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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 47 – The Appearance of a High Level Heavenly Deity

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

From the time when Qin Yu attacked Chi Hongfeng and her subordinates till the time he finished absorbing them, only a moment had passed. This time around, all twenty three Heavenly Deities that came to attack Qin Yu were captured by Qin Yu at once.

Adding on the six from earlier, and the Wu Clan Brothers, Qin Yu had obtained thirty one Heavenly Deity level servants.

Mount Bewitch You. Beside the alpine lake.

The water of the alpine lake was calm like a mirror, reflecting the sky. Occassionaly, mountain wind would blow past, causing a layer of ripples to form on the surface of the water. Qin Yu was standing beside the alpine lake with his hands behind his back, his long gown being blown adrift by the wind.

With a wave of his hand, the twenty three Heavenly Deities who Qin Yu had just captured appeared before him.

Chi Hongfeng, Xianyu Yang and Lanshan Huo stood to the front whereas the other twenty three Heavenly Deities were behind them. At the moment the twenty three Heavenly Deities saw Qin Yu, they all bowed and respectfully said. "Master!"

Once one was captured into the God Sealing Pagoda, one's soul would be bound. Thus, these twenty three Heavenly Deities could only accept their fate and follow Qin Yu.

Chi Hongfeng, Xianyu Yang and Lanshan Huo looked at Qin Yu with gazes filled with shock and awe. When they saw each other in the God Sealing Pagoda, they knew that the other person was also captured by Qin Yu.

Why was it that the three of them, all Mid Level Heavenly Deities, did not possess even the slightest power to resist when faced with Qin Yu, a Low Level Heavenly Deity? They were unable to understand why. Thus, the 'master' that stood before them appeared even more mysterious to them.

Qin Yu glanced at everyone present. He then said. "From today hence, you all shall be my servants. As for all the matters that you all need to do, it will be in the care of Uncle Fu." With an intention from Qin Yu, Uncle Fu appeared beside Qin Yu from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Uncle Fu." All twenty three of these Heavenly Deities were extremely respectful and modest.

Uncle Fu already knew about Qin Yu's intention. Upon seeing this group of Heavenly Deities, Uncle Fu bowed to Qin Yu and said with a smile. "Never had I anticipated that in the blink of an eye, master would capture twenty three Heavenly Deities."

"Uncle Fu, they shall be under your administration." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

"This old servant will definitely manage them well." Uncle Fu looked at the twenty three Heavenly Deities. He nodded. Then, with an intention, Qin Yu moved Uncle Fu and the twenty three Heavenly Deities into the second layer space of Jiang Lan's Realm.

Like a cat, Qin Yu was standing on top of a tree and looking to the distance.

"It will likely be a while before the next group of Heavenly Deities arrives." Qin Yu did not want to wait here in vain. Thus, he directly flew into the Trapping Array. Qin Yu proceeded to sit cross-legged in the center region of the Trapping Array.

Qin Yu didn't care about when those Heavenly Deities would come, because he knew that in the end, those Heavenly Deities would definitely enter his Trapping Array to find him.

"I reckon that I will be able to reach a breakthrough in my soul within a hundred years. By the time my Divine Energy transforms into Heavenly Divine Energy, I reckon I'll be able to open the third layer space of Jiang Lan's Realm. At that time, I will be able to see Li'er again." Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face.

Qin Yu was very certain about his own soul's level. Qin Yu had been at the peak of the High Level Deity stage for numerous years. When his comprehension of formation arrays reached the level four formation array level, it meant that Qin Yu had broken through the membrane that separated the High Level Deity stage from the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage.

A hundred years should be more enough for Qin Yu to completely surmount the threshold of Heavenly Deity.

Training in formation arrays was indeed also a means of increasing one's soul's level. With a flip of his hand, Qin Yu took out a golden scroll. This golden scroll was the scroll that contained the detailed descriptions of level seven and level eight formation arrays by the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan.

Qin Yu understood that for level one formation arrays to level six formation arrays, the method to deduce them goes from simple to complicated. Although he was currently only at the fourth level of formation arrays, Qin Yu was confident that as long as he had sufficient time, he would be able to reach the sixth level of formation arrays.

However, the level seven formation arrays and the level eight formation arrays were instead extremely simple. One could tell how simple they were by the fact that a single golden scroll managed to contain the information regarding both level seven and level eight formation arrays.

