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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 20 – Encounter After Encounter

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Me

"The Back Earth Seal has appeared!"

The Godkings who had covered the Exalted Celestial Mountain with their Divine Awareness practically simultaneously discovered the emergence of the Back Earth Seal. Without the slightest amount of hesitation, all of the Godkings from the various locations of the Exalted Celestial Mountain sped up to their limit, turned into several tens of rays of light and rushed toward their target, Jiang Lan.


Standing on the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Gauze Feather Blade, Jiang Lan's speed had reached an excessive level. Even Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng was a bit slower than Jiang Lan.

"Proceed according to our original plan!" Zuo Qiulin said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Got it." Jiang Lan and Yi Feng both replied with a brief response. Fortunately, the three of them had already thought of how to escape from the numerous Godkings should they obtain the Back Earth Seal.

The Exalted Celestial Mountain was too huge. Furthermore, those Godkings had split up to the various locations too quickly. Only when Jiang Fan reached half of the distance downward did the first Godking manage to intercept him. However, behind this Godking were numerous other Godkings rushing over in succession.

"It would seem that the second half of the journey would be more difficult." A rare trace of excitement was shown in Jiang Lan's eyes.

"How long had it been since I have this feeling of my blood burning?" At this moment, Jiang Lan felt as if his entire body's blood were flaring up. He felt as if his body was filled with an inexhaustible amount of energy.

"Ao Tun, even you want to block my path?" Jiang Lan directly shouted to the first Godking to intercept him with his Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Ao Tun was one of the Three Great Godkings of the Mount Blood Devil. However, in terms of strength, Ao Tun was much inferior to Jiang Lan. There's much less of a need to mention the current Jiang Lan who possessed a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

Ao Tun thought of the difference between their strength: "I am weaker, trying so hard, am I trying to throw my life away?" Ao Tun hesitated. This caused his attack to become a bit slower.


Standing on the Gauze Feather Blade, Jiang Fan did a curve and directly threw Ao Tun behind to the distant. With Jiang Lan's speed, if his opponent was to slightly hesitate, then he would be able to throw them off.

A sonic boom was heard. Jiang Lan's speed was too fast.

Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng followed behind Jiang Lan. The distance between the three of them was not far.

"Woosh!" "Woosh!" "Woosh!" …

Four Godkings charged toward them from ahead. Of those four Godkings, two of them were Sage Emperors. They were respectively Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo, Zhou Ran and Jiang Xing. These four Godkings were naturally people Jiang Lan knew very well.

"Second brother, give me that Back Earth Seal." Jiang Fan rushed toward him from ahead and said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Humph, ridiculous."

Said Jiang Lan through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. In merely the time of the voice transmissions, the two groups had passed a distance of several thousand miles and run into each other. Jiang Lan directly violently sent his Divine Awareness into Jiang Xing and Zhou Ran's minds. "You two are also planning to block me?!"

Jiang Xing was someone who had grew up hearing about Jiang Lan's legends. Facing the Jiang Lan that was cold, stern, rapidly charging toward them and have no hesitation at all, Jiang Xing started to slightly slow down on his flying speed. That Zhou Ran was also someone intelligent. He knew of the gap between them: "It would do if I just stay behind the Eldest Uncle." Zhou Ran directly started flying behind Zhou Huo.

"Back Earth Seal, I am determined to have it!"

It was Jiang Fan's last Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. By now, the distance between Jiang Fan and Jiang Lan was only several hundred meters. Before the rapid flying speed of the Two Great Godkings, several hundred meters was a distance they would surmount in less than the blink of an eye's time.

A black spiritual pearl appeared above Jiang Fan's head. It was the Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure, Dark Origin Spiritual Pearl. A black battle armor appeared on his body. A black spear had also appeared in his hand. As for Jiang Lan, the Gauze Feather Blade that he had under his foot had instantly appeared in his hand.

Jiang Fan and Jiang Lan had encountered one another!


The sound of sonic boom was heard. Jiang Fan and Jiang Lan intertwined past one another. With an even faster speed, Jiang Lan thrillingly streaked past Zhou Huo. As for Zhou Ran and Jiang Xing, the two of them did not dare to block him at all.

Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng streaked across these four Godkings in two curves. Zhuo Huo and them did not bother to block Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng. That was because Jiang Fan who had fought Jiang Lan head on had fell to the surface of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

"Brother Jiang Fan, what's happened?" Zhou Huo immediately flew over to Jiang Fan.

