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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 27 – Godking Stage

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Qin Yu split his soul energy into eight parts and wrapped up the eight different types of Origin Energy from this lump of colorful energy. He began to carefully observe these eight different Origin Energies.


Qin Yu was shocked. "Why does my New Cosmos's Origin Energies resemble that of the Divine Realm's Origin Energies so much?" Qin Yu flipped his head around and took out a pearl… the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl.

This Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl was something that the silver haired silver eyed youth delivered to Qin Yu by the order of his mysterious master. As Qin Yu possessed the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl, Qin Yu had naturally became very familiar with the energy characteristic of this Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl.

At this moment, Qin Yu discovered that the Fire Origin Energy of his New Cosmos was actually identical with the Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl's energy.

"Why would the Origin Energies of different Cosmos be the same? At the very least, this Fire Origin Energy is exactly the same." Qin Yu began to frown and started pondering in his heart.

The New Cosmos was a completely different Cosmos compared to the Cosmos that the Divine Realm was in. They each possessed their own temporal laws and spatial laws. Why would the Origin Energies be exactly the same?

Once he began to think, Qin Yu started thinking for several months.

While he was thinking, Qin Yu was unable to sense the flow of time. In the period of several months, this lump of newly formed Origin Energy had grown to half a man's size.

"Could it be…"

Suddenly, a flash of thought flashed through Qin Yu's mind. He felt a sense of 'enlightenment.' "Could it be that the relationship between the Origin Energy and the Cosmos is like this?"

When the Universal World was formed, when the Dark and Yellow Energy was formed with the splitting of the Heaven and Earth, Qin Yu already knew that this Dark and Yellow Energy was there to set the fix elements and stabilize the space.

And now, the Cosmos was in a state of growth. No matter what, the Dark and Yellow Energy could not leave the Cosmos. The Dark and Yellow Energy was there to stabilize the entire Cosmos. When the Cosmos finished forming, the Dark and Yellow Energy could separate itself from the Cosmos.

As for the Cosmic Origin Energy…

"Right, right."

The more Qin Yu thought of it, the more he believed that the viewpoint that he had suddenly thought of was correct. As they said, the Greater Dao was the arrival of simplicity. At the beginning, Qin Yu had thought the relationship between the Cosmic Origin Energy and the spatial and temporal laws to be too complicated.

Now it seemed that…

"Regardless of whether it is my Cosmos or the Cosmos that the Divine Realm is in, they both ought to be formed through the absorption of Grandmist Spiritual Energy. Since they both absorbed the Grandmist Spiritual Energy, then, like building a house… since the materials used to build the house are the same, then the material of the house would be the same. If one were to not look at the temporal laws and the spatial laws, then these two Cosmos ought to be intrinsically the same."

Qin Yu's viewpoint was correct.

The New Cosmos's Purple Mystic Star could also give forth Spiritual Energy. There also could appear stars and planets… All of this signified that if one were to not look to the spatial laws and the temporal laws, the two Cosmoses were exactly the same.

"As for the temporal laws and spatial laws, they are there to administer the Cosmos. It is like the key to the house. Although the two houses were exactly the same, the keys used to open these houses are different. The spatial laws and the temporal laws are the keys which controlls a Cosmos."

Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

"As for the Cosmic Origin Energy… it is formed by the transformation of the Grandmist Spiritual Energy. In other words, it is a transformation of the material used to build the Cosmos. The two Cosmos are intrinsically the same. Regardless of whether it is the separation membrane of the cosmic spaces, the stars, planets and so on, they are all the same. This Cosmic Origin Energy is only related with the Cosmos itself. Thus, it would also explain why the two Cosmoses' Cosmic Origin Energy are exactly the same."

Qin Yu's heart was open and clear.

It was all actually the same principle.

Regardless of whether it was the spatial laws or the temporal laws, they were merely laws! As for the Spatial Energy and the Temporal Energy, they were a kind of energy that belonged to the Cosmos.

The Godkings were merely individuals who controlled the energy through the use of the laws.

