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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 43 – Appearance

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin

Inside the Guest Welcoming Palace of the Pity Fragrant Building.

The Wu Clan Brothers, who were originally extremely haughty and grim, upon hearing that the three Heaven Numbered Pavilions were rented out by Heavenly Deities, with the weakest being a Mid Level Heavenly Deity, immediately no longer dared to act arrogant.

If a Low Level Heavenly Deity wanted to compete with a Mid Level Heavenly Deity, without Heaven-defying weapons like the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, they'd practically be courting death.

"Lords Heavenly Deities, have the two of you finished deciding where to live?" Said that charming crimson gowned woman with a soft voice. Her pair of bright and intelligent eyes were staring at the two people before her.

And at this moment, the other people in the Guest Welcoming Hall, including the fatty Chu Liuqing and Qin Yu under his alias of Xi Shuang, were all looking at these two Heavenly Deities. The Wu Clan Brothers' expressions grew a bit unsightly after being watched by this group of people. Their faces had even turned a bit pale and purplish.

After all, their attitude earlier was a bit overly arrogant. And now, it had became hard for them to back off.

"Big brother, let's just stay in the Earth Numbered Pavilions." Wu Liu's expression was unsightly. He looked to his older brother and said to him via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Wu Gang nodded. He then looked at the people within the Guest Welcoming Pavilion with a fierce glare. Fatty Chu and them were so scared that they immediately started smiling. Only then did Wu Gan become satisfied. He then looked to the red gowned woman. In a cold voice, he said. "Prepare two Earth Numbered Pavilions for us. Furthermore, those maids that are to serve us, if they cannot please us, do not blame us for ripping them apart."

The red gowned woman immediately displayed a lovable smile and said. "Lord’s Heavenly Deities can rest assured. They will definitely please Your Lordships."

"Humph." Wu Gan coldly humped. He then walked out from the Guest Welcoming Hall together with Wu Liu.

After the Wu Clan Brothers left the Guest Welcoming Hall, the Guest Welcoming Hall that was under an oppressive atmosphere instantly became bustling with noise. Everyone in the Guest Welcoming Hall began to chat about the two Heavenly Deities from earlier. Then they also began to chat about the other Heavenly Deities that were staying in the Pity Fragrant Building. This conversation eventually lead to the goal of these Heavenly Deities… Qin Yu.

"That Qin Yu is most definitely afraid of all these Heavenly Deities gathered in the Yuchi City to kill him. That must be the reason why he hasn't shown himself for over a thousand years." The conversation topic of the Guest Welcoming Hall turned to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu himself could only smile helplessly.

"I fear others? During these past thousand and eight hundred years, I had absolutely no idea what was happening outside." Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

"You all should stop chipping and chirping over here. That Qin Yu managed to create such a fame for himself in the Black Dragon Pool and had shown that ordinary Low Level Heavenly Deities are no match for him. If he doesn't have some skills and tricks, how could he dare do such a thing? You all should wait for that Qin Yu to show up for it would definitely be a great show once he does show up." Said Fatty Chu as he shook his head. As he continued to speak, he stood up.

"Well then, everyone, you all can continue to chat here. As for I, I shall be going to my pavilion to rest." Fatty Chu cupped his hand to everyone present.

"Xi Shuang, let's go. We shall go have a rest together." Said Fatty Chu to Qin Yu beside him. He then tried to pulled Qin Yu to leave the Guest Welcoming Hall. Qin Yu moved his hand and dodged the pull.

He stood up and said with a light smile. "Fatty Chu, we can just walk together."

There were not many Earth Numbered Pavilions Buildings. During the moment when Qin Yu and Chu Liuqing checked into the Pity Fragrant Building, it just so happened that there were only two Earth Numbered Pavilions Buildings remaining. This caused Chu Liuqing to be incessantly cheerful.

"The maids of the Man Numbered Pavilions Buildings when compared with those maids of the Earth Numbered Pavilion Buildings are practically of two different worlds. Xi Shuang, this building is mine and that building is yours. We shall see each other again tomorrow."

Said Fatty Chu as he proceeded to walk toward his pavilion.

