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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 31 – The Eight Great Families' Surnames

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

"Train at Mount Dazzling Gold?"

Qin Yu knew that at the eastern section of the Divine Realm, the center of the power was Mount Dazzling Gold, a mountain that floats in the air. The Utmost East Sage Emperor and close to ten thousand Heavenly Deities, were all gathered at that location.

"When chopping wood, it's better to hone one's blade first. It is better for me to wholeheartedly train in my 'Array Path.' It won't be too late for me to proceed to Mount Dazzling Gold after I achieve some accomplishment in the 'Array Path.'" Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

When researching the 'Array Path,' Qin Yu's soul's level would also slowly increase. According to the experience left behind by the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan, once one reached the level eight formation array stage, one's soul would be at the peak of High Level Heavenly Deity.

Qin Yu looked at the yellow clothed woman before him. Distracted, he seemed to have seen the long haired Li'er.

"Ah!" Qin Yu was suddenly woken up. "That's right. This Huang Jing is the large squadron captain of the cultivators of Mount Dazzling Gold. She is also a High Level Heavenly Deity. She ought to be someone of status among the Utmost East Sage Emperor's camp. She most definitely knows of the surnames of the Eight Great Families of the Divine Realm. It might even be possible for her to know about Li'er!"

Uncle Fu was merely the housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple and a puppet created by the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. It was natural for him to not know about a lot of the secrets.

However this Huang Jing was someone who held a high position within Mount Dazzling Gold, the power headquarters of the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

"Qin Yu, what are you still thinking about?" Said Huang Jing with a smile. "In this enormous Divine Realm, the Eight Great Sage Emperors each possess a region. And now, you have also reached the Heavenly Deity level, if you were to continue to trying your best in a small place like Yuchi City, it would be unlikely for you to achieve great accomplishments. In Yuchi City, a mere Low Level Heavenly Deity would be considered as someone extremely extraordinary. However, within Mount Dazzling Gold, everyone is at least a Low Level Heavenly Deity."

Huang Jing stared at Qin Yu. "I believe that you ought to be someone who wouldn't be content with staying merely at the territory of this Yuchi City, right?"

Hearing what Huang Jing said, Qin Yu's heart had also moved.

When he first came to the Divine Realm, his strength was indeed relatively weak. However now, his 'Stellar Transformation' technique has reached the Universe Stage. He had split apart the Heaven and Earth and created a new world. As he now possessed his Universal World, Qin Yu could even accomplish teleportation using the spatial energy from the Universal World.

On top of that, he possessed the Divine Spear Waning Snow that was currently absorbing the Dark and Yellow Energy. His attack power was extremely astonishing.

"Indeed. The current Yuchi City really does not possess any challenge to me. Those that I could consider as people worthy of challenging are countable with a single hand." Qin Yu sighed in his heart. Ordinary Low Level Heavenly Deities were simply no match for him at all.

Even if his opponent were a Mid Level Heavenly Deity, he would still be capable of fighting them. If he were to risk his all and use 'teleportation'… then it would truly be extremely hard for a Mid Level Heavenly Deity to kill Qin Yu in close combat.

Only at this moment did the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu manage to determine that the yellow clothed woman before him was actually from 'Mount Dazzling Gold.' Tan Jiu became even more cautious of this Huang Jing. At this moment, he also advised. "Qin Yu, Lady Huang Jing personally invited you. You should accept it."

"This, well, oka…" Qin Yu was about to accept but suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" Huang Jing looked to Qin Yu with a confused expression.

Qin Yu frowned. He remembered something bad. "This Huang Jing had thought that I had reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. However, I am actually only at the High Level Deity level. I am only able to fly because of the assistance from my Meteoric Tear. The energy that I can use now is only the Divine Energy. Huang Jing is currently thinking that I have yet to transform my energy because I have just reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. However, if I were to go to the Mount Dazzling Gold and continue to use Divine Energy after a long time, I reckon I would bring about the suspicion of a large number of people."

"Furthermore, the Mount Dazzling Gold is the territory of the Utmost East Sage Emperor. That Utmost East Sage Emperor is unfathomably strong. If he were to grow suspicious of me, it'd be very troublesome."

Qin Yu instantly thought of this issue.

The energy that he had at his disposal right now was Divine Energy. How could he conceal this from the people of Mount Dazzling Gold?

"Exactly how long would it take for one to reach the Low Level Heavenly Deity from the peak of High Level Deity?" Qin Yu was filled with helpless anxiety. This mountain pass of reaching the Heavenly Deity Stage from the peak of the Deity level, was a mountain pass that had trapped hundreds of billions of people of the Divine Realm.

If it takes too long for Qin Yu to reach a breakthrough, then he would definitely be suspected in Mount Dazzling Gold as he'd be using his Divine Energy for a long time.

"Miss Huang Jing, I too have been longing to go to Mount Dazzling Gold. However, the current me is still too weak. I have yet to even completely transform my Divine Energy into Heavenly Divine Energy. I think… it will not be too late for me to go to the Mount Dazzling Gold after my strength increases a bit." Said Qin Yu.

Huang Jing nodded. It seemed as if she was a bit disappointed. However, she still smiled and said. "Okay. In that case, when you want to come to Mount Dazzling Gold, you merely have to come over and then inform them of my name."

"Thank you Miss Huang Jing." Qin Yu said gratefully.

Although this was what Qin Yu said, he currently had a matter in his heart that had been vexing him. The Eight Great Families of the Divine Realm, what exactly were their surnames? Which family was Jiang Li from?

Qin Yu wanted to ask Huang Jing.

Qin Yu glanced Black Dragon, the lean youngster beside him, and then said to Huang Jing via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Miss Huang Jing, I have a matter that I wish to ask you. Merely, I think it might be rude for me to ask you about it."

