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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 39 – Chehou Yuan

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

When the cyan bearded old man arrived at the entrance of the Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu was at a pavilion in the Purple Mystic Mansion's Inner Lake with Jiang Li. The two of them were playing chess while chatting. As for Qin Shuang, he was at another pavilion far away quietly sitting by himself.

"Little Shuang, that child." Jiang Li took a glance at Qin Shuang in the distant and shook her head helplessly. Soon after, she turned to Qin Yu and asked. "Brother Yu, when are we going to meet Lil Sis Yan'er and Granny Yin Hua? It's been a long time since I've last seen them. I truly want to see Yan'er again."

Ever since Qin Yu's relationship with the Floating Snow City turned bad, Jiang Li had rarely interacted with the people from the Floating Snow City.

"It's also not well for us to directly go to the Floating Snow City. How about this, in the future, let's have you and your sister find a city to meet." Qin Yu thought for a bit and said.

Saying till this, Qin Yu also felt a trace of guilt.

When he participated in the public groom search, he ultimately was defeated. Thus forced Li'er to elope with him, alienating herself from her large group of relatives on the Floating Snow City.

"Mn, let's find an opportunity to do that in the future." Jiang Li also nodded with a smile on her face. Merely, the trace of hope in Jiang Li's eyes was something that Qin Yu could sense.

This caused Qin Yu to feel even more guilty.

"Jiang Fan… Jiang Fan…" Qin Yu began to ponder. The reason why he was antagonistic toward the Floating Snow City was essentially because the relationship between him and Jiang Fan had turned bad. Although he had set Jiang Fan free this time around and caused their relationship to be slightly better where Jiang Fan would no longer shout about killing him. However, Jiang Fan would still not greet Qin Yu if he saw him.

"For Li'er, it is also nothing for me to be soft." Qin Yu thought for a bit and came to a decision.

Right at this moment, Uncle Fu rapidly walked in from the flagstone pavement to the distant. He displayed an extremely happy smile on his face. Qin Yu was unable to refrain his confusion as he looked to Uncle Fu.

Once Uncle Fu walked over, he immediately said excitedly and respectfully. "Master, old master, old master has come!"

"Old master?" Hearing that, Qin Yu was slightly startled.

However, in merely a short moment, he managed to react.

Old master? Uncle Fu's old master, wasn't he the legendary Craftsman God Chehou Yuan?

"Senior Chehou Yuan has come?" Qin Yu said in shock. At the same time, he began to spread his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy out. Qin Yu easily discovered the cyan bearded old man that was outside of the entrance to the Inner Lake.

That calm and graceful temperament, that amiable smile.

"He is Senior Chehou Yuan?" Qin Yu was surprised.

That was because QIn Yu discovered an issue. This cyan bearded old man was actually a Godking level expert. According to what Qin Yu knew, Chehou Yuan was only a High Level Heavenly Deity. When did he became a Godking?

"Master, old master is right outside of the entrance. Old master was not willing to enter without permission from master you." Uncle Fu said respectfully.

"Quickly, invite him in,no, I'll personally go and welcome him." Qin Yu immediately stood up.

"Brother Yu, Senior Chehou Yuan has come?" At this moment, Jiang Li also stood up in amazement. "If Senior Chehou Yuan came, I'll go and greet him together with you, Brother Yu."

Qin Yu nodded. "It's indeed Senior Chehou Yuan."

"Earlier Uncle Fu said he's outside of the entrance. However, the person outside of the entrance was a Godking. Could it be that Senior Chehou Yuan had become a Godking?" Jiang Li was surprised. "If he became a Godking, why is it that there was no sign of the birth of Godking happening?"

Qin Yu was startled.

That's right, if he became a Godking, why did no sign of the birth of Godking happen in the Divine Realm?

Whenever the sign of the birth of Godking appeared in the Divine Realm, all the other people would go and identity who the newly born Godking was. There had never been a sign for the birth of Chehou Yuan as a Godking.

"Li'er, could it be that you've forgotten? I've told you before that Senior Chehou Yuan had been crafting his Spiritual Treasure in other cosmic spaces the entire time. When he became a Godking, I reckon it must have been when he was at a Lower Realm's cosmic space. It was likely that the sign of the birth of Godking happened in a Lower Realm's cosmic space." Qin Yu came to such a speculation.

The reality was exactly as Qin Yu had imagined.