"What sort of mysteries do the level seven and level eight formation arrays contain?"

Qin Yu began to read the scroll carefully once again. It would require a very long time just to set up ordinary level three or level four formation arrays. For level five and level six formation arrays, the amount of time it required to set them up was frighteningly long. However, for level seven and level eight formation arrays, one could set them up in a couple breaths worth of time.

"The level seven formation arrays seem to be very simple. However, how could such simple methods be able to contain such great amount of power?" Qin Yu was unable to understand this.

This was already not the first time Qin Yu read the information regarding the level seven formation arrays. He had read it time and time again, yet he was still unable to solve the mystery of its profoundness. Qin Yu then proceeded to look at the final formation array… the sole level eight formation array.

"Senior Chehou's highest accomplishment in formation arrays is truly astonishing. With the five elements of gold (metal), wood, water, fire and earth as the foundation, yin and yang as the darkness and light, and lightning as punishment. It's simple and logical. However, this great formation array formed through this method, its might seems to be overly powerful."

Qin Yu was unable to set up this great formation array. Thus, he was unable to personally experience the might of this formation array.

He was only able to read the descriptions regarding this great formation array left behind by Chehou Yuan himself. According to Chehou Yuan, once this formation array finished being set up, there would be no need for foundations for this formation array. It would be able to absorb the frantic Divine Spiritual Energy of the Divine Realm and use it to create a miniature world. This formation array was so powerful that no one, other than experts at the Godking level, would be able to break through it.

Without the need for formation foundations. Capable of creating a miniature world. This formation array could be said as having no flaws.

"It truly is that powerful? Unfortunately I do not know whether Senior Chehou Yuan is alive or dead now. If Senior Chehou Yuan is still living, then I would be able to personally see the might of this great formation array." Qin Yu sighed in his heart. Suddenly, Qin Yu's ears moved. A smile appeared on his face. "More Heavenly Deities have come?"

At the foot of the Mount Bewitch You. At this moment, over a dozen Heavenly Deities were gathered. This group of Heavenly Deities were led by a pair of sisters. These two sisters were both very pretty and enchanting. The sisters were the only two Mid Level Heavenly Deities among these people.

"Big sister, why isn't there anyone else other than us here? That shouldn't be the case. There were many other Heavenly Deities that set off before us." Le Yurao, who wore a pink gauze dress, frowned as she asked.

Le Yurao and Le Yuyao were the famous 'Enchanting Sisters.' These two Mid Level Heavenly Deities possessed strength that one cannot underestimate.

"That Xianyu Yang and Lanshan Huo all set off before us. Regardless of what happened, there should be many Heavenly Deities here." Le Yuyao looked at Mount Bewitch You extremely cautiously. "If they were to fall to Mount Bewitch You, we most definitely cannot allow ourselves to also fall to it."

Le Yurao nodded.

Right when these two sisters were bewildered by what was happening, another group of ten plus Heavenly Deities flew over from behind. In this group of Heavenly Deities, there was a single Mid Level Heavenly Deity.

"Little Enchanting Sisters, to see you two here is truly a happy occasion." A clear voice sounded. The leader among the group of ten plus Heavenly Deities, a cultured and refined white clothed youth, took the lead and descended to the ground.

Le Yuyao and Le Yurao immediately greeted the incoming person with loud and clear voices. "Hello, Young Master Yigong."

Le Yuyao and Le Yurao had long since heard about the distinguished name of 'Yigong Shu.' One must know that there were also distinctions between Mid Level Heavenly Deities. The strong ones among them were those like the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu, Liu Yuxi and them. For them, even handling five or six Mid Level Heavenly Deities by themselves wouldn't be too hard.

As for Yigong Shu, he was someone at the same level as Tan Jiu.

Wearing a scholar's headpiece and a white gown, Young Master Yigong lightly smiled and said. "Little Enchanting Sisters, why are you the only people here? Where's Miss Chi? I know that she has arrived already."

"We haven't seen her." Said Le Yuyao.

Le Yurao continued. "When we set off from Yuchi City, we obtained information that Lanshan Huo and Xianyu Yang had already set off. However, when we got here, we couldn't find a single person. We suspect that they are either dead or trapped in the great formation arrays."

"Xianyu Yang?" Yigong Shu frowned. "This Xianyu Yang is an expert of formation arrays. Even he has fallen to Qin Yu?"

Le Yuyao and Le Yurao also nodded. "That's the only possible explanation."