Vast and various flowers were blossoming. The creek water was babbling. Within the peach garden, there were a couple pavilion buildings. Qin Yu saw Fatty Chu walked toward the entrance of his pavilion building and began to hear the cheerful and noisy sound of women.

"Maids? It seems more like the brothels of the Mortal Realm. Merely, they are of higher quality. Each and every one of those women are gorgeous enough to shame a nation." Qin Yu thought in his heart. He then proceeded to walk towards his own pavilion building.

Having reached the Deity level, one could change one's appearance however one wanted to. Thus, even the maids in the Man Numbered Pavilions possessed appearance that greatly surpassed the so called 'national beauties' of the Mortal Realm. At the same time, these people came from different cosmic spaces, possessed different circumstances, different fates and different temperaments.

Under the Dark Curtains of Light, only the hazy crimson light from the two sides of the entrance of the Pavilion Buildings remained open. Walking on the little pebble walkway, Qin Yu was able to see the reflection of the light from the lantern on the water surface of the brook.

The delicate fragrance of peach flowers. The blurry lights.

In this sort of circumstances, Qin Yu saw two beautiful maids with skin as tender and soft as that of infants. The two maids walked out from the entrance of the pavilion with one on the left and the other on the right. With a soft voice, they greeted Qin Yu. "Your Lordship."

Their voices was like those of kittens. Just hearing their voices brought about a comfortable sensation.

"No wonder Fatty Chu and them frequently visit this place." Qin Yu lightly smiled. He then casually entered into the pavilion. Under the care of the two maids, he cleansed himself.

The light in the room was hazy.

Qin Yu glanced at the two maids before him. He lightly smiled and said. "Well then, the two of you should be tired too. You can withdraw yourselves and go rest. Do not come and disturb me without my permission."

Qin Yu must admit that the Earth Numbered Pavilion's maids were indeed extraordinary beautiful women and no ordinary people could resist their charms.

"Yes, Your Lordship." The two maids said softly with a slight disappointment. Then they glanced at Qin Yu before started to walk away. As for Qin Yu himself, he started to lay down on the bed.

"It's been a long time since I've slept like this." Qin Yu cannot help but admit that after being served by the two maids, he had a sense of lazy coziness all over. Qin Yu lightly closed his eyes.

After the night.

The Dark Curtains of Light have departed. The Light of Daytime have arrived.

"It's been a long time since I last had such a cozy feeling." Qin Yu felt extremely relaxed. Ever since he started training, it had been an extremely long time since he had slept like this.

The door to the room was opened. The two maids were already outside Qin Yu's door. With a soft voice, they greeted him. "Your Lordship, please allow us to ready you."

"There's no need. The two of you can go rest. I still have important matters to take care of." Qin Yu really does have matters that he must attend to. Thus, those two maids could only watch Qin Yu leave the place.

Qin Yu had already decided in his heart: "Since the rumors have already spread through the Divine Realm and have caused that many Heavenly Deities to cause me trouble, I also cannot continue to hide myself. Since they want to create troubles for me, I must take up their challenges."

When Qin Yu walked out of the Pity Fragrant Building, he actually saw Wu Gang and Wu Liu in the road ahead of him. Wu Gang and Wu Liu have only arrived at the Yuchi City yesterday. Thus, the two of them have decided to first go check out the tracks of Qin Yu and continue to slowly wait for Qin Yu if they were unable to find any tracks.

"Big brother, where should we go to find that Qin Yu?" Wu Liu asked.

Wu Gang had already thought about this problem before. He smiled and said. "Second brother, according to my estimation, that Qin Yu is either hiding in the region around Mount Bewitch You, or has already left the range of Yuchi City's territory."

"Oh?" Wu Liu was a bit confused by his older brother's judgement.

Wu Gang displayed a confident expression. "If he dared to take on the killing intents of all these Heavenly Deities, then he would not run away and would naturally remain in the surrounding of his old headquarters. If he was afraid… then, after over a thousand years, he would've already left the territory of Yuchi City."

Wu Liu nodded.

"Second brother, we must definitely be careful when trying to kill Qin Yu. Although the two of us are both peak Low Level Heavenly Deities and have never lost to any Low Level Heavenly Deities when we join hands, this Qin Yu possesses a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. We cannot be careless."