Chehou Yuan had managed to achieve enlightenment and became a Godking at a Mortal Realm's cosmic space. At that time, that Mortal Realm's cosmic space was rumbling with lightning and covered with boundless amount of Auspicious Clouds. However, the number of people in the Divine Realm that knew about this matter was extremely low.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li walked alongside on the flagstone road. They followed the winding path on the lake and walked toward the shore.

"Becoming a Godking at the Lower Realm would cause the sign of the birth of Godking to appear in the Lower Realm." Jiang Li was frowning. "If this was the case, then if some experts that were about to become Godkings, if they were to hide into the Lower Realm, then wouldn't this make it very hard for people of the Divine Realm to know of their becoming of Godkings?"

Qin Yu started to smile. "Li'er, you're being foolish. To go to the Lower Realm from the Divine Realm, how could it be done so easily? Even High Level Heavenly Deities would find it very hard to go to the Lower Realm. Furthermore, who would know when they would become a Godking?"

Jiang Li smiled and then nodded.

Becoming a Godking was too hard.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li's eldest son, Qin Si, possessed an astonishing talent. On top of that, because he possessed the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl and that first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure golden spear, he had reached the High Level Heavenly Deity when he was a child. However, even till now, Qin Si had still not reached the Godking stage.

When he reached the shore, Qin Yu saw the cyan bearded old man that was appreciating the flowerbed beside the entrance.

Qin Yu's footsteps immediately hastened. With a couple steps, Qin Yu had arrived beside the cyan bearded old man. His eyes were displaying a cheerful look. Qin Yu was about to speak but that cyan bearded old man who had been sizing Qin Yu spoke before him. "You are Qin Yu?"

"Junior is indeed Qin Yu." At this moment, Qin Yu had lowered his status deeply.

Once Chehou Yuan heard that, he immediately displayed a smile on his face. "Qin Yu, there is no need for you to address yourself as junior before me. Although I've only returned to the Divine Realm not long ago, I had came to understand majority of your deeds from my conversation with the Asura Godking Brother Luo Fan. With your current strength and status, it is sufficient enough for you to address me merely with Chehou."

"The grace that Senior had bestowed is something that Junior would never dare forget." Qin Yu was very stubborn.

The Bewitching God Temple had brought a great amount of help to Qin Yu. For example, there was the Divine Spear Waning Snow and the artifact crafting techniques. All of these had helped Qin Yu's strength to increase greatly, allowing him to rapidly gain a firm foothold in the Divine Realm.

"Brother Yu, Senior Chehou Yuan had arrived, you can't just have him standing at the entrance the entire time. Let's go to our place. Uncle Fu, quickly go and have people prepare a table of the best banquet." Jiang Li smiled as she instructed Uncle Fu.


At this moment, Uncle Fu was filled with smiles. Now that his old master had come here, Uncle Fu also felt extremely happy.

"Senior, please." Qin Yu allowed Chehou Yuan to precede before the others.

"Walking side by side would suffice. Otherwise, no matter how thick skinned my old face is, I would still be unable to bear your magnificent hospitality." Said Chehou Yuan with a smile. Qin Yu was also smiling. Jiang Li, Qin Yu and Chehou Yuan proceed to walk side by side toward Qin Yu's residence.

When they had only chatted for a little bit while walking.

"Haha, Qin Yu, I've sensed that a Godking had arrived to the Purple Mystic Mansion. However, I am unfamiliar with this aura of this Godking. The Divine Realm's Godkings, I have seen the majority of them before. Who might this be?" Godking Yi Feng walked over with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu immediately said with a smile on his face. "Uncle Yi Feng, this is the late Craftsman God Chehou Yuan."

"Chehou Yuan?" Godking Yi Feng looked to the cyan bearded old man in amazement.

"Brother Yi Feng, could it be that you do not recognize me?" Chehou Yuan blinked and said with a smile. Godking Yi Feng was startled. "Chehou? When did your aura take such a huge change? You're completely different from the you from the past."

Hearing this, Qin Yu was surprised.

It seemed that this Godking Yi Feng was acquainted with Chehou Yuan. Furthermore, the change Chehou Yuan had compared to the past was extremely major.

"Aura took a huge change? Haha… that's right. Whether it was you or Brother Luo Fan, neither of you managed to recognize me with a single glance. Only A'Fu managed to recognize me right away." Chehou Yuan smiled and said.

A'Fu had followed Chehou Yuan through the Divine Realm for countless hundred of millions of years. Thus, it was natural for him to recognize Chehou Yuan easily.

"Haha, Chehou, compared to back then, the current you is better. The you from back them had that cold appearance where strangers cannot approach you. However, the current you is much easier to approach." Godking Yi Feng said with a smile.