There was blood on the corner of Jiang Fan's mouth. He turned around and looked downward. At this moment, Jiang Lan and them had already disappeared before them. He could only faintly hear the terrifying noise of the sonic boom and collisions. Evidently, more battles were occurring below the mountain.

"I'm fine." Jiang Fan shook his head. He slightly pulled back his eyes. "I merely did not expect for my second brother to utilize Time Acceleration to a state of perfection. His perfect usage of the Time Acceleration actually made it so that my Origin Energy was unable to harm him. Yet, he managed to hack me down with a slash of his blade."

When Jiang Fan thought of this, his heart was still palpitating with fear.

Had it not been for the Clan Protection Treasure Dark Origin Spiritual Pearl's defensive ability, then Jiang Fan who had received a blade strike from the Gauze Feather Blade would likely not only vomit a mouthful of blood.

"This powerful?" Zhou Huo was surprised.

"I had long since known that my second brother is extremely powerful. Back then when he didn't have a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, I already did not have absolute certainty in winning against him. Now that he has the Gauze Feather Blade, I… am already no match for him." Jiang Fan felt a bit regretful in his heart.

That was because the Gauze Feather Blade was given to Jiang Lan by Jiang Fan!

Back then, during the public groom search, the first gift that Qin Yu presented was this Gauze Feather Blade. At that time, Jiang Fan was considering about increasing the strength of the Floating Snow City and gifted the Gauze Feather Blade to Jiang Lan. Who would've thought that during the final groom choosing moment, he had selected Zhou Huo which caused Jiang Lan to fall out with him completely.

Qin Yu had given Jiang Fan the Gauze Feather Blade. However, in the end, it ended up in Jiang Lan's hands.

This was unavoidably a kind of equilibrium.

Once he thought of Qin Yu, Jiang Fan's heart became twitchy.

"No matter what, I must definitely obtain this Back Earth Seal." Jiang Fan flew to the sky once more.

"Brother Jiang Fan, you're still planning to chase after them?" Beside him, Zhou Huo was surprised. Jiang Xing and Zhou Ran also looked to Jiang Fan. They had all experienced Jiang Lan's flying speed. Jiang Lan's flying speed was much faster than them. If they were to chase from behind, the distance between them would only grew larger. It was impossible for them to catch up.

Jiang Fan said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Don't worry. There are people intercepting them enroute. They are definitely unable to maintain their high speed the entire time. Moreover… there are people blocking the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. The entire Exalted Celestial Mountain only has a single entrance and exit of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. It is impossible for my second brother to be able to get out so easily."

Those words resounded in Zhou Hou, Zhou Ran and Jiang Xing's minds. As for Jiang Fan, he had turned into a ray of black light and began to fly downward chasing after Jiang Lan and them. Zhou Huo, Zhou Ran and Jiang Xing hesitated for a moment and then also started flying over.

"Brother Jiang Lan, stop!"

Various Divine Awareness Voice Transmissions were sounding in Jiang Lan's mind unceasingly. Majority of those people were Jiang Lan's old friends. Many of them possessed good relationship with Jiang Lan. However, as the matter involved the Back Earth Seal, these Godkings would not be acting modest toward Jiang Lan.


A cold expression appeared in Jiang Lan's eyes. Many of the Godkings possessed pretty good relationship with him. However, when he encountered them earlier, there were still a couple Godkings that had the intention to kill him. They showed no quarter at all.

At this moment, there were bloodstains on Jiang Lan's cyan gown. Those bloodstains included his own blood as well as others blood.

"I'm not interesting in killing others, my goal is to rush downward with the fastest speed."

This was Jiang Lan's way of thinking. This was also the reason why Jiang Lan had never tried to kill any of those Godkings that intercepted him. He had merely cast them away and continued onward. With his flying speed, as long as he cast them away, they could forget about catching up to him.

In terms of speed, perhaps only the Asura Godking was comparable to Jiang Lan who stepped on the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Gauze Feather Blade.

After all, none of the Eight Great Divine Families' Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures were flying type Spiritual Treasures. Although they all possessed first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, the speed of the Eight Great Sage Emperors were a bit slower than Jiang Lan's.

"Woosh!" "Woosh!"

Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng did a curve and continued onward toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel's entrance below with rapid speed. The two of them were a lot more relaxed compared to Jiang Lan. In the entire journey downward, not a single Godking had tried to stop them. Practically all of the Godkings had gone to stop Jiang Lan.

"Brother Jiang Lan's speed in evading those people is pretty quick." Yi Feng had a delighted expression on his face.

