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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 23 – The Frightening Number of Heavenly Divine Artifacts

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin

The deep and low sound of whistling. Along with it was the space ripping sound of spatial cracks reverberating through the Refining Flames Palace. Bringing along with it a special rule, the entire space seemed to be vibrating along with the sound.

"I've finally reached the High Level Heavenly Deity stage." Li'er opened her eyes. She had a peaceful smile on her face. The first response she had after opening her eyes was to look to her side.

To her side was the other cloud bed. When she had started her training, Qin Yu was also training on the other cloud bed.

However, at this moment, there was no one above the cloud bed.

Following that whistling sound that followed a special rule, Li'er turned her head over and looked.

In the center of the spacious and empty hall, Qin Yu's upper body was bare naked. Coming out from his body were beads of sweat. His long hair was tied up by a headband. In Qin Yu's hand was a black hammer.

As he waved the hammer with his hand, the space surrounding the hammer started to whirl. Spatial cracks had even appeared. This hammer was like an awl.


The hammer smashed onto a black stone table before Qin Yu. On the surface of this stone table was a layer of unceasingly rising vapor. Above the stone table were Black Divine Flames, White Pure Flames and even an extremely small number of Void Flames. These flames were continuously rising through the surface of the stone table.

At the same time, several tens of materials were placed on top of the stone table.

"EH?" Li'er suddenly discovered the strangeness of this matter.

Whether it were the flames or those materials, they were all a finger's distant away from the stone table's surface. They did not touch the stone table at all.

"Bang!" Bang!" Bang!" Bang!" Bang!" …

However, Li'er was instantly charmed by Qin Yu's current appearance. Qin Yu's focus was completely on crafting artifacts. With every smash of his hammer, seven, eight or even nine rays of whirlwinds would fly out from his hammer.

Those whirlwinds also caused those materials to spin rapidly and produce a strange whistling sound.

From time to time, Qin Yu's hammer strikes were quick and violent like raging thunder. Occassionaly, they would be graceful and elegant like a soft wind or gentle and soft like the spring rain… Just watching Qin Yu waving his hammer would give one a beautiful sensation.

"Is this artifact crafting?" Li'er was shocked. It wasn't that Li'er hadn't seen people crafting artifacts before, it was just extremely rare for artifact crafting to be this naturally beautiful.

Every single time the hammer in Qin Yu's hand descended upon the materials, whirlwinds would fly out from it.

The Black Divine Flames, White Pure Flames and Void Flames were like tame little sheep. Under Qin Yu's control, they would wrap around a small number of materials.

It was very hard to determine Qin Yu's hammer's speed.

There were times when he would only hammer once per breath. However, there were also times where he would hammer a thousand to ten thousand times in an instant. As the whirlwinds that ripped through space were being emitted constantly, this also led to a rising vapor on the surface of the entire stone table.

Qin Yu's figure was faintly visible within the rising vapor.

This sort of uninteresting yet naturally beautiful hammering continued for over ten more days. During that time, Li'er stood there and watched. Only then did Qin Yu stopped hammering for the first time.

At this moment, an elegant sword was formed. However, the expert artifact craftsmen knew that at this moment, this was merely the Artifact Embryo.

Qin Yu raised his head.

"Huff~~~" A bust of wind. Two lumps of water appeared on the sides of the stone table. One lump of water was the Unitary Heavy Water. As for the other, it was the Golden Elemental Heavy Water.

That sword flew to the center of the two lumps of water. The two lumps of water both dispatched a stream of water. Like two dragons playing with a bead, the two streams of water wrapped around the sword.

And at this moment, Qin Yu closed his eyes.

The entire space had turned silent. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of drifting water. Even Li'er held her breath upon seeing this scene. After roughly a cup of tea's time.

Qin Yu suddenly displayed a smile on his face.

A layer of membrane suddenly appeared in the surrounding of that sword. It directly separated the Golden Elemental Heavy Water and the Unitary Heavy Water from the sword. Just like that, a cyan green colored sword started floating in front of Qin Yu.

The Tempering process was a success!

Qin Yu's hands moved like strings. He softly touched that cyan green colored sword several times. Every single time he touched it, a jade green colored light would permeate into the sword.

Soon, this cyan green colored sword was completely covered by a lump of gentle jade green colored light. Soon, the lump of jade green colored light merged with the sword blade. A green colored light started to circulate through the surface of the sword incessantly. In the end, it started to slowly fade away.


