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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 29 – Fog City

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip


The space above the Foggy Marsh suddenly started to tremble. An enormous city with a circumference close to ten thousand miles suddenly appeared in the sky. Following that, with an intention from Qin Yu, this enormous city rapidly descended from the sky.

The speed of its descent was extremely fast. However, when it approached the Cyan Alum Stone surface, the speed of its descent suddenly decreased. The enormous city landed on the Cyan Alum Stone surface like a goose feather.


A slight sound of collision was heard. Qin Yu displayed a smile on his face. This city shall be the residence for his people. A city of with a circumference close to ten thousand miles, even if there were ten million people, this city would still be able to easily contain all of them.

This enormous city, its four directions, the top and the bottom were all encircled with the formation array Universe. Regardless of whether it was the people inside or the people outside, they would not be able to fly into or out of the city from the sky. The only method they could enter and exit the city was through the city gates.

Of course…

If one possessed the strength of a Godking, then one would be able to directly teleport into it.

Qin Yu had already landed beside the city gates. He looked to an empty location above the city gates. According to his design, this location ought to have the name of the city written on it.

"What should I name this city?" Qin Yu began to ponder.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside Qin Yu. It was Jiang Li.

"Brother Yu." The very pregnant Jiang Li smiled as she looked to Qin Yu. "You had sent me over here, what is…" Jiang Li suddenly took note of the enormous city beside her. She was unable to refrain her shock. She looked to Qin Yu and said. "Brother Yu, is this the city that you've constructed? Is this our footing in the Divine Realm in the future?"

Qin Yu nodded and said with a smile. "That's right. This city is sufficiently large. However, to us, creating a city is easy. What's the most difficult is… how to pacify the Divine Spiritual Energy."

Jiang Li also nodded.

In the Divine Realm, other than in the cities that were originally there, the other regions of the Divine Realm all possessed extremely frantic and violent Divine Spiritual Energy. How to make the Divine Spiritual Energy become tranquil so that the Deities could absorb it easily. This was the most important matter.

"Brother Yu, isn't this something that you're extremely proficient in?" Jiang Li said with a smile.

Qin Yu also smiled.

There was actually a simple method in making a region's Divine Spiritual Energy peaceful. That was by setting up a space that belonged to oneself and transforming the Divine Spiritual Energy within that space to be tranquil. This was not a difficult matter to do.

Merely, in order to create a space that belonged to oneself, one must at the very least possess a Godking's level of strength. Furthermore… even if it was the Godkings, it would still be extremely taxing mentally to maintain a space for a long period of time. However, it was different for Qin Yu. Qin Yu merely had to set up a formation array space. The formation array space could then absorb the Divine Spiritual Energy by itself. Thus, the energy within the formation array space would be extremely peaceful.

"Brother Yu, what reason did you have me come here for? Is it just to see this masterpiece of yours?" Jiang Li said while beaming with smiles.

Qin Yu pointed to the city gate. "What do you think we should name this city?"

"Name?" Jiang Li began to frown. After she pondered for a moment, she slowly said. "Are we still planning to use 'Purple Mystic' and name it as Purple Mystic City? However, I feel that we'll be using the words Purple Mystic too frequently. How about… let's make it a bit more common. As this city is located in the Foggy Marsh, let's name it as the Fog City! How about that?"

"Fog City?"

Qin Yu pondered for a moment in his heart. His eyes then shined. He turned to Jiang Li and smiled. "Although this name was simple, the meaning implied by it was extremely clear. Let's have it as the name of the city." Qin Yu waved his sleeve. In an instant, two beautiful words written in calligraphy appeared… Fog City!

"Brother Yu, you…' Jiang Li smiled and curled her lips. She said helplessly. "Aren't you a bit too impatient? I had merely proposed a suggestion yet you've decided upon it right away. It's not too late if you were to think of the name for a bit longer."

"Your suggestion is extremely good. There is no need for me to think anymore." Qin Yu said with a smile. "Come, let's go in the city." Qin Yu held Jiang Li's hand and entered into the Fog City.

