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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 37 – The New Layout

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Ulamog?

After bidding farewell to the Asura Godking, Qin Yu returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion with various things in his mind. Qin Yu had already managed to guess that the Unfettered Exalted Celestial ought to possess some sort of relationship with Hou Fei.

"No matter how that Unfettered Exalted Celestial is connected with Hou Fei, it is useless for me to let my imagination run wild here. Only through having the two of them meet each other can I figure out what exactly is going on."

Qin Yu frowned slightly.

"This Unfettered Exalted Celestial is not a Godking. It is also hard for me to find out where he's hiding." With an intention from Qin Yu, his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy began to cover the entire Divine Realm like the boundless ocean. Everything that was happening in the Divine Realm was within Qin Yu's observation.

"Three Exalted Celestials, I cannot find a single one." Qin Yu felt a bit helpless.

Suddenly, Qin Yu started smiling.

Although he did not discover the Three Great Exalted Celestials, he managed to discover the Godking servants of the Purple Mystic Mansion. They had all spread their Divine Awareness and were communicating with the experts underneath them.

"The Eight Great Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm, only my father-in-law that wished to become an Exalted Celestial and Huangfu Yu returned. Among the rest, Zhou Xian has died. Of the remaining five Sage Emperors, Shentu Yan and Duanmu Rufeng have to stay here for a hundred million years. As for the other three, they are required to stay here for six quadrillion years." When he thought of this, Qin Yu began to smile.

Back when he lured the group of Godkings into the New Cosmos, Qin Yu had been vexed by how to handle these Godkings.

However, after he thought about it…

Killing these Godkings would only bring about a moment of joy. Instead, if he were to make them into his family's servants, it would be even more joyous. Currently, of the Eight Great Sage Emperors who possessed the highest status in the Divine Realm, five of them were his family's servants. Who else had managed to obtain such a glory before?

"Now that Zhou Xian is dead, the Thunder Punishment City have any Godkings. As for High Level Heavenly Deities, the Zhou Clan does possess quite a few of them. Who should I give this Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl to?" Qin Yu began to think as he walked.

Light Lens City.

In the Light Lens City, the only Godking who truly lived in Light Lens City was Duanmu Yu. However, when compared to the other Seven Great Sacred Lands, the Light Lens City was relatively better off.

"Never would I expect that currently, of the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, only the Floating Snow City, Mount Dazzling Gold and our Light Lens City has a single Godking. Of the remaining five Sacred Lands, even if their Godkings were alive, they still ended up being servants in the Purple Mystic Mansion. It was so much that all of the Godkings from the Thunder Punishment City were dead." Duanmu Yu smiled bitterly and sighed.

At this moment, Duanmu Rufeng was communicating with Duanmu Yu through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Duanmu Rufeng did not conceal what had happened in the New Cosmos from Duanmu Yu. Of course, Duanmu Rufeng also didn't know that the place that they were sent to by Qin Yu was the New Cosmos. Duanmu Rufeng had only told Duanmu Yu that it was Qin Yu's world.

"Duanmu Yu, as your aunt I can also be considered as being lucky. As you and Qin Yu are friends, he only made your aunt be his servant for a hundred million years. As for Tang Lan, Mu Qin and Putai Hong, they were required to be his servant for six quadrillion years." Said Duanmu Rufeng through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Although these Godkings were required to stay in the Purple Mystic Mansion, their Divine Awareness had covered the entire Divine Realm. Even without leaving the Purple Mystic Mansion, they were still capable of communicating with their people through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Duanmu Yu, as aunt will be remaining here, I'll be leaving all the matters of the Light Lens City to you." Duanmu Rufeng continued. "Qin Yu, that friendship that you have with that Qin Yu, you must maintain it… This Qin Yu's strength is too frightening. Furthermore, the speed at which his strength increases is even more astonishing. In the future, no one will be able to rebel against this Qin Yu in the Divine Realm. As long as the relationship we have with Qin Yu is good, the foundation of our Light Lens City will be even more stable."

"I understand this, aunt."

It was not only Duanmu Rufeng; Shentu Yan, Tang Lan, Mu Qin and Putai Hong were also contacting their troops through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. However, the targets that they were chatting with were all Palace Masters of their respective Sacred Lands, merely High Level Heavenly Deities.

After all, there was not a single Godking remaining in their Sacred Lands now.

"Fan'er, I, your father, need to undergo seclusion training for a hundred million years. In this hundred million years, the matters of our Mount Blazing Flame will be left to you and your uncles. Fan'er… make sure to consult your uncles about the matters in our Mount Blazing Flame."

"Yes, father." Shentu Fan also received his father's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission from Mount Blazing Flame.

Shentu Fan didn't know that his father was actually grateful to him. Had it not been for the friendship that Shentu Fan had with Qin Yu, how could Shentu Yan possibly be able to only need to stay in the Purple Mystic Mansion for a hundred million years?

