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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 27 – Poisonous Soul Hook

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The boss of the Black Dragon Pool, Lord Black Dragon, had long since disappeared. Usually, it would be the three Heavenly Deities that controlled the entire Black Dragon Pool. Among the three Heavenly Deities, only Xiong Hei possessed a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. The other two did not possess a Heavenly Divine Artifact at all. Usually, Mei Ji and Liu Xu would even be envious of Xiong Hei's Heavenly Divine Artifact.

In the hearts of everyone in the Black Dragon Pool, Heavenly Divine Artifacts were things that were indestructible!

However today, in front of several hundred thousand people, the indestructible Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact Spiked Club 'Mountain Crusher', had been cut in half by that scarlet colored sword.

A section close to a meter long had smashed onto the ground. However, it felt as if it had smashed onto Xiong Hei's heart.

"How is that possible?" Xiong Hei was completely dumbfounded. His complexion turned deathly pale.

Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji who were originally planning to surround Qin Yu also abruptly stopped in their tracks. The two of them flew to Xiong Hei. They looked to the scarlet Heavenly Divine Sword that Qin Yu held in his hands. Their gazes were filled with astonishment!

They were frightened still.

The entire 'Black Dragon Pool' ravine had grown silent for a long period of time. Suddenly, clamor like thunder rolls started sounding. Everyone had grown excited. With blazing hot gazes, they all looked to the scarlet Heavenly Divine Sword that Qin Yu held in his hand.

"Only an even more powerful Heavenly Divine Artifact would be able to cut apart a Heavenly Divine Artifact!" All the Deities watching the battle from below were all discussing with one another.

These Deities only knew that Heavenly Divine Artifacts were the most powerful weapon. With the status that these people possessed, they simply did not have the qualifications to know of the existence of Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Thus, they had determined that the scarlet Heavenly Divine Sword that Qin Yu held in his hand was a stronger Heavenly Divine Artifact than the Spiked Club 'Mountain Crusher.'

The gale whistle through the ravine. Qin Yu's long hair was gracefully drifting in the wind. In his hand held the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood. He looked at the three people before him.

"Are you afraid?" Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

The gazes that Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji looked to Qin Yu, and the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood that he held, contained both shock and fear. As for Xiong Hei, he was shivering as he continued to look at the spiked club that he held in his hand that was missing a section.

The badly damaged spiked club's might had already been decreased greatly. However, if one were to just compare its might, then it was still a bit stronger than a High Quality Divine Artifact.

"If you all aren't going to attack, then I'll take the initiative." Qin Yu held the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood with one hand. Suddenly, a layer of white flames started to burn on the surface of the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood. As a fire attribute Heavenly Divine Artifact, it was capable of using flames to attack.

Upon seeing the White Pure Flames, Mei Ji and them were once again shaken.

The hundreds of thousands of people watching below had once again held their breaths. This was a battle that was worthy enough for them to flaunt to others about in the future. Even though they were merely watching from the sidelines.

"Mei Ji, Liu Xu, let's risk it all, with all our strength. Mei Ji… all we can do now is to see whether that move of yours would be successful. If it isn't, then we can only violate the orders given by Lord Black Dragon." Said Xiong Hei via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji both nodded.

Unless it was the final moment, they did not wish to bother Lord Black Dragon. That was because in order for them to get into contact with Lord Black Dragon, they must do so at a designated time. If they were to go and suddenly disturb him, the fury that Lord Black Dragon would display was not something that they could bear.

Mei Ji and Liu Xu's figure suddenly moved. Like the wings of a butterfly, with an extremely natural appearance, the two of them drifted to the two sides. Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji's bodies were immediately covered with jade green colored radiance.


A violent roar. All Xiong Hei's muscles had bulged up violently. The 'tss tss~~~" sound continued to echo. Those muscles that swelled to two or three times their original size were reddened with blood. Furthermore, Xiong Hei's bones had also started to echo eerie sounds.

Slowly, his body started to lengthen, his muscles started to expand. Xiong Hei was also howling in a low voice. The corners of his eyes started to rip apart. The veins on his face appeared like blue snakes swimming about his face. They were completely bulged up.

"Seems like they're giving their all!" Qin Yu gazed at his surroundings and displayed an excited expression.

It had been a long time since he fought others!