A sharp and clear sword voice sounded from the cyan green sword.

"It's finally done." Only at this moment did Li'er dare to exhale. For some unknown reason, just by watching Qin Yu crafting the artifact, she felt her heart throbbing.

[Robin: Sure, her "heart" :P]

Qin Yu turned around and looked at Li'er with a smile on his face.

"Li'er, you truly are my lucky star. This artifact is the best that I have created in nearly ten million years!" Qin Yu had a proud smile on his face. "It took me an entire year to finally create this cyan green colored sword. This cyan green colored sword was created through using ordinary materials. However, I managed to achieve perfection in the 'Artifact Embryo,' 'Tempering' and the 'Spirit Awakening' processes. Thus… It is a Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact!"

Li'er opened her beautiful eyes wide. With an unbelieving expression, she looked to Qin Yu. "Big brother Qin Yu, you said,you said that you used ordinary materials and crafted a Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact?"

Although ordinary materials were called ordinary materials, they actually weren't that ordinary. Those materials were only considered ordinary to Heavenly Deity level experts. To ordinary Deities, such materials were still very precious.

Ordinary materials, if they were to be used for crafting by ordinary artifact craftsmen, then most likely, the products would only be Divine Artifacts.

However, for grandmaster artifact craftsmen, they possessed the ability to give the ordinary materials their best capabilities. However, even though that might be the case, if they were limited to only ordinary materials, they would at most be able to craft Low Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

However, Qin Yu actually managed to craft a Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact with merely ordinary materials.

"Big brother Qin Yu, did you truly only use ordinary materials? This, I truly do not dare to believe that. A Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact is that precious; yet, you've only used those ordinary materials." Li'er's face had turned red with excitement. However, she was still unable to believe it.

Hearing Li'er's praise, Qin Yu also felt extremely happy.

"Actually, this is the only Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact that I have managed to craft from using ordinary materials in the close to ten million years that I've been doing this." Said Qin Yu a bit ashamedly. To only be able to craft a Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact after close to ten million years of crafting; and it just so happened that Li'er managed to see this and started praising him highly for it. This had truly made Qin Yu somewhat embarrassed.

"Li'er, although this Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact cannot be considered extremely precious, as what was used to create it were solely ordinary materials, I feel that it can be considered the pinnacle of my current craftsmanship. I reckon that it'll be very hard for me to re-enter the state of perfection that I had earlier when I was crafting it. This Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact, I shall gift it to you. I hope you do not despise it." Qin Yu handed the cyan green colored sword to Li'er.

Artifact crafting was a process that also required luck. There were many grandmaster craftsmen who only managed to create a single proud work in billions of years.

For example, the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan.

Although the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan was extremely powerful in crafting artifacts, in all those years, without using Grandmist Spiritual Energy, among all the High Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts that he had created, only Waning Snow was comparable to a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. As for the other High Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts that he crafted, they were only comparable to third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

Crafting a Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifact through using only ordinary materials.

This could be considered as Qin Yu's current pinnacle of craftsmanship. As for whether he would be able to surpass this, regardless of how confident Qin Yu was, he still wasn't entirely confident that he would be able to surpass it.

"This sword, it shall be called…" Li'er grew silent for a moment. She then smiled brilliantly and said. "It shall be called Meteor Dream."

"Meteor Dream?" Qin Yu was slightly startled.

Upon hearing this name, Qin Yu recalled the time of his childhood when he wished upon the meteors that streaked across the sky.

"Good, it shall be called Meteor Dream." Qin Yu's face bloomed with smiles.

Qin Yu said in surprise. "The peak time acceleration of this cosmos has actually reached over eight thousand times now. Its improvement speed is truly fast."

Qin Yu knew that it had been about about thousand years since he left exited the New Cosmos.

"Over eight thousand times? We've trained for close to ten million years here. How long has it been in the outside world?" Li'er asked curiously. When they had first entered the New Cosmos, the peak time acceleration was only over two thousand times.

"It has been two thousand years outside." Qin Yu nodded and said.

A period of two thousand years in the outside world. However, Qin Yu had spent nearly ten million years in his own cosmos. Qin Yu had also become extremely confident in his artifact crafting ability.

Although one could not always reach one's pinnacle in crafting, with his current skill, Qin Yu was certain that he would be able to craft High Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts if he were to use precious materials.

