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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 19 – The Arrival of the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Kulops

Inside the dusky room, only a red candle was burning. The flame of the candle was lightly flickering. The Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian was staring at this red candle without blinking at all.

The red candle grew shorter and shorter. In the end, the flame died out.

"Sigh." After the flames died out, a long sigh sounded from the dusky room. After some time, another red candle was lit up. The candle began to burn once again…

An unknown number of red candles have already been burned.

"Third brother, quickly come to the Sage Emperor's Palace."

The Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo's voice suddenly sounded in Zhou Wulian's mind. Zhou Wulian's dangling eyes suddenly was suddenly opened. A lighting flashed through those eyes. As for that red candle that had already been burned to half, it immediately disintegrated to nothingness.


After pushing open the door to his room, Zhou Wulian raised his head and looked to the sky. An endless amount of lighting was flickering in the sky. The sky of the Thunder Punishment City was covered with countless amounts of lightning for eternity.

Although Zhou Huo's voice transmission sounded to be urgent, Zhou Wulian did not hurry in the slightest. He slowly walked out from his mansion and began to walk toward the Sage Emperor's Palace step by step.

He walked all the way to the entrance gates of the Sage Emperor's Palace.

"It's Yan'er?" A gentle voice sounded from within the Sage Emperor's Palace. Zhou Wulian who originally appeared to be dispirited had immediately grew energetic. He immediately sped up his pace and entered into the Sage Emperor's Palace.

[TL: Yan → nightmare. The same nightmare in the Thunder Nightmare Godking.]

Seated above the Sage Emperor's Palace's palace hall was a purple gowned and silver haired old man. This old man possessed a pair of eagle-like sharp eyes. His lips were very thin and slightly purple in color. As for his long silver hair, each and every strand of hair was flickering with a transparent light. If one did not carefully observe it, one would not be able to tell at all. Between his eyebrows was a scarlet colored mark.

Standing below the palace hall was the Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Xian, Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong as well as Zhou Wulian's son Zhou Ran. At this moment, these three Great Godkings were displaying an extremely polite and modest attitude.


Zhou Wulian said with a bow.

This silver haired old man was precisely the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial of the Divine Realm's Three Great Exalted Celestial.

"Yan'er." Facing Zhou Wulian, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial displayed a face filled with smiles.

Why did the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial address Zhou Wulian as Yan'er? Actually, this Zhou Wulian's actual name was Zhou Yan. The three sons of the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial… oldest son Zhou Huo, second son Zhou Tong and third son Zhou Yan.

Merely, six quadrillion years ago, Zhou Yan changed his name to Zhou Wulian.

"What might lord father have come here for today?" Zhou Wulian said indifferently. Merely, within his gaze was the trace of politeness and modesty that one had towards their father.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial took a glance at his third son. He sighed in his heart.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial knew very well that his third son had already been heartbroken to a state of death and had nothing to long for in life. Likely there would not be anything that could stir up his emotions. Every single time when he remembered that his son had changed his name to 'Wulian,' the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial felt extremely helpless in his heart.

[TL: Wulian → No feeling of attachment.]

"The main reason for my return is because of the suddenly emerged Qin Yu. I've heard that this Qin Yu has placed our Thunder Punishment City in a sorry state? Is this matter true?" The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's gaze was cast to the four people below.

Zhou Huo displayed an ashamed expression. He immediately spoke and said. "Father, this is indeed the truth."

The Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong said with a clear voice. "Father, according to what Zhou Xian has said, this Qin Yu ought to only be a nobody from the Mortal Realm twenty thousand years ago. Yet now, he is capable of crafting first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Furthermore, his strength is very, very strange!"

"Haha… how could strength be described as weird?" The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial lightly laughed.

Ordinarily, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial would not bother about the matter that occurred in the Thunder Punishment City. That was because he believed that no one would dare to provoke the Thunder Punishment City. Merely, this time around, after he returned to the Divine Realm after wandering the lower realms, he would occasionally hear about people talking about the matters of the Thunder Punishment City. Only through that did he manage to have a rough idea of what had happened.

