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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 45 – Advance Dauntlessly in Wave Upon Wave

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Me

Qin Yu was sitting cross-legged on top of the stone with his eyes closed.

"Finally finished." Qin Yu opened his eyes. He face naturally displayed a smile. His body then moved and arrived beside the alpine lake.

Uncle Fu was currently beside the alpine lake. He immediately bowed and said. "Master, at this moment, twenty Heavenly Deities have already gathered below Mount Bewitch You. They seemed to be chatting right now. I suspect they are discussing how to break the formation arrays and come inside."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"It would be a bit troublesome for me to take care of them if they were to unite. Mn, I must use some tricks now!" Qin Yu suddenly started flying. He flew to the sky above Mount Bewitch You. The twenty Heavenly Deities at the foot of Mount Bewitch You, all managed to clearly see Qin Yu.

"Is that black clothed youth, Qin Yu?" Asked a female Low Level Heavenly Deity.

The twenty Heavenly Deities, including Xianyu Yang and Chi Hongfeng, all stopped their discussion and looked to the far away Qin Yu.

Chi Hongfeng flew upward and toward Qin Yu She then loudly shouted. "I am Mid Level Heavenly Deity Chi Hongfeng. Qin Yu, you, as a mere Low Level Heavenly Deity, ought to know about the gap between us. Even if you managed to hide yourself for a short while by relying on your great formation arrays, you would still end up dying by our hands in the end. As long as you hand over your treasures obediently, then I, Chi Hongfeng, shall swear upon the Heavens that I would definitely not kill you."

"Hand over my treasures obediently?"

Qin Yu's voice was ice-cold. "Has there ever been such a charity like that? Although I, Qin Yu, might be a mere Low Level Heavenly Deity, do you all actually possess the ability to kill me?"

At this moment, the twenty Heavenly Deities started discussing with each other through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Big brother, this Qin Yu is currently in the sky and not in mountain. There are no formation arrays in the sky. As long as our speed is fast enough… we might be able to kill Qin Yu by seizing this opportunity."

"That Xuanyu Yang and Chi Hongfeng are both Mid Level Heavenly Deities. If we were to follow behind them, we would definitely not be able to get any treasures in the end. Let's go and capture Qin Yu with our fastest speed!"

At this moment, many Heavenly Deities had been aroused by Qin Yu's appearance.

After all, once Qin Yu hid himself inside the great formation arrays, they would be unable to find out where he would be at all. If they wanted to kill Qin Yu then, they would have to break through the formation arrays one by one. However, since Qin Yu was in the air, it meant that they had an opportunity to kill him!

"Everyone, you must definitely not alert Qin Yu." Said Xianyu Yang via his Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Xianyu Yang was naturally able to guess what everyone was thinking. However… would these Low Level Heavenly Deities listen to Xianyu Yang's commands? Right when Xianyu Yang turned his head back to look at Qin Yu, six Low Level Heavenly Deities instantly entered into the ground.

The ground was filled with soil.

With the strength of Low Level Heavenly Deities, moving through the ground was not a difficult task. All six of them were proceeding toward the other side of Mount Bewitch You through the ground. All of them were thinking of rushing toward Qin Yu from a location that he cannot see and then killing him with a single move!

"A group of disgraces!" Xianyu Yang instantly discovered that six Low Level Heavenly Deities have disappeared and started to display an enraged expression. "These dumbasses truly do not know how the word 'death' is written."

As for Chi Hongfeng, she remained silent. She merely smiled as she looked at Xianyu Yang.

In order to capture Qin Yu, she must rely on this formation array expert Xianyu Yang. Although he was considered a formation array expert, he was merely able to be considered as one amongst the group of bandits.

After all, ordinarily, one must learn through the scrolls of formation arrays in order to become an expert of formation arrays. Unless one possessed a significant background, it was simply impossible for one to learn those formation arrays of the Divine Realm. For true masters of formation arrays, they are either super experts themselves, possess a very powerful sect or were born into powerful clans.

However, what about bandits?

It was truly hard to find a master of formation arrays among those bandits that could match up against Qin Yu.

"Old brother Xianyu, how much certainty do you have in breaking the formation arrays?" Asked Chi Hongfeng as she smiled.

Xianyu Yang already had an idea about it when he tested the might of the formation arrays earlier. He immediately smiled and said. "As long as everyone listen to me, I have absolute certainty in breaking the formation arrays. Merely… it might take some time to break through them!"