The constructions of the various buildings in the Fog City were all very relaxed in their design. Although Fog City possessed a circumference close to ten thousand miles, Qin Yu had not thought of recruiting a lot of people. From Qin Yu's point of view, he believed that… the value of soldiers was determined by their ability and not by the numbers.

As his side would not be participating in the great battle of the Divine Realm. Thus, there was no need for his city to have a lot of Heavenly Deities. As for strengthening the status of the city, all he required were the Godking experts. His side already possessed sufficient Godking level experts.

"Brother Yu, the sky, the ground and all the sides of the Fog City are all protected by that formation array of yours. One could only enter the city through the entrance gates. If the people were inside the Fog City, how high can they fly?" Jiang Li asked.

If people were not able to fly to a high point in the city, then it would truly be too constraining.

"Regarding this, there's no need to worry. From seeing outside, the formation array space's height is only several tens of miles. However, when one enters into the formation array space, one can fly tens of thousands of miles high. This is the peculiarity of formation array spaces." Qin Yu said with a smile. "Li'er, let's bring Uncle Lan and them over here now.'


An enormous mansion appeared in the sky a hundred miles above Qin Yu and Jiang Li.It was the Purple Mystic Mansion. Many of the Qin descendents within the Purple Mystic Mansion were surprised to discover that the scenery before them had suddenly changed.

Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng all teleported beside Qin Yu. As for Qin De, Hei Yu and them, they were all flying toward Qin Yu. Although it was in the Divine Realm, this Fog City was located within the formation array space. Thus, the people within it would not receive the oppressive restrictions of the Divine Realm.

Jiang Lan displayed a cheerful expression on his face. He took a glance at the surrounding and then nodded joyfully. He smiled to Qin Yu and said. "Little Yu, this city is very good. It's actually completely composed of Cyan Alum Stones. Furthermore, its construction is extremely natural and flowing." Jiang Lan praised.

This city was constructed by the Cyan Alum Stones directly through the use of control of the New Cosmos. Thus, how could it possibly not possess a natural flow?

Yi Feng also looked to this city with a satisfied expression.

"Qin Yu, have you set up the Conveying Arrays?" Zuo Qiulin's hoarse voice sounded.

Conveying Arrays?

Only at this moment did Qin Yu remembered about the extremely important Conveying Arrays. Not all the people within the Divine Realm could teleport like the Godkings. The Conveying Arrays were extremely important to a city. Otherwise, that city would be a lone city.

"There's no need to worry about the creation of Conveying Arrays. After all, it's extremely easy to set one up." Godking Yi Feng said with a light smile.

Setting up Conveying Arrays was actually a usage of the spatial laws. As long as one had reached the Godking level, one would be able to easily create a Conveying Array.

Qin Yu suddenly frowned.

"Uncle Lan, Uncle Yi Feng, Senior Zuo Qiulin, although it is easy to set up a Conveying Array, but wouldn't the destination of the Conveying Array definitely be the other important conveying points of the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu discovered a problem.

Godking Yi Feng also frowned. He nodded and said. "The locations with the most Conveying Arrays in the Divine Realm are all places controlled by the Eight Great Sacred Lands. We merely need to set up eight Conveying Arrays that leads to the Eight Great Sacred Lands. There is no need for us to set up any more Conveying Arrays. Furthermore, the Conveying Arrays there are all concentrated… However, if we were to do that, then the Eight Great Sacred Lands would definitely discover the extra Conveying Arrays. What sort of reaction would they give them?"

The best reaction was to allow Qin Yu's side to grow without objection.

A slightly bad reaction would be directly destroying the formation arrays set up by Qin Yu's side.

As for the worse reaction, that would be for them to come and directly eradicate Qin Yu's Fourth Ascender Power.

Qin Yu believed that of the Eight Great Sacred Lands, other than the Thunder Punishment City and Jiang Fan, the other sides would likely not come and waste their effort in attacking him. However, if the Eight Great Sacred Lands were to destroy his Conveying Arrays, it would then become problematic.

