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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 28 – A Surprising Discovery

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu stood in the middle of the ravine with his hands behind his back. As for Mei Ji, she had fallen beside the Black Dragon Pool. Even Daoist Liu Xu, who was greatly injured, flew over to Mei Ji and laid onto the ground beside her after consuming a large amount of Heavenly Divine Energy to restore his physical body.

Silence, oppression!

The several hundred thousands of people who had gathered around the ravine, watching the battle, all held their breaths. Not a single one of them dared to gasp at all.

The situation had turned once again. Earlier it was Xiong Hei and them who were about to kill Qin Yu. However, Qin Yu, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly rose back up and, before many of the Deities could respond, had already killed Xiong Hei and greatly injured Daoist Liu Xu. Everything happened so fast, like an electric spark.

"Mei Ji, earlier when I had fallen to the ground, I have heard that you mentioned a thing called 'Poisonous Soul Hook' to Xiong Hei? Is that little hook that you attacked me with the Poisonous Soul Hook?" Qin Yu lightly smiled as he walked over to a distance about ten meters from Mei Ji.

Mei Ji continued to lay on the ground. She merely nodded her head. At the same time, she asked in confusion. "You were inflicted by my Poisonous Soul Hook, how is it possible for you to recover so fast?"

Mei Ji was extremely certain about the attack power of her Poisonous Soul Hook.

Mei Ji does not possess any powerful attack herself. Only her Poisonous Soul Hook was relatively peculiar and special. Had her enemy been prepared against her Poisonous Soul Hook, then Mei Ji would be an extremely weak person.

"Recover so fast?" Qin Yu smiled.

What does she meant by recovering so fast? Qin Yu was very certain that the Poisonous Soul Hook had merely jolted his Golden Soul Pellet. Before it affected him, his Meteoric Tear had already started to radiate green brilliance that canceled out the attack.

Earlier when he fell to the ground, he had merely done so on purpose.

Qin Yu suddenly saw that Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu's expressions had turned strange. Thus, he had a strange feeling and was unable to refrain from smiling. "Mei Ji, Liu Xu, what's with your expressions?'

Mei Ji and Liu Xu glanced at each other. The two of them lightly smiled.

Qin Yu felt a throbbing of his heart. His gaze instantly turned to the lake behind Mei Ji and Liu Xu…. the Black Dragon Pool. Qin Yu knew very well that it was this enormous lake of over a hundred miles long circumference that was called the Black Dragon Pool.

The surface of the Black Dragon Pool had been extremely tranquil the entire time and was radiating an intimidating sensation.

However, at this moment, that surface that was tranquil like a mirror had actually started to fluctuate and tremble. At the same time, a burst of demonic and strange aura had started to burst forth from within it. Qin Yu's first response was to fly backwards.

Qin Yu instantly flew back ten miles and arrived outside of the great formation array that he had set up earlier. This fire attribute Killing Array, once the formation array activates, it would give birth to an unlimited number of White Pure Flames. Qin Yu had determined that if the situation were to turn bad, he'd immediately run into the great formation array.

Although the White Pure Flames were threatening to others, they did not possess any menace toward Qin Yu.

"What's inside the Black Dragon Pool?" Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that something dreadful was there. "Could it be… the boss of the Black Dragon Pool? The legendary Black Dragon who was said to be missing already?

Lord Black Dragon had not shown himself in a countless number of years.

"Buzz~~~: The Black Dragon Pool was vibrating.

The center of the lake started to boil. It started to boil more and more. Suddenly, a figure stood on top of the boiling lake water and ascended up through the lake.

This figure was about a meter and seventy centimeters tall. With streamlined muscles and dark colored skin, this man appeared to be extremely slender.

His head full of short scarlet hairs were spiking toward the sky like steel needles. His pair of scarlet eyebrows appeared like sharp swords. Underneath that pair of scarlet eyebrows was a pair of gloomy and baleful looking pair of eyes.

"Lord Black Dragon!"

Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji both kneeled onto the ground with one leg and said respectfully with their heads lowered.

The several hundred thousands of people who were surrounding and watching the battle instantly grew silent. However, after a short moment, all of them also got down on one knee and said in unison with extremely respectful tones. "Lord Black Dragon!"

