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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 1 – My Path Is Not Alone

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Vast, boundless land. Vast cloudless sky that spread over thousands of miles.

A boundless desolation.

High Level Heavenly Deity Qiuzhong Fu, the seven Mid Level Heavenly Deities Tan Jiu, Yigong Shu and them, and the seventy four Low Level Heavenly Deities, these eighty two Heavenly Deities stood on this boundless earth. They looked to their surroundings. All of them displayed expressions of astonishment.

Jin Kong spread out his Spatial Domain. However, the earth remained the earth in the range of his Spatial Domain. There was not even the slightest amount of change. Not only Jin Kong, even Jin Long, Tan Jiu and the rest started flying toward different directions and started to use their Spatial Domains to investigate their surroundings.

After some time, Jin Kong flew over to Qiuzhong Fu. In a panic, he said. "My lord, this location is not an illusion!"

"Not an illusion!"

Tan Jiu, Yigong Shu, Jin Kong, Jin Long, Le Yuyao, Le Yurao and Liu Bing, these seven Mid Level Heavenly Deities' faces were all full of shock. As for these seventy four Low Level Heavenly Deities, they were stupefied with astonishment.

Everyone could only look to Qiuzhong Fu, Mister Qiuzhong, the strongest person in the eastern region's bandit powers.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible!"

Qiuzhong Fu violently looked behind himself. He then looked to his left and then his right. He violently waved his hands. The space in the surroundings started shattering…

"Buzz!" "Buzz!" "Buzz!" … The space continued to be ripped apart. As if he had gone mad, Qiuzhong Fu destroyed thousands of areas at once. He had practically exhausted all of his soul energy. This caused Qiuzhong Fu's complexion to become extremely pale.

Qiuzhong Fu suddenly stopped.

That was because he saw that the areas of space that had been destroyed by him had all recovered in the blink of an eye. All his efforts had been for nothing.

"He formed a space? How is that possible? This, isn't this something that only Godkings who have completely comprehended the spatial laws can do? How did that Qin Yu accomplish such a thing…" Qiuzhong Fu was mumbling in shock. His eyes were filled with astonishment as well as terror!

After Qin Yu set up the formation array 'Universe,' he just stood there blankly. However, he was thinking about very, very many things in his mind.

"In my opinion, above level eight formation arrays there should be level nine and level ten formation arrays. Merely, the current me is unable to achieve another breakthrough. Successor of mine, the Bewitching God Temple is in your hands. I hope that you could inherit my title of 'Craftsman God.' Strive hard, successor of mine!"

The message left behind by the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan, Qin Yu still remembered it very well.

Above the eighth level of formation arrays were even higher leveled formation arrays!

Only thing is, even after spending numerous years researching, the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan was unable to comprehend formation arrays of a higher level than level eight formation arrays. And at this moment, Qin Yu suddenly came to a realization.

"So this is the case. The countless great Paths, they are actually the same 'Dao' in the end. The pinnacle of the Array Path is also the comprehension of the spatial laws where one would be capable of setting up a space!" Qin Yu felt a burst of relaxation.

[TL: Dao is path.]

In the Divine Realm's twelve quadrillion years of history, there were many geniuses of formation arrays, who were continuously striving their hardest in researching formation arrays. However, regardless of how much he researched, even the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan only managed to reach the eighth level of formation arrays.

"No wonder this level eight formation array appears very familiar. The principle behind this level eight formation array is merely a bit more simple than the Spatial Laws of the Universal World. I believe that if I achieve another breakthrough, the level nine formation array would reach the same level as the Spatial Laws."

Upon thinking of all this, Qin Yu grew a bit regretful.

The Craftsman God Chehou Yuan had spent a great deal of effort and time to create the level eight formation array.

However Qin Yu directly used the Spatial Laws and created a perfect world of formation array with a single try. The formation array 'Universe' that Qin Yu had created could no longer be considered an ordinary formation array. Instead, it was a formation array space.

If one were to rank this formation array, then it would be a level nine formation array!

The level eight formation array that Chehou Yuan had created was merely the fledging stage of the formation array space. He had yet to comprehend the level of spatial laws.

Qin Yu's formation array, 'Universe,' contained within it the spatial law of the Universal World. A perfect spatial law was naturally able to create a perfect formation array space.

