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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 3 – The Invitations from the Major Powers

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the territory of Yuchi City of the eastern region of the Divine Realm. The area several thousand meters surrounding Mount Bewitch You had been covered completely by the formation array space.

At the moment when Qin Yu subdued those eighty two Heavenly Deities in his formation array, more Heavenly Deities had arrived outside the formation array. These Heavenly Deities were even slower than Qiuzhong Fu and them. Thus, they were the last to arrive.

There were several tens of Heavenly Deities that had rushed over. However, at the moment when they saw that formation array space, all of them opened their eyes wide in shock.

Looking at this great formation array 'Universe' from the outside was truly very shocking. That was because this great formation array was absorbing the Divine Realm's Divine Spiritual Energy. This caused the all the Divine Spiritual Energy in a hundred miles surrounding the great formation array to gather toward the formation array. There were also all kinds of energy scattering through the surface of the formation array.

"What is that? Where are the Heavenly Deities that have arrived before us?" Said a Mid Level Heavenly Deity in shock. At the same time, this Mid Level Heavenly Deity grabbed a Low level Heavenly Deity. "You arrived before me. Speak, what exactly happened here?"

"Your, your Lordship." That Low Level Heavenly Deity said stammeringly. "When I arrived, I saw that there were several tens of Heavenly Deities in the air. However, for some unknown reason, a black clothed youth merely shot out a couple golden lights and then those Heavenly Deities were all trapped into that formation array."

Right after this Low Level Heavenly Deity finished saying that, someone immediately shouted. "Impossible! Mister Qiuzhong already arrived. Are you telling me that even Mister Qiuzhong has been trapped in that?"

However, someone else immediately refuted. "When I arrived, I also saw the scene of Mister Qiuzhong and them being trapped by the great formation array from afar; this is definitely true!"

When Qin Yu was fighting against the eighty two Heavenly Deities, his attention had been completely cast upon Qiuzhong Fu and them. He did not take note of the fact that there were already several Heavenly Deities who had arrived far away and were rushing over.

"A great formation array that is capable of trapping a High Level Heavenly Deity. This, how is this possible?"

All those Heavenly Deities that arrived later were shocked. However, in the flash of an eye, there were already Heavenly Deities that started running away. At the same time they were running, they even advised. "It's better to leave here quickly. Even Mister Qiuzhong has been trapped. If we try to go in, we'd just be courting death."

These several tens of Heavenly Deities started rapidly fleeing from this place.

Following their escape, the news of Qin Yu's great formation array trapping several tens of Heavenly Deities, including even Qiuzhong Fu, started spreading like wildfire.

The Governor of Yuchi City, Yuchi Gonglan, at the moment he obtained the news, immediately used the Conveying Array that the city possessed to rush over to the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold and inform the Utmost East Sage Emperor of this information.

After the Utmost East Sage Emperor obtained this information, he immediately dispatched 'Huang Jing' who was familiar with Qin Yu to Mount Bewitch You with Yuchi Gonglan to invite Qin Yu.

During the time when Huang Jing and Yuchi Gonglan started to rapidly fly towards Mount Bewitch You from Yuchi City, the other Great Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm and the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and Dual Domain Island also obtained this information.

After all, every single major power possessed troops located in all the major cities of the Divine Realm. Their intelligence staff obtained the news at about the same time as Yuchi Gonglan. Merely, it was a bit more difficult for them to transmit this information back as they did not have the ability of directly going through a Conveying Array like Yuchi Gonglan's Yuchi City.

Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. In the back garden of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace.

Jiang Fan was currently chatting and laughing with his wife. The head of the intelligence department, Mid Level Heavenly Deity Jiang Yushan, hastily rushed over to the entrance of the back garen and was stopped by the guards at the entrance.

"Let him in." Before Jiang Yushan could speak, Jiang Fan had already spoken.

When Jiang Yushan walked in, he immediately kneeled down on one knee and reported respectfully. "Your Majesty Sage Emperor, we have just obtained information that a formation array expert was discovered in the Divine Realm's eastern region's Yuchi City. This formation array expert has deployed a great formation array that trapped several tens of Heavenly Deities including even Qiuzhong Fu."

