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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 52 – Purple Mystic Mansion

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Rays of light were illuminating the place. The entire Light Lens City was dazzling like the sun. After one stepped into the Light Lens City, one would discover that the Light Lens City was comfortably warm and cozy like spring.

Bright Jade Palace!

The Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City had newly re-constructed the Bright Jade Palace. It was because Duanmu Yu had become a Godking. The Bright Jade Palace had then been opened to the public to recruit some disciples.

"The Bright Jade Palace is now opened to the public and will be recruiting six disciples. However, the number of people that want to become disciples of the Bright Jade Palace is extremely high." A Heavenly Deity said in a low voice outside of the Bright Jade Palace to his companion.

His companion also nodded and said. "Our large squadron captain is also going to participate in it. It is said that in the competition for the disciples, just counting the High Level Heavenly Deities that have decided to participate, there are already more than ten."

"It would seem that all six of these disciple position will end up being taken by the High Level Heavenly Deities." That Heavenly Deity nodded and said.

At this moment, Zhou Xian had already arrived outside of the Bright Jade Palace with his two attendants. He naturally managed to hear the conversation of the two Heavenly Deities far away.

As he looked at the Bright Jade Palace, a cold light flashed through Zhou Xian's eyes. "Even High Level Heavenly Deities want to become Duanmu Yu's servants, yet my attendants… the two High Level Heavenly Deities are only by my side because of the orders from my Imperial Father."

Generally, High Level Heavenly Deities all wanted to take a step further and achieve Godking level. Thus, they all wanted to follow Godkings.

As for Zhou Xian, if it weren't for his status, which High Level Heavenly Deity would bother to pay attention to him or listen to his orders?

"There will definitely be a day that I too will make those High Level Heavenly Deities want to appeal for me to become my disciples." Zhou Xian said determinedly in his heart. He then displayed a fake smile on his face as he walked over to the entrance gate of the Bright Jade Palace.

"Go and report to your master. Tell him that Zhou Xian from the Thunder Punishment City has arrived."

About an hour later, Zhou Xian walked out from the Bright Jade Palace with an ugly expression on his face.

"My Lord?" His two attendants asked quietly.

"We're returning to the Thunder Punishment City!" Zhou Xian said coldly as lightning flashed through his eyes. "I truly never would've expected that Duanmu Yu had already given the Mirage Spirit Mirror to Qin Yu… then, in order to win the second chosen candidate spot…"

Zhou Xian frowned even more deeply.

Inside the Thunder Punishment City's Sage Emperor's Palace.

"Imperial Father, this is the situation. It would seem now that the possibility of me being able to win the second chosen candidate spot is not high. As for the third chosen candidate spot, that Qin Yu is a grandmaster artifact craftsman and also the new master of the Bewitching God Temple. It should be possible for him to take out a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Thus, the chances of me obtaining the third chosen candidate spot are not high either. Therefore, if I want to obtain and marry Jiang Li, I absolutely must obtain this second chosen candidate spot." Zhou Xian stood beside his Imperial Father Zhou Huo.

Zhou Huo also nodded slightly. He then grew silent and did not speak.

Zhou Xian could only wait quietly from the side.

"Imperial Father?" Zhou Xian had grown a bit impatient and called out for his father softly.

"You can go back first." Zhou Huo waved his hand. Suddenly, Zhou Huo turned around and looked to Zhou Xian. "The Nine Phoenix Crown that was there to prevent the situation of not being able to obtain the Mirage Spirit Mirror, how is its preparations going?"

Zhou Xian nodded and said. "It is still in preparations. We have already dispatched several hundred Heavenly Deities to the lower realms to search for materials. We will definitely be able to complete it before the ten years time."


Zhou Huo slightly nodded. "Right now, you merely need to concern with completing the Nine Phoenix Crown. As for the second chosen candidate spot, I will find a way to obtain it for you."

"Yes, Imperial Father."

Zhou Xian immediately bowed and withdrew himself.

After a short moment…

Zhou Huo directly used teleportation and left the Northwestern Region's Thunder Punishment City.

The eighteen candidates of the groom search. After Duanmu Yu became a Godking and withdrew from the groom search, there still remained seventeen candidates. Now, these seventeen candidates were all trying their hardest to prepare the second gift.

Experts like Kuiyin Hou and Shentu Fan all had quite a big power behind them. They were also striving their hardest to prepare their gifts.

Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City.

Qin Yu had strictly ordered Uncle Fu that he would not receive anyone during the several years of his seclusion. Soon after, Qin Yu directly went into his New Cosmos and began his most heartfelt preparations.

New Cosmos. On the New Purple Mystic Star.

Qin Yu standing in the air. A large number of materials were floating and had covered the sky above Qin Yu. These materials were all prepared in order to construct the mansion.

Qin Yu closed his eyes. The model of the entire mansion appeared in his mind. This model also contained the detailed materials for the various locations as well as the way of crafting them.