The ability to craft High Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts, that was the requirement of becoming a grandmaster of artifact crafting.

"Eh? Big brother Qin Yu, it's already been close to ten million years. What happened to those weapons that you have created in the ten million years? Where are they?" Li'er looked to their surroundings with confusion. However, there were no weapons at all in the spacious and empty hall.

"If you want to see them, then follow me!" Qin Yu smiled and grabbed Li'er's hand.


In the airspace above the New East Hazy Mountain. Qin Yu and Li'er were standing there. At this moment, Qin Yu had put on a black gown and was no longer half naked. As the gale brushed past them, Qin Yu's gown would occasionally flutter and display his bare chest. As for Li'er, she was nestled against Qin Yu's body.

"Did you see that?" Qin Yu pointed downward.

The East Hazy Mountain's mountain range extended forever into the distance. It also occupied a very vast area. The surface of the East Hazy Mountain was filled with dense forest. Li'er carefully looked and saw that past the tree leaves, were weapons scattered all over the under brushes.

"In those under brushes, in the ponds and so on, those places are indeed locations that are hard to notice at first glance."

With an intention from Qin Yu, the numerous weapons that covered the East Hazy Mountain started flying upwards from the numerous corners of the forest. After that, they started floating. It was like the entire East Hazy Mountain had been covered.

Merely, this layer of cover was composed of countless weapons.

"There are a total of over thirty million weapons. The majority of them are Divine Artifacts. As for the rest, there are over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts!

"Ah!" Li'er covered her mouth in shock.

Even with all the Divine Realm's Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts combined, they likely wouldn't number a million.

"How, how is that possible? Big brother Qin Yu, you said there are over a million Low Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts?" Li'er was scared stunned by this number.

As she was born into the Eight Great Divine Families' Jiang Clan, Li'er knew very well of how precious the Heavenly Divine Artifacts were. Even the entire Jiang Clan only had several thousand Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

However, Qin Yu, a single person, actually possessed more Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts than the entire Divine Realm combined!

"You don't believe me?" Qin Yu looked to Li'er with a smile on his face.

Li'er looked to the weapons that densely covered the entire East Hazy Mountain, could she not believe him?

"Li'er, do you know how long it would take for an ordinary grandmaster artifact craftsman to craft an artifact?" Qin Yu smiled and asked. Qin Yu knew very well why there were so few Heavenly Divine Artifacts in the Divine Realm.

Li'er frowned and remained silent for a moment before saying. "Mn, although our Floating Snow City does not have any grandmaster artifact craftsmen, I still know that a grandmaster artifact craftsman would have to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of years in order to craft a Heavenly Divine Artifact. However, big brother Qin Yu, you…"

"That's right. My crafting time is a lot shorter than them. It takes me less than a year to craft a Heavenly Divine Artifact!"

Qin Yu nodded and said. "To me, the Three Great Steps of artifact craftsmanship, 'Artifact Embryo,' 'Tempering,' and 'Spirit Awakening,' I spent the most time on crafting the 'Artifact Embryo,' However, for other grandmaster artifact craftsmen, they spent the most of their time on the 'Spirit Awakening' process."

"Spirit Awakening?" Li'er was startled.

"Spirit Awakening, it is placing formation arrays on the weapon. In the Divine Realm, only level five and level six formation arrays are capable of making a weapon become a Heavenly Divine Artifact!"

Qin Yu had a confident expression on his face. "However, for level one formation arrays to level six formation arrays, they become more and more complicated. A level five or level six formation array is so complicated that it would require several golden scrolls just to record it!"

"To place a level five or level six formation array on a little weapon, this would be an even more cautious job. If a mistake were made, then all the efforts would be for naught. Thus, they spend a very long time to do this. Furthermore, during the process, they cannot be disturbed in the slightest." Qin Yu carefully explained.

Qin Yu knew that that to reach the fifth level of formation arrays from the fourth level, one must cross an immense threshold. The complication of the formation array would increase by several tens of times or even a hundred times at once. As for the level six formation arrays, as the limit of complication, they were even more frightening.

In the entire Divine Realm, one could count the people that had reached the sixth level of formation arrays on a single hand.

"To set up a single level six formation array would equate to tormenting one's mind and spirit! Rarely do grandmaster artifact craftsmen undertake a task to craft a weapon. And when they do, they would be use preciously materials. However, precious materials are extremely rare. So, how many Heavenly Divine Artifacts could they possibly be able to craft?"

