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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 21 – The Path of Artifact Crafting

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Exactly like how it was millions and millions of years ago, snowflakes still covered the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. Upon landing on the ground, the snowflakes were absorbed by the black slab that covered the streets. The majority of the citizens of Floating Snow City were bustling with noise and activity. However, the ancient Wood Mansion was as tranquil as usual.

The people outside had no idea there were now a couple more people in the Wood Mansion.

Qin Yu was determined to enter his own Cosmos and start researching the 'Artifact Crafting Path.' As for Li'er, she wanted to go with Qin Yu. She said that as Qin Yu researches his Artifact Crafting Path, she would be beside him and comprehend the spatial comprehension left behind by Zuo Qiumei.

Underneath the willow tree, beside the stone table.

"BIg brother Qin Yu, I truly do not wish to be separated from you for a long time again." Li'er stared at Qin Yu.

How could Qin Yu possibly refuse her?

Furthermore, this was also what Qin Yu wanted.

"I have placed the Bewitching God Temple within my cosmic space. I will be studying the art of artifact crafting in the Bewitching God Temple's Refining Flames Palace. You can train beside me." Qin Yu made his decision.

Li'er immediately blossomed into a sweet smile. Seeing that Qin Yu and Li'er were so reluctant to part, Jiang Lan also started smiling.

"Cough!" Hei Yu deliberately coughed.

Hei Yu then looked to Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, allow me to go into the Jiang Lan Realm so that I can start training. I truly cannot continue to watch the scene here anymore."

Qin Yu cast a side eye glance at Hei Yu. As for Hei Yu, he merely laughed.

"Little Hei, your Flowing Light Spear Path does indeed contain a portion of the temporal laws. Although I am unable to understand how you managed to comprehend that, there must be a reason for it to exist. You should just continue to study it. I truly want to see what sort of level you'll be able to reach." Jiang Lan looked to Hei Yu and said with a smile on his face.

After that, Hei Yu entered the third layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Uncle Lan, we shall take our leave too." Qin Yu and Li'er stood up simultaneously and said.

Seeing Qin Yu and Li'er standing up together, Jiang Lan felt very pleased. He nodded and said. "Good. Little Yu, you continue on your study of artifact craftsmanship. I will wait for you to become the new Craftsman God."

Qin Yu looked to Li'er beside him. He then slightly nodded.

New Cosmos. New Mystic Purple Star. In the Hidden Dragon Continent’s East Hazy Mountain.

Qin Yu had directly placed the Bewitching God Temple on the waist of the other side of the East Hazy Mountain. It just happened to be on the other side of the Misty Mountain Villa.

Inside the courtyard of the Bewitching God Temple.

"This is the Bewitching God Temple? I have heard about the distinguished name of the Bewitching God Temple before. However, I have never seen it before." Li'er was surveying her surroundings. She was unable to refrain her gasp of admiration.

"Li'er, follow me." Qin Yu directly led Li'er to the Refining Flames Palace. As Qin Yu knew that the Refining Flames Palace was the location where the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan usually create artifacts in, he figured that there would definitely be some utensils within it.

However, after he broke through the formation array that covered the Refining Flames Palace and entered it, he discovered…

"Eh, what's going on?" Li'er also looked to the Refining Flames Palace in shock. "Big brother Qin Yu, there doesn't seem to be anything here."

"I am also confused myself." Qin Yu carefully surveyed the Refining Flames Palace.

The outside of the Refining Flames Palace appeared to not be very large. However, its inside was over a thousand meters in both length and width. It was an enormous hall. This Refining Flames Palace did not have any rooms. All it had was a large hall.

Black surface. Four golden pillars.

However, in the center of this great hall, there was only a single golden scroll.

"There are definitely tools in the Refining Flames Palace. However, why is it that Senior Chehou Yuan did not leave behind a single tool?" Qin Yu extended his hand. The golden scroll floated to his hand. At the same time, the golden scroll also opened up.

Qin Yu swept it with his Divine Awareness.

"Junior who have inherited my Bewitching God Temple. I am truly sorry… this time, in order to create an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, I am required to have abundant preparations. As this set of tools is the one that I am most familiar with, I have brought along with me all the tools I use to craft artifacts with."