Although Xianyu Yang did not have the guidance of formation array experts, he had researched the scrolls of formation arrays that he managed to obtain for over billions of years. Thus, he managed to, with great difficulty, reach the peak level of level three formation arrays. Xianyu Yang's talent in the formation arrays was not high nor does he have the guidance of experts. He merely managed to reach his level of accomplishment through researching formation arrays for a long time.

However, the overwhelming majority of the formation arrays that Qin Yu had set up were level three formation arrays. Only the three formation arrays located in the most center region of Mount Bewitch You were level four formation arrays. For level three formation arrays, Xianyu Yang possessed enough strength to break them.

"Good. In that case we shall follow behind you, old brother Xianyu…" Chi Hongfeng only managed to speak half of what she wanted to say when she suddenly stopped. She looked to Qin Yu who was in the sky. That was because she saw two figures rapidly charging toward Qin Yu from behind him.

Qin Yu seemed to not have realized.

"If you all have the ability, then come and catch me." Qin Yu said to the direction of Chi Hongfeng and Xianyu Yang. He then started falling downward.

The two people that were charging at him from behind were startled.

"Wretched. This Qin Yu got lucky. Humph. He's inside that great formation array, after him!" Said the leader among the two people via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Even now the two of them still thought that Qin Yu had yet to discover them and had merely been lucky.

And at this moment, from a different direction to the side and back of Qin Yu came four more people rapidly rushing toward him. They also proceeded to chase Qin Yu. A total of six people were chasing after Qin Yu.

At the moment when Qin Yu descended to the surface below him, his figure suddenly stopped. He raised his head and looked to the sky. Upon seeing the six people that were flying toward him rapidly, Qin Yu displayed a brilliant smile.

The six people immediately stopped their movements. This Qin Yu had set up great formation arrays. The six of them didn't dare to casually charge into those formation arrays.

"Everyone, what should we do now?" Asked one of the Low Level Heavenly Deity among the six.

The other five Low Level Heavenly Deities were also uncertain about what to do at the very instant. After a short moment, a golden clothed man among them said. "Won't we still be required to charge into the formation arrays if we follow that Xianyu Yang? Let's go and charge into that formation array. It's nothing more than a mere formation array. The chances of it killing the six of us is extremely low. The six of us shall join hands and kill Qin Yu first."

"That won't do. What if it was the sort of formation array that used White Pure Flames to attack? What do we do then?" Said a white clothed woman as she frowned.

And at this moment, Qin Yu who stood before the surface of the formation array naturally knew what these six people were thinking.

"This is merely an illusion array. I'm giving you all the chance to catch me." Said Qin Yu with a light smile on his face. He then entered into the illusion array.

Upon hearing that it was an illusion array, the six Low Level Heavenly Deities glanced at each other. They then rushed to the surface of the great formation array. After that, one of them attempted to enter into the formation array while distorting the surrounding space.

"It's an illusion array!" Said that person to the other five people with a clear voice.

The five people immediately burst into happiness and rushed into the formation array.

Qin Yu did not deceive them. This was indeed an illusion array. Upon entering the illusion array, the six people immediately started to control the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy to distort the space surrounding them and dissipate the illusions.

The six of them stood very close to one another. Their combined range of spatial distortion was truly pretty huge.

"Where is that Qin Yu?"

"I can't see him at all!"

These six people grew a bit anxious. Suddenly…

"He's over there!" The white clothed woman was the first to charge toward the front. The other five people immediately followed behind her. However, by the time these six people rushed over, they entered into a great formation array beside the illusion array… they have entered into a Trapping Array!

While illusion arrays are easy to break through, Trapping Arrays are instead very hard to break through.

"Oh no!" The six of them all felt that the situation had turned bad.

Back when Qin Yu fought against Xiong Hei, he had a couple of his formation arrays smashed apart by Xiong Hei using brute force. From that, Qin Yu came to understand the importance of setting up a small scale defensive barrier in the foundations of the formation array. Regardless of how frantically these six people attacked the Trapping Array, they wereunable to take a step out of the Trapping Array.

The Trapping Array contained illusions within it. It also contained actual matters, attacks and various other things. These six people have already lost one another and scattered about after entering into the Trapping Array for a short period of time.