"I merely took the easy way out. However, the Universal World's spatial laws are completely different from the Divine Realm's spatial laws." Qin Yu smiled. He looked to the formation array space before him that had a circumference of several thousands of meters. He then walked into the formation array.

Once he entered the formation array space, Qin Yu knew everything that was occurring within the formation array space. And at this moment, Qin Yu felt an odd aspect.

This formation array space was actually influenced by two spatial laws.

One of them was the Universal World's spatial law that was used to create this formation array. The other was the spatial law that the Divine Realm naturally possessed. As long as this formation array was in the Divine Realm, it would definitely be influenced by the Divine Realm's spatial law.

"Eh? The Divine Realm's spatial law is actually affecting every single part of the formation array? This…" Qin Yu frowned and started to ponder.

Qin Yu suddenly recalled that Lu Shui, Hong Yu, Wu Lan and Wu He were unable to sense the date for their Divine Tribulation while inside the Universal World. After linking this and everything else, Qin Yu managed to think of a reasoning for this.

"Could it be…" Qin Yu thought of a shocking thing.

"There are countless cosmic spaces for Mortal Realms. There are also many cosmic spaces at the level of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. The highest level is the Divine Realm. Regardless of where among these three different level of cosmic space, one will always undergo the Heavenly Tribulations. At the same time, they all are affected by the spatial laws."

Qin Yu still remembered very clearly.

Back then when Uncle Lan, Li'er and Zhou Xian were in the Mortal Realm, they were able to easily rip apart the space. They didn't do that through their power. Instead, it was done through the spatial laws.

Two different spatial laws signified two different paths.

"Could it be that the Mortal Realm, Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and the Divine Realm are all one entity? When within this entity, everything would be affected by its 'spatial law?' Everything would undergo the Heavenly Tribulation?"

Qin Yu became even more clear of it in his mind.

If what Qin Yu was thinking was known by the Eight Great Sage Emperors, all of them would be shocked.

Indeed, everything was like what Qin Yu thought.

The numerous cosmic spaces at the level of the Mortal Realm, the many cosmic spaces at the level of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and the Divine Realm's space, the highest level space, when they combined, they were one single universe!

When inside this universe, they would all be affected by the same spatial law and the same temporal law!

A completed universe possessed a spatial law and a temporal law.

"If this is the case, then my Universal World possesses its own spatial law. In that case, the result of the evolution of my Universal World ought to be…" Qin Yu felt as if a thunderbolt had flashed through his mind. Suddenly, he had achieved enlightenment.

The tenth stage of the 'Stellar Transformation' was the 'Universe Stage.' However, was the Universe Stage the final stage?

At this moment, Qin Yu was completely certain that this stage was not the final stage!

"Haha… 'Stellar Transformation,' master, I have finally discovered the true evolutionary path. So that was the case, so that was the case." Qin Yu was standing in the air. At this moment, his face was filled with excitement.

The sensation of achieving understanding of everything was truly wonderful.


"Haha, my path is not lonely!"

Very suddenly, this voice resounded throughout the space of the entire Divine Realm. This voice was extremely loud and clear. It continued to echo throughout the ocean, ravine, swamp, mists, deserts and all the various other places of the Divine Realm.

"My path is not alone!"

"My path is not alone!"

"My path is not alone!"

This voice was resounding through the entire Divine Realm incessantly. This voice resounded in all directions. Without exception, this voice reverberated through the mind and souls of everyone.

At this moment.

The Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City, the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City, the Utmost Western Region's Blazing Flame, the Northwestern Region's Thunder Punishment City, the Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean City, the Southeastern Region's Subterranean City, the Southwestern Region's Jade Ripple Lake, Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and the Dual Domain Island.

All of the various Godkings of these Eleven Great Powers, regardless of whether they were in seclusion training, having fun, or guiding their disciples, at this moment, were woken up by the voice.

All of the Godkings of the Eleven Great Powers raised their heads to look up towards the sky.

Inside the Utmost Northern Region's Sage Emperor's Palace.

"Uncle…" Zhou Xian was still speaking when that voice that resounded through the Heavens and earth echoed through the entire Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City and the Utmost Northern Region's Sage Emperor's Palace.