Jiang Fan who originally didn't care at all at the mention of formation array expert now looked at Jiang Yushan with amazement all over his face. "Yushan, are you certain about the accuracy of your information? Are you sure Qiuzhong Fu was trapped in the formation array?"

Although there were many High Level Heavenly Deities in the Divine Realm, the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan had still remembered each of the High Level Heavenly Deities' names as well as related information regarding them.

"Extremely certain. This is something that people have personally seen!" Said Jiang Yushan with absolute certainty.

Jiang Fan lightly nodded. He then closed his eyes. Almost in an instant, the entire Divine Realm was within Jiang Fan's observation. The great formation array in the Yuchi City was also within Jiang Fan's observation.

In an instant, Jiang Fan opened his eyes. His eyes burst forth the radiance of amazement.

"Yushan, you are to personally bring my invitation to find the person who set up that formation array." A rare smile appeared on Jiang Fan's face.

"Husband, is this person worthy of you to personally sent out a Sage Emperor's Invitation?" Asked Jiang Fan's wife Zhou Luanfeng curiously. Jiang Fan immediately smiled and explained. "My wife, I've observed that person's great formation array. That great formation array is surprisingly able to be considered as being a space. From the way I see it, his formation array skills are about the same level as the past Craftsman God Chehou Yuan!"

"He's that amazing?" Said Zhou Luanfeng in amazement. "That Chehou Yuan was the Craftsman God. This man is comparable with the Craftsman God? The hardest thing for great artifact craftsman is reaching a high level in the matter of formation arrays. If he has the strength of the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan's formation array, doesn't that mean that he might be a new Craftsman God?"

Zhou Luanfeng now understood why her husband regarded this newly emerged formation array expert so highly.

Jiang Fan shook his head and smiled. He didn't say anything.

From Jiang Fan's point of view, it was hard to tell if the Craftsman God's formation array was actually able to match up to this newly emerged formation array expert's.

Jiang Fan looked to Jiang Yushan. "Yushan, what is that man's name?" He wanted to send a Sage Emperor's Invitation, it would be difficult for him to send an invitation if he didn't know the person's name.

"Qin Yu!" Jiang Yushan hurriedly replied.

"Oh, Qin Yu, not a bad name." Jiang Fan lightly smiled. With a flip of his hand, he took out a golden scroll. After that, he used his Divine Awareness to write an invitation on it.

After receiving this Sage Emperor's Invitation, Jiang Yushan was about to set off.

"Wait a moment." Jiang Fan suddenly said.

Jiang Yushan immediately stopped. He turned around and started to wait for Jiang Fan's order. Jiang Fan smiled and said. "I suspect that Utmost East Sage Emperor's men will be faster than us. It will take a while to reach that mountain from Yuchi City. You are to go to the Floating Snow City and rush to the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold's Conveying Array and wait for Qin Yu there!"

"Yes, Your Majesty Sage Emperor." Jiang Yushan also displayed a smile on his face.

Indeed, if he were to rush to Yuchi City, he likely would not be able to encounter Qin Yu. However, if he were to go Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold and wait outside the Conveying Array, he would definitely be able to encounter Qin Yu.

A formation array grandmaster that was capable of deploying a formation array space, merely his strength would definitely be able to match up against High Level Heavenly Deities. What was more important was, that a grandmaster of formation arrays would only require a bit of effort to easily become an artifact crafting grandmaster!

The attractiveness of an artifact crafting grandmaster, how could any of the major powers leaders be able to resist it?

Actually, if any of them were to dispatch their Godkings, they would be able to arrive before Qin Yu in a blink of an eye. Merely, Godkings possessed too high of a status and were not much inferior to the Eight Great Sage Emperors. To have a Godking personally set off to invite an artifact crafting grandmaster? There was no Godking that would willingly reduce their status to do such a thing.

A couple days later. Inside Mount Bewitch You's formation array 'Universe.'

A group of people were standing there respectfully. The frontmost person was Qiuzhong Fu. Standing behind him were ten people: Chi Hongfeng, Xianyu Yang, Lanshan Huo, Le Yuyao, Le Yurao, Yigong Shu, Jin Kong, Jin Long, Liu Bing and Tan Jiu.

Standing behind these ten people were the one hundred and two Low Level Heavenly Deities.