A Low Level Heavenly Deity was walking extremely cautiously. Cold sweat was dripping from his forehead.

"Pff!" A scarlet sword silhouette suddenly appeared out from the wall beside him. It instantly pierced through a Low Level Heavenly Deity's throat. At the same time, a strand of aura was shot toward the Jade Blood Golden Pellet.

The Jade Blood Golden Pellet was jolted. Fortunately Qin Yu was lenient or else this Low Level Heavenly Deity's Jade Blood Golden Pellet would've shattered.

Qin Yu suddenly appeared beside him. He held the God Sealing Pagoda in his hand. The God Sealing Pagoda emitted a soul attack. Actually, the God Sealing Pagoda only had one kind of attack, the soul attack. As for absorbing… it cannot be considered as an attack.

The heavily injured Low Level Heavenly Deity was easily absorbed into the God Sealing Pagoda.

"That's one!" Qin Yu lightly smiled. With a movement of his body, Qin Yu disappeared. This great formation array was set up by him. Thus, it was extremely easy for him to come and go through the formation array. Furthermore, Qin Yu knew teleportation. Thus, he was moving about the formation array like a fish in water.

In merely a short moment, all six Low Level Heavenly Deities were absorbed into the God Sealing Pagoda by Qin Yu.

Soon after, Qin Yu flew into the sky again. He looked to Xianyu Yang and them with a smile on his face like last time. With a clear voice, he said. "I'm giving you all an opportunity to catch me. The next time around, I will be hiding myself within the formation arrays."

None of the fourteen Heavenly Deities dared to move. Although none of them saw the endings of the previous six Heavenly Deities, they were all able to anticipate what had happened.

"Everyone, follow behind me and watch me break through all of his formation arrays." Said Xianyu Yang with a clear voice. With the support of Chi Hongfeng, the two Mid Level Heavenly Deities and twelve Low Level Heavenly Deities started to move together.

The fourteen Heavenly Deities were flying in the sky. Xianyu Yang smiled coldly as he looked at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, if you have the skills then continue to stay within a formation array so that we can compete our formation array's stage. Do you dare?"

"Compete our formation array’s stage?" Qin Yu who was standing in the sky was startled.

The level of formation array does not represent one's strength. Especially the first stage of the formation array, it was different for everyone.

With a smile on his face, Qin Yu said. "What stage formation array are you?"

"I ought to have comprehended the first stage of the formation array. Although my stage cannot be considered as being high in the Divine Realm, but I am more than capable of breaking your formation arrays. What about you? What stage of formation arrays have you reached?" Xianyu Yang shouted.

"I have yet to even reach the first stage." Replied Qin Yu honestly.

Xianyu Yang was startled.

Xianyu Yang did not believe that Qin Yu had yet to even reach the first stage in formation arrays. After all, when he first comprehended the first stage of formation arrays, it was absolutely impossible for him to set up formation arrays like the ones before him. And now, he had already walked the path of the first stage of formation arrays for a very long time now and his strength already increased by a lot.

"However, are you able to break my formation arrays?" Qin Yu lightly laughed. Then, like a falling meteor, Qin Yu descended into a formation array.

Xianyu Yang's gaze swept through the formation array. He then said to the people behind him. "Everyone, listen carefully. Regardless of when, all of you must stay within my and Miss Chi's Spatial Domains. Only through this would I be able to guarantee your lives!"

Spatial Domain. The Spatial Domains of Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

If one were to step into a Spatial Domain, wouldn't that mean that the person who possessed the Spatial Domain could kill them if they wished to?

Chi Hongfeng has four people in her camp. Xianyu Yang has five in his camp. The other five Heavenly Deities were from all over the place. These five Heavenly Deities glanced at one another. Ultimately, they could only endure it.

All fourteen Heavenly Deities were in Chi Hongfeng and Xianyu Yang's Spatial Domains. The Spatial Domains were only able to guarantee their safety within the range of the Spatial Domains.

"Spatial Domain?" Qin Yu laughed coldly. In a clear voice, he said. "You all, listen carefully. It is indeed very easy for you to break those formation arrays with Spatial Domains. Good. In that case, I shall stay within this great formation array. As long as you all managed to break through this great formation array, I would stop fleeing!"

At this moment, Qin Yu arrived in the sole Trapping Array among the three level four formation arrays. Qin Yu did not want to lure them into his level four Killing Array because he wanted to capture these people.

