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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 29 – One, Another

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

The reason why Qin Yu returned from his Universal World to the Divine Realm was originally because his spatial energy from his Universal World not only could allow him to depart from the Divine Realm, it also connected the Divine Realm from the location that he left and would allow him to spread his his spatial energy from his Universal World to around a hundred meters around the location where he it connected.

According to what Qin Yu knew, as long as the spatial energy from his Universal World spread to those areas, he would be capable of instantly arriving at those areas.

He was able to instantly return from his Universal Space to his original location. Likewise… he was also able to instantly move from the Universal Space to any location in the hundred meter area that his Universal Space's spatial energy has spread to.

"If I were to instantly enter into the Universal World and then instantly return back to the Divine Realm, then the location where the spatial energy of the Universal World has spread to would become regions where I could instantly reach. Doesn't that mean… that I would be able to teleport within a hundred meter region?"

Qin Yu bursted forth in an ecstasy.

Teleportation, it was an remarkable ability that only Godkings possessed in the Divine Realm. Because of the fact that the spatial restrictions of the Divine Realm were too great, one could only accomplish teleportation after completely controlling the spatial laws.

However Qin Yu, as the creator of the Universal World, was able to use the spatial energy of the Universal World to accomplish short distance teleportation.

"No, there's no need for me to go through the troubles of returning to the Universal World. I merely need to connect the spatial energy from the Universal World and connect it over here to the Divine Realm and spread it around my body. Like that, I would be able to teleport a distance around a hundred meters around my body!"

A method to use the spatial energy had instantly emerged in Qin Yu's mind.

"Not only this, the usage of the Universal World's spatial energy is more than merely this. I can also use this spatial energy to restrict others. It is just like the 'Spatial Domain!'"

Qin Yu's eyes were shining brightly.

"Furthermore, the Universal World is still growing. It is still at its infancy stage right now. Yet, it was able to spread out to a distance of a hundred meters. Likely, after it matures, the range in which its spatial energy could spread would become greater and greater. With the small amount of spatial energy that can be connected to the Divine Realm right now, I reckon that the binding ability would not be very efficient."

Qin Yu was pondering with a lightning fast speed.

This was the Divine Realm. The Universal World was a completely different independent world.

The spatial energy from two completely different worlds. The spatial energy of the Universal World, their effects in the Divine Realm would certainly be greatly weakened and inferior to when being used in the Universal World. However, even though it would be greatly weakened, Qin Yu was still extremely satisfied with it.

"Using the spatial energy from the Universal Space to bind others, even if it cannot match the 'Spatial Domain' of Mid Level Heavenly Deities, it would still likely not be much weaker." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

In merely a couple breaths worth of time, Qin Yu had already thought of a large amount of things. Similarly… the methods which Qin Yu could use to fight with others has increased tremendously.

"Qin Yu, speak. What sort of method did you used earlier that allowed you to instantly dodge my sure killing strike?" Black Dragon's eyes which were originally brimming with bale and gloom have turned blazing hot as he firmly stared at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was able to instantly disappear.

Even if it wasn't teleportation, it would likely not differ much from teleportation. Such a remarkable ability, if he was able to learn it, then it would be enough for him to fight against a High Level Heavenly Deity.

Why were the High Level Heavenly Deities powerful? They were powerful precisely because they are able to destroy a small region of space. As long as one was capable of instantly disappearing, the ability that High Level Heavenly Deities possessed, their ability to destroy a small region of space would naturally become useless.

Black Dragon's heart had started to shiver. He truly wanted to obtain Qin Yu's remarkable ability.

"What sort of method? This is a secret of my sect that we are not allowed to tell others." Qin Yu said.

At this moment, Qin Yu had already set his determination. "Regardless of what, an ability like teleportation is something that cannot be leaked unless during the moment of life and death." Qin Yu knew very well how abnormal the ability to 'teleport' that only Godkings possessed was.

With such an ability, once his Divine Spear Waning Snow finished absorbing the 'Dark and Yellow Energy,' he would be able to even fight against a High Level Heavenly Deity.

Such an abnormal ability, he most definitely cannot allow others to know of it unless he possessed sufficient strength.

"Secret not allowed to tell others? In that case, Qin Yu, what if I were to become a disciple of your sect, would that work?" Black Dragon's eyes were shining as he looked to Qin Yu.

In order to obtain this remarkable ability to appeared to be 'teleportation,' Black Dragon did not care for anything else. This remarkable ability was even more important than a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Become a disciple of my sect?" Qin Yu shook his head. "My master had only accepted I as the sole disciple. Furthermore… did you think that you'll be able to become a disciple of my sect just because you wanted to become one?"

Black Dragon was violently woken up.

"That's right, this Qin Yu possesses a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. To be able to bestow upon one's disciple a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, how would such a person be an ordinary person? Furthermore, a Low Level Heavenly Deity is capable of using an remarkable ability similar to that of 'teleportation.' This Qin Yu's master is at the very least a Godking level expert. In the entire Divine Realm, countless people want to become a disciple to a Godking. It is indeed not something where I could become a disciple just because I want to."

Black Dragon's scarlet red sword brows have frowned into a line. He was pondering unceasingly.

"In that case, Qin Yu, I, I want to become your disciple!" Said Black Dragon as he clenched his teeth.

Qin Yu was much weaker than Black Dragon. Had it been before, he would refuse to become Qin Yu's disciple even if he was to be killed. However, the move Qin Yu had displayed earlier was truly too abnormal. It was also too attractive to Black Dragon.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his astonishment.

"Become my disciple?" Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. "Black Dragon, this remarkable ability is called 'so close yet worlds apart.' It is a secret technique that is passed onto only the successive generations of disciples of my sect, the Universe Sect. Furthermore, if I want to impart this technique to you, I must obtain the consent from my master."