"Grandfather." Zhou Ran said respectfully. "That Qin Yu is not a Godking. Yet, what's so strange is… that Qin Yu could teleport and even accelerate time!"

"Capable of teleportation and Time Acceleration? Not a Godking?" The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial nodded. However, he did not display a very shocked expression on his face.

"What's the most astonishing was that he was capable of breaking the Spatial Freezing created by the Six Great Sage Emperors at the same time and subsiding the space." Zhou Ran's voice contained the gasp of surprise.


The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's eyelids were raised. He was finally surprised.

"Lord Father, it seemed that you have some understanding of this Qin Yu?" Zhou Huo asked.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial nodded and said. "That's of course. Not long ago, that Qin Yu managed to surmount the Heaven Connecting Flight of Steps on the Mountain Sea Palace. Thus, I would naturally take note of him. Because of this, I had even discussed matters about this Qin Yu with my Eldest Martial Older Brother and Third Martial Younger Brother. However, according to what my Eldest Martial Older Brother had said… 'if something exists, then there must be a reason for it. Do not investigate pointlessly.'"

"Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial?"

Zhou Huo gulped. He then ask. "Lord Father, could that Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial possess a relationship with that Qin Yu? If the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial were to value that Qin Yu deeply, then our Thunder Punishment City might as well endure our anger."


The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial coldly humped. The red mark between his brows actually started to shine. "You all can rest assured. I've already asked my Eldest Martial Older Brother about this. This Qin Yu does not possess any relationship with him. However, if you all want to deal with this Qin Yu, feel free to do it. If all else fails… this old fellow here could also set out to deal with him."

After hearing these words, the Four Great Godkings in the Northwest Sage Emperor's Palace were all shocked. Even the Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian looked to his father in shock.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said coldly. "In this enormous Cosmos, the Thunder Punishment City is my root. It is also your root. No matter what, we definitely cannot allow anyone to humiliate our Thunder Punishment City and trample upon its dignity."

"Yes, Lord Father."

At this moment, Zhou Huo was overjoyed. With these words from the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, Zhou Huo had became completely relieved. Even if they were unable to win against Qin Yu, if they were to have their father set off to deal with him, then wouldn't that guarantee a win?

How could there be any need to doubt the strength of the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial?

"However." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial suddenly muttered.

The Four Great Godkings below were all quietly listening. To say 'however,' it would seem that it was not that easy to have the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial set out to deal with Qin Yu.

"However, my Eldest Martial Older Brother had told me that the Exalted Celestial Mountain is about to descend. During the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain till the birth of the new Exalted Celestial, I am only allowed to attack once. During that time, I am not allowed to attack anyone else so as to not destroy the equilibrium when fighting for the new Exalted Celestial."

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial looked to the four Godkings below him. "You all ought to understand what I meant. If you wish to have me handle that Qin Yu, then there are only two times where I can do that. One is before the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain and the other is after the birth of the new Exalted Celestial. As for during the period of time in between that, I am not allowed to attack. Otherwise, my Eldest Martial Older Brother and Third Martial Younger Brother would come and create troubles for me."

Zhou Huo, Zhou Tong and Zhou Ran all heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

"Lord Father, we will definitely take care of that Qin Yu before the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. If we fail to take care of him, it would not be too late for us to trouble Lord Father then." Zhou Huo said respectfully.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial nodded.

"Remember, do not try to be excessively brave." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial advised.

"Yes, Father (Grandfather)."

The Four Great Godkings below all answered with a bow.

"Mn. In this period of time, I'll be living at the old place. If you all don't need anything, then don't come and disturb me." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said indifferently. He then took a glance at Zhou Wulian and then disappeared from the palace hall.

Only after the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial disappeared did these four Godkings raise their body up.

"Good." Zhou Huo held his fist up. His eyes were filled with excitement. "Haha, with what father had said, there is no need for me to ever be afraid again. That's right, what father had said is right… No one can trample upon our Thunder Punishment City's dignity."