Black Divine Flames and White Pure Flames were intertwining with each other like two long dragons. In an instant, they engulfed two thirds of the materials.

"The main material for the mansion shall be Cyan Nightmare Stone."

Qin Yu's body started to suddenly grow. In an instant, he had become a several thousand foot tall giant. The Unyielding Whirling Space Destroying Hammer that he held in his hand had also grown several hundred times bigger. The back table before him had also grown several hundred times larger.

The hammer struck down.


Space started to vibrate. Vortex-like hurricanes started to whirl around the large number of Cyan Nightmare Stones. The White Pure Flames and Black Divine Flames were also magically mixed within it.

The hammering sound of the Unyielding Whirling Space Destroying Hammer was like that of thunder. Its speed was like that of lightning. The large number of Cyan Nightmare Stones was being easily pounded and forged by Qin Yu.

Qin Yu had closed his eyes. He was only using the sensation of his heart to determine the level of impurities, melting temperature and vaporizing temperature of the materials.

Everything was within his control.

Time passed. After three entire years, the approximate appearance of the entire mansion was created through using Cyan Nightmare Stones.

"The next step shall be the decorative materials of the entire mansion." Qin Yu slightly smiled.

To be exact, the mansion constructed of Cyan Nightmare Stones could only be considered as a raw model. The following steps were the most complicated and important steps.

One by one, materials started to fly over to the table before Qin Yu.

Qin Yu's size had returned to normal. He began his complicated crafting process… Time passed, and the mansion was gradually changing.

The walls of the mansion were no longer composed solely of the Cyan Nightmare Stones single color. There was also a large layer of design on the surface of the mansion.

The eastern half walls of the mansion had a scene of surging flames. On the western half walls was a scene of a world of ice and snow.

After the external decoration of the mansion had been completed, the next step was the various internal decorations. With Qin Yu himself being a grandmaster artifact craftsman, the various kinds of scenes that he had in his heart were all carefully constructed by him one after the other, down to the very last detail.

"Haha." Qin Yu suddenly started laughing out loud. He pointed at the garden location with one hand. In an instant, hundreds of thousand of different flowers started blooming all over.

As the master of the New Cosmos, when creating the mansion in the New Cosmos, Qin Yu was capable of increasing the various different kinds of materials, plants, flowers and so on, in the mansion.

His imagination was boundless.

Under Qin Yu's remodeling of the mansion, it began to become even more perfect.

The various decorations of the mansion had added the vital finishing touch to the mansion. Qin Yu's crafting ability, that had reached the peak, had allowed the entire mansion to become even more perfect.

Three thousand two hundred and twenty three years.

After spending this long a period of time, Qin Yu finally finished constructing the mansion. It was much longer than Qin Yu's initial anticipation.

Qin Yu looked at the mansion that was floating in the middle of the air.

The surface of the mansion was covered in a layer of flame and cold air. On the walls of the courtyard in the mansion were flowers and trees of various kinds. The branches and leaves of the trees appeared to be falling over each other in their eagerness to extend outside the walls.

What was most shocking was the aura of Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

Wherever one walked, one would be able to sense a dense aura coming from Heavenly Divine Artifacts. That's right… there were several hundred important ornaments in the various locations of the mansion. These ornaments were all crafted by Qin Yu using rare materials.

The materials were rare because Qin Yu wanted the ornaments to be both practical and ornamental. When he was choosing the materials, he did not bother to try to make these ornamental items that he crafted extremely precious.

Back then, Qin Yu had already managed to craft Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts using only ordinary materials. And, in the three thousand plus years, the ornaments that he crafted were mostly Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. There were quite a few High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts too.

For a single mansion to possess several hundred Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and several tens of High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, this truly was astonishing.

Apart from this, within the mansion were three different worlds. They were respectively the 'Miniature Divine Realm' with its true form being that of a pond surrounded by trees, the 'Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm' with its true form being that of a painted wall and the 'Mortal Realm's Purple Mystic Star' with its true form being a pavilion in the mansion.

This was truly a grand display.

Qin Yu was only able to create these worlds so easily because he possessed his remarkable formation array space. As for the other two grandmaster artifact craftsmen, they did not possess such an ability.

Qin Yu had a smile on his face. Much of the construction of the mansion contained within them Qin Yu's memories. The entire mansion was separated into three great regions.

The Miniature Divine Realm was in the first region.

The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm with the true form being that of a painted wall was located in the second region.

There was a lake in the mansion. This lake was the third region. The Mortal Realm's Purple Mystic Star was in this third region.

Of the various kinds of decorations of the various regions, the majority of them possessed a special story. For example, in the third region, within that internal lake, was a tower. That tower was modeled after the Purple Mystic Star's Stellar Tower.

Another example, in the second region was a carving. The scene displayed in the carving was the scene of Emperor Yu fighting against Wu Lan.

