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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 17 – Vast Territory

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Jiang Fan was looking at his daughter.

The current Jiang Li was extremely different from the past. Her long hair that flickered with jade green light, along with the slight jade green color of her eyes, all of this had caused Jiang Fan to recall the Godking of Life, Zuo Qiumei.

The current Jiang Li, merely by her appearance and her aura, resembled Zuo Qiumei greatly. However, their personalities were very different. Zuo Qiumei was an extremely independent person and strived to be the best. As for Jiang Li, she was the sort that was gentle like water.

"Imperial Father." Jiang Li said softly.

Jiang Fan frowned. He said coldly. "Li'er, it's still not too late for you to turn around now. Return with me obediently and eliminate that vile spawn inside your stomach. If you do, you'll continue to be my daughter and the princess of the Floating Snow City."

"Vile spawn? Eliminate?"

Jiang Li's expression changed. Her gentle gaze had turned sharp. She stared at Jiang Fan. "Imperial Father, this is the child between me and Brother Yu. He is not a vile spawn. Moreover, I will not eliminate him." Having been pregnant for so many years, Jiang Li had felt the movement of the little life in her stomach practically all the time. That sort of inseparably related sensation had caused Jiang Li to be extremely loving toward this child of hers that was yet to be born.

Her Imperial Father wanted to eliminate her child? How could Jiang Li possibly agree to it.

"Since you refuse, then I shall do it myself and eliminate that vile spawn." Jiang Fan said coldly. At the same time, his speed reached the pinnacle. In an instant, he had reached Jiang Li. A long black stick appeared in Jiang Fan's hand. That black stick was so dark that it even swallowed the light.

The stick was smashed forth.

Jiang Li's reaction was extremely fast. She immediately took out the sword 'Water Splitter.'


Jiang Fan flew backwards. He looked at the sword in Jiang Li's hand with shock. "This sword of yours is pretty powerful. It actually managed to block against the Dark Origin energy."

"This is given to me by Brother Yu." Jiang Li displayed a proud expression.

"Brother Yu? Humph." Jiang Fan humped lowly. Immediately, Jiang Fan's surrounding space's time was accelerated several hundred thousand times. Before Jiang Li could react, Jiang Fan's stick had smashed onto her body. At the moment when his stick smashed onto Jiang Li's body, a purple light was emitted from her body.

Jiang Li's figure rushed backward.

"Mn? There's not the slightest injury?" At this moment, Jiang Fan was truly shocked. Even he himself would not remain uninjured if he received a strike from the Dark Origin energy. Jiang Fan's gaze was immediately cast onto the purple dress that Jiang Li wore.

Jiang Lan already managed to sense that the reason why Jiang Li was not injured was related to this purple dress.

"Jiang Fan, you're truly ruthless!" Suddenly, a voice sounded.

A black ray and a cyan ray, two rays of light arrived before Jiang Fan in a flash. The frightening killing intent had caused Jiang Fan to become fearful. At the same time, the five other Sage Emperors had also chased over.

"Ya!" Holding the Divine Spear Waning Snow in his hand, Qin Yu shook his hand and the Divine Spear Waning Snow was thrust towards Jiang Fan. When the Divine Spear Waning Snow was thrust forward, the space that had originally been frozen had started to shake. It was as if the space was about to collapse.

"Not good!"

Jiang Fan's expression took a huge change. Fortunately he was using Time Acceleration and had sped himself up by several hundred thousand times. Only because of this, he managed to see the incoming spear from Qin Yu. From the space that was shaking and about to collapse at any moment, Jiang Fan was able to foresee how terrifying this incoming spear was.

In an instant…

The black spiritual pearl above Jiang Fan's head grew a multitudinous amount of black light and covered Jiang Fan completely with darkness. Furthermore, a black shield appeared in Jiang Fan's hand.


The black shield was shattered. The Divine Spear Waning Snow's spear tip brazenly thrust into the multitudinous amount of black light that covered Jiang Fan. That black light started to wave about. It was trying to cancel out the attack from the Divine Spear Waning Snow. However…

The Dark Origin Spiritual Pearl above Jiang Fan's head suddenly started to sway back and forth. It was as if it was about to fall down from above Jiang Fan's head.