The voices of several hundred thousands of people soared straight through the skies!

This Lord Black Dragon was only about a meter and seventy centimeters tall. His appearance was like that of a youngster. However, his pair of gloomy and baleful eyes were enough to convince others that this person was definitely no youth.

Qin Yu was carefully inspecting this Lord Black Dragon.

"That battle armor that he wears appears to be pretty distinguishing." Qin Yu displayed a smile on his face. Divine Armors were items that could change in accordance to one's will.

This Lord Black Dragon's battle armor had only protected the majority of the vital parts of his body.

As for his thigh, arm and such, they were completely exposed. His dark and beautiful muscles were completely revealed. Furthermore, that scarlet red hair and scarlet sword brows were also relatively rare. With merely a glance from this Lord Black Dragon, Qin Yu felt a burst of oppression.

"His soul's level is much higher than mine!" Qin Yu was extremely certain.

This Lord Black Dragon was at the very least a Mid Level Heavenly Deity.

"You, are you the one who killed my subordinate Xiong Hei? Are you the Qin Yu who is proficient in formation arrays?" Black Dragon looked at Qin Yu. His voice gave off an exotic metallic sensation. Once Qin Yu heard those words, he realized that this Black Dragon had already obtained information regarding him.

"That's right."

Qin Yu looked to Black Dragon directly. With his long hair drifting in the wind, a rare smile appeared on his grave and stern face. "Are you that legendary Black Dragon who has been missing for many years?"

"I am Black Dragon." Black Dragon's expression was very grave. "Qin Yu, you have two paths before you, a path to survival and a path to death. The path to survival is… to serve me. I shall forgive you for killing Xiong Hei. The path to death… if you refuse to serve me, then you shall die."

"Live or die, your choice!"

Black Dragon's scarlet red sword brows was raised. He was giving off an extremely unyielding domineering aura.

Qin Yu glanced at Mei Ji and Liu Xu. He then raised his head and looked to Black Dragon. "Black Dragon, my life and death is not something that others can decide. Not even Godkings can decide my fate, much less you… a mere bandit boss!"

Qin Yu pointed to the Black Dragon with his index finger. His voice was extremely indifferent and his gaze penetrating. He had completely ignored the oppression given forth by Black Dragon's aura.

The corners of Black Dragon's mouth slightly raised. "Then, you shall die!"

Black Dragon extended one of his hand. A black stick about two meters long appeared on his hand. Holding the stick, Black Dragon charged toward Qin Yu. Although his charging speed was not extremely fast, it gave birth to several tens of blurs.

"Mn? This movement technique?" Qin Yu was shocked upon seeing Black Dragon's movement technique.

Each and every step that Black Dragon took gave off an extremely uncomfortable sensation. They appeared completely unnatural. However, it also gave off the sensation of a bowstring being braced… It was as if he could display his strongest strike at any moment.

"What sort of movement technique is this? No, his aura is increasing." Qin Yu was shocked to discover that in the ten mile distance that Black Dragon was running toward him, his aura had been increasing nonstop.

He did not use his soul's power to increase his aura. Instead, he had done so through his movement technique. Using the rhythm of his pace, he had created an increase in his aura.

Black Dragon firmly fixed his two gloomy eyes on Qin Yu. From the beginning till now, his baleful eyes appeared exactly the same. It was as if fighting Qin Yu was unworthy of him to use all his strength on.

"How could I continue to allow him to store up aura? His soul's level is higher than mine to begin with, if he continues to get more oppressive… " Qin Yu felt a burst of pressure in his heart. It was as if his heart were flustered. Before him, Black Dragon was like an eminent and unapproachable mountain. Furthermore, this enormous mountain was increasing in height unceasingly.


At the moment when Black Dragon was about to reach Qin Yu, Qin Yu took a step and directly entered into the great formation array beside him. This was a step that Qin Yu had already prepared. It created an entrance and allowed him in.

Black Dragon glanced at the great formation array that Qin Yu had just entered. Without the slightest hesitation, he charged into the Killing Array.

Seeing Black Dragon entering the great formation array, Qin Yu displayed a smile on his face. "Although you are very powerful, I would like to see how you're going to be able to resist omnipresent White Pure Flames?!"

