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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 39 – Xiao Hei's Cultivation Path

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The black lotus core of the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus, and the golden bead emitted lights simultaneously. The two of them were shining on each other. The black lotus core shot out a ray of black light whereas the golden bead shot out a ray of golden light. The two lights were twisting and fusing with one another like a water pipe. The two energies of different nature were actually fusing with each other.

The black light was being absorbed by the golden bead. The golden light was being absorbed by the black lotus core.

Seeing the scene before him, Qin Yu was extremely confused. "I've never heard of this golden bead before. So why is it that such a change occurred the moment it met the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus?"

In the numerous years, Qin Yu had read many of the golden scrolls in the Bewitching God Temple and remembered all the information regarding the various rare herbs, ores, and other materials. However, he had never come across any information regarding this golden bead.

With an intention from Qin Yu, Uncle Fu appeared beside him.

Uncle Fu was previously in the middle of  analyzing formation arrays inside Jiang Lan's Realm. Seeing the scene before him suddenly changing and then seeing Qin Yu, Uncle Fu immediately bowed and said. "Master. What might master need me for?"

"Uncle Fu, look at this." Qin Yu pointed at the golden bead and the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus before him.

Upon seeing the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus, Uncle Fu was immediately startled. In shock, he said. "This, nine petals, could it be the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus? And what might this golden bead be?" Uncle Fu was unable to cover up his shocked expression. He looked to Qin Yu and asked. "Master, this Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus is extremely precious. This golden bead also appears to be precious. How did master obtain these two items?"

Hearing Uncle Fu's words, Qin Yu felt a bit disappointed.

Clearly, Uncle Fu didn't know anything about the golden bead.

However, Qin Yu still pointed at the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus and said. "Uncle Fu, I have luckily obtained this Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus in the Black Dragon Pool. As for this golden bead, I obtained it back in the Dark Star Realm's territory, back during the time when I was in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Uncle Fu… I would like to ask, have you ever heard about something like this golden bead?"

"I have seen golden beads before. However, although they're both golden beads, they might not be the same item. Master, can you tell me about the property of this golden bead?" Uncle Fu asked.

Qin Yu felt a burst of happiness. It seemed that Uncle Fu might be able to know information about this golden bead.

"This golden bead is extremely cold. It is surrounded by Golden Elemental Heavy Water, which is even colder than Unitary Heavy Water, and that Golden Elemental Heavy Water is again surrounded by Unitary Heavy Water. However, as to what exactly this golden bead is, I have absolutely no idea, even after searching through all the golden scrolls." Said Qin Yu helplessly.

In order to find out what this golden bead was, Qin Yu had spent a large amount of time and searched through all the golden scrolls.

"It was formed with Golden Elemental Heavy Water?" Uncle Fu looked to the golden bead with a shocked expression. He saw that this golden bead was actually exchanging energy with the lotus core of the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus. "Master, how did the lotus core of the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus come into contact with the golden bead? Did master control them?"

"No, it occurred naturally. Uncle Fu, do you know anything about this golden bead?" Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu frowned and shook his head. "I don't know. Merely, the fact that it was capable of forming Golden Elemental Heavy Water means that it should be a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. However, in all the years that I have followed my old master, I have never once heard of a golden bead among the cold attribute Grandmist Spiritual Treasures."

Hearing Uncle Fu saying that he doesn't know about it, Qin Yu grew a bit disappointed. However, he had already anticipated that. Thus, he merely nodded.

"Master, why don't you refine this golden bead?" Confused, Uncle Fu asked.

"This golden bead is too cold. It actually has the ability to freeze the soul. Based on my estimation, I won't be able to refine this golden bead until my soul reaches the Embryo Soul level." Upon saying this, Qin Yu thought about his soul's level. He couldn't refrain from sighing. "Unfortunately, I have been at the peak of the High Level Deity stage for so many years and have researched formation array for over a hundred thousand years a while ago too. Although I managed to attain some progress in the formation arrays, my soul still has yet to reach a breakthrough."

Uncle Fu consoled. "Master, this barrier of reaching the Heavenly Deity state from the High Level Deity state, is extremely extremely hard to cross! Countless people in the Divine Realm are trapped at this barrier. Master, just look at how many High Level Deities there are in the Black Dragon Pool and how many Heavenly Deities there are."

Qin Yu lightly smiled.

He too knew about this reasoning. Merely, after being trapped in the peak of High Level Deity for so long, Qin Yu had grown somewhat anxious.

"It would seem that I will have to go and research the spatial comprehensions left behind by senior Zuo Qiumei." Qin Yu made his decision. "Once my research of formation arrays reaches the fourth formation array level, I shall break through to the Heavenly Deity level!"

Although Qin Yu had already reached the third formation array level a long time ago,  after all these years of training, Qin Yu had at most been able to set up the high level l formation arrays at the third level. As for the formation arrays at the fourth level, they were still out of his reach.

Qin Yu was able to feel that the change in the golden bead and the Nine Petals Magnificent Lotus should be complementary to each other and would benefit both of them. Thus, Qin Yu did not try to block them either.