Xianyu Yang saw the great formation array that Qin Yu was in. He was unable to refrain his heart from tightening. "This great formation is very complicated?" However, upon thinking that he had already reached the first stage of the formation arrays while Qin Yu have yet to even comprehend the first stage.

"I refuse to believe that I cannot break through it!"

With Xianyu Yang as the leader, a total of fourteen Heavenly Deities flew into that level four Trapping Array. Upon entering this level four Trapping Array, Xianyu Yang felt a burst of a headache.

"Old brother Xianyu, how long would it take to break this formation array?" Chi Hongfeng asked impatiently.

She felt that the situation was far from good the moment she entered the great formation array. This Trapping Array contained various kinds of attacks. It even possessed matters and objects. Its defense was also extremely astonishing. If she were to maintain her Spatial Domain for a long period of time, it would also consume a lot of her energy.

"Don't worry, it'll take some time, it'll take some time." Xianyu Yang was inspecting the formation array unceasingly. He was testing the response of the formation array unceasingly. Cold sweat started to seep out from his forehead. He had started to panic.

Just by looking at what Xianyu Yang did in this short period of time, Qin Yu had determined that Xianyu Yang most certainly does not possess the strength of level four formation array.

"An overly confident guy who thought himself to be infallible." At this moment, Qin Yu had flew to the sky. "If he had the strength of level five formation arrays, then I reckon he wouldn't even need to break the formation array and could already travel unobstructed within the formation array. Even if he possessed the level four formation array level, it would still not be that simple for him to break this Trapping Array of mine."

Qin Yu didn't care about Xianyu Yang and the others. Qin Yu was prepared to wait a while later when after this group of people was tormented by his level four Trapping Array to a certain extent and then go in and capture them one by one.

Qin Yu suddenly saw that, in the skies far away, there were numerous other Heavenly Deities flying toward Mount Bewitch You.

"Oh? There's more Heavenly Deities coming? Exactly how many Heavenly Deities are there? Well, forget about it. My God Sealing Pagoda shall absorb as many as arrive." Qin Yu lightly smiled. Just like that, he stood on the airspace above Mount Bewitch You.

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 46 – Crazily Capturing Servants

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Me

Qin Yu stood in the air. With a glance, he managed to determine the amount of incoming Heavenly Deities. The amount of Heavenly Deities were not great, there was merely nine of them. They were led by a man with long hair and beard and with the appearance of a lion. However, the hair was fiery red. Even his eye were fiery red. He was emitting a very imposing and overbearing aura.

This man was Lanshan Huo. He was the bandit boss of the largest bandit group of Yuanling City, one of the sixty four cities of the eastern region of the Divine Realm.

"Lord Lanshan, ahead is the Mount Bewitch You." Said a Low Level Heavenly Deity respectfully.

Lanshan Huo's fierce and fiery gaze swept through the entire Mount Bewitch You. His gaze was then fixed upon Qin Yu who was standing in the middle of the air. He immediately shouted. "Are you Qin Yu?"

Qin Yu smiled. This overbearing man before him was truly straightforward.

"Precisely! Which Heavenly Deity are you? Speak your name." Said Qin Yu with a clear voice.

Lanshan Huo took a deep breath. His chest bulged outward. He then said proudly without a sense of fear. "I am the 'Fire Lion' of Yuanling City, Lanshan Huo. I reckon that you also knew about my prowess. There is a great gap between the two of us. It's best for you to obediently hand over your treasures. If you don't…"

[TL: Lanshan Huo's name literally names Bluemountain Fire]

Lanshan Huo suddenly stopped in mid speech. That was because a Heavenly Deity subordinate of his have sent a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to him. "Lord Lanshan, according to the information we've obtained, that bitch Chi Hongfeng already arrived before us. However, she is not here right now. I suspect she has fallen in the hands of this Qin Yu. Lord Lanshan, you must be careful."

Because of the fact that the majority of the people who had rushed over to the Yuchi City to kill Qin Yu have stayed in the Yuchi City for a period of time, they have all grew relatively familiar with each other. Thus, Lanshan Huo knew that Chi Hongfeng rushed over before them.

Lanshan Huo suddenly narrowed his scarlet eyes. Only a thin line remained from what was previously his eyes. A ruby like shine leaked out from his eyes.