"The system of the spatial laws and temporal laws ought to be related to the person who created the Cosmos." Qin Yu could only believe it to be like so.

Different people possessed different cultivation methods. Thus, the Cosmos that they created would give rise to different kinds of temporal and spatial laws.

"This Cosmic Origin Energy, like its name implies, is the most origin sort of energy of the entire Cosmos. The movement of the Cosmic Origin Energy was also related with the Cosmos's Spatial Energy and Temporal Energy."

Qin Yu's soul had fused together with this large lump of Cosmic Origin Energy. This lump of Cosmic Origin Energy was unceasingly expanding and contracting. Qin Yu was able to clearly sense…

That this Cosmic Origin Energy's expansion and contraction followed a special rhythm. It just so happened to correspond to the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy and Temporal Energy's movement.

Qin Yu's eyes suddenly shined.

"If this was the case. Then I…" Qin Yu had a thought in his heart. "Through the Cosmic Origin Energy, I can sense the movement of the entire New Cosmos's Spatial Energy and Temporal Energy. In that case, won't I also be able to sense the movement of the entire Cosmos which contains the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy and Temporal Energy's movement through its Cosmic Origin Energy?"

Qin Yu's heart had instantly turned blazing.

The New Cosmos was connected to the Divine Realm, Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and a large number of other cosmic spaces. Qin Yu directly arrived at a Mortal Realm's cosmic space from the New Cosmos.

This was Qin Yu's hometown, it was the cosmic space that contained the Purple Mystic Star.

"The location where the Cosmos that contains the Divine Realm's Cosmic Origin Energy ought to located near the place of its location in my New Cosmos." Qin Yu waved his hand and created a spatial crack.

Qin Yu walked into the spatial crack.

The inside of the spatial crack was incomparably chaotic. Qin Yu also found himself in a slightly difficult situation.

"This isn't my own Cosmos." Qin Yu said helplessly. Had it been a spatial crack from the New Cosmos, Qin Yu would definitely be able to travel about it effortlessly.

However now…

The Spatial Energy within this spatial crack was extremely chaotic. It was extremely difficult to control the Spatial Energy. Even Godkings would not make troubles for themselves and enter the spatial crack.

As for Qin Yu, he was controlling the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy to protect himself the best he could. As Qin Yu was the master of the New Cosmos, controlling the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy was an extremely easy task for him.

"Although the situation is a bit difficult, I still possess certainty in protecting myself." Qin Yu lightly smiled. After that, his Spatial Energy began to spread through this spatial crack. He began to carefully search for the Cosmic Origin Energy.

Only Qin Yu was able to easily utilize Spatial Energy with the spatial crack. If other Godkings were to come, then they would be covered with dirt.

The New Cosmos's Spatial Energy was being spread unceasingly. The amount of New Cosmos's Spatial Energy that Qin Yu could utilize became more and more numerous. When Qin Yu covered an area greater than ten Divine Realms, he finally discovered the Cosmic Origin Energy.


With a teleportation, Qin Yu arrived at that location.

When he saw the Cosmic Origin Energy before him, Qin Yu was completely stunned.

"My New Cosmos's Cosmic Origin Energy is only half a man's size right now. Yet this completed Cosmic Origin Energy, it is…"

Qin Yu raised his head and looked to the enormous colorful light spheroid before him.

This enormous spheroid was so large that it had reached a terrifying level. Standing before him, Qin Yu could completely be overlooked.

The enormous colorful spheroid that was slowly spinning appeared like a dazzling star. It was expanding and contracting unceasingly.

"A Cosmic Origin Energy that had been completed, it is hundreds of millions times larger than the Cosmic Origin Energy that was just born to my New Cosmos." Qin Yu slightly smiled.

After that, Qin Yu turned into a flash of light and flew above the enormous colorful light spheroid. He sat in the air in a cross-legged position. At the same time he began to spread his soul energy.

His soul energy was being spread unceasingly and even fused into the enormous colorful light spheroid.