As Qin Yu's True Flame had increased to that of the White Pure Flames, this had allowed this formation array to be more powerful than last time. Furthermore, he had managed to improve this formation array compared to last time around.

Right after Black Dragon entered into the Killing Array, the entire Killing Array started to emit White Pure Flames. A magnitude amount of White Pure Flames started to rush forth toward Black Dragon.

The grave and stern youngster Black Dragon held his black stick in one hand and continued to look at the White Pure Flames with indifference.

"White Pure Flames? Qin Yu, you truly are an expert in formation arrays." Black Dragon's scarlet red sword brows slightly raised. He continued to stand there without the slightest regard for the White Pure Flames.

As Qin Yu was waiting in anticipation, a scene that shocked him occurred.

By the time when the White Pure Flames approached about a foot away from the surface of Black Dragon's body, the White Pure Flames were unexpectedly unable to go any further. This sort of scenario was truly too strange. It was so unnatural and strange that Qin Yu could not believe what was occurring.

Qin Yu and Black Dragon were inside the Killing Array. At this moment, the people outside of the killing array were completely oblivious as to what was happening.

"What's happening inside?" Said Daoist Liu Xu with a frown. Mei Ji also shook her head and said. "I cannot see clearly at all. Countless White Pure Flames have covered the entire great formation array; who knows what's occurring inside? However, I believe that Lord Black Dragon will definitely win."

"I also believe that Lord Black Dragon will win. However, very rarely would we ever obtain a chance to see Lord Black Dragon fight. Yet this time around, we cannot even see his fight. It is truly regrettable." Sighed Daoist Liu Xu.

Not only them, the several hundred thousands of people that were watching the battle from afar all sighed too.

Countless White Pure Flames had flooded the entire great formation array. It was like the great formation array was flooded with a thick fog. No one was able to see what was occurring inside!

"Qin Yu, you don't even know about this?" Black Dragon's gaze had a trace of disdain. "It would appear that you do not know anything at all about how Heavenly Deities fight. I truly do not know how you managed to kill Xiong Hei."

After he finished saying that, Black Dragon rushed toward Qin Yu with a lightning speed.

Qin Yu was shocked to find out that White Pure Flames were unable to harm Black Dragon in the slightest. However, Qin Yu calmed his mind in an instant. Holding his Divine Sword Scarlet Blood in one hand, without moving at all, Qin Yu looked to the incoming Black Dragon.

Black Dragon's charge brought forth a penetrating sensation.

"Huff!" The black stick in Black Dragon's hand suddenly shot out. As if it had passed through space, it instantly arrived before Qin Yu. The black stick whirled as it thrusted forward like a viper.

Qin Yu also thrust out the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood that he held in his hand.

This sword strike of his contained the profound comprehensions behind the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike. Qin Yu believed that regardless of what kind of weapon it was, he could use the same sort of Dao for them.

The spatial energy surrounding the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood started to spin and distort. The tip of the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood now possessed the power to pierce through everything that tried to block its path. A clear and sharp collision sound was heard.

The long tip of the long stick against the pointed tip of the Divine Sword!

Qin Yu and Black Dragon both flew backwards.

"Mn?" Qin Yu was shocked to discover that the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact Divine Sword Scarlet Blood that contained the special effect of 'sharpness' actually did not cause the slightest amount of damage to the stick when colliding with it head on.

"Your Divine Sword is a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact?" Black Dragon's eyes that had been gloomy the entire time suddenly turned blazing. He firmly stared at the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood that Qin Yu held in his hand.

"Why do you think that is the case?" Qin Yu felt that the situation had turned bad.

That cold and indifferent Black Dragon actually started laughing. "That's because in the short amount of time that I have came in contact with you, I have already determined that… your strength is only at the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. For a Low Level Heavenly Deity to be able to match me with his Heavenly Divine Artifact; as my weapon is a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, thus yours would definitely not be be a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact but instead is the even stronger High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact."

Only then did Qin Yu understood that the black stick that Black Dragon held was actually a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Qin Yu, do not bother resisting anymore. Your strength is truly too weak." Black Dragon had a smile on his face. It might be because he saw the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that Qin Yu held in his hand that caused him to be in an extremely cheerful mood.