"Even that bitch Chi Hongfeng died?" Lanshan Hou immediately raised the status of Qin Yu in his heart by a lot. "That bitch Chi Hongfeng fought against me before. Even I am unable to do anything to that bitch Chi Hongfeng. Yet this Qin Yu…"

Lanshan Huo had grown hesitant.

"Lanshan Huo, why did you only speak half of your sentence? Come, tell me, what would you do to me if I do not obediently hand over my treasures?" Qin Yu was still smiling as he stood in the air with his gown fluttering in the wind.

Lanshan Huo took a glance at those formation arrays. He coldly humped. He was thinking in his heart. "Merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity. Wasn't it only his formation arrays that are a bit strong? We aren't even certain that bitch Chi Hongfeng arrived here before us. Maybe she changed her route in the middle of the journey. Even if that bitch Chi Hongfeng was trapped in the formation arrays, but with her Spatial Domain, it would also not be that easy for her to die!"

Right when Lanshan Huo was pondering…

"Boom!" A violent explosion was heard from one of the great formation arrays within the Mount Bewitch You. That great formation array was precisely the sole Trapping Array within Qin Yu's three level four formation arrays.

"Qin Yu, all you could do is trap your granddaddy’s in here. If you have the skill, then come and fight us head on!!!" An angry roar sounded from within the great formation array.

"Shut your mouth. Quiet down." A rebuke was heard.

Lanshan Hou's eyes shined. He was able to instantly recognize that familiar voice. "It's that bitch Chi Hongfeng. She was indeed trapped in that formation array. Merely, even that great formation array cannot do anything to a Mid Level Heavenly Deity!"

Lanshan Hou instantly had an idea in his mind.

He then turned around to the Heavenly Deities behind him and shouted. "Everyone, Miss Chi is currently within that great formation array and is attacking that formation array unceasingly. Everyone, follow me to kill that Qin Yu. Even if we are to enter into that great formation array, we shall also attack it together. I do not believe that Qin Yu's formation array would be able to handle it if there are too many people within the formation array."

"Yes Your Lordship!" Immediately there were people who loudly voiced their acceptance of the order.

Among these eight Low Level Heavenly Deities, three of them were Lanshan Huo's subordinates. As for the other five, they were merely with Lanshan Huo to rely on him.

"The five of you, listen carefully. After we enter into the great formation array, hide within my Spatial Domain. If you all are not at ease about that, then just stay here! Subordinates of mine, let's go!"

Lanshan Huo shouted loudly. He immediately then took the lead and soared into the sky.

His three subordinate Low Level Heavenly Deities immediately followed behind him. As for the other five Heavenly Deities, they merely paused for a moment before also flying to the sky following Lanshan Huo. The eight Low Level Heavenly Deities, while being in Lanshan Huo's Spatial Domain, rushed toward Qin Yu to kill him.

Seeing these nine people charging toward him, Qin Yu's body did an arc. He had directly entered into the Trapping Array.

"If there are too many people trapped within this formation array and if they are to attack it incessantly, then they would indeed be able to cause the collapse of the formation array should their attack power surpass the amount that the formation array can handle. However… this great formation array was able to handle this amount of people."

Qin Yu was extremely clear about the situation of the Trapping Array.

Inside the Trapping Array.

Chi Hongfeng's brows were slightly creased. She looked to Xianyu Yang beside her. Ever since they entered into the great formation array, Xianyu Yang had been trying his hardest to study this formation array the entire time. However, even now, Xianyu Yang was still unable to break through this formation array.

"How is that possible? Logically, shouldn't it be at its maximum overlay? How is the water and fire elements, two completely different elements, able to fuse together? Furthermore, how did they fuse with the golden property defensive barrier? No, this is absolutely impossible…"

Xianyu Yang was unceasingly analyzing the formation array before him.

In Xianyu Yang's point of view, according to the first stage array path, the quintessence of the formation arrays that he had comprehended, the formation array that Qin Yu had set up simply does not follow the 'quintessence of the formation arrays' that he had deduced.

In other words, in theory, this formation array before him should not exist at all.

Of course, this theory was merely Xianyu Yang's personal theory.

Even now, Xianyu Yang did not know at all that the first stage of the formation arrays that he prided himself in was actually false and was a hundred and eight thousands of miles away from the true quintessence of the formation arrays.

[TL: a hundred and eight thousands of miles is a chinese term signifying a very large distance.]

