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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 30 – Tan Jiu

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Translationnations

The five 'Black Dragons' were all Mid Level Heavenly Deity level. The black sticks that the five of them held were all Mid Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts. These five 'Black Dragons' were extremely fast. Before Qin Yu even came out from the formation array, they already surrounded the formation array.

"Six Lord Black Dragons!"

Everyone who saw this scene were dumbstruck. One Lord Black Dragon had appeared before and then five more Lord Black Dragons appeared for a total of six! Furthermore, their appearance and their weapons were exactly the same.

Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu who stood afar had their expression chang. They glanced at each other.

"Mei Ji, Lord Black Dragon actually possessed six clones? No, that's not it. Lord Black Dragon had set up his strongest 'Six Directions Extermination Array.' Then, wouldn't there be still…" Daoist Liu Xu stared at the ground where the six Black Dragons stood at.

Mei Ji's expression had also turned solemn. "That Qin Yu actually managed to force Lord Black Dragon to go all out and use the Six Directions Extermination Array! In the entire region of the Yuchi City, other than the master of the Yuchi City, that High Level Heavenly Deity Lord Yuchi Gonglan, there are no one else that possessed the strength to make Lord Black Dragon go all out."

Six Directions Extermination Array!

It was Black Dragon's strongest move. This great formation array of his could not be considered as being extremely profound. However, in Black Dragon's hands, he was able to bring about an astonishing amount of power. That was because this formation array allowed Black Dragon to turn into nine people!

All nine of these Black Dragons were all clones. As long as a single clone survived, Black Dragon would not die.

Black Dragon, his true form was that of a Nine-headed Black Dragon. In the Devil Murder Realm, he had once brought about an endless amount of carnage. As a variation demon beast, the Nine-headed Black Dragon have managed to refine nine different clones that could exist by themselves. Furthermore, each and every one of the clone possessed the strength of a Mid Level Heavenly Deity.

The six 'Black Dragons' have surrounded the ground.

Below the ground were three tunnels. These three tunnels just happened to be connected to the Black Dragon Pool. Three 'Black Dragons' stood at the end of each tunnel. These three tunnels were created in the short period of time by those three 'Black Dragons.'

On the surface were six Black Dragons.

Below the surface were three Black Dragons.

At the location where these nine 'Black Dragons' were, they formed a perfect 'Six Directions Extermination Array.' Each and every one of them possessed a spatial domain of several tens of meters. With the nine of them together, their spatial domain was able to cover a distance of nearly a thousand meters.

The six Black Dragons above the ground were separated quite far from each other. Just like so, Qin Yu stepped out from the range of his Killing Array.

Once he got out from the great formation array, Qin Yu merely saw a single Black Dragon before him.

"Black Dragon, you wanted to fight me head on?" Said Qin Yu. However, right after he said those words, he seemed to have sensed something and proceeded to look to his right. What he saw was that there was actually another person far to his right…

Scarlet hair, scarlet brows, with an appearance of a grim youngster and holding a black stick in his hand!

"Another Black Dragon?" Qin Yu turned his head back to look before him. He then violently turned his head to look behind him, to his front left, to his back left… this lightning fast inspection of his surroundings have brought Qin Yu cold sweat.

One, another and yet another Black Dragon. A total of six Black Dragons.

Furthermore, all six of these Black Dragons possessed a black stick. Even their aura was exactly the same.

"Six Mid Level Heavenly Deities and even six Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts?" Qin Yu was completely confused. What exactly was happening? How could there be so many of the same Heavenly Divine Artifacts?

Was this an illusion?

Qin Yu was unable to think anymore. That was because at this moment, all six Black Dragons have attacked him at the same time.

"Qin Yu!" With a large shout. The six Black Dragons all moved out at the same time. Each and every one of them created several tens of afterimages as they moved. In an instantly, several hundred after images appeared.