Qin Yu, Chehou Yuan, Yi Feng continued to chat and laugh while walking.

Right after they walked for another short period of time…

"Eh? Why are there this many Godkings here?" Chehou Yuan suddenly looked to the Flowing Water Garden in amazement. As Chehou Yuan was currently also a Godking, he was able to sense that there were many Godkings in the Flowing Water Garden.

"Senior Chehou Yuan, you didn't know? Brother Luo Fan did not tell you about this?" Qin Yu said in surprise.

Earlier, Chehou Yuan had said that he had chatted with the Asura Godking Luo Fan and Luo Fan had told him about Qin Yu's achievements. Qin Yu had thought that… this Chehou Yuan would know that he had a group of Godkings become the Purple Mystic Mansion's servants.

"Brother Luo Fan? He didn't mention anything about this. He only told me about your several major battles. What's wrong? Is that related to why there are so many Godkings here?" Chehou Yuan displayed a face filled with confusion.

Qin Yu, Yi Feng and Jiang Li exchanged glance and started smiling.

Evidently, it was likely that the Asura Godking Luo Fan had felt that the matter of the twenty Godkings being caught by Qin Yu where he was then released by Qin Yu while over a dozen Godkings had ended up becoming Qin Yu's servants was too much of a scandal and thus did not tell others about it.

Since the Asura Godking did not say it, Qin Yu also do not wish to pierce through this window paper.

"It's nothing, I merely had over a dozen Godkings come to my Purple Mystic Mansion as guests and help instruct our younger generations." Qin Yu lightly smiled and said.

"Have over a dozen Godkings instruct the younger generations?" Chehou Yuan was stunned.

When the Asura Godking was talking to him, he had detailed told him the matters of a couple great massacres. The Divine Realm had already lost over a dozen Godkings. Currently, there were only that many Godkings left in the Divine Realm. However, the Purple Mystic Mansion gathered more than half of all of the Godkings. This was truly a bit too frightening.

"Chehou, don't think about it anymore. Either way, those people have voluntarily decided to be here." Yi Feng also said with a smile on his face. Yi Feng was also able to tell that Qin Yu did not wish to piece through that layer of window paper and wanted to give those Godkings some face left.

Right at this moment, the voices of conversation sounded from afar…

"Hey, big brother Qin Feng, did you see that… how is the attitude that these Godkings had toward you now?"

"Their attitudes are indeed extremely good. If I have any question, they would definitely answer me. They would even guide me on how to comprehend those concepts with my soul. In merely a short moment, my soul's level had increased by a bit. Originally, I did not believe what my second brother had said. However, after coming to check it out today, it is indeed the case."

"That's more like it. We have to make these Godkings remember that they're the Purple Mystic Mansion's servants. We must come and frequently remind them about it. Only through that would they be more earnest and careful in their conducts. Otherwise, they would begin to put on airs again."

The voices of Hou Fei and Qin Feng was transmitted from afar.

"Eh, big brother!" Seeing Qin Yu, Hou Fei immediately ran over with a smile on his face. When Qin Feng beside him saw Qin Yu, his eyes also shined. "Third brother." After that, he also ran over. Merely, while he was running over, he asked to Hou Fei beside him. "Hou Fei, you said earlier about Purple Mystic Mansion's servants, what do you mean by that? How come I didn't know that?"

"Fei Fei, you're wantonly spreading this again?" Qin Yu frowned.

Hou Fei giggled and said. "Big brother, it's alright. I have not told many people about it. Since your second brother Qin Zheng already knew about it, it's nothing major for me to tell big brother Qin Feng now."

"Those Godkings are the Purple Mystic Mansion's servants? How did that come about?" Beside them, Chehou Yuan had a dumbstruck expression.

Hou Fei took a glance at Chehou Yuan. He did not know who Chehou Yuan was. However, seeing that Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Yi Feng were accompanying him, he determined that it ought to be a noble guest. He immediately laughed and said. "Oh, those dozen plus Godkings are our Purple Mystic Mansion's servants."

In a daze, Chehou Yuan turned around and looked to Qin Yu.

"Senior Chehou Yuan, it's nothing much. Merely, those Godkings had lost the battle to me. I spared their lives and decided to have them stay in our Fog City to instruct the younger generations as their punishment." Qin Yu lightly smiled and said.

Chehou Yuan was stunned for a long while before calming down his chaotic frame of mind.

Qin Yu's status in Chehou Yuan's heart instantly soared much higher. To have over half of the Godkings from the entire Divine Realm be here as servants, how astonishing was Qin Yu's current strength?

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