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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 25 – The True Expert

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The green eyebrowed old man was truly shocked. He had already sensed the toughness of Qin Yu's clone earlier. At that time, he had become certain that even if the clone were attacked by a powerful Spiritual Treasure, it would likely not be harmed.

However, who would've thought that this clone that was tough to the extreme was actually also capable of turning into mist.

Such a clone, who could possibly destroy it?

After he thought of the terrifying Divine Spear Waning Snow, the green eyebrowed old man was completely convinced of being inferior. Furthermore, he had also determined that even the Sage Emperors would not be able to defeat Qin Yu.

"That spear…" The green eyebrowed old man once looked to Qin Yu's right hand once more. Qin Yu's right hand was currently empty. Frightened, the green eyebrowed old man thought. "That spear ought to possess even more powerful attack power than the Sage Emperors' Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures."

Although others could not be certain for sure, the green eyebrowed old man had fought the Sage Emperors over ten times already. Thus, he naturally knew very well of the Sage Emperors' attack power. His whip was extremely tenacious but it too was about to be cut apart by Qin Yu's spear. This Divine Spear Waning Snow was too frightening.

"No wonder those Sage Emperors are completely shriveled these days. Ha, so what if they're shriveled? None of my business. This old man stopped caring about them since a long time ago. Oh how great it is for me to carefreely be in the Eastern Sea by myself." Thought the green eyebrowed old man.

After that, the green eyebrowed old man looked at Qin Yu with a smile on his face. "Qin Yu, I am completely convinced of my loss. Ha…. all these years, I have only lost this miserably once."

"I merely relied on better weapons." Qin Yu smiled and said.

"To not be arrogant after victory, not bad, not bad." The green eyebrowed old man looked at the Godking of Death Zuo Qiulin with a smile on his face. Immediately, his face grew cold. "Zuo Qiulin, I lost. Thus, you no longer have to be bound by the promise that we made back then. However, do not be complacent… the person who defeated me this time was Qin Yu and not you. Humph."

The green eyebrowed old man humped and was about to turn around to leave.

"Old Ghost, you don't be complacent either. I'll come again to fight you myself next time. Let's see who would be the true victor then." Zuo Qiulin promptly said. All these years, she had been trampled upon by this green eyebrowed old man. Thus, she naturally want to win against him.

Especially after she obtained the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure from Qin Yu, Zuo Qiulin was currently confident that she would win.

The green browed old man turned around. He stared at Zuo Qiulin and said with a smile. "If you have the ability, then don't use the Spiritual Treasure given to you by Qin Yu to fight against me. I bet you don't have the ability to win against me without that." After he said that, the green eyebrowed old man displayed a completely contented expression.

Qin Yu took a glance at the green eyebrowed old man and smiled.

This green eyebrowed old man was indeed an adorable person.

"How did this Old Ghost manage to guess that I received a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure from Qin Yu?" At this moment, Zuo Qiulin was confused.

Jiang Li suddenly uttered in shock. She then said to Qin Yu via voice transmission. "Brother Yu, I've remembered a person. Back then, the Forest Ocean City's Mu Clan had a super expert known as the Green Leaf Godking. His strength was extremely astonishing… Merely, later on, this Green Leaf Godking mysteriously disappeared."

"Oh? Green Leaf Godking?" Qin Yu had never heard of a Green Leaf Godking.

According to what Qin Yu knew, of the Eight Great Sacred Lands, the Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean City and the Southeastern Region's Subterranean City both only possessed two Godkings. Furthermore, of the Forest Ocean City's two Godkings, there wasn't one with the name Mu Yu.

Jiang Li took a glance at the green eyebrowed old man before her. She then said to Qin Yu via voice transmission. "Brother Yu, the Green Leaf Godking's disappearance was something that occurred a long time ago. It ought to be around six quadrillion years ago. There are people who think that the Green Leaf Godking died and there are others who think that he had hidden himself. However, no one knows what happened to him. Today, after seeing the green hair, green eyebrows, and his proficiency in using Life Energy; I reckon this Mu Yu is that Green Leaf Godking. Of course, this is merely my guess since during the time when he disappeared, I was still not born yet."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"Green Leaf Godking." Qin Yu looked to the green eyebrowed old man before him. He was surprised to know that the man before him was the Green Leaf Godking. Qin Yu naturally would not break apart the hidden lifestyle of this Green Leaf Godking.