Seeing this, Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

It would appear that he was overjoyed in vain. However, Qin Yu continued to read.

"However, you also do not have to be too disappointed. That is because a true grandmaster artifact craftsman will not use another's tools to craft artifacts. He uses the tools that he crafts by himself. That is because one will always be most familiar with the tools one has created. Only through numerous experiments and wear, will you be capable of making a tool flawlessly compatible with you. Thus, the first difficult problem for an artifact craftsman, is to craft a set of tools for yourself…"

After reading this, Qin Yu now understood everything.

"Big brother Qin Yu, what's going on?" Li'er asked. She was thinking that Qin Yu was disappointed because there was nothing in the Refining Flames Palace. "Big brother Qin Yu, don't be disappointed. It is luck to if you were to obtain it. If you were to be unable to…"

Qin Yu smiled and stroked Li'er's beautiful hair. "It's okay. I am not disappointed. Mn, Li'er, you can stay there and train. I'll be beside you and start reading those golden scrolls that contain information of artifact crafting first."

Qin Yu pointed at a place.

In the vast and spacious hall of the Refining Flames Palace, two jade colored cloud beds had appeared. Li'er slightly nodded her head and then flew and sat on top of one of the bed.

As for Qin Yu, he sat cross-legged on top of the other cloud bed.

With a wave of his sleeve, numerous golden scrolls instantly started flowing before Qin Yu. There were close to two thousand golden scrolls. All of these golden scrolls contained information about artifact crafting. Among them, over half of them were bestowed to Qin Yu by the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

Li'er slightly smiled to Qin Yu. She then closed her eyes and started comprehending the comprehensions left behind by Zuo Qiumei.

"The flow of time, I'll directly increase it to the max." Qin Yu controlled the flow of time in the Refining Flames Palace to the max.

Thus, two thousand years in the Refining Flames Palace was a single year outside.

After that, Qin Yu started to carefully read the golden scrolls one by one. Qin Yu was currently a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. His Divine Awareness was much more powerful than before. His reading speed was also a lot faster. However, it still required him to spend a lot of time to read close to two thousand golden scrolls.

As he read.

A new, vast and boundless world of artifact craftsmanship was unfolding before Qin Yu's eyes. Qin Yu had completely immersed himself in it. He continued to absorb the experience left behind by his seniors.

"So this was the case, so this was the case!"

Qin Yu involuntarily gasped in admiration. If one did not receive an introduction to artifact crafting, then one would only be able to hover around the outside of the entrance of the artifact crafting one's entire life. However, once one went past the entrance of the artifact crafting, one would be able to discover exactly how vast and beautiful the world of artifact crafting was.

Artifact crafting, if one was to describe it in the simplest terms, then it would be separated into three steps.

Step one: Achieve Artifact Embryo!

Step two: Tempering!

Step three: Spirit Awakening!

Among these three steps, the first step of achieving an Artifact Embryo was the hardest to accomplish. The Artifact Embryo was in fact the artifact's foundation. If the foundation was bad, then regardless of how great the tempering and awakening process was, the artifact that was formed would still not become a treasure.

If the first step were a success, then the artifact crafting would already be eighty percent done.

Close to two thousand golden scrolls. Over ninety percent of these golden scrolls talked about how to refine a good, a perfect Artifact Embryo.

The so called 'artifact crafting technique' could even be considered as being the method of creating an Artifact Embryo.

The first prerequisite for the quality of the Artifact Embryo was the material being used. If the material was to be lacking, then regardless of how skillful one was, it'd still be useless. Even the cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice!

The second prerequisite was flames!

The so called 'flames' not only referred to the strongest power of the flames. After all, Godking level experts were capable of using the Void Flames. Just because one possessed Void Flames, did not signify that one would be able to pass the aspect of 'flames.'

That was because for some materials, the temperature at which they dissolve and vaporize are not necessarily going to be very high. However, the temperature at which its impurity dissolves might be even higher than the material itself.