The Utmost Northern Region's Sage Emperor's Palace possessed an ancient barrier. Generally, noise from the outside world was fundamentally unable to enter into it.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor 'Jiang Fan' extended his hand to stop Zhou Xian from speaking. Within a movement, he instantly appeared in sky above the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. He wore a mostly black emperor's gown decorated with golden inlays.

At the same time, a youth wearing a purple gown also instantly appeared and stood beside Jiang Fan. This person was precisely the Heaven's Heart Godking of the Floating Snow City, Jiang Xing.

Other than these two, Jiang Lan who wore a cyan gown also appeared.

All three Godkings were standing in the airspace above the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City and looking to the sky.

"Such a great movement, what exactly has happened? Who exactly was it that said this 'my path is not alone?'" Puzzled, Jiang Fan said in a low voice.

Jiang Xing who wore a golden gown voiced his guess. "Clan Leader, I remember last time when a new Exalted Celestial was born, such a voice that resounded through everywhere and even the minds and souls also happened."

"When a new Exalted Celestial was born?" Jiang Fan shook his head and said. "However, there are no new Exalted Celestial being born right now. Second brother, do you know what is happening?"

Jiang Lan smiled tranquilly and said. "I suspect that the Three Exalted Celestials would know about this matter. However, those Three Exalted Celestials do not possess a very intimate relationship with our Jiang Clan. Even if they did know, they would not necessarily inform us."

"Moreover, our Eight Great Divine Clans' positions are already determined. Even if they were Exalted Celestials, they are still unable to shake us up. Thus, what is there to worry about? Big brother, there is no need to overthink it. Let's return."

Jiang Lan lightly laughed and then disappeared into the air.

"This second brother of mine is truly optimistic."  Jiang Fan lightly laughed. With a wave of his emperor's gown, he also disappeared.

That person whose voice echoed through the entire Divine Realm might be doing it on purpose to bring about a reign of carnage. The sounding of this voice had indeed roused all of the Godkings of the Divine Realm.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 2 – The Grandmaster of Formation Arrays

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Inside the 'Universe' formation array, Qin Yu was standing in the air.

"My path is not alone?" Qin Yu muttered in confusion. "Who is the expert that said these words? Could it be the legendary Exalted Celestial?"

This was merely Qin Yu's guess.

After all, to the current Qin Yu, Exalted Celestials were beings very far away from him.

"Having deployed this great formation array Universe and comprehending the evolutionary path for the next stage after the Universe Stage, it has allowed my soul's level to increase by this much."

Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the transformation of his soul. The Golden Soul Pellet that he used to have had already shattered into a pool of golden liquid that was later condensed into the shape of an infant.

Embryonic Soul!

"I had originally thought that I would only reach the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage but surprisingly I actually reached the peak of the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage at once." Qin Yu was somewhat shocked. Using the spatial laws of the Universal World to form a formation array space actually caused Qin Yu's soul to undergo such a great amount of improvement.

"Meteoric Tear!" Qin Yu sensed the change in the Meteoric Tear. He immediately closed his eyes and started carefully examining the Meteoric Tear.

The tear shaped Meteoric Tear was bursting forth a boundless amount of green light. It once again filled Qin Yu's entire mind. Just like the sun rising from the east, the Meteoric Tear was extremely dazzling. After that, the Meteoric Tear started to gather toward Qin Yu's Nascent Soul and ended up fusing into it.

"Child, since you have completely refined this drop of 'Tear of Life' that I left behind, you should have reached the Heavenly Deity stage." That familiar voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

It was Zuo Qiumei's voice!

Qin Yu was immediately woken up by the voice. In order to completely refine the Meteoric Tear, he indeed had to reach the Low Level Heavenly Deity level.

"Last time, when you started the initial refinement of the Tear of Life, I did not tell you about my identity. I did that because I feared that you do not have enough strength. However now, I can tell you. I, Zuo Qiumei, was the Divine Realm's Godking of Life. Back then, at the moment of my death, I condensed all my energy and comprehension into two tears. One of the tears is in your body. As for the other tear, it is in Li'er's body. I have watched Li'er growing up since when she was a child. If you are able to meet her one day, I wish that you will treat her well."

"Remember, do not think about avenging me. I merely wish for you two children to live happily…"

Zuo Qiumei's peaceful and gentle voice gradually dissipated.

