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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 21 – Leave Everything To Me

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Jiang Lan, he…"

Tang Lan and Mu Qin both suddenly stopped. They turned around and looked to the view of Jiang Lan's back. The two of them were both horrified. Jiang Lan's strength was definitely stronger than theirs. However, no matter how powerful he was, it was still impossible for him to escape that easily before two Sage Emperors.

"This Jiang Lan, he clearly possessed the strength to fight against the two of us. Yet, instead, he chose to be injured but still refused to reduce his speed." Mu Qin and Tang Lan were both extremely clear about what had happened. The two of them did not receive any injuries yet Jiang Lan was injured.

Duanmu Yun's expression changed.

Facing Jiang Lan who was rushing over rapidly with peak-level aura, Duanmu Yun had grew a bit apprehensive. How could he be able to block Jiang Lan by himself? Right at this moment…

"Brother Duanmu, let's attack together."

Huangfu Yu's voice sounded in Duanmu Yun's mind. Duanmu Yu did not have the slightest hesitation. "Attack!"

Huangfu Yu, Putai Hong and Duanmu Yun was prepared to attack. However, at this moment, someone acted before them… A red colored sea wave charged toward Jiang Lan.


Huangfu Yu, Putai Hong and Duanmu Yu all felt a burst of palpitation.


The sound of the moving water was suddenly heard. Some flowers and plants fell from the air and directly surrounded that red sea wave. Huangfu Yu immediately understood who had happened.

"Vast Territory!"

When Huangfu Yu, Duanmu Yun and them surrounded and killed Zuo Qiumei, they had once chase after Yi Feng to kill him too. Yi Feng had used the Vast Territory to delay the Sage Emperors and fled with his life afterwards.

Vast Territory was a spatial Spiritual Treasure. It was capable of turning into bamboo, river, flowers, plants and trees.

"What's going on?"

The Blood Sea Queen felt that her surrounding suddenly changed. She had surprisingly been caught in a space. Furthermore, the restrictive ability of this space was truly excessive. It would also not be that easy for her to break through this space.

"What is this? How come I've never heard of it before?" The Blood Sea Queen's heart was filled with annoyance as well as anger!

She was about to immediately use Time Stop. However, Yi Feng who had been waiting beside her immediately used Vast Territory. According to their plan, Yi Feng was in charge of holding up the Blood Sea Queen.

Although the Blood Sea Queen was powerful, she does not possess a first rate offensive Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Thus, it would take a long time for her to break through the Vast Territory.

That long period of time was sufficient enough for Jiang Lan to escape.

"Brother Jiang Lan, I've taken care of the greatest problem for you. The rest is up to you two now." Yi Feng said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

When Huangfu Yu, Putai Hong and Duanmu Yun saw that this mysterious expert who had suddenly attacked was trapped by the Vast Territory, they immediately stopped hesitating. The three Origin Spiritual Pearls appeared above their respective heads. The three of them all proceed to charge toward Jiang Lan.

Three Sage Emperors joining hands to take care of Jiang Lan!

If they were to allow Jiang Lan to escape even with this, then the three of them would have no face to see others anymore.


"Chi chi…" Countless green willow branches covered the entire sky and charged toward the three Sage Emperors. The number of green willow branches was truly too numerous. It was so much that the three Sage Emperors were unable to dodge them in time. They had became trapped by the countless willow branches.

First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure… Ten Thousand Willows!

The reason why the Scepter Ten Thousand Willows was called Ten Thousand Willows was because it possessed this ability to bind others.

The Godking of Death Zuo Qiulin had finally acted!


Huangfu Yu, Duanmu Yun and Putai Hong's expression changed. They immediately activated their Origin Energies to shake apart these willow branches. However, they had miscalculated. When they activated their Origin Energies, they were only able to slightly shake those willows branches; they were unable to shake it apart.

"Humph, trying to struggle out of the binding, how could it possibly be that easy?" Zuo Qiulin sneered. Immediately after, a flash of black light shined through her eyes.

"Not good."

Huangfu Yu and the other two all felt a burst of unusual energies being transmitted from the countless willow branches. Those energies were directly attacking their soul. Furthermore, it was obvious that those energies were extremely proficient in attacking the soul.

The form of attack that the Godking of Death was most proficient in!

Combined with the Scepter Ten Thousand Willows, it could practically be considered as perfection.

