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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 25 – Suggestion

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. Snowflakes were drifting in the air, covering the entire Floating Snow City. Those who could live in this floating city were all people of the upper echelons of the Divine Realm. This was a world of Heavenly Deities!

"Your Lordship, are we to leave like this? The bride search has yet to truly begin yet. Perhaps…" A simple and honest looking middle aged man asked respectfully to a handsome youth before him.

The middle aged man knew that the handsome youth before him was the Eight Great Divine Families' Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean City's prince… Mu Yulou. He was also an extremely famous person in the Forest Ocean City. Mu Yulou was a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. Furthermore, he was proficient in artifact craftsmanship. He was already capable of crafting Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

Mu Yulou cast a glance at the Imperial City far away. With a light smile, he said. "You must not have extravagant hope. There are too many people pursuing the princess of the Floating Snow City. When compared to Brother Duanmu, Zhou Xian and them, I am truly too inferior."

After Mu Yulou finished those words, he turned around to leave.

That middle aged man followed behind Mu Yulou. He didn't dare to say anymore. Just like that, Mu Yulou continued to walk quietly. His departure was not informed to anyone from the Floating Snow City. When Mu Yulou reached the entrance of the Wood Mansion, he stopped.

"Your Lordship?" Said that middle aged man quietly.

Mu Yulou's gaze was cast on the entrance of the Wood Mansion. "That Jiang Li should be living in the Wood Mansion. Unfortunately, she does not belong to me." After a sigh, Mu Yulou directly left.

For Deities, Heavenly Deities were people high above everyone else. For ordinary Heavenly Deities, those who possessed high strength and status like Mu Yulou were the true bigshots.

However, in this competition for Li'er's groom search, even someone like Mu Yulou could not help but sadly depart. Those who were truly qualified to compete for Jiang Li must possess both status and strength.

They were all people that were second to only Godkings!

At this moment, inside the Wood Mansion.

Qin Yu had just come out from his Cosmos. At the first moment when he came out, Jiang Lan instantly discovered him. The two of them met each other in the courtyard.

"Uncle Lan, the Utmost East Sage Emperor has just sent me an order to have me go and watch Ou Yezi craft artifacts. Thus, I will be needing your help." Said Qin Yu directly.

Currently, the Spatial Energy from the Cosmos was capable of spreading several tens of kilometers with Qin Yu as the center. Such a distance was already extremely far. However, the Utmost Eastern Region's Floating Snow City was truly too far away.

"Ou Yezi?" Jiang Lan muttered and then nodded. "This Ou Yezi is also a grandmaster artifact craftsman, it is good for you to go and watch him craft artifacts. On, that's right, Little Yu, what is your current level of artifact craftsmanship?" Jiang Lan asked.

Jiang Lan didn't know how good Qin Yu was at artifact crafting. After all, Qin Yu was capable of speeding up time in his own cosmos. Furthermore, it was even more amazing than Jiang Lan Realm's third layer space.

"My level of artifact craftsmanship? It should be…" Qin Yu pondered for a moment. He then smiled and said. "It should be not inferior to that Ou Yezi."

Jiang Lan who was smiling earlier suddenly had his smile frozen.

"Ou Yezi's level? Impossible. You've only trained for how long? Even a genius wouldn't…" Upon saying till this part, Jiang Lan calmed himself down. He then asked as if he was considering things. "Mn, Little Yu, how long have you trained in your space?"

Jiang Lan too wasn't certain about exactly how long Qin Yu have actually trained.

"Close to ten million years." Qin Yu replied honestly.

"Only two thousand plus years have passed in the outside world. Doesn't that mean that your space time acceleration limit is much greater than my Jiang Lan's Realm's third layer space?" Jiang Lan instantly calculated the proportions.

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

Jiang Lan grew silent for a moment. He then said solemnly. "Little Yu, are you certain that you're capable of crafting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts?"

Hearing Uncle Lan's question, Qin Yu was filled with confidence.

What a joke. Even when using ordinary materials, Qin Yu was absolutely certain that he would be able to craft Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. If he were to use precious materials, Qin Yu would naturally hold absolute certainty in crafting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

If he was to be lucky and reach a state of pinnacle, then he might even be capable of creating a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that could match up to second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures like the Divine Spear Waning Snow that Chehou Yuan crafted.