Nothing happened when Qin Yu's soul energy touched this enormous light spheroid. However, when Qin Yu tried to enter the colorful light spheroid with his soul energy…


The Cosmic Origin Energy that was there like an obedient child suddenly struck back. Qin Yu's soul energy's feeler rapidly withdrew itself. Qin Yu's expression had also turned a bit pale.

In an instant, Qin Yu came to understand.

When he was researching his own New Cosmos's lump of Cosmic Origin Energy, the Cosmic Origin Energy had been extremely obedient regardless of how he researched it. Even when Qin Yu separated the colorful light into eight different portions, that Cosmic Origin Energy did not attack Qin Yu.

That was because… that was Qin Yu's own Cosmos where Qin Yu was the creator.

However, this Divine Realm Cosmos was not a Cosmos that he had formed. This celestial body composed of the enormous Cosmic Origin Energy was surging with an astonishing amount of Origin Energy. This was a much greater amount of Cosmic Origin Energy compared to the tiny portion that the Eight Great Sage Emperors used. How could this enormous celestial body possibly allow Qin Yu to easily assimilate himself into it?

"If I cannot assimilate myself with it, how do I research it then?"

Qin Yu became vexed.

He frowned and looked to the enormous celestial body before him. In the end, Qin Yu had no choice but to give up. The xenophobic characteristic of this Cosmic Origin Energy was truly too strong.

Suddenly, Qin Yu had a trace of smile on his face. "That's right, my New Cosmos's Cosmic Origin Energy is the same as this Divine Realm's Cosmos's Cosmic Origin Energy. In that case, I can… bring a bit of my own Cosmic Origin Energy over here. If I were to do that, what would happen?"

Once he thought of it, Qin Yu immediately started to do it!

Qin Yu returned to his New Cosmos with a teleportation.

That lump of colorful light in his New Cosmos was half a man's size. It composed within it eight different Origin Energies. Qin Yu easily assimilated his soul energy into it.

With an intention!

Of this half a man sized Cosmic Origin Energy lump of colorful light, a soccer-ball sized lump separated from the main body and directly assimilated into Qin Yu's body. There was not a slightest amount of opposition.

When Qin Yu brought this soccer ball sized Cosmic Origin Energy into his mind, Qin Yu suddenly displayed a pleasantly surprised expression. "Cosmic Origin Energy is truly fantastic!"

That lump of colorful light actually covered Qin Yu's Nascent Soul. Like a dried up riverbed running into a river, Qin Yu's Nascent Soul started to absorb those colorful light with all its might. Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the transformation of his Nascent Soul.

The Cosmic Origin Energy was an extremely profound and mysterious type of energy. Even the Eight Great Sage Emperors were only able to indirectly utilize the Cosmic Origin Energy through using their Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures. They were incapable of accomplishing a state where their soul fused with the Origin Energy.

If they wanted to fuse their soul with the Origin Energy, then they would receive the same fate that Qin Yu did earlier; they would be rejected and attacked by the Origin Energy.

Only the creator of the Cosmos was capable of easily absorbing the Cosmic Origin Energy without being attacked by it.

When Qin Yu fused with that lump of Cosmic Origin Energy, Qin Yu felt that his soul was filled with a boundless amount of vitality. This sort of feeling was even more intense compared to the time when the Life Elemental Energy of the Meteoric Tear filled his soul.

His soul had been intrinsically transformed.

On the edge of the Divine Realm's Foggy Marsh.

Qin Yu appeared in the air. Qin Yu's soul managed to easily sense the movement of the Divine Realm's space. This sort of movement was in perfect agreement with the contraction and expansion of the Cosmic Origin Energy.

This was a feeling over a hundred thousand times clearer than before.

In the past, the Divine Realm's space was comparable to a beautiful woman wearing a veil over her head. Yet now, the veil over her head was gone. The movement of the space was that clear.

"Haha, spatial laws, so this is the spatial laws. Spatial Freezing… no wonder utilizing the Origin Energy allows one to use Spatial Freezing."

Qin Yu suddenly started laughing. His laughter was extremely clear.