And at the same moment…

"Spatial Domain?" Qin Yu discovered that he was unable to move anymore. "That can't be. I am over a hundred meters away from each and every one of them. How could the Spatial Domain have such a large range?"

Qin Yu still didn't know that with the nine Black Dragons joining hands, their Spatial Domain possessed a range of a thousand meters.

"At this moment I am not in my formation array. Furthermore, there are several hundred thousands of people watching from the sidelines. If I were to use my teleportation, I would definitely be discovered by them. If this information were to be spread; no, I definitely cannot allow the information of teleportation to be spread out."

Qin Yu absolutely do not want to expose his remarkable ability of 'teleportation.' That was because Qin Yu knew exactly what sort of outcome would happen if it was to spread.

Against a fatal blow, even if he cannot block it, Qin Yu had determined to at the very most hide himself into his Universal World and then come back after some time. He most definitely cannot teleport… If he were to suddenly disappear, others might suspect that he possessed a Spatial Divine Artifact.

Although Spatial Divine Artifacts were extremely precious in the Divine Realm, but it was less shocking than having a Heavenly Deity that could 'teleport.'

"Qin Yu, you are going to die!" The nine Black Dragons were all extremely excited. At this moment, Qin Yu did not discover at all that there were three more Black Dragons located underneath the ground and was about to attack too.

Suddenly, a sharp and clear voice sounded.

"Tan Jiu, stop!"

A yellow clothed figure drifted over through the air. It was precisely Huang Jing. Huang Jing slightly extended her right hand and did a grabbing motion toward the sky and then a close to ten meter space within the 'Six Directions Extermination Array' had been shattered. A black space crack appeared before Qin Yu.

The space have been shattered!

As if they have been frozen, the six Black Dragons were all motionless. They looked to the yellow clothed woman that easily drifted over in the air. "Who is this woman? She's actually able to destroy the space. When did the Yuchi City have a female High Level Heavenly Deity?"

Black Dragon understood very well that this woman was already being very lenient toward him. Had she wanted to, she could destroy one of his clones. As long as she attacked him nine times, all nine of his clones would be done for.

Regardless of how unwilling he was, Black Dragon stopped his attack.

"Tan Jiu, there is no need for you to bother hiding your other three clones underneath the ground anymore." Said Huang Jing with a smile on her face.

At this moment, Black Dragon could only try his best to squeeze out a smile. His three great clones underneath the ground came out not far from where Qin Yu stood. Upon seeing these three 'Black Dragons,' Qin Yu started to sweat cold sweat from his back.

At this moment, one of the Black Dragon shouted a command to Daoist Liu Xu. "Liu Xu, order everyone to withdraw themselves. No one is to come and here and bother us."

"Yes, Lord Black Dragon." Daoist Liu Xu said hurriedly.

The several hundred thousands of people, under Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji's orders, immediately dispersed. Beside that great formation array that Qin Yu had set up, only nine Black Dragons, Huang Jing and Qin Yu remained.

"Qin Yu, we meet once again." Said Huang Jing with a smile to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu expressed his thanks. "Miss Huang Jing, thank you for saving my life. That's right, why did you call this Black Dragon as 'Tan Jiu?'"

Huang Jing looked to Black Dragon. "Tan Jiu, you should tell him yourself."

The nine Black Dragons actually assembled together. After that, the nine of them fused into one. This new Black Dragon that was formed held nine black sticks in his hand. These nine black sticks became a lot shorter. Each and every one of them were merely a foot long. With a movement of Black Dragon's hand, these nine sticks have turned into a nine sectioned whip.

"My true form is that of a Nine-headed Black Dragon. Thus, I call myself 'Lord Black Dragon.' During my birth, my parents named me 'Tan Jiu.'" At this moment, the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu does not have the slightest aura of arrogance.

[TL: Black Dragon Tan Jiu used 'this humble person/myself/this one' to refer to himself. Basically, lowering his status when talking.]

When faced with a High Level Heavenly Deity, he did not dare to act arrogantly at all.