"Those who are capable of reaching the level of formation arrays past the sixth level, where the formation arrays turns simple, it is only the Craftsman God and I who have managed to do that!" Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

"Furthermore, in terms of the effectiveness for Spirit Awakening, level six formation arrays are greatly inferior to my own formation array 'Universe.' If we were to give my formation array a rank, then it ought to be a level nine formation array!" Qin Yu had absolute confidence.

The formation array 'Universe' was greatly superior to level six formation arrays.

The speed at which the formation array was casted was something that couldn't be compared either.

If one were using level six formation arrays to create a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact using ordinary materials, it would be as hard as Qin Yu trying to create a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact using ordinary materials.

Only after crafting over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts did Qin Yu managed to attain a pinnacle and craft a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact using ordinary materials.

"Li'er, if a grandmaster artifact craftsman were to wholeheartedly invest himself into crafting, then he might likely only attain a High Quality Divine Artifact using ordinary materials. It would be extremely difficult for him to craft a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. If they were to spend all that energy only to have a high chance of their product being only a Divine Artifact in the end, would they do such a thing?" Qin Yu asked with a smile.

"They wouldn't." Li'er placed herself in the shoes of the grandmaster artifact craftsmen and then shook her head.

"Thus, in the golden scrolls given to me by the Utmost East Sage Emperor, a sentence was something that was practically accepted by everyone… Materials are the first prerequisite in determining the Artifact Embryo and Artifact Embryo was the most important part of determining the weapon! They believed that if a weapon was ordinary, then they would be incapable of crafting a Heavenly Divine Artifact. Thus, when a grandmaster artifact craftsman undertake a task, they would always be using precious materials."

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "However, the precious materials in the Divine Realm are extremely rare. This in turn leads to Heavenly Divine Artifacts being extremely rare!"

Li'er nodded to show her understanding.

In the entire world, only an abnormal crazy man like Qin Y would be capable of using the level nine formation array 'Universe' for the Spirit Awakening process where he would be able to craft Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts with merely ordinary materials.

Qin Yu knew very well.

That when using ordinary materials, he would likely only be able to craft Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. As for a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, crafting that with ordinary materials was a pinnacle of his craftsmanship worthy of him to be proud of for his entire lifetime.

"However, these are over a million Heavenly Divine Artifacts." Li'er still felt that her heart was beating violently.

Heavenly Divine Artifacts, and over a million of them on top of that! Although they were merely Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, their number, over a million, was already extremely shocking.

"During these nearly ten million years, I have gradually perfected my artifact crafting technique, the 'Nine Revolutions Void Render.' I reckon that in not too long, I won't be using ordinary materials anymore. It will be the time for me to challenge the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. I truly wonder… if I would be able to craft a Heavenly Divine Artifact comparable to 'Waning Snow' that the Craftsman God crafted."

Qin Yu said in a low voice.

Li'er raised her head and looked to Qin Yu. She felt that the current Qin Yu had a different sort of charm and charisma. Li'er looked at the countless densely packed weapons that formed a cover that covered the entire sky. In a low voice, she said. "Big brother Qin Yu, I believe that you will definitely be able to become the New Craftsman God and might be even more amazing than the Craftsman God!"

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 24 – The Completion of 'Waning Snow'

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin

While Qin Yu and Li'er were quietly training in the New Cosmos, the master of the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu was a bit vexed.

Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace. In Huangfu Yu's study room.

"Your Majesty, these couple days, you've constantly had an expression of being at your wits' end. What's wrong? Is there something that is hard to resolve? A couple days ago, you were extremely happy that the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master had started his artifact crafting." The Utmost East Sage Emperor's wife walked into the study room and said to him in a soft voice.

Huangfu Yu was sitting in front of the desk. He raised his head and looked to his wife. He smiled helplessly and said. "Xu Yan, you ought to know that I had only bestowed upon Qin Yu some golden scrolls after he became the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace."

Xu Yan nodded. "That's right, You have only bestowed upon him some golden scrolls. I also felt that the gift was a bit lacking."

One of the Four Great Palace Masters, oh how revered this status was?

At the very least, the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu ought to bestow upon Qin Yu some precious items. For example… a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact!

"According to the rules of our Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, only when a High Level Heavenly Deity manages to contribute a great service would we bestow upon them a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. As for Qin Yu, he is the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master. His status is extremely revered. According to logic, when he took on the position of the Palace Master, I ought to have bestowed upon him a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact." Said Huangfu Yu.

