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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 41 – The Floating Snow City of the Utmost Northern Region

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Among the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, the Floating Snow City located in the utmost north region of the Divine Realm was a floating city. The city walls of the city were about two hundred feet tall. It was predominantly composed of black boulders. The city appeared like a vicious beast lying in wait.

The Floating Snow City was formed at the same time as when the Divine Realm was formed. The Floating Snow City possessed various exotic features. The boulders appeared to be ordinary. However, even if a Heavenly Deity were to strike at it with all his might, he would still be unlikely to leave a mark on the city walls of the Floating Snow City. The Floating Snow City snows all year round. The snowflakes cover the entire Floating Snow City. Merely, the moment when the snowflakes fall to the ground, they would naturally permeate into the black colored ground and disappear.

There were not many citizens in the Floating Snow City. The number of people numbered only slightly more than ten thousand Heavenly Deity level experts. There was also the Utmost North Sage Emperor and his clan… the descendants of the Jiang Clan.

The clan of the Utmost North Sage Emperor was also called the Imperial Clan. The Utmost North Sage Emperor himself, as well as his clansmen, usually lived in the center region of the Floating Snow City, the Inner Castle. Only the Godkings of the Imperial Clan could be exempted and live outside of the Inner Castle!

Jiang Lan, one of the Three Great Godkings of the Floating Snow City.

He was the most low-key Godking among the Three Great Godkings of the Floating Snow City. Jiang Lan did not take part in any of the matters of the Utmost North Imperial Clan nor would he listen to the orders of the Utmost North Sage Emperor. He lived in a mansion on the eastern part of the Floating Snow City.

On the entrance of the mansion was a board. On the board were two words… "Wood Mansion."

This Wood Mansion was Jiang Lan's residence in the Floating Snow City. This mansion had existed for close to the same amount of time that the Divine Realm had existed.

Snowflakes swirled in the air. A group of five people were walking on the streets of the Floating Snow City alongside each other. These five people were all mid squadron captains in the Floating Snow City's army. One of them was a High Level Heavenly Deity, whereas the other four were Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

The five of them all wore the same sort of black silk gown. On their chests embroidered two golden snowflakes. At this moment, this group of five had walked to the entrance of the Wood Mansion and stopped. They all raised their heads and looked to the Wood Mansion.

"The Heavenly Stellar Prince's Mansion is so lively. Its disciples numerous. However, the number of disciples  at this Wood Mansion is so few. Furthermore, this Wood Mansion is truly too cold and cheerless. Oh, that's right, Big Brother Gu Liang, when will the Wood Mansion accept more disciples?" A study looking man with a firm and persistent appearance turned around and asked a man beside him.

Gu Liang was the High Level Heavenly Deity among the five of them. He was a promising person who had the potential to be promoted to a large squadron captain in the Floating Snow City.

Gu Liang stroked his aquiline nose, shook his head and said. "The Wood Mansion rarely accepts new disciples. The last time it accepted a disciple was over a billion years ago. Even now, the Wood Mansion only has twelve disciples. Sigh… at the last selection, if I were a bit more careful, I might've been able to defeat Liang Yan and become a disciple of the Wood Mansion."

"Twelve?" A youth among the four that possessed extremely fair skin like snow frowned and said. "The Heavenly Stellar Prince's Mansion seems to have several hundred disciples. Furthermore, the Wood Mansion has existed for a not much shorter amount of time than the Divine Realm. This Lord Godking of the Wood Mansion…"

Gu Liang coldly humphed and said. "Although the Heaven's Heart Godking possesses a lot of disciples, exactly how long has he been a Godking? The Wood Mansion's Godking reached the Godking stage at about the same time as His Majesty the Sage Emperor. Don't you all know that although they might both be Godkings, there are still gaps between Godkings? If I were to be able to receive the guidance from the Wood Mansion's Godking, I believe my progress would be extremely fast."

