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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 48 – Seafloor Mansion

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu's heart tightened.

"Big brother…" Hou Fei had sent Qin Yu a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. Even Hei Yu was ready to attack at any moment.

"Calm down."

Qin Yu said via voice transmission to his two brothers. "If this Yi Feng is truly going to attack us, then I'll directly send the two of you into my New Cosmos. I will also enter it soon after… Unless we reach a point of last resort, we shouldn't try to fight against a Godking head on."

Qin Yu also possessed some trump cards in fighting against a Godking.

The Variation Magnificent Lotus Clone that was regarded as possessing an 'undying body,' his Divine Spear Waning Snow that possessed an attack power even more frightening than first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, his ability to teleport…

And the Spatial Energy originating from his New Cosmos. These were all of Qin Yu's trump cards against Godkings.

As Qin Yu possessed trump cards against Godkings, he was not afraid. Zhou Xian, on the other hand, was currently losing his head. He too was able to tell the resentment and enmity this Godking before him was emitting.

"Senior, only three people among us here are participants in the groom search. They are I, Duanmu Yu, prince Zhou Xian of Thunder Punishment City and Qin Yu of Mount Dazzling Gold." Duanmu said calmly.

"Duanmu Yu?" Yi Feng took a glance at Duanmu Yu. "You're also participating in the groom search?"

"Yes, that is correct." Duanmu Yu nodded and said.

Yi Feng sneered. "I've heard that Duanmu Yu was extremely passionate in his love and possessed no interest in other women. What, in order to become a Godking, you've also decided to participate in the groom search?"

Duanmu Yu slightly frowned. He took a glance at Yi Feng and then slowly said. "To pursue the Greater Dao is my sole desire right now."

Yi Feng nodded. He then looked to Zhou Xian. "Zhou Xian, you are the grand prince of the Thunder Punishment City, why are you so afraid of me? You do not have to worry; although there is hatred between your Imperial Father and I, I have not yet reached a low enough state to take it out on his children."

Qin Yu's mind was moved.

This Yi Feng, not only did he possess hatred against Jiang Fan, he actually also possessed hatred against the Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo.

"Haha…" Yi Feng suddenly started to laugh out loud. His gaze swept through Qin Yu and them. "Didn't you all want to find the Mirage Spirit Mirror? Sure, I'll tell you all where it's at. It's in a mansion located at the depths of the ocean surrounding the Bamboo Forest Island. If you all have the ability, then go ahead and search for it."

Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and Duanmu Yu were all shocked that Yi Feng did not attack them, but instead told them about the location of the Mirage Spirit Mirror.

"Groom search, groom search… that little girl Jiang Li is actually also going to be married." Yi Feng said that in a low voice and then disappeared before everyone's eyes.

Only when Yi Feng disappeared did the eleven people present heave a sigh of relief.

"Your Lordship, can we trust this Bamboo Forest Island's Master's words?" Asked an attendant behind Zhou Xian in a low voice. Zhou Xian sneered and said. "This Bamboo Forest Island's Master is a Godking, if he wanted to do something to us, he would've done so already. There is absolutely no need for him to bother to plot against us. Let's go, we'll go to the bottom of the ocean."

Zhou Xian and his group of five completely ignored Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu's groups and directly rushed into the ocean.

"Brother Qin Yu, let's go down too." Duanmu Yu walked over to Qin Yu and said while smiling. Qin Yu nodded. The two groups, a total of six people, also rushed into the bottom of the ocean.

The Southern Sea of the Divine Realm was extremely deep.

The ocean in region of the Southern Boundary Archipelago was several tens of thousands of miles deep. Qin Yu and Duanmu Yu's groups were unceasingly rushing toward the bottom of the ocean.

"Brother Qin Yu, do you know what that Island Master of the Bamboo Forest Island is called?" Duanmu Yu asked.

Qin Yu recalled that when Duanmu Yu and Zhou Xian's two groups arrived, that Yi Feng had not mentioned his name to them.

"That Island Master of the Bamboo Forest Island is called Yi Feng. Brother Duanmu, do you know of him?" Qin Yu asked.

"Yi Feng?"

Duanmu Yu had an extremely shocked expression. "He's Yi Feng? The follower of the Godking of Life from back then? The elegant and beautiful young master, the confident and extraordinary Godking, Yi Feng?"

"The follower of the Godking of Life?" Qin Yu was able to guess a couple things in his heart.

Duanmu Yu had an extremely unbelieving expression. "The extremely elegant and talented Yi Feng from back then has actually reached such a desolate state. He has even changed his appearance… No wonder, no wonder he holds that much hatred for the several great Sage Emperors."

"Brother Duanmu, what exactly was the reason for the Godking of Life's death? Do you know about that?" Qin Yu asked.