At the beginning, Qin Yu's comprehension of the space had already reached the peak High Level Heavenly Deity. He was merely a step away from the Godking level. And now, the transformation of his soul had allowed Qin Yu to attain comprehension and eliminate the final membrane that separated him from being a Godking.

"The Eight Great Sage Emperors, using their Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure, they were able to indirectly control the Origin Energy to freeze the space. To the current me, Spatial Freezing is not hard to accomplish. As my soul has already absorbed the Origin Energy, I can control it even more directly. Furthermore, I have absorbed all eight types of Origin Energies!" Qin Yu pointed to the location before him. He softly said these words out of his mouth…

"Spatial, Freezing!"

The ten thousand mile space before him had been completely frozen. The movement of space in this ten thousand mile area had completely disappeared.

"Haha, the two different Cosmoses, other than the temporal laws and the spatial laws being different, the rest were indeed all the same. This Cosmic Origin Energy is also exactly the same. Using my own Cosmic Origin Energy, I am also able to conduct Spatial Freezing in the Divine Realm's Cosmos." Qin Yu was pleasantly surprised.

In Qin Yu's mind, his Nascent Soul had turned into a ceramic glaze color. Occasionally, there would even be colorful light like that of the Cosmic Origin Energy flickering about.

With an intention from Qin Yu, the frozen space returned to normal.



The sky above the Foggy Marsh started to shake. The Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds filled the vast sky. Enormous thunder strikes ran through the boundless sky. Their noise jolted the entire Heaven!

At this moment, all of the experts of the Divine Realm were stunned. What the sign of the heavens signified was extremely clear to them. A new Godking was born!

"Following Duanmu Yu and Jiang Li, another Godking has been born?!" The majority of the Godkings in the Divine Realm all spread out their Divine Awareness and began to search toward the location of the Foggy Marsh. They all wished to know who exactly the new Godking was!

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 28 – Laying Foundations

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Being searched by a Godking's Divine Awareness following another's, Qin Yu did not bother to hide himself. Instead, he was slightly smiling and standing at the edge of the Foggy Marsh with his hands behind his back. He even took the initiative to spread out his aura.

"It's actually Qin Yu!" Huangfu Yu of the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold had a smile on his face.

"Interesting, interesting. This Qin Yu was capable of teleportation and even Time Acceleration before he reached the Godking level. Now that he has reached the Godking level, what other sort of skills would he be able to know now?" The Asura Godking Luo Fan fiddled with the teapot in his hand. After that, he slightly smiled and placed the teapot on the table beside him. As for he himself, he had teleported away.

Thunder Punishment City. Zhou Huo, Zhou Tong and Zhou Ran's expression all took a slight change.

"Humph, he reached Godking level? Even if he reaches the Godking level, he'll at most be able to comprehend the spatial laws. To be able to completely comprehend the spatial laws does not possess much threat to other Godkings." Zhou Huo thought in his heart.

Merely, in the depths of Zhou Huo and the other's hearts, there was a confusion that they were unable to explain… why was Qin Yu capable of teleportation before he reached the Godking level?"

The various Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, Subterranean City, Mount Dazzling Gold, Mount Blazing Flame, Jade Ripple Lake… Asura Sea, Dual Domain Island, Mount Blood Demon and some of the hidden Godkings had all spread their Divine Awareness and completely enveloped Qin Yu.

On the edge of the Foggy Marsh.

Qin Yu was standing with his hands behind his back. He had a smile on his face. As for his mind, he was currently thinking. "Me becoming of a Godking this time around is indeed a great opportunity to enter the stage with high profile."

What Qin Yu wanted right now was high profile. That was because in Qin Yu's plan… when the Godking of Death managed to completely comprehend that first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Ten Thousand Willows, it was the time when he would officially display his astonishing strength before the various powers of the Divine Realm.

Space shook. A golden gowned bald headed middle aged man and an elegant white gowned beautiful woman appeared before Qin Yu. This white gowned beautiful woman was someone who Qin Yu knew. When the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City announced its public groom search and invited the various Godkings from the different powers, the side of the Dual Domain Island had sent this beautiful woman… the Floating Mist Godking.