Qin Yu had instantly created a story.

"So close yet worlds apart?" Black Dragon's eyes shined.

Qin Yu nodded. "That's right. So close yet worlds apart was a technique that my master had researched numerous years to create. It was created specially for Heavenly Deity level experts to use. Although it is inferior to teleportation but the difference between them is not great."

"That's right, it's not great." Black Dragon felt as if ants were crawling on his heart. He truly wanted to learn this remarkable ability called 'so close yet worlds apart!'

The stubborn pursue for strength that Black Dragon had was not something that Qin Yu could understand.

Black Dragon was an ascender from the Devil Murder Realm. The Devil Murder Realm was different from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. The Devil Murder Realm was a world of incessant massacres. Each and every infant that was born to that realm would, for either themselves or their relatives, pursued the path of killing incessantly.

Each and every big shot of the Devil Murder Realm were all valiant individuals proficient in killing and fighting.

When Black Dragon came out from the Black Dragon Pool, the movement technique that he utilized when he rushed toward Qin Yu was precisely a movement technique that he comprehended in the Divine Realm. In all these years that Black Dragon has been in the Divine Realm, he aimed to become a strong person the entire time.

The people of the Devil Murder Realm were practically all sinister, fierce and cruel. Being refused by Qin Yu, Black Dragon's scarlet brows had frowned to a line. As if natural, a sinister and cruel plan had emerged in his mind.

"If I were to continue to endure like so, who knows when I would become someone who could call upon the wind and summon the rain in the Divine Realm. However, once I obtain this 'so close yet worlds apart' ability, then I would be able to kill even the High Level Heavenly Deities!"

To be instantly appear beside a High Level Heavenly Deity and launch a surprise attack!

The only reason why High Level Heavenly Deities were more powerful than Mid Level Heavenly Deities was due to their comprehension of the spatial laws. Their attack power, on the other hand, was not much different.

"Kill Qin Yu and then utilize the 'Seize God' technique to obtain his soul's memory would allow me to naturally learn this 'so close yet worlds apart' ability. At the same time, I'll be able to obtain that High Level Heavenly Divine Artifact!"

To take risks. The greater the benefit, the more willing some people would be to take risks. Even if the risk was a life threatening danger.

Once he killed Qin Yu, learned the 'so close yet worlds apart' ability and obtained the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood, he would become second to only Godkings.

"Humph, so what if his master is a Godking? Even a Godking cannot constantly use their Divine Awareness to search the Divine Realm. In the Divine Realm, there exists no way for one to send a transmission to another. Even if I kill Qin Yu, Qin Yu would also be unable to message his master about it! The probability that I would be discovered by his master is extremely low. Yet, if I were to succeed… "

Black Dragon's heart started to become even more and more determined.

This so close yet worlds apart ability and the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood was truly too seductive. Rather than becoming a mere bandit boss in the Divine Realm, Black Dragon would rather capture the opportunity that would allow him to move about unhindered in the Divine Realm.

"At that time, if I were to submit myself to a power like the Mount Blood Demon or the Asura Sea, then with my strength after I learned the so close yet worlds apart ability, those Godkings there, would definitely protect me. Even if Qin Yu's master were to find out about it in the future, what could they possibly do to me?"

After a careful consideration, Black Dragon decided on the most significant decision that he had ever since he had ascended to the Divine Realm!

Killing a Godking level expert's disciple.

If he were to succeed, he would become a person second to only Godkings.

If he were to fail, then his soul would be scattered.

"Good, I shall do it." By the time Black Dragon had determined what to do, when he looked to his surroundings, Qin Yu had already disappeared. At the moment when he was pondering, Qin Yu had already escaped.

Earlier, because Black Dragon wanted to request Qin Yu, he had pulled back his Spatial Domain to cover only the surroundings of his body. Seizing that opportunity, Qin Yu hid himself into the ocean of White Pure Flames.

In this great formation array, other than Black Dragon's surroundings, the other places were all filled with a large amount of White Pure Flames. This had caused the visibility to be extremely low. Hiding himself in this ocean of White Pure Flames, Black Dragon was unable to discover where Qin Yu was at all.

In this great Divine Formation Array, even one's Divine Awareness cannot determine what is what.

What was Qin Yu doing?

Within this ocean of White Pure Flames, Qin Yu's figure was teleporting nonstop with a lightning like speed. He would instantly disappear here and reappear there.

As the master of this great formation array, Qin Yu naturally knew where Black Dragon was. Thus, he would definitely not teleport next to Black Dragon.

"It is indeed as I have anticipated. The spatial energy from the Universal Space can allow me to teleport perfectly. Furthermore, it can create a 'spatial domain.' Merely, the binding ability of this 'spatial domain' ought to be inferior to that of a Mid Level Heavenly Deity's."

Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

The 'spatial energy' from the Universal Space, when in the Divine Realm, would suffer rejection from the spatial energy of the Divine Realm. Otherwise, it would not have only spread a mere hundred meter area.

"Eh?" Why did this Black Dragon exit the great formation array?" Qin Yu started to ponder.

This was a Killing Array and not an Illusion Array or Trapping Array. Thus, it was extremely easy for Black Dragon to leave the formation array if he wanted to.

"Qin Yu, do you dare to fight me head on?!" Black Dragon's voice sounded. And at this moment, at the brink of the hundred miles circumference Black Dragon Pool, five blurs flew up from the bottom of the lake with a lightning speed.

These five blurs started to surround the great formation array from the sides.

If one's power was strong, then one would be able to clearly see that all five of these blurs possessed short scarlet hair, scarlet brows and have the appearance of an youth! That's right, each and every one of them were Black Dragon! All five of these Black Dragons held a black stick in their hand!

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