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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 38 – Cyan Bearded Old Man

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Fog City. Purple Mystic Mansion.

Jiang Lan and Yi Feng were currently chatting while drinking tea.

"That Hou Fei was truly tyrannical. Those dozen plus Godkings were all scared by him and became much more well behaved. Currently, they are all extremely modest." Yi Feng said with a laughter.

The scene of Hou Fei berating the various Godkings was something that was known to Yi Feng, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and the other Purple Mystic Mansion's Godkings. Merely, none of them bothered to stop Hou Fei from berating those Godkings.

Jiang Lan nodded. "Hou Fei's berating is good too."

"That's right." Yi Feng nodded. "Qin Yu is disinclined to bother with those Godkings. He also do not have much request for them. These dozen plus Godkings have truly began to think that the Purple Mystic Mansion was a place for leisure. One by one, they began to play chess and discuss cultivation methods with one another in the Flowing Water Garden. One by one, they began to put off the airs of a high standing senior. Humph, even if Hou Fei did not berate them, I would also have gone to find Qin Yu to discuss about this matter afterwards."

Yi Feng had already been unable to continue watch the way things had been happening.

After losing the battle, Qin Yu had spared the lives of those Godkings and had them become the Purple Mystic Mansion's servants. However, those Godkings instead began to put on airs.

"Uncle Yi Feng, Uncle Lan, so you're here." Qin Yu's voice sounded.

Qin Yu had just returned from the Thunder Punishment City. After Jiang Lan and Yi Feng saw Qin Yu, they immediately replenished their own tea cups and then poured some tea into a tea cup for Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, sit down and have tea together with us."

Qin Yu indeed had something to talk with Uncle Lan about. Thus, he sat down.

"Uncle Lan, do you still remember this?" After Qin Yu took a sip of tea, he flipped his hand and took out the golden All People Seal that he had snatched away right before the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's eyelids.

Seeing the little golden seal in Qin Yu's hand, Jiang Lan and Yi Feng's eyes started to shine.

"All People Seal?" Jiang Lan displayed a curious expression in his eyes.

Qin Yu directly gave the All People Seal to Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, you already have the Back Earth Seal. This All People Seal shall be given to you too. This way, the possibility of you becoming an Exalted Celestial would be greater."

"Becoming an Exalted Celestial?" With a light smile on his face, Jiang Lan shook his head and said. "Had it been before, then I might still want to become an Exalted Celestial. However, ever since I've gone through the peaceful days on the Purple Mystic Mansion where I would leisurely accompany Qin Shuang and Qin Si or chat with Brother Yi Feng and your father. These days are extremely carefree and comfortable. The current me no longer has any desire to become an Exalted Celestial."

Qin Yu was startled.

Uncle Lan didn't want it? In that case, who should he give the All People Seal to?

"Brother Jiang Lan, Qin Yu merely had good intentions. Just accept it." Beside him, Yi Feng advised.

Qin Yu also looked to Jiang Lan with anticipation. Qin Yu had always felt that he had owed Jiang Lan a lot. If he were to be able to help Jiang Lan, he would feel more comfortable.

Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu. He then took the All People Seal. He smiled and said. "Mn, I am indeed a bit curious of the contents regarding Time Reversal in the All People Seal. It is also good for me to try to comprehend it a bit. However, it is not long from the birth of the new Exalted Celestial. I truly wonder who the new Exalted Celestial will be."

"Not long from the birth of the new Exalted Celestial? What do you mean by that?" Qin Yu frowned. From those words, Qin Yu managed to obtain a hint of something.

"Uncle Lan, wasn't there only two methods for one to become an Exalted Celestial? The first was to obtain the three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure and the second was to completely comprehend the Temporal Laws. Uncle Lan, if neither you not the Asura Godking were able to completely comprehend the Temporal Laws and also unable to gather all three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, then how could the new Exalted Celestial be born?" Confused, Qin Yu said.

According to Qin Yu's understanding.

If neither Jiang Lan nor Luo Fan were able to comprehend the Temporal Laws and also unable to gather all three of the seals, the new Exalted Celestial's birth should continue to be delayed.

"Haha… Qin Yu, did you think that if Luo Fan and I were to be unable to comprehend the Temporal Laws for eternity, then the birth of the new Exalted Celestial would be delayed eternally?" Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

Jiang Lan smiled and continued. "That is not going to happen. Like last time, when all the Godkings were unable to determine who the victor would be, the Exalted Celestials began to join the battle in the shadows. At that time, the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure directly flew to the Unfettered Exalted Celestial, causing him to become the new Exalted Celestial."

"I believe that if Luo Fan and I are to be unable to comprehend the Temporal Laws for a long period of time or unable to gather all three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, those Exalted Celestials would once again interfere." Jiang Lan said with a smile.