"Congratulations Godking Qin Yu." The Floating Mist Godking greeted Qin Yu with a smile on her face. "This person here is our Dual Domain Island's Widespread Laws Godking."

That golden gowned bald headed man immediately placed his palms together and greeted Qin Yu with a smile on his face. "Pufa greets Godking Qin Yu."

[TL: This Pufa/Widespread Law is likely the buddhism guy from the dual domain island. Buddhist monks usually gets a second name once they become a monk. This Pufa is likely his second name. It also means promoting the widespread of the knowledge of laws.]

"Floating Mist Godking, Widespread Laws Godking." Qin Yu's gaze landed on the Widespread Laws Godking for a moment. Qin Yu knew that this Dual Domain Island possessed… both an Immortal Domain and a Buddhism Domain.

Of course, the Immortal Domain and the Buddhism Domain's 'Immortal' and 'Buddhism' represented their previous cultivation path. After all, they had all become Deities and even became Godkings.

Immortals, Devils, Buddhism Monks, Demons were four extremely common cultivation paths in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm level cosmic spaces.

Merely, in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there was only the Immortals, Devils and Demons. For the Dinosaur Realm, there were only Immortal Cultivators and Dinosaur Demon Cultivators. As for some other cosmic spaces, there possessed the Buddhism Cultivators.

Of the Three Great Ascender Powers, Mount Blood Demon, based by merely its name, one could tell that it was mostly composed of Demon Cultivator experts. As for the Dual Domain Island, it was composed of experts who had originated from the Buddhism Path and the Immortal Path. As for the Asura Sea, it belonged to a mixed category.

Merely, the Asura Godking himself was naturally a cultivator of the Asura Devil Path before he ascended to the Divine Realm. It was only after his step by step growth in the Divine Realm that he obtained his current level.

"Hff!" "Hff!" "Hff!" …

One by one, Godkings appeared in the surrounding in succession. However, this time around, all the Godkings that had appeared were from the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and Dual Domain Island. As for the Eight Great Divine Families, not a single Godking from their side came.

"So everyone's here." Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha gazed at the surrounding people. Her gaze slightly paused at the Asura Godking Luo Fan. In the end, she looked to Qin Yu and smiled and said.

"Aiyoh, Qin Yu, it seemed that your selection back then is indeed the correct one. After marrying that Jiang Li, you've actually managed to become a Godking this fast. Adding Jiang Li… both husband and wife are now Godkings. Truly enviable. In the Divine Realm, the only married Godking couple is the two of you." As she said that, the Blood Demon Queen even took a glance at the Asura Godking Luo Fan.

The Blood Demon Queen's tone and her expression in her eyes was something that all the surrounding Godkings could comprehend. Furthermore, many of the Godkings of the Divine Realm knew of the ambiguous relationship between the Blood Demon Queen and the Asura Godking.

The Asura Godking Luo Fan seemed to not have sensed it at all.

After a casual exchange with the Three Great Ascender Powers, Qin Yu came to know their purpose in coming. As Qin Yu and his wife Jiang Li were both Godkings, and Qin Yu's strength was something that they all knew of, thus they naturally wanted to have them join into their side.

The Three Ascender Powers were antagonistic against the Eight Great Sacred Lands to begin with anyways. Thus, they did not fear offending them.


Qin Yu already had his own plan. Since he could rely on himself, why would he bother relying on others?

Suddenly, a Divine Awareness rapidly spread toward this location from the southern region of the Divine Realm. It directly entered into Qin Yu's mind. "Brother Qin Yu, Congratulations on becoming a Godking. If you have the time, come to the Light Lens City and let's have a talk about our former times."

"Brother Duanmu, I'll go and visit you in the Light Lens City in a short while." Qin Yu replied via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Oh? In that case, I'll look forward to Brother Qin Yu."After that Duanmu Yu retrieved his Divine Awareness.

Privately, Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu's relationship was extremely good. Merely, at this moment, only the Three Great Ascender Powers came to openly congratulate Qin Yu. Thus, it was difficult for Duanmu Yu to come directly too.