"Old Ghost, what are you being complacent for? Weren't you also completely defeated by Qin Yu? You didn't even have the opportunity to fight back at all." At this moment, that Zuo Qiulin started to argue with the green eyebrowed old man.

The green eyebrowed old man's face grew red. "You, you." He then laughed. "Haha, that's right, I've lost. I've merely lost to Qin Yu. Furthermore, it's not like Qin Yu is unequalled. It's extremely ordinary for there to be someone stronger than you. For example, when I was at the Western Sea, I was defeated even more miserably. I was defeated before I even managed to see the person's face. From the way I see it, I think that super expert from the Western Sea is stronger than Qin Yu. Other than that person, there's also the Asura Godking Luo Fan… Thus, stop always using another to compare. Let's just compare the two of us, could you win against me?" The green eyebrowed old man raised his chin and shot a glance at Zuo Qiulin. A trace of disdain flashed through his eyes.

Zuo Qiulin was angered speechless.

As for Qin Yu, his ears were perked upon hearing the speech.

Western Sea? Super expert?

"This green eyebrowed old man's strength is definitely not inferior to those Sage Emperors. If I didn't use the Divine Spear Waning Snow, I reckon I would not be able to beat him… In this Divine Realm, other than the Asura Godking Luo Fan, there's actually another person who can easily defeat this green eyebrowed old man? Furthermore, this green eyebrowed old man did not even managed to see the face of the person who defeated him."

Qin Yu was truly shocked by the Western Sea's super expert.

"There's really such a super expert in the Western Sea?" Qin Yu began to carefully search the Western Sea with his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy. "There's quite many hidden Godkings at the Western Sea, there's a total of five of them. However, none of these five seem extremely powerful."

As Qin Yu had seen many Godking experts, his ability to judge them had became stronger.

Although Qin Yu was unable to determine the strength of the five Godkings with absolute certainty, he still had a little bit of awareness. These five people ought to be inferior to the green eyebrowed old man.

"Senior Mu Yu, you said that super expert is at the Western Sea? Are you certain of it?" Qin Yu looked to the green eyebrowed old man with a suspicious expression.

The green eyebrowed old man opened his eyes. "You don't believe me? Why would I, Mu Yu, lie? Let me tell you, that super expert is located in the Blood Sea located at the utmost western region of the Western Sea."

"Blood Sea?"

That region appeared in Qin Yu's mind. The Western Sea was extremely vast. As for the Blood Sea, it was a sea within the sea. When compared to the Western Sea, the Blood Sea was not a large area. However, that was when compared with the Western Sea, a location with a range of hundreds of millions of miles.

"You said that expert is in the Blood Sea?" Qin Yu asked once more.

Qin Yu did not discover any super experts in the Blood Sea.

"Indeed!" The green eyebrowed old man said with absolute certainty. "Of course, that was something that happened a very long time ago. I do not know if that super expert is still in the Blood Sea."

The green eyebrowed old man stared at Qin Yu. "What is it? You wish to find that super expert? Haha, Qin Yu, don't waste your efforts. Back then, when I was attacked by that super expert in the Blood Sea, I did not even discover where that person attacked me from."

To not be discovered even after approaching someone, this clearly displayed the hiding ability of this hidden expert.

Qin Yu possessed ambitions toward that sort of super expert. If he was able to invite this sort of super expert to his camp, then his side's strength would be much stronger.

As for whether he would be capable of beating this super expert, Qin Yu was not worried in the slightest. As long as this super expert entered his New Cosmos, Qin Yu would be an absolute and unparalleled existence.

"Blood Sea, Blood Sea."

