force contained in his dark star.

“A level 9 loose immortal yuanying is comparable to a level 6 immortal, and on top of that, I have my own solar star. And by compressing it all into the dark star, the power level may not be equivalent to a level 7 immortal, but that does not mean the attack is necessarily so.” Qin Yu was confident in his combat ability, in particular, he had various top class equipment. Nonetheless, for the dark star stage, its offensive power depends on energy concentration and energy purity.

With an excited expression, Qin Yu mused. “Well, It should be now or never to test out the strength of my dark star stage.” This next exercise would be the first time he used a real attack since advancing to Stellar Transformations’ seventh stage.

Taking a preparatory stance, Qin Yu drew fists a his waist then strikes forward ––––––

Like thunder strike, his fist pierced through the darkness.

Like a hot knife through butter, his fist tore a gigantic hole in the fabric of reality and creating a huge crack-like rip in space. That crack instantly began to devour all life around it, making Qin Yu retreated with haste.

Qin Yu was slight dumbstruck by his own power, “Just a single punch was more powerful than the continuous attacks those thousands of shadow fists”, he felt openly happy with this development.

While, Qin Yu was only surprised, the four sentinel was absolutely frozen with stupor.

To be able to rip through the fabric of reality and create spatial cracks is nothing, but what stunned them was……their master’s destructive punch did not affect them the slightest, not even the spatial crack affected them. That attack was simply too focused; a pin-point attack of extremely concentrated force.

“Shuo Yan, what do you think of my offensive power?” Qin Yu inquired with a straight face.

Shuo Yan thought deeply for a second, and shook her head: “I’m apologise master. We are currently in the mortal plane, where creating spatial cracks could only show that your attack power is at least a level 7 immortal. It is difficult to determine, exactly, what your real strength is at.” At this Qin Yu nodded, he also had thought as much.

“If I remember correctly, as long as my power is at least at the golden immortal stage, I would be able to open the second layer world of the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts, right?” Qin Yu suddenly laughed in delight.

“Yes.” Shuo Yan nodded…then she hastily exclaimed. “Then does master wish to…”

Her voice trailed off, clearly she understood what Qin Yu implies. The other three divine beasts also turn to give Qin Yu a strange look.

Open the second layer world of the Atlas? Looking at Qin Yu’s current strength just from his demonstrations, tis hard to tell if it will work. But what would happen to them, if Qin Yu did open the second layer and released the demon king stage divine beasts. They would definitely be the push to the bottom rung of the ladder.

“That is correct, it was said that to open the second layer, one would need a golden immortal’s power. No matter how it is reached, as long as the master passed the golden immortal stage, it would be possible.” Qin Yu immediately withdrew the Atlas from his Blazing Ice Ring.

It’s true that he had just broken through, but the dark star stage possessed incredible offensive power. It might be possible to reach golden immortal stage.

From within his body, dense stellar energy rushed out and into the Atlas, only to see the Atlas emit faint green light. After a while, his face began to flush red with effort, then shortly after, he slumped his shoulders in defeat. The Atlas, once again, returned to normal…

“Only a little more and….!” Qin Yu face wore a forlorn expression. He could feel the torrents of pure stellar energy, crashed against the gate of the second layer world, was only slightly subpar.

‘Sigh’, “It looks like I’m still not at golden immortal stage in prowess.” Qin Yu sighed again, shook his head and smiled at his own powerlessness.

Was he a bit too ambitious?

He had just broken through to the seventh stage – dark star, and now he desired to open the second layer world of the Atlas?

In actuality, for the ‘dark star’ stage to have such unbelievable amount of combative power was already fortunate.

“The dark stage should correspond to the immortal stage, but I just entered the seventh stage, I should be at the earliest phase of the seventh stage.” Qin Yu mused to himself, “Next I should analyse this new stage a bit.” He began to dissect the principles and map out his new stage.

Once he broke through, his solar star had transformed into a dark star which was close in offensive power to the golden immortal stage. But, what was this class did this belong to within the dark star stage? Early? Mid?

“Would it be the Early Dark Star stage? No, no, if it were part of the collapse process……If I didn’t absorb that level 9 loose devil yuanying, it can be said that I would have enter the early dark star stage, but now……” The evidence wasn’t very clear, and Qin Yu was somewhat unresolved that would determine his progress.

If he did not absorb that yuanying, then his star would still be a dark star now. But, now his dark star was dark red in colour, which should mean Qin Yu’s current progress should be the second phase of his dark star. His current progress should be thanks to the energy contained in that yuanying.

