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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 49 – The Strange Change of the World

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The mansion composed solely of mirrors had started to naturally open the moment when Duanmu Yu arrived. This had caused Qin Yu, Duanmu Yu, Zhou Xian and their men to grow completely silent.


This mansion had not been open for all these years; why would it open now? For something extremely mysterious to happen, that meant that it was extremely weird. Its strangeness had caused the various people present to not dare to enter the mansion even though they could clearly see the passageway in.

"Brother Qin Yu, what's going on with this mansion? Why did it open right after I arrived here?" Duanmu Yu was confused about the circumstances.

Qin Yu frowned and said. "Before you've come, this mansion was refusing to open regardless of what we did. Zhou Xian had arrived here before me too. Yet, when Brother Duanmu you arrived here, it opened up by itself."

"Humph, what's there to be afraid of? Isn't it just a mere mansion?" Zhou Xian suddenly humped. He then brazenly walked toward the passageway of the mirror mansion.

Duanmu Yu lightly laughed. "This Zhou Xian turns out to not be afraid. That's right… he possesses a Spatial Divine Artifact, if danger comes, he can just hide in his Spatial Divine Artifact and wait for his Imperial Father to save him. He is indeed extremely safe."

"As long as a Godking does not personally attack him, he would not have much danger." Duanmu Yu looked to Qin Yu. "Brother Qin Yu, shall we go in?"

Qin Yu remained silent.

Qin Yu knew very well that a Godking was hiding behind this mirror mansion. Otherwise… why would that Yi Feng be using his Divine Awareness to observe them the entire time?

Although Duanmu Yu, Zhou Xian and them were incapable of detecting it, Qin Yu was able to sense it extremely clearly.

"However, for the Mirage Spirit Mirror." Qin Yu's brows were condensed together. In order to obtain the second chosen candidate spot, Qin Yu decided to not care about anything else.

"Even if it's a Godking, I would still not allow him to harm me or my brothers in the slightest within my Spatial Energy's range."  Qin Yu was very confident in his Spatial Energy.

Qin Yu slightly smiled to Duanmu Yu. "Good, let's also enter."

"We can't have that Zhou Xian obtain the Mirage Spirit Mirror before us." Duanmu Yu smiled and said. At the same time, like an arrow that had left its bow, Duanmu Yu rushed into the mirror mansion with lightning speed.

Qin Yu and his brothers also rushed into the mirror mansion with rapid speed.

However, at the moment when Qin Yu and his brothers rushed into the mirror mansion, the sound of the rumbling had once again sounded. That entrance had actually closed itself off again.

Qin Yu and his brothers stopped. Duanmu Yu and his two men who were ahead of Qin Yu and them also looked back.

"This situation has turned even more interesting. This Yi Feng… what exactly is he planning?" Qin Yu was pondering.

"Big brother, it seems that the situation is not good." Hei Yu said in a low voice.

Qin Yu immediately said via voice transmission. "Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, you two can rest assured. The two of you, stay beside me. If something dangerous happens, I'll send the two of you directly into my New Cosmos."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu nodded.

"Let's go." Qin Yu proceeded to rush ahead again.

This seafloor mansion was constructed full of mirrors from the outside. However, from the inside, its walls were all extremely black and dark. There were even some jewels that radiated jade green colored lights located around the passageway.

Qin Yu and his brothers were traveling at an extremely fast pace. They were flying through the mansion with lightning speed.

In a short moment, they had arrived at the rear hall, the place with the largest surface area. This rear hall occupied an extremely vast area. However, its arrangement was extremely chaotic.


Countless mirrors!

Inside the vast rear hall were countless mirrors placed all over the floor. There were some mirrors which were only the size of a palm and some mirrors which were several tens of meters tall. The number of mirrors was so great that there were definitely more than ten thousand.

To encounter this many mirrors had caused the people that had entered the rear hall to be dumbstruck.

"This many mirrors, exactly which one is the Mirage Spirit Mirror?" Hou Fei muttered.

What Hou Fei had said was something that was currently perplexing Duanmu Yu, Zhou Xian and them. They were also carefully inspecting the various mirrors. However, because they knew too little about the Mirage Spirit Mirror, they did not know how to distinguish it from the rest of the mirrors.

Qin Yu, on the other hand, was standing in the middle of the rear hall motionlessly.

"There are a total of ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine mirrors here. Each of the mirrors are very similar. None of the mirrors have any characteristic that greatly differs from the others." Qin Yu easily managed to come to this deduction through observing with his Spatial Energy.

What Qin Yu was trying to find was a mirror that was different from the rest.

The true Mirage Spirit Mirror was definitely different from the rest of the mirrors. However, Qin Yu was also unable to discover a mirror that was different.