Qin Yu carefully observed the Blood Sea with his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy. He was observing it with extreme carefulness.

"Brother Yu, Brother Yu." Jiang Li beside him called out for Qin Yu. However, Qin Yu did not even notice that. That was because the current Qin Yu was stunned…

There was not a single person within the Blood Sea. No matter how hard Qin Yu tried to observe, he was unable to discover a single person. However, Qin Yu discovered a very special location…

The Blood Sea was extremely different from the normal blue colored seawater surrounding it.

It was normal for a Blood Sea to be different from ordinary sea. However, when he carefully observed it, Qin Yu discovered that the entire Blood Sea possessed an extremely weak aura. That was the aura of life.

Even if the entire Blood Sea's aura was combined, it was still extremely weak. There was no need to mention how weak this aura would be after it spread through the hundred of thousands of miles circumference Blood Sea. That aura was so weak that Qin Yu had not noticed it in the beginning. Qin Yu had thought this to be the difference between the Blood Sea and ordinary seas. However, it would appear now that…

"Could it be, could it be…"

Qin Yu had a thought in his mind!

"Could it be that this Blood Sea is not an ordinary and simple part of the ocean, but instead a special weapon crafted by an expert? Within this weapon, it contains the soul aura of the expert?" Qin Yu had this guess in his heart.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li's voice finally woke Qin Yu up. "Li'er, what's wrong?"

Jiang Li smiled helplessly and said. "Earlier when that Senior Mu Yu left, I yelled to ask you if we should return but you were just standing there with a blank expression."

"Return? Where are we returning?" Zuo Qiulin suddenly asked.

Qin Yu however shook his head and said. "There's no need to rush. Before we return, I plan to check out the Western Sea's Blood Sea. I want to check out what exactly is special about this sea within sea."

"Blood Sea? Brother Yu, you want to meet that super expert?" Jiang Li said with a smile.

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"But Senior Mu Yu said earlier that it was likely for that super expert to have left the Blood Sea." Jiang Li said with a frown. Qin Yu however shook his head and said. "You'll find out once we go there."

"Senior Zuo Qiulin, are you willing to join us?" Qin Yu looked to Zuo Qiulin.

"Yes." Zuo Qiulin nodded.

Qin Yu said to Zuo Qiulin solemnly. "From the way it looks, that mysterious expert is extremely powerful. Thus, in times of danger, I might use a special method to teleport you. At that time, please do not resist it."

"Teleport? Who doesn't know that?" Zuo Qiulin sneered.

"I merely want you to not resist the spatial shifting in times of danger. Is that fine?" At this moment, Qin Yu was disinclined to explain the difference between his teleportation and the Godkings' teleportation.

Zuo Qiulin took a deep gaze at Qin Yu. She then nodded indifferently.

"In that case, let's go." Qin Yu said with a smile. Qin Yu had only said those words earlier in order to prepare for the worst. After all, none of them had seen that mysterious expert of the Western Sea's Blood Sea.

Just like that, Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin disappeared into thin air.

The Western Sea of the Divine Realm was extremely vast and boundless. Next to the utmost western region of the Western Sea was a region of ocean that was completely red. The red ocean water was completely different from the blue ocean water.

The region composed of this red ocean water was called the Blood Sea.

There existed no living organism inside the Blood Sea. Those demonic beasts that lived in the Western Sea and close to the Blood Sea all knew that the Blood Sea was a land of death. If they were to accidently swim into the range of the Blood Sea, then they would meet their certain doom.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin appeared in the sky above the Blood Sea.

"The water of this Blood Sea is not 'blood' at all. There's not a trace of reeking of blood." Jiang Li sniffed with her nose a couple times and then said to Qin Yu with a smile.

Qin Yu also lightly nodded with a smile on his face.

"Qin Yu, I sense that something's amiss." Zuo Qiulin said in a low voice. She had also became alerted.