The black light on Jiang Fan's body completely shattered.


Jiang Fan had already fled far away. Fortunately, the Dark Origin Energy emitted by the Dark Origin Spiritual Pearl managed to block Qin Yu's spear for a moment. This allowed Jiang Fan to escape with only some light injuries.

Qin Yu retrieved his spear and stood there. Beside him, the cyan mirage condensed into the cyan gowned Qin Yu.

Qin Yu coldly stared at Jiang Fan in the distant. "Jiang Fan, seeing that you are Li'er's father, I did not have the intent to kill you. If you ever act like this again, then do not blame me for being ruthless."

"Intent to kill me?" Jiang Fan sneered. From his point of view, Qin Yu was deliberately boasting.

Jiang Li however knew very well that Qin Yu was not boasting. That was because when Qin Yu attacked Jiang Fan earlier, he did not utilize the Dark and Yellow Energy. Once the Dark and Yellow Energy encircled the spear tip, that was the moment when the Divine Spear Waning Snow's attack became the most frightening.

At this moment, the five other Sage Emperors had arrived beside Jiang Fan.

"Brother Jiang Fan, are you alright?" Zhou Huo asked via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Jiang Fan lightly laughed. He replied via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Humph, that spear of his possesses the ability to attack the soul. However, he is unable to injure me with the Origin Spiritual Pearl protecting the soul."

Zhou Huo lightly nodded. "Brother Jiang Fan, this Qin Yu is very hard to deal with. His clone's defense is terrifying astonishing. Furthermore, it is capable of turning into nothingness. It is extremely difficult to exterminate it."

Earlier, Zhou Huo, Tang Lan and Duanmu Yun had already experienced the might of Qin Yu's clone.

Although they were capable of resisting the clone's attack, they were unable to exterminate it no matter what they tried to do.

As for Shentu Yan and Mu Qin who went on to attack Qin Yu's true body, their complexion had grown a bit pale. Shentu Yan said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Everyone, never mind Qin Yu's clone, at the very least it is incapable of seriously injuring us. However, Qin Yu's spear possesses an extremely astonishing power. Even the space that had been frozen nearly collapsed. Fortunately Brother Mu and I managed to continue to freeze the space using our Origin Spiritual Pearls."

"That spear's might is not inferior to first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures." Zhou Huo said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Zhou Huo clearly remember that the protection talisman that his father, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, had gifted to his son Zhou Xian was shattered by a single strike from Qin Yu's spear. This spear's might was extremely obvious.

Although all six Sage Emperors were shocked by Qin Yu's strength, they were not worried.

How could the Eight Great Divine Families possibly only have such slight number of methods in their hands?

"It would seem that… " Zhou Huo's gaze was cast toward the other five Sage Emperors. The Six Great Sage Emperors merely exchanged a glance. They all knew what the others were thinking.

"Brother Jiang Fan and Brother Duanmu shall act as the main fighting force. Brother Mu, Tang Lan and Brother Shentu shall act as supports. I shall take charge of the general situation." Zhou Huo said indifferently.

The other five Sage Emperors all nodded. The Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm were all capable of finding the most optimal method of joint attack in a situation. Now that six Sage Emperors were present, the great offensive formation that Zhou Huo spoke of was the most optimal method of attack.

With the Darkness and Light Origin Energies as the main fighting force, the other Origin Energies as the support and the Thunder Origin Energy as the control.

A combined attack!

This sort of combined Origin attack was not something that the earlier attacks where the Sage Emperors fought on their own could match with. In terms of strength… with the Six Great Sage Emperors fighting together, then perhaps even if it were the Asura Godking, he would also be unable to resist them.