"Big brother, you can rest assured. I am well aware of this." Wu Liu's expression turned serious.

Soon after, Wu Liu and Wu Gang proceeded to leave Yuchi City and advanced towards the direction of Mount Bewitch You.

While Wu Liu and Wu Gang were still enroute, Qin Yu had already arrived at a wilderness region beside Mount Bewitch You. Of course, Qin Yu had used his teleportation to arrive there. After a thousand and eight hundred plus years, Mount Bewitch You, that had been burned to a barren mountain, already had new flowers, plants and trees growing.

However, the enormous mountain fire from back then caused a change in the structure of Mount Bewitch You. It had even created an enormous waterfall.

"Back then, Mount Bewitch You was destroyed by fire. Today, I shall once again occupy this Mount Bewitch You and greet the guests that have come from all over the Divine Realm. I reckon that this group of guests will be arriving pretty soon." Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

Standing in the air, Qin Yu directly flew to an alpine lake on top of the Mount Bewitch You. This alpine lake was also formed after the sudden change of the Mount Bewitch You. Qin Yu created a wooden house beside this alpine lake.

"It's not that easy to fight with me. You must first be able to pass through my formation arrays."

Qin Yu stood on top of a large tree beside the alpine lake. He looked to his surroundings. Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. "It should be enough to use formation arrays to take care of ordinary Low Level Heavenly Deities. Only experts would require me to personally set out to take care of them…. I am now already able to set up level four formation arrays. Even if Mid Level Heavenly Deities were to show up, my level four formation arrays should be able to trap them for some time."

Qin Yu immediately started to sit cross-legged on top of the tree. He had started to set up great formation arrays.

Right after Qin Yu set up an enormous level three Trapping Array in the surroundings of Mount Bewitch You, and had begun setting up another great formation array, the Wu Clan Brothers arrived.

"Master, they have come." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

Uncle Fu's 'One Aura Amplification Array' possessed an ability to detect that was greater than even ordinary Heavenly Deities. This 'One Aura Amplification Array' was a level seven formation array taught to Uncle Fu by the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. It was created by him and was extremely mystical.

"They've come?" Qin Yu opened his eyes. "Well then, this shall be considered the first battle of me, Qin Yu, against those Heavenly Deities. Although the opponent of the first battle are merely two Low Level Heavenly Deities, I shall also give them some face and personally set off to fight them."

Like the wind, Qin Yu descended to the ground.

The brothers Wu Gang and Wu Liu saw Mount Bewitch You in the distant. They immediately sensed that there was a surging aura at the mountain. That aura instantly caused the two of them to be on guard.

"Could it be that Qin Yu is here?" Wu Liu's face was filled with an unbelieving expression.

No one managed to find Qin Yu in over a thousand years. Wu Liu and Wu Gang originally thought that Qin Yu was hiding on a certain mountain in the surrounding of Mount Bewitch You. However, to their surprise, they discovered that Mount Bewitch You was actually surging with such an energy.

"Second brother, be careful." Wu Gang had a cheerful expression on his face.

Once they thought of the legendary treasures that Qin Yu possessed, the two of them were unable to refrain their hearts from shivering.

As they approached Mount Bewitch You, Wu Gang suddenly discovered that the scene before them had changed. Although it was originally a mountain forest, it had now turned into a desolate desert.

"Big brother!" Wu Liu's voice seemed to be slightly tensed. "We've entered an illusion array. It seems that it is truly Qin Yu."

"An illusion array is nothing serious. Stay still for a moment." Wu Gang started to twist the space surrounding him. He then slowly spread out the distortion. One could easily cause the surroundings to return to normal after controlling the change in space.

The desolate desert that originally surrounded them disappeared. Wu Liu also appeared beside him.

"Second brother, we must stay close to each other. You follow behind me as we continue forward. I originally was not very certain, but after seeing this great formation array, I am certain that Qin Yu is definitely here!" Wu Gang's gloomy eyes burst forth with a radiant light.

Wu Liu also nodded.

"Haha… welcome to Mount Bewitch You. As my first group of visitors, I, Qin Yu, will personally welcome the two of you." A clear and bright voice sounded.