Even Uncle Lan had been extremely silent in regard to this matter. Thus, Qin Yu had been confused about this the entire time.

Duanmu Yu shook his head and sighed. "Brother Qin Yu, the death of the Godking of Life could be considered as being caused by the Eight Great Sage Emperors and several other Godkings. As for the reason, there is no need to mention it." Duanmu Yu had a bitter smile on his face.

Qin Yu frowned.

Godking of Life, Eight Great Divine Families…

That Yi Feng was actually the follower of the Godking of Life.

"We've reached the seafloor." Duanmu Yu said. "Brother Qin Yu, let's separate from each other here. The seafloor is extremely vast, let's separate and search for the Mirage Spirit Mirror by ourselves."

Qin Yu also came out from his train of thought. "Okay, we'll separate here."

Qin Yu possessed a very good relationship with Duanmu Yu. If they searched for the Mirage Spirit Mirror together and found it, how would they decide who would get it?

After seeing Duanmu Yu and his two attendants leaving, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu began their search.

"It truly is much harder to spread one's Divine Awareness at the bottom of the ocean." Hou Fei sighed helplessly.

Divine Awareness, in the air, a Low Level Deity could not spread it out of their body at all. As for Mid Level Deities, they were able to spread it roughly ten meters from their body. High Level Deities were only able to spread their Divine Awareness about a hundred meters from their body. Low Level Heavenly Deities were able to spread it roughly a thousand meters from their body. Mid Level Heavenly Deities were able to spread it several tens of kilometers. For High Level Heavenly Deities, they were able to spread their Divine Awareness to a range of well over a thousand kilometers.

However, when confronted with condensed matters like solids and liquids, the Divine Awareness' penetration ability would rapidly decrease.

One would only be able to barely spread one's Divine Awareness about a meter into a solid or a liquid after reaching the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage. Even High Level Heavenly Deities were only able to spread it about a hundred meters.

"A distance of a hundred meters, it's easier to use my eyes to search." Hou Fei muttered.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, you two only need to follow me." Qin Yu smiled and said. He was currently in an extremely joyous mood. "This Mirage Spirit Mirror is hidden at the bottom of the ocean. It seems that it'll be ending up in my hands now."

Qin Yu's Spatial Energy was able to cover a range of several hundred miles. His Spatial Energy's power of observation was not obstructed by the composition of the materials.

The bottom of the ocean was several tens of thousands of miles away from the surface of the ocean. Furthermore, the Divine Realm's ocean waters were extremely thick. The water pressue at several tens of thousands of miles from the bottom of the ocean was extremely frightening.

Qin Yu and his brothers were rapidly traveling through the bottom of the ocean. Qin Yu's Spatial Energy was able to rapidly inspect the several hundred miles area in his surroundings.

As for Duanmu Yu and Zhou Xian's groups, they were using their eyes and Divine Awareness to carefully observe the small range that they could observe. Their speed was simply incomparable to Qin Yu's.

"Mansion, mansion… earlier that Yi Feng mentioned that the Mirage Spirit Mirror is located in a mansion?" Qin Yu was unceasingly searching.

"Found it."

However, when Qin Yu discovered it, he was shocked to find that Zhou Xian and them were already outside the gates of this mansion. For Zhou Xian to find it before Qin Yu with his searching speed, one must say that he possessed much better luck than Qin Yu.

"Your Lordship, we can't open this entrance gate at all. What should we do now?"

Zhou Xian and his group of men were currently trapped outside of the entrance of the mansion. They were unable to open the entrance gate at all.

"Who exactly was it that built this mansion?" Zhou Xian started frowning. It was merely a single gate, however he, a High Level Heavenly Deity, and his four subordinates, also High Level Heavenly Deities, were unable to push it open even when they pushed it together.

Exactly how monstrous was this gate?

"Qin Yu?" Zhou Xian suddenly saw that Qin Yu and his brothers were walking towards them in the distance. He cursed in his heart. "This Qin Yu, he truly is a lingering piece of shit. Furthermore, whoever it was that constructed this mansion is a bastard too. If the gate were easier to open, then I would've likely already obtained the Mirage Spirit Mirror."

"Zhou Xian."

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu had already arrived at the entrance of the mansion.

"For a mansion to be on the seafloor of the Southern Sea, it is truly peculiar." Qin Yu praised. However, his gaze was already on the mansion.

Qin Yu had already observed the mansion with his Spatial Energy in a blink of an eye.

This nameless seafloor mansion was several thousands of feet tall. Underwater vegetations had grown all over the surface of the mansion's walls. This seafloor mansion appeared to have been here for an extremely long period of time.

"There's no cracks at all. Other than the main gate, there doesn't seem to be anywhere else one can enter the mansion from." Qin Yu looked to Zhou Xian and his men. "This Zhou Xian had been outside the gates the entire time. It would appear that the main gate is also extremely hard to be open."