Qin Yu was filled with reluctance to part.

Having completely refined the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu now knew about all the efficacy of the Meteoric Tear. The Meteoric Tear was the 'Tear of Life.' It contained half of the energy that the Godking of Life left behind. At the same time, it also contained the spatial laws left behind by the Godking of Life.

Only thing is, the spatial laws in the Meteoric Tear that Qin Yu had were not complete. It was merely a portion.

As for the other portion, it was inside the Tear of Life that Li'er had.

"As long as the True Spirit remains intact, regardless of how serious the injury, the Meteoric Tear will be able to instantly recover the body. Furthermore, it contains the spatial law of the Godking of Life. Thus, it allows one's soul to be in better unity with the space." Qin Yu understood it in his mind.

"I've reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level now. Once my Divine Energy completely transforms into Heavenly Divine Energy, I reckon I'll be able to open the third stage of the Jiang Lan's Realm."

Qin Yu already started feeling that the Divine Energy within his body was rushing into his brain unceasingly and undergoing a transformation. The dark gold colored Divine Energy was being changed into jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy.

"I suspect it'll take some time for the Divine Energy to completely transform into Heavenly Divine Energy and form a Jade Blood Golden Pellet." Qin Yu could only restrain himself and continue to wait. Having waited all these years, there was no need to rush for this short period of time.

Currently, Qin Yu's soul's level had already reached the peak of the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage. With the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, his soul's level was equivalent to ordinary Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

The stronger Qin Yu was, the weaker the effect of the assistance from the Meteoric Tear. When Qin Yu reaches the High Level Heavenly Deity stage, the Meteoric Tear's assistance would not provide a lot of improvement to his soul.

"Those eighty two Heavenly Deities ought to be panicking. It's time to go and torment them!" Qin Yu's attention was immediately cast upon the eighty two Heavenly Deities.

Inside the great formation array Universe.

All eighty two Heavenly Deities sat on the ground powerlessly. This great formation array Universe was a bare and boundless earth. Since they could not get out, there was nothing else they could do other than sit.


Suddenly, thousands upon thousands of lightning bolts struck down from the sky. They just happened to strike the region where the eighty two Heavenly Deities were. All of these lightning bolts were made of Black Divine Lightning. Qin Yu was being lenient because in this formation array space, he was capable of using a higher level lightning, the Soul Devouring Lightning.

Merely, what Qin Yu wanted to do was not killing them, but rather tormenting them and then capturing them.

The sky raged with thunder bolts, howling winds and torrential rains. As for the ground, countless green plants had suddenly grown. Those green plants frantically tried to bind the Heavenly Deities. In the region where the Heavenly Deities were, all kinds of attacks continued to land in unbroken succession.

The dark red colored frantic gales, each of the wind strikes was like a blade slashing through the body. Those Low Level Heavenly Deities all had their bodies cut apart by those winds. Their blood was spraying all over.

Only the seven Mid Level Heavenly Deities and the sole High Level Heavenly Deity were able to use their Spatial Domains to ward off the attacks.

"If you want to kill us, then kill us. Stop using such means of torment!" Qiuzhong Fu shouted loudly within the gale.

"Ahh~~" The Low Level Heavenly Deities that were tormented half dead by all sorts of attacks were painfully screaming. They proceeded to run to toward the safe regions far away as if their lives depended on it. However, those attacks followed them wherever they ran to.

Jin Kong and Jin Long were striving their hardest to resist the attacks with their Spatial Domains.

"My Lord, we cannot escape. What should we do?" Anxiously, Jin Kong asked loudly.

Qiuzhong Fu glared and shouted angrily. "Shut up! While he can trap us here, it is not certain that he would be able to kill me. As long as he cannot kill me, then I'll continue to stall with him…a hundred million years, a billion years, ten billion years… I'll continue to stall!"

Qiuzhong Fu was a prideful person. He would definitely not admit defeat easily.

At this moment, Tan Jiu was clenching his hands and angrily looking at this world. He had originally come to kill Qin Yu. Never had he anticipated that he would fall by Qin Yu's hands in the end.

"Qin Yu, other than that spear, other than that remarkable "so close yet worlds apart" ability, you actually also had this remarkable formation array space ability!" Tan Jiu was filled with bitterness.