Qin Yu's becoming of a Godking was like a rock being thrown into a lake. It created waves upon waves of ripples. Not long after… the lake resumed its tranquility.

The Divine Realm was the same as before.

The Eight Great Sacred Lands were still determined as the paramount location by countless Deities. The Three Ascender Powers were also towering upon the different locations of the Divine Realm.

As for Qin Yu… ever since after he became a Godking, he seemed to have laid down the flag and stilled the drums. There was no sign of activity from him at all. This had caused the people from the Thunder Punishment City to be confused.

New Cosmos. In the Purple Mystic Palace of the Purple Mystic Star.

At the hundred miles long circumference internal lake of the Purple Mystic Palace. A passageway ran through the entire lake. Qin Yu and Jiang Li was walking through this passageway alongside each other. Occasionally, Qin Yu would cast his gaze at Jiang Li's stomach.

"What are you looking at?" Jiang Li asked with a smile.

"I'm looking to my future child." Qin Yu smiled.

Jiang Li displayed a smile of happiness. She then said. "Brother Yu, these past years, Fei Fei had left the New Cosmos and went to the Divine Realm. He has not been back the entire time. Do you know what he's doing?"

"What else could he do? I reckon he's just there bored. However, that Asura Godking is Fei Fei's master, there's no need to worry about Fei Fei's safety." Qin Yu was extremely relieved.


A white light was shot toward here from the air. Qin Yu concentrated his gaze and managed to see who it was clearly. It was his third brother Hei Yu. Hei Yu had an extremely happy expression on his face. Once he descended, he immediately said. "Big brother, that Godking of Death has returned."


With an intention from Qin Yu, he fused his thought with the entire New Cosmos. Qin Yu knew everything that had occurred in the New Cosmos. The Godking of Death had just finished refining the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure not long ago. During that time, Qin Yu was accompanying Jiang Li.

"Big brother, can we now?" Hei Yu had a hard to concealed excitement in his heart.

Qin Yu looked to Li'er. He then looked to Xiao Hei. With a smile, he said. "This is precisely the day that I had been waiting for. We can now display our strength to the Divine Realm."

After Qin Yu informed Jiang Lan, Yi Feng and Zuo Qiulin, he began the process of 'laying foundations.' In order to establish a footing in the Divine Realm, at the very least he ought to have a place to establish the footing in.

The place that Qin Yu had previously chose was… the Foggy Marsh.

At a desolate mountain range area of the Divine Realm, a black gowned Qin Yu appeared. There were only a limited amount of cities in the Divine Realm, thus the majority of the rest of the Divine Realm was desolate and uncultivated.

"In order to construct a city, the building materials are extremely important. My New Cosmos currently only finished forming the Mortal Realm. The materials from there are extremely weak. They are simply unable to compare with the Divine Realm's stones."

[ED: Thereby answering the question that most of you had in your minds when I read the comments about crafting. Only Mortal Realm materials.]

Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

The ordinary stones of the Divine Realm were so hard that Deities would need to utilize a weapon in order to hack them apart… As for the Mortal Realm's stones, any ordinary Deity would likely be able to smash a mountain range into fine dust with merely a wave of their hand.

They were simply not of the same level.

Qin Yu's New Cosmos did not possess any precious materials. Thus, he had come to the Divine Realm.

The nameless mountain rage before him stretched long and unbroken for over a hundred thousand miles. Such an enormous mountain range was extremely common in the Divine Realm. Naturally, there were many demonic beasts living within this mountain range.

"The Cyan Alum Stones of this mountain range are ores that are relatively hard." Qin Yu immediately covered the entire mountain range with his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy.

With an intention from his mind, the countless amount of demonic beasts were all sent out of the mountain range by him.

After which…

Qin Yu directly covered the entire mountain range with an enormous amount of Spatial Energy and brought it directly into the New Cosmos. Just like this, the enormous mountain range that continued for over a hundred thousand miles disappeared before the eyes of the countless demonic beasts. This had caused those demonic beasts to be dumbstruck.