Qin Yu understood that this was the atmosphere brought about by the special aura of the Blood Sea. As long as one was above the Blood Sea, one would be able to sense it. As for Jiang Li, she had snuggled up against Qin Yu. From the way Jiang Li saw things, she believed that as long as she was beside Qin Yu, even if the sky were to collapse, it would still be fine.

Qin Yu suddenly said in a clear voice. "I am Qin Yu. I have come here on account for your reputation. I wish that Senior would be willing to show yourself to meet this Qin Yu." Qin Yu's voice resounded through the entire airspace of the Blood Sea. The strange thing was that no matter what, Qin Yu's voice was unable to spread past the region covered by the Blood Sea.

"Brother Yu, you're certain there's someone here?" Jiang Li asked softly.

Zuo Qiulin was also looking at Qin Yu. At this moment, Zuo Qiulin was able to sense that there was danger in the place, but was incapable of sensing anyone here.


"You can sense me?" A female voice sounded from the vast and boundless Blood Sea. It was as if someone were speaking from every portion of the Blood Sea.

Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin's expression immediately took a change.

Qin Yu already guessed that this Blood Sea was something refined by that mysterious expert. He immediately smiled and said. "I merely sensed that this Blood Sea possessed a peculiar aura. It ought to be the aura of life."

"Haha… interesting, interesting. In that case, you can stay and accompany me."

Only a loud laughter was heard. After that, the endless blood red colored ocean water started to roll about. The vast amount of ocean water had completely engulfed the world, covering the heaven and earth… Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin had been caught into a Blood Sea World in an instant.


A frightening silence!

An endless amount of ocean water had flown into the air and stopped spinning. Qin Yu was even able to see the droplets of blood red colored sea water stopped in midair.

At the same time, Qin Yu felt that he was unable to move. Not only him, Zuo Qiulin and Jiang Li was also unable to move. Qin Yu had sensed this once. It was the last time when the Asura Godking Luo Fan used Time Stop.

"Time Stop, there's actually another person in the Divine Realm capable of using Time Stop?" Qin Yu was truly shocked.

"Three Godkings to become my Blood Slaves. Not bad, not bad…" That laughter echoed.


A ray of light flashed through Qin Yu's eyes. After that, Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin disappeared from this Blood Sea World. They had returned to the New Cosmos.


All of the blood red colored sea water gathered together. The Blood Sea with a circumference of hundreds of millions of miles had condensed together with lightning like speed. In the end, it turned into a woman with long crimson colored hair, crimson colored eyebrows and a crimson colored gown. Although that woman was astonishingly beautiful, she did not possess a trace of charm. All she possessed was the domineering aura as if she was looking down upon the entire world.

At this moment, this woman was frowning. The scene from earlier had clearly confused her.

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 26 – Cosmic Origin

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

On the Purple Mystic Star of the New Cosmos.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin appeared in the sky. After having returned to the Purple Mystic Star, Qin Yu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. The scene from earlier had indeed shocked Qin Yu.

In the Divine Realm, there was actually another Godking other than the Asura Godking who was capable of using Time Stop.

"What, what happened earlier was Time Stop? I've never heard of that super expert before." Zuo Qiulin's hoarse voice sounded. Within her eyes was a hard to conceal shock.

Jiang Li also said with a serious expression. "In the past, we had only paid attention to the Godkings of the Eight Great Sacred Lands and the Three Great Ascender Powers. No one had paid attention to those hidden Godkings. Never would I have imagined there to be such a frightening person among the hidden Godkings. No wonder… that Senior Mu Yu from the Eastern Sea was defeated before he even saw the face of his opponent."

Qin Yu's gaze was concentrated. He nodded and said. "It would seem that the strength of the Divine Realm's Godkings is not as simple as I had thought."

"Qin Yu."

Zuo Qiulin suddenly displayed a shocked expression. She stared at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu. This place, where exactly is this place? Why is it that I cannot use my spatial laws or Time Acceleration here?"

Zuo Qiulin had just walked out from being shocked by the mysterious expert of the Blood Sea. Yet, she walked into an even larger shock.