Yet at this moment…

Qin Yu and Jiang Li were still completely ignorant. Even the Eight Great Divine Families' Clan Protection Spiritual Treasures were something that Qin Yu had only gotten to know recently, much less of a need to mention the combined attack of the Eight Great Sage Emperors. As for Jiang Li… she was born too late. Thus, the number of things that she knew was also extremely sparse.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li didn't know that a great catastrophe was about to befall them.

"What are they planning to do?" Qin Yu suddenly frowned. He saw that Jiang Fan and Duanmu Yun was standing next to each other in the sky before him. Jiang Fan was radiating a multitudinous amount of black light from his body. As for Duanmu Yun, he was radiating a multitudinous amount of white light.

The light the two of them were emitting was complementing one another.

At the same time, Shentu Yan, Mu Qin and Tang Lan had turned into three colors and were revolving around Jiang Fan and Duanmu Yun. At for Zhou Huo, he was standing before Jiang Fan and Duanmu Yun.

The radiance of the Six Great Origin Spiritual Pearls started to burst forth at the same time.

"Not good." Qin Yu felt a sense of crisis in his heart. He immediately sent a mind voice transmission to Jiang Li. "Li'er, return first."

"It's going to be fine, Brother Yu. I have the Purple Rain Dress." Jiang Li immediately said.

That Zhou Huo was standing above the Five Great Sage Emperors. His cold gaze was staring at Qin Yu. Suddenly, Zhou Huo raised his hand. However, right at this moment…

A countless number of bamboos fell from the sky. Those bamboos sprayed all over the place. In an instant, it had completely covered the Six Great Sage Emperors. The Six Great Sage Emperors felt that they had entered a different world. They had become unable to sense Qin Yu at all.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li were stunned.

What's happening? Qin Yu had clearly sensed that Zhou Huo was about to attack. How did there suddenly appear a countless number of bamboos? Bamboos? Could it be…

Qin Yu thought of a person in his heart.

"Qin Yu, little girl Jiang Li, quickly, run away." Yi Feng quickly flew over to Qin Yu and Jiang Li's side. Yi Feng's gaze was filled with worries. "Quickly, run away. With the Six Great Sage Emperors joining hands, even the Asura Godking would not dare to fight them head on. Quickly, run away!"

Qin Yu and Jiang Li both came to realize that it was only the sole spatial first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, Vast Territory, that would be capable of trapping the Six Great Sage Emperors for a short moment.

However, even if it was the Vast Territory, when confronted with the Six Great Sage Emperors, how long could it possibly last?

"Uncle Yi Feng." Jiang Li was filled with emotions.

"Godking Yi Feng."

Qin Yu's impression of this Godking Yi Feng grew extremely favorable. For this Godking Yi Feng to risk his life to come save him and Li'er at this time, it was sufficient to display his heart.

Godking Yi Feng said impatiently via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Quickly, run away. Even the Asura Godking would not dare to take on this sort of combined attack. Are the two of you planning to throw your lives away? The frozen space only has a range of several tens of thousand of miles; with your flying speed, the two of you would be able to quickly surmount that distance. I can still last for a moment. Quickly, run away!"

Godking Yi Feng's complexion had suddenly turned red. A trace of blood escaped from the corner of his mouth. Qin Yu was able to sense that the bamboo forest in the airspace far away was shaking unceasingly. The Six Great Sage Emperors that were trapped within it was evidently trying to frantically get out.

"I can't maintain this much longer." Godking Yi Feng firmly stared at Qin Yu with his eyes. Gnashing his teeth, he said. "Qin Yu, A'mei died. A Godking of Life has already died. Do not let little girl Jiang Li, the new Godking of Life, also die. Otherwise, my death would also be of no worth." As he said that, Yi Feng's complexion had immediately turned pale. When Yi Feng decided to come out to stop the Six Great Sage Emperors, he already had the resolution to die.

Yi Feng violently glared at Qin Yu.

At this moment, Qin Yu still does not bring Jiang Li to escape. This had caused Yi Feng to be extremely furious and anxious.

In Yi Feng's heart, as Jiang Li had combined the two Soul Tears of Life, she could be considered as the continuation of Zuo Qiumei's life. Back then, when Zuo Qiumei died, Yi Feng's heart had grieved to death too. He no longer felt any attachment to living. Now, the reason why he was willing to die for Jiang Li was only because she was the continuation of Zuo Qiumei's life.