His wife Xu Yan nodded. "In that case, why didn't Your Majesty bestow upon him a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact?"

"It isn't that I didn't want to but rather that we no longer have even a single High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact in our Imperial City's storage." Said the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu helplessly.

High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were not things that were easily crafted.

"We have some some Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts in our storage. However, how could I possibly bestow a Palace Master a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact?" Huangfu Yu shook his head and smiled bitterly.

His wife Xu Yan nodded her head. She then consoled him. "Your Majesty, you also saw in the competition for the Palace Master, that Qin Yu does not lack High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts at all."

"Him possessing High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts cannot be a reason for me to not bestow him a gift." Huangfu Yu shook his head and sighed.

"Qin Yu possesses High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and that amazing formation array technique. He most definitely has an amazing expert standing behind him." Xu Yan said.

Huangfu Yu lightly smiled and said. "Let's not talk about that for the time being. I wanted to give Qin Yu a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact but I don't have any."

"A couple days ago, my old subordinate, the City Governor of the Luanyu City, brought back quite many treasures in hope of being able to exchange them for a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. However, I, … Sigh!" Huangfu Yu sighed helplessly.

Xu Yan immediately understood.

The City Governors of the Luanyu City, Yuchi City and other cities were all Huangfu Yu's old subordinates. They were all his subjects that had achieved great merit in the war six quadrillion years ago.

Huangfu Yu had treated his old subordinates very well and had given them official posts such as City Governors and such.

This time around, Luanyu City's governor had brought a large number of treasures in order to exchange them for a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. In terms of value, those treasures were definitely as valuable as a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Merely, High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were so rare that they are although the price was right, there was no product to be sold.

"A request from my old subordinate, I truly am unable to decline. However, I do not have any High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Can I possibly go and tell my old subordinate that I, the magnificent Sage Emperor, am unable to take out a single High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact?" Huangfu Yu felt a bit embarrassed.

Xu Yan understood her husband's difficulties completely.

"Your Majesty, how did you handle his request?" Xu Yan hurriedly asked.

Huangfu Yu said embarrassedly. "I cannot decline him. Thus, I agreed to it during that time. I told him… after some time, I would have my men deliver a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact to him."

"You agreed?" Xu Yan was slightly startled.

Her husband was beating his face swollen to imitate being a fatty.

"Your Majesty, was this what you are vexed about?" Xu Yan hurriedly asked.

Huangfu Yu shook his head and said. "What I am vexed about isn't this. As I have promised the Luanyu City's City Governor, I naturally have some certainty in being able to do it. I have already dispatched my men to the Thunder Punishment City to request that grandmaster artifact craftsman 'Ou Yezi.'"

"Ou Yezi?" Xu Yan slightly nodded her head. "In the entire Divine Realm, there are only three grandmasters that are capable of crafting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts."

The Three Grandmasters Artifact Craftsmen of the Divine Realm.

Ranked number one, the person with the most powerful artifact crafting ability, Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. He was also the only person qualified of being named the 'Craftsman God.'

Ranked number two and ranked number three were two people who possessed equally matched ability in artifact craftsmanship, Ou Yezi and Duanmu Feng.

Ou Yezi was someone from the Thunder Punishment City. As for Duanmu Feng, he was a direct descendent of the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City. He was the younger brother of the Palace Master of the Bright Jade Palace, Duanmu Yu.

"Why is Your Majesty vexed? Could it be that the Thunder Punishment City decided not to give Your Majesty face?" Xu Yan asked.

"No, that's not it. That Thunder Punishment City would definitely give me face. Merely… the demands that Ou Yezi made were truly too high." Huangfu Yu coldly humphed and said. "Ever since Chehou Yuan went missing, the conditions that Ou Yezi and Duanmu Feng have to craft artifacts for others have instantly increased ten fold. Regardless of who it was that sought their help, they would always be like this. It is truly… too excessive!"

Xu Yan nodded. "The conditions that Chehou Yuan demanded when he helped others craft artifacts were extremely low. They were much lower than the demands from Ou Yezi and Duanmu Feng."

Regardless of whether it were Huangfu Yu or Xu Yan, neither of them understood.

Both Ou Yezi and Duanmu Yu's formation array prowess was at the sixth level of formation arrays. It was extremely complicated and mentally and physically taxing for them to set up formations.