The mansion could not be considered as being extremely large. The front hall and the other regions of the mansion could still be considered relatively small. Qin Yu had also searched those places with his Spatial Energy; there were simply no mirrors in those places at all.

Only the rear hall possessed a large number of mirrors.

"The number of mirrors here is truly particular. Ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine mirrors, what exactly does this number signify?" Qin Yu was pondering in his heart.

As he possessed the Spatial Energy, Qin Yu did not have to try to exhaustingly find the Mirage Spirit Mirror like Duanmu Yu, Zhou Xian and them.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu were however helping Qin Yu and carefully inspecting one mirror after another. Hei Yu turned around to look to Qin Yu and said via voice transmission. "Big brother, how do we distinguish the mirrors here from one another? It doesn't seem like they have anything different from one another."


"Little Shuang!"

A shout was sounded from afar. Qin Yu immediately discovered with his Spatial Energy. "What happened to Duanmu Yu? It seemed like he was affected by something."

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, stay beside me and do not tamper around recklessly." Qin Yu felt that something was amiss.

"Divine Awareness, Soul Energy?" Qin Yu immediately discovered what was different. At this moment, numerous Divine Awareness ripples were permeating into Duanmu Yu's mind from all directions.

"Those Divine Awareness ripples are extremely weak. They're not even at the level of Low Level Heavenly Deity's Divine Awareness' strength. They are definitely incapable of attacking one's mind. However, why is Duanmu Yu standing there motionlessly? Could it be because of the Mirage Spirit Mirror?" Qin Yu knew that the Mirage Spirit Mirror was capable of seeing through one's heart and spirit. It could even make on become happy, suffer and so on.

"Could it be that the Mirage Spirit Mirror is close to Duanmu Yu?" Qin Yu immediately started to carefully observe Duanmu Yu's location with his Spatial Energy.

However, right at this moment…

Qin Yu felt that the various Divine Awareness ripples had suddenly covered the entire rear hall. They were exactly the same sort of Divine Awareness ripples that had entered Duanmu Yu's mind.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, be careful." Qin Yu informed his brothers.

Qin Yu did not worry too deeply. This was because with Divine Awareness ripples of this strength, even if he were to not defend against them, they would still be unable to harm a High Level Heavenly Deity's Nascent Soul.

The Divine Awareness ripples had instantly covered the entire rear hall.

A lot of Divine Awareness ripples had also entered Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu felt that the scene before him had suddenly changed. The rear hall had disappeared. What appeared before Qin Yu was the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace's palace hall.

Above the palace hall seated the thirteen Godkings.

"What a true-looking scene. Is this an illusion?" Even Qin Yu himself felt that it was hard to judge. Although he was a grandmaster artifact craftsman, Qin Yu was still unable to determine whether he was in an illusion.

Everything appeared so real.

However, Qin Yu's soul was still connected to the New Cosmos. Thus, he was naturally still connected with the Spatial Energy from the New Cosmos. Qin Yu knew in his heart that… as long as he wished to do it, he could totally break away from this state in an instant and return back to normal.

"Break away?"

Qin Yu actually had a feeling of reluctance in his heart.

"Everyone." The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan stood in on the stage above the palace hall. The Jiang Fan before Qin Yu, regardless of whether it were his aura or smile, it all appeared so real.

"Now that the three chosen candidate spots have all been determined and Qin Yu has obtained the three chosen candidate spots in succession. That is to say… there is no need to doubt anymore. Qin Yu has become my son-in-law and Li'er's husband!"

Hearing the announcement from the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan, Qin Yu felt a burst of emotions.

Everything appeared so real. Afterwards, everyone offered praises and congratulations. As for Zhou Xian, he left the scene angrily.

In the mansion that Qin Yu had personally constructed, Qin Yu and Li'er held their magnificent wedding. A large number of people were gathered here. Everyone offered their congratulations. Qin Yu was also excitedly and happily exchanging drinks with them.

How long had it been?

Wasn't everything for today?

On the night of the consummation.

"Li'er." He lifted open her wedding veil and stared at Li'er while she stared at him.

"Big Brother Qin Yu." Tears were within Li'er's eyes. Those tears were flickering with happiness.

Qin Yu knew very well in his heart that all of this was not real. However… Qin Yu was thoroughly enjoying all of this. He didn't wish to destroy this.

In this sort of state, time seemed to be passing by extremely fast.

The days of happiness with Li'er lasted for a very very long time. Later on, they also managed to have their own child. It was a boy.

"Brother Yu." Lying on the bed, Li'er displayed the radiance of a warm, caring mother all over her face. She held on her bosom a little baby. "What shall we call our child? You shall name him."

"Back then, we had been separated from each other for so long. Yet, for the entire time, we have been thinking of each other. Mn… This child shall be called Qin Si." Qin Yu looked to Li'er and the child affectionately.