Hearing this, Qin Yu began to think in his heart. "Exalted Celestials interfering? I'm afraid it is not the other Exalted Celestials that have the privilege to select the new Exalted Celestial. I reckon it is Second Brother Lin Meng who would secretly interfere in the end."

Currently, the three portions of the Living World Seal… Blue Sky Seal, Back Earth Seal and the All People Seal have all been born.

The birth of the new Exalted Celestial would also be soon.

After Jiang Lan obtained the All People Seal, he returned to the New Cosmos. That was because in the Divine Realm, even Qin Yu would find it difficult to maintain a space with a time accelerated to a hundred thousand times.

However, in the New Cosmos, Qin Yu was able to accelerate time by a million times easily.

The Dark Curtain of Night faded away. The Light of Daytime arrived. It was a new day.

Qin Yu and his wife Jiang Li walked out from their room. The two of them began to eat breakfast with their two sons, Qin Si and Qin Shuang. Much less for someone at Qin Yu's cultivation level, even ordinary cultivators were not required to eat food to survive.

Merely, to Qin Yu and them, eating meals was not something to fill their bellies. Instead, it was an enjoyment of the culinary delicacies.

"Dad, mom, I want to discuss something with the two of you." Right after Qin Shuang finished his meal, he immediately said to Qin Yu and Jiang Li.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li glanced at one another. They were curious as to what Little Shuang was up to. Qin Yu then smiled and said. "Little Shuang, if there's something you want to say, go ahead and say it."

Qin Shuang took a deep breath and then said. "Dad, mom, I know that the Purple Mystic Mansion has a tunnel that connects to the New Cosmos and that the New Cosmos possessed many tunnels that leads to cosmic spaces like the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and the Mortal Realm. I want, I want to go to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and the Mortal Realm to play around."

"Go to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and the Mortal Realm to play around?" Jiang Li started to frown.

"Little Shuang, you currently do not even possess the strength of a Deity yet. It's better for you to not be anxious on going out to play. Let's wait till after you gone through the Divine Tribulation and reached the Low Level Deity stage. At that time, mom will allow you to go out and play." Jiang Li said.

Qin Shuang immediately displayed a bitter expression.

"I need to reach the Low Level Deity stage. Sigh." Qin Shuang voice dragged.

"Second brother, do not worry, it's very easy to reach the Low Level Deity stage." Beside him, Qin Si consoled him.

"Humph, big brother, you've reached the High Level Heavenly Deity stage not long after you were born. Furthermore, with your current strength, I reckon that even if you've encountered a Godking, you'll be able to fight against him. The two of us cannot be compared." Qin Shuang said with slight anger. After that, he stood up and left.

"This child." Jiang Li shook her head and sighed.

Qin Yu however started to frown.

Qin Yu knew that Qin Shuang had always felt a trace of unfairness in his heart. Although Qin Si had been extremely good to him, Qin Shuang's cultivation speed was truly too slow.

"Little Si, leave us first. I have something to discuss with your mom." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Yes, dad." Qin Si immediately stood up and left.

After that, only Qin Yu and Jiang Li remained in the room. Confused, Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu. "Brother Yu, is something the matter?"

"It's regarding Little Shuang. Didn't you sense it?" Qin Yu frowned. "Little Shuang is our son. Both you and I are Godkings. Logically, Little Shuang's talent is at the very least comparable to the children from the Eight Great Divine Families, right? Even for the children of the Eight Great Divine Families, they would generally have passed the Divine Tribulation when they're five or six years old and become Low Level Deities."

"Not long ago, when I had gone to the Thunder Punishment City, I encountered a child by the name of Zhou Qing. That child was only around eleven or twelve years old. His cultivation level was that of a Mid Level Deity. However, he was the weakest among his generation. As for Little Shuang, he is currently twenty years old. Yet, he still has not reached the Low Level Deity stage…" Qin Yu shook his head and sighed.

He had two sons. His eldest son Qin Si's talent was exceptionally well. However, his second son's talent was exceptionally bad.

"Brother Yu, in that case what do you think we should do?" Jiang Li was at a loss.

Qin Yu grew silent for a moment. He shook his head and said. "To change someone's talent involves the essence of the soul. It is something that even Exalted Celestials cannot accomplish. Let's wait. After my New Cosmos completely forms, I reckon I'll have a method then."

"For the New Cosmos to completely form?" Jiang Li's eyes shined. "Brother Yu, how much longer would it take for your New Cosmos to complete?"

"I had originally thought that it would only take five to six years for the highest layer, the Divine Realm layer, of the New Cosmos to form. However, only now did I find out that the Divine Realm layer actually controlled the energies of the countless cosmic spaces underneath it. Thus, the speed at which it forms is a bit slower… According to my estimates, it would require about ten years." Qin Yu had a figure in his heart.

"It will be completed in around ten years time?" Jiang Li nodded.

She then looked out of hte room. "Sigh, this Little Shuang, he can only continue to wait for ten more years. After ten years, Brother Yu, you'll be able to help him."