"Bang!" The three Sage Emperors all felt as if their souls were being bitten by bugs. The light of the three Origin Spiritual Pearls above the three Sage Emperors head started to increase in brilliance. The three Origin Spiritual Energies immediately reached a frightening level. The Scepter Ten Thousand Willows immediately started to tremble violently.

"Humph, consider yourselves lucky."

Zuo Qiulin also sensed that the Scepter Ten Thousand Willows had reached its limit. To bind three Sage Emperors simultaneously was extremely exhausting on the Ten Thousand Willows. However, this short period of time had already allowed Jiang Lan to rush into the Relief Sculpture Tunnel from the side.

"Let's go."

Yi Feng took a glance at Zuo Qiulin. The two of them also rushed into the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. As for the several Godkings beside the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, Sun Lian, Liu Lian, An Xun, Blood Devil Queen and Duanmu Yu, they did not bother to stop Jiang Lan at all.

"Go, proceed onward… you all could be allowed to be happy for a bit longer." Seeing that Jiang Lan, Yi Feng and Zuo Qiulin had all entered into the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, An Xun displayed a smile on his face.

An Xun, Liu Liang and Sun Lian did not bother to stop them at all.

That was because they knew that the Asura Godking Luo Fan was currently waiting at the other end of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. With the Asura Godking Luo Fan's strength, catching Jiang Lan and obtaining the Back Earth Seal was simply easy like stretching his hand.


The countless amount of flowers and plants in the sky suddenly disappeared. This was because Yi Feng had taken back his first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Vast Territory. Once that Blood Sea Queen got out from the Vast Territory, she immediately looked to her surrounding.

Merely, Jiang Lan had already disappeared.

"Where is Jiang Lan?" The Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun's cold and sharp gaze was cast onto An Xun.

An Xun complied with her request and answered. "Jiang Lan and them have already entered into the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. I'm afraid they'll soon arrive at the other end."

The Blood Sea Queen tightly clenched her teeth.

She planned to scheme against others but was instead schemed against! She had originally thought that all of those Godkings did not recognize her. Even if they do, she was certain that they would not know about her current strength. The only Godking who knew of her strength, Qin Yu, was not present at all.


She didn't know at all that Qin Yu was capable of directly surveying everyone present in the Exalted Celestial Mountain through his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy. He had then informed her identity to Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng.

To calculate but miss the major variable in the equation, how could the Blood Sea Queen possibly not fail?

The Exalted Celestial Mountain was located above the boundless Asura Sea. At the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, on the water surface below the Relief Sculpture Tunnel's entrance, there was currently a small boat. Above the small boat currently lay a man.

"The Temporal Laws is truly profound. In the history of the Divine Realm, there were several individuals who managed to comprehend Time Stop. However, those who were able to truly comprehend Time Reversal with their own strength, there was none at all." The Asura Godking Luo Fan gasped.

Ever since he obtained the Blue Sky Seal, Luo Fan had returned to his headquarters and created a training place with time increased to ten thousand times. Although only ten years had passed in the outside world, Luo Fan had actually researched the Blue Sky Seal for close to a hundred thousand years.

This Blue Sky Seal contained a portion of the Temporal Laws. Among them, it also contained a portion that concerned Time Reversal.

However, the Temporal Laws contained within it were only fragments, especially that portion in regard to Time Reversal, it was truly too few. Because of that, Luo Fan was unable to use the Blue Sky Seal to comprehend Time Reversal.

"It's about time for someone to come out now." Luo Fan looked to the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. Luo Fan had actually created a minor barrier at the entrance. This barrier does not possess any harm nor does it have any restrictive ability.

However, once anyone came out from the entrance, that barrier will immediately inform Luo Fan of it.

At that time, Luo Fan would directly use Time Stop as if it was a reflex. He planned to directly stop whoever it was that obtained the Back Earth Seal and then snatch the Back Earth Seal from them openly.

At this moment, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng, one ahead and two following, were rapidly running toward the exit. Inside the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, they were unable to fly. Thus, they could only run. Their speed was extremely fast. In merely a blink of an eye, they reached the exit of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

"We've arrived."

Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng began to shine.

"We've finally succeeded." Yi Feng was overjoyed. He directly said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Brother Jiang Lan, Godking Zuo Qiulin, once we exit here, we are to immediately use teleportation and return to the Purple Mystic Mansion. Do not hesitate in the slightest. I fear that the Asura Godking would be outside."