"Mn?" Wu Gang and Wu Liu's expressions changed. Almost instantly, the two of them had their backs against each other. They were extremely alert.

Low Level Heavenly Deities do not possess a very strong control of the space. Thus, the range of their spatial distortion was not great either.

Right when the Wu Clan Brothers were on their guards…

"Bang!" A scarlet sword silhouette suddenly appeared from over ten meters away. The sword silhouette appeared too suddenly and was extremely fast. By the time the two brothers managed to discover it, they were only able to take out their curved blades and proceed to block the incoming swords alongside each other.

After blocking the scarlet sword for a short period of time, the scarlet sword silhouette chopped the two curved blades in half.

Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were simply unable to defend against a High Quality Divine Artifact with the special characteristic of 'sharpness.'


Slashed apart at the waist!

Wu Liu and Wu Gang were instantly chopped in half.

"Ah~~~ show yourself!" Wu Gang shouted. Wu Liu was also filled with fury. At the same time, they started to agitate their Jade Blood Golden Pellet to reform their bodies.

The brilliant scarlet sword silhouettes once again filled the entire view of the two people.

Wu Gang and Wu Liu did not have any power to resist at all. Merely, all of these sword silhouettes were horizontal. They continued to beat the two's body for several hundreds of times and caused the two of them to vomit blood unceasingly. Even their Nascent Souls were trembling.

At the same time, a black clothed youth appeared.

Qin Yu had finally shown himself. Merely, at this moment, neither Wu Liu nor Wu Gang had the slightest power to resist. Qin Yu raised his left hand. A stone pagoda appeared in his palm.

The stone pagoda was shot out. It flew following the wind and then started growing. In an instant, it had become enormous. Wu Liu and Wu Gang, who were originally heavily injured, began to feel drowsy after being attacked by the soul attack of the God Sealing Pagoda.

Qin Yu appeared behind them. He said a word to the two brothers… "Absorb!"

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 44 – Huge Ruckus

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin

Wu Gang and Wu Liu, who were originally heavily injured, were knocked into a muddle headed state after taking on the soul attack from the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure God Sealing Pagoda. Thus, the two of them did not have the slightest amount of power to resist the absorbing energy of the God Sealing Pagoda.

Just like that, the two of them were absorbed into the God Sealing Pagoda.

Right after being absorbed into the God Sealing Pagoda, Wu Gang and Wu Liu were completely woken up right away. At the same time, the two of them also sensed the binding placed onto their souls by the God Sealing Pagoda.

They knew that they had already become Qin Yu's servants!

"Big brother…" Wu Liu looked to his older brother. Usually, if something major were to happen, it would always be Wu Gang who makes the decisions. However, at their current situation, Wu Gang could only smile bitterly.

Wu Gang sighed and said. "We had originally planned to follow behind other Heavenly Deities so that we could get hold of a chance to obtain a treasure or two. We can only blame ourselves for discovering Qin Yu… discovering that master was here and becoming greedy for the treasures that master possesses. We only ended up in this sort of situation because of our wishful thinking."

The binding of the soul was an extremely serious matter. Even Godking level experts are unable to undo the binding. Only the legendary Exalted Celestials are able to undo the bindings.

The two brothers could only smile bitterly and agitate their Jade Blood Golden Pellets to recover their bodies of injuries.

After some time, Wu Gang and Wu Liu felt that they suddenly lost their ability to move freely. The two of them were sent out from the God Sealing Pagoda and appeared beside the alpine lake on top of the Mount Bewitch You.

Seeing the black gowned youth before them, Wu Gan and Wu Liu were able to clearly sense the connection between their souls. Immediately, Wu Gan and Wu Liu said. "Master."

Qin Yu looked at the two Low Level Heavenly Deities before him.

"Uncle Fu, say, with this many Heavenly Deities being greedy for my treasures this time around, with this many Heavenly Deities that want to kill me to steal my treasures, shouldn't I try to seize this opportunity to capture some servants?" A trace of smile appeared in Qin Yu's eyes.

Qin Yu felt that he had too few subordinates. Seeing as he cannot always personally appear to do things, he felt that capturing some Heavenly Deities as subordinates was a pretty good thing to do.