"I am certain that I would definitely be able to craft High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts!" Qin Yu said in a serious and confident manner.

Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu. In the end, he nodded.

"Good. Little Yu, if you have truly reached this level, then you would be qualified to directly propose marriage for Li'er to the Utmost North Sage Emperor." Jiang Lan said solemnly.

Propose marriage?

Qin Yu felt that his heart had violently jumped. Regarding the matter of marriage proposal, Qin Yu was looking forward to it. His heart was also beating rapidly.

"As soon as you feel that everything is prepared and ready, then directly contact me. I will notify the Utmost North Sage Emperor and have him set up the arrangements for the groom search." Jiang Lan continued.

At this moment, Qin Yu had also calmed down.

"Uncle Lan, don't worry about this for now. At this moment, I still have to return back to see that Ou Yezi craft artifacts. After that, I would have to inform about the matter to the Utmost East Sage Emperor…" Qin Yu had already planned everything.

During the time when he had accepted the request from the Utmost East Sage Emperor, he was informed that he would be able to leave whenever he wished.

Furthermore, if the Utmost East Sage Emperor were to agree with Qin Yu proposing marriage to Li'er, then Qin Yu would be able to continue to serve him. After all… proposing marriage did not conflict with him being the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master.

After all, Duanmu Yu, Shentu Fan and Zhou Xian were all people not from Floating Snow City. For a Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master to become the son-in-law of Floating Snow City would also be considered as being normal.

"Little Yu, I have a suggestion." Jiang Lan suddenly started smiling. "This suggestion of mine might push you to the edge of a blade. However, it will be extremely advantageous to you marrying Li'er."

Qin Yu was overjoyed.

Edge of a blade? Qin Yu wasn't scared of that.

"Uncle Lan, what is the suggestion?" With bright and expressionful eyes, Qin Yu looked at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan smiled and said. "It's very simple. In the Utmost East Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, you are to find an opportunity to display your artifact crafting ability. That is, you are to craft a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. After that… you are to publicize that you are the new master of the Bewitching God Temple!"

Qin Yu's pupils shrunk.

The new master of the Bewitching God Temple?

Qin Yu rapidly thought about it in his heart. If he were to publicize this matter, it would bring about both good and bad things. However, those so called bad things were all things that Qin Yu didn't really care about.

With Qin Yu's current strength, he truly did not fear anyone.

As for the good things, the benefits, they were extremely obvious. He would carry on the prestige of the Craftsman God. In that case, if Qin Yu were to craft a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, then his status would abruptly increase which would allow his status to become even more sufficient in the marriage proposal.

"Good. During my return to Mount Dazzling Gold this time around, I will definitely seize the opportunity to publicize this matter." Qin Yu's eyes shined. With excitement, he said.

Jiang Lan smiled and nodded. "In that case, this matter is decided like this for the time being. Like this, when you publicize that your identity as the new master of the Bewitching God Temple, I will go and inform the Utmost North Sage Emperor and have him prepare to call for the groom search. What do you think?"

Qin Yu understood in his heart.

Regardless of what happens, he would definitely have to compete against those other four competitors in the groom search. Qin Yu truly did not believe that with his strength, status and the benefit as a grandmaster artifact craftsman, he would be unable to move the Utmost North Sage Emperor.

Without mentioning anything else, merely the over a million Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts would be able to horrify the Eight Great Sage Emperors.

"Good. Uncle Lan, When I publicize my identity as the new master of the Bewitching God Temple, I will proceed toward Floating Snow City to propose marriage to Li'er." Qin Yu's eyes were flickering with light.

Jiang Lan smiled happily and nodded.

Without any of the three Godkings of the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold sensing it, Qin Yu returned to the Misty Mystic Palace. After returning, Qin Yu spent some days resting. After that, Qin Yu was invited to the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace.

Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace. Guest Welcoming Hall.

Seated at the highest level in the hall was the Utmost East Sage Emperor, his wife, the Hundred Flowers Godking and the Gold Sword Godking. As for the guests from the Thunder Punishment City, they were all seated to the side. Qin Yu and the other three Palace Masters were all sat on the other side.