Yigong Shu turned around to look at Mount Bewitch You. He was able to clearly sense that the entire Mount Bewitch You was radiating energy from different kinds of formation arrays. His heart grew heavy. "It seems that the formation arrays that this Qin Yu has set up are very powerful."

"That's right, they're very powerful." Le Yurao and Le Yuyao also looked at Mount Bewitch You.

This two groups of people, that numbered close to thirty, all quietly looked at Mount Bewitch You. They felt a sudden burst of shivering in their hearts. They were able to imagine exactly how many formation arrays there were around Mount Bewitch You.

The quiet Mount Bewitch You appeared like a vicious beast lying in wait. Whenever someone passed by this vicious beast, they would be swallowed up by it. For a moment, not a single one of the close to thirty Heavenly Deities dared to proceed onward.

As time passed, Heavenly Deities in groups of seven or eight, or two or three started arriving. The number of Heavenly Deity experts at the foot of Mount Bewitch You became bigger and bigger.

However, the more people arrived, the more certain they became of one thing… Chi Hongfeng, Xianyu Yang and Lanshan Huo, three Mid Level Heavenly Deities who possessed some reputation, had all fallen to Mount Bewitch You.

After half a day, the number of Heavenly Deities gathered here was already greater than fifty.

At this moment, there were also five Mid Level Heavenly Deities. Other than the Enchanting Sisters and Yigong Shu, there was also the ice-cold Heavenly Deity beauty Liu Bing and… Nine-headed Black Dragon 'Tan Jiu.'

Tan Jiu who had hidden himself for so many years, had finally shown himself today.

"Are we are still waiting?" Liu Bing's gaze was cast towards the other four Mid Level Heavenly Deities. Liu Bing was tall and possessed an amazing figure. Her silver hair increased her aura of coldness. Especially that pair of eyes of hers, they appeared to be eternally void of emotions.

Le Yuyao smiled charmingly. "Little sister Liu Bing, do not be anxious. Three Mid Level Heavenly Deities have already fallen inside those formation arrays. Unless we have absolute certainty, it's best for us to wait a bit longer."

"I think that we should set off to break the formation arrays." A shiny light flashed through the scholarly Yigong Shu's eyes. "Those three Mid Level Heavenly Deities, their strength can only be considered mid-tier. However, us here… there's Black Dragon and I. If even we are unable to kill that Qin Yu, then it would truly be strange." Yigong Shu was filled with confidence.

Among the current five Mid Level Heavenly Deities, Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu possessed the strongest strength.

Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu each possessed strength that was greater than Xianyu Yang, Lanshan Huo and Chi Hongfeng combined. With the two of them, they indeed possessed a real great possibility of success.

"Since young master Yigong is in approval of setting off, then I shall also approve of it." Said Tan Jiu coldly.

Tan Jiu had come this time precisely to be the oriole behind the mantis. However, it required much skill to properly play the role of the oriole. If he were to wait to attack, till after everyone had already taken the treasures, then wouldn't he be unable to get anything? Because of that, Tan Jiu had shown himself.

Yigong Shu smiled and said. "Good. Since Brother Black Dragon also approves of it, then this matter shall be simple. What is the most important now is who among our fifty plus Heavenly Deities shall be the leader, giving the orders and controlling the situation?"

Liu Bing, Le Yurao and Le Yuyao all looked towards Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu.

The leader of this group could only be either Yigong Shu or Tan Jiu. If one were to become the leader, then he would have the authority to order what everyone must do. Thus, this person would naturally have a higher chance of obtaining Qin Yu's treasures.

Yigong Shu looked at Tan Jiu. He knew that this 'Lord Black Dragon' was someone who was very hard to talk with. However, in order to obtain the treasures that Qin Yu possessed, Yigong Shu knew that he must certainly become the leader.

"I am not interested. Young master Yigong can be the leader." Said Tan Jiu indifferently.

Yigong Shu was startled. He had even prepared many excuses and arguments to persuade Tan Jiu. Yigong Shu immediately smiled and said. "Good. Since Black Dragon has said so, then I shall be the leader of this group of fifty six Heavenly Deities. From now on, everyone must listen to me and do as I say."

Yigong Shu's gaze was cast towards all the Heavenly Deities. None of them protested.

Even the cold and proud Liu Bing did not oppose it. After all, strength was the most important aspect.