To the Godkings, regardless of which space they arrived to, they would still be capable of using the spatial laws and the temporal laws. After all, those Godkings had never been to another Cosmos before.

Jiang Li started to laugh.

"Qin Yu, what exactly is happening?" Zuo Qiulin stared at Qin Yu. This was truly too frightening. The gap between Godkings that cannot use spatial laws and High Level Heavenly Deities was awfully small.

Qin Yu slightly smiled and said. "That is because… this is my world." After he said that, Qin Yu did not bother to carefully explain anymore.

And at this moment, in the airspace before Qin Yu and them, more than a dozen young males and females were flying toward them. Once they saw Qin Yu, they immediately stopped. They bowed and said respectfully. "Utmost Supreme Third Elder." These more than a dozen people were all Qin descendants. The gaze that these Qin descendants looked to Qin Yu contained within it an absolute sense of veneration.

Qin Yu nodded with a smile on his face.

Ever since Qin Yu left spatial channels in the Divine Realm, Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Mortal Realm and many other cosmic spaces, many of the Qin clansmen would frequently come to the Purple Mystic Star. There were many people who had even brought various beasts to the Purple Mystic Star.

Seeing that Qin Yu was not explaining himself, Zuo Qiulin humphed and asked no more. As Zuo Qiulin was a proud individual, since Qin Yu do not wish to explain, she would not be willing to lower herself to continue to ask him either.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin turned into three rays of light. They had directly flown to the Purple Mystic Mansion's mansion gate.

"Uncle Lan has returned."

With merely an intention from Qin Yu, he discovered Jiang Lan who was chatting and playing chess with Yi Feng. Jiang Lan and Yi Feng seemed to be very happily chatting.

Bringing Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin with him, Qin Yu directly proceeded to walk toward the direction of Jiang Lan and Yi Feng. On the way there Qin Yu had encountered many Heavenly Deity servants and Qin descendants.

After entering the quiet courtyard.

Jiang Lan and Yi Feng simultaneously turned their head around toward the direction of the courtyard's entrance. When they saw Zuo Qiulin, both Jiang Lan and Yi Feng opened their eyes wide and involuntarily stood up. They were looking at Zuo Qiulin foolishly. Only after a long time had passed did Jiang Lan and Yi Feng wake up from their stunned state.

"Too great of an resemblance, too great of an resemblance." Jiang Lan gasped in a low voice.

Yi Feng's gaze was still on Zuo Qiulin. This caused her to humph coldly in dissatisfaction. After that, Yi Feng smiled embarrassedly. "I assume you are Godking Zuo Qiulin right?"

Zuo Qiulin took a glance at Jiang Lan and Yi Feng. She then looked to Qin Yu and said coldly. "Qin Yu, arrange a living location for me. I do not wish to see these two people." Zuo Qiulin did not even bother to take another glance at Yi Feng and Jiang Lan.

Yi Feng and Jiang Lan glanced at each other. They could only smile helplessly.

Qin Yu snickered in his heart.

He knew very well himself. As Zuo Qiulin and Zuo Qiumei were blood sisters, their appearances were exactly the same. The only difference was their personality. Both Yi Feng and Jiang Lan had thought of Zuo Qiumei all the time. It was likely that they even dreamed of her in their dreams. For them to see Zuo Qiulin now, how could they not be stunned?


Zuo Qiulin disliked them very greatly.

"Perhaps this Zuo Qiulin was very resentful for Uncle Lan and Yi Feng to not be able to save her younger sister." Qin Yu guessed in his heart.

At this moment, Zuo Qiulin looked to Qin Yu with a dissatisfied expression. "Qin Yu, why aren't you arranging a place for me to live yet? I'm feeling extremely uncomfortable just seeing these two men before me. Humph!" Zuo Qiulin's expression was so cold that it appeared as if they had a layer of ice covering her face.

Receiving such 'malicious talk' from Zuo Qiulin, Jiang Lan and Yi Feng could only smile embarrassedly.

"Uncle Fu." Qin Yu spoke.