"Big brother Ji, those three people on the other side, the leader among them is Ou Yezi, right?" Qin Yu asked the Heaven Desolate Palace's Palace Master Ji Lusheng beside him via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Seated across Qin Yu and the other three Palace Masters were the three High Level Heavenly Deities from the Thunder Punishment City.

Of these three High Level Heavenly Deities, one of them was an old man, another a middle aged man and the last one was a youth. All three of them wore white gowns and had apathetic expressions on their faces. All three of them had extremely long hair that trailed over their shoulders and possessed confidence between their brows.

It was impossible for one to determine the status of a cultivator from their external appearance. Thus, Qin Yu was unable to determine who was Ou Yezi.

"Ou Yezi is that middle aged man." Ji Lusheng said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "The old man and the youth beside Ou Yezi are the two captains of his personal bodyguard squadrons."

"Personal bodyguard squadrons? The two captains of his personal bodyguard squadrons are High Level Heavenly Deities?" Qin Yu was surprised.

As the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace, Qin Yu commanded over two Heavenly Deity Army's large squadrons. However, only four elite Heavenly Deity mid squadrons were completely under his control. As for their leaders, they were merely Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

High Level Heavenly Deity? And two on top of that. This Ou Yezi's was a lot more extravagant than himself.

The Heaven Desolate Palace's Palace Master Ji Lusheng knew what Qin Yu was thinking. He continued. "This Ou Yezi is not a person from the Zhou Clan. He is a freelancer. Thus, back then, the Zhou Clan paid a very great price to have Ou Yezi remain in the Zhou Clan. After all, an grandmaster artifact craftsman was so precious that his status was comparable to a Godking."

"The status of an grandmaster artifact craftsman is actually that high?" Qin Yu gasped in surprise in his heart.

However, at the same time, Qin Yu was also secretly delighted.

The higher the status of a grandmaster artifact craftsman, the better it would be for him.

Ji Lusheng said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Qin Yu, you ought to know that although Godking level experts are powerful, what use do they possess during times of peace? They are merely there to intimidate others. However, what about grandmaster artifact craftsmen? What an expert lacks the most is weapons. In the entire Divine Realm, there are only three people who are capable of crafting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Among them, one has disappeared. Thus, only two grandmaster artifact craftsmen remain in the Divine Realm. However, what about the Godkings? There's many of them in the Divine Realm."

The rarer something was, the greater its value. This held especially true for weapons that all experts lacked. It was extremely normal for an expert artifact craftsman to possess a high status.

At this moment, the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu who sat on the high seat spoke.

"Ou Yezi, I am very happy to be able to invite you to my Mount Dazzling Gold. The banquet today is the reception feast prepared especially for you." Huangfu Yu had an amiable smile on his face.

Ou Yezi had an appearance like a rigid middle aged man. His face was apathetic to the extreme. His pair of eyes were a bit sunken. The corners were extremely clear. That pair of eyes appeared like those of eagles and falcons.

That pair of eyes looked at the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu. Ou Yezi stood up. He slightly bowed. Immediately after, he raised his head, stuck out his chest and said in a clear voice. "Since your Majesty Sage Emperor has invited me, would I dare disobey the invitation?"

This Ou Yezi displayed a rare smile. "The banquet Your Majesty have prepared is indeed sumptuous. However, I have come to craft artifacts for Your Majesty. To enjoy a feast without first crafting the artifacts, I am truly anxious. Your Majesty, please allow me to craft the artifacts after the banquet."

Upon hearing these words, Qin Yu started smiling. He thought in his heart. "This man is truly peculiar."

The Utmost East Sage Emperor's wife, Xu Yan, smiled and said. "Grandmaster Ou Yezi's rigorous meticulousness when crafting artifacts is something that many people are familiar with. His Majesty has invited Grandmaster Ou Yezi precisely because of this."

Regardless of how apathetic Ou Yezi appeared, he still had a smiling expression in his eyes.

Evidently, the words spoken by the Utmost East Sage Emperor's wife made him feel very good.

The banquet did not last for a long time. After about two hours, the banquet was finished. Qin Yu had originally thought that this Ou Yezi would proceed to do artifact crafting right away. However, this Ou Yezi actually needed to enter seclusion training to adjust his state of mind. Only after waiting till the next day did the artifact crafting began.