Tan Jiu glanced at Yigong Shu. He was laughing coldly in his heart. "Do you think that Qin Yu will be that easy to take care of? Humph… if you are careless, then you'll only suffer death." Tan Jiu was forever unable to forget about the spear that Qin Yu had.

At this moment, Yigong Shu had already started assigning what everyone would do with a smile on his face. "Enchanting Sisters, the two of you will lead twenty Low Level Heavenly Deities, after all…" Yigong Shu stopped in the middle of his speech right after starting it.

Three figures were flying over rapidly.

"Everyone, listen up. My Lord has ordered, and you all must listen to my Lord's order in how to break Mount Bewitch You's great formation arrays and killing Qin Yu." A loud shout sounded from far away.

The fifty six Heavenly Deities immediately looked over to the distant place.

"Who dares to be this arrogant?"

"It's only three people. They don't seem to be very powerful. Why should we listen to them?"

"Jin Kong, it's Jin Kong and his brother!" Le Yuyao suddenly said in shock. "For them brothers to come, then… that Lord that they spoke of. Wouldn't it be…"

Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu's expression changed. Yigong Shu's gaze turned cold. He then said two words. "Mister Qiuzhong!"

In the Divine Realm, Mid Level Heavenly Deities were generally extremely powerful beings in bandit powers. As for High Level Heavenly Deities, they were individuals that all the major powers fought each other for. How many High Level Heavenly Deities would actually go and become bandits?

In sixty four cities of the eastern region of the Divine Realm, the strongest person among all the bandits… Mister Qiuzhong was the sole High Level Heavenly Deity among all the bandits powers present.

No one had ever imagined that Qin Yu was actually able to attract even Mister Qiuzhong. After all, Mister Qiuzhong already possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Fuck. The situation has turned bad." Tan Jiu's expression had grown gloomy.

He had hidden the fact that Qin Yu possessed the spear shaped Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and Nine Petaled Magnificant Lotus precisely because he feared that people too powerful would come. Now that a High Level Heavenly Deity have arrived, how would he, Tan Jiu, possibly be able to obtain the treasures?

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 48 – Formation Array 'Universe'

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

When Qin Yu flew out from the formation array to inspect the surroundings, he was still thinking about the level eight formation array from the golden scroll.

"This level eight formation array, how, how…" Qin Yu had a sort of uncertain feeling that he was unable to explain.

This formation array seemed to be very familiar.

That's right. It was extremely familiar. Qin Yu seemed to have a memory in his mind that was related with this formation array. However, regardless of how hard Qin Yu thought, he was unable to recall when he had seen this formation array before.

As he continued to think about the level eight formation array, Qin Yu saw the large group of Heavenly Deities located at the foot of Mount Bewitch You.

"Mn, Tan Jiu has also appeared." Qin Yu's eyes shined. That dark skinned youngster with scarlet short haired and scarlet colored brows, wasn't he Tan Jiu? And at this moment, Tan Jiu was bowing to a green clothed scholarly looking man.

"That Tan Jiu can already be considered as having reached the peak of Mid Level Heavenly Deity, why would he be that respectful to that blue clothed scholarly looking man?" The scene that Qin Yu saw had shocked him.

To be able to make Tan Jiu this respectful, what sort of strength would this person have?

"Could it be that there are truly High Level Heavenly Deities that have come for me?" Seems like this has turned troublesome." Qin Yu frowned. The current Qin Yu was no longer as relaxed as he was before.

Tan Jiu, Yigong Shu, Le Yuyao, Le Yurao and Liu Bing all respectfully bowed and said. "Mister Qiuzhong."

Qiuzhong Fu was a very prideful person. He disliked what the title that ordinary bandit bosses addressed themselves as: Lord, Boss, and such. Instead, he demanded other to address him as 'Mister."

Qiuzhong Fu wore blue clothes. Beside him were his two personal subordinates, Jin Kong and his brother Jin Long. In normal circumstances, these two brothers would follow Qiuzhong Fu wherever he goes.

"Mn." Qiuzhong Fu lightly nodded. "In a short while, I will be breaking the great formation array and will then kill that Qin Yu. If there is anything in Qin Yu's body that I do not fancy, I will gift them to you all. However, I do not wish for you all to take your own initiative and not listen to my orders. Understand?"

"Understood!" Even Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu were extremely respectful and didn't dare to have the slightest amount of disrespect.