"Back then, my old master wholeheartedly sought after the path of artifact craftsmanship. That's the reason why he did not capture any servants. The reason why my old master left the God Sealing Pagoda for master, this old servant thinks that it was precisely so that master could use it to capture some servants." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

He turned around and looked to Wu Gang and Wu Liu who were extremely respectful toward him.

"Wu Gang, Wu Liu, from today on, the two of you are my, Qin Yu's, servants. In normal circumstances, I will not make the two of you do anything. The two of you can just set your mind at rest and train. If you need Divine Spiritual Stones, you merely need to ask Uncle Fu for it. Remember, you must treat Uncle Fu as if he were me." Contained within Qin Yu's voice was a trace of imposingness.

Wu Gang and Wu Liu immediately bowed. "Yes, master!"

"Uncle Fu!" Wu Gang and Wu Liu respectfully bowed to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu nodded his head while smiling. Having two Low Level Heavenly Deities be respectful toward him was nothing extraordinary. Back during the time when he was beside Chehou Yuan, even High Level Heavenly Deities would have to treat him courteously. Otherwise, those High Level Heavenly Deities could not even enter through the gates of the Bewitching God Temple.

"Wu Gang, Wu Liu, right now I will be sending the two of you into the Jiang Lan's Realm. Remember to behave yourselves in the Jiang Lan's Realm!" Said Qin Yu coldly. He then waved his sleeve and Wu Gang and Wu Liu disappeared while in a state of shock.

Inside the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Jiang Lan's Realm?"

Wu Gang and Wu Liu glanced at each other. They then looked at the vast and boundless mountains surrounding them and then sensed the weak restrictions that the Jiang Lan's Realm had toward them.

"It's a Spatial Divine Artifact. One actually cannot see the limit of this space. Furthermore, the binding this place have on us is extremely low. Our Divine Awareness is able to cover a distance of hundreds of millions of miles. Yet, we are still unable to detect the limit. This Spatial Divine Artifact is no ordinary Spatial Divine Artifact!" Wu Gang displayed a shocked expression.

Spatial Divine Artifacts were extremely rare in the Divine Realm.

Just by knowing the fact that even the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan did not like crafting Spatial Divine Artifacts, one would be able to guess that it would usually be Godkings that craft Spatial Divine Artifacts.

As for Godkings, there were only that many of them. And among them, those that are willing to craft artifacts were even fewer. Thus, one could determine how few Spatial Divine Artifacts there were.

"Big brother, this master of ours is even more amazing than what we have anticipated. With this Spatial Divine Artifact, master can just hide himself directly into this Spatial Divine Artifact should he encounter any danger. Who would be able to capture him? I reckon it'll be very hard to break through the Spatial Divine Artifact even if the person doing it were a High Level Heavenly Deity." Gasped Wu Liu in admiration.

Wu Gang shook his head. He frowned and said. "No, High Level Heavenly Deities are capable of destroying a portion of the space. Once master hides himself in the Spatial Divine Artifact, the true form of the Spatial Divine Artifact is still located outside. Even if the High Level Heavenly Deity cannot break through the Spatial Divine Artifact, he would be able to create a spatial crack and throw the Spatial Divine Artifact into the spatial crack. There is still a possibility for that to happen."

Upon thinking of this, Wu Liu was also startled.

"I hope that master does not encounter a High Level Heavenly Deity. Otherwise, we too would perish with him." Said Wu Gang helplessly.

However, Wu Liu and Wu Gang's knowledge and experience was actually lacking. Although ordinary Spatial Divine Artifacts might be thrown into the spatial cracks, the Jiang Lan's Realm was different.

As a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, regardless of how great the absorbing energy of the Divine Realm's spatial cracks was, they would still be unable to move it in the slightest.


The Jiang Lan's Realm was located in the Universal World. Other than Qin Yu, there was no one else that are capable of discovering Jiang Lan's Realm.

On Mount Bewitch You. Qin Yu was sitting cross-legged on top of a large tree beside the alpine lake. His hands were forming numerous hand seals. He was setting up various formation arrays that he had managed to deduce.

Qin Yu had sat like this for half a year already.