Qin Yu pondered some more, and decided. “Since my offensive power is approaching the golden immortal stage, and I’ve absorb a level 9 loose devil’s yuanying……Let’s just say for the time being, I’m at the mid phase of dark star stage.”

With that resolved, he had begun to classify the phases of the dark star stage.

Early dark star is equivalent to a level 1-3 immortal in terms of energy and offensive power equivalent to a level 4-6 immortal.

Middle dark star is equivalent to a level 4-6 immortal in energy and attack equivalent to a level 7-9 immortal.

Late dark star is equivalent to a level 7-9 immortal in energy and attack equivalent to a level 1-3 golden immortal.

These results were based on Qin Yu’s investigation of his current power and energy. When he absorbed that level 9 loose devil yuanying, which was equivalent to a level 6 immortal, plus his own star, the total energy would be double of what he had presently. He had lost half of that energy during his transformation, so it can be said that his current energy was about a level 5 or 6 immortal.

The reason why his attack was quite strong was because the dark star energy was extremely concentrated and pure, at about a level 7-9 immortal.

“Shuo Yan, come. Let’s spar a little.” Qin Yu said openly.

“What? With you, master?” Shuo Yan was a little hesitant. Qin Yu only smiled his acknowledgements.

Shuo Yan frowned and felt distressed at her dilemma. She was the leader of the first layer world of the Atlas, though a level 9 demon, but possessed no less offensive power as a level 1 demon king. If she were to spar with her master and somehow harm the master, wouldn’t that have a tantamount of consequences?

“Ha ha, you don’t need to worry. Try me.” Qin Yu said lightly, he knew about Shuo Yan’s misgivings. It was true that Shuo Yan possesses superior power, but with the meteoric tear coupled with his own current transformation, he thought he would be able to put up a fight against Shuo Yan.

“Acknowledged, master.” Since it was Qin Yu’s desire, then Shuo Yan shouldn’t hesitate anymore.

“Be careful.” His voice echoed coldly, he had already started to make his move.

Qin Yu did not actually move from his spot. A wave of howling sword spirit pierced towards Shuo Yan. That sword spirit was the result of channelling his dark star energy into the top grade immortal long sword in his hand. Its power was no less than a level 7-9 sword immortal, because the sword spirit was comprised of dark star essence.

“Of course.” Once acknowledged. Shuo Yan became aware of the prowess her master, and let loose herself. In her hand was an emerald green scimitar and began to counter-attack.

With that, the battle began!

Without a moment hesitation, the sword in Qin Yu’s hand became a dagger and his body turned into a blur.

After reaching the middle dark star stage, his attacks transformed as well. His strike speed was simply terrifying. All the other sentinels could see was continuous blurs and waves of energy, but even so, between those blurs was flashes of chilling light.

“What incredible speed!” Shuo Yan was a divine beast fox, speed was her specialty, but compared to Qin Yu, even her speed was inferior to his.

Pin-point focused power and superior speed has brought Qin Yu another level jump in combat power. To be able to be superior to Shuo Yan in speed, was something that was within Qin Yu’s predictions.

“1000 Shadow Fox Mirage.” A bushy fox tail appeared behind Shuo Yan, which split into a thousand tails. When Qin Yu saw the display, he felt his mind cloud, but quickly snapped out of it.

But just in that moment of weakness, the green scimitar appeared in front of Qin Yu.

In the face of impending doom, Qin Yu exploded with a war cry ––––––

“Meteor Strike!” Shuo Yan was stunned. Qin Yu did not mind the attack, but his eyes was closed. The dark star’s power was brought out of the body revolving in a fast-acting cyclone, into a giant encompassing nebula.

What?? Eyes closed?

The hand Shuo Yan was holding the green scimitar trembled with reluctance, after all Qin Yu was her master. She did not dare strike with murderous intent.

“What wonderfully good feeling.” Qin Yu could feel he was at harmony with the world to the point of achieving a terrifyingly high stage.



Beyond the limit of speed!


With the top grade sword as the focus, the entire body of Qin Yu became like a streaking comet shaped like a drill. Relying on the Stellar Field, the heavens and earth parted willingly, like a ship’s bow through calm seas, and at an unprecedented rate!

He streaked passed Shuo Yan. And Shuo Yan vanished.