Qiuzhong Fu lightly nodded. He then ordered. "Jin Kong, you are in charge of the people here. Remember, allocate how many Low Level Heavenly Deities a Mid Level Heavenly Deities leads according to their strength."

"Yes, my lord." Said Jin Kong respectfully. He then coldly looked at the other Mid Level Heavenly Deities. "Le Yuyao, you are to lead those six Low Level Heavenly Deities." Jin Kong pointed and marked six Low Level Heavenly Deities with his Heavenly Divine Energy.

"Yes." Le Yuyao lightly smiled and accepted the order.

One by one, the orders continued. Le Yuyao, Le Yurao and Liu Bing ended up leading close to twenty Low Level Heavenly Deities combined. As for the rest, they were being led by Tan JIu and Yigong Shu. Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu were extremely powerful. Their skills in using the Spatial Domain was also much better than the three women.

"Brother Jin Kong, are you all not going to lead any Low Level Heavenly Deities?" Said Yigong Shu with a light smile on his face.

As Jin Kong and Jin Long always follow Qiuzhong Fu, their status was naturally high. However, their own strengths were inferior to Yigong Shu. Thus, their attitude toward Yigong Shu when talking was still respectful.

"Of course we'll be leading. Our men are still on their way. Their flying speed is much slower than ours." Said Jin Kong with a smile.

Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu started to curse in their hearts.

Doesn't this mean that this Mister Qiuzhong has rapidly flown over here so that he can make everyone listen to his commands? Everyone was able to guess the intention of this Mister Qiuzhong. He did this precisely because he feared that Yigong Shu and them would be able to obtain Qin Yu's treasures before him.

After a long period of time, twenty three Low Level Heavenly Deities had arrived. These twenty three Low Level Heavenly Deities were all Qiuzhong Fu's subordinates.

Yigong Shu and them were originally fifty six Heavenly Deities. With the addition of the twenty six new Heavenly Deities, Qiuzhong Fu, Jin Kong and Jin Long, they now numbered a total of eighty two Heavenly Deities.

The eighty two Heavenly Deities were separated into seven groups led by the seven Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

As for Qiuzhong Fu, he was standing in the air by himself and looking at Mount Bewitch You in the distance.

"Jin Kong, you seven groups are to cooperate in breaking the formation arrays. If you discover any formation array that you cannot break apart, you are to come and inform me about it." Ordered Qiuzhong Fu indifferently.

"Yes." Jin Kong, Jin Long, Tan Jiu, Yigong Shu and the rest of them all bowed to accept the order. While on the surface everyone was extremely respectful, Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu were actually madly enraged in their hearts.

Who among them didn't wish to obtain Qin Yu's treasures? However, what could they do now? They had turned into Qiuzhong Fu's lackeys. It was not that they wanted to be lackeys but rather that they had no choice but to be lackeys. If they dared to resist Qiuzhong Fu, Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu were a hundred percent certain that Qiuzhong Fu would directly kill them.

The seven groups took to the sky simultaneously. All seven of them spread out their Spatial Domains.

Although everyone was restraining their power, Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu's Spatial Domains were still spread to a circumference of three to four hundred meters. As for the other five people, their spatial domains were only about a hundred meters circumference. With all of them working together, ordinary illusion arrays were simply unable to stop them at all. As for the Attacking Arrays, they too were unable to break through the Spatial Domains. With extreme ease, they destroyed the surface of Mount Bewitch You thoroughly and broke through the formation arrays with brute force.

One, two, three… in a blink of an eye, over twenty great formation arrays were broken through.

At the moment when they broke through thirty great formation arrays, the groups finally stopped. Jin Kong said to Qiuzhong Fu who stood in the air. "My Lord, it is a bit hard for us to break through this great formation array."

The formation array before them was a relatively large Trapping Array. It was a Trapping Array at the peak level of level three formation arrays. If Yigong Shu and Tan Jiu were to use a large amount of their energy, it was still possible for them to break through this formation array. However, at this moment, Yigong Shu and them did not want to exhaust a large amount of their energy.

"Oh?" Qiuzhong Fu glanced at this formation array. He smiled indifferently and said. "Merely a small formation array. You all, step aside."

The numerous Heavenly Deities immediately stepped far away. Qiuzhong Fu merely grabbed the space before him a couple times as he stood in the air, and a couple places in that peak level three formation array completely shattered. In an instant, one of this Trapping Array's foundations had been broken.

