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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 50 – A New Godking

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"So the mirror mansion itself was the Mirage Spirit Mirror!" Hou Fei gasped in a low voice.

At this moment, Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and them all managed to find the answer. None of them had expected for the mirror mansion itself to be the Mirage Spirit Mirror that they had searched for that long.

"Trying to find a horse while riding a horse, who would've expected for such a thing to occur to even me. Merely, this horse camouflaged itself truly well." Qin Yu smiled a self-mocking smile.

Qin Yu also understood his original suspicions.

Qin Yu had thought that the Godking Yi Feng had some sort of plot when he was using his Divine Awareness to monitor everyone. However, now that it appeared… that this Mirage Spirit Mirror was Yi Feng's item to begin with.

"That Mirage Spirit Mirror is his. Yet, he told us where to go to find it. What is his intention behind that?" Qin Yu thought in his heart.

Qin Yu cast a glance at the enormous change that had occurred to the bottom of the ocean.

Above Qin Yu and them was an enormous vortex. The vortex was so huge that it had started from the bottom of the ocean and traveled several tens of thousands of miles to reach all the way till the surface of the ocean.

Waves were unceasingly pounding through the entire Southern Boundary Archipelago.

"Mn? What's happening? Could it be that this is not something that Yi Feng had created? But rather…" Qin Yu suddenly grew confused. After reaching the Godking level, it would not be hard for them to move mountains and oceans.

When Qin Yu saw that the bottom of the ocean was shaking and the water and waves were rolling, he had originally thought that it was Godking Yi Feng who did all this.

"But rather, it was Duanmu Yu who did all this?" Qin Yu's gaze was completely shifted toward Duanmu Yu.

A moment earlier, Qin Yu had not paid attention to Duanmu Yu. However, now that he had, he was shocked to find out that he was no longer able to sense Duanmu Yu's soul's aura.

Duanmu Yu had already fused together with the Divine Realm's space.

"Spatial Laws, he has completely comprehended the Spatial Laws?" Qin Yu had an completely astonished expression. "Could it be, in this short moment of time, Duanmu Yu managed to achieve a breakthrough through the final obstruction and reach the Godking stage?"

The current Duanmu Yu still had his eyes closed as he stood at the bottom of the ocean. He had an extremely calm and composed expression on his face. There was neither joy nor grief on his face.

After he opened his eyes, his gaze was penetrating like that of ice.

Duanmu Yu looked directly at the Godking Yi Feng who stood above. He then softly said. "Brother Yi Feng, thank you."

Yi Feng nodded and said with a light laughter. "When Brother Duanmu reached the High Level Heavenly Deity stage, I had only just reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage. Brother Duanmu has been trapped in the High Level Heavenly Deity for countless years and today, Brother Duanmu managed to finally break through the final mountain pass because of Brother Duanmu's own ability. It is not largely related to me."

Duanmu Yu lightly laughed and said. "Brother Yi Feng, had it not been for your Mirage Spirit Mirror that allowed me to once again experience joy and grief, that allowed me to understand everything, then I reckon that I would never have been able to make this final breakthrough."

Duanmu Yu had been at the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage for an extremely long time.

He was also the leader of the three Palace Masters, the Palace Master of the Bright Jade Palace of the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City. He was also the first Palace Master of the Bright Jade Palace. In the Light Lens City, he possessed influence comparable to that of his father, the Utmost South Sage Emperor.

[TL: as all palaces were named after the first generation master, this held true for Duanmu Yu too. Yu means Jade. That's his name. Jade.]

Both his strength and charisma were extremely amazing.

Merely, because he had a lingering concern in his heart the entire time, he had been incapable of freeing himself. Although he was an extremely talented individual, he was still trapped at the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage.

However, once he freed himself from his concern, he immediately reached the Godking level.

Duanmu Yu raised his head. Through the surface of the ocean and the vortex at the bottom of the ocean, he seemed to have seen the endless seven colored auspicious cloud with flickering lightning.

"In the Divine Realm, whenever a new Godking is born, the Eight Great Divine Families' Grandmist Spiritual Treasures would all start to violently shake and give rise to the change in the Divine Realm's sky. In the past, I have seen this occur several times. In each time, it signified that someone else had reached the Godking level. Yet today, it happened because of me." Duanmu Yu had a slight smile on his face.