An unrefined artifact craftsman might even vaporize the actual material and leave behind only the impurity. Thus, the 'flame' aspect referred to one's ability in controlling the flames.

One must be able to control Void Flames, White Pure Flames, and Black Divine Flames to a degree of purity at which they could be even be used together at the same time. One must reach the most perfect state of flame usage.

The third prerequisite; the matching of the materials!

There were indeed a lot of hard and tough materials in the Divine Realm. However, in the Divine Realm, there were very few people who would craft an artifact using a single material. In a hundred Heavenly Divine Artifacts, ninety nine of them were created through the mixture of different materials.

Only through the matching of different materials where one material's strength make up for another's weakness would one be able to be able to craft an even more perfect weapon.

Over a dozen different kinds of materials. They would all possess different dissolving temperatures and properties. To match them to a state of perfection, the requirement for that was frighteningly high.

Even the matching process was extremely complicated.

That was because… in the Divine Realm, there was rarely anything that was completely pure and unmixed. Almost all materials possessed impurities. The only difference was the amount of impurity they possessed.

A matter might appear completely pure for a Deity. However, before a Heavenly Deity, the Heavenly Deity would be able to discover impurities within it. That was because the impurities were truly too hard to discover.

There were some occasions where Heavenly Deities were unable to discover impurities in certain materials, however, a Godking would be able to discover impurities. Although the impurity might be extremely small and would only occupy an area only a thousandth of the entire material, because of that single bit of impurity, the artifact that is created might drop two or three quality levels.

Artifact crafting, it was an extremely rigorous profession that did not allow a single bit of negligence!

This was also the reason why even the Godkings of the Divine Realm were inferior to Craftsman God Chehou Yuan in the matter of artifact crafting. Even the Exalted Celestials were incapable of crafting an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure. However, Chehou Yuan dared to take on that challenge. Just by that, one could tell how powerful he was in the aspect of artifact crafting.

There were two main points that must be remembered.

One. If two ordinary black stones were placed before you, although they are both ordinary black stones, the impurities within them will be different. One must definitely not determine the amount of impurities through a fixed ratio.

Two. Although the seniors have given a fixed ratio of many items, those fixed ratios can only be used as reference and cannot be used as actual determination. If one were to use those as actual determination, then one would at the very most be able to become an ordinary artifact craftsman.

In order to craft an Artifact Embryo, other than the three prerequisites above, there was still another very important prerequisite; the ability to control the heat of the flames!

This ability to control the heat of the flames was different from the second prerequisite 'flames.' One's ability to control the heat of the flames was mostly determined by one's experience, Divine Awareness' perfection and so on.

Of course, all four of these were prerequisites.

By having these four prerequisites, it signifies that you have the potential to become a grandmaster of artifact crafting.

However, as to becoming a true grandmaster of artifact crafting, this was merely the beginning.

In order to successfully craft an Artifact Embryo, the four prerequisites were extremely important. After that, one would have to comprehend one's own set of methods to remove the impurities and allow the materials to match each other perfectly.

This method was the 'artifact crafting technique.'

Craftsman God Chehou Yuan possessed his own artifact crafting method. The golden scrolls the Utmost East Sage Emperor gave Qin Yu also contained a lot of different artifact crafting methods of many different seniors.

Chehou Yuan's artifact crafting method was called 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers.' Although its name was simple, the process was incomparably complicated.

"If you want to become a new 'Craftsman God,' you cannot imitate a predecessor's artifact crafting method. You must create your own artifact crafting method that suits you the most!"

The sentence left behind by Chehou Yuan in the 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers' caused Qin Yu to feel exactly how difficult it was to become the new Craftsman God.

"Remember, there is no material that is completely pure. Even if a Godking determines it to be pure, that would be because the Godking was incapable of discovering the impurity. Even if an Exalted Celestial determines it to be pure, that would also be because the Exalted Celestial was incapable of discovering the impurity!"

This sentence left by the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan in the 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers' brought a great shock to Qin Yu.

In the golden scrolls given to Qin Yu by the Utmost East Sage Emperor, some seniors have mentioned that although majority of the materials in the Divine Realm are not pure, there were still some materials that were pure.