"Master!" All hundred and thirteen Heavenly Deities bowed and said respectfully.

Qin Yu stood in front of these hundred and thirteen Heavenly Deities, facing them. Standing behind Qin Yu were Hei Yu, Uncle Fu, Wu Lan, Wu He, Hong Yu and Lu Shui.

Qin Yu's gaze was cast toward Tan Jiu.

"Tan Jiu." Qin Yu shouted. He had a light smile on his face.

Tan Jiu walked forward. Respectfully, he said. "Master, this Tan Jiu has been disrespectful towards master in the past. Please forgive me." The current Tan Jiu did not dare to have the slightest thought of defiance.

"The taste of resentment against me doesn't feel good, right?" Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Tan Jiu's complexion turned pale. When he was first absorbed into the God Sealing Pagoda, Tan Jiu was indeed filled with resentment against Qin Yu. However, whenever he felt resentment against Qin Yu, his soul started to feel a pain as if it were being burned. Only at this moment did Tan Jiu remember that his soul was bound. He could not even have the slightest thought of defiance. Otherwise, he would only cause suffering for himself.

"Tan Jiu would never dare again." Tan Jiu said respectfully.

Qin Yu nodded. He glanced at Qiuzhong Fu. "Qiuzhong Fu, I've heard that ordinary Heavenly Deities would all address you as Mister Qiuzhong. Are you also feeling very pained right now?"

Qiuzhong Fu said without a hint of despise or anger. "Master is capable of setting up such an exceptional formation array. At the very least, master's attainments in formation arrays are the best among all the people that this Qiuzhong has encountered in all these years. For master to have such a high attainment in formation arrays, Qiuzhong believes that master's attainments in artifact craftsmanship is also extremely high. Qiuzhong believes that following master will not be inferior to being a bandit."

Actually, Qiuzhong Fu also felt extremely helpless. As even his soul had been bound, what could he possibly do?

"Qiuzhong Fu, from today hence, you shall administer these Heavenly Deities alongside Uncle Fu. At the same time, you shall be my attendant. When I travel out, you shall follow beside me. As for the times when I am training, you can go and set about doing your own stuff." Qin Yu said indifferently.

"Yes, master." A cheerful expression appeared on Qiuzhong Fu's face.

Qiuzhong Fu feared that Qin Yu might leave him in Jiang Lan's Realm the most. If that were the case, it'd be truly too boring. Instead, if he were to follow Qin Yu, he'll be able to wander about the various regions of the Divine Realm.

With but a thought from Qin Yu, and a hundred and twelve of the Heavenly Deities were all absorbed into the Jiang Lan's Realm. Only Qiuzhong Fu, Hong Yu, Lu Shui, Wu Lan and them remained.

"Big brother. And here I thought that the 'Flowing Light Spear Path' that I created would be able to defeat big brother. Never would I anticipate that in a blink of an eye, big brother actually managed to capture a High Level Heavenly Deity and even set up such a great formation array." Gasped Hei Yu.

Surprised, Qin Yu said. "Flowing Light Spear Path? Is it that strange spear thrusting technique of yours?"

"What you mean by strange?" Hei Yu said discontentedly. He had managed to comprehend this sort of training path through great difficulty.

Qin Yu chuckled. "Oh, it's not strange, it's powerful, it's powerful, okay?" Hei Yu also started laughing.

"Lord Qin Yu, it's truly strange. We managed to sense when our Divine Tribulation would be coming the moment we came back to the Divine Realm." Hong Yu charmingly looked at Qiuzhong Fu who had a cold expression the entire time and then turned to Qin Yu and said.

Wu Lan also nodded and said. "That's right. We sensed when our Divine Tribulations would be coming right after coming out."


Qin Yu understood it.

Sure enough, it was as he had anticipated. The Universal World was a universe that existed on its own. The Divine Tribulation of the Divine Realm, Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, and so many other realms, was incapable of descending in the Universal World.

"Roughly when will you all undergo your Divine Tribulations?" Said Qin Yu with a smile.

"Very soon, a bit over a hundred years." Hong Yu said. Wu He's loud voice sounded. "Mine's about the same. It's close to two hundred years or so."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

At this moment, Qiuzhong Fu, who was standing beside Qin Yu and had a cold expression the entire time, he was confused. How come the subordinates of his master were only now going to undergo the Divine Tribulation?

