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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 40 – Being Well Known

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Seeing Hei Yu returning back to the top of the lone mountain and once again starting to thrust his spear with varying speed, Qin Yu displayed a calm and joyous smile on his face.

Qin Yu knew that he who possessed the teleportation ability and the Divine Spear Waning Snow could be met with misfortune at any location. Furthermore, the faster his strength increased, the stronger the experts he would come across would be.

Although he might be able to fight against those experts, what about Hei Yu?

Seeing that Hei Yu had now walked down his own path, Qin Yu was happy for him. He grew relaxed in his heart.

"Uncle Fu, do not go and bother Xiao Hei. Let him concentrate on his training." Said Qin Yu to Uncle Fu. He then returned back to his own residence by himself through teleportation. After walking into his room, Qin Yu sat cross legged on the praying mat and started to quietly derive the formation arrays.

The ocean of formation arrays was boundless. However, there were rules within the ocean that one could follow.

As Qin Yu was deriving the formation arrays, a branch diagram appeared within his brain. From simple to complicated, he derived the formation arrays one by one. There were very few first level formation arrays, they were only a couple different types. However, the number of second level formation arrays was a lot greater. As for third level formation arrays, they were astonishingly numerous…

As Qin Yu comprehended the 'Array Path' more and more, he became somewhat intoxicated with deriving formation arrays.

Every single time he managed to comprehend an even more profound formation array, Qin Yu would feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of conquest. The branch diagram regarding the formation arrays in his mind also became more and more complicated.

Ever since he created the Universal World, Qin Yu had placed Jiang Lan's Realm in the Universal World whenever he derived formation arrays.

Under such circumstances, Qin Yu felt that his insights in the derivations of formation arrays were even greater and his speed of derivation also increased by a lot. The reason why such a thing happened, Qin Yu could only believe that it had to do with the fact that he was the creator of the Universal World.

While deriving formation arrays, one couldn't sense the passage of time.

A profound formation array might require more than a thousand years of time to derive. Having reached this level, Qin Yu also understood the reason why Trapping Arrays were more important than Killing Arrays and Defensive Arrays.

If one were to completely fuse a Killing Array and a Defensive Array into a Trapping Array and make it into a single formation array.

If one were able to fuse them together completely and perfectly, then, and only then could one be considered a great master of formation arrays. In other words, one must reach the fourth level of formation arrays!

In a blink of an eye, Qin Yu had already spent a hundred and eighty thousand years in Jiang Lan's Realm's second layer space. Qin Yu's eyes that had been closed for a hundred and eighty thousand years were finally opened. He had a slight smile in his eyes.

"I've finally succeeded. It's surprisingly hard to reach the fourth level of formation arrays from the third level." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

Having reached this stage, Qin Yu had an urge in his heart. Having deduced so many formation arrays, Qin Yu felt that there were not many secrets to the 'Array Path' anymore. He even felt a sort of sensation as if he had managed to discover the quintessence of the Array Path.

This quintessence of the Array Path was a lot more complicated and profound compared to the one he discovered the first time after spending ninety thousand years.

"Is it the first stage of the Array Path?" Qin Yu slightly smiled. He immediately discarded this first stage of the Array Path that he had just comprehended out from his mind.

That was because Qin Yu knew that the more formation arrays he deduced, the more perfect the first stage of the Array Path he would comprehend in the end would become, and the more perfect the first stage of the Array Path, the higher his future achievement in the Array Path would be.

"Master." Uncle Fu's voice sounded from outside of the room.

As the servant of Qin Yu, Uncle Fu was able to sense changes in Qin Yu's state of mind. He naturally knew that Qin Yu had finished his seclusion deductions.

After opening the door of the room, Qin Yu walked out. With a face beaming with smiles, he said. "Uncle Fu, I've reached the fourth level of formation arrays. Oh, that's right, how long did it take you to reach the fourth level of formation arrays and how long did it take for you to reach the fifth level of formation arrays?"

Uncle Fu had been unceasingly deducing formation arrays the entire time.

Uncle Fu replied. "It took me several hundred millions of years to reach the fourth level. As for reaching the fifth level from the fourth, it took me over a billion years."

It was truly very slow.

Qin Yu gasped in his heart. He had only spend a total of less than five hundred thousand years, yet had already reached the doorsteps of the fourth level of formation arrays. His speed was several hundred to a thousand times faster compared to Uncle Fu.

"How long did it take for Senior Chehou Yuan to reach the fourth level of formation arrays?" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu shook his head and said. "This old servant doesn't know how long his old master spent at the first level of formation arrays. All I know is that my old master spent a million years to comprehend the first stage of the Array Path the first time around. He then started his research from scratch and spent a billion years to comprehend the first stage of the Array Path the second time around. When comparing old master and master's speed, master is ten times faster than old master."