In the half year's time, Qin Yu had already set up several hundred formation arrays. These several hundred formation arrays were concentrated in the surroundings, the waist and various other locations of Mount Bewitch You.

Regardless of who it was, regardless of what direction they attack from, they would still be attacked by the formation arrays.

And at this moment, Qin Yu was wholeheartedly setting up a level four formation array!

All the various hundreds of formation arrays that he had set up before were level three formation arrays. To the current Qin Yu, setting up several hundred level three formation arrays was not a difficult task. As for level four formation arrays… it was instead extremely hard.

"Ah, fuck, let me out!" A short robust man was angrily yelling in a certain illusion array in the surrounding of Mount Bewitch You. This man was a small fry of the Black Dragon Pool. He was out to handle matters as per his orders, and fell into the illusion array after passing by Mount Bewitch You.


In a level three Killing Array. Occasionally, White Pure Flames would fire out. Several people had already lost their lives to the disastrous White Pure Flames in this location. That short and robust man that was trapped in an illusion array was actually in a much more fortunate situation compared to the people that have been trapped in this Killing Array.

"Big sis, be careful."

In the Trapping Array, two women were walking while holding hands. The two of them were low level personnel of the Black Dragon Pool. The two sisters were lucky as they had stepped into a Trapping Array that does not possess any killing power.

In the half year's time, the two Heavenly Deities of the Black Dragon Pool, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji, already took note of Mount Bewitch You. From the various formation arrays that had appeared on Mount Bewitch You, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji both had a premonition… that Qin Yu had returned.

Having fought Qin Yu before and especially after knowing that even their boss, the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu was also defeated by Qin Yu, how would the two of them dare to go and bother Qin Yu? The two of them merely relayed this information to Tan Jiu.

Yuchi City. Inside an Earth Numbered Pavilion of the Pity Fragrant Building.

A woman and three men were gathered together. These four Heavenly Deities had come from one of the sixty four cities of the Divine Realm's eastern region, the Ouye City's number one bandit power.

This woman's name was 'Chi Hongfeng.' She was the boss among the four. Her power had reached that of a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. The three male subordinates underneath her were all Low Level Heavenly Deities.

"Big sis, we have obtained news earlier that Qin Yu has shown himself. It was precisely at Mount Bewitch You!" Said a male among the group with excitement.

Chi Hongfeng was extremely beautiful. Her elegant almond shaped eyes swept past. She frowned and said. "You said that Qin Yu has appeared at Mount Bewitch You? Is he not afraid of death? Are you certain about this information?"

"Absolutely certain. This information is something I obtained from a person from the Black Dragon Pool. Many people from the Black Dragon Pool have been trapped in the great formation arrays at Mount Bewitch You. There were very few experts of formation arrays in the Divine Realm to begin with. I reckon that there would not be anyone bored enough to pretend to be Qin Yu here and run especially to Mount Bewitch You to set up formation arrays." That man promptly said.

Among the three males, the youth with the shortest and smallest size said. "Big sis, I think what third brother said was very probable. If that Qin Yu didn't run away from Yuchi City and actually dared to stay here, then it would be very probable for him to appear at Mount Bewitch You."

Chi Hongfeng pondered for a moment. She then stood up and said. "Good, we shall immediately set off!"

"Yes, big sis." The three males all stood up. They were all displaying excited expressions.

Not only them, this information was spread through the entire Yuchi City… The 'delicious cake' known as Qin Yu had returned! All the Heavenly Deities that obtained this news had started to move.

The Heavenly Deities obtained the news at different times. However, the gap between the time they obtained the news was at most several days.

The number of greedy Heavenly Deities in the Divine Realm was truly astounding. With merely those from the eastern region of the Divine Realm, close to a hundred Heavenly Deities had gathered in Yuchi City. There were also those from the other regions of the Divine Realm. When added together, they numbered close to two hundred.

The first group of Heavenly Deities that obtained this information had already set off towards Mount Bewitch You!

Inside an ordinary building in Yuchi City, a person was currently sitting cross-legged.

This person possessed a head full of short red hair that was spiking like steel needles. With a lean and dark skinned body, this person was precisely the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu. From the battle against Qin Yu in the Black Dragon Pool, Tan Jiu had grown to fear Qin Yu.