Children and the worries of their parents. Because Qin Shuang was feeling pained by his extremely slow cultivation speed, Qin Yu and Jiang Li were also pained by it. Merely, they too did not have the means to do anything now.

Ten years, after his New Cosmos completely formed, his abilities would increase greatly.

Time passed. At the second year after that Zhou Qing obtained the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl, the sign of the birth of a Godking once again appeared in the Divine Realm. Once again, a Godking was born.

A Godking that could only be considered as a youngster.

The new Sage Emperor of the Thunder Punishment City, Zhou Qing. He had henceforth became a peak individual in the pyramid of the Divine Realm. After becoming the Thunder Punishment City's Sage Emperor, Zhou Qing also gained more knowledge of the several major battles that had occurred after the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

Zhou Qing also understood that Qin Yu had returned the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl.

From that, he knew that it was likely that the Northwest Sage Emperor before him, Zhou Xian, had been killed by Qin Yu. On top of that, the previous Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, Zhou Ran, Zhou Wulian, Zhou Tong and Zhou Huo were all killed by Qin Yu.

Zhou Qing began to admire Qin Yu's strength. However, he did not possess any hatred for Qin Yu.

"Humph, Zhou Xian? Zhou Huo?" Zhou Qing did not possess any feeling for the previous Sage Emperors and Godkings. In the past, Zhou Qing was merely a lowest tier member of the Zhou Clan. It was so much that he had nearly been banished from the Thunder Punishment City.

In the depths of Zhou Qing's heart, he was instead extremely grateful for Qin Yu who had allowed him to be born again and transformed his status rapidly!

After Zhou Qing became a Godking, the entire Divine Realm once again grew peaceful. Roughly three years after Zhou Qing became a Godking, on the streets of the Yuchi City to the eastern region of the Divine Realm.

"Yuchi City? The city that Qin Yu was from?" A long bearded old man wearing a light cyan colored gown was walking through the streets of the Yuchi City with a smile on his face.

This long bearded old man had a rosy complexion on his face. His skin was sparkling and translucent like that of a baby. On his face was an amiable smile. His smile would cause the surrounding people to feel a burst of warmth.

"Never would I expect that in merely several tens of thousand of years, this Qin Yu would be able to create such a major spectacle. Not bad, not bad." The cyan gowned cyan bearded old man nodded with a smile on his face.

His foot moved. In a couple steps, this cyan bearded old man exited the Yuchi City.

With a wave of his sleeve, a Seven Colored Auspicious Cloud appeared underneath his foot. Standing on the Seven Colored Auspicious Cloud, this cyan bearded old man's speed was extremely fast. He directly flew toward the Fog City.

Crossing through the Foggy Marsh, he soon reached the outside of the Fog City.

"Oh, there's even guards at the city gates of this Fog City?" The cyan bearded old man looked to the Fog City in the distance. He shook his head and gasped in admiration.

The current Fog City was not a place that anyone could enter as they wished. This cyan bearded old man's figure suddenly started to become fuzzy. In the end, he disappeared. When he reappeared again, he had already entered into the Fog City.

The Fog City was extremely flourishing.

"Mn?" Low Level Heavenly Deity Yu Xuan winked in amazement. Earlier, he had only felt a bust of fuzziness before a cyan bearded old man appeared before him.

"Am I seeing things?" Yu Xuan felt extremely confused.

"Excuse me, is the city master of this Fog City living in the floating city up above?" This cyan bearded old man asked Yu Xuan with a smile on his face.

Yu Xuan was unable to see through this old man. He immediately smiled and said. "Senior, the city master of our Fog City, Lord Qin Yu, would generally be residing in the Purple Mystic Mansion. Merely, I, a nobody, do not know whether he is currently there."

"Oh, thank you." The cyan bearded old man nodded with a smile.

After that, the cyan bearded old man raised his head and looked to the floating Purple Mystic Mansion. "What an enormous mansion house. It's actually entirely a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Extraordinary, extraordinary." The cyan bearded old man directly soared to the sky and began to fly toward the Purple Mystic Mansion.

After a short moment, the cyan bearded old man arrived outside of the Purple Mystic Mansion's entrance.

"This is the Purple Mystic Mansion, outsiders are not allowed to enter." The Purple Mystic Mansion's guard immediately shouted.

The cyan bearded old man shook his head with a smile. "Have your master Qin Yu come out."

At this moment, the housekeeper of the Purple Mystic Mansion, Uncle Fu, had also heard the shout from the guard. Hearing the words from the person who had come, he became shocked. "He wants to see master Qin Yu? Who is the person who has come?" Uncle Fu directly walked to the gates. Upon seeing the person that had arrived…

"Old, old master!" Uncle Fu was completely stunned.

"A'Fu." Seeing Uncle Fu, the cyan bearded old man's eyes shined. His face displayed a joyous expression.

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