Indeed, during the first time when Qin Yu comprehended the first stage of the Array Path, he had merely spent about ninety thousand years.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"According to this speed, if I want to reach the fifth level of formation arrays, it would likely take me a million years. I reckon that Senior Chehou Yuan had deduced all the way till he reached the sixth level of formation arrays before he actually started comprehending the first stage of the Array Path." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

Array Path; the first level of formation arrays till the sixth went from simple to complicated.

As for the seventh and eighth levels of formation arrays, they instead returned to being simple.

If one were to continue to deduce more complicated formation arrays, one would only reach the sixth level of formation arrays.

"Uncle Fu, I'll go outside for a while to see if that Tan Jiu has returned. A hundred and eighty thousand years have passed, perhaps he might actually come back here." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Weeding out the roots!

Uncle Fu said hurriedly. "Master, I have two things I need to tell you."

"Go ahead." Qin Yu said.

Uncle Fu nodded. "Roughly thirty thousand years after master entered seclusion training to deduce formation arrays, the two girls Hong Yu and Lu Shui reached soul consummation. Their souls then condensed into Golden Soul Pellets. After sixty thousand years, Wu Lan also managed to form a Golden Soul Pellet. As for Wu He, he managed to form a Golden Soul Pellet after eighty thousand years."

Qin Yu nodded.

These four people had been stagnating at the ninth Demon Emperor level for a long time.

"Ah, what about their Divine Tribulations?" Qin Yu asked in shock. Usually, ordinary people would always undergo the Divine Tribulation before their souls condense into a Golden Soul Pellet. The only exceptions are people like Qin Yu whose soul improved way too fast or people like the Cyan Emperor who deliberately suppressed their power.

The four level nine Demon Emperors, neither of their souls improvement speed were extremely fast. Furthermore, they had all reached the ninth Demon Emperor level and had not been suppressing their powers.

"This was precisely what this old servant wanted to tell master. The four of them have already formed Golden Soul Pellets. However, they are still unable to sense their Divine Tribulation. This matter is truly too strange." Uncle Fu said with a frown.

Qin Yu was startled.

They had already formed Golden Soul Pellets yet were still unable to sense their Divine Tribulations? Even he himself managed to sense his Divine Tribulation not long after forming his Golden Soul Pellet. However, Wu Lan and them had formed their Golden Soul Pellets over a hundred thousand years ago now.

"Master, this matter has also caused the four of them to be restless and filled with worries. This old servant also cannot understand why such a thing was happening because one should be able to sense one's Divine Tribulation regardless of where one might be." Said Uncle Fu helplessly.

According to the way things works, regardless of whether one was in the Divine Realm, the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm or hiding in the Mortal Realm, it would be impossible for one to escape the Divine Tribulation.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Qin Yu's mind.

"Could it be that… it was because of the Universal World?" Upon thinking of this, all of Qin Yu's suspicions were dissipated completely.

At the moment when he created the Universal World, Qin Yu knew that…

When inside the Universal World, he was the master of the Universal World! When in the Universal World, nothing that violates his will are allowed to occur. Even the Divine Tribulation cannot descend upon the Universal World without first getting his approval.

"Jiang Lan's Realm is in the Universal World. Although Jiang Lan's Realm possesses three layers of spaces within it, it was still merely a Spatial Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and cannot be considered as another world. Thus, Hong Yu, Lu Shui, Wu Lan and Wu He would be restricted by the laws of the Universal World."

Upon thinking of this, Qin Yu understood it completely.

In the Universal World that he had created, it was simply impossible for Divine Tribulation to descend. Or perhaps… the Divine Tribulation simply cannot sense this world. Thus, it naturally would not descend.

"Uncle Fu, I understand this matter now. After some time, I'll have them return to the Divine Realm. I believe that they will be able to sense when their Divine Tribulation would come the moment they returned to the Divine Realm." Qin Yu said to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu nodded. "Yes, this servant will immediately notify them about this."

"Uncle Fu, did you have anything else you need to tell me?" Qin Yu remembered that Uncle Fu mentioned that he had two things he wanted to report to him about.

Uncle Fu immediately displayed a joyous expression. He said. "Master, this is a great joyous matter. Thirty thousand years ago, that is when master have trained for a hundred and fifty thousand years, young master Hei Yu stopped his training. That is because young master Hei Yu's soul had reached the Embryo Soul level. Furthermore, after he spent several thousand years, he completely transformed the Divine Energy within his body to Heavenly Divine Energy and created a Jade Blood Golden Pellet."

Xiao Hei has achieved a breakthrough?

"Xiao Hei became a Low Level Heavenly Deity?" Qin Yu had truly never expected that after Hei Yu stepped onto his unusual training path, his improvement speed would actually be this fast.

Uncle Fu also had an expression filled with awe. "Young Master Hei Yu's cultivation speed is truly astonishing. This old servant had followed the old master for all those years, yet I have never seen anyone training so fast and with such a strange training method before.

"Logically, because there are that many geniuses in the Divine Realm, the various training techniques are generally created by their seniors. It is extremely rare for a new training technique to appear. I truly never would've anticipated that young master Hei Yu…" As Uncle Fu said this, he even gasped a couple times in admiration.