Qin Yu coldly humped.

"You don't believe that? If I want to kill you, it's an extremely easy task." Black Dragon slightly smiled. Immediately…

With Black Dragon as the center, the White Pure Flames in a circumference fifty meters or so away from him had all been pushed away. There was not a single bit of White Pure Flame within this area. As Qin Yu was only about ten meters away from Black Dragon, he was naturally also within this area.

"How come I can't move anymore?" Qin Yu felt as if his body were stuck, he was unable to move at all.

Black Dragon have a smiling expression on his eyes. "A High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact is sufficient enough for me to match against ordinary High Level Heavenly Deities. Haha… never had I anticipated that I would obtain a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact today."

"Black Dragon, what exactly did you do?" Shouted Qin Yu with a frown on his face.

Black Dragon was slightly astonished. He then smiled and said. "Qin Yu, I have said that you do not understand the way Heavenly Deities battles. In a battle among Heavenly Deities, the most important aspect is one's comprehension toward the space. I… a Mid Level Heavenly Deity have enough comprehension of the space to allow me to utilize the 'Spatial Domain.' Within the range of my Spatial Domain, I am able to inhibit the movement of my opponents. Furthermore, I can also completely discard everything else within the Spatial Domain – for example, your White Pure Flames."

Qin Yu instantly understood everything.

"Low Level Heavenly Deities possess enough comprehension of the spatial laws to allow them to counteract the gravity of the ground and fly. As for Mid Level Heavenly Deities, they possess enough comprehension of the spatial laws to form Spatial Domains. As for High Level Heavenly Deities, they are able to destroy a small region of space. A Low Level Heavenly Deity simply does not even have the ability to resist when facing a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. The same goes for a Mid Level Heavenly Deity when faced against a High Level Heavenly Deity." Said Black Dragon with a light smile. "Are you confused as to why I said earlier that if I possessed a High Quality Heavenly Artifact, I would be able to fight against a High Level Heavenly Deity?"

Qin Yu was carefully listening. He indeed wanted to know.

"Unfortunately for you, I do not wish to tell you. Now, I shall bestow you… death!" Black Dragon's figure instantly arrived before Qin Yu. With a horizontal stick strike, it came crushing at Qin Yu's head.

Qin Yu's eyes shined.

Qin Yu's physical body had appeared in the Universal World' that Qin Yu had created.

Qin Yu was only able to control a portion of the spatial energy of the Universal World because of the fact that the Universal World was still growing.

Qin Yu controlled the spatial energy of the Universal World and passed through to the Universal World. He then connected the Universal World at the location where he was previously standing in the Divine Realm.

After the connection between the Universal World and the Divine Realm was set, the residual forces of the spatial energy spread roughly a hundred meters.


Qin Yu had once again returned to where he was at before.

At this moment, Black Dragon was still searching for Qin Yu all over. Seeing that Qin Yu had suddenly appeared, he was unable to refrain his shock. "You, how did you disappear? Could it be that you know teleportation? No, impossible." Regardless of how calm Black Dragon was, he was still unable to understand what had happened.

"Teleportation?" Qin Yu was slightly startled.

He had merely entered into his Universal World and then returned back to the Divine Realm. However, upon hearing 'teleportation,' Qin Yu suddenly thought of something.

[TL: I would like to point out that I have translated Hei Long as Black Dragon because I do not know if that's his title or his actual name. But Hei Long also means Black Dragon. So yeah, it might be that Black Dragon Pool was actually Hei Long's Pool. If anyone want to blame anyone, blame IET. He loves creating names that uses moves or such that the characters refers to that makes it completely impossible to translate. For example, Xiong Hei could mean Bear Black. Xiong Hei acts like a bear and is filled with black hair all over. Hence, Black Bear or Bear Black. Mei Ji's name means Charming Woman because well, she's a seductive woman. Daoist Liu Xu's surname Liu is the same word as Willow. And guess what, he uses willow branches to attack. If I am mistaken with Black Dragon and it should be his name (Hei Long) and not a title, then please excuse me.]

[ED: If you guys have read the manhua Feng Shen Ji, then yes, this Hei Long is the exact same name as that one.]

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