"The Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold and the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City likely would not destroy my Conveying Arrays." Qin Yu thought in his heart. These two parties possessed pretty good relationship with him. "I'll set up Conveying Arrays in front of the Eight Great Sacred Lands and see if they would destroy it. From that, I can also see the attitude that they have toward my Fog City."

"Thunder Punishment City!"

Qin Yu raised his hand and looked to the floating city surrounded by lightning. Below Qin Yu's foot was the Conveying Array that he had just created. "This is the eighth Conveying Array. Now that all the eight Conveying Arrays had been set up, I'll just have to wait and see their reactions."

With a teleportation, Qin Yu returned to the Fog City.

After returning to Fog City, Qin Yu spread his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy to cover the entire Divine Realm. The focus of his Spatial Energy was on the Eight Great Divine Families.

Every move and action of the Eight Great Divine Families were all within Qin Yu's observation.

Every day, people would go through the Conveying Arrays in the Eight Great Sacred Lands. Majority of the people would not notice that there was an extra Conveying Array. Even if they did, they would not meddle into other people's business.

Utmost Western Region's Mount Blazing Flame. Yu Fang, the Heavenly Deity who was in charge of the Conveying Arrays.

This task was actually extremely simple. That was because, under normal circumstances, there would not be an increase in Conveying Arrays even in a hundred million years. Inspecting the Conveying Arrays was seen as an extremely leisure task.

Although the inspector was required to inspect the Conveying Arrays every day, the majority of the Heavenly Deity inspectors would only inspect the Conveying Arrays once every ten days to half a month's time.

Yu Fang leisurely walked to the location where the Conveying Arrays were concentrated at. He casually took a glance at the Conveying Arrays before him. However, he was stunned.

"Eh? How come, how come there's an extra Conveying Array?" Having inspected the Conveying Arrays for countless years, Yu Fang already knew the number of Conveying Arrays as well at their locations by heart.

Yu Fang's expression immediately became serious. "To be able to set up Conveying Arrays, they ought to be at the very least a Godking level expert." To involve Godkings, this matter had turned troublesome.

Yu Fang frowned. He then stepped into this extra Conveying Array. After spending some Divine Spiritual Stones, he was directly conveyed to the destination of the Conveying Array.

Suddenly, Yu Fang appeared out of the Conveying Array located outside of the Fog City.

Yu Fang looked to this city before him. He then looked to the boundless amount of dense fog that had covered his surroundings. Then, upon seeing the name of the city, Yu Fan's eyes contracted. "Fog City? How come I've never heard of this city before? Furthermore… there's this much dense fog in the surrounding. Could it be that this is Foggy Marsh?"

In the Divine Realm, only the Foggy Marsh possessed this much fog.

However, it was the first time he had heard of there being a city within the Foggy Marsh.

Yu Fang looked to the Fog City in the distant. His expression suddenly changed. That was because above the Fog City floated an enormous mansion.

Qin Yu who was within the Fog City was looking to this scene with a smile on his face.

As time passed, Qin Yu came to know the reactions of the Eight Great Divine Families of the Divine Realm.

"Mount Blazing Flame is keeping their silence. They also did not destroy the Conveying Array."

"Light Lens City also did not destroy the Conveying Array. This Duanmu Yu is smart indeed. When he came to know that there was an enormous floating mansion, he guessed right away that it was the Purple Mystic Mansion."

Of the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, seven of them did not destroy the Conveying Arrays. When they found out that there was an enormous floating mansion, practically all of the major powers guessed that this city ought to belong to Qin Yu.

Of the Eight Great Sacred Lands, only the Thunder Punishment City destroyed the Conveying Array at the same date they discovered it.

"This Thunder Punishment City, it seems that they're pretty resolved. They destroyed the Conveying Array the same day they discovered it. I truly wonder what they plan to do next?" Qin Yu lightly smiled and then retracted his Spatial Energy. After that, he proceed to accompany his wife.