"Spear, what sort of spear is that?" Tan Jiu was forever unable to forget about that black, with some dark yellow dots, spear.

When faced against that spear, adding on Qin Yu's teleportation ability, Tan Jiu simply had no way to defend himself against Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, I thought that you had run back to your master. Humph, I truly never would've expected that you would have the balls to stay." A fierce light shines through Tan Jiu's eyes. "With this many Heavenly Deities gathered here, I refuse to believe that you can kill them all."

Upon thinking about those Heavenly Deities that have gone to kill Qin Yu, Tan Jiu displayed a grim smile on his face.

"Go there, go there… Qin Yu doesn't merely possess a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. By the time you all discover that spear of his, it would be too late for you all to run."

Tan Jiu was able to foresee, that among all those Heavenly Deities, many of them would definitely perish in Qin Yu's hands. However, Tan Jiu also believed that Qin Yu would ultimately be no match against all those Heavenly Deities.

"I shall be the final oriole." Tan Jiu stood up.

Back then, he had lost eight of his clones. The loss was extremely great. However, after over a thousand and eight hundred years of recovery, he had already recovered ninety percent of his strength.

This was because he was a Nine-headed Black Dragon. As long as one of his soul remained living, the other souls could be recovered.

The news regarding Qin Yu's appearance reached the Governor of Yuchi City, Yuchi Gonglan, in a very short period of time. At the same time, it had also reached the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold's Huang Jing. The Utmost Northern Region's Wood Mansion's Jiang Lan and Li'er had also obtained this information.

A lot of the people of the Divine Realm had their eyes directed at this location.

There were those who were interested in watching the play and there were those who were paying extremely close attention to the situation. After all… it was extremely rare for over a hundred Heavenly Deities to battle in times of peace.

In the surroundings of Mount Bewitch You. Eight Heavenly Deities were standing in the air. And at this moment, twelve more Heavenly Deities flew over from behind. Among these twenty Heavenly Deities, eighteen of them were Low Level Heavenly Deities and two of them were Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

This group of people was the first to obtain the information and the first to rush over.

"Friends, please do not be anxious. At this moment, the entire Mount Bewitch You is covered with various different kinds of formation arrays. If we are to enter rashly, then at the very least the Low Level Heavenly Deities would definitely die." A clear and sonorous voice sounded.

The person who spoke was a middle aged man with a goatee. He was also one of the two Mid Level Heavenly Deities among the twenty Heavenly Deities.

"So it's actually old brother Xianyu." Chi Hongfeng flew forward. Her tight fitting red colored battle armor was stuck to her skin completely, outlining her devil like body figure.

"Seeing old brother Xianyu here, this matter will be easy to take care of now. I am quite familiar with old brother Xianyu's accomplishments in formation arrays." Said Chi Hongfeng with a smile on her face.

However, the Heavenly Deities gathered here are from all over the place. Not all of them were convinced about that Xianyu Yang.

Xianyu Yang coldly smiled. "You all wait here and see!" Several hundred Divine Spiritual Stones started to float above Xianyu Yang's palm. Various seals, marks and symbols were floating above the several hundred Divine Spiritual Stones.

Soon after, like sharp arrows, the several hundred Divine Spiritual Stones started to fly toward the various locations of Mount Bewitch You.

The moment when these several hundred Divine Spiritual Stones entered the great formation arrays.

What occurred was…

"Chi Chi!" Lightning started flickering at a certain corner of the Mount Bewitch You. Countless electric snakes were roaming through that formation array.

"Boom!" A large number of White Pure Flames suddenly covered a large formation array in the surroundings of Mount Bewitch You. This caused all the Low Level Heavenly Deities present to have a great change in their expression. Low Level Heavenly Deities were practically unable to block White Pure Flames.

Flames, Lightning, all sorts of different attribute energy attacks…

The entire Mount Bewitch You was like hell. Traps had covered the entire place. There were some places that did not give off any reaction at all. However, those places instead caused one's heart to palpitate even more. The unknown was even more scary.

The facial expressions of all twenty of these Heavenly Deities had instantly turned extremely ugly.

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