"Big Brother Gu Liang, you were already a Mid Level Heavenly Deity a billion plus years ago, right? I remember that time the Wood Mansion was planning to recruit two new disciples. The fight for those two disciples was pretty intense. Ultimately, among the two that managed to be recruited, one was a High Level Heavenly Deity and the other was a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. However, I've heard that among the twelve disciples of the Wood Mansion, six of them are only Low Level Heavenly Deities. Am I right?" The man with the steadfast appearance asked.

Gu Liang nodded. "That's right, I also do not understand why the Wood Mansion's Godking suddenly accepted six Low Level Heavenly Deities as disciples. Sigh… Furthermore, I have obtained some inside information that the Wood Mansion's Godking would only accept a maximum of twelve disciples. He would only once again accept new disciples should someone die in battle."

Suddenly, Gu Liang's expression changed. He glanced at the distance and then said hurriedly. "Those seemed to be disciples of the Wood Mansion. They're being lead by the Wood Mansion's Godking. Quickly, move to the side so that we do not block the path of Lord Godking."

Upon hearing what Gu Liang said, the four other Mid Level Heavenly Deities were shocked jumping. The Wood Mansion's Godking?

The Wood Mansion's Godking rarely comes out. Thus, only a few people have seen the Wood Mansion's Godking before. However, Gu Liang, a Heavenly Deity with a very high seniority, had still seen the Wood Mansion's Godking before. The five of them immediately moved to the side of the road.

A male and a female. They both wore a cyan colored silk gown. The two of them were respectfully walking behind. These two are the personal attendants of the Wood Mansion's Godking. They had followed the Wood Mansion's Godking for a very long time now. The two of them were both High Level Heavenly Deities.

Before the two of them was a man with an indifferent smile on his face, the Wood Mansion's Godking… Jiang Lan. Jiang Lan wore a black and gold silk gown. He was radiating an ancient aura from his body.

The number of people in the Wood Mansion was extremely low. There were a total of only twelve disciples. However, no one dared to be disrespectful toward the people from the Wood Mansion.

When Jiang Lan reached the entrance of the Wood Mansion, he had slightly noticed the five people far away. He merely lightly smiled and then proceeded to walk pass the gates and into the inside of the Wood Mansion.

"Chu Ji, how is Li'er right now?" While walking in the winding corridor, Jiang Lan asked the male attendant behind him.

Chu Ji had a smile on his face. He said. "Your Lordship, Miss Li'er has been extremely happy these past days. This was especially true after she obtained information regarding young master Qin Yu. However, young master Qin Yu had brought himself a relatively large situation this time around. He had caused numerous Heavenly Deities of the eastern region of the Divine Realm to want to cause him troubles. Even the western region, southern region, southwestern region and numerous other places have Heavenly Deities that have heard about this matter and proceeded toward Yuchi City. Miss Li'er has also been worried for young master Qin Yu because of that."

The female attendant Ji Shao also smiled and said. "Miss Li'er has truly been working real hard on her training these days. When she returned from the Mortal Realm, she was merely at the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. Never had I anticipated that in such a short amount of time, she had already reached the peak of Mid Level Heavenly Deity. For young master Qin Yu, Miss Li'er have truly bore a lot of hardships."

Jiang Lan had a cheerful smile on his face. "What I admire the most about Little Yu is the trace of true emotions that still remains in the depths of his heart. It is no wonder that A'Mei would choose him." Having spoken up till here, Jiang Lan's expression grew a bit bleak.

"Your Lordship." Ji Shao and Chu Ji glanced at each other. The two of them both knew about how great of a shock what happened back then was to their Lord 'Jiang Lan'.

Jiang Lan returned to the present after a short moment of time. He tranquilly smiled and said. "It's fine. According to what I have investigated, Little Yu's strength has yet to even reach the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage. However, he was able to create such a powerful prestige for himself. Little Yu's potential is still pretty great. Merely, this child is still a bit softhearted. I am afraid that he might not be able to win against that child from the Zhou Clan."