A hundred million years and six quadrillion years, the difference between them was sixty thousand times!

The Eight Great Sacred Lands began their days of unprecedented peacefulness. Of the Ascender Powers, the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Devil and Dual Domain Island were also extremely peaceful. Neither of them started any fights with one another.

That was because regardless of whether it was the Divine Realm's Eight Great Sacred Lands or the Three Great Ascender Powers, they all understood one thing thoroughly…

The Divine Realm's current center was the Fog City.

No one dared to infringe upon the dignity of Fog City.

Inside the Southeastern Region's Subterranean City.

"What happened to our Imperial Father and Second Uncle? Why are they not going to handle the affairs anymore? Furthermore, they even said that from today on till six quadrillion years later, they would only occasionally show up and would be handing all the matters regarding the Subterranean City to me."

Putai Fenyan frowned and said.

"Big brother, what's the most strange is that our Imperial Father and Second Uncle said they're not going to return to the Subterranean City." Said a burly man beside him with a frown.

"I truly wonder where our Imperial Father and Second Uncle are now."

The Divine Realm had entered into a period of time with an unprecedented lack of Godkings. There were actually only three Godkings among the Eight Great Sacred Lands. The Asura Sea only had a single one. It was the same with Mount Blood Devil. Only the Dual Domain Island had two Godkings. The overwhelming majority of Godkings 9in the Divine Realm, over a dozen of them were all in the Purple Mystic Mansion.

Compared to the time before the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain when the Divine Realm had over forty Godkings, the gap was truly too great.

The lack of Godkings had caused the High Level Heavenly Deities to control a greater amount of power. Gradually… it became even more difficult for the Heavenly Deities to see Godkings. This had caused the Godkings to be even more mysterious in the eyes of ordinary Heavenly Deities.

Inside the Purple Mystic Mansion.

The dozen plus Godkings all followed the rules very well. They would all frequently instruct the training of the Qin Clansmen. As for the other times, they would generally be quietly training or chatting with one another in the Flowing Water Garden.

"Haha, those Heavenly Deities of the Eight Great Sacred Lands were all confused as to where all the Godkings had gone to. Haha, all of the Godkings are here." Hou Fei entered into Flowing Water Garden. The Godkings here were all in groups of twos or threes. They began to display complacent smiles on their faces.

In the entire Divine Realm, where would one find this many Godkings in a single place?

At this moment, Qin Zheng was also in the Flowing Water Garden. Furthermore, he was currently asking a Godking. "Senior, what you taught me days ago…"

"These things are things that can be understood but not described. You merely need to slowly train. Do not bother me."

At this moment, Putai Hong was currently playing chess with Shentu Yan. Before Qin Zheng could finish what he wanted to ask, Putai Hong grew a bit impatient and directly said that to him.

"Yes, Senior." Seeing Putai Hong acting like this, Qin Zheng just patiently stood at the side and prepared to ask again after he finished his chess.

Hou Fei who had just walked into the Flowing Water Garden, his eyes immediately displayed anger when he saw this scene. In a couple steps, Hou Fei reached Putai Hong and violently smashed his hand onto the chessboard.

"Bang!" The chessboard was violently shattered.

That Putai Hong and Shentu Yan were shocked.

In anger, Putai Hong raised his head and looked to the person who had came. At this moment, Hou Fei was pointing at Putai Hong and scolding. "Putai Hong, did you truly believe that my big brother had invited you over as guest? Fuck, just because he gave you some face, you actually truly began to believe that you're someone great?"

Hou Fei extended his hand and the Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick appeared in his hand.

Putai Hong and Shentu Yan immediately flew backwards.

"Hou Fei, what are you planning to do?" Putai Hong said angrily.

"Hou Fei, you must be courteous toward the Seniors." Beside him, Qin Zheng was trying to console Hou Fei.

Hearing that, Hou Fei immediately grew angry, His eyes opened wide as he looked to Putai Hong. "Putai Hong, listen carefully. Since you've come here, you're the servant of the Purple Mystic Mansion. As a servant, you must have the awareness of a servant! Just because my big brother gave you face, it's best that you do not think that my big brother is soft. Fuck, we should've just directly killed you all."

Right away, all of the Godkings of the Flowing Water Garden grew quiet.

They all understood that they were the Purple Mystic Mansion's servants. However, Qin Yu had said to the people of the Purple Mystic Mansion that all of these Godkings were guests that Qin Yu had invited over. Thus, Qin Zheng and them were very courteous toward them.

Merely, because they were always treated with such courtesy, this had caused Putai Hong to regain his arrogance as a Sage Emperor.

"Servant?" At this moment, Qin Zheng looked to Hou Fei with a confused expression.

Hou Fei's gaze swept through the Godkings present. He coldly humphed and said. "Just because my big brother had boasted you all, you all actually truly thought it was real. All of you, remember carefully! Big brother has given you all some face, thus you must also be conscientious of it. Do not think that you all are still the extraordinary Sage Emperors!"