Duanmu Yu slightly smiled to Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and them.

Soon after…

As if the world was being overturned, Qin Yu clearly felt that the space where he and everyone else was in, was being moved. However, he did not resist. That was because he believed in Duanmu Yu.

In a blink of an eye.

Qin Yu and everyone else reached the sky above the ocean from the depths of the ocean.

"D-Duanmu Yu, y-you've become a Godking?" Zhou Xian had an extremely amazed expression on his face. It was as if he had seen something that he could not believe.

Duanmu Yu nodded to Zhou Xian while smiling.

Zhou Xian felt a bust of unhappiness.

He, Zhou Xian, was definitely comparable to Duanmu Yu in terms of family background. However, his cultivation speed was much slower than Duanmu Yu's. Merely, because Duanmu Yu had been trapped at the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage for too long, Zhou Xian had managed to catch up to him.

In all these years, Zhou Xian had believed himself to be at the same class as Duanmu Yu.

And when the groom search began, Zhou Xian had even believed that once he married Jiang Li, it was extremely possible for him to achieve a breakthrough of the final level and reach the Godking stage, surpassing Duanmu Yu.

However, in the midst of the groom search, Duanmu Yu actually managed to achieve comprehension and become a Godking.


The seven colored auspicious clouds had covered the entire vast sky. Neverending amounts of lightning and thunder were flowing through the sky. Usually, when lightning and thunder were formed in the cosmos, they would all be under the control of the Zhou Clan.

However, the change of the world that occurred when a Godking was born was something that the Eight Great Divine Families' Spiritual Treasures brought about autonomously. No one could obstruct or control the said change.

"Duanmu Yu." Yi Feng looked at Duanmu Yu.

Duanmu Yu also looked at Yi Feng. Yi Feng lightly smiled and said. "Duanmu Yu. You've come here this time for the matter of participating in the groom search. However, you're now already a Godking. I presume that there would be no need for you to have this Mirage Spirit Mirror anymore either. Merely, when I told you all to check the mansion, I had already decided that if any of you three could completely experience the soul tempering brought about by the Mirage Spirit Mirror, I would then give the Mirage Spirit Mirror to that person. Among the three, only you managed to completely experience the soul tempering. This Mirage Spirit Mirror shall become yours from now on…"

A simple and unadorned mirror started to float above Yi Feng's hand. A drop of blood was floating on the surface of the mirror. Everyone understood that Yi Feng had already removed the blood oath from the Mirage Spirit Mirror.


Turning into a ray of light, the Mirage Spirit Mirror arrived before Duanmu Yu.

Duanmu Yu reached out his hand and received the mirror. He then nodded and said. "Thank you Brother Yi Feng."

"No need. As you've completely experienced the soul tempering, you are qualified to possess it." After he finished saying that, Yi Feng waved his sleeve and called upon a burst of wind. Yi Feng had disappeared with the wind.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

He understood everything now.

The Mirage Spirit Mirror was originally Yi Feng's. Yi Feng had all of them enter the mansion just to test out who would be able to completely experience the soul tempering, who would be able to endure it completely.

Qin Yu was unable to endure it. He simply couldn't stand by and watch Li'er being together with Zhou Xian.

"Everyone, I still have an important matter to take care of. I will take my leave back to the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City first. Brother Qin Yu, after I finish my matter, I will go and meet up with you again in the Floating Snow City." Duanmu Yu nodded to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu also said with a smile. "I shall wait for Brother Duanmu in the Floating Cloud Mansion."

Duanmu Yu slightly smiled. He then waved his sleeve. The surging violent ocean instantly returned to a tranquil state. Duanmu Yu raised his head toward the sky. The seven colored auspicious cloud and the multitudinous amount of thunder and lightning had all vanished like smoke into thin air.

Soon after, Duanmu Yu disappeared from the sky above the ocean.

"The remarkable ability of Godkings. Truly extraordinary." Hou Fei exclaimed.

Hei Yu was however frowning. He said to Qin Yu in a low voice. "Big brother, would that Duanmu Yu continue to participate in the groom search? If he were to continue to participate, then…"

Evidently, if a Godking were to participate in the groom search, the threat that he would possess toward Qin Yu would be much greater than that of Zhou Xian.