"Softhearted? Didn't Your Lordship like young master Qin Yu precisely because of that?" Said Ji Shao with a smile.

Jiang Lan immediately smiled.

"Let's not talk about this, let's not talk about this. I am still extremely confident in Little Yu. He has succeeded the Bewitching God Temple and his comprehension of formation arrays is pretty good too. Furthermore, he has that mysterious and strange martial technique. I believe he is extraordinary… If he were to have sufficient time, he ought to be able to satisfy my big brother." Said Jiang Lan with a smile on his face. He then continued to walk.

The Wood Mansion was extremely large. It was a large mansion that possessed seven entrances and seven exits. There were a total of four gardens. As for Li'er, she lived in a pavilion building inside the Wood Mansion and had two maids attending her.

In the location that Li'er lived in, there was a garden before her building. This garden did not have any flowers or plants. It merely had a nearly ten meter tall black tree with a thickness that a person can hug.

At this moment, inside this garden, there were two maids chatting with each other. Because Li'er was undergoing meditation training, the two of them naturally couldn't disturb her.

"Big Sis A'Lian, this black tree that's only ten meters tall is said to be as old as the Wood Mansion." Said a purple clothed woman as she pointed towards the black tree.

The green clothed 'A'Lian' who was beside her shook her head and said. "That shouldn't be very likely. This Wood Mansion is said to be ten quadrillion years old. It is about as old as the entire Divine Realm. What sort of tree would only be this big after growing for so long?"

[TL: 1*10^16 years old, I know that IET wrote that the Divine Realm was a hundred million and two quadrillion years old. I think this might be a mistranslation in my part due to his writing. This is the raws: 一亿两千万亿 which roughly translated to one hundred million twenty million one hundred million years. Which after some time I figured it was  1.000000002*10^24 years. However, it would appear that IET meant one hundred twenty million one hundred million years. Which means the Divine Realm was twelve quadrillion years old. (1.2*10^16). Don't blame me, I don't think IET knows how to number…]

[Kulops: that had been bugging me for so long…]

[Robin: Finally, clarity! :D]

"Big Sis A'Lian, you shouldn't doubt it. This was something that I heard Lord Chu Ji and other Lords mentioning while they were chatting. This black tree, I believe it's name was something like Ancient Ironwood Tree!" Said that purple clothed woman.

"Liu Xiang, you said Ancient Ironwood Tree? What sort of tree is an Ancient Ironwood Tree?" This A'Lian has never heard about the great name of the Ancient Ironwood Tree.

That Liu Xiang was about to explain when she saw the three people walking in from the entrance of the garden. She immediately stood up. A'Lian also promptly stood up after seeing her standing up. The two of them respectfully stood to the side. "Your Lordship."

Jiang Lan nodded. He glanced at that Ancient Ironwood Tree.

This Ancient Ironwood Tree was the oldest and most precious tree in the entire Divine Realm. At the same time, it was also the sole Ancient Ironwood Tree. Back then, when Jiang Lan reached the Godking level, he just so happened to find a sapling of an Ancient Ironwood Tree. After that, when he established his mansion, he placed this Ancient Ironwood Tree inside his Wood Mansion.

This Ancient Ironwood Tree was indeed as old as the entire Wood Mansion.

"Chu Ji, the two of you can stay down here." Jiang Lan ordered his attendants and then proceeded to walk up the stairs. He directly reached the pavilion and the entrance of the pavilion opened by itself.

Inside the pavilion was Li'er sitting cross-legged on top of a praying mat. On her body was a loose white gown. Her exposed skin was white like cream. Her pair of eyes were lightly closed. Her long beautiful hair reached the ground. She had an extremely serene expression.

The corners of Jiang Lan's mouth was slightly raised. "Li'er."

In an instant, a peculiar change occurred in space where the pavilion was located in. It was as if the space here have been isolated from the outside world. Li'er also naturally woke up.