"Putai Hong, come over and properly explain to Second Brother Qin Zheng." Hou Fei coldly looked to Putai Hong.

Putai Hong frowned. Beside him, Mu Qin instead clasped his hand and said to Hou Fei. "Hou Fei, we were indeed a bit excessive these couple days. From today on, we would definitely not act like that again. Putai Hong…" Mu Qin looked to Putai Hong.

All of the Godkings present knew very well that Qin Yu was much more powerful than them.

"Hou Fei, I'm sorry, my attitude was indeed a bit too excessive." At this moment, Putai Hong also voiced his apology.

"That's more like it." Hou Fei coldly humphed. "The number of people in the Purple Mystic Mansion who know that you all are servants were extremely few. However, if you all do not know of your current standing and still believe yourselves to be someone great, then at that time, not only would the people from the Purple Mystic Mansion know that you're servants, all the people from the Divine Realm would know that too!"

The expressions on those Godkings all changed.

If this matter was known to the entire Divine Realm, then those Godkings would likely feel even worse than dying.

"Such a thing would not happen again in the future." Putai Hong immediately said.

While Hou Fei was putting those Godkings in control, Qin Yu was actually in the Thunder Punishment City. The current Qin Yu wore a blue gown and was walking through the streets of the Thunder Punishment City with a light smile on his face.

"Qin Yu, thanks."

"There's no need. Actually, I am sorry for creating troubles for you, Second Brother, for killing the final Godking of the Zhou Clan."

While Qin Yu was walking, he was talking with Lin Meng through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"It's fine for you to kill them, it's nothing alarming at all. Even if you killed all of the Eight Great Sage Emperors, there would still be successors to them. Those eight Spiritual Pearls all contain Spatial Laws within them. You merely need to give the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl to anyone who contains the Zhou Clan's bloodline and he would be able to easily comprehend the Spatial Laws in a short period of time, becoming the new Sage Emperor of the Thunder Punishment City."

"In that case, Second Brother, who do you think I should give the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl to?" While Qin Yu was chatting through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission, he had walked to the entrance before the Thunder Punishment City's Imperial City. Merely, the Imperial City did not allow for outsiders to enter.

"Who to give? Currently, around a hundred steps from you is a child. From the way I see it, it would be fine for you to give it to him." Said Lin Meng through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.


Qin Yu looked to his surroundings. He saw that at the corner of the street was a cowering child. Qin Yu was able to tell with a single glance that child's strength was extremely weak. He was merely a Mid Level Deity.

"He ought to be a Zhou clansman. Otherwise, Deities are not allowed to enter into the Thunder Punishment City." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

With a smile on his face, Qin Yu proceeded to walk toward that child.

When this child that was cowering at the corner of the street saw someone coming toward him, he raised his head and looked at Qin Yu.

"Why are you at the corner of the street? Could it be that you do not fear your parents punishing you?" Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Who are you?" That child appeared to be relatively cautious.

"Didn't you know that you're suppose to announce your own name before asking for another's name?" Qin Yu said engrossingly.

This child grow silent for a moment before saying. "My name is Zhou Qing!"

"Oh, in that case Zhou Qing, why are you here and why are you curled up on the ground?" Qin Yu asked with a smile.

"That is because I am about to leave the Thunder Punishment City. Thus, before I leave, I wanted to familiarize myself with the land of the Thunder Punishment City." The response from this child called Zhou Qing had caused Qin Yu to be slightly shocked.

"Why are you leaving the Thunder Punishment City?" Qin Yu asked with a smile.

"I am the slowest training descendant among my generation of Zhou clansmen. Thus, I am naturally required to be banished out of the Thunder Punishment City." Zhou Qing said naturally.

Qin Yu suddenly realized. The majority of the Eight Great Divine Families had this rule. However, the rule was there to make the clan descendents to train faster and bring about competition between them.

"Zhou Qing, as we were brother together by fate, I shall gift you an item." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Gift me an item?" Zhou Qing looked to Qin Yu with a confused look.

Qin Yu flipped his hand. The Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl began to float above Qin Yu's palm. With an intention from Qin Yu, Zhou Qing's finger was cut open. A drop of blood flew out from his finger and dropped onto  the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl. The Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl directly entered into Zhou Qing's body.

"Little Zhou Qing, farewell." Qin Yu stroked Zhou Qing's head and then turned around to leave.

At this moment, Zhou Qing was currently receiving the information that was being sent forth by the Thunder Origin Spiritual Pearl unceasingly. He strived his best to open his eyes. He looked to his surroundings. However, Qin Yu had already disappeared. Zhou Qing shouted in a loud voice. "You have still not told me who you are."

"My name is Qin Yu!"

Qin Yu's voice sounded in Zhou Qing's mind.

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