Uncle Fu appeared in the courtyard like the wind. He bowed to Qin Yu and said. "Master."

"Uncle Fu, arrange a good location for Senior Zuo Qiulin." Qin Yu said directly. Qin Yu had given all the matters of managing the Purple Mystic Mansion to the housekeeper Uncle Fu.

"Yes, master." Uncle Fu bowed to Zuo Qiulin. "Lady Zuo Qiulin, please follow me." After that, Uncle Fu began to lead the way and Zuo Qiulin also left with him.

After Zuo Qiulin left, Jiang Lan and Yi Feng smiled bitterly and shook their heads.

"Little Yu, I truly never would've thought that you would've invited over A'mei's older sister." Jiang Fan said with a gasp of admiration. Merely, within his eyes flashed a trace of dim helplessness.

Yi Feng patted Jiang Lan's shoulder. "Jiang Lan, it would seem that the days in the future would become filled with hardships."

Jiang Lan's expression became solemn. He looked to Qin Yu and asked. "Little Yu, now that you've invited Zuo Qiulin to our camp. I am familiar with Zuo Qiulin's strength. With her, Yi Feng and you, even if Li'er and I were to not join in, you all would also be sufficient to create a footing in the Divine Realm for yourselves. What do you plan to do now?"

Qin Yu knew that Uncle Lan would not become hostile against the Eight Great Divine Families unless it was a time of absolute necessary.

After all, Jiang Lan was from the Jiang Clan. No matter how bad his relationship with the Eight Great Divine Families were, he would still not directly set off to kill people of the Eight Great Divine Families. According to what Jiang Lan had said… he would stay in the back and protect Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and them.

Yi Feng also looked to Qin Yu. He also wanted to know what Qin Yu planned to do next.

"I plan to construct a city in the Divine Realm!" Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Construct a city?" Jiang Lan and Yi Feng glanced at each other. They then looked to Qin Yu with smiles on their faces. "Little Yu, continue."

Qin Yu nodded and said. "In the Divine Realm, there are Eight Great Sacred Lands and Three Great Ascender Powers. I plan to have our side become the Fourth Great Ascender Power! Standing behind our side is the New Cosmos. I believe that we possess sufficient power to create a footing in the Divine Realm."

"You're pretty confident. Qin Yu, where do you plan to build your city in?" Yi Feng looked to Qin Yu with a smile.

Qin Yu took a glance at Jiang Li beside him. Their gazes connected. The two of them both smiled.

"The Foggy Marsh! The location between the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold and the Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean City, that Foggy Marsh with a range comparable to the range of power that Mount Dazzling Gold possessed."

The decision to chose the Foggy Marsh was something that Qin Yu and Jiang Li decided in a chat.

"The range of the Foggy Marsh is extremely vast. Generally, even Heavenly Deities would not dare to casually enter it. Furthermore, if Deities were to enter this place, then they would sink into the marsh and become the target of the demonic beasts within the marsh. Their fate was only that of death. For you to choose such a location…" Yi Feng started to frown.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "It's relatively troublesome of a place to other people. However, to me, it's extremely simple."

"Uncle Yi Feng, Uncle Lan, don't forget that I am a formation array grandmaster." After Qin Yu said these words, Jiang Lan and Yi Feng suddenly came to realize.

They now knew what Qin Yu planned to do.

"In that case, when do you plan to construct that city?" Jiang Lan asked.

Qin Yu said with a smile. "Li'er and I had consulted about this matter before. We plan to have our child to be born with well regard. Thus, we plan to wait until the city is finished constructing before allowing our child to be born."

Jiang Li gently caressed her stomach. She displayed a radiance of a warm, caring mother on her face. She then raised her head and looked to Qin Yu beside her. After that, she smiled and looked to Jiang Lan and Yi Feng. "Uncle Lan, Uncle Yi Feng, currently, all we're waiting for is for Aunt Zuo Qiulin to finish refining that first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Brother Yu would help her create a space where the time would increase by a hundred thousand times. I reckon that she would be able to finish refining it in ten years time."