[TL: Si → Thinking]

At this moment…

Qin Yu was extremely emotional. He felt an endless amount of cherish and concern.


The scene before Qin Yu suddenly disappeared. When the scene before Qin Yu reappeared, he was back in the Utmost North Sage Emperor's palace again.

"Everyone, of the three chosen candidate spots, two of them were acquired by Qin Yu. The last one was acquired by Zhou Xian. After my wife and I deliberated upon it, we have decided that Zhou Xian shall become our son-in-law and Li'er's husband."

Qin Yu was extremely calm.

That was because Qin Yu knew that this was not real. Merely, Qin Yu had an aching sensation in his heart.

"Mirage Spirit Mirror, it truly is extremely miraculous. Although I know this is fake, seeing it still causes me anger." Qin Yu gasped in admiration in his heart.

This matter was extremely simple.

Even if one knew that a certain scene was fake, when the scene appeared exactly the same as one that was real, and one's body was unable to perceive the falseness of it… then everything that occurred would still cause one's heart to tremble.

"Zhou Xian wants to marry Li'er? Marry her? No, I cannot allow this to happen, I absolutely cannot allow it!" Qin Yu watched as the scene unfolded before him. He actually had a feeling of 'destroying the entire world.' He had become deranged and wanted to kill all those that hindered him.


Qin Yu coldly humphed. His Nascent Soul's Energy trembled. The scene before him collapsed.

The scene before him had returned to that of the rear hall of the seafloor mansion. Qin Yu was able to clearly see that Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the rest, had all entered that sort of peculiar state.

"Is that even an illusion?" Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

"I reckon that all of this is something that only the miraculous Mirage Spirit Mirror can accomplish. It indeed does not possess any attack power. As long as one wishes for it, one can break apart from that state in an instant. However… one could also choose to enjoy one's goal, one's dreams that one has yet to accomplish." Qin Yu gasped in admiration in his heart.

Having reached the High Level Heavenly Deity stage, ordinary illusions were simply unable to affect them.

However, the Mirage Spirit Mirror was able to bring about a scene of happiness or pain to them. Furthermore, those scenes and those sensations were extremely real. It was something that originated from the soul!

"Although it seemed like I have been affected for a very long time, but only a cup of tea's time had passed in reality." Qin Yu calculated the amount of time that had passed.

"Huff!" Hei Yu also opened his eyes.

"Big brother, what was that earlier? It was truly too real!" Hei Yu also had a gasp of surprise on his face. "Big brother, did you know that earlier I managed to see my father and mother? Up till now, I have only seen the appearance of them in my dreams. However earlier, I was together with them. It was so real." Hei Yu's eyes were a bit moist.

Qin Yu patted Hei Yu's shoulder to comfort him.

"Merely, when I saw some of the tragic scenes, I was unable to bear with it any longer. Thus, I exited from that sort of state." Hei Yu lamented.

"I am the same. I was unable to bear it even sooner than you." Qin Yu smiled and said.

Later, Hou Fei, Zhou Xian and various other people woke back up one by one. However, as more and more people woke back up, everyone had became amazed.

"Why is Duanmu Yu still not back?" Hou Fei said in amazement.

Qin Yu also shook his head.

"Duanmu Yu had talked to me about himself before. Merely, I think what he told me was only the most simple version of what had happened. The true situation might be more complicated than what I know. And at this moment, he has been caught up in it extremely deeply." Qin Yu sighed and said in a low voice.

Suddenly, Qin Yu's expression changed.

This seafloor mansion was not large at all. Qin Yu not only covered the entire mansion with his Spatial Energy, he had also spread it out of the mansion and covered the surrounding ocean floor.

However, at this moment…

With the seafloor mansion as the center, an enormous vortex had appeared. At the same time, the surrounding water of the Southern Boundary Archipelago was boiling.

The Heavenly Deities of the several hundred islands in the Southern Boundary Archipelago had all created barriers to defend against the roaring ocean.

"Rumble~~~" Thunder and lighting were flickering frantically in the sky.

At the same time, clouds of all different sort of colors were gathered in the sky. There was a total of seven different colors. A seven different colored auspicious cloud was being gathered unceasingly. Lightning currents were swimming through the seven colored auspicious cloud like water snakes.

Qin Yu was only able to discover what was happening on the seafloor and not what was happening in the sky.

Qin Yu and everyone else in the seafloor mansion also felt that the mansion was currently trembling.

"Huff!" Extremely abruptly, the entire seafloor mansion disappeared. Qin Yu and them managed to see it clearly with their own eyes that… the enormous mirror mansion had actually started flying. At the same time, it was rapidly shrinking in size. In no time, it had turned into a mirror the size of a palm. It then landed on a man's hand.

This man was Yi Feng.

As for Yi Feng, his gaze was gathered on Duanmu Yu.

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