"Master, when you are refining the Divine Spear Waning Snow, why is it that you aren't putting it in Jiang Lan's Realm to refine it?" Uncle Fu suddenly asked.

Uncle Fu knew that Qin Yu had been using the Dark and Yellow Energy to increase the power of the Divine Spear Waning Snow. Uncle Fu believed that if Qin Yu were to refine the Divine Spear Waning Snow in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm, it would go a hundred times faster. Thus, why didn't Qin Yu do it in the Jiang Lan's Realm?

Qin Yu shook his head helplessly and said. "It is true that I can place the Divine Spear Waning Snow in the Jiang Lan's Realm, but… the Dark and Yellow Energy is incapable of leaving the Universal World."

Regarding this, Qin Yu had also been extremely confused as to why that was the case.

In the over a thousand years that the Divine Spear Waning Snow had absorbed the Dark and Yellow Energy in the Universal World, it had absorbed less than a thousandth of the Dark and Yellow Energy. According to this speed, it would take an extremely long time to completely and successfully refine the Divine Spear Waning Snow. Qin Yu had tried to move the Dark and Yellow Energy into the Jiang Lan's Realm to save time. However, the Dark and Yellow Energy was completely unable to leave the Universal World.

Qin Yu had a sort of feeling in his heart…

The Universal World that was still growing seemed to have some sort of connection with the Dark and Yellow Energy. Merely, the current Qin Yu was still unable to understand this connection.

Qin Yu had a premonition in his heart that once the Universal World finished growing completely, he would likely be able to understand the secrets to the Dark and Yellow Energy. The current Qin Yu only knew that the Dark and Yellow Energy could be used to refine artifacts.

"Uncle Fu, let's return to the Jiang Lan's Realm first." Said Qin Yu to Uncle Fu. Immediately after, the two of them disappeared.

Inside the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu and Uncle Fu directly appeared outside of Qin Yu's courtyard manor. Qin Yu turned around and was about to enter into his courtyard manor when Uncle Fu suddenly said. "Master, there is something about young master Hei Yu that I must tell you."

Xiao Hei?

Qin Yu suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked to Qin Yu. He frowned and asked. "You said Xiao Hei? What's wrong with Xiao Hei?"

Uncle Fu wanted to speak yet was unable to get his words out. He hesitated for a moment before saying. "Master, I am also unable to speak clearly about the situation that young master Hei Yu is in. Merely, recently, young master Hei Yu's cultivation entered a special state. This old servant, however, isn't sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing."


Qin Yu immediately grew a bit worried. He stopped asking Uncle Fu and directly teleported with Uncle Fu to outside the location where Hei Yu was training.

On top of a lone mountain.

This lone mountain, one side seemed to have been cut by a blade and was extremely steep. Hei Yu wore a white gown and was standing on top of the lone mountain with his eyes closed. He held his Cloud Piercing Spear in one hand. Black spear silhouettes would occasionally burst forth.

Qin Yu merely observed for a short moment before discovering the strangeness. The restrictions of Jiang Lan's Realm were extremely low. With Hei Yu's speed, he was capable of instantly thrusting several tens of millions of spear silhouettes. However, the current Hei Yu's spear thrusting speed was not fast at all.

Furthermore, among all the spear strikes thrust forth by Hei Yu, each and every one of them possessed a different speed.

"Master, young master Hei Yu has trained with his eyes closed like this for over a hundred thousand years now. During these hundred thousand plus years, young master Hei Yu has been thrusting his spear like this the entire time. Young master Hei Yu's spear thrusting speed isn't fast nor is he using any Divine Energy. This old servant became a bit worried. That's why I informed master about it." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu also couldn't tell what purpose there was for Hei Yu to thrust his spear like this.

There were indeed people in the Divine Realm that would continuously practice drawing their blades or thrusting their spears and the like. However, those people would always do that with their utmost speed. Those people all sought for the limit of speed.

However, what about Hei Yu? His thrusting speed was not fast. It was merely a mediocre speed. Furthermore, sometimes he would be a bit faster and sometimes slower.

Qin Yu was certain that Hei Yu had not gone mad!

However, what use was there for such a training method?

Qin Yu bursted into anger. He looked to Uncle Fu and said angrily. "Uncle Fu, why did you only tell me this now?"

Uncle Fu hurriedly said fearfully. "In the past hundred thousand plus years, master has been deriving formation arrays the entire time. This old servant didn't dare to interrupt master. Furthermore, this old servant saw that young master Hei Yu was so concentrated in his training, so even though I found it problematic, I did not believe that he had gone mad. Thus, I had decided to tell master about it after master comes out from seclusion training. However, after master finished your seclusion training, you left to the outside world right away. Thus, this old servant only managed to tell master about it now."

Seeing Uncle Fu's reaction, Qin Yu knew that he was wrong to get angry. Furthermore, he had left right away after sensing the change in the Black Dragon Pool. Uncle Fu simply do not have the time to inform him about this at all.

"Uncle Fu, I am in the wrong. It's just that Xiao Hei is a brother of mine that I have grown up together with." Qin Yu looked to Hei Yu who stood on the mountain top far away with worry.