At the instant she saw Jiang Lan, Li'er immediately blossomed to a smile. At the moment her smile blossomed, it was as if the entire world paled in comparison to her.

"Uncle Lan, you've returned? Did you manage to obtain information regarding big brother Qin Yu?" Li'er stood up hurriedly. Her long hair started to drift all the way down to her buttocks.

Jiang Lan smiled and nodded. "Oh you, you haven't seen your Uncle Lan in so long yet the first thing you do after seeing me isn't asking how your Uncle Lan is, but instead you directly ask about your big brother Qin Yu. This is truly…"

"Uncle Lan!" Li'er's face instantly turned red.

[TL: I would like to point out that IET used a very confusing word. He used 门人 which literally translates to gate/door man. So my first thought was that it should be gate guard or something similar. However, as I continued reading, it seems to be disciple and gate guard just seemed to be very off. This could make sense because 门 could also mean sect/school. So sect man → disciple. This is just extremely confusing because disciple is usually written as 弟子 in chinese… but this sounds a lot more logical than a doorman or twelve doormen…]

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 42 – Bad Situation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Jiang Lan was beaming with cheerful smiles. He walked to the side and sat on a chair. Li'er also walked over to Jiang Lan and sat on a chair beside him.

Jiang Lan closely looked at Li'er. He nodded satisfiedly and said. "Your cultivation speed's pretty decent. Continue to train hard so that you can reach the High Level Heavenly Deity by the time you see Little Yu again."

"Mn." Li'er face was still slightly red. Soon after, she asked. "Uncle Lan, over a thousand years ago, that information that was spread out from the eastern region of the Divine Realm had provoked that many Heavenly Deities to want to chase and kill big brother Qin Yu. How is the situation now? Is big brother Qin Yu okay?"

Li'er was still worried about Qin Yu.

Jiang Lan chuckled and said. "Rest assured, in these thousand plus years, Little Yu has never shown himself. I have even searched the entire Divine Realm and also did not manage to discover him. I reckon that he must be in my Jiang Lan's Realm."

Even Jiang Lan could not imagine that Qin Yu was actually able to create his own world.

"Jiang Lan's Realm… Uncle Lan, thank you." Said Li'er thankfully. Li'er knew very well that Jiang Lan's Realm was a major contributor to helping her big brother Qin Yu stay alive for so long. Furthermore, she also knew about the importance the Jiang Lan's Realm held to Uncle Lan. How could Li'er possibly not be thankful of Uncle Lan giving his first Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to Qin Yu?

Jiang Lan shook his head and said. "Well then, let's not talk about this anymore. You ought to know that with my strength… it is very unlikely for me to use Jiang Lan's Realm. Only if a True Great War of the Divine Realm were to occur would I be forced to use the Jiang Lan's Realm!"

"True Great War of the Divine Realm?" Confused, Li'er asked. "There are differences between the wars of the Divine Realm?"

"The Great War of the Divine Realm that occurs once even six billions years is merely the battle that the masses of the Divine Realm know about. However, in actuality, there are a lot of things that ordinary people and even Heavenly Deities do not know about. Well then, when it is time for you to know about these things, I will tell you about them. What you need to do right now is to continue training wholeheartedly." Comforted Jiang Lan.

"Mn." Li'er nodded her head obediently.

Li'er suddenly said. "Uncle Lan, a while back, my Imperial Father came to my place and talked with me."

The smile on Jiang Lan's face have instantly vanished.

"When did this occur?" Jiang Lan asked.

Li'er pondered for a moment and then said. "Roughly three hundred years ago. At that time, Uncle Lan, you just happened to not be in the Floating Snow City. My Imperial Father conducted a heart-to-heart chat with me…" Li'er had an expression of helplessness on her face.

If her Imperial Father were to force her to marry someone, then Li'er would rather die than submit. In that sort of situation, there was nothing that her Imperial Father could do to her.

However, when her Imperial Father conduct a heart-to-heart chat with her, this instead caused her to feel helpless.