Zhou Tong and Zhou Ran who stood beside him were also displayed a joyous expression throughout their faces.

"This time around, that Qin Yu is definitely going to die." Zhou Tong said with laughter. All of the Sage Emperors knew very well that regardless of which of the Three Great Exalted Celestial set out to attack, their might would surpass that of the Eight Great Sage Emperors combined.

They are absolutely unequalled.

Those who were not Exalted Celestials, there was no one among them capable of shaking up the Exalted Celestials.

"Big brother, second brother, Ran'er, I'll be returning first. If you all need my help in dealing with that Qin Yu, just inform me." After he finished saying that, Zhou Wulian waved his sleeve, turned around and began to slowly walk away.

Zhou Ran looked to his father's desolate back, he heart was filled with the feeling of helplessness.

During the time when the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial arrived at the Thunder Punishment City, in the New Cosmos's Purple Mystic Star's Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu and them were extremely lively.

"Horse, checkmate!"

Qin Yu moved his horse piece and then said with a loud laughter. "Fei Fei, are you stunned yet? Interlocking of two horses, you're toasted." At this moment, Qin Yu was laughing extremely happily.

Hou Fei looked to the chess pieces before him. He was so frustrated that he started tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks. He even looked to Hei Yu beside him. Hei Yu was also frowning and displaying a helpless expression.

"In Chinese chess, even if the two of you combined, you'll be no match for me." Qin Yu said confidently.

Hou Fei curled his lips. "Big brother, if you have the ability, then stop playing chess with only me and Mixed Hair Bird the entire time. Go and challenge Big Sis Li'er. Yesterday, how many rounds did you manage to win against Big Sis Li'er?"

Qin Yu immediately grew silent.

Ten rounds, not a single victory!

If it wasn't for the fact that he was devastated too badly by Li'er, why would Qin Yu bother to go and devastate his brothers?

"Eh, Fei Fei, where's Uncle Lan?" With an intention from Qin Yu, everything from the New Cosmos was within his heart. "Uncle Lan's actually not in the New Cosmos?"

"Oh, that's right. When you were still in bed with Big Sis Li'er, Uncle Lan had told me that he's returning to the Floating Snow City."

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 20 – Zuo Qiumei's Older Sister

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Kulops

"Floating Snow City? That's true too, Uncle Lan has not returned for some time now." Qin Yu nodded and said.

Hou Fei nodded and said. "From the way I see it, even if master returns there, he would not be very happy about it. In the Floating Snow City, there is only Jiang Yan and some other Jiang descendents worthy of master's concern. As for the other people, I reckon that master would not bother to pay attention of them."

"That's true." Qin Yu nodded and said.

The current Floating Snow City was indeed not appealing to Jiang Lan. If there was anything that he could not let go, then it would likely be his old servants from the Wood Mansion who had followed him for billions of years.

"Big brother, when would we be setting up a base in the Divine Realm? Currently, we already have you, Big Sis Li'er and Godking Yi Feng, three great experts, on our side. Mixed Hair Bird and I combined could also reluctantly be considered as an expert too. Oh, that's right, there's also master! This power of ours ought to be able to take root in the Divine Realm now." Hou Fei asked with anticipation.

What Hou Fei wished the most was to occupy a region of the Divine Realm and become one of the Divine Realm's major powers on equal footing with the Eight Great Sacred Lands and the Three Great Ascender Powers.

"Don't be anxious, let's wait till Li'er finishes giving birth to her child." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Qin Yu."

A voice sounded. A man walked in from outside the garden. It was Yi Feng who Qin Yu had brought over from the Divine Realm. Ever since Yi Feng discovered that Qin Yu possessed the ability to break the Spatial Freezing, he had come to understand that Qin Yu possessed the qualifications to fight with the Eight Great Sage Emperors.

Thus, Yi Feng had decided to assist Qin Yu.

After all, ever since Zuo Qiumei died, Yi Feng had been living his days extremely painfully. Yi Feng was also wishing to being able to avenge Zuo Qiumei. Before, he had only through that Qin Yu and Li'er were only throwing their lives away for revenge. That was the reason why he didn't agree to help them.