The vast bamboo forest suddenly collapsed and shattered apart. The vast bamboo forest flew back into Yi Feng's body. Yi Feng saw the incoming Six Great Sage Emperors and then took a glance at Qin Yu and Jiang Li. He sighed. "Sigh, all for naught, for naught."

"Godking Yi Feng, perhaps you are correct and that the combined attack from these six people would be extremely powerful." Qin Yu suddenly started to lightly smile.

At this moment, those Six Great Sage Emperors did not waste the slightest amount of time. The person controlling the formation array, Zhou Huo, pointed to Qin Yu with one hand. Immediately, a six colored long dragon swept toward Qin Yu.


The Six Great Sage Emperors coldly looked to this.

At this moment, Yi Feng had already given up all hopes. He gently closed his eyes and displayed a peaceful smile on his face.


Qin Yu softly said a word.

"Boom!" In an instant, the several tens of thousand miles space had suddenly collapsed. Everyone within the several tens of thousand miles space entered into the chaotic flow of the spatial cracks. The Six Great Sage Emperors' expressions took a huge change.

Their Spatial Freezing was broken!

The space collapsing and shattering signified that their Spatial Freezing was broken apart. When the Spatial Freezing become broken, it signified that… Qin Yu and Jiang Li would be able to escape with teleportation.

"Perhaps I would truly not be able to defend against it." Seeing the six colored long dragon still rapidly flying toward him, Qin Yu lightly smiled. He then brought Jiang Li and Yi Feng and disappeared from the chaotic stream.

Seeing this scene, the Six Great Sage Emperors sighed and then all teleported away from the chaotic flow.

The space of several tens of thousands of miles caved in. It took a long period of time before the space restored to normal condition by itself. The Six Great Sage Emperors were silently standing in the sky above the ocean.

"How did that Qin Yu break apart the Spatial Freezing? How is that possible?" Zhou Huo's expression had grown a bit ugly.

The other five Sage Emperors' eyes were also filled with confusion and unbelief. Not a single one of them could understand how Qin Yu was capable of doing that.

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 18 – Breaking of Relations of the Sage Emperors

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the skies above the ocean, the Six Great Sage Emperors were all silent.

After a long time, Jiang Fan's deep and low voice sounded. "According to what I know, Spatial Freezing can only be broken apart by an extremely powerful attack."

"Extremely powerful attack? Impossible." Zhou Huo shook his head and said.

"Earlier, we jointly executed the 'Single Aura Six Elements' together. Single Aura Six Elements is a combined attack of the Six Great Origin Energies. The offensive might of the Single Aura Six Elements is extremely astonishing. In order to prevent the Single Aura Six Elements from collapsing the space, the six of us used our Origin Spiritual Pearls to freeze the space simultaneously. For us six to freeze the space together, the degree of Spatial Freezing had reached an astonishing level. Even the Single Aura Six Elements couldn't shake the space, how could Qin Yu possibly be able to break it apart?"

The other five Sage Emperors all nodded.

When the Sage Emperors joined hands to attack together through a formation array, they would all conduct Spatial Freezing using their Origin Spiritual Pearls first. The Spatial Freezing conducted by the six of them would be extremely powerful.

The attack power of the Single Aura Six Elements had already reached a frightening level.

However, it couldn't even cause the space to vibrate. Qin Yu on the other hand managed to easily break apart the frozen space. Why was that?

"Could it be that Qin Yu possesses a method to subside the space that we do not know of?" Tang Lan suddenly said in a soft voice.

"There are two ways to cause a spatial cave in. The first method is to control the Spatial Energy and the other is to use a powerful attack that surpasses the level which the space could bear. The first method is to cause the space itself to collapse. This is also the simplest method that all High Level Heavenly Deities know! However earlier, the space had been frozen and the Spatial Energy could not be controlled." The Utmost South Sage Emperor Duanmu Yun analyzed.

