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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 21 – The Edge of the Northern Sea

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The surroundings of the Divine Realm's continent were covered with boundless oceans. To the extreme north of the Northern Sea was a floating ice continent. This ice continent possessed a circumference of over ten thousand miles. In the Northern Sea, it could be considered a relatively large ice island.

Cold air lingered on this ice island all year round. Occasionally, cold wind would even blow through the island.

A strand of Light of Daytime penetrated through the lingering cold air with great difficulty. In the misty vagueness, one could see two figures wearing white gowns walking over side by side from the distant place. It was Qin Yu and Jiang Li. After teleporting over to this ice island, Qin Yu and Jiang Li were in no rush to find Zuo Qiulin. Instead, the two of them began to appreciate the scenery of this ice island.

"It's truly cold here. I reckon that ordinary Deities would have to wear Divine Artifact Armors in order to withstand the cold." Qin Yu said with a smile. He was holding Li'er's hand with one hand and embracing her with the other.

The ground and the other constructions of the ice island were practically all formed with those nearly transparent ice chunks. These ice chunks of the Divine Realm's utmost northern region have never melted for hundreds of millions of years now.  Their firmness was definitely not inferior to ordinary hard rocks.

Under the reflection of the Light of Daytime, the ice chunks that covered the ice island were all radiating a gorgeous colorful light. It looked like a place of dreams.

"It's truly beautiful. It would be pretty nice to live in this sort of place." Jiang Li looked at her surroundings. Her eyes were filled with joy.

"Brother Yu, don't we have to go and find that Zuo Qiulin? Why aren't we going over to her place directly?" Jiang Li asked. Ever since they stepped onto this ice island, she had been pondering this in her heart. She had merely not asked about this till now because the scenery of the ice island was too beautiful.

Qin Yu smiled. "The scenery here is very beautiful. That's why I've decided to have you enjoy it for a bit longer."

Jiang Li immediately started smiling.

Qin Yu shook his head and said with a smile. "Actually, the reason why I didn't immediately set off to that Zuo Qiulin's location was because I wanted to obtain some information regarding her from the Heavenly Deities on this ice island. After all, we know too little about that Zuo Qiulin."

Jiang Li thought about it for a bit. She too thought that Qin Yu was being thoughtful.

"After all, we have come here not to fight her but to invite her. Thus, we naturally cannot offend her." Qin Yu smiled. He proceeded to continue onward with Li'er.

The route of Qin Yu's journey was pre-planned. On their path was a High Level Heavenly Deity. This High Level Heavenly Deity was the number two expert of this ice island, the person second only to Zuo Qiulin. Qin Yu believed that he would be able to obtain quite some information from asking this Heavenly Deity who had been the number two expert for so long.

In a cup of tea's time, that lingering cold air started to gradually dissipate.

A mansion formed with hundred of millions of years old cold ice and enormous cyan stones appeared. This mansion did not occupy a very large area. Its circumference was only that of several hundred meters. On the top of the entrance of the mansion were the words 'White Ice Mansion.'

The master of the White Ice Mansion, Bai Yiju, was very reputed on the ice island. Although the island master of the ice island had never been set in place, the majority of the ice island's residents already considered Bai Yiju as the island master.

Bai Yiji was very powerful and also very friendly.

The White Ice Mansion did not have many people in it. There were a bit more than ten people in total. The people of the White Ice Mansion all knew very well that their mansion master loved to drink tea alone besides the ice flowers every morning.

Inside the back garden of the White Ice Mansion. Various life-like ice carved flowers were scattered around. Under the shine of the Light of Daytime, those ice flowers were even more beautiful than real flowers. The white haired and white clothed Bai Yiju was carefreely sitting on the agarwood chair and holding a cup of tea that still had stream hovering above it. He was enjoying the tranquility surrounding him.

Once Bai Yiju thought of his decision from back then, he started to feel that he was brilliant.

"If I had stayed in the Thunder Punishment City, then I reckon I would not have the peaceful and carefree days of today." Bai Yiju sighed in his heart. "Although the days are extremely good, that Godking of Death in the depths of the ice island is the greatest inconvenience."

Once he thought of the uncrowned king of the edge of the Northern Sea, Bai Yiju began to feel helpless.

The Godking of Death who lived at the seafloor of this island, although she would not wantonly massacre the ice island's residents, the existence of the Godking of Death below them had caused the residents of the ice island to be trembling with fear at all times.