In the Imperial City, there was a palace especially used for artifact crafting.

In the great hall of this palace, there were many people watching from the side. Of the Four Great Palace Masters, other than the Black Wind Palace's Palace Master Gu Zhuang, the other three Palace Masters were all present. All three Godkings were also present. Huangfu Jing, Huangfu Liehuo and even that Huangfu Liushui who had went to become a bandit have come.

Ou Yezi merely wore trousers. Draped over his body was a gown. He stood in the center of the great hall proudly.

Ou Yezi said in a clear voice. "Everyone, I fear the most of being disturbed during the process of my artifact crafting. Thus, I would set up a barrier around the surrounding from where I would be crafting the artifact to isolate the voice from the outside world and also to prevent others from coming in to bother me. I wish that… no one would go and touch this barrier and cause me distraction. If the artifact crafting were to fail because of this, then Your Majesty Sage Emperor, you cannot blame me for it."

"That's of course. Ou Yezi, you can set your mind to artifact crafting. Those of us who have come to watch will definitely not approach you." Said the Utmost North Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu with a smile.

Ou Yezi slightly nodded.

Ou Yezi raised his hand and lifted open the gown draped around his body. Ou Yezi's upper body had become bare. A milky white color rock platform appeared before him. Ou Yezi started to put on golden finger sleeves on his ten slender fingers.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu's eyes slightly shined. "This Ou Yezi's artifact crafting technique, could it be… the pinnacle of Formation Array Flow, 'Ten Terminations Crafting?'"

Formation Array Flow was a method of artifact crafting that used calculations and the assistance of formation arrays to craft.

'Ten Terminations Crafting' was a pinnacle artifact crafting technique that Qin Yu had read about in the golden scrolls before.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 26 – Debate

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The ten slender fingers were all wearing golden finger sleeves.

Ou Yezi had a slight smile on his face. Like plucking a stringed instrument, his ten fingers softly flicked forward. Rays of golden fingers were shot out. Then, with Ou Yezi as the center, top, below, front, back, left and right, every location surrounding him was filled with golden finger rays.

The golden finger rays had formed a golden cubic cage.

Ou Yezi suddenly started floating. He had floated to a height about two meters where it just so happened to be the center of the golden cage. As for that milky white colored stone platform, it too floated before him.

Ou Yezi waved his sleeve with a smile on his face. Nearly a hundred materials instantly appeared before him.

"Extravagant!" Seeing this scene, Qin Yu was unable to restrain himself from uttering.

"Brother Qin Yu, what's wrong?" Huangfu Liushui who stood next to him asked curiously. "Why did you say extravagant?" Huangfu Jing also turned her head also and looked to Qin Yu.

Those nearly a hundred materials, each and every one of them were extremely precious materials. Furthermore, the number was extremely large. Qin Yu was able to tell that with this many materials, it was sufficient to craft five or six High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

Qin Yu instead asked. "Princess Jing, Liushui, could it be that you all do not feel that it's extremely numerous for Ou Yezi to use this many materials?"

"Numerous?" Huangfu Jing and Huangfu Liushui glanced at each other. They were both bewildered.

Qin Yu laughed involuntarily.

How could two people that doesn't know anything about artifact crafting possibly know anything?

"The number of materials is still tolerable. It's still not too excessive." Suddenly, a voice sounded. Qin Yu turned around to look. Surprisingly, it was actually the Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei that spoke.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu said. "Qin Yu, the Gold Sword Godking has also researched artifact craftsmanship."

Huangfu Lei continued. "'The Ten Terminations Crafting belongs to the Formation Array Flow and is extremely complicated. One must be extremely careful in all ten terminations of the crafting. When using this technique to craft, it is very possible for the materials to be damaged. Thus, for Ou Yezi to use this many materials, the number cannot be considered unacceptable."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"To be able to craft High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts using Formation Array Flow, this Ou Yezi can be considered as a rarity. Merely, Formation Array Flow is a technique with limitations. Merely by the theory behind it, it is already determined that… using Formation Array Flow to craft artifacts would never allow one to reach the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan's level." Qin Yu spoke frankly with assurance.

At this moment, Qin Yu had a manner of bearing as if he were about to pass judgment on everything.

The Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei glanced at Qin Yu with a somewhat shocked expression. He displayed a smile on his face and said. "Hearing Palace Master Qin Yu speaking like this, it seems that Palace Master Qin Yu is extremely proficient in the matter of artifact crafting."

Qin Yu did not try to be modest.

After all, Qin Yu planned to find an opportunity to declare himself as the new master of the Bewitching God Palace.

"Regarding artifact crafting, after all these years of deep research, I too could be considered as having some understanding of it." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

"Regarding Formation Array Flow, I too have researched it a bit. The most basic theory behind the Formation Array Flow is… filtering step by step through using various different kinds of methods. When those materials passed through all the different methods of 'filtration,' the material would be determined to be completely pure. Your Lordship Godking, am I correct in what I just said?"

The Gold Sword Godking nodded in approval.

"That is indeed the case. However, Ou Yezi's 'Ten Termination Crafting' has reached a state close to perfection. I believe that if a material were to go through ten different refinement techniques, it ought to be pure." Evidently, the Gold Sword Godking held Ou Yezi in high regard.

Qin Yu's expression was extremely serene.

"Your Lordship Godking, I do not agree with what you just said." Said Qin Yu directly.

"Oh?" Huangfu Lei looked at Qin Yu.

As for the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu and the Hundred Flowers Godking Huangfu Liuxiang, they too was engrossed by the talks between Qin Yu and Huangfu Lei and looked to Qin Yu while smiling. Huangfu Jing, Huangfu Liejun and the others had also looked to Qin Yu.

To go against a Godking head on, Qin Yu was truly courageous.

"The theory behind the Formation Array Flow has a major error! That is, one absolutely cannot take anything for granted in the matter of artifact crafting. One ought to remember one point… regardless of whether a material has passed through ten different refinement techniques or twenty different refinement techniques, we still cannot regard a material as being completely pure."

Qin Yu looked at the Gold Sword Godking. "A senior of mine once said these words… 'If a Godking cannot discover impurity within a material, then it doesn't mean that there is no impurity, rather it signifies that his strength is insufficient; if an Exalted Celestial cannot discover impurity within a material, then the Exalted Celestial's strength is insufficient! No matter what, one cannot believe firmly that a material is completely pure!'"

"Only through possessing this suspicion in one's heart would one be able to pursue for one's limit every single time, pursue a higher level of artifact craftsmanship and never achieving satisfaction!" Qin Yu had an extremely sharp and confident aura.

The Gold Sword Godking's eyes shined.

"Never achieving satisfaction, never believing that a material is pure, always seek after one's limit, seek after a even higher level…" The Gold Sword Godking muttered in a low voice. A smile gradually appeared on his face.

Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei's eyes started to shine. He smiled and looked to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, I truly anticipate for the scene of you achieving success in artifact craftsmanship."

"Thank you, I believe Your Lordship Godking would be able to see that scene very soon." Qin Yu slightly bowed and said.

For Qin Yu to be this arrogant, the Gold Sword Godking was actually not angry in the slightest. Instead, he was a bit happy.

Soon, the Gold Sword Godking once again started to quietly watch Ou Yezi craft the artifacts and said no more. The Utmost East Sage Emperor and the Hundred Flowers Godking both smiled to Qin Yu,

"Wow, Big Bro Qin Yu, you actually dared to speak to my eldest uncle like that?" Said Huangfu Liushui to Qin Yu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Qin Yu smiled and looked to Huangfu Liushui beside him. "Why wouldn't I dare to speak like that?"

"My eldest uncle is an extremely serious person." Huangfu Liushui's expression turned into one of slight fear. "Since my childhood, my eldest uncle has not spoken many words to me. Eldest uncle is a person who rarely speaks. He would always have an ice-cold appearance."

Qin Yu lightly smiled.

Qin Yu did not feel that the Gold Sword Godking was extremely cold and detached. Instead, he felt that the Gold Sword Godking was merely a person who disliked talking and liked being alone. If he were to have a favorable impression of you, then the Gold Sword Godking would treat you very well.

Artifact crafting was a process that required a lot of time. The 'Ten Terminations Crafting' was an extremely complicated artifact crafting method. It required ten different types of refinements. Half a year had passed since the start of Ou Yezi's artifact crafting.