The logic that Duanmu Yun had analyzed was something that everyone knew of.

"If that Qin Yu was still capable of controlling the Spatial Energy when the space had been frozen, then he could've teleported away a long time ago." Zhou Huo sneered. "However, if Qin Yu's attack was capable of surpassing the Single Aura Six Elements, then it ought to be extremely easy for him to kill us."

Conflicting views!

Qin Yu's attack could not possibly surpass the Six Great Sage Emperor's combined Single Aura Six Elements.

In that case, how did Qin Yu collapse the space?

New Cosmos. In the sky of the Purple Mystic Star.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Yi Feng appeared in the New Cosmos at the same time. At this moment, Yi Feng was still in a bit of a dazed state. How did the frozen space suddenly collapse? How did they manage to unexpectedly survive?

"Qin Yu, how did you manage to break apart that frozen space?" Yi Feng promptly asked.

Qin Yu already had a very favorable impression of this Yi Feng now. He smiled and said. "Godking Yi Feng, I wish to ask you; what are the methods that one can use to shatter a space?"

"It's very simple. The first method is something that all High Level Heavenly Deities can do, it is to possess comprehension of the spatial laws and control the Spatial Energy to cause the space to collapse on its own. The other is using a powerful attack which surpasses the limit that the space could bear. Why do you ask? Earlier, the space had been frozen, it was impossible for one to cause it to collapse on its own." Godking Yi Feng stared at Qin Yu. "You'd best not tell me that your attack was able to cause the frozen space to collapse either."

"What I used was the first method." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"First method? Controlling the Spatial Energy and causing the space to collapse on its own?" Yi Feng was truly confused. "The space had already been frozen, how did you manage to use your Spatial Energy?"

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "What I used was not the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy."

What Qin Yu had used was the New Cosmos' Spatial Energy. The New Cosmos' Spatial Energy had completely covered the entire Divine Realm. As long as Qin Yu wished for it, he was able to cause the entire Divine Realm to collapse in an instant.

"When a single space possesses two Spatial Energies, then one would be able to collapse the space by controlling either one of the Spatial Energies." Qin Yu thought in his heart.


Qin Yu had utilized the New Cosmos' Spatial Energy to completely collapse that region of space.

"Brother Yu, earlier, why didn't you bring us back to the New Cosmos directly?" Jiang Li was a bit confused.

Jiang Li knew very well that Spatial Freezing had only frozen the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy and that the New Cosmos' Spatial Energy was not affected in the slightest. Qin Yu was completely able to bring Jiang Li and Yi Feng away with a teleportation.

"It's nothing. I had merely thought of it during the time and decided to do it like so. I merely felt that… they would not be confused about why I am able to teleport if I had collapsed the space. They would only be confused as to how I managed to break apart their Spatial Freezing." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Qin Yu, you said you didn’t use the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy?"

Yi Feng spoke. At this moment, Yi Feng was still confused. In the Divine Realm, how could one possibly use a Spatial Energy that's not of the Divine Realm? Yi Feng couldn't believe that there would be two different Spatial Energies in a single space.

Qin Yu looked at Yi Feng.

Just by the fact that Yi Feng was willing to throw away his life to save them, or more accurately Jiang Li, Qin Yu became willing to tell Yi Feng some of his secrets.

In the sky above the Divine Realm's Southern Sea.

The Six Great Sage Emperors were silent. To be more exact, Zhou Huo was looking at Duanmu Yun, Shentu Yan, Tang Lan and Mu Qin with a slightly angry gaze. As for these Four Great Sage Emperors, they were standing there silently.

"Cough cough!"

Duanmu Yun coughed twice. He then said. "Brother Zhou Huo, everyone knows about our actions this time around. We have also grown to know about Qin Yu's strength. There is a single point that we can be certain of… that is, this Qin Yu, possesses a special ability that allows him to break apart Spatial Freezing."

"That's right. Brother Zhou Huo, although we do not understand his ability, it remains a fact that he possesses that remarkable ability. For him to possess this remarkable ability, it signifies that… it is impossible for us to kill him." Shentu Yan also said solemnly.