It was extremely likely for the Asura Godking to be outside. However, Jiang Fan and them cannot do anything about it.

The only thing they could do was to rely on their reaction, rely on their speed!

It would be determined by whether Jiang Lan and them could execute their teleportation faster or the Asura Godking could activate his Time Stop faster.


Jiang Lan was the first to rush out of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. However, Jiang Lan didn't know at all that when he rushed toward the exit, a very minor barrier had been activated.

Without the slightest hesitation, the Asura Godking who was on top of the small boat activated Time Stop.

"Time Stop!"

The waves above the Asura Sea suddenly stopped moving. Even the floating small boat became a bit slanted following the stopped wave. However, it did not fall back down.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had only just rushed out of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng had also just stepped past the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. Before they were able to teleport, their figures were already stopped.

Without the slightest movement.

"Oh no!"

Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng all felt that the situation had turned bad. At the same time, they also cursed in their hearts. This Asura Godking, his reaction speed, wasn't it too fast? However, there was nothing they could do.

"All that effort for another person's gain!" Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng all felt helpless and angry.

"Back Earth Seal?"

At this moment, Luo Fan had stood up from above his small boat. He smiled as he looked to Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng.

"Are you all very upset? Very angry? However, it's all useless. This Back Earth Seal would be mine after all." Luo Fan moved his body and arrived before Jiang Lan. After that, right when Luo Fan was excited…


Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng disappeared before his eyes.

The Asura Godking Luo Fan's eyes grew wide open. He firmly looked to the front. "How is this possible? How could one possibly teleport under Time Stop?" Luo Fan was stunned.

Suddenly, Luo Fan thought of a person.

"Qin Yu, could it be Qin Yu?"

Encountering such an incredible matter, Luo Fan could only think of Qin Yu. When Qin Yu fought against the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, he had used Spatial Freezing but was still capable of teleportation. Just from this, one could speculate that he would be able to teleport under Time Stop.

Furthermore, the relationship Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng had with Qin Yu was nothing ordinary. Other than Qin Yu, Luo Fan was unable to think of anyone else capable of doing such.

"Are you very upset? Very angry? However, it's all useless. This Back Earth Seal would be ours after all." Words practically the same as what Luo Fan had said earlier sounded in Luo Fan's mind.

The Asura Godking Luo Fan was unable to help himself from smiling helplessly. "It's indeed you, Qin Yu."

"However, I reckon those Sage Emperors and Godkings would not give up on it so easily." The Asura Godking Luo Fan took a glance at the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. At this moment, people were rushing out of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

Before the Inner Lake of the Purple Mystic Mansion. Many people were gathered before the water screen and were watching the battle that was happening on the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

The air fluctuated. Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng appeared out of thin air.

Earlier, Jiang Lan and them were trapped. However, they had now arrived at the Purple Mystic Mansion. This sort of contrast had brought immense joy to the three of them. They looked to their surroundings and immediately realized that they had returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion.

"Little Yu, thank you." Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu.

"Uncle Lan, you all should go and hide yourselves in the New Cosmos for the time being. I had created a palace with a time acceleration of a hundred thousand times at the New Cosmos's Purple Mystic Star's East Hazy Mountain. You all should go there to comprehend this Back Earth Seal." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"According to the rules the three of us had determined, this Back Earth Seal had reached Jiang Lan's hands first. Thus, Jiang Lan shall be the one who shall obtain this Back Earth Seal." Zuo Qiulin's hoarse voice sounded.

Yi Feng also nodded.

"Okay. In that case, Uncle Lan, quickly seize the time and research the Back Earth Seal." Qin Yu said with a smile. Within Qin Yu's manner of speaking was a trace of urgency. That was because Qin Yu had discovered that many Godkings had rushed out from the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

"I fear that those Godkings would not give up so easily." Jiang Lan said with a frown.

Jiang Lan knew very well that if it was the Asura Godking who obtained the Back Earth Seal, then those Godkings might not continue to chase after the Back Earth Seal due to their fear of the Asura Godking's strength. However, the person who obtained the Back Earth Seal was Jiang Lan.

Although Jiang Lan was powerful, he had not reached an unparalleled level like that of the Asura Godking.

"Rest assured. Uncle Lan, leave everything to me." Qin Yu said with a smile.

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