The various people that stood around and watched, some had left and the majority had started chatting with each other.

"Qin Yu!"

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Qin Yu's head. Qin Yu immediately turned around to look.

It was the Utmost East Sage Emperor!

"Your Majesty, is there something you need me for?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor smiled and nodded to Qin Yu. He then said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "I did not notice during the banquet. Only later did I sense that the Heavenly Divine Energy within your body seems to be extremely pure now and has reached the High Level Heavenly Deity stage. What's going on?"

The purity of the Heavenly Divine Energy was directly proportional to one's level.

As for the Nascent Soul, as it was hidden deep within one's brain, it was extremely hard to be investigated. Thus, when one determines another's level, it was usually done through inspecting the other's energy's purity.

"I've already reached the High Level Heavenly Deity stage." Qin Yu replied honestly.

"How is that possible? Last time I saw you, you were only at the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage." The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu found it hard to believe.

After all that time, he's asking me about that today?

Qin Yu started smiling in his heart. Qin Yu had already anticipated that after returning to Mount Dazzling Gold, he would be inquired by others why his strength had increased. Thus, Qin Yu had already prepared a response for this matter.

"Your majesty, the study of formation arrays would also increase one's soul's level. Furthermore… I possess a Spatial Divine Artifact. A thousand years in that Divine Artifact is only a single year outside. Although it appears that only over two thousand years have passed, I have actually trained for over two million years." Qin Yu replied.

In the Divine Realm, although Spatial Divine Artifacts were extremely rare, they were still things extremely common to Godkings.

Although Spatial Divine Artifacts were common to Godkings, having a Spatial Divine Artifact that increased the flow of time was extremely rare.

"A thousand years inside is only a single year outside?" Huangfu Yu's expression changed.

To be able to craft such a Spatial Divine Artifact, the craftsman was definitely a Godking. Furthermore, this Godking must have achieved some comprehension of the temporal law's 'Time Acceleration.'

Furthermore, for a space with a different flow of time on the inside to the outside, such a space was extremely unstable and likely to collapse.

Back then, Jiang Lan had used a great number of materials and even a ray of Grandmist Spiritual Energy, in order to craft the Jiang Lan Realm and stabilize the three spaces within it.

"Is it from your master?" Huangfu Yu asked.

During the contest for the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master, Qin Yu had given his subordinates two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Ever since that time, Huangfu Yu had guessed that Qin Yu had an expert behind him.

"He is not my master. However, he is a senior that has given me the grace of guidance. Although he is not my master, in my heart, his position is comparable to being a master." Said Qin Yu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Huangfu Jing slightly nodded. He then asked no more.

"So he has actually trained for over two million years. To reach the High Level Heavenly Deity level after two million plus years, it could also be considered as being acceptable. Merely, he could still be considered as a genius." Huangfu Yu praised in his heart.

To ascenders, such a speed was something that they cannot imagine at all.

However, the geniuses of the Eight Great Divine Families, their cultivation speed was extremely frightening. After all, the bloodlines of the Eight Great Divine Families were extremely peculiar.

For example, Duanmu Yu, he had reached the High Level Heavenly Deity at a much faster speed compared to Qin Yu.

"Let's continue to watch Ou Yezi craft the artifact." Huangfu Yu said this and stopped asking Qin Yu anymore.

Time passed. Ou Yezi spent three years in the 'Crafting Artifact Embryo' step. He spent the least amount of time in the 'Tempering' process. As for the 'Spirit Awakening,' process, he spent three thousand years to set up a level six great formation array.

When the level six great formation array was successfully deployed, Ou Yezi heaved a long sigh of relief.

"Level six formation array, it truly is incomparably complicated." Qin Yu shook his head in his heart.

The level six formation array was practically so complicated to an extremely frightening level. If one were to set up this sort of formation array in an area with a circumference of a thousand miles, it would not be that bad. However, this level six formation array was required to be set up on top of a tiny little weapon.

When the area became extremely small, the difficulty increased by many folds!


The group of bystanders also started heaving sighs of relief. To spend three thousand years watching another craft an artifact cannot be considered as being a very long time to the experts of the Divine Realm.