A green Divine Lightning struck down from the sky.

"Soul Devouring Lightning!" Shouted many Heavenly Deities with shock.

"Hfff~~~" A large number of White Pure Flames poured down from the sky like floodwater.

"White Pure Flames!" Upon seeing this scene, all of those Low Level Heavenly Deities grew pale. Low Level Heavenly Deities did not possess Spatial Domains, thus they were unable to defend against White Pure Flames at all.

Amidst the lightning and flames, even Mid Level Heavenly Deities would only be able to continuously resist for half a day.

The Low Level Heavenly Deities immediately started to rapidly run away. For some unknown reason, those White Pure Flames and Soul Devouring Lightnings seemed to be intentionally leading the Low Level Heavenly Deities all to a single area.

The seventy four Low Level Heavenly Deities were gathered into a single place by the White Pure Flames and Soul Devouring Lightnings. All of those Low Level Heavenly Deities were standing in the sky.

In the sky, on the ground, before them, behind them, to their left, to their right, all of those locations were covered by an endless number of White Pure Flames. There was nowhere for them to escape.

"Death to the back, death to the front." Lamented the Low Level Heavenly Deity Li Jiang. Li Jiang had originally joined the quest to kill Qin Yu and wanted to obtain some treasures with his luck. However, he ended up encountering Mister Qiuzhong.

When ordered by Mister Qiuzhong, would he dare to leave by himself?

He didn't. Even Tan Jiu and them didn't dare to give up, much less these people.

"We will die even if we try to flee. We followed Mister Qiuzhong to kill Qin Yu. Originally, we thought that although we might not be able to obtain any treasures, we'd still be able to live. However, unexpectedly, this Mister Qiuzhong was actually unable to match up against that Qin Yu." Li Jiang felt a burst of helplessness in his heart.

The omnipresent White Pure Flames were already growing closer. There was nowhere for Li Jiang to flee. All of the Low Level Heavenly Deities who were together with Li Jiang no longer had anywhere to flee either.

"Death…" Li Jiang had given up all hopes.

However, at the moment when those White Pure Flames grew closer to Li Jiang, they actually, for no reason or cause, did a turn and did not touch him at all.

"Mn? What's happening?" Li Jiang opened his eyes wide in confusion. He then looked to his surroundings. "Why aren't those White Pure Flames and the Soul Devouring Lightning attacking us?"

Not only him, the other seventy three Low level Heavenly Deities were also not attacked.

These seventy four Low Level Heavenly Deities looked at each other. They were all filled with confusion. However, all of them had an expression of having a new lease of life.

"Haha, big brother, we are still alive. We are actually still alive." A Low Level Heavenly Deity that had originally already given up all hopes had forgot himself in joy after experiencing a life after death event.

However suddenly, all seventy four of these Low Level Heavenly Deities had grown completely quiet. That was because a black clothed youngster appeared before them out of thin air.

"I am Qin Yu. Currently, you all have two choices. One is death. The other is… to enter my God Sealing Pagoda!" The black clothed youth extended his hand. A small stone pagoda flew out from his hand. Instantly, this stone pagoda grew to close to ten meters tall.

All of the Low Level Heavenly Deities were startled.

Death or enter the God Sealing Pagoda?

All of them started hesitating. Right when they were still hesitating, the soul attack from the God Sealing Pagoda had arrived. Qin Yu's current soul's level was already at the peak of Low Level Heavenly Deity. It was still extremely easy for him to capture these Low level Heavenly Deities. This was especially true because these Low Level Heavenly Deities' willpower was not steady at all.

One by one, the Low Level Heavenly Deities were sucked into the God Sealing Pagoda.

All seventy four Low Level Heavenly Deities were sucked into the God Sealing Pagoda.

"That's about it. Only those eight remain now." Qin Yu looked at the seven Mid Level Heavenly Deities and the sole High Level Heavenly Deity. All eight of them were using their Spatial Domains to resist the the frantic attacks of the White Pure Flames, Soul Devouring Lightning, howling winds and the torrential rain.

The Spatial Domain was created through one's soul energy.

The longer one kept the Spatial Domain up, the more soul energy one would end up consuming. This was especially true when one received an attack while having the Spatial Domain up. In that case, the amount of soul energy being consumed would become even more astonishing.