"Big brother still hasn't given up?" Two streams of air were shot out from Jiang Lan's nostrils. "Li'er, how about this. From today on, I will leave a clone in the Wood Mansion. I shall see if my big brother would come over again!"

Li'er immediately felt a burst of relaxation.

There were Three Great Godkings in the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. Among them, the Utmost North Sage Emperor and the Wood Mansion's Godking had reached the Godking level a very very long time ago. The two of them possessed the strongest strength. When compared to the other Godking of the Floating Snow City, the Heaven's Heart Godking, their strength was a lot greater than his.

Li'er knew very well that while her Imperial Father might not give face to the Heaven's Heart Godking, he would not genuinely fight with Uncle Lan.

This was especially true because her Imperial Father still owed her Uncle Lan!

[Robin: As in, Her father still owed Jiang Lan a favor, not as in he still owed her "a Uncle Lan" :P]

"Well then, Li'er, you can ease your mind and continue to stay here. There is no need for you to concern yourself with other matters." Jiang Lan stood up. Li'er also promptly stood up to see Jiang Lan off.

Jiang Lan smiled cheerfully and then walked out from the pavilion. He walked down the staircase and left.

"Your Lordship." Chu Ji and Ji Shao, the two attendants that had followed Jiang Lan for the longest time followed behind Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan still had the scene of Li'er training quietly in his mind. "Li'er looks exactly like her when she's training!" Upon thinking of this, Jiang Lan felt a burst of heartache.

Even now, Jiang Lan was unable to forget…

The figure that had fallen from the sky, the two most sparking, translucent and dazzling tears that slid down her face and the desolate smile that she still had on her exquisite beautiful face before her death.

That scene was forever carved on Jiang Lan's soul! Forever, he would never forget it!

"A'Mei, you've chosen Li'er and Little Yu. Thus, I will use my life to protect them!" Said Jiang Lan resolutely.

Eastern region of the Divine Realm. Inside Yuchi City.

When the Dark Curtain of Night of the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City covered the Divine Realm, Yuchi City was also covered in a layer of darkness. According to the rules of Yuchi City, in night time, no one was allowed to walk the streets.

In the majority of the locations of Yuchi City, quietness resumed. However, there were privileged existences in any location. Likewise, there were some special places.

The Pity Fragrant Building was an extremely bustling place in the Yuchi City. Especially at night, this place would be brightly lit.

There was no army that would come here to investigate. That was because those who could step into the Pity Fragrant Building possessed either status or wealth. During any given day, there were always people from the upper echelons of Yuchi City gathered here.

The Pity Fragrant Building occupied an extremely huge region. Within it were numerous different areas.

Inside the Guest Welcoming Hall of the Pity Fragment Building.

The Guest Welcoming Hall was the largest hall in the entire Pity Fragment Building. However, there were not many seats in the Guest Welcoming Hall. There were only a total of twenty four seats. One must spend an extremely large number of Divine Spiritual Stones in order to be qualified to sit in one of those seats.

At this moment in the Guest Welcoming Hall, there were eighteen females wearing extremely thin gauze dresses while dancing a special dance. The gauze dresses that these eighteen females were wearing were so thin that one could practically see through to their naked bodies.

However, the dance that these eighteen girls danced gave off a sense of relaxation. It was an exceptionally beautiful sensation that causes one to completely ignore one's carnal desires.

There were twelve seats on either sides of the Guest Welcoming Hall. The seats were arranged in pairs.

At this moment, Qin Yu was sitting in one of the seats.

"Xi Shuang, to be honest, I truly admire that Qin Yu. He is merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity yet he dared to kill all the way to the Black Dragon Pool and even killed a Low Level Heavenly Deity of the Black Dragon Pool while seriously injuring the other two. Even that Lord Black Dragon has hidden himself. Amazing, truly amazing." Said that fatty beside Qin Yu to Qin Yu.

This fatty was called 'Chu Liuqing.' Or, according to the fatty, 'one must always show mercy.'

