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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 22 – Intimidation Technique

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Little Yu." Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu. Within his eyes were concern and worry.

The enemies this time were not merely one or two Godkings. Instead, it was the Eight Great Sage Emperors and the various Godkings. Furthermore, there was also the Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen. Once these people joined hands, then it was likely that even Qin Yu would not be able to withstand them.

"Rest assured, Uncle Lan." Qin Yu smiled and said. "They are indeed pretty frightening if they were to join hands. However, I am also not a fool that would fight them head on. If I am truly unable to withstand them, then I would just escape to the New Cosmos."

"Haha…" Beside them, Qin De, Qin Feng, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and a large amount of people that included Jiang Lan and them all started to lightly laugh.

Since Qin Yu had the idea of escaping, then they would be reassured.

"Uncle Fu." Qin Yu turned around and looked behind him. Uncle Fu was standing behind the group of people. Hearing Qin Yu's call, Uncle Fu immediately walked over and prepared himself for Qin Yu's order.

"Go and arrange the matters. We are to close the entrance of the Fog City and isolate it from the outside world. If any danger were to occur, then I would immediately teleport the Fog City along with the Purple Mystic Mansion into the New Cosmos." Qin Yu said with a light smile.

The surface of the Fog City was covered with Qin Yu's formation array space.

Once the city gates become closed, the entire Fog City would be within the formation array space. As long as Qin Yu wished for it, then those people within the Fog City would be transported to the New Cosmos without them even knowing about it.

"Yes, master." Uncle Fu directly complied.

"Little Yu, with what you're doing, I feel relieved. In that case, I will be going to the New Cosmos's Purple Mystic Star." Jiang Lan nodded to Qin Yu and then directly proceed to fly upward above the Purple Mystic Mansion.

In the Fog City, there was a channel that specifically led to the New Cosmos .

Of course, if outsiders wished to go through that channel, they must first obtain Qin Yu's consent. Otherwise, even if they reached the channel, they would still not be able to enter into the New Cosmos.

Seeing that Uncle Lan had left, Qin Yu also felt satisfied.

"I've finally done something for Uncle Lan." Qin Yu was extremely grateful for Jiang Lan in his heart. Merely, in the past, Qin Yu never had a chance to repay him. Now that a chance to repay him had arrived, and he also possessed the strength to do something.

Qin Yu's New Cosmos's Spatial Energy immediately covered the entire Divine Realm including the inside of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

Naturally, Qin Yu clearly knew all of the movements, speech and even the gazes of the Godkings.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors, over twenty ordinary Godkings, the powerful Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen were all gathered outside the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. Surrounding these Godkings was a barrier.

However, before Qin Yu's New Cosmos's Spatial Energy, that barrier was could be considered as nonexistent.

"Never would I have expected for you, the Asura Godking, to be remaining outside of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel's entrance." The Utmost West Godking Shentu Yan said with a grin of dissatisfaction.

"Last time, you, the Asura Godking, had vowed to the Heavens before all of us. It seemed that you did not have any ambition for the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure. However, now it seems that; humph humph!" Mu Qin who had an ugly expression also said with a grin of dissatisfaction.

Mu Qin and Shentu Yan possessed great hatred for the Asura Godking.

That was because the Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean City only possessed two Godkings. One was Mu Qin and the other was Mu Chan. Last time, during the birth of the Blue Sky Seal, the Asura Godking had killed eight Godkings. Among them, four were from the Eight Great Divine Families. They were respectively Shentu Nian, Mu Chan, Duanmu Liu and Tang Liu.

Now, the Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean City only had a single Sage Emperor remaining. The Utmost Western Region's Mount Blazing Flame also only had two Godkings remaining.

Thus, Mu Qin and Shentu Yan naturally harbored endless hatred for the Asura Godking.

"Haha, I've never said that I would not fight for the Back Earth Seal and the All People Seal. I had merely mentioned that I would not step foot onto the Exalted Celestial Mountain." The Asura Godking Luo Fan knew very well in his heart that these two people were trying to pick a fight with him.

"Enough, everyone, quiet down first." Zhou Huo's voice sounded.

Immediately, the sound of discussions began to fall. Many Godkings all looked to Zhou Huo. At this moment, Jiang Fan who stood beside Zhou Huo had a relatively pale complexion. In the short exchange earlier, many Godkings had became injured. Jiang Fan as well as many other Godkings were all injured by Jiang Lan.

As for Duanmu Yun, Huangfu Yu, and Putai Hong, they were injured by the Godking of Death Zuo Qiulin.

Although the Three Great Sage Emperors had only received a single attack, their souls were all infringed upon. If they were to simply try to recover, then it would take at least ten thousand years for them to resume their former conditions. Yet, right now, in this crucial moment, they could only take precious spiritual pellets to recover their souls.