Qin Yu looked to the direction of the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City. "Duanmu Yu participated in the groom search precisely for the goal of becoming a Godking. And now, he has already reached the Godking level. I don't think he would continue to participate in it."

Yet Qin Yu didn't possess absolute certainty that Duanmu Yu would not continue to participate in the groom search. This was merely his speculation.


An angry humph was heard. "Let's go!"

Without calling out for Qin Yu and them to say farewell, Zhou Xian coldly brought his four subordinates, soared to the sky and then left. Duanmu Yu becoming a Godking seemed to have caused a major shock to Zhou Xian.

"Big brother, let's leave too." Hou Fei waved his sleeve and a ray of light fell onto the surface of the ocean. It turned into a boat. It was the Divine Craft Flying Yamen.

Qin Yu and his brothers got on the Divine Craft Flying Yamen. In an instant, the speed of the Divine Craft Flying Yamen reached its peak.

In merely a short while, Qin Yu and his brothers surpassed Zhou Xian and them. This caused Zhou Xian who was already in a bad mood to be in an even worse mood.

When the seven colored auspicious cloud was formed, it had not formed only in the sky above the Southern Sea. Even the sky in the interior of the Divine Realm had formed an endless number of auspicious cloud with countless electric snakes flowing through it.

The Godkings of the Divine Realm all understood that this signaled the birth of a new Godking.

With their remarkable abilities, the Godkings instantly found out that the new Godking was Duanmu Yu, one of the eighteen candidates in the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City's groom search.

"Duanmu Yu, it's actually Duanmu Yu?"

After the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan managed to find out that it was Duanmu Yu, a lot of ideas immediately popped into his head. "Duanmu Yu has become a Godking now, will he still continue to participate in the groom search? If he were to continue to participate, then I…"

To have a Godking as a son-in-law, this was indeed extremely attractive.

"However, after Duanmu Yu became a Godking, the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City now possesses four Godkings. They now have one more Godking than our Floating Snow City." Jiang Fan was unable to refrain himself from frowning.

In the Divine Realm, the birth of Godkings was an extremely rare matter. Generally, a Godking would not be born in even billions of years. Duanmu Yu's renowned name was spread through the numerous experts of the Divine Realm.

Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. Inside the Floating Cloud Mansion.

Qin Yu and his brothers were seated around the table. They were toasting and drinking with one another.

"Big brother, although that Duanmu Yu is a Godking, Godkings still need life companions. He still possesses the Mirage Spirit Mirror. If he were to truly continue to participate in the groom search, then it is likely for him to obtain the second chosen candidate spot. After the three chosen candidate spots are determined, the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan might perhaps choose the Godking Duanmu Yu as his son-in-law." Hou Fei had grown worried for Qin Yu.

"There is no need to speak any further."

Qin Yu lightly smiled and raised his cup. "The matter of whether Duanmu Yu will continue to participate in the groom search or not, is not something that we can decide. What we ought to do right now is to put forth our utmost efforts. Furthermore… Fei Fei, do you think that if the Utmost North Sage Emperor were to select another person to become his son-in-law, I would just sit by and accept it?"

Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu's eyes shined as they looked at Qin Yu.

"Big brother, you mean?" Hou Fei had an excited expression in his eyes.

Qin Yu lightly laughed. His eyes were emitting a cold light. "Humph, I merely participated in this groom search so that I would not make things difficult for Li'er. However, if the end result is for Li'er and I to separate… would I still care about the other stuff? Regardless of who tries to blocks my path, it would all be useless. I want to see, even if they were Godkings, what could they possibly do to me?"

Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu had an indescribable excitement in their eyes.


Especially when fighting against super experts, this was the most exciting.

The two brothers also knew the trump cards that their big brother Qin Yu possessed. The Variation Magnificent Lotus Clone that was said to possess an undying body, that Divine Spear Waning Snow, the Spatial Energy from the New Cosmos and the remarkable ability of teleportation.

With all of those, they were more than sufficient for Qin Yu to fight against Godkings.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, there are currently more than nine years left till the ten years date. This amount of time is more than enough for me to prepare as well as craft weapons for you two."

Qin Yu smiled and said.

Qin Yu long since prepared to craft weapons for his brothers. However, after he became a grandmaster artifact craftsman, he had been busy the entire time and doesn't have any idle time to craft weapons.