"Uncle Yi Feng." Qin Yu saw Yi Feng and immediately stood up.

This Uncle Yi Feng was something that Qin Yu decided to call him following Jiang Li's precedent.

"Oh, you're playing chess?" Yi Feng looked to the chessboard with a smile. Hou Fei immediately started waving his hands. He immediately messed up the chessboard. After that, Hou Fei hollowly laughed to Yi Feng. "Haha, Godking Yi Feng, hello there."

"Hello to you too." Yi Feng didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

At this moment, Qin Yu suddenly recalled of the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Scepter Ten Thousand Willows that he had crafted. He determined that this treasure ought to be given to an expert, especially an expert that he had trust in.

"Uncle Yi Feng, this scepter is the first first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure that I have crafted, I'm giving it to you." Qin Yu flipped his hand and took out that scepter.

Godking Yi Feng looked to this scarlet scepter. His gaze was then cast toward the trace of green on the tip of the scepter.

"First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?" Yi Feng was completely shocked.

He had also heard that Qin Yu was the new Craftsman God. However, when a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure appeared before him, especially when this same first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was given to him, this was indeed extremely astonishing for him.

After a short moment, Yi Feng had calmed down.

"Qin Yu, I have received your intention, you should keep this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. "Yi Feng said with a smile.

Qin Yu immediately grew to admire Yi Feng. To be able to do such a thing when presented with a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, it was indeed extremely worthy of respect.

"Uncle Yi Feng, there's no need for you to decline it. From our side, we only have Uncle Lan, Uncle Yi Feng you, and Li'er as Godking level experts. Both Li'er and Uncle Lan possesses first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures already. Uncle Yi Feng, just receive this scepter." Qin Yu said in succession.

Yi Feng lightly smiled and shook his head. His attitude was extremely unwavering.

"There's no need for it. Qin Yu, I already have a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It is already sufficient enough for me to possess this 'Vast Territory.'" Yi Feng said with a smile.

First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure Vast Territory.

This caused Qin Yu to recall the scene in the sky above the Southern Boundary Archipelago.

During the time of crisis, Yi Feng had used the Vast Territory to trap the Six Great Sage Emperors within it. It was able to trap Six Great Sage Emperors at once and for ten breaths time on top of that.

Most importantly, the Six Great Sage Emperors were trapped for ten breaths time even though they had joined hands back then. Had it been a single Sage Emperor, it would likely take them quite some time to be able to come out from being trapped by Vast Territory.

Thus, one could imagine how powerful this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was.

"Uncle Yi Feng, that Vast Territory of yours cannot be considered as an offensive Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It can only trap others." Qin Yu promptly said.

Yi Feng shook his head and smiled. "It is already sufficient enough to be able to trap others. With this Vast Territory trapping others, ordinary Godkings would not be able to escape at all. Actually, sometimes, being trapped is even more of a torment than being killed."

At this instant, Qin Yu felt helpless. What should he do now that this Godking Yi Feng determinedly refused to accept the scepter?

"Qin Yu, there's an even more important usage for this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure of yours." Yi Feng suddenly said.

"An even more important usage?" Qin Yu looked to Yi Feng in surprise. "Could it be that you're suggesting that I use this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to invite other hidden Godkings? I would not be relieved on giving this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to them."

Qin Yu believed that was better for him to give treasures to people that he trusted.

Yi Feng said with a smile. "I am indeed planning to have you to go invite a Godking. As for this hidden Godking, you can completely be reassured of her. That's because… she is A'mei's older blood sister, Zuo Qiulin."

"Zuo Qiulin?" Qin Yu was startled.

The Godking of Life had an older sister?

"Zuo Qiulin? Uncle Yi Feng, are you talking about Aunt Zuo Qiumei's older sister? Why did you mention her?" At this moment, Jiang Li had also walked in from outside.

Qin Yu's mind suddenly flashed a light of enlightenment. In terms of who was most familiar with Zuo Qiumei's matters, it was naturally Jiang Li.