"Well then, you all can return to Jiang Lan's Realm. Xiao Hei, do you plan to continue training or do you want to go out and wander the Divine Realm with me?" Asked Qin Yu with a smile.

"Of course I'll be following big brother out." Hei Yu lightly smiled and said. He then looked at the formation array space and gasped. "This formation array space is truly amazing. It's about the same as Jiang Lan's Realm. Hong Yu and them have yet to undergo their Divine Tribulation yet are actually able to maintain a human form in here."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

The formation array space was actually very similar to the Jiang Lan's Realm. They were both spaces. Merely, Jiang Lan's Realm was a fixed space created through artifact crafting.

Qin Yu took out Jiang Lan's Realm from his Universal World and then placed it within his body. As long as he does not place the Jiang Lan's Realm in the Universal World, the Divine Tribulation will be able to sense Hong Yu and them.

After casually retrieving the formation array space, Qin Yu and Hei Yu walked alongside each other. Following behind them were Uncle Fu and Qiuzhong Fu.

"Qin Yu!"

Upon seeing the dissipation of the formation array, Huang Jing, who had been waiting outside the formation array for a very long time, immediately shouted at Qin Yu. At the same time, her figure immediately arrived before Qin Yu. At this moment, there was a middle aged man with extremely black eyebrows beside Huang Jing. Merely by his aura, one could feel an unflustered sensation of Mount Tai.

That middle aged man opened his mouth and said. "Qin Yu, I am the Governor of Yuchi City, Yuchi Gonglan. This person over here is the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold's princess, Huangfu Jing. The reason the two of us have come today, as per the order of the Utmost East Sage Emperor, is to invite you to Mount Dazzling Gold to become a person of the Mount Dazzling Gold.

"Huangfu Jing? Princess?" Qin Yu smiled and recited those words as he looked to 'Huang Jing.' Huang Jing could merely smile. However, her fair little face had turned red.

And at this moment, Yuchi Gonglan handed a golden scroll over to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu glanced at each other. Qin Yu then received the golden scroll and swept his Divine Awareness over it to read the contents of the golden scroll. It was the Utmost East Sage Emperor's invitation.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 4 – Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Yuchi Gonglan and Huangfu Jin both looked at Qin Yu. They were waiting for Qin Yu's response. Had it been an ordinary person, they would definitely excitedly accept the Sage Emperor's invitation. But, the current Qin Yu was a grandmaster of formation arrays.

After some time, Qin Yu raised his head and looked to Huangfu Jing. "Miss Huang Jin, oh, Princess Huangfu Jing, I would like to ask, if I were to go to the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, would I become completely subjected to the orders of Mount Dazzling Gold?"

Yuchi Gonglan raised his thumb to Huangfu Jing. "Smart!"

Huangfu Jing smiled and said. "I knew you were going to ask about this. Before I left, I already talked about this matter with my Imperial Father. You merely need to come to our Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold. Your freedom would be completely unrestricted. Even if you wanted to leave our Mount Dazzling Gold in the future, we would also not prevent you from leaving."

Qin Yu felt relaxed. At the same time, he also felt thankful that this Utmost East Sage Emperor was treating him so well.

However, Qin Yu didn't know that it wasn't only the Utmost East Sage Emperor, the other seven Sage Emperors, Mount Blood Demon, Asura Sea and the Dual Domain Island were also planning to give him unrestricted freedom.

If they were planning to limit his freedom, how would they possibly be able to get a grandmaster of formation arrays to join them?

"Big brother, are you truly going?" Hei Yu said in a low voice. "Monkey is in…"

Hou Fei was in Asura Sea and the Asura Sea could be considered as being enemies with the Eight Great Sage Emperors.

"It's fine. Didn't you hear that the Utmost East Sage Emperor had already agreed that we can leave as we wish in the future?" Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face. Actually, with Qin Yu's abilities, was there even a location that could trap him? Merely, with the personal promise from the Utmost East Sage Emperor, it would be a lot less complicated in the future.

Yuchi Gonglan chuckled and said. "Well then, let's go."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"Qiuzhong Fu?" Surprised, Yuchi Gonglan said when he saw Qiuzhong Fu. "I've heard that you've been trapped by the great formation array. How come you are here?" Yuchi Gonglan did not believe that a High Level Heavenly Deity would surrender easily.