"Xiao Hei!" Qin Yu suddenly yelled.

Hei Yu did not have any reaction. He continued to stand on top of the lone mountain, thrusting his spear at different speeds.

"It would seem that Xiao Hei's concentration has been completely focused and has entered a special state of mind." Qin Yu did not have any other way to contact Xiao Hei other than using his Divine Awareness to send a Voice Transmission. His voice directly sounded in Hei Yu's mind. "Xiao Hei, stop for a moment!"

Hei Yu suddenly stopped thrusting his spear. Hei Yu's eyes then opened.

Seeing Qin Yu, Hei Yu had an extremely cheerful expression on his face. In an instant, Hei Yu arrived in front of Qin Yu, In ecstasy, he said. "Big brother, it's been a long time since I've last seen you. However big brother, I have only trained for a short period of time, why did you interrupt me?"

"Short period of time? You've been in that state for over a hundred thousand years already." Qin Yu said helplessly.

"Over a hundred thousand years?" Hei Yu opened his eyes wide. Hei Yu then closed his eyes to sense. He then nodded. "It has indeed been over a hundred thousand years. I truly didn't realise time had passed by so quickly."

Qin Yu suddenly discovered a change in Hei Yu.

"Xiao Hei, you've reached the peak of the High Level Deity stage?" Qin Yu only noticed Hei Yu's improvements.

Qin Yu remembered very clearly that over a hundred thousand years ago, Hei Yu had only reached the peak of the Mid Level Deity stage. How was it possible for Hei Yu to instantly catch up to him?

"Eh…" Hei Yu himself was also startled. He was also confused for a long period of time. "Eh, how come I have reached the peak of the High Level Deity stage? Last time around, I was still at the peak of the Mid Level Deity stage. Although I sensed that I was about to make a breakthrough, how is it possible that I have reached the peak of the High Level Deity stage in merely a hundred thousand plus years?"

Qin Yu suddenly recalled an issue.

The training method that Hei Yu was doing earlier seemed to be some sort of special kind of training method. Hei Yu's extremely fast improvement might be related to that training method. Upon thinking of this, Qin Yu started becoming happy for his brother.

"Hei Yu, why did you start thrusting your spear for a hundred thousand years on top of a lone mountain?" Qin Yu asked.

Hei Yu shook his head and said. "I'm not sure. One day when I was training my spear techniques on top of the lone mountain, I suddenly felt a very mysterious and special sensation in my heart. I then proceeded to search for that sensation and began to thrust my spear incessantly. By today, I managed to have some accomplishments regarding that sensation. Furthermore, I feel that… this sort of training method, if I were to continue to train like so, ought to be very powerful."

Qin Yu's eyes shined. He said. "Xiao Hei, try thrusting a spear strike toward me."

Hei Yu's eyes also shined. "Haha, okay. Big brother, have a taste of the things that I managed to comprehend in these years." After he finished saying that, Hei Yu extended his hand toward the ground and grabbed. A stone was instantly cut into the shape of a spear. Holding this stone spear, Hei Yu stared at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu didn't dare to be careless. He also grabbed a stone spear like Hei Yu.

"Big brother, you'd best be careful." Hei Yu's eyes burst forth with light. "Watch my attack!" With a loud shout, the stone spear in Hei Yu's hands was thrust forward.

At the moment when Hei Yu thrust his spear forward, Qin Yu felt as if his brain stopped moving.

Although the speed of the stone spear didn't seem to be very fast, Qin Yu felt that his own speed was even slower. He tried his hardest to move the stone spear in his hand. Only through that did he managed to block the incoming spear.


Qin Yu suddenly said.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Confused, Hei Yu said. "How was my attack earlier? The bit of comprehension I managed to achieve in the hundred thousand plus years; I feel that the amount that I managed to comprehend is still very small. I believe that after more time passes, my spear technique will likely become a lot better."

Qin Yu looked at Hei Yu with shock.

Even when fighting against Tan Jiu, Qin Yu did not have this sort of strange sensation. Although Hei Yu's spear speed was not fast at all, it was extremely hard to defend against it.

Qin Yu didn't understand.

Qin Yu knew that if he were to fight against Hei Yu in the Divine Realm without using his Universal World's Spatial Energy and only use the same sort of weapon as Hei Yu, he might actually be no match against Hei Yu.

"Xiao Hei, you've become stronger than me." Qin Yu said gratified.

"Big brother." Hei Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

In all these years, in the path of cultivation, Hou Fei and Hei Yu had been watching Qin Yu's back the entire time. They had always been finding that the gap between them and Qin Yu had been growing greater and greater. Never had Hei Yu expect for Qin Yu to admit his defeat today.

"Continue to train property, continue to walk down this path." Qin Yu encouraged.

Actually, what Qin Yu thought was incorrect. During the Origin Stage of his 'Stellar Transformation,' Qin Yu was capable of using the Origin Energy. When he reached the Universe Stage, he could only use the Spatial Energy.

The Universal World was also something that Qin Yu cultivated. It was Qin Yu's ability. When he thought that he was no match against Xiao Hei without relying on the Universal World or weapons, this sort of thinking was actually a bit overly extreme.

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