"Li'er, Uncle Yi Feng wants me to use this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to invite Zuo Qiulin." Qin Yu said.

Jiang Li frowned and said. "According to my memories, although Zuo Qiulin is Aunt Zuo Qiumei's older blood sister, but the relationship between the two of them was extremely bad. When they were together, they would always be antagonistic to each other. To have Zuo Qiulin help us avenge Aunt Zuo Qiumei, this…"

Evidently Jiang Li was not certain about it either.


Yi Feng suddenly said. "No wonder. No wonder I've never seen A'mei go and see her older sister Zuo Qiulin all the time I've been with her. I had only heard of her mentioned that she had an older sister, a hidden Godking called Zuo Qiulin once."

Yi Feng seemed to be completely ignorant of the matters regarding Zuo Qiulin. All he knew was that Zuo Qiulin was Zuo Qiumei's older sister.

"Little girl Jiang Li, do you know about how powerful this Zuo Qiulin is?" Yi Feng looked to Jiang Li.

Jiang Yi muttered. "Mn, Zuo Qiulin is the same as Aunt Zuo Qiumei, they both have studied the soul extremely incisively. In terms of strength… she's not inferior to Aunt Zuo Qiumei. She's even a bit more powerful."

"Bit more powerful?' Yi Feng said in shock.

Back then, the reason why Zuo Qiumei was surrounded and killed by the Sage Emperors was because her strength was extremely powerful. Otherwise, why would they bother to try to kill her? Zuo Qiumei's strength was already approaching that of a Sage Emperor.

This Zuo Qiulin, she was actually a bit more powerful than her?

"According to some of the details from Aunt Zuo Qiumei's memories, that Zuo Qiulin was also addressed as… the Godking of Death!" Jiang Li said solemnly.

Qin Yu, Yi Feng, and even Hou Fei and Hei Yu were shocked.

Godking of Death? This was not a title that ordinary Godkings would dare profess to be theirs.

Jiang Li continued. "Aunt Zuo Qiumei and her older sister both thoroughly researched the soul. Aunt Zuo Qiumei researched the path of life, she researched how to better save someone through their soul. As for her older sister, she researched the path of death. She researched how to kill someone even more easily through using the soul."

Qin Yu, Yi Feng, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were all stunned.

Zuo Qiumei was capable of easily restoring the soul. That was the reason why she was called the Godking of Life. In that case, what about her older sister? How powerful would her older sister's method of killing be?

Killing was easy whereas saving was hard.

If the same method was applied to the field of killing, how frightening would that possible me?!

"There's actually such an abnormal person who researched the soul just to kill others?" Hou Fei cried out in shock.

Qin Yu slightly frowned. "Li'er, do you think this Godking of Death would help us if we were to go and invite her?"

Jiang Li grew silent for a moment. She then said. "Mn, it's hard to tell. According to what I know from Aunt Zuo Qiumei's memories, Aunt Zuo Qiumei was extremely good with her sister during her childhood years. It's just that later on when their strength became more and more powerful, the two of them became completely antagonistic of one another. Logically, I think they should still have the family love of sisters. Merely, from within the memories, Zuo Qiulin was truly too vicious of a person…" Jiang Li recalled scenes from Zuo Qiumei's memories.


Qin Yu began to ponder.

After a short moment, Qin Yu said. "Li'er, do you know where that Zuo Qiulin is?"

"That I know. She's located at the edge of the Northern Sea. On the edge of the Northern Sea was a chunk of ice land floating above the ocean water. She is the most supreme ruler of that place." Jiang Li immediately said.

Qin Yu immediately recalled the various location of those ten plus hidden Godkings.

There was indeed a hidden Godking at the edge of the Northern Sea. Merely, that hidden Godking's aura is truly obscure. Furthermore, it was filled with a sense of death.

"It's her indeed." Qin Yu's eyes shined.

"Li'er, come with me to the edge of the Northern Sea. Is that fine?" Qin Yu smiled and asked. Jiang Li smiled brilliantly and nodded.

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