"This mansion shall be named the Purple Mystic Mansion." In terms of love and affection, Qin Yu possessed the most feelings for his hometown, the Purple Mystic Star. It was there that he met Li'er. It was also there that he stepped onto the path of cultivation.

"This Purple Mystic Mansion itself can be considered an enormous Heavenly Divine Artifact. Over half of the materials used for it originated from the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold. As for the rest, they all came from the treasury of the Bewitching God Temple. As for the various ornaments in the Purple Mystic Mansion, there are a total of sixty two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts."

This time around, Qin Yu had truly used a large number of items.

A large number of rare materials were all used by Qin Yu without hesitation. With these materials, Qin Yu was capable of creating a large number of offensive High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. However now, Qin Yu had merely crafted ornaments.

Although many of them were also High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, their attack power was nevertheless extremely weak.

The reason being that was very simple.

If a lantern and a blade were both crafted using metal, would the lantern be able to match the blade's attack power?

Although they might be of the same level, unfortunately when Qin Yu crafted them, he did so with the purpose of making them into ornaments.

"In the Divine Realm, would someone create this many High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts as ornaments?" Qin Yu was extremely confident in his heart. "Most importantly, that Mirage Spirit Mirror is merely a mirror in the future bedroom of Li'er and I in this Purple Mystic Mansion."

Qin Yu had only simply decorated the Mirage Spirit Mirror.

He had made the Mirage Spirit Mirror into a part of the Purple Mystic Mansion.

"I do not believe that I will not win the second chosen candidate spot with all of this combined." Qin Yu was walking in the Purple Mystic Mansion. He had a smile on his face.

After taking a deep breath of air, Qin Yu waved his hand and retrieved the Purple Mystic Mansion.

Now that he had finished creating the Purple Mystic Mansion, what Qin Yu had to do was to craft weapons suitable for his brothers Fei Fei and Xiao Hei.

"To craft exceptional weapons, it would not be enough to use merely the Golden Elemental Heavy Water as the tempering agent." Qin Yu's intention moved.

A ray of light was shot toward him. It was the cyan gowned Qin Yu. This cyan gowned Qin Yu faced Qin Yu, bowed and said. "True Body!"

"You are in charge of the tempering process." Qin Yu said while smiling.

Qin Yu's clone was interlinked in heart with Qin Yu himself. Whatever Qin Yu knew, his clone also knew. Whatever his clone comprehended, Qin Yu also naturally would comprehend. The two of them were one.

Qin Yu flipped his hand. He retrieved the most precious portion of materials from the Bewitching God Temple. These materials were prepared by Qin Yu for the purpose of crafting weapons for Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

"Let's begin."

Qin Yu extended his hand. The Unyielding Whirling Space Destroying Hammer appeared in his hand. Naturally, flames start to emit out from Qin Yu's hand.

The times of his childhood when he was together with Xiao Hei was still vivid within Qin Yu's mind. The two of them possessed relation like that of blood brothers. During the process of artifact crafting, Qin Yu had concentrated his focus to the peak.

Hou Fei was an extremely carefree person. He would always fool around with Qin Yu. The scenes of him fighting with others in the Moral Realm's Southern Sea's cultivation world was something that Qin Yu still remembered very clearly.

The hammering sound continuously roared out. Each one of Qin Yu's hammer strikes contained within it his emotions and feelings. As each hammer strike landed, Qin Yu felt a lot of confidence. Everything was proceeding perfectly.

Artifact Embryo, Tempering, Spirit Awakening.

In the three great steps, because it was the first time for Qin Yu to use the Coldmist Air, it ended up being slightly weaker. As for the other two steps, they were all done perfectly.

A spear and a stick. They were both completely cyan-black in color.

"These two weapons actually both possessed two special effects." Qin Yu was overjoyed. The spear that he crafted for Hei Yu possessed the auxiliary effects of 'Penetration' and 'Space Piercing.' As for Hou Fei's long stick, it possessed the auxiliary effects of 'Burst' and 'Extreme Weight.'

"Although neither one possesses the special effect of 'Devouring Soul,' as they possess two great auxiliary effects, their strength is comparable to that of second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures."

Qin Yu was extremely happy in his heart.

With an intention from Qin Yu, the remaining ninety percent of the Dark and Yellow Energy appeared in the middle of the air. The cyan-black stick and spear flew into the Dark and Yellow Energy.

"After these two weapons finish absorbing the Dark and Yellow Energy, their might ought to be not much weaker than the Divine Spear Waning Snow." Qin Yu turned around and looked to his clone, the cyan gowned Qin Yu.

At this moment, the cyan gowned Qin Yu was sitting in the middle of the air in a cross-legged position. He had began to quietly train again.

As for Qin Yu himself, he too sat in a cross-legged position beside his clone. A seven colored light flew out from the cyan gowned Qin Yu and entered into Qin Yu's mind. Qin Yu began to quietly comprehend the remaining spatial laws.

A true body and a clone began to quietly train like so…

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