"First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?"

Jiang Lan's eyes shined. He then started laughing. "Haha, Little Yu, that Zuo Qiulin has a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, Brother Yi Feng also possesses a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual, you and Li'er also possess first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, and then I also possess one… the foundation of your Divine Realm's Fourth Ascender Power is extremely firm and substantial."

In the entire Divine Realm, which power actually possessed this many first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures for their Godkings?

The Mortal Realm space was now completed. It was now extremely easy for Qin Yu to accelerate time by a hundred thousand times. Qin Yu set up a space to allow Zuo Qiulin to quietly refine the scepter Ten Thousand Willows. After that, Qin Yu returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu were both training. As for Qin Yu, he too was sitting cross-legged and training on a praying mat in the martial practice room. His soul was currently completely in fusion with the Cosmos.

"Chi chi~~~"

Countless amounts of Grandmist Spiritual Energy was being absorbed. The layer of cosmic spaces above the Mortal Realm cosmic spaces was also growing. One by one, cosmic spaces the same level as the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm began to be born.


Qin Yu who originally had his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes. A trace of confusion flashed through his eyes. After that, Qin Yu disappeared from the martial practice room through a teleportation.

In the core region of the New Cosmos's Mortal Realm cosmic spaces. The region had a spatial crack which bordered three cosmic spaces. The energy within that spatial crack was extremely chaotic. Shattered spaces were continuously drifting through this spatial crack.

At the center of this spatial crack, at an unremarkable location, there actually floated a fist-sized colorful light. As for Qin Yu, he had teleported to this location.

"This, this is the Cosmic Origin?"

Qin Yu's eyes were filled with joy. He carefully observed this fist-sized colorful light. This lump of Cosmic Origin had only been born for a very short period of time before it was discovered by Qin Yu.

"I have been confused as to why the Eight Great Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm were all capable of using the Cosmic Origin Energy yet why my New Cosmos does not possess a Cosmic Origin. So this was the case, so this was the case!"

Qin Yu suddenly came to a realization.

When the Cosmos first started growing, it would rapidly absorb the Grandmist Spiritual Energy to grow. At that time, it belonged to a state of 'lacking resources.'

Yet now… the Mortal Realm cosmic spaces had been established.

Although the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm layer cosmic space was still in the process of growth, the amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy required to allow the Cosmos to grow became less and less. After all, the Cosmos was in a state of a pyramid. The further up the layer of Cosmos, the less amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy it required.

And now, the amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy the New Cosmos absorbed had surpassed the amount that it consumed. In other words, it reached a state of 'surplus resources.'

After the Cosmos's complicated absorption, refinement and transformation, the surplus Grandmist Spiritual Energy would form Cosmic Origin Energy.

The creation of the Cosmic Origin Energy was extremely complicated.

"Haha… the absorption rate is already greater than the consumption rate. In other words… the amount of Cosmic Origin Energy would become more and more abundant." Qin Yu displayed a smile on his face.

Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that this lump of fist-sized colorful light was slowly expanding and contracting as if it was living. At the same time, its size was slowly growing.

One could anticipate…

When the entire Cosmos finished forming, this Cosmic Origin's size would become much bigger.

"This Cosmic Origin Energy…" With an intention from Qin Yu, his soul's energy completely fused with the Cosmic Origin Energy. Qin Yu came to completely understand this Cosmic Origin Energy.

"The Primal Chaos turned into Yin and Yang, forming the five elements of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The Yin turned into Darkness and the Yang turned into Light. Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth formed the entire world… There's also the energy of Lightning that is in charge of balance."

[TL: Gold Element is the same as Metal Element.]

[ED: Basically the explanation of Cosmos by Hongmeng in the last chapter of CD]

Qin Yu came to understand all this in his heart.

He now knew why those Eight Great Sacred Lands would forever stand in the Divine Realm. Now it seemed, those Eight Great Sacred Lands were in charge of the eight most fundamental energies. They were the 'housekeepers' of the entire Cosmos.

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