No matter what the Thunder Punishment City wanted to do, Qin Yu would not have the slightest amount of fear.

Thunder Punishment City. Inside a garden beside the Northwest Sage Emperor's Palace.

Zhou Huo sat on a chair with an ugly expression. The Heavenly Deity maids had already withdrew themselves. Just by seeing Zhou Huo's expression, those Heavenly Deity maids had managed to guess how bad his mood was.

The space slightly fluctuated. Zhou Tong appeared before Zhou Huo.

Zhou Tong's face was filled with anger. He looked to Zhou Huo and said. "Big brother, other than Qin Yu, there is no second individual in the Divine Realm who possesses an enormous floating mansion. That Fog City is definitely Qin Yu's! Since we are this certain, why did you only break the Conveying Array? Are we to swallow this anger of ours?"

Zhou Huo remained silent.

"Big brother!' Zhou Tong's face had grown red with anxiety. "That Qin Yu is hostile against our Thunder Punishment City. Who among the entire Divine Realm doesn't know that? If we were to allow Qin Yu to establish himself within the Divine Realm, it would be equivalent to him giving our Thunder Punishment City a firm slap to the face. No matter what, we cannot allow Qin Yu to remain in the Divine Realm while being this grand and majestic. If he were to be this well off, then we would be losing our faces!"

"Second brother, in that case what do you want to do?" Zhou Huo looked to Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong's voice contained his anger. "It's very simple, we'll destroy it! We'll destroy that Fog City! We'll destroy that Qin Yu! If our Thunder Punishment City's Four Great Godkings were to set off together, even if we cannot kill Qin Yu, we must still destroy that Fog City. If that Qin Yu doesn't die… then we shall have our Lord Father set off… and take care of him at once. We cannot allow Qin Yu to be so unfettered anymore."

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 30 – A Brazen Invasion

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Zhou Huo had grown silent. His brows were condensed together.

Suddenly, Zhou Huo raised his head. Lightning flickered through his eyes. He fixed his gaze on Zhou Tong. "Second brother, what you said is reasonable. The better off this Qin Yu is, the more face our Thunder Punishment City will lose. In a complex situation, a decisive action is needed… It should be time for us to directly take care of this Qin Yu now."

Hearing what Zhou Huo said, Zhou Tong displayed a pleasantly surprised expression.

"However, we still need to talk about this matter with our third brother and Zhou Ran. Also, we must inform our Lord Father about this too." Zhou Huo said.

"Third brother, Zhou Ran, quickly come to the Sage Emperor's Palace." Zhou Huo directly said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

While the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City were gathered together in discussion, Qin Yu was meeting with Duanmu Yu in the Purple Mystic Mansion above the Foggy Marsh's Fog City.

Inside the Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu were seated next to one another.

Duanmu Yu said with a smile. "Brother Qin Yu, before I came here, I was still worried as to whether Brother Qin Yu you would have enough strength to establish yourself in the Divine Realm. However, now that I've arrived at this Purple Mystic Mansion, I do not possess even the slightest amount of worry anymore."

After arriving in the Purple Mystic Mansion, Duanmu Yu met Godking Yi Feng and Godking Zuo Qiulin in succession.

On top of these two great Godkings, there were also Qin Yu and Jiang Li. Merely by the number of Godkings that Duanmu Yu knew of, there was already four. This power was sufficient enough to establish themselves within the Divine Realm.

"Brother Qin Yu, I have a question that I do not know whether I should ask." Duanmu Yu's complexion suddenly became a bit serious.

Qin Yu's heart moved. He said. "Brother Duanmu, please ask away."

Duanmu Yu smiled apologetically and said. "After I arrived at your Fog City, I've discovered many cultivators who have not even reached Deity level within your Fog City. I am a bit confused… could Brother Qin Yu had purposely teleported into the lower realms and brought those people up to the Divine Realm? Are they Brother Qin Yu's relatives?"