"What, what is going on?"

A large black python with a length of a hundred meters spoke human words to inquire the demonic beasts next to him. The demonic beasts beside him were also stunned.

Earlier, Qin Yu had teleported all of the demonic beasts that were spread through the mountain range out of the mountain range. Furthermore, he had placed them all to the same location. The demonic beasts that rarely encountered one another was now gathered together.

The countless amount of demonic beasts were making noise as they discussed among one another.

That enormous mountain range could be considered as their headquarters. They had lived there for that many years, who would've thought that it would suddenly disappear like that.

"To be able to teleport away a mountain range of over a hundred thousand miles, I reckon only the grand and majestic Godkings would be capable of doing that. For that Lord Godking to be willing to spare our lives, it could already be considered as our blessings. Everyone, it's better for us to search for a new place to live." A nine tailed golden fox's aged voice echoed. After that, it lead the way and left.

To the demonic beasts, even if that mountain range was to disappear, it could not be considered as being a large loss. Right away, they began to, one after another, leave to find a new location to live.

Within the boundless outer space of the New Cosmos.

That over a hundred thousand miles long mountain range appeared in the New Cosmos's outer space. However, when compared with the outer space, this mountain range was extremely tiny. As for Qin Yu himself, he was standing before this mountain range.

"If it was in the Divine Realm, then even Godking level expert would have to spend a great effort to break down this mountain range and pick out the pure Cyan Alum Stones from it. However, in the New Cosmos, it is much simplier."

With an intention from Qin Yu, the enormous mountain range before him had split into many pieces.

Countless amount of shattered stones began to float in the outer space before him. Suddenly, a meteorite flock was flying toward here from far away. Qin Yu did not mind it. When that ground of meteorite smashed onto these shattered stones, they were directly crushed apart. However, these shattered stones from the Divine Realm did not receive the slightest amount of damage.

The disparity between the hardness was truly too great.

Countless amounts of impure stones were directly cast aside by Qin Yu. Qin Yu had only chosen the Cyan Alum Stones.

This was to construct a city and not to craft a weapon. If Qin Yu wanted to craft a weapon, then he would have to clear up the impurity within the Cyan Alum Stones carefully.

However now…

Qin Yu had only removed some of the impure stones. All he needed was to gather the Cyan Alum Stones.

"City…" Many appearances of cities appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

There was Yuchi City, Dazzling Gold City, Floating Snow City, and so on. Majority of these cities possessed extremely simple and unadorned architecture. Qin Yu began to integrate the architecture of the various cities. The appearance of a city appeared in his mind.

When the appearance of the city appeared in Qin Yu's mind, the countless amounts of Cyan Alum Stones began to assemble together by themselves. City walls, city gates, the various buildings… In only a blink of eye's time, the entire city was actually completed.

The enormous city was floating in the outer space. Qin Yu executed several hand seals with his hands…

"Formation array, Universe!"

The city walls of the entire city as well as the top of the city all began to have dazzling light flowing through them. The hardness of the entire city had instantly increased by several times.

"However, the amount of Cyan Alum Stones is truly numerous. Constructing a city actually didn't even require half of those Cyan Alum Stones." Qin Yu looked to the Cyan Alum Stones to the side as well as the countless amount of floating various other stones. His eyes suddenly started to shine.

The Foggy Marsh of the Divine Realm. An endless amount of fog enveloped this marsh forever.

Qin Yu suddenly appeared within the Foggy Marsh.


An enormous black hole appeared above Qin Yu's head. That black hole was so deep that its end cannot be seen. Countless amount of stones flew out from that black hole and landed on the marsh below Qin Yu.

"It's sufficient if it covered the surrounding several tens of thousand miles."

The stones composed of the enormous mountain range were extremely numerous. The marsh was not deep. Quickly, the several tens of thousand miles region in the center of the Foggy Marsh was covered by the countless amount of stones.

After that, the various different shapes of Cyan Alum Stones began to land in order. They created a vast ground composed of Cyan Alum Stones within this Foggy Marsh.

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