Qin Yu hurriedly said. "Qiuzhong Fu is currently my close attendant."

Hearing what Qin Yu said, Qiuzhong Fu felt very thankful in his heart. After all, if others were to know that he had became Qin Yu's servant, Qin Yu's slave, then he would have lost a whole lot of face.

Huangfu Jing was also surprised. She said. "Qiuzhong Fu is extremely proud. Back then when I invited him to join our Mount Dazzling Gold, he firmly refused it. Never would I have expected that he would be willing to become your attendant, Qin Yu."

"Not only do you have a High Level Heavenly Deity as an attendant, this person over here should be a puppet, right? Furthermore, he's not an ordinary puppet." Yuchi Gonglan's gaze was cast toward Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu's expression sunk. He said. "Uncle Fu is my housekeeper."

Qin Yu had long since begun considering Uncle Fu as a real person in his heart. He had already considered Uncle Fu as a diligent and attentive old housekeeper. He did not like others saying that Uncle Fu is a puppet.

Yuchi Gonglan immediately knew what Qin Yu was thinking after seeing his expression. He promptly said. "Haha, so he's actually Brother Qin Yu's housekeeper." After laughing, Yuchi Gonglan no longer mentioned Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu merely chatted with Huangfu Jing and Hei Yu. As for Yuchi Gonglan, he was chatting with Qiuzhong Fu. Evidently, this Yuchi Gonglan was old acquaintance of Qiuzhong Fu.

The group of people were rapidly flying. Qin Yu even used 'Spatial Domain' and contained Uncle Fu within it so that he could follow behind them.

As Qin Yu's soul's level had reached the peak of the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage, he was able to create a 'Spatial Domain' with the assistance of the Meteoric Tear.

After arriving at Yuchi City, Qin Yu, Huangfu Jing and them quickly arrived at the location of the Conveying Array.

Qin Yu was greatly surprised when he saw the Conveying Array. He knew that it was impossible to teleport in the Divine Realm if one weren't a Godking. Thus, he never expected there to be Conveying Arrays in the Divine Realm. The Conveying Array before him was hexagonal shaped. Several tens of people were capable of entering the Conveying Array at once. Merely, this Conveying Array appeared to be extremely simple.

"Such a simple array, is it truly capable of conveying people?" Qin Yu said in surprise.

Yuchi Gonglan smiled. "Brother Qin Yu, it seems you do not know about this. This array does not have much use at all. As for the location of the true essentials of this Conveying Array, I too am not very certain about it. Merely, the Divine Realm's Conveying Arrays are things that only Godkings can set up."

"My Imperial Father has also said before that this Conveying Array does not rely much on the formation array. Instead, it is related to the spatial laws." Huangfu Jing explained.

Qin Yu had some vague idea in his mind.

Perhaps he would only be able to understand how to set up Conveying Arrays after completely comprehending the Divine Realm's spatial laws.

"After we go through the Conveying Array, we'll arrive at the bottom of Mount Dazzling Gold." Yuchi Gonglan explained.

Puzzled, Hei Yu said. "Why doesn't it directly send us over to Mount Dazzling Gold?"

Huangfu Jing smiled and said. "If it were to directly send us over to Mount Dazzling Gold, then doesn't it mean that as long as one spend some Divine Spiritual Stones, even a Deity would be able to directly reach Mount Dazzling Gold? How could we possibly allow that?"

Hei Yu nodded.

Qin Yu and them stepped into and started the Conveying Array. Without feeling a slightest amount of movement, they felt that the space before them started to change irregularly. In an instant, Qin Yu and them reached their destination.

"Haha, Brother Yuchi!"

"Which of these might be Qin Yu?"

Right after Qin Yu and them came through the Conveying Array, they immediately heard a lot of noise. Furthermore, it seemed that it was directed at them. Confused, Qin Yu looked over.

Before him were more than a dozen men and women standing outside the Conveying Array. They were smiling as they looked at Qin Yu and them. Qin Yu immediately determined that all these people were Heavenly Deity stage experts. Even the weakest one among them was a Mid Level Heavenly Deity.