Deep green underwater plants had grown all over the main gate.

Qin Yu immediately moved and walked over to the front of the main gate.

"Qin Yu, do not waste your strength in vain. You cannot open it." Zhou Xian sneered from the side. Qin Yu however suddenly slashed with his hand.

Several rays of blade-like water streams were hacked on the entrance gate.


A crisp sound echoed. The deep green plants on the gate all started to separate themselves from the gate. What appeared was… a magnificent mirror. The main entrance of this mansion, after the layer of deep green plants on its surface was cast off, was surprisingly an enormous mirror.

Through the mirror, one could clearly see the reflection of Qin Yu, Zhou Xian and them.


Zhou Xian's eyes shined. At the same time, he entered a frantic state. With lightning like speed, he was about to rush over to break off the mirror. However, Qin Yu merely stood there and calmly watched this scene before him.

"You all, come over and move this mirror together with me!" Zhou Xian shouted to his four attendants.

Those four High Level Heavenly Deities immediately rushed over to Zhou Xian. They proceeded to try to help Zhou Xian carry this enormous mirror away.

"Big brother." Hou Fei felt anxious for Qin Yu. He looked to Qin Yu. Hou Fei knew that… Qin Yu would not do anything unfathomably.

"Do not worry, just sit tight and watch, you'll find out soon." Qin Yu had a ridiculing smile as he looked at Zhou Xian and his men.

After spending a tremendous amount of strength, Zhou Xian and his four men were still unable to move the mirror in the slightest. They did not dare to use 'Spatial Destruction', because they were afraid that they'd destroy the mirror.

Zhou Xian looked to Qin Yu and his brothers. He kinda understood it now that he had been played for a fool.

"You guys can stop." Zhou Xian commanded his four Heavenly Deity subordinates.

"Your Lordship, this enormous mirror is not something ordinary. It might be the Mirage Spirit Mirror." A Heavenly Deity spoke.

Zhou Xian coldly stared at him. "If it were the Mirage Spirit Mirror, then why would that Qin Yu stand there without coming to fight over it?"

"Brother Zhou Xian, this mirror before you is still pretty small. There are even bigger mirrors here." Qin Yu said while laughing and smiling. Then, with a wave of his hand, a countless number of blade-like water ripples were shot toward the entire seafloor mansion.

Because of the fact that the seafloor mansion had been underneath the water for an extremely long period of time, all of its walls were covered by a layer of deep green plants.

However, at this moment…

Those deep green plants were all cut apart by Qin Yu. The vestige of time on the seafloor mansion had all been destroyed by Qin Yu. What appeared… was an extremely enormous, bright and illuminating mansion.

This seafloor mansion, regardless of whether it were its walls, its entrance gate, or its roof, they were all formed by extremely bright and illuminating mirrors.

The large mirrors were like that of the ones that composed the walls. They were a thousand feet tall. As for their length, they was several thousand feet long. Compared to those, the entrance gate mirror was much smaller.

"This many mirrors… this mansion is actually composed of mirrors?" Zhou Xian looked to this scene before him with shock.

After a short moment, Zhou Xian managed to react. Qin Yu's actions had shown that… Qin Yu had already known that this mansion was formed by mirrors.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. He did not say anything.

He naturally knew about it. Under the cover of his Spatial Energy, the enormous mirrors underneath the deep green vegetations were naturally unable to escape his observation.

"How would one be able to open this mirror mansion?" Qin Yu was also unable to enter the mansion.

Actually, Qin Yu had a way of entering. He could spread his Spatial Energy into the inside of the mirror mansion and then teleport into it. However, he didn't dare to do it.

That was because…

"Why is that Yi Feng observing us with his Divine Awareness the entire time?" With his Spatial Energy covering the surroundings, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that Yi Feng's Divine Awareness was observing them.

"Could it be that this was a plot by Yi Feng? But, he's a Godking. If he wanted to kill us, why would he use such a method?" Qin Yu was completely confused.

With Yi Feng's Divine Awareness monitoring them, Qin Yu naturally did not dare to teleport and have him discover his secret.

"Brother Qin Yu." A familiar voice was heard. Qin Yu turned his head around to look. Duanmu Yu and his group of men was currently walking over from the distant. Duanmu Yu and them had finally discovered this location.

"This mansion is truly unique." Duanmu Yu smiled as he looked to the mansion composed completely of mirrors.

Right at this moment…

"Rumble~~~" A fierce earthquake sound was heard. That enormous mirror that formed the entrance gate actually slowly moved to the side by itself. A very spacious and wide passageway was exposed.

Qin Yu was startled.

"Right after all three of us arrived here, that entrance gate actually opened by itself?!" Qin Yu had become even more shocked.

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