However, Chehou Yuan's point of view was completely contrary to that.

"There is no material that is completely pure. If you keep this in mind, it will allow you to unceasingly pursue the final goal, unceasingly look for where the impurity is! Like this, it will allow you to be able to know how to use your senses to determine where the impurity is. Remember, it's through your senses. A true expert artifact craftsman would be capable of determine how much impurity a material has with merely their senses!"

What the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan was talking about was the 'Skeptical Mindset.'

Regardless of what sort of material it were, one must always have a skeptical mindset.

As he continued reading, Qin Yu started to admire Chehou Yuan more and more. To Qin Yu, what was most precious was not Chehou Yuan's artifact crafting method. Instead, it was Chehou Yuan's sense of thinking that was completely different from the masses.

"The ability to draw and carve is also extremely important." This was something that practically all of the expert artifact craftsmen recorded in their golden scrolls.

An Artifact Embryo, although it was called the Artifact Embryo, its appearance was already completely formed.

A weapon was in reality a work of art. Only through creating a perfect appearance and obtaining a perfect composition would this weapon be able to achieve a better result in the 'Spirit Awakening' process.

The first step of the three steps of artifact crafting: Crafting an Artifact Embryo.

If everything above was successfully achieved, then the first step would be be achieved.

Although the second and third steps seemed to not be as important as the first step, that was only because… the second and third steps did not test one's experience greatly. Instead, what it tested… was the factor that one could supply!

"This second step is truly crazy." As Qin Yu continued to read, he started realising more and more about how difficult it was to craft an artifact.

The bold, visionary words of 'I am confident in becoming the new Craftsman God' that he had said back then, it now appeared that if he wanted to achieve that goal, the difficulty was extremely, extremely high!

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 22 – Countless Experiments

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: TranslationNations (sorry)

The three great steps of artifact crafting, first step 'Achieve Artifact Embryo,' second step 'Temper Artifact,' and third step 'Spirit Awakening.'

Of the nearly two thousand golden scrolls, ninety percent of their contents were talking about how to achieve an Artifact Embryo.

The remaining ten percent, almost all of them were talking about the 'Tempering' process. As the step of 'Spirit Awakening,' it merely occupied a very small amount.

The second step" Temper Artifact!

A weapon cannot only be hard. Its toughness and flexibility were also extremely important. After all, a hard item would be extremely fragile.

Tempering was the process of making the artifact flexible and tough. As for the grandmasters of artifact crafting, they are capable of using the tempering process to make the weapon even more sharp.

The most difficult problem with tempering was… the tempering agent!

The tempering agent was in fact water. The quality of the the water was extremely important. The better than water quality, the better it would be as an tempering agent. This in turn would allow the weapon to be have an even more perfect tempering process.

The Unitary Heavy Water and the Golden Elemental Heavy Water were both extremely rare in the Divine Realm. Above the Golden Elemental Heavy Water was the… Coldmist Air.

Although Godking level experts could possess Void Flames because of their body's true flame. However, there are extremely few people that are capable of possessing Coldmist Air.

Reading till this point, Qin Yu was overjoyed.

"That Magnificent Lotus Clone Variant of mine, it's supreme skill is precisely Coldmist Domain. With that clone, my tempering agent is definitely the most perfect one." Qin Yu became even more excited.

Even if other Godkings managed to obtain Coldmist Air, how could their control possibly be able to match Qin Yu's clone who possessed the Coldmist Domain?

The first difficult problem of tempering was the tempering agent.

The tempering process also has another difficult problem… control.

Different weapons required different tempering agents. The tempering agent being colder does not necessarily mean that it would be better. After all, there are materials that would crack right after encountering the freezing temperature of the Coldmist Air.

Furthermore, the control of the time at which the Artifact Embryo undergoes the Tempering Process was also very important.

Temper for how long? When to stop tempering?

If an Artifact Embryo was to stay in the tempering agent for a moment longer, then its quality might drop. If the Artifact Embryo was to be in the tempering agent for a moment shorter, then it would not be able to achieve the best quality.

The time control was extremely important.

This was the sum of one's experience, power of observation and talent.