A Trapping Array with a foundation broken naturally became a lot weaker. Even Mid Level Heavenly Deities were capable of easily breaking it now.

"You all, continue." Said Qiuzhong Fu coldly.

Tan Jiu and Yigong Shu both felt shiver in their hearts. There was a difference in the area of space that a High Level Heavenly Deity could destroy. When they saw the area that Qiuzhong Fu had instantly destroyed, they knew right away that Qiuzhong Fu was a relatively powerful High Level Heavenly Deity.

"Spatial Destruction? As expected, he's a High Level Heavenly Deity." Qin Yu who was within the vast forest of the Mount Bewitch You was quietly watching all that was unfolding.

Upon seeing that Qiuzhong Fu easily destroyed a small region of space, the small bit of hope that Qin Yu previously had also instantly vanished.

"If I were to rely on teleportation and my Divine Spear Waning Snow, killing this High Level Heavenly Deity…" Qin Yu started to simulation the battle in his mind. In the end, he shook his head. "There's no certainty of winning!"

Qin Yu knew very well that High Level Heavenly Deities knew more than just 'Spatial Destruction.' They also knew 'Spatial Domain.' Furthermore, the binding ability of their Spatial Domain was even greater than those of Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

Once Qin Yu were to get caught into his Spatial Domain, the Divine Spear Waning Snow would be caught into a very powerful restriction energy and its speed would definitely not be fast enough.

And at that moment, his opponent was totally able to come and attack him instead.

Although he could escape with teleportation, he would be unable to kill his opponent. Thus, it was not worth it for Qin Yu to disclose his hidden trump cards.

Qin Yu who was hiding within the center of the dense forest suddenly sent a binding gaze. In reaction, he turned to look over. It was precisely that Qiuzhong Fu who was standing in the sky.

"He discovered me?" Qin Yu was startled.

"Qin Yu!"

Qiuzhong Fu's gaze turned cold. He suddenly shouted violently. Like thousands of rolling thunders, his voice sounded in Qin Yu's ears. At the same time, an overbearing Divine Awareness directly rushed into Qin Yu's mind.

Divine Awareness attack!

Qin Yu felt a burst of shock to his mind. And at this moment, that Qiuzhong Fu rushed downward with lightning speed. Qiuzhong Fu's eyes were filled with confidence. "A mere Low Level Heavenly Deity, after receiving my Divine Awareness attack, by the time your mind becomes sober, I'll already have caught you."

Divine Awareness attack was the same as soul energy attack. If the gap between the two people's soul levels were too great, using Divine Awareness attack would be an extremely fast type of attack. However, if there was barely any gap between the two parties, using Divine Awareness attack would injure both parties.

From Qiuzhong Fu's point of view, as he was a High Level Heavenly Deity, if he were to use his Divine Awareness to attack a Low Level Heavenly Deity, he would at the very least cause this Low Level Heavenly Deity to be in a muddleheaded state for quite some time.

However, Qin Yu merely had his soul jolted for a moment. His Meteoric Tear emitted rays of green lights. In a blink of an eye, Qin Yu had woken up.

"What a powerful High Level Heavenly Deity." Gasped Qin Yu in his heart. With lightning speed, Qin Yu rushed into the level four formation array beside him.

"Mn?" Qiuzhong Fu was startled. "He's already recovered? Could it be that he's a Mid Level Heavenly Deity and that the information gathered about him before was mistaken?"

If the gap between them was not great, and was instead only a single level, the Divine Awareness attack would not amount to much.

"You think you'll be okay after hiding in the great formation array?" Qiuzhong Fu had a smile on his face.

Inside the level four formation array.

Qin Yu was now met with two choices. One was to fight against this Qiuzhong Fu. The second was to directly escape into his Universal World. Having stirred up the entire Divine Realm, Qin Yu truly do not wish to end up hiding himself.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" …

Sounds of explosions continued outside. Qin Yu knew that the formation arrays outside were being broken through one by one by the combined force of those Mid Level Heavenly Deities. Level three formation arrays were indeed unable to stop Tan Jiu and them for a long time.

"Qin Yu, are you truly planning to hide yourself in the great formation array?" Qiuzhong Fu's voice sounded. "I suggest that you should come out. Otherwise, if you were to fall into the spatial cracks, there would be no one capable of saving you."

Qin Yu smiled coldly as he stayed in the formation array.