Qin Yu smiled.

He reckoned that there was likely no one who knew about his 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique in the Divine Realm. As for Hei Yu's training technique, Qin Yu was still uncertain about it. However, he believed that it doesn't matter even if he didn't understand it because he believed that it was all fine as long as Hei Yu's power increased.

"Where is Xiao Hei now?" Qin Yu have a rejoiceful smile on his face.

Uncle Fu said. "Young master Hei Yu has once again started training on top of the lone mountain. However, the speed at which young master Hei Yu thrust his spear now, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, has become even more strange."

"There's no need to worry about him. Let's just let him continue training like so." Qin Yu chuckled. Perhaps Hei Yu would only be able to explain to everyone about his training method after achieving a better comprehension of it.

"Master is not going to see young master Hei Yu?" Uncle Fu asked.

"No, I will be going out." Qin Yu lightly nodded his head. He then disappeared from Jiang Lan's Realm.

In the eastern section of the Divine Realm. Inside the ravine of the Black Dragon Pool, one of the three great powers in the territory of Yuchi City. At this moment, a person suddenly appeared in the Black Dragon Pool, the enormous lake with a circumference of a hundred miles. However, in an instant, this person disappeared.

After continuously teleporting several tens of times, Qin Yu arrived at a thick forest on the mountain.

As he stood on top loose dead leaves, he began to spread out the Spatial Energy from the Universal World. After a thousand and eight hundred years of growth, the Universal World's Spatial Energy's range had increased once again. Now, it was able to cover a range of around two hundred meters.

"That Tan Jiu is truly crafty. Not only was he not in the underground mansion, he's not even inside the several palaces." Qin Yu sighed.

Earlier, Qin Yu had instantly used his Spatial Energy to cover the three palaces. Qin Yu only managed to discover Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu. As for the boss Black Dragon Tan Jiu, he did not discover him.

"From the way it looks, the Black Dragon Pool still possesses a lot of troops after all these years." Qin Yu sensed that a little squadron had entered the range of his Spatial Energy.

Qin Yu started moving. He started to maintain a distance two hundred meters away from that small squadron. In the forest filled with trees and plants, two hundred meters was a distance that one couldn't find another in.

This small squadron had a total of ten people. Qin Yu was able to clearly see these ten people, including even the hair on their faces.

Ten people, six men and four women.

The female who led the group sighed and said. "Sigh, ever since that Heavenly Deity Qin Yu fought over at our place, he disappeared. In the past thousand and eight hundred years, countless people were searching for him."

The dark skinned man beside her said. "The rumors leaked from the Yuchi City a thousand and eight hundred years ago were truly astonishing. A Low Level Heavenly Deity actually possesses that many treasures… no wonder countless Heavenly Deities of the Divine Realm's eastern region have rushed over here wanting to kill Qin Yu and seize his treasures."

A dainty and delicate looking brown haired woman humped and said. "That Heavenly Deity Qin Yu best not show himself. If he were to show himself and be discovered by a Heavenly Deity, then likely all those Heavenly Deities that want his treasures would rush over. This information has spread through the entire eastern region of the Divine Realm. Rumor has it that there are even Heavenly Deities in the western region and the southwest region that know about this."

The most thin and weak looking youngster in this patrol group said mysteriously. "Let me tell you all, this rumor was spread out from our Black Dragon Pool."

"Bullshit." Immediately, someone voiced their distrust.

That youngster immediately said. "Don't reject it so fast. This is something that my big brother told me personally. A thousand and eight hundred years ago, Lady Mei Ji and Lord Liu Xu had personally selected some of their trusted aides and then proceeded to have them spread this information in the Yuchi City. Oh, that's right, you all best not tell others about this. Otherwise, Lady Mei Ji and them would definitely not let me go."

The golden haired woman who led the group said. "Shut up, you'd best not mention this again in the future."

"Yes, yes." That youngster immediately complied with the order. As a Low Level Deity, had it not been for the connection that he had from his big brother, it would have been impossible for this youngster to be accepted into the Black Dragon Pool. Usually, his status was relatively low. Thus, he could only talk about some secrets in order to attract the interest of others.

The golden haired woman then sighed and said. "That Heavenly Deity Qin Yu's strength is pretty good. I truly don't know who will be able to obtain those treasures in the end."

"High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact and some sort of Magnificent Lotus. I think there's also some sort of extraordinary ability. They caused all those Heavenly Deities to be green with envy. All those Heavenly Deities would be attacking him from all sides. I've heard that there are even High Level Heavenly Deities among them! However, all of this is of no concern to us Deities." The dark skinned man shook his head and sighed.

As for Qin Yu who had heard all this, his expression had turned ashen!

The worst situation had finally occurred!

This sort of situation was something that Qin Yu had anticipated. Merely, Qin Yu was unwilling to let such a situation happen. That was because if such a thing were to happen, then he would be forced to massacre a lot of people.

"Must I really walk down that extreme path?" A cold light flashed through Qin Yu's eyes.

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