[TL: This fat dude's name is Chu Liuqing. Liuqing is his name, which also means show mercy or forgiveness. So this fatty's name is basically, Chu SpareMe. Which he thus decided to make a pun out of his name saying 'one must always spare others.']

"Fatty Chu, I've heard that many people want to kill that Qin Yu for the treasures that he possesses." Qin Yu said. Qin Yu had investigated the rumor in Yuchi City for some time now and had discovered that there were actually many different versions of the rumor.

The reason why rumors were called rumors was because even if the rumors were real at the beginning, the more they spread the more excessive they become.

"Heh, treasures?" Fatty Chu's stealthy tiny black eyes glanced at the beautiful women that's dancing before him. He then humped and said. "What sort of treasures does that Qin Yu have? No one knows for certain. There are people saying that Qin Yu possesses two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, a large number of other treasures, a Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus and a remarkable ability. Fucking hell, who do those people spreading the rumors think that Qin Yu is? He's merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity. Did they think that he was a Godking? That many treasures! I don't believe it one bit."

Fatty Chu pulled Qin Yu's arm and said. "Hey, Xi Shuang, I've heard another version that's even more exaggerated. There's actually people saying that Qin Yu possessed a remarkable ability similar to that of 'teleportation.' Bullfuckingshit. Whoever it was that was spreading this rumor truly wasn't even thinking logically. Truly laughable."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

However, Qin Yu was thinking in his heart. "Fatty Chu, I actually possess even more treasures than in the rumors that are being spread around. Furthermore, I also know how to teleport. Unfortunately for you, I cannot tell you about this!"

Among all the different versions of the rumors, there was some similarities… 'Qin Yu definitely possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, Qin Yu possessed some treasures and Qin Yu was a Low Level Heavenly Deity!'

"Fatty Chu." Said an old man beside him with a smile on his face. "I've heard you talking about that Qin Yu. Let me tell you, you'd best believe me, that Qin Yu definitely possesses a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact and possesses fire attribute treasures. He is merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity. For him to have that many treasures, there are definitely a lot of people that wanted to take them from him."

Fatty Chu knew that old man. After all, the two of them frequently visit this Pity Fragrant Building.

"He is merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity? You make it sound so easy. If Qin Yu was in front of you, would you dare say the same thing?" Said Fatty Chu with a mocking tone.

Heavenly Deities; the number of Heavenly Deities in the Divine Realm was extremely small.

A Heavenly Deity would only appear among a million Deities. Over half of all the Heavenly Deities that originated from Yuchi City were gathered at Mount Dazzling Gold. The number of Heavenly Deities that ended up staying in Yuchi City was less than a hundred.

And among all those Heavenly Deities, the majority of them were in seclusion training. For the Heavenly Deities that would come to enjoy the pleasures of life in a place like the Pity Fragrant Building, it was extremely rare if a single one of them were to show up.

"That Tan Jiu plotted to try to kill me or perhaps he was trying to force me to not dare show myself. However, it would appear now that the might of the rumors are still within a limit that I can bear."

Qin Yu gulped the wine in the wine cup in his hand.

What Qin Yu feared the most was having his 'teleportation' or the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus discovered.

However it would appear that the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus had never appeared in the rumors. There was merely rumors regarding the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus. Furthermore, among the different rumors, the ones regarding teleportation were the ones that had the least number of people believing it.

"This Tan Jiu, he did not publicize the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus and only mentioned the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus, could it be…" Qin Yu had a thought. "Could this Tan Jiu be trying to become the oriole from behind that stalks the mantis as it stalks the cicada? He was afraid if he mentioned the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus, experts too powerful would come and then he would not be able to obtain the treasures?"

This Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus was definitely precious enough to attract High Level Heavenly Deities to come. It might even attract a Godking or two.

In the Guest Welcoming Hall, the eighteen practically naked female dancers had withdrawn.