"He wants me out?" Qin Yu completely understood what Qiuzhong Fu was thinking. If he remained in the great formation array, then this Qiuzhong Fu would not dare to rashly use his 'Spatial Destruction' to destroy this level four formation array.

That was because Qiuzhong Fu didn't know where in the formation array Qin Yu was hiding. If he were to destroy the area of space where Qin Yu was,while breaking the formation array, then not only would Qin Yu get sucked into the spatial cracks and be killed, the treasures that he possessed would also drift into the spatial cracks and Qiuzhong Fu would not be able to obtain them.

Thus, while Qin Yu could be killed, he couldn't be sent into a spatial crack.

Outside the level four formation array.

Qiuzhong Fu had an ice-cold expression. Standing behind him awaiting the orders were the seven Mid Level Heavenly Deities and the large number of Low Level Heavenly Deities they led. Jin Kong asked in a low voice. "My lord, what should we…"

"You all are to stay here. I will go and break the formation array!"

Like a meteorite, Qiuzhong Fu smashed into the great formation array. As a level four Trapping Array, although it only appeared to have a circumference of several hundred meters from the outside, it actually possessed greater than ten thousand meters circumference on the inside.

This was similar to the Bewitching God Temple.

"Not good." Sensing that Qiuzhong Fu had charged into his formation array, Qin Yu had a bitter smile on his face. "In order to kill me, this Qiuzhong Fu is actually willing to do such complicated things. There's nothing I can do about it either."

Qin Yu was able to anticipate what Qiuzhong Fu planned to do.

This Qiuzhong Fu was going to use his 'Spatial Domain' to search whether Qin Yu was in a region of space. If Qin Yu was not in that region of space, then Qiuzhong Fu would directly use his Spatial Destruction to destroy that region of space.

The area Spatial Destruction could destroy was generally not great. However, when inspecting the great formation array from within, one must inspect a very large area. To break the formation array or coincidentally destroy a formation foundation was a very complicated process.

"Buzz~~" "Buzz~~" "Buzz~~" "Buzz~~" …

The sound of space being destroyed continually echoed out. Without stopping, that Qiuzhong Fu was destroying a small region of space after another. As many little things adds up to a great amount, he ultimately succeeded.

"It had been destroyed by a High Level Heavenly Deity this easily? Is there really nothing that could truly trap a High Level Heavenly Deity?" Qin Yu felt hatred in his heart.

Suddenly, the level eight formation array appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

"That's right, that level eight formation array is capable of binding High Level Heavenly Deities. Even High Level Heavenly Deities cannot escape it. Unfortunately, I am unable to deploy that…"

Qin Yu was suddenly startled.

He had a familiar feeling regarding the level eight formation array the entire time. However, he was unable to think of why it was so familiar. After thinking about it for so long, Qin Yu finally remembered at this moment.

"Splitting the Heaven and Earth apart. That's right. It was splitting the Heaven and Earth apart!"

[TL: remember, splitting the heaven and earth apart refers to the creation myth of pangu and his Universe world.]

Qin Yu suddenly closed his eyes. At this moment, he began to feel the ancient aura like that of the flour paste space. The profound sensation that he had when he split the Heaven and Earth apart to create the Universal World once again descended upon him.

Why did he have such a familiar sensation regarding this level eight formation array?

That was because the principle behind this level eight formation array was already relatively approaching the principle behind the Universal World that was formed through splitting the Heaven and Earth apart. During the time when he created the Universal World, Qin Yu merely knew about what how to do it but not what the principle behind it was.

Although he was unable to understand the principle, he remembered the profound sensation.

At this moment, after he entered that sort of profound state, the process of the creation of the Universal World emerged in Qin Yu's mind.

The peak of formation arrays was merely creating a space through the comprehension of the spatial laws.

Although Qin Yu had not comprehended the spatial laws, he had created his own Universal World. Thus, he naturally understood the spatial laws of the Universal World!

"So this was the case!"

A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. He lightly streaked his hand across the air. Several rays of light flew out from Qin Yu's hand. Like meteors, they fell to various locations surrounding Mount Bewitch You.

"Formation array 'Universe,' form!"

Qin Yu lightly shouted.

In merely an instant, everyone in the surrounding several thousand miles, including even Qiuzhong Fu who had just broke the level four formation array, felt that their sky and earth was being turned upside down. The scenes before them all ceased to exist. Instead, what appeared in their surroundings was a vast and boundless land.

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