"Before we talk about the matter regarding the Back Earth Seal, I wish to ask you, Asura Godking, about how Jiang Lan escaped from your hands." Zhou Huo looked to the Asura Godking.

"Ask away." The Asura Godking said with a light smile.

Zhou Huo said in confusion. "Asura Godking, you are waiting right outside of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. I believe that with your strength, it would not be hard for you to capture Jiang Lan. However, how did Jiang Lan escape then? Could you provide an explanation for us?"

"Qin Yu!"

The Asura Godking said indifferently. "During the crucial moment, that Qin Yu acted and obstructed me. He saved away Lan and them."

When Zhou Huo heard the name Qin Yu, his eyes shone coldly. Even Zhou Ran who stood behind Zhou Huo started to clench his fist. His trace of killing intent started to leak out from his body.

The Thunder Punishment City possessed immense hatred for Qin Yu.

In the battle before the descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, Qin Yu had killed Zhou Wulian and Zhou Tong. He had caused the might and fame of the Thunder Punishment City to decrease immensely. Even their status dropped greatly.

"He killed my father and my Second Uncle." Countless amount of killing intent was once again burst forth from Zhou Ran's chest.

However, once he thought of Qin Yu's strength, Zhou Ran began to feel helpless. The gap between him and Qin Yu was truly too great. Much less him, even the Sage Emperors were no match against Qin Yu. How could he possibly be able to avenge his father and Second Uncle?

"In order to take revenge, other than Grandfather disposing Qin Yu himself, the only other option would be these Godkings here." Zhou Ran glanced at the surrounding Godkings.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors and the Asura Godking were all present. Once these people join hands, it would not be difficult for them to kill Qin Yu.

Zhou Huo was thinking about the same thing as Zhou Ran. The two of them had communicated with each other through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Everyone ought to know by now that Jiang Lan, Yi Feng as well as that mysterious woman were all related with Qin Yu. Although we do not know where Jiang Lan is now, going to the Fog City to find Qin Yu is definitely our best option. It is also the most direct method." Zhou Huo said with a clear voice.

The Sage Emperors and Godkings in the surrounding began to ponder. In the end, they all nodded.

No matter where Jiang Lan was located at, if they were to try to deal with Jiang Lan, they must first prepare to handle Qin Yu.

Furthermore, they do not know where Jiang Lan was currently hiding at. Thus, their only option was to go to the Fog City to find Qin Yu.

"This Qin Yu is very powerful. If we were to proceed to the Fog City ununited, I'm afraid that we would be defeated by that Qin Yu in succession!" The Word Searcher Godking of the Dual Domain Island said indifferently. "Between everyone present, our strength is both strong and weak. It is not too late for us to make preparations before going. Furthermore, from the battle earlier, many Godkings and Sage Emperors were injured. If we are to fight against Qin Yu, we must definitely be in our best state. If anyone is not in possession of any spiritual pills to recover their souls, then go and borrow some from other Godkings."

This Dual Domain Island's Word Searcher Godking's words were immediately responded by many Godkings.

Even Jiang Fan and them nodded in agreement. If the group of Godkings were to not unite, then perhaps they would be able to face off against Jiang Lan. However, once they encountered Qin Yu who was even stronger than Jiang Lan, then they'd be eaten by him in succession like eating peas.

Zhou Ran who was behind Zhou Huo stepped forward. He said in a clear voice. "Currently, we have the Eight Great Sage Emperors, twenty five ordinary Godkings and the Asura Godking. The Asura Godking is powerful enough to take on Qin Yu on his own. With the Eight Great Sage Emperors joining hands, they will be even more powerful. The twenty five ordinary Godkigns are able to form two great formation arrays, the sixteen people Four Divisions Illusion Defensive Array that required to form and the nine people…"

"What a joke."

The Blood Devil Queen of the Mount Blood Devil started laughing. "Form great formation arrays? I do not feel at ease forming formation arrays with you all of the Eight Great Divine Families. Who knows, I may be instead sneak attacked by someone if I am not careful."

"I also do not agree." The Blood Sea Queen who had been silent the entire time spoke coldly. "One should use one’s own ability in seizing the Back Earth Seal."

Inside the Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu had his eyes closed and was using his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy to hear the debate between the Godkings. In the end, under the reconciliation lead by Zhou Ran, Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan, the Godkings reached an unanimous agreement.

"It's time for me to get on the stage now."

Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes. He then stood up. On the meadows beside him, Jiang Li was currently chatting and laughing with Bai Ling and many other women.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu with a confused look.

"Li'er, I will be going out for a bit. You all can remain here." Qin Yu entrusted her that and them directly teleported away from the Purple Mystic Mansion.

Outside of the Fog City. The clouds were curling.