Zuo Qiulin's expression was still cold and indifferent. She directly said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Humph, it's merely because those Godkings are not united and that the truly powerful Godkings had not acted yet. There are many Sage Emperors waiting at the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel."

Yi Feng's expression had also grew solemn.

What those Sage Emperors were thinking was very simple. No matter what, Jiang Lan would be required to go past the Relief Sculpture Tunnel in the end. Thus, if they were to block the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, they would be able to stop Jiang Lan.


An unremarkable crimson colored ray of light flew to the several hundred meter location beside the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. The crimson colored ray of light stopped and turned into a person. It was the Blood Sea Queen.

When the Blood Sea Queen discovered that the Back Earth Seal had been obtained by Jiang Lan, she immediately proceeded to rush toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel with all her might. As there was no one blocking her and her speed was extremely fast, she had arrived at the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel before Jiang Lan.

"Humph, those Sage Emperors, they are truly believing themselves to be immensely powerful." The Blood Sea Queen cast a glance at Duanmu Yun, Tang Lan, Huangfu Yu and them who stood before the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

"I'll have you all fight against Jiang Lan and them first. Afterwards…" The Blood Sea Queen had planned extremely well.

Although her strength was pretty good, she would still be some danger if she was to face off against the Sage Emperors, Jiang Lan and them. What was the most important was… those Sage Emperors do not know of her strength at all.

Hiding her strength.

Only attacking at the crucial moment!

"Pff!" The Gauze Feather Blade brought with it a smear of blood as it streaked through the vast sky. Standing above the Gauze Feather Blade, Jiang Lan's speed grew slightly slower. Immediately after, he resumed his max speed once more and continued flying downward.

As for the Godking behind Jiang Lan, Huangfu Lei, he was looking to Jiang Lan's back view. He knew very well that Jiang Lan had spared his life earlier. If Jiang Lan was to spend a bit more time, then it would be all that was required for him to kill Huangfu Lei.

At the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. At this moment, eleven Godkings were gathered there. Of these eleven Godkings, five were Sage Emperors. As for the other six, they were the Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun, the three Godkings of the Asura Sea Sun Lian, Liu Lian and An Xun, the Mount Blood Devil's Blood Devil Queen Yu Cha and lastly Duanmu Yu who stood distantly at the side.


Before he even arrived, the air had already started to shake up. From this, one could imagine Jiang Lan's speed.

"Tang Lan, Brother Mu Qin, the two of you join hands and block Jiang Lan." Duanmu Yun stared at the ray of light that was flying toward them rapidly in the distant and arranged the plan through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Jiang Lan was, after all, only Jiang Lan. He was not the Asura Godking nor was he Qin Yu. Two Godkings joining hands was sufficient to stop Jiang Lan. Moreover… there were other Godkings present here.

"We don't have to be anxious." Huangfu Yu said via voice transmission to Putai Hong beside him. The two of them were in the same party.


Duanmu Yun suddenly shouted through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. Tang Lan and Mu Qin eye's began to shine. They turned into blurs ,bringing a blue colored and cyan colored frightening energy, the two of them charged toward Jiang Lan.

"Mu Qin, Tang Lan?" Jiang Lan's gaze grew colder. The Gauze Feather Blade that he stepped on disappeared. It reappeared in his hand.

At this moment, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng had already arrived at the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel from the side. The two of them looked to Jiang Lan. According to plan, this was not yet the time for them to act.

No matter what, their enemy right now could only be left to Jiang Lan to handle by himself.

"Brother Jiang Lan, it's all on you now." Yi Feng began to await for Jiang Lan. As for Zuo Qiulin, she was still cold and indifferent. Merely, her gaze had continued to remain on Jiang Lan.

Before the gazes of the numerous Godking, Jiang Lan began to fight against Mu Qin and Tang Lan.

A dazzling light ray!

As if the space-time was fluctuating, before everyone's eyes, Jiang Lan became fuzzy. The flow of time surrounding his body was being violently changed continuously. Time Acceleration, at this moment, it had been used to its max.

"Time Acceleration could be used to this level?" The Blood Sea Queen who was several hundred meters away from the battle was shocked. Even though she had comprehended Time Stop, but in the usage of Time Acceleration, she must admit that she was inferior to Jiang Lan.


Blood sprinkled through the sky. Jiang Lan, Mu Qin and Tang Lan crisscrossed one another. Although Jiang Lan's complexion had turned deathly pale, his speed had practically not been reduced. He only left behind a series of blurs and continued onward toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

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