However, what about the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan?

Chehou Yuan was capable of setting up level eight formation arrays. Although level eight formation arrays could not match Qin Yu's formation array 'Universe' in its simplicity, it was about the same level. To set up that formation array would only require a short amount of time.

As it required less energy for Chehou Yuan to craft an artifact, he naturally would ask for a lower price.

As Chehou Yuan's craftsmanship ability was high and his price was low, this caused him to be extremely popular. This also led to the renowned name of the Bewitching God Temple to spread across the entire Divine Realm. However, the other two grandmaster artifact craftsmen felt extremely wronged.

And now, Chehou Yuan had disappeared.

Ou Yezi and Duanmu Yu had immediately increased their asking price. Regardless of who it was that sought for their help, they would give very similar demands and asking prices. As both of them possessed a solid background, neither of them worried about offending anyone.

"I planned to have Ou Yezi craft three High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. However, the conditions that he sought for crafting those three High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts made even me feel a bit ached." Huangfu Yu felt extremely helpless.

As his own Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold does not possess a grandmaster artifact craftsman, thus, he could only be aggrieved like so.

"Even if you cannot bear it, you must still bear it. After all, only Duanmu Feng and Ou Yezi are capable of crafting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts now." Xu Yan also sighed helplessly.

Crafting artifact was not something that one would be able to do just because one was powerful.

Even Godkings were only capable of at most creating a Low Quality Spatial Divine Artifact. As for the High Quality Heavenly Divine Weapons, they were incapable of crafting those.

"I truly don't know where that Chehou Yuan went to for even I to be unable to find him." Huangfu Yu felt extremely helpless.

He truly longed for the time back when he could ask Chehou Yuan to help him craft Heavenly Divine Artifacts by merely paying a small fee. Unfortunately, those sort of days were forever gone.

"Back then, why didn't I ask Chehou Yuan to craft more Heavenly Divine Artifacts?" Huangfu Yu felt extremely regretful.

"Your Majesty, our Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master is at an even higher level of formation array prowess than Ou Yezi and Duanmu Yu. If he were to truly continue studying, then he would definitely become a grandmaster artifact craftsman one day. You shouldn't mind too much about what's happening right now." Xu Yan comforted her husband.

Huangfu Yu slightly nodded.

"I can only wait. However, it requires an enormous amount of time to become a grandmaster artifact craftsman. Even if he is a genius, it would still require at least a hundred million years, I'd assume." Huangfu Yu said helplessly.

What Huangfu Yu didn't know was that when Qin Yu studied artifact craftsmanship and experimented crafting artifacts in his New Cosmos, he became even more clear about the various situations that occurs as one crafts an artifact and his training speed was even faster. In ten million years, Qin Yu had already obtained the strength to craft High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

"Ah, that's right, this time around, Ou Yezi would come to our Mount Dazzling Gold to craft artifacts. This opportunity is extremely rare. We must definitely get Qin Yu to come and observe him. This would be very helpful to Qin Yu." Said Huangfu Yu as his eyes shined.

Huangfu Yu had completely placed his hopes for artifact crafting on Qin Yu.

Even now, Huangfu Yu still thought that Qin Yu was merely a little bird that had just started researching artifact craftsmanship.

"That's right, this opportunity is extremely rare." Xu Yan's eyes also shined.

"I'll immediately dispatch someone to order him to come." Huangfu Yu immediately made his decision.

Huangfu Yu's order quickly arrived at the Misty Mystic Palace. After Uncle Fu and Qiuzhong Fu obtained the information, they immediately sent a Mind Voice Transmission to Qin Yu, informing him about it.

New Cosmos. On the New Purple Mystic Star.

Qin Yu had just finished telling Li'er about the matter with the over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Right when Qin Yu and Li'er were planning on what to do in the future, Qin Yu received a Mind Voice Transmission.

"Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Ou Yezi?" Qin Yu was confused. Qin Yu had no idea who Ou Yezi was.

"Li'er, do you know of an Ou Yezi?" Qin Yu asked Li'er.

Li'er's eyes shined. "Big brother Qin Yu, you don't know who Ou Yezi is? In the Divine Realm, there are only three people that are capable of crafting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. They are the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan, Ou Yezi and Duanmu Feng. Only the three of them are qualified to be considered grandmaster artifact craftsmen."