"What, what's going on?" Surprised, Qin Yu turned around to look at Huangfu Jing and Yuchi Gonglan.

Huangfu Jing smiled and explained to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, it's very simple. You, a grandmaster of the formation arrays, are extremely popular. Thus, the people from all the major powers have arrived. Let me introduce them to you."

The people who originally didn't know who Qin Yu was, after hearing the conversation between Huangfu Jing and Qin Yu, all came to know that the black clothed youth before them was Qin Yu.

"This person is from the Utmost South Sage Emperor's Light Lens City." Said Huangfu Jing as she pointed to a beautiful white clothed woman. That white clothed beauty immediately slightly bowed and said to Qin Yu. "Mister Qin Yu, I have come to represent His Majesty Utmost South Sage Emperor to invite you to join our Light Lens City. This is the invitation letter." As she said that, she handed the invitation letter to Qin Yu.

Huangfu Jing did not care about it. Instead, she continued. "This person is from the Utmost West Sage Emperor's Mount Blazing Flame." Said Huangfu Jing as she pointed to a long red haired youth.

That long scarlet haired youth also slightly bowed and said to Qin Yu with a smile. "Qin Yu…"

Before he finished his words, Huangfu Jing already continued to point to the next person. "This person is from the Northwest Sage Emperor's Thunder Punishment City."

It was a grim looking woman. This woman's eyes would occasionally flicker like lightning. It was extremely strange. This grim looking woman smiled to Qin Yu. "Mister Qin Yu, our Sage Emperor held Mister Qin Yu in very high regard, he especially had me…"

Huangfu Jing interrupted this woman too. She pointed to the next person.

She introduced six people in succession. These six people had come from six different Sage Emperors. Qin Yu became confused as to why Huangfu Jing had yet to introduce the person from the Utmost North Sage Emperor.

Could it be that the Utmost North Sage Emperor did not send anyone over?

"This person here is from the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Floating Snow City." Huangfu Jing said as she pointed to a youth.

That youth slightly bowed and said. "Mister Qin Yu, I am Jiang Yushan. With the order from my Sage Emperor, I have come to invite Mister Qiu Yu to join our Floating Snow City. This is the invitation letter."

Qin Yu actually extended his hand and received the invitation letter.

Jiang Yushan's expression immediately became cheerful. After all, Qin Yu had not accepted the invitation letter from any of the six people before. However, after Qin Yu received the invitation letter, he sighed and said. "Brother Yushan, although I want to go to the Floating Snow City very much, but I have already agreed to the Mount Dazzling Gold. Thus, I am very sorry."

Jiang Yushan was startled. In the end, he could only shake his head helplessly.

Qin Yu had a very regretful expression. Actually, Qin Yu had already thought about it in his heart. If he wanted to marry Li'er, going over to the Floating Snow City right away was not a wise thing to do. It was not too late for him to sufficiently prepare himself and then communicate with Uncle Lan before leaving for the Floating Snow City.

"I believe these three individuals ought to be from the Dual Domain Island, Mount Blood Demon and Asura Sea. Merely, I am not familiar with them. Thus, I won't be introducing them." Said Huangfu Jing indifferently.

From the tone of Huangfu Jing's speech, it was evident that she didn't like the people from those three powers.

The three people were not offended at all. They proceeded to introduce themselves.

Qin Yu merely listened to them and took a couple more glances at the emissary from the Asura Sea. He did not say anything much.

Only after everyone finished their introductions, Qin Yu spoke. "Everyone, I have already accepted the invitation from the Utmost East Sage Emperor. Thus, I am truly sorry about this."

Qin Yu slightly bowed to everyone present. He then followed Huangfu Jing and left with the others.

"This Utmost East Sage Emperor actually dispatched Princess Jing herself, no wonder he managed to get Qin Yu underneath his camp so easily." Those emissaries sighed a couple times. In the end, this group of people could only leave helplessly.

Qin Yu raised his head and looked. The entire sky above him had been covered. When underneath Mount Dazzling Gold, everything was covered in darkness.

"This Mount Dazzling Gold is truly huge. Its circumference is at the very least ten thousand miles, right?" Qin Yu gasped.