"Craft weapons?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu glanced at each other.

A rare smile appeared on Hei Yu's face. "Big brother, what level weapons would they be?"

Hou Fei also looked to Qin Yu with anticipation.

"Ones that aren't inferior to first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!" Said Qin Yu with absolute certainty. The Divine Spear Waning Snow had only absorbed a tenth of the Dark and Yellow Energy. There still remained nine tenths of the Dark and Yellow Energy.

Qin Yu was confident in crafting two weapons with might approaching that of the Divine Spear and then having them absorb the Dark and Yellow Energy to make their might reach that of a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

After all, when the Divine Spear Waning Snow had only absorbed a thousandth of the Dark and Yellow Energy, it was already powerful enough to match that of first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

There was ninety percent of the Dark and Yellow Energy left. If he were to spend ten or twenty percent for his brothers of life and death, what significance would that be?

"First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures? Big brother, you'd best not be boasting." Hou Fei did not believe Qin Yu.

"You'll understand when the time comes." Qin Yu slightly smiled.

Qin Yu was not anxious. He figured that his brothers would understand how powerful the weapons would be once they appeared before them.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, are you two still using a stick and a spear as your weapons?" Qin Yu asked. "Furthermore, is there any special request you have for your weapons?"

Only through knowing what his two brothers wanted would Qin Yu be capable of creating a precise plan for crafting the two weapons.

"There's no need for anything special, it'll be fine as long as it's similar to the Black Stick." Hou Fei laughed and said.

"It's the same for me. It'll be fine as long as it's similar to the Cloud Piercing Spear." Hei Yu's condition was also extremely low.

Qin Yu knew that his two brothers didn't want to make things too difficult for him. "Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, soon, the two of you would be able to experience how powerful these two weapons will be." Qin Yu said confidently.

Qin Yu had also grown a bit of anticipation.

The scene of three brothers all using Dark and Yellow Energy weapons. He had grown excited just thinking of it.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 51 – Withdrawing From the Groom Search

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu was not anxious about the matter of artifact crafting. After all, he still had over nine years to do that. Currently, his New Cosmos's time acceleration limit was over ten thousand times. That was to say, a single year in the outside world was over ten thousand years in Qin Yu's New Cosmos.

To spend two years to craft artifacts for his two brothers was more than sufficient.

The remaining time was more than enough to craft the second gift.

In the rear garden of the Floating Cloud Mansion. Qin Yu was lying on the lawn. He was pondering the entire time.

"Mansion, a mansion that contains the entire Divine Realm within it. Mn, this would indeed be the combination of the greatest achievements of the formation arrays and craftsmanship." Qin Yu was very much looking forward to this gift of his.

Crafting this mansion was over a hundred times harder than crafting a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

It was extremely complicated. Furthermore, the number of materials required to craft it was extremely high. Qin Yu wanted not only efficacy, it must also look good. It was required to be of the highest quality.

This mansion, how shall be design it?

What sort of materials shall be used for the various places of the mansion? How to make the mansion be even more perfect? How to make the various sceneries appear extremely natural?

Each and every question were circling through Qin Yu's mind.

Although Qin Yu appeared to be lying on the ground and idling away his time, he was actually pondering the entire time. Qin Yu was extremely confident in himself and believed that with his deduction ability, his achievements in the formation arrays and artifact craftsmanship, a single month would be sufficient for him to figure out the answers for all those questions.

As time passed.

The model of the mansion appeared more and more clear in Qin Yu's mind. Qin Yu had become very certain about the combination of the various different kinds of materials for the mansion. He had also determined what sort of formation array to use at what place and how to perfectly combine them.



Qin Yu was suddenly woken up. He opened his eyes and looked to his side. It turned out that Uncle Fu had arrived beside him. "Uncle Fu, is there something that you need?”

Uncle Fu said respectfully. "Master, Godking Duanmu Yu is waiting for master outside."

"He's waiting outside?" Qin Yu was surprised.

If Godking stage experts wanted go to somewhere, they could do so with a simple teleportation. However, Duanmu Yu instead decided to wait outside the Floating Cloud Mansion. Evidently, he was still considering himself to be of the same status as Qin Yu and did not grow arrogant just because he had become a Godking.