Qin Yu appeared within the boundless clouds. He gathered a lump of floating clouds and then sat on top of it. He placed a small table before him. On the small table was a pot of wine. Leisurely, he was pouring and drinking wine by himself.

After a long while…


A surging energy whistle was heard from afar. The countless amount of clouds that surrounded Qin Yu were immediately dissipated. The sky in the range of several tens of thousand miles had immediately turned completely clear. However, that surging energy did not even manage to meddle with Qin Yu's hair.

Thirty plus figures appeared before Qin Yu. The Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Asura Godking, the Blood Sea Queen and other Godkings. They were all surprised when they saw Qin Yu. Facing all these Godkings, Qin Yu was actually sitting there drinking undisturbed.

Qin Yu raised his head and took a glance at the various Godkings.

"You all have only arrived now?" Qin Yu took a stretch and then stood up. "I've already finished drinking this pot of wine. Furthermore, before that, I had stayed in my mansion for a long while already. To be honest, your speed was truly very slow."

Qin Yu said with a slight smile. He swept his unconcerning gaze at the thirty plus Godkings.

"Asura Godking, Blood Sea Queen." Qin Yu's gaze slightly stopped on these two people's bodies. Among all these Godkings, only these two made Qin Yu slightly on guard.

Of course, when the Eight Great Sage Emperors joined hands, they would also be very frightening.

"Qin Yu, quickly have Jiang Lan hand over the Back Earth Seal. You aren't participating in the battle for the Exalted Celestial Mountain yet still involve yourself in our matter. Are you courting death?" That Zhou Huo said coldly.

Zhou Huo possessed immense hatred toward Qin Yu. At this moment, he did not fear Qin Yu.

"You want Uncle Lan to hand over the Back Earth Seal? What a joke! I wish to ask you all, last time when the Blue Sky Seal was born, was it not the Asura Godking who obtained it? Why don't you all go and demand the Asura Godking to hand over the Blue Sky Seal? Perhaps were you all thinking that my Uncle Lan is an easy target to bully? That I am an easy target to bully?" Cold light flashed through Qin Yu's eyes. The jug of wine in his hand was immediately crushed into dust.

The Asura Godking lightly smiled and said. "Qin Yu, when I obtained the Blue Sky Seal, I had vowed to never step foot on the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Only though this…"

"Uncle Lan could also vow to never step foot on the Exalted Celestial Mountain." Qin Yu immediately interrupted the Asura Godking's words. He then cast his gaze at the Eight Great Sage Emperors. "If Uncle Lan were to vow that, are you all willing to let him go?"

The Eight Great Sage Emperors were stunned.

"Qin Yu." Standing behind Zhou Hou, Zhou Ran pointed to Qin Yu and shouted. "Today, the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Asura Godking and the various other Godkings have all gathered here. We have come to try to speak with you and advise you. However, you showed no sincerity at all. Instead, you're speaking of sophistry. Humph, today, all these Godkings have come for the purpose of obtaining the Back Earth Seal. You go and have Jiang Lan hand that over. If he were to hand it over, then everything would be well. If he were to refuse…"

When Zhou Ran said those words, the Eight Great Sage Emperors started to conscientiously gather together. They seemed to be prepared to act together. Even the Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen were staring at Qin Yu.

"If he were to refuse? You're telling me if he were to refuse?" Qin Yu looked to Zhou Ran. "Are you threatening me?"

Earlier, Qin Yu had observed the discussion among the Godkings through his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy. This Zhou Ran had been persuading the Godkings to act together the entire time. Evidently, this Zhou Ran still possessed great hatred for Qin Yu.

Zhou Ran's eyes were filled with anger. His heart's killing intention was surging. "So what if I threaten…"

"Spatial Freezing!"

The space in the several tens of thousand miles range immediately became frozen.


Practically at the same moment when Qin Yu used Spatial Freezing, he teleported over to Zhou Ran's side. With lightning speed, he thrust the Divine Spear Waning Snow that he held in his hand. The speed was immensely fast.

"Impudent." Zhou Huo and the other Sage Emperors all grew angry.

Zhou Ran wished to escape with teleportation. However, he was unable to teleport. How could he evade this spear strike from Qin Yu? Beside him, Zhou Huo cast his black whip toward the spear that Qin Yu held.

The Dark and Yellow Energy on the surface of the Divine Spear Waning Snow slightly trembled. It managed to break loose that black whip. The Divine Spear Waning Snow directly thrusted into Zhou Ran's chest. A frightening energy rushed into Zhou Ran's brain.


Zhou Ran's brain exploded. He died on the spot.

"I do not like being threatened by others." Holding the Divine Spear Waning Snow in his hand, Qin Yu cast his gaze at the surrounding Godkings. When those Godkings discovered that they were incapable of teleportation but Qin Yu was still able to teleport, they had all began to quake in fear.

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