"Of the Three Great Steps, this Tempering process appeared to be a slightly easier than crafting the Artifact Embryo." This was what Qin Yu thought. However, Qin Yu had forgotten that even Godkings cannot control the Coldmist Air perfectly.

The Coldmist Air was the highest quality tempering agent.

The third step of the Three Great Steps… Spirit Awakening!

After undergoing the previous two steps, the weapon that was created would meet the standards in only the hardness, sharpness, flexibility and all other aspects. However…

In order to become a 'Heavenly Divine Artifact.'

The most important thing was 'Spirit Awakening!'

Although there was barely any information regarding the 'Spirit Awakening Technique' in the nearly two thousand golden scrolls, that was because… the strength of one's Spirit Awakening Technique was dependent upon one's formation array prowess!

Adding formation arrays to the weapon to make it into an organic entity; to be able to perfectly control the gold, wood, water, fire, earth, light, dark, lightning and all sort of other elemental energies to allow the weapon to be able to be linked to the world to create a change in its nature!

This was Spirit Awakening.

Once the Spirit Awakening was completed, a weapon's final workmanship would be determined.

After the Spirit Awakening process, the weapon would obtain an 'amplification' effect and become a whole entity. Its attribute would become even more obvious. It might even be possible for special effects to appear!

For example, the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood's 'sharpness' effect. It was precisely something that appeared after the 'Spirit Awakening.'

"No wonder senior Chehou Yuan mentioned that if one does not reach a level five formation array level, then it would be impossible for one to craft a Heavenly Divine Artifact!" At this moment, Qin Yu completely understood it.

If one's prowess in the formation array does not reach the level five formation array level, the the Spirit Awakening process would simply not be able to meet the criterion for a Heavenly Divine Artifact at all.

The criterion of Heavenly Divine Artifact… was so that it could amplify the Heavenly Divine Energy effectively!

As for ordinary Divine Artifacts, one would be able to attain the best amplification result just by instilling Divine Energy into it. However, when instilling Heavenly Divine Energy, the attack power of the Divine Artifacts would at the very most increase by a slightly more. The amplification effect would instead weaken.

Only two jade colored cloud beds were inside the spacious and empty main hall used for artifact crafting. At this moment, Qin Yu opened his eyes. Those golden scrolls that were floating before him have all disappeared.

"No wonder it was said that a true grandmaster of artifact crafting was sure to be a grandmaster of formation arrays. So this was the case. Although this Spirit Awakening Technique was the simplest, it was also the most difficult one." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

Simple; it was simple in its procedures.

Difficult; it was difficult in its formation array!

"I am capable of creating a formation array space. However, I am incapable of setting up level five, level six, level seven and level eight formation arrays." Qin Yu smiled a self-mocking smile.

Qin Yu was extremely certain about his own formation array's prowess.

He was capable of creating a formation array space because of his own cosmos's spatial laws. It did not signified that he knew about how to set up level five and level six formation arrays.

However, knowing this extremely perfect formation array was sufficient enough.

"According to what Senior Chehou Yuan said, the pinnacle of Spirit Awakening would be the perfect harmonization to reach the ultimate harmony! His level eight formation array was extremely harmonious. However, my formation array, Universe, ought to have reached the pinnacle of harmony. Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark, Lightning and all kinds of other elements have already reached perfect harmonization."

Qin Yu displayed a smile on his face.

And it was determined… all the weapons that Qin Yu would craft would all used the formation array 'Universe' for the Spirit Awakening process.

Qin Yu swiftly flew out from the cloud bed and arrived at the center of the Refining Flame Palace.

"Crafting artifact, the first step would be crafting the Artifact Embryo." With an intention from Qin Yu, a large amount of materials appeared at a corner of the main hall. All of these materials were from the Bewitching God Temple.

Chehou Yuan had already readied the preparations for his successor.

"There are numerous ways to craft an Artifact Embryo. How exactly should I craft the Artifact Embryo?" Qin Yu started to frown. At this moment, he recalled a sentence that Chehou Yuan had said… 'If you want to become the New 'Craftsman God,' you cannot imitate another's method. You must create your own method that is the most suited for you!'