"So that was the case. Nine-headed Black Dragon…" Qin Yu could guess that it was likely that the parents of this Tan Jiu named him as 'Jiu' because he had nine heads.

[TL: Jiu → Nine]

Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu looked to Huang Jing. "May I know who Lady might be…"

"I am surnamed Huang." Said Huang Jing indifferently.

"Lady Huang." The nine sectioned whip that the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu held in his hand instantly turned into a single stick with a movement of his hand. "May I know how Lady Huang managed to know my name? In the Divine Realm, there are not many people that knew of my true name."

Huang Jing smiled and said. "It is the army commander of the Yuchi City, Liu Yuxi, who told me your name."

"Liu Yuxi?" Tan Jiu's expression changed.

Huang Jing lightly smiled and said. "I only came to know after having a long chat with Liu Yuxi… that you, Tan Jiu, the bandit boss, actually ascended from the Devil Murder Realm together with Liu Yuxi. Furthermore, the two of you reached the Mid Level Heavenly Deity level at the same time. And now, one of you was a bandit boss whereas the other is the commander of the Yuchi City's army. Haha, this matter is truly strange."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from looking to Tan Jiu.

He was able to sense that Tan Jiu possessed some sort of special relationship with that army commander Liu Yuxi.

"Lady Huang, may I know what Liu Yuxi had talked to Lady Huang about that caused Lady Huang to personally come here?" Tan Jiu's expression turned slightly unnatural. He was currently cursing in his heart. 'Liu Yuxi, you bastard. If you have the ability, then come and fight me yourself. Why the fuck did you ask a High Level Heavenly Deity to come?!'

Huang Jing lightly smiled and said. "Regarding what he had said, I believe Tan Jiu you are able to imagine. Why did you hid yourself in the Black Dragon Pool for all these years, that was what he told me about."

Tan Jiu's eyes jumped. His scarlet sword brows have frowned into a line. His eyes were filled with bale.

"Lady Huang Jing, are you truly going to fight over it?" Said Tan Jiu slowly.

Qin Yu managed to figure out as he continued to hear from the side. It appeared that this Tan Jiu had hid himself in the Black Dragon Pool all these years for a certain something. Furthermore, it appeared that only Tan Jiu and that Liu Yixu knew about it.

Huang Jing smiled indifferently. "Tan Jiu, although that thing might be extremely important to you and Liu Yuxi and also possesses some appeal to me, but the two of you have spent an immeasurable amount of time due to it. Thus, I would also not seize it from the two of you. Naturally, I would not get involve with it. Between you and Liu Yuxi, as to who among the two of you would be able to obtain it, it'll have to be depending on your respective abilities."

Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu immediately relaxed.

At the same time, he started to ponder about the background of this yellow clothed woman. Even if she was a High Level Heavenly Deity, there are not many High Level Heavenly Deities that would not care about that treasure. Furthermore… Liu Yixu even told this secret to this woman.

"That bastard Liu Yuxi, how could he tell this woman of our secret? Could it be that he wanted to curry favor from this woman?" Tan Jiu looked to Huang Jing. Since the time back in the Devil Murder Realm, Tan Jiu competed with Liu Yixu the entire time. And even now, after countless years, the two of them were still equally matched. Thus, Tan Jiu naturally knew of Liu Yixu's temperament.

"The reason why I came here today was actually to come and see this friend of mine." Huang Jing looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock. "Miss Huang Jing, you…"

"I have obtained information stating that a Heavenly Deity appeared on Mount Bewitch You. The time when that Heavenly Deity appeared was close to the time when the two of us separated. Afterwards, I heard that this Heavenly Deity came massacring all the way to the Black Dragon Pool. I suspected it to be you, and sure enough, it was you!" Said Huang Jing with a smile on her face. "Qin Yu, you ought to have just reached the Heavenly Deity level right? By any chance do you have the interest to train at the Mount Dazzling Gold?"

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