Mu Qin nodded and said. "Since we cannot kill Qin Yu, let's just give up on the matter of chasing to kill Qin Yu."

"Give up?" Zhou Huo's heart was filled with anger. "We were only Six Great Sage Emperors this time. If the Eight Great Sage Emperors all freeze the space together, I do not believe that this Qin Yu would still be able to break it apart."

"Enough." Duanmu Yun frowned and said. "Brother Zhou Huo, we've gone with Six Great Sage Emperors and were unable to trap this Qin Yu. If we were to go with Eight Great Sage Emperors and still fail to trap him, then what would happen to the reputation of us Eight Great Sage Emperors? This matter shall be stopped here. At the very most, there will be another Ascender Power in the Divine Realm. Three Ascender Powers is not much different from Four Ascender Powers."

From Duanmu Yun, Shentu Yan, Tang Lan and Mu Qin's point of view, this Qin Yu did not possess a very bad relationship with them. After all, Qin Yu's true hostility was against the Zhou Clan.

This time, they had all came to realize Qin Yu's strength after fighting him.

In terms of only attack power, not a single Sage Emperor was able to defeat Qin Yu's true body along with his clone.

Furthermore, Qin Yu possessed the ability to break apart Spatial Freezing. As this sort of enemy was someone that they could not kill even if they wished to kill him, it was thus better to not provoke him.

Zhou Huo's eye muscles were twitching. He firmly stared at the four people before him.

"Brother Zhou Huo, farewell." Duanmu Yun slightly clasped his hands. Immediately after, he disappeared. Zhou Huo's expression became even more ugly.

"Brother Mu, Tang Lan, Brother Shentu, are you all also going to give up?" Zhou Huo promptly asked.

"It's practically impossible to kill Qin Yu. Thus, why should we waste our efforts? If Brother Zhou Huo could think of a method to kill Qin Yu with certainty, we would most definitely come to assist you." Tang Lan lightly smiled. Immediately after, she waved her sleeve and also teleported away.

Shentu Yan and Mu Qin also clasped their hands to Zhou Huo with a smile on their faces. In spite of the ugly expression that Zhou Huo had right now, they still offered some polite words of farewell before teleporting away.

In an instant, four of the Six Great Sage Emperors had left. Only Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan remained.

"Brother Jiang Fan?" Zhou Huo looked at Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan's current mind was extremely vexed. The strength displayed by Qin Yu had completely shocked him. Especially the fact that Qin Yu also possessed the ability to craft first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

Jiang Fan still clearly remembered the sword that Jiang Li had used to block his attack with as well as the purple dress that she wore.

"That sword actually managed to easily block my attack. It's definitely not a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. And that purple dress, it received a stick strike from me yet still was not damaged in the slightest. That purple dress also cannot be a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Could it be that they're both first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?"

Jiang Fan felt shocked just thinking about it.

His daughter actually possessed two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Furthermore, Qin Yu himself possessed that spear. There was also that scepter Ten Thousand Willows and the Gauze Feather Blade.

"Exactly how many first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures does this Qin Yu possess? Could it be that he is able to easily craft a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?"

Jiang Fan's mind was filled with indignation.

Jiang Fan cannot deny that in the depths of his heart, he was feeling a bit of regret. Although the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial would help him once after he chose Zhou Xian.

However, helping him once would at the very most give him a thirty percent chance of becoming an Exalted Celestial.

"If, if Qin Yu had become my son-in-law, with Qin Yu's strength and the fact that my daughter had also became a Godking… On top of that, there are also that many first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. With such powerful might, it ought to be also able to place me in an advantageous state when competing in the Exalted Celestial Mountain."

This sort of thought flashed through Jiang Fan's mind.

"If Qin Yu had become my son-in-law, then second brother would likely also have a better relationship with me. Li'er would also continue to be by my side." Jiang Fan was truly a bit regretful.

However, there were no pills in this world that would solve one's regret.