Create one's own artifact crafting method?

How could creating a new technique be that easy? The grandmaster artifact craftsmen of the Divine Realm, every single one of them only managed to attain their status through crafting various artifacts.

"Craft artifact first, sum up the technique afterwards. First experiment with all the various artifact crafting techniques of the predecessors and then slowly create my own path of artifact craftsmanship!"

Qin Yu made his decision!

With an intention from Qin Yu, seven of the materials from the corner of the main hall flew over to Qin Yu. Qin Yu extended his hand. The Refining Flame Wristband started to emit Black Divine Flames and White Pure Flames.

Qin Yu began his first crafting experiment.

The method that he was about to experiment with was the Divine Realm's first ordinary expert artifact craftsman's 'Revolving Waves Technique."

Qin Yu knew very well that there are very few grandmaster artifact craftsmen in the Divine Realm. The main reason for that was because most of the genius expert artifact craftsmen have all been hindered by the 'Spirit Awakening' step.

Regardless of how good their Artifact Embryo was, as their level in the formation arrays was too weak, they would be incapable of crafting Heavenly Divine Artifacts. If they cannot craft Heavenly Divine Artifacts, then cannot become grandmaster artifact craftsmen.

Although the 'Revolving Waves' technique was merely an ordinary expert artifact craftsman's artifact crafting technique.

However, Qin Yu felt that this technique was not much weaker than the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan's 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers' in crafting an Artifact Embryo.

"Revolving Waves Technique,' 'Nine Bent Fire Refinement,' 'Fifth Artifact Technique'…

Qin Yu was unceasingly experimenting with the various different peculiar methods. These methods all gave Qin Yu different experience as well as understanding, allowing him to advance by leaps and bounds in his comprehension of the artifact craftsmanship.

Wholeheartedly, Qin Yu had thrown himself into the experimentations. He used low level materials for all of the weapons. The first prerequisite for 'Artifact Embryo' was the materials. If the materials used to craft it was too weak, it would be impossible to craft a good Artifact Embryo and in turn weapon.

However, these were merely 'experiments' for Qin Yu.

After over a thousand years had passed in the Divine Realm, Qin Yu discovered that… he had actually used all of the ordinary materials in the Bewitching God Temple.

Over a thousand years have passed in the Divine Realm.

How long had Qin Yu experimented? It was hard to calculate, and that was because the peak time acceleration of the New Cosmos already reached over five thousand times.

The Refining Flames Palace that Qin Yu was in was currently undergoing the peak time acceleration and the time ratio had been increasing unceasingly. Qin Yu estimated that he ought to have experimented five to six million years.

"There's not enough materials? What should I do?" Qin Yu frowned as he started thinking.

Suddenly, Qin Yu started smiling. "I've actually forgotten. The Utmost East Sage Emperor has already informed me that if I do not have enough materials, I can go and request materials from him!" Qin Yu immediately sent a Mind Voice Transmission to Qiuzhong Fu and asked Qiuzhong Fu to go and personally receive a large amount of ordinary materials.

"Seems like I would have to return to the Misty Mystic Palace once." Qin Yu was thinking aloud.

"Eh?" Qin Yu was suddenly startled. "I've reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level?"

In the past several million years, Qin Yu had been completely immersed in artifact crafting. He did not notice that he had already reached the High Level Heavenly Deity level. In these past millions of years, Qin Yu's Magnificent Lotus Clone had been analyzing the comprehensions left behind by Zuo Qiumei unceasingly.

After several million years, half of the comprehension that Qin Yu had left for his clone have already been comprehended.

The half of the half of the spatial comprehension that Qin Yu left for his Magnificent Lotus Clone, in other words, a quarter of the spatial comprehension that Zuo Qiumei left for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu and Li'er each received half of Zuo Qiumei's spatial comprehension.

In actuality, the Magnificent Lotus Clone had only comprehended an eighth of the Spatial Laws.

Merely this bit of Spatial Laws had actually allowed Qin Yu to reach the doorsteps of High Level Heavenly Deity. From this, one could tell that there possessed a significant gap between the entry level High Level Heavenly Deity and the peak level High Level Heavenly Deity.