"Quickly, have Brother Duanmu come in. I'll go and wait for him in the guest room. No, it's better than I go and receive him at the gates myself." Qin Yu immediately stood up.

Duanmu Yu had become a Godking but still did not act arrogant and was waiting outside the mansion, thus Qin Yu naturally also couldn't act arrogant and have Duanmu Yu come meet him at the guest room.

While he was walking toward the entrance of the Floating Cloud Mansion, Qin Yu was pondering. "For what matter did Brother Duanmu come to my place? Is he still going to continue to participate in the groom search?"

These questions were something that regardless of how hard Qin Yu pondered, he would still be unable to receive an answer. Only through asking Duanmu Yu would he be able to know.

After passing by a pavilion building, Qin Yu saw a familiar figure outside of the mansion's entrance gates. It was Duanmu Yu with his two attendants. Duanmu Yu was standing there with his hands behind his back.

"Duanmu." Right when Qin Yu saw him, he immediately called out with a smile on his face.

"Qin Yu." Duanmu Yu also proceeded to walk towards Qin Yu while smiling. At this moment, the guard of the Floating Cloud Mansion was about to step forward to stop the two attendants. However, Qin Yu sent them a gaze with his eyes and then the guard allowed the two attendants to proceed onward.

"Duanmu, I am truly in awe. We have only known each other for how long? Yet you've actually already reached the Godking stage." Qin Yu was walking alongside Duanmu Yu.

Behind them was Uncle Fu and the two attendants.

Duanmu Yu lightly smiled. "Qin Yu, although we've only known each other for a short period of time, I've already been at the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage for a very very long time. During the incomparable war of the Divine Realm six quadrillion years ago, I had already reached the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage. Do you still think that my improvement is fast?"

Six quadrillion years. Merely this number had caused Qin Yu to tremble.

"It is indeed a very long time. Duanmu, I am very curious. Did you manage to reach the Godking stage after seeing past that love relationship of yours?" Qin Yu asked. "If you cannot tell me, then it's fine for you to not tell me."

"It is not something that need to be hidden."

Duanmu Yu turned around and glanced at his two attendants behind him. The two attendants immediately bowed and retreated backwards.

"Uncle Fu, have someone come and receive the two attendants first." Qin Yu sent a Mind Voice Transmission to Uncle Fu. Uncle Fu also retreated from Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu. Only Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu remained. The two of them were walking together.

Duanmu Yu laughed. "That Mirage Spirit Mirror merely allowed me to experience a time of life that I once dreamed of but never managed to realize."

"Under the effects of the Mirage Spirit Mirror, I experienced two extremes. In the end, I suddenly came to accept the unpleasant truth." Duanmu Yu's gaze was faintly discernable. "Although it was a garish display, in the end it was still an illusion. Although it was extremely enchanting, it was still like a night blooming cereus and would wither extremely quickly. Only one's own heart is everlasting."

"As long as there is a memory of everything, it would be sufficient already ."

Duanmu Yu smiled and then looked to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, do you understand?"

Qin Yu managed to somewhat understand.

"Happiness, grief, surprise, sorrow… all and all, they are like the bubbles underneath the sunshine; dazzling and colorful. However, the bubbles would shatter instantly. Turning everything into falseness."

Duanmu Yu's gaze was clear. "However, the change of everything was unable to shake up my heart. No matter how complicated the changes of the outside world was, my heart is still bright like the mirror. Although a mirror could illuminate the changes of the outside world, a mirror is still a mirror… it is forever unchanging."

Qin Yu understood it a bit.

"Duanmu, did you believe those to be false fabrications?"

Qin Yu slightly smiled. "Although it might be a garish display, it is also not necessarily a false fabrication. Although it is enchanting like a night blooming cereus that withers quickly, as long as one tries hard enough, one would still be capable of stopping the time. Even if it were merely for an instant, one could turn it into eternity."

"Duanmu, I believe in myself. I also believe that as long as I try hard enough, everything will be possible." Qin Yu looked to Duanmu Yu.

Duanmu Yu shook his head and said with a light smile. "Qin Yu, your way of thinking is different from mine. However, I believe that you can succeed. This Mirage Spirit Mirror, it's yours."

Duanmu Yu extended his hand and handed the Mirage Spirit Mirror over.