Huangfu Jing lightly smiled and said. "Mount Dazzling Gold has a circumference of nearly a hundred thousand miles. Among the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, only the Utmost Western Region's Mount Blazing Flame and the Northeastern Region's Forest Ocean forest are a bit bigger than Mount Dazzling Gold."

"A hundred thousand miles?" Qin Yu looked at the enormous floating mountain that covered the sky. He became even more surprised.

After that, Qin Yu, Hei Yu, Qiuzhong Fu, Uncle Fu, Huangfu Jing, and Yuchi Gonglan all started flying upwards. Uncle Fu remained in Qin Yu's Spatial Domain.

The further up they flew and the closer they got to Mount Dazzling Gold, the more Qin Yu felt how enormous and oppressive the Mount Dazzling Gold was.

Only when he completely approached the bottom of the Mount Dazzling Gold did Qin Yu discover that the bottom of the Mount Dazzling Gold was not a single piece. Instead, there were many ravines. Under the lead of Huangfu Jing, Qin Yu and them entered a tunnel.

The tunnel was very short. It was only around a hundred meters long. After passing through the tunnel, they reached a mountain road.

This winding mountain road was over a thousand miles long. After flying for a long time, they reached the sole city of Mount Dazzling Gold.

"All those mansions outside of the city are mostly locations where Heavenly Deities train at. On Mount Dazzling Gold, there is a great number of scattered mansions like those." Huangfu Jing pointed to the mansions located at the waist of the mountains or above cliffs.

The city on top of Mount Dazzling Gold, when compared to Mount Dazzling Gold itself, was a lot smaller. However, it still possessed a circumference of a thousand miles.

"What a dazzling city." Gasped Qin Yu. The entire city's city walls were formed through golden colored ores. When looking at it, the entire city was dazzling like a Mortal Realm's star.

After entering the city, the streets of the city were all formed by black slabs.

The number of people on Mount Dazzling Gold was not overwhelming at all. However, at a single glance, all the people were Heavenly Deities. This was indeed very shocking. When compared to them, the hundred and thirteen Heavenly Deities that Qin Yu captured were not many at all.

"In the eastern city district is the Gold Sword Palace. In the western city district is the Hundred Flowers Palace. Within those two Palaces live the other two Godkings of our Mount Dazzling Gold, the Gold Sword Godking and the Hundred Flowers Godking." While walking on the black slab road, Huangfu Jing was introducing Mount Dazzling Gold to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu remembered it in his heart and lightly nodded.

"In the Heavenly Deity Army of the city, there are a total of nine large squadrons and nine large squadron captains. Their statuses are second to only my Imperial Father, the other two Godkings and the three Palace Masters." Said Huangfu Jing with a smile on her face.

Qin Yu was able to guess that the Imperial Father that she mentioned was the Utmost East Sage Emperor. He also knew about the two Godkings. However, who were the three Palace Masters?

"Brother Qin Yu, all nine large squadron captains of the Heavenly Deity Army of Mount Dazzling Gold are High Level Heavenly Deities. Princess Jing is one of them. Did you know that?" Said Yuchi Gonglan to Qin Yu.

Huangfu Jing could only glare at Yuchi Gonglan.

"I already knew about this." Qin Yu immediately replied.

After walking for a long time, Qin Yu and them arrived at the Inner Castle of the city. This Inner Castle was build in the center of the Dazzling Gold City. The Dazzling Gold City had a circumference of a thousand miles. As for this Inner Castle, it only possessed a circumference of a hundred miles.

"This is the Imperial City. My Imperial Father, the members of our clan and the three Palace Masters all live here." Huangfu Jing said as she led Qin Yu to the entrance of the Imperial City. "My Imperial Father is awaiting you at the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace. Let's go."

The guards of the Imperial City immediately bowed when they saw Huangfu Jing and them.

Huangfu Jing led Qin Yu and them and directly proceeded towards the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace. This Imperial City was truly large. The construction and the layout of the city was extremely exquisite. After walking through different roads and making numerous turns, Huangfu Jing had finally led Qin Yu and them to the entrance of the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace.

"Huff, we've finally arrived." Huangfu Jing had a slight smile on her face.

Qin Yu looked at the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace before him. He felt that his heartbeat had also slightly increased. After all, the person he was about to meet was one of the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

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