"Old brother Xianyu, it's been so long, is there any progress?" Chi Hongfeng's expression turned somewhat gloomy.

"Don't worry!" Xianyu Yang shouted lowly. He had also grown anxious from trying to analyze the formation array. At the same time, Xianyu Yang once again created some barriers to test out the formation array.

A frantic lighting bolt ruthlessly struck down. Lighting flashes and thunder rolls. All sorts of water element, fire element and other element energies were frantically striking down from above.

Xianyu Yang and Chi Hongfeng were maintaining their Spatial Domains and incessantly blocking off the attacks from the outside.

Other than Chi Hongfeng, there were six other people in Chi Hongfeng's Spatial Domain. As for Xianyu Yang, he also have six other people in addition to himself in his Spatial Domain.

"The three of you, leave my Spatial Domain." Chi Hongfeng suddenly turned around and coldly said to three Low Level Heavenly Deities.

Chi Hongfeng only had three subordinates. As for the other three people, they were all lone operators. For Chi Hongfeng to resist all sorts of attacks with an expanded Spatial Domain, it consumed a lot of her energy.

Those three Low Level Heavenly Deities' expressions immediately changed,

Telling them to leave the Spatial Domain, wasn't that the same as telling them to die?

"Chi…" Before the three of them could say anything, they sensed that the Spatial Domain decreased in size and had directly repelled all three of them out. At the same time, all sorts of energy attacks landed on their bodies.

Analyzing the formation array was a task that was exhausting to the mind to begin with. At this moment, Xianyu Yang also directly decrease the size of his Spatial Domain and repelled two Low Level Heavenly Deities that were not his subordinates.

The five Low Level Heavenly Deities looked to Xianyu Yang and Chi Hongfeng resentfully. After that, they could only try to rapidly flee.

Chi HongGeng expression as she looked to Xianyu Yang already turned extremely vicious. "Old brother Xian Yu, it's already been an entire hour since we've come in." Said Chi Hongfeng word by word.

Xianyu Yang turned around to look at Chi Hongfeng. His face was a bit pale and his forehead was filled with sweat. With a helpless expression, he finally sighed and shook his head. "Miss Chi, please forgive me. I am truly powerless. You should try to figure out for yourself."

The three Low Level Heavenly Deities behind Chi Hongfeng immediately wanted to curse in rage. However, Chi Hongfeng extended her hand and stopped them. Chi Hongfeng coldly glanced at Xianyu Yang. She then lead her three subordinates and left.

Qin Yu knew very well about the situation of the things within the formation array. The Heavenly Deities within this formation array were primarily separated into four groups. The first group was four people led by Chi Hongfeng. The second group was five people led by Xianyu Yang. The third group was the nine people led by Lanshan Huo that have just charged in. The last group was the five Low Level Heavenly Deities that were just abandoned.

"I shall go and take care of these five Low Level Heavenly Deities first. Otherwise, the five of them will lose their lives soon." Qin Yu spoke out loud. "I better quickly accelerate my speed. I'll directly use the Divine Spear Waning Snow."

When inside his Trapping Array, Qin Yu did not fear of others seeing his Divine Spear Waning Snow. Furthermore, the Devouring Soul ability and the Dark and Yellow Energy of the Divine Spear Waning Snow were both able to attack the soul which in turn allowed Qin Yu to take care of others even easier.

As time passed, Chi Hongfeng and her three subordinates were running around the Trapping Array in a sorry state as they tried to escape the formation array. Chi Hongfeng's Spatial Domain's range turned to only cover an area three meters surrounding her.

"Big sis, what should we do?" Asked one of the men. This man's face was filled with anxiety.

Chi Hongfeng surveyed her surroundings. At this moment, before her was a vast and boundless swamp. Clearly, it was an illusion from the Trapping Array. The reason why Trapping Arrays were powerful was because it was capable of integrating all sorts of different formation arrays.

"I do not believe that I, Chi Hongfeng, who have moved about unhindered in the Divine Realm for this many years, would fall to a mere formation array!" Chi Hongfeng was emitting a real fierce and sharp aura from her body.

Although she was a woman, she was equally brave and possessed abilities a match for men.

"The three of you, listen carefully. Even if we are unable to escape, it would still be impossible for that Qin Yu to kill us." Said Chi Hongfeng confidently. "We merely need to wait. There are a lot of Heavenly Deities that wanted to kill Qin Yu. Once more and more people arrive, there are definitely going to be someone capable of breaking through this formation array."