"Mine?" Qin Yu was shocked.

After obtaining the Mirage Spirit Mirror, one would have an eighty to ninety percent chance of winning the second chosen candidate spot. Duanmu Yu actually decided to give this to Qin Yu.

"What about you?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

"Me? Qin Yu, could it be that you thought that I would continue to participate in the groom search after becoming a Godking?" Duanmu Yu slightly smiled. "Qin Yu, actually, when I saw that you took out the Gauze Feather Blade to compete for the first chosen candidate spot, I already knew that… you might be the only person among the eighteen candidates who truly loves Jiang Li and is willing to give everything for her."

"Perhaps only through marrying you would Jiang Li become happy. I also wish for you to be able to succeed. Thus, I've decided to gift this Mirage Spirit Mirror to you."

Duanmu Yu once again pushed the Mirage Spirit Mirror to Qin Yu.

"Thank you."

Qin Yu directly received the Mirage Spirit Mirror. "Duanmu, I owe you one. If you need my help in the future, do not hesitate to ask."

Said Qin Yu solemnly, as he held the Mirage Spirit Mirror.

"Haha… it seems that I managed to profit a favor from a grandmaster artifact craftsman." Duanmu Yu said while smiling. "Well then, Qin Yu, I would have to go to the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace to personally inform Jiang Fan that I will be withdrawing from the groom search. It wouldn't be too good and proper for me to just stop my participation without informing him."

Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

Duanmu Yu had gone to find Jiang Fan just so that he could inform him about withdrawing from the groom search. Qin Yu understood this very well.

When Duanmu Yu withdrew from the groom search, although Jiang Fan was a bit disappointed, he also couldn't force him to stay. This matter was soon spread out.

Floating Snow City. Floating Cloud Mansion.

"Big Brother Qin Yu, did you know that Duanmu Yu has withdrawn from the groom search?"

When she obtained this news, Jiang Yan ran over to the Floating Cloud Mansion joyfully to announce this good news to Qin Yu. Qin Yu smiled. He knew about this before even the Utmost North Sage Emperor.

"I already knew. Oh, that's right. A couple days ago, you were together with Li'er, right? How is she doing?" Qin Yu asked.

Jiang Yan nodded and said. "Mn, big sister's in a pretty good mood lately. Especially after you obtained the first chosen candidate spot, big sister became even more happy."

Qin Yu smiled.

"Little sis Jiang Yan, you can go and inform Li'er, that I have obtained the Mirage Spirit Mirror, and that I am confident in obtaining all three chosen candidate spots in this groom search." Qin Yu wanted Li'er to be even more happy.

Having obtained the Mirage Spirit Mirror, Qin Yu was already confident in winning the second chosen candidate spot.

As for the third chosen candidate spot, it compared the preciousness of everyone's gift. Toward this chosen candidate spot, Qin Yu was completely confident in winning it.

"Mirage Spirit Mirror?" Jiang Yan was also familiar with the groom search. Thus, she naturally knew that after obtaining the Mirage Spirit Mirror, Qin Yu had practically obtained the second chosen candidate spot.

At this moment, Zhou Xian obtained the news of Duanmu Yu having withdrawn from the groom search and was overjoyed.

"He withdrew from the groom search?" Zhou Xian felt relaxation in his heart. In an instant, he had one less powerful enemy. How could he not be relaxed?

Zhou Xian suddenly recalled a matter.

"Duanmu Yu having withdrew from the groom search, then doesn't that mean that the Mirage Spirit Mirror that he obtained is of no use?" Zhou Xian had a joyous expression in his eyes. "Good, very good. You all, prepare yourself. I will be proceeding for the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City."

"Yes, My Lord."

Zhou Xian's attendant immediately answered.

"If I were to obtain the Mirage Spirit Mirror, then this second chosen candidate spot would be mine." Zhou Xian felt a burst of excitement in his heart.

The current Zhou Xian still didn't know that Duanmu Yu had already gifted the Mirage Spirit Mirror to Qin Yu. Duanmu Yu gifting the Mirage Spirit Mirror to Qin Yu was something that only the two of them knew. At this moment, no one else knew about this.

Soon after, Zhou Xian brought with him gifts and proceeded to leave for the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City to pay Duanmu Yu a visit.

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