"It could be considered as me bringing them up to the Divine Realm. Practically all of them are my Qin clansmen. Even if they weren't, they are also people who are related with me." Qin Yu said with a smile.

The secret of the New Cosmos was not something that Qin Yu wouldn't casually speak to others of. Although Qin Yu knew Duanmu Yu's character, he doesn't know about the character of the other Godkings of the Light Lens City.

Duanmu Yu said with a frown. "Please excuse my boldness. However, Brother Qin Yu, your conducts, although you might allow the people from the lower realm to experience the livelihood of the Divine Realm, those people from the lower realm of yours could only be to stay within the Fog City. It is impossible for those people of the lower realm to be able to live their lives without restriction in the Divine Realm. To live such a prison-like life, isn't it better for them to continue to live freely in the lower realms?"


Qin Yu was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed.

"Duanmu, trouble has come. I'll go out and take care of that first." Qin Yu smiled apologetically. After that, he teleported and disappeared from beside Duanmu Yu.


A loud collision sound echoed through the heavens.The Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City were standing in the air. As for the Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong who had attacked the Fog City earlier, he was shocked to see that the Fog City had only slightly shook after receiving his attack.

"Formation array space?" In an instant, Zhou Huo had determined it was a formation array space.

An apathetic looking Zhou Wulian said indifferently. "Big brother, allow me to destroy this Fog City." A short cyan blade appeared in Zhou Wulian's hand.


That Zhou Wulian waved his short blade. Countless amount of blade silhouettes flew toward the Fog City. Each of the blade silhouette contained an astonishing level of destruction ability.


A cyan gowned figure suddenly appeared before the blade silhouettes. Countless amount of blade silhouettes ended up slashing on this cyan gowned figure. After the blade silhouettes dissipate away, the cyan gowned figure was not damaged in the slightest. At the same time, black gowned figure appeared beside the cyan gowned figure.

"Trying to destroy my Fog City?" A baleful look appeared on Qin Yu's face. He looked to the Four Great Godkings before him. "Attacking without declaring, that's the method of sneak attacking. This is truly the method consistent with your Thunder Punishment City."

The Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City all frowned.

Zhou Ran coldly humphed. "Qin Yu, do not show off on your ability to speak. You have humiliated our Thunder Punishment City time and time again. Today shall be the day that our Thunder Punishment City punishes you."


Zhou Hou slightly raised his head. With a trace of smile in his eyes, he said. "Qin Yu, we had originally wanted to give you some more time. Never would I imagine that you actually wanted to court death and openly constructed a Fog City in the Divine Realm."

"You all wanted to kill me? Am I mishearing things? Could it be that you all posses the means to kill me?" Qin Yu smiled and ridiculed.

Merely, Qin Yu began to be on guard.

This Zhou Huo was actually this confident, especially being this confident even after knowing that Qin Yu possessed the ability to break apart Spatial Freezing, there could only be a single explanation… the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was at the Thunder Punishment City and might be attacking.

Qin Yu had never seen an Exalted Celestial attacking before. Thus, he did not know how powerful an Exalted Celestial was.

However, Qin Yu knew that… even someone like the Asura Godking would be powerless before an Exalted Celestial. If an Exalted Celestial were to come, then the only thing he could do was flee.

"Li'er, have everyone return to the Purple Mystic Mansion. Quickly." Qin Yu sent a Mind Voice Transmission to Jiang Li.

At this moment, Jiang Li also came to know about the seriousness of this matter. Without asking anything, she immediately ordered everyone at the Fog City to return to the Purple Mystic Mansion.

Qin Yu's Spatial Energy began to spread. Once everyone returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu would immediately sent the Purple Mystic Mansion back into the New Cosmos. Qin Yu believed that… as long as they returned to the New Cosmos, his relatives would not receive the slightest amount of danger.

Only at that time would Qin Yu be able to fight against those people from Thunder Punishment City without any worries.