The Eight Great Families of the Divine Realm with the most power and history, their surnames had been a secret the entire time. Even if Huang Jing knew about it, would she tell an ordinary nobody like himself?

Seeing that Qin Yu had send a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to her, Huang Jing was slightly surprised. She too realized that what Qin Yu wanted to ask her might be some sort of secret.

"Lady Huang Jing, the two of you can chat first. I still have some things to chat with Qin Yu about later." Black Dragon Tan Jiu saw Qin Yu and Huang Jing's expressions and managed to guess that Qin Yu and her likely had some sort of secret matter to talk about. At once, he proceeded to walk away to a distance several miles from them.

A burst of ripple appeared in the space surrounding Huang Jing. The space surrounding Huang Jing had instantly fell under her control.

"Qin Yu, go ahead and speak your mind. Inside this domain, others absolutely cannot hear what we are talking about." Said Huang Jing with a slight smile. "I truly wish to know what exactly it is that you want to ask me!"

Qin Yu took a breath of air and then stared at Huang Jing.

Huang Jing also felt that the atmosphere had turned. She no longer had a smile on her face.

"Miss Huang Jing, I merely wanted to ask about the eight most ancient Great Families, that is to say, the Eight Great Families which the Eight Great Sage Emperors are from. I wish to know what their surnames are! And whether there is one that is surnamed Jiang?! And if there is, which Great Family is that?" Qin Yu said all that in a single breath. By the time he finished, he felt that his hands were slightly shivering. Standing there, he felt as if even his muscles were shaking.


Qin Yu was truly nervous. He continued to watch Huang Jing and was awaiting for her respond.

Huang Jing's expression had slightly changed. She looked at Qin Yu. Her pair of long, shapely eyebrows started to knit together. Confused, she said. "You want to know about the surnames of the Eight Great Families? Why are you asking this?"

Qin Yu's face turned slightly red. He felt as if he was an ant on top of a saucepan lid.

"Miss Huang Jing, I merely wanted to know. This matter is extremely important to me. Is it possible for you to tell me? Can you tell me exactly which one of the Eight Great Families have the surname 'Jiang?'" Qin Yu said hurriedly. At the same time, his speech have turned faster and faster.

Even Huang Jing could sense Qin Yu's urgency.

"I'm sorry for being too anxious. Miss Huang Jing, if this matter is too important and you cannot tell me about it, then I won't force you to tell me. If you are able to tell me about it, then I… I wish that you please do. I ask of you, please tell me. Please?" Qin Yu looked to Huang Jing with anticipation.

Huang Jing remained silent for a couple breaths of time. She then slightly smiled. "Okay then, I will tell you about this. Merely, I wish that you do not tell others about this. The surnames of the Eight Great Families are not things that can be spoken and spread as one wishes."

"Thank you. I will definitely not tell others. I would definitely not!" Qin Yu said repeatedly.

Qin Yu naturally knew that the surnames of the Eight Great Families were things that he couldn't spread as he wishes. For Huang Jing to be willing to tell him about them, he was extremely grateful to her.

"The most ancient Eight Great Families of the Divine Realm were created as the Divine Realm was created. The surnames of these Eight Great Families are a secret that only the upper echelons of the Divine Realm know of. As for the 'Jiang' surname that you spoke of, it is indeed one among the Eight Great Families." As Huang Jing said to this point, Qin Yu lightly smiled.

Qin Yu's deep and serene eyes were currently dazzling like the stars in the sky.

"Sure enough, sure enough." Qin Yu felt as if his heart was overhanging. He was in a state of extreme nervousness.

Huang Jing continued. "The Eight Great Families of the Divine Realm are respectively surnamed Huangfu, Tang, Mu, Jiang, Duanmu, Sentu, Putai, and Zhou. The Utmost East Sage Emperor's clan is the Huangfu Clan!"

An thought flashed through Qin Yu's mind. The Divine Realm's Eastern Region was the territory of the Huangfu Clan. He then immediately cast this knowledge all the way into the depths of his mind. Qin Yu continued to stare at Huang Jing. He was waiting to find out exactly which of the Eight Great Families the Jiang Clan was.

"The Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, to the utmost north is the Floating Snow City, to the utmost south is the Light Lens City, to the utmost east is Mount Dazzling Gold, to the utmost west is Mount Blazing Flame, to the northwest is the Thunder Punishment City, to the northeast is the Forest Ocean City, to the southeast is the Subterranean City and to the southwest is the Jade Ripple Lake."

Huang Jing said all that with a single breath. She then smiled and looked to Qin Yu.

Seeing that Huang Jing had yet to tell him which one was the Jiang Clan, Qin Yu grew impatient and said. "Miss Huang Jing…"

Huang Jing smiled. "I know that you're getting anxious. This Jiang Clan is the clan of the Divine Realm's Utmost North Sage Emperor. Almost all of the Jiang clansmen reside in the Floating Snow City! Qin Yu, are you satisfied now?"

"Floating Snow City, Floating Snow City!"

Qin Yu's mind instantly became filled up with the words 'Floating Snow City.' All the blood in his body appeared to be boiling. At this moment, Qin Yu had lost his ability to think.

Seeing that Qin Yu's skin had turned red and was displaying a blank expression, Huang Jing couldn't help herself from being surprised.

Qin Yu's body shivered. He then woke back up to reality. He immediately looked to Huang Jing and said impatiently. "Miss Huang Jing, I would like to ask if you know about a girl. Her name is Jiang Li!"

"Jiang Li, eh? You also know of little sister Jiang Li?" Huang Jing was surprised. "You'd best not tell me that you're also planning to chase after little sister Jiang Li!?"

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