Le Yuyao, Le Yurao, Liu Bing, Jin Kong and Jin Long all felt as if their Nascent Souls had been exhausted.

"Why is it that all these attacks are gathered upon us?" The five of them were all filled with anxiety. Being attacked like this caused them to consume a lot of soul energy.

The five of them started to feel a burst of dizziness. After that, they fell unconscious.

Qin Yu held the God Sealing Pagoda in his hand. He smiled as he looked to the three people in the distance who were still bearing on with their Spatial Domains.

"Exhaust their soul energy and wait till they become weaker before absorbing them into the God Sealing Pagoda. This is indeed a good method. However, these three people, their strength is a bit too strong." With an intention from Qin Yu.

All of the howling winds, torrential rain, lightning and the flames had dissipated.

The entire space had once again became clear and peaceful.

Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu, Yigong Shu and Qiuzhong Fu felt confused as to why the omnipresent attacks suddenly disappeared. At this moment, the three of them saw Qin Yu and all of them started to firmly stare at him.

"Qin Yu, I had originally thought that I had already overestimated you by a lot. However, you turned out to be even more powerful than what I have imagined." Tan Jiu's deep and low voice sounded. Yigong Shu merely quietly looked to Qin Yu.

Qiuzhong Fu was coldly looking at Qin Yu. His murderous intent was completely visible in his eyes.

"Mister Qiuzhong, right?" Qin Yu said with a smile on his face. "You ought to know what this place is. That's right, this is a space. In this space, unless you have reached the Godking level, it is absolutely impossible for you to escape."

Qiuzhong Fu's expression slightly changed.

Qin Yu continued. "In this space, I, as the person who set up this formation array, am capable of even manipulating the entire space to perish in an instant and bring all of you into the spatial cracks."

Qiuzhong Fu, Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu's hearts all shivered.

That's right. Those who could deploy a space were indeed capable of accomplishing such a feat.

"However, I will not let you all die." Qin Yu lightly smiled. With a wave of his hand, countless spatial cracks, like knives, started violently attacking the three. Using spatial cracks to attack, even High Level Heavenly Deities couldn't accomplish such a feat.

In an instant, over ten thousand spatial cracks had appeared.

Within this formation array space, even High Level Heavenly Deities could only allow themselves to be trampled upon by Qin Yu.

Blocking spatial cracks was a really difficult task.

Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu were unable to even last the first round of omnipresent spatial cracks. Had Qin Yu not controlled those spatial cracks to avoid them, then the two of them would've already died.

Although the two of them didn't die, they were still…

"Absorb!" Qin Yu directly absorbed the two of them into the God Sealing Pagoda.

Qin Yu glanced at Qiuzhong Fu who was still striving his hardest in blocking the spatial cracks. He lightly laughed and said. "Your strength is indeed pretty good. While you managed to withstand the first round of spatial cracks, what about the second round of spatial cracks?"

Another group of omnipresent spatial cracks started rushing toward Qiuzhong Fu.

"More?" Qiuzhong Fu's complexion instantly turned deathly pale.

He only managed to withstand a third of this second group of spatial cracks before being unable to withstand them anymore. Qin Yu effortlessly absorbed this High Level Heavenly Deity who was about to collapse into his God Sealing Pagoda.

"I've absorbed eighty two Heavenly Deities this time around. Adding on the thirty one Heavenly Deities from earlier, there's a total of a hundred and thirteen Heavenly Deities. Among them, there's a single High Level Heavenly Deity, ten Mid Level Heavenly Deities and a hundred and two Low Level Heavenly Deities. That's enough Heavenly Deities."

Qin Yu roughly calculated the number of Heavenly Deities he captured.

However, at this moment, Qin Yu still didn't know about the fact that the news of him setting up a formation array space had already arrived before the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

As the Utmost East Sage Emperor was the one who occupied the Utmost Eastern Region of the Divine Realm, he was the first one to know about this.

As for the subordinates of the other Sage Emperors, the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and the Dual Domain Island, they too had obtained this information and were rapidly sending this information back to their bosses.

A formation array grandmaster that was capable of setting up a formation array space, such a person was someone who was extremely attractive to all the major powers.

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