What replaced them was a beautiful young woman who wore a crimson colored qipao looking gown. She looked around at everyone present and then said. "Everyone, please be quiet. Right now, we shall present the 'Qin and Xiao Duet' who have ascended from the Flying Rise Realm. I believe everyone knows about the skill these twin sisters have in the Qin and Xiao. Everyone should be very familiar with the two of them. Thus, I believe there is no need for me to further introduce the two of them. And today, it is the date of the once-a-year performance from the two of them."

[TL: Qin is Guqin. A chinese plucked string instrument. Xiao is a chinese flute instrument.]

"Ha, the reason why I came today was precisely to hear the performance of the Qin and Xiao Dual." Fatty Chu was the first to cry out.

In an instant, the Guest Welcoming Hall had grown bustling with noise and excitement.

As for Qin Yu, he started to drink wine out of his wine cup as he calmly looked to the two beautiful woman performing in the side hall beside the Guest Welcoming Hall. There was only a pearl curtain blocking the Guest Welcoming Hall from the side hall.

The sounds of the Qin and the Xiao resonated through the Guest Welcoming Hall like bird-cries. Everyone in the Guest Welcoming Hall felt as if they have entered into a world of Qin and Xiao. They were completely immersed in the music and have forgotten about their surroundings.

In the entire Guest Welcoming Hall, only Qin Yu remained sober.

While the music of the Qin and Xiao was sounding, Qin Yu suddenly saw two same looking males walking in from the entrance of the Guest Welcoming Hall.

"Two Low Level Heavenly Deities?" Qin Yu was slightly shocked as he looked over. The attendant outside the Guest Welcoming Hall was simply unable to block these two men at all. After the two of them had entered the Guest Welcoming Hall, they proceeded to quietly listen to the sound of the Qin and Xiao.

When the performance was over.

These two cold looking men both started clapping cheerfully. One of them spoke and said. "Never had I expected that the Yuchi City would actually have experts of music that reached such level with the Qin and the Xiao."

The crimson gowned woman who was originally the program hostess promptly walked over. "Lords Heavenly Deities, welcome to our Pity Fragrant Building." This woman's eyesight was extremely pungent. She actually managed to tell that these two were Heavenly Deities.

"There are quite many Heavenly Deities coming to the Pity Fragrant Building recently. Practically all of them came from outside Yuchi City. They all came for that Qin Yu. These two Heavenly Deities ought to be here for Qin Yu too." Said Fatty Chu to Qin Yu in a low voice while smiling.


Qin Yu's eyebrows were raised.

It would appear that a lot of people thought him to be a Low Level Heavenly Deity that was easy to be bullied.

"I've heard that the Heaven Numbered Pavilion of your Pity Fragrant Building was pretty famous. Prepare two Heaven Numbered Pavilions for us two brothers." Proudly said a Low Level Heavenly Deity among the two.

That crimson gowned sweet and charming woman promptly said. "Lords Heavenly Deities, our Pity Fragrant Building only has a total of three Heaven Numbered Pavilions. As for these three Heaven Numbered Pavilions, they have been rented by three other Heavenly Deities for several hundred years already. Even many of the Earth Numbered Pavilions were rented by Heavenly Deities."

"Go and tell them that we are the Wu Clan Brothers. I believe they would know what to do then." Said one of the men proudly.

That crimson gowned woman lowered her voice and said. "Lords Heavenly Deities, the three Lords Heavenly Deities that have rented the three Heaven Numbered Pavilions, two of them are Mid Level Heavenly Deities. As for the other one… he is the boss of the two Heavenly Deities!"

These two Wu Clan Brothers were instantly startled.

Qin Yu cannot help himself from frowning. "They've all come for me? The two Heavenly Deities that lived in the Heaven Numbered Pavilions, two of them are Mid Level Heavenly Deities… and the other one, could he be a High Level Heavenly Deity?"

If it was a High Level Heavenly Deity, it would also be hard for Qin Yu to handle him.

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