A continuous and huge spatial rip appeared in Qin Yu’s trail. This rip was so large it could not be classified as a crack but rather a fissure. It was at least a hundred metres in width and length. That ‘hole’ exerted unbelievably strong devouring force on the surroundings, many layers of the surrounding Yellowstone crust was swallowed up in a whirlpool-like fashion. Even Qin Yu and the four sentinels disappeared without exemption.

After many breathes, the spatial hole disappeared, Yellowstone once again became calm.

After a long time……

Qin Yu reappeared again.

“My lord! Was I just trying out my meteor strike? Yet, you let such a big fuss happen…are you trying to scare me to death?” Qin Yu chuckled self-mockingly, but his heart wasn’t as settled as he looked. His heart trembled at what had happened.

“Thank the gods, I had reacted quickly or else……it would’ve been terrible. As I fled, I withdraw the four sentinels back into the Atlas, while I entered in the Immortal Mansion. Otherwise…” Qin Yu let out a quivering breath, “…it would’ve been disastrous.” Just then when Qin Yu used that technique, he instantly knew about the devastation he will bring. Within the same breath he stored the four beast back in the Atlas and dived several hundred metres into Yellowstone. Then he entered the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

With that disaster averted, Qin Yu’s face parted into a wide grin.

“Though the risk was high, but as I suspected, when I was at the Meteor Stage that technique used condensed energy to strike. But now, with the super concentrated energy of the dark star stage, Meteor Strike’s power would be ridiculously powerful. Ha, suddenly, I’m not so afraid of golden immortals.” Qin Yu exclaimed with glee.

In fact, Qin Yu had other powers in addition to his personal power ––––––– the Blazing Ice Ring. With the three abilities given by the ring, it should be enough for Qin Yu to overcome level 1-2 golden immortals.


“Well, it’s time to undo this maze formation. I should return to the Mysterious Purple Planet.” Qin Yu heaved a deep sigh.

Raising his head, he looked towards the night sky. Looking at the stars, those endless rivers of stars was still ever-present. Above all, the mysterious purple star stood out the most. It was his home. In any case, it should be a given that he needed to return before ascending.

For an ordinary expert, teleportation between planets was impossible.

The routes between planets was not simply as seen, because in outer space, light was distorted and refracted. So when they enter the eyes distant things are not at the position as they appear to be at.

But for Qin Yu it wasn’t a problem. He had two divine beast pets on the mysterious purple planet – Ink Qilin and Ice Lion Shi Xin, and through their interlinked soul connection, Qin Yu could easily gain the correct orientation.

As long as he teleports in that general location, he definitely would be able to get back.

“Looks like I can only use some top grade elemental stones.” With a thought, Lan Feng appeared from thin air, then charged towards to each supporting pillar of the maze. Destroying the maze from the inside out was much easier.

‘Pliee…crash!’ the formation shattered like brittle porcelain.

“Shou Yan” With another thought, Qin Yu summoned Shuo Yan. She immediately bowed. “Milord.”

Qin Yu continued, “Shuo Yan, how do we go about this teleportation business?”

Shuo Yan replied with deep respect, “Milord. Teleportation is possible for all those who have reached the immortal (or equivalent) stage. It is a divine ability of these experts. As long as one attempts to merge the soul force with the world, they would be able to sense the destinations using teleportation. It is like an innate ability, once you’ve reached to that level, you will naturally know how to do it.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Alright, you should go back first.” Shuo Yan bowed and vanished, back into the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Qin Yu turned towards the Mysterious Purple Planet and with his heart he tried to sense the position of the divine beast Shi Xin. “Teleportation. An immortal class divine ability, eh? Allow me to test it out.” Qin Yu closed his eyes and began to merge with the world, but just at this time, a warm and comforting draft enveloped his body like entering a mother’s protective embrace.

Within Qin Yu’s oceanic mind…

A gallery-like video capture of what the divine beast Shi Xin was viewing, was on display. Among it, was a scene of the imperial courtyard Qin Yu was familiar with. Naturally, he knew what he was seeing. While he was immersed in this gallery, that comforting supernatural feeling enveloped his body.

Teleportation! ––––––

His body vanished from Yellowstone’s surface.


Qin Yu reappeared again at ––––––––

In front of a shocked human-form Shi Xin who was completely rooted to the spot. The fellow’s jaw was so wide that it would be possible to fit an apple without touching any tooth. “Was it teleportation?” Qin Yu watched the frozen Shi Xin, as if the fellow had seen a ghost, mouth agape and wore a comical expression. Was it possible to teleport directly from the surface of Yellowstone – a distant star, to the Qian Long continent on the surface of the Mysterious Purple Star? Eh?

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