"Brother Yu, all those who are not Godkings have returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion." Jiang Li quickly replied back with a Mind Voice Transmission.

Qin Yu displayed a smile on his face. With an intention, he had sent the Purple Mystic Mansion back to the New Cosmos. The gaze that Qin Yu looked to the Four Great Godkings before him now also started to contain within it a trace of sharp coldness. "Originally, I had planned to deal with only Zhou Xian. However, your Thunder Punishment City continued to put pressure upon me. In that case, you cannot blame me for it." As Qin Yu thought that in his mind, the Divine Spear Waning Snow appeared in Qin Yu's hand.

When they saw the Divine Spear Waning Snow in Qin Yu's hand, the Four Great Godking's expression all grew solemn.

"This Qin Yu had called his clone out and also took out the Divine Spear Waning Snow right away. It seems that Qin Yu was planning to give it his all." Zhou Huo and them had all become on guard.

Before the eyes of Zhou Huo and them, Qin Yu was definitely going to die. Thus, they were willing to fight with their all against Qin Yu.


Zhou Huo said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. However, before Zhou Tong, Zhou Wulian and Zhou Ran could do anything, a countless number of bamboos suddenly appeared from the sky.

Godking Yi Feng's first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure… Vast Territory!

Godking Yi Feng, Zuo Qiulin and Jiang Lan all appeared beside Qin Yu. With a smile on his face, Godking Yi Feng turned to Qin Yu and said. "Qin Yu, the four of them are trapped within my Spiritual Treasure. It would be impossible for them to escape within a cup of tea's worth of time."

"Good, I'll go in and handle them." With a movement of Qin Yu's body, he also rushed into the bamboo forest floating in the sky.

A sharp fierceness flashed through Godking Yi Feng's eyes. He said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Qin Yu, let me lend you a hand." As for Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin, they were merely watching by the side. At this moment, there was no need to have the two of them to act.

Within the boundless bamboo forest.

At this moment, the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City were all trapped within the Vast Territory. Although Zhou Huo possessed a Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure, it would still require him quite some time in order to break apart the Vast Territory.

And at this period of time, it was the most dangerous moment for the Four Great Godkings.

"Eldest Uncle, what should we do now?" Said Zhou Ran via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. The current Zhou Ran was worried.

This Vast Territory was a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Zhou Ran did not have the ability to break through it at all. Among the four that were trapped, only Zhou Huo and Zhou Wulian barely had the strength to break apart this Vast Territory. If the two of them were to join hands, then they would be able to break apart a bit earlier.

"Zhou Ran, do not worry. If you were to encounter someone's attack, just teleport away." Said Zhou Huo via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "This Vast Territory only possesses the ability to trap people. Although it is relatively hard to break apart to become free, but the four of us all know the location of each other. It is not likely that others would be able to kill us."

Right when Zhou Huo sent his Divine Awareness Voice Transmission, a stream of cyan air suddenly appeared before Zhou Huo. Suddenly, a portion of that stream of cyan air turned into a leg.

The long leg ripped apart the sky and was kicked forth violently. The Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Vast Territory started to vibrate. The attack from a body formed by a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was also extremely frightening. However, Zhou Huo still possessed the ability to resist it. Merely…


Zhou Huo actually did not block it. He directly escaped with a teleportation.

"What a pity." The black gowned Qin Yu also appeared. If Zhou Huo had fought against his clone for a moment, then his Divine Spear Waning Snow would have pierced into Zhou Huo's head.

Qin Yu was worried about Zhou Huo running away. That was the reason why he had used his clone who possessed a weaker attack than his Divine Spear Waning Snow to attack Zhou Huo. Never did he expected that even though this was the case, Zhou Huo still ran away.

"Hff!" A figure suddenly appeared behind Qin Yu's true body. A cyan colored light ray was directly hacked toward Qin Yu. Its speed was so fast that Qin Yu was unable to block it in time.

The person who had come to attack was precisely Zhou Wulian who held a cyan colored short blade in his hand.

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