"However, at the very least this Godking of Death has not grieved to a state of madness. As long as one do not set foot on her territory, she will not kill you." Bai Yiju smiled helplessly.

Had the Godking of Death truly grieved to a state of madness, then the residents of the entire ice island would likely have run away already.

"What a great passion, what a refined taste."

A simple and elegant voiced sounded beside Bai Yiju's ears. Bai Yiju was unable to conceal his shock. To be able to approach him, a High Level Heavenly Deity, without him noticing at all, how powerful was this person who had come?

Bai Yiju turned around to look. He saw a young male and female wearing white gowns walking toward him with smiles on their faces.

"These two people are extremely powerful." Bai Yiju discovered that although the two people were standing before him, he was incapable of sensing their strength at all. Such an enormous gap had shocked Bai Yiju. He even suspected that… the two people before him were both Godkings! However, he didn't dare to believe that.

Bai Yiju immediately stood up. With a slightly respectful tone, he said. "I am Bai Yiju, what purpose might bring you sir and lady to this little mansion of mine? If there is anything that you need, Yiju would definitely assist with my full strength."

During the time when he was asking them, Bai Yiju had already firmly remembered the appearance of the two people before him.

"The two of them are so intimate. That woman's belly is also swelled. I reckon she's pregnant. It would appear that these two people are a married couple. A pair of married Godkings? Was there such a couple in the Divine Realm?" Bai Yiju began to think in his heart.

Qin Yu asked with a smile. "I wish to ask about matters regarding this ice island."

Bai Yiju promptly said. "Please ask away. This Yiju has lived on this ice island for hundreds of millions of years. There ought to not be many things on this ice island that this Yiju doesn't know of."

"Do you know Zuo Qiulin?" Jiang Li directly asked.

"Zuo Qiulin?" Bai Yiju was stunned.

He had truly never heard of this name before. After all, the Godking of Death had never left her own mansion before. Furthermore, Zuo Qiulin did not have the patience to inform her name to those Deities.

"It's that Godking who lives below the ice island." Qin Yu said.

Bai Yiju's expression immediately changed. "Are the two of you talking about the Godking of Death?"

"Precisely. Could you please tell us everything you know about this Godking of Death in details? Do not worry about the Godking of Death, she does not know that we are in contact with you." Qin Yu said with a smile.

Bai Yiju's complexion relaxed. He then said. "Sir and Lady, this Yiju was not afraid that the Godking of Death knew that I had came in contact with you two. Merely, this Yiju was a bit worried for you two."

"Why is that?" Qin Yu looked to Bai Yiju.

Bai Yiju immediately began to talk. "Speaking of this Godking of Death, I reckon there are not many people who know exactly how long she has been below this ice island. However, although the reputation of the Godking of Death is well known, she conducts herself according to her promise."

"According to her promise? What sort of promise?" Qin Yu promptly asked.

Bai Yiju nodded and said. "A very very long time ago, at that time, I had not arrived at this ice island yet. At that time, a matter began to spread through this ice island… the Godking of Death had promised that as long as others do not step onto the territory of her Ice Mansion Underworld, she would not kill anyone from the ice island. However, once someone comes too close to her Ice Mansion Underworld, then they would definitely be killed."

"In the past, there were people who didn't believe that. However… out of all the people we know of that have entered the territory of her Ice Mansion Underworld, they have all died." A trace of fear flashed through Bai Yiju's eyes.

"In the surroundings of this Godking of Death's Ice Mansion Underworld is a layer of black mist. It is extremely easy for one to recognize it! Merely, that layer of black mist is rolling at all times. Occasionally, it would spread and occasionally it would shrink. In the past, I have personally seen for myself that when the black mist suddenly spreads, a Mid Level Heavenly Deity got caught by it by accident. Once that Mid Level Heavenly Deity got covered by the black mist, he immediately fell to the ground. After the black mist shrank back, a good friend of mine rapidly rushed over and pulled the body of that Mid Level Heavenly Deity back. However, at that time, we discovered… that this Mid Level Heavenly Deity had already lost his soul."

To lose one's soul, it naturally meant that one would be dead.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li glanced at each other. The two of them did not have a huge shock.

The two of them knew very well that this Godking of Death had researched the soul thoroughly like the Godking of Life. The Godking of Life was capable of restoring a person's soul, whereas the Godking of Life was capable of destroying a person's soul.

To be able to kill a Mid Level Heavenly Deity so easily could not be considered much.