Three thousand plus years was a relatively short period of time to them.

"Qin Yu, what do you think about the weapon that was crafted?" The Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei suddenly spoke and asked.

Qin Yu nodded slightly and said. "This weapon, after using all those materials, could only be considered as barely capable of being called a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. However, considering that Ou Yezi used the 'Ten Termination Crafting,' he is already doing pretty well to be able to reach this level of craftsmanship."

Everyone was stunned.

'Using all those materials,' 'barely capable,' 'considering'…

Qin Yu's tone of speech stunned everyone. After all, he was talking about a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact crafted by the Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Ou Yezi.

"A mere sucking child like you dares to discuss about artifact craftsmanship?" An indifferent voice sounded.

Ou Yezi draped his gown over his body. Indifferently, he walked over. When Qin Yu spoke earlier, Ou Yezi had already removed his barrier. Thus, he had naturally heard Qin Yu. Regarding Qin Yu's evaluation of his work, he did not care about it in the slightest.

"Why can't I discuss it?" Qin Yu asked.

Ou Yezi cast a glance at Qin Yu. "Everyone knows how to run their mouths. However, how many among them are truly capable of crafting artifacts? Hearing your words earlier, it seems that you look down upon my 'Ten Termination Crafting.' In that case, let me ask you, what makes you capable of looking down upon it?"

Qin Yu smiled indifferently.

"Without mentioning other things, let's just talk about the process of the 'Ten Termination Crafting.' You wasted a total of forty eight materials." Qin Yu said directly.

Ou Yezi lightly smiled and said. "It is extremely common for one to wear down materials during the process of crafting. Everyone can see that."

"Ou Yezi, you, as a grandmaster artifact craftsman, ought to know that…even though two items might both be High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, they too are separated into different levels. For the inferior High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, they are inferior to even third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for ordinary High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, they are a match for the third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for the powerful High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, they are comparable to second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!" Qin Yu looked to Ou Yezi.

"There, exists only a single High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact in the whole wide world that could compare to a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure! Even the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan only managed to craft it because he was in his state of apex and was lucky!" Ou Yezi immediately said.

"Since you said those words, you ought to agree with my distinguishment of the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Say, this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact of yours, is it comparable to third-rated Heavenly Divine Artifacts?" Qin Yu asked.

Ou Yezi's expression slightly changed. "It is not that lacking!"

Qin Yu started smiling.

For Ou Yezi to say such a thing, he had evidently admitted that this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that he crafted was inferior to third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

"To be able to craft this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts using merely those materials is already pretty good. As for the reason why this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact's might is not at its pinnacle, it was because those materials were not good enough. It has nothing to do with my level of craftsmanship." Ou Yezi said coldly. "We were unable to find the 'Black Cloud Stone' that is used to craft artifacts with and ended up using a 'Sky Cloud Stone' to replace it. That was what had led to this sort of outcome."


Qin Yu suddenly started laughing.

"What shameless boasting." Qin Yu looked to Ou Yezi. "You used such precious materials yet still said that the materials were not good. Let me ask you, at the third termination refinement and the seventh termination refinement of the 'Ten Termination Crafting,' if you have not made a mistake in those two refinements, then how powerful would the resulting High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact be?"

Hearing the 'third termination' and 'seventh termination,' Ou Yezi's complexion had instantly turned red. Angrily, he pointed to Qin Yu. "You, you…"

The reason why Ou Yezi did not get angry at the beginning was because he was not pointed at the place where it hurt.

Upon hearing that Qin Yu had pointed out his two mistakes, he was unable to restrain his anger.

And at this moment, the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu, the Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei, the Hunded Flowers Godking Huangfu Liuxiang, Huangfu Jing and Huangfu Liushui, were all listening to the debate between Qin Yu and Ou Yezi with startled expressions.

How would anyone who does not possess a certain level of research for the artifact crafting dare to interrupt?


Ou Yezi violently waved his sleeve. "It is a disgrace for me to argue with you. There are numerous theory experts in the Divine Realm, however, how many among them are actually capable of doing what they theorized? If you have the ability, then use the same materials and craft a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that's stronger than the one that I crafted!"

"Same materials?" Qin Yu started to laugh out loud. "No need. I merely need half of the materials to do that!"

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