"Brother Jiang Fan?" Zhou Huo shouted once more.

Jiang Fan woke back up. He immediately discarded the thought that he had in his mind. As a Sage Emperor, since he had made his decision and had selected this method, then he should not regret it.

"Brother Zhou Huo, is there anything you need?" Jiang Fan looked at Zhou Huo.

Zhou Huo sighed helplessly. "You saw what happened earlier. Those four Sage Emperors all turned tail after seeing Qin Yu's remarkable ability."

"It is hopeless to try to kill Qin Yu. It is normal for them to not want to waste their time." Jiang Fan said with a light smile.

Zhou Huo looked to Jiang Fan. "Brother Jiang Fan, you've seen this Qin Yu's strength too. It is indeed extremely difficult to kill him. However, this Qin Yu has slandered our Thunder Punishment City in every possible way. No matter what, I am unable to contain this anger. Brother Jiang Fan, are you willing to help our Thunder Punishment City?"

"Brother Zhou Huo, you can rest assured." Jiang Fan said with a nod. "If you wish to fight against this Qin Yu, just tell me about it. However, Brother Zhou Huo, do you have the means to handle this Qin Yu?"

Zhou Huo immediately displayed a smile on his face. "In that case, I must truly thank Brother Jiang Fan. As for the method to deal with this Qin Yu… In another several hundred years, the Exalted Celestial Mountain shall descend. If we are unable to exterminate this Qin Yu in those several hundred years, then we would only be able to plan on killing him on the Exalted Celestial Mountain. I reckon that the majority of the Godkings would become frantic of the arrival of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. At that moment, it would not be difficult to lay a trap for that Qin Yu."

"Exalted Celestial Mountain?" Jiang Fan also started to smile.

The descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain six quadrillion years ago had caused the death of many a Godking. One must know that the death of a Godking was an extremely rare matter. However, the descent of the Exalted Celestial Mountain… would cause a large number of Godkings to become reckless and disregard everything.

To be able to reach the Godking level of cultivation, practically all of the Godkings possessed a passionate desire for the peak of cultivation… Exalted Celestial.

Desire was something that could cause one to go crazy.

The number of people who knew about the battle that had occurred in the Divine Realm's Southern Sea Region was extremely low. Qin Yu also did not spread information regarding this matter. The Six Great Godkings naturally would not disclose their shame in that battle.

Thus, the majority of the ordinary folks of the Divine Realm did not know about this matter at all.

Although ordinary folks did not know about it, some of the higher echelons knew about it. For example… Zhou Xian.

"Even the combined onslaught of the Sage Emperors were broken apart? If it's only our Thunder Punishment City, how could we possibly be able to kill Qin Yu? Even when we add the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan to the equation, I reckon that it would still not be enough." Thought Zhou Xian, as he stood above the city walls of the Thunder Punishment City and looked at the unfathomable amount of thunder and lightning before him.

"This Qin Yu, his strength was actually even more powerful than Sage Emperors, this… even geniuses would not be able to reach this state. It's been less than twenty thousand years." After Zhou Xian heard about the narration of the battle that had occurred when his Imperial Father returned, he became completely stunned.

Qin Yu's strength was actually this powerful.

In a battle of one on one, even the Sage Emperors did not have the hope of winning against him. Furthermore, Qin Yu even possessed a strange ability which allowed him to break apart the Spatial Freezing.

"Is this still the same foolish guy from the Moral Realm?" Zhou Xian felt extremely powerless.

At this moment, Zhou Xian had managed to feel that Qin Yu was an otherworldly person. He could only look up to Qin Yu. Regardless of how much anger he felt, it was all useless. The gap between them was too great. When facing Qin Yu, the jealousy and anger that Zhou Xian had in his heart all seemed to be ridiculous jokes.

"Strength. Strength."

Zhou Xian frowned. He immediately moved his feet, turned into a flash of light and flew toward his own residence. After he reached his mansion, he merely said coldly. "From today hence, no matter who comes, do not bother me."

After that, Zhou Xian began his long term seclusion training.

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