"Merely, among the three, Craftsman God Chehou Yuan possessed the highest level of artifact craftsmanship. That was because Senior Chehou Yuan was the only person among the three… that was capable of crafting first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Thus, he was named the 'Craftsman God' by everyone!" When Li'er mentioned this, her eyes were filled with reverence.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

Qin Yu also knew about Chehou Yuan being able to craft first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. First-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan's apex of his craftsmanship.

This was why Chehou Yuan decided to leave the Divine Realm to search for the limit of artifact craftsmanship in order to one day be able to craft the highest level Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure.

"Oh, that's right, who did Senior Chehou Yuan craft the first-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure for?" Qin Yu asked curiously. Although he knew Chehou Yuan had crafted a first-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure for someone, he did not know who the person was.

Li'er's expression have turned solemn. "Asura Godking, the ruler of the Asura Sea!"

"Asura Godking?" Information regarding the Asura Godking immediately appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

The Eleven Great Powers of the Divine Realm; Eight Great Divine Families and Three Great Ascender Powers. Among the Three Great Ascender Powers, the Asura Sea was the strongest. The Asura Godking possessed a status so great that he was definitely not inferior to the Eight Great Sage Emperors.

"The Asura Godking is so powerful that even the Eight Great Sage Emperors fear him. Ever since Chehou Yuan crafted a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure for the Asura Godking, no other Godking dared to make things difficult for Chehou Yuan." Li'er gasped.

A first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was truly too precious.

"Li'er, you can rest assured. One day, I too will craft a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure." Qin Yu smiled and said. Facing Qin Yu's bold, visionary words, Li'er nodded. She was extremely convinced that Qin Yu would be able to accomplish that.

To Li'er, no matter what Qin Yu said, he would be able to accomplish all of it.

"Li'er, this time around, the Utmost East Sage Emperor has ordered me to go and watch Ou Yezi craft artifacts. I must go. Thus…" Qin Yu looked to Li'er apologetically.

Qin Yu didn't wish to leave Li'er. However, Li'er can't just appear on the Mount Dazzling Gold.

"I know, you should go." Li'er smiled and said. "It's okay. I can enter seclusion training. Time will pass by very fast."

Qin Yu nodded his head slightly. He softly kissed Li'er's forehead. Li'er also closed her eyes.

"Eh? What's happening? Could it be…?" Qin Yu was slightly startled.

"What's wrong? Big brother Qin Yu?" Li'er opened her eyes and was confused.

Qin Yu lowered his head and smiled to Li'er. "It's nothing. It's just the Divine Spear Waning Snow. You can go and continue training. I will be returning to Mount Dazzling Gold in a bit."

Qin Yu said that and then directly arrived at another location on the East Hazy Mountain.

At this location, the lump of Dark and Yellow Energy was floating in the air. The Divine Spear Waning Snow was hovering within the Dark and Yellow Energy. Qin Yu had not paid attention to it the entire time… however, it actually turned out that, the Divine Spear Waning Snow had stopped absorbing the Dark and Yellow Energy.

After nearly ten million years, the Divine Spear Waning Snow had finally absorbed the limit of Dark and Yellow Energy that it could absorb.

"True Body." The cyan gowned Qin Yu clone beside the Divine Spear Waning Snow opened his eyes. He bowed to Qin Yu and said.

Qin Yu slightly nodded. "I never would've thought that the Divine Spear Waning Snow was only capable of absorbing ten percent of the Dark and Yellow Energy. It can absorb no more." Qin Yu extended his hand. The Divine Spear Waning Snow flew into his hand.

With the spear in his hand, Qin Yu had a feeling as if there would not be anyone capable of resisting him.

The Divine Spear Waning Snow from back then that had only absorbed less than a thousandth of the Dark and Yellow Energy already possessed power comparable to the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. And now, it had absorbed ten percent of the Dark and Yellow Energy. The might of the Divine Spear Waning Snow have already reached a shocking level.

"Even Godkings, would they dare to block this spear of mine?" Holding the Divine Spear Waning Snow, Qin Yu was extremely confident.

With an intention, the Divine Spear assimilated into Qin Yu's body.

Qin Yu lightly nodded to his clone. He then raised his head and looked to the sky. In a low voice, he muttered. "Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Ou Yezi? I shall see exactly how good this grandmaster artifact craftsman's craftsmanship is."

Soon after, Qin Yu disappeared.

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