"I wondered, did that Godking of Death deliberately kill that Mid Level Heavenly Deity or did the black mist automatically kill him?" Qin Yu began to ponder.

If the Godking of Death deliberately killed that Mid Level Heavenly Deity, then it wouldn't be too crazy.

However, if it was merely the black mist that surrounded the Godking of Death's Ice Mansion Underworld that managed to easily kill that Mid Level Heavenly Deity, then it would be truly terrifying.

"Sir and Lady, this Yiju knows that you two are both people who possess remarkable abilities. It's just that this Godking of Death is an extremely heartless person who loves to kill others the most. Furthermore, she loved killing experts even more." Bai Yiju said solemnly. "Have the two of you discovered that in the range of hundreds of millions of miles the surrounding thousands of islands, there is not a single person living on them?"

Qin Yu exclaimed in surprise.

Had it not been for Bai Yiju mentioning this, Qin Yu really wouldn't have noticed it. It was extremely ordinary for there to be numerous islands in the Northern Sea. The majority of the islands had quite a few residents on them.

However, the large number of islands surrounding the ice island were all void of people.

"Although the Godking of Death had promised that she would not kill the residents of the ice island as long as they do not step into the territory of her Ice Mansion Underworld, for the people outside of the ice island, she would kill them. Furthermore… she kills them every year! Following her unceasing killing, the uninhabited range of the region surrounding the ice island grew greater and greater.

"In that case, you all can return to the Divine Realm." Jiang Li said.

Bai Yiju laughed bitterly, shook his head and said. "Those of us from the ice island don't dare to leave the ice island. That's because… this place is truly too far from the main continent of the Divine Realm. Much less the main continent of the Divine Realm, none of us would be able to reach past the uninhabited islands surrounding this ice island within a year's time. Since we are unable to fly over the uninhabited islands, once the Godking of Death decides to kill people, those of us who had left the ice island would definitely be killed."

Qin Yu and Jiang Li suddenly came to a realization.

No matter how powerful a Heavenly Deity was, they would not be able to surpass a Godking. As Bai Yiju and the rest of the Heavenly Deities were incapable of teleportation, they could only fly. Flying past the uninhabited regions surrounding the ice island in a short period of time was simply impossibly.

"However, Sir and Lady, you all need not worry for us. Our days on the ice island are extremely peaceful. The ice island's area is also relatively big, and the population of the ice island is quite large too. Furthermore, the territory of the Godking of Death's Ice Mansion Underworld is not that huge either. As long as we avoid it, there will be no danger to our lives." Bai Yiju said with a smile.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li glanced at each other. It could be said that they now both had some knowledge of the Godking of Death, Zuo Qiulin, that they had never met before.

Although Zuo Qiulin was extremely cold hearted, she was, at the very least, someone who keeps her promises.

"In that case, we shall take our leave." Qin Yu said at once. He did not wish to ask anymore. That was because Qin Yu can tell based on what he had heard that… the inhabitants of this ice island did not know much about Zuo Qiulin.

Bai Yiju promptly bowed.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li turned around to leave. However, that Bai Yiju suddenly stopped them and said. "Sir and Lady, this Yiju has suddenly recalled a legend regarding the Godking of Death."

"Oh? Tell us." Qin Yu turned around.

Bai Yiju promptly said. "Before this Yiju had arrived at this ice island, there was a legend on this ice island. It said that the Godking of Death had killed a Godking before."

Qin Yu was shocked. Killed a Godking? Godkings were capable of teleportation. Killing them was no easy task.

"Afterwards, another Godking showed up and severely injured the Godking of Death. Since then, the Godking of Death has been staying in her Ice Mansion Underworld the entire time and rarely comes out to kill." Bai Yiju said. "Of course, this is merely a legend. This Yiju is uncertain whether this legend is true or not."

Qin Yu nodded and slightly smiled. "Thanks."

After that, Qin Yu and Jiang Li both teleported away from the White Ice Mansion and reached the center region of the ice island. The center region of this ice island was also the only uninhabited region of the ice island.

Black mist was lingering over this region. This was an absolute land of death.

As for that Godking of Death Zuo Qiulin, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that she was at the depths below the island.

The circumference of the ice island was actually over a hundred thousand miles. The surface above the ocean only possessed the circumference of ten thousand miles. However, on the bottom, it was way greater than that.

At the bottom of the ocean, this ice island's circumference was greater than a hundred thousand miles.

As for Zuo Qiulin, she was roughly located in an ice cave palace several thousand miles below sea level.

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