Chi Hongfeng looked to her surroundings. "Right now, I will only form a Spatial Domain of a three meter circumference. With this amount, the consumption of the soul energy would be the same as the speed at which my soul energy recovers. We do not need to be worried that the Spatial Domain cannot last."

"Big sis, you mean…" These three Low Level Heavenly Deities somewhat realized.

Chi Hongfeng continued to proceed onward. They arrived at a maze formed by multicolored walls. She then directly sat down cross-legged and said calmly. "We'll wait here. We'll wait till a large amount of Heavenly Deities come!" Although Chi Hongfeng spoke with confidence, she felt slightly anxious from the bottom of her heart.

However, she was unable to understand why she was anxious.

There was a prerequisite for her plan: Qin Yu being unable to kill her!

Was Qin Yu truly unable to kill her?

"That Qin Yu does not possess any means to kill me. Even if he possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, I am a Mid Level Heavenly Deity and possessed a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact!" Thought Chi Hongfeng.

"Miss Chi, it is not good to be overly confident." A Divine Awareness Voice Transmission directly sounded in Chi Hongfeng's mind.

Chi Hongfeng's eyes immediately burst forth with light. She immediately held her soft sword straight. Chi Hongfeng had grown alert. She carefully looked to her surroundings. The three Low Level Heavenly Deities behind her have also became on guard.


Out of nowhere, a figure suddenly appeared before Chi Hongfeng. This sort of appearance had caused Chi Hongfeng to be shocked. At the same time, the Divine Spear Waning Snow that Qin Yu held in his hand was launched.

"Trying to kill me with a mere High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact? In your dreams!" Thought Chi Hongfeng in her heart. At the same time, she dramatically increased her Spatial Domain's range and covered even Qin Yu. She was planning to use her Spatial Domain to bind Qin Yu and the spear that he held.

Several hundred spatial cracks of hair strand thickness appeared in the space surrounding the spearhead of the Divine Spear Waning Snow. The Spatial Domain was simply unable to bind it at all.

Chi Hongfeng's expression instantly changed. At the same time, she impatiently tried to block the incoming spear with the soft sword in her hand.


Like a whip, the soft sword immediately coiled around the Divine Spear Waning Snow. However, a layer of Dark and Yellow Energy appeared on the surface of the Divine Spear Waning Snow. With a vibration from the Dark and Yellow Energy, the soft sword was shocked loose.


The Divine Spear Waning Snow pierced through Chi Hongfeng's chest. At the same time, a burst of wave energy started to directly attack Chi Hongfeng's Nascent Soul. This was one of the two great special abilities of the Divine Spear Waning Snow… Devouring Soul.

The strength of the Devouring Soul skill was something that Qin Yu could control. After absorbing the Dark and Yellow Energy, the Devouring Soul and Body Break abilities have grown much more astonishingly powerful.

Chi Hongfeng only felt that her mind have been shocked. After that, she weakly fell to the ground and sat there in a paralyzed state.

The three Low Level Heavenly Deities were unable to believe the scene before them. As for Qin Yu, he teleported three more times in succession. His Divine Spear Waning Snow was shot out three more times. The three Low Level Heavenly Deities also fell to the ground.

"Why didn't this Qin Yu kill me?" Chi Hongfeng was confused. And at this moment, a little stone pagoda appeared in Qin Yu's hand.

The stone pagoda started growing later. Soon after, it became a three storied tall pagoda.


Qin Yu shouted. The four Heavenly Deities who already had their souls damaged from receiving the soul attacks was absorbed into the God Sealing pagoda.

"This is the first group. Next group, the Xianyu Yang's group of five!" Qin Yu retrieved his God Sealing Pagoda and disappeared. Qin Yu started to frantically attack the Heavenly Deities in this level four Trapping Array. Without restraint, he started to absorb these Heavenly Deities into his God Sealing Pagoda.

The amount of servants that Qin Yu possessed was being increased unceasingly. Over ten were absorbed. Gradually… over twenty were absorbed. Not a single Heavenly Deity was able to win against Qin Yu who possessed the Divine Spear Waning Snow and the teleportation ability in a one against one battle.

Qin Yu who was not hiding his strength at all was truly astonishingly terrifying.

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