"Li'er's comprehension speed is a bit slower than my clone's. She's still currently at the peak Mid Level Heavenly Deity." Qin Yu took a glance at Li'er and managed to determine her level right away.

The Magnificent Lotus Clone's soul body was comparable to that of a High Level Heavenly Deity. Thus, its comprehension speed was also extremely fast.

"I shouldn't bother Li'er." Qin Yu lightly nodded. He then disappeared from the main hall.

On the summit of the East Hazy Mountain.

The cyan gowned Qin Yu clone was currently sitting here in a cross-legged position. It had been quietly comprehending the comprehensions left behind by Zuo Qiumei the entire time. All that it managed to comprehend was naturally passed onto Qin Yu's True Body.

The cyan gowned Qin Yu clone suddenly opened its eyes. It said. "True Body!"

Qin Yu lightly nodded. With an intention, the final lump of seven colored light flew out from Qin Yu's mind and into the the clone's mind.

"You can continue training." After Qin Yu said those words, he left the New Cosmos and returned to the Wood Mansion.

The current Qin Yu does not have any time to comprehend the spatial laws. Thus, the task of comprehending the spatial laws was left for his clone.

After all, the path of artifact craftsmanship truly required an immense amount of time. After several millions of years, Qin Yu had merely accumulated some experience. Of course, Qin Yu was incapable of creating an artifacting crafting technique at this current moment.

However, Qin Yu was using all his effort to search for perfection.

Qin Yu had decided to only create a new artifact crafting technique after doing even more experiments, accumulating even more experiences, and achieving even more comprehensions.

Inside a garden behind the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace. The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu was currently chatting with his wife.

"Your Majesty Sage Emperor, a man from the Misty Mystic Palace has arrived to request for materials to craft artifacts with." Said a tall, thin and ice-cold looking woman respectfully. "The materials being requested were mostly ordinary materials. Only a small portion was slightly precious. Merely, the amount being requested was numerous…"

The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu was immediately overjoyed.

"Haha, he has finally started crafting artifacts. Good, good, the more numerous the better. For him to request a lot of ordinary materials, it seemed that he was currently experimenting and gathering experience. Very good. A man with formation array prowess greater than even Chehou Yuan starting to craft artifacts, this was truly something worthy to look forward to." The Utmost East Sage Emperor was extremely happy.

That tall, thin and ice-cold looking woman's face suddenly turned into one of embarrassment. "Your Majesty Sage Emperor, the amount requested was truly too great. All the ordinary materials that we possessed have already been, already been completely taken."

"Completely taken?" The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu was shocked. "That Qin Yu, is he capable of using all of that?"

Qin Yu received a large amount of materials and then returned to the Wood Mansion with Jiang Lan. After that, he once again entered into his New Cosmos and started his deep experimentation again. The current peak time acceleration of the New Cosmos have already reached over five thousand times. Qin Yu possessed sufficient time to experiment.

Inside the main hall of the Refining Flames Palace.

Qin Yu resumed his artifact craftsmanship. After having sufficient materials, Qin Yu started his constant experiments without any regard for the materials. In this sort of large quantity experimentations, Qin Yu managed to assemble the experience of numerous different expert artifact craftsmen. An unprecedented artifact crafting technique was gradually being born.

Time was passing. However, Qin Yu who was immersed within his artifact crafting experimentations was not aware of the passage of time.

There was not a single weapon in this main hall. What happened to all the weapons that Qin Yu had been testing out his artifact crafting with all these years? Although they were made from inferior materials, but Qin Yu's 'Tempering' and 'Spirit Awakening' techniques were extremely powerful. Thus, the weapons that he crafted would not be that bad.

Outside of the Bewitching God Temple. On top of the East Hazy Mountain.

As if they were garbage, weapons were scattered all over the forest of the East Hazy Mountain. They were so numerous that they were definitely able to be counted in the ten thousands. Even the most inferior weapon were Divine Artifacts. There were even… Low Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

All of these were Qin Yu's huge volume of experimental products!

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