Stopping in the airspace left to him was Daoist Liu Xu. Daoist Liu Xu held a green willow branch like item in his hand. His eyes had turned dark green. It was extremely peculiar.

Stopping in the airspace right of him was Mei Ji. At this moment, a dark black colored battle armor had appeared on Mei Ji's body. Her eyes had turned ice-cold. She no longer displayed even the slightest amount of the seductive appearance that she had before.

Holding the badly damaged spiked club with two hands, Xiong Hei's biceps were so bulged that even the veins and arteries were clearly visible.


A loud shout. Xiong Hei turned into a blur. In a snap of a finger's time, he had moved a hundred meters and arrived before Qin Yu. The damaged spiked club came smashing downwards at Qin Yu.

And at the same moment, Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu's attacks had also arrived at Qin Yu.

Daoist Liu Xu instantly threw out ten soft green willow branches. He was trying to bind Qin Yu.

As for Mei Ji, she held an extremely ordinary High Quality Divine Sword and slashed towards Qin Yu.

"That Daoist Liu Xu's attack technique is so strange." Qin Yu's figure twisted strangely. He moved a distance of around twenty centimeters and avoided the incoming spiked club. At the same time, he moved Scarlet Blood in his hand. The scarlet sword silhouette soared into the air. Like a phantom… it was trying to come down and split Xiong Hei's body in two.

Xiong Hei's eyes instantly widened to a circle.

He violently altered the trajectory of his spiked club and changed it from smashing to defending. At the same time, he desperately flew backwards.

"Pfff~~" Even though he spat out blood and risked his life in changing the trajectory of the spiked club, even though he risked his life changing the direction of his path to flying backwards… the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood still managed to sever a meter long section off from the spiked club and then continued to hack into Xiong Hei's body.

Fortunately for Xiong Hei, he managed to block the incoming attack with his spiked club initially. Thus, he managed to survive the sword attack. However, a large cut had appeared on Xiong Hei's abdomen area. His intestines were gurgling out from his body.

Jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy instantly started to circulate through Xiong Hei's body. Without regard to how much Heavenly Divine Energy he was consuming, Xiong Hei managed to recover from his injuries in a short period of time.

Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

Had it not been for Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji attacking him from the two sides, he would've already killed Xiong Hei.

"Eh?" Qin Yu hd dodged numerous times already. However, he was shocked to find out that this Daoist Liu Xu's movement technique was actually not inferior to his own at all. A soft green willow branch had covered Qin Yu's arm.

At this moment, Qin Yu was unable to move his arm at all.

"What is this thing?" Qin Yu looked at this green willow branch with a shocked expression. The attacks from this Daoist Liu Xu were too strange. Furthermore, this willow branch was extremely tough and strong.

At the same time, the other nine willow branches also suddenly came flying toward Qin Yu's head. It seemed as if they were trying to cover his head.

On top of that, Mei Ji's attack had also arrived!

Both Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu displayed excitement in their eyes. Even Xiong Hei who had retreated back to recover his injuries displayed an expression of seeing the hope of victory.

"You're trying to kill me with just this?" Qin Yu sighed in his heart and displayed a slight smile on his face.


White flames suddenly burst forth from Qin Yu's body. That green willow branch that had originally wrapped around Qin Yu's arm, was instantly burned to ashes. Even the green willow branch was no match against the White Pure Flames.

The other nine green willow branches that were flying toward Qin Yu's head also started retreating!

"You won't even dare to attack even if I let you attack me!" Qin Yu glanced at Daoist Liu Xu. At the same time, he had completely ignored Mei Ji's attack. Instead, he started to rapidly chase after Daoist Liu Xu.

First kill Daoist Liu Xu.

Mei Ji was chasing after Qin Yu, Qin Yu was chasing after Daoist Liu Xu and Daoist Liu Xu was fleeing!

"How is he able to use such a flame? The White Pure Flames are the True Flames of Heavenly Deities, how is it possible for him to create so many of them at once?' Daoist Liu Xu was unable to understand how such a thing was possible.

Qin Yu was laughing in his heart. "Daoist Liu Xu, how would you possibly know, that the two weapons that I am using right now, the stronger one is the Refining Flame Wristband." Although the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood appeared to be powerful, it was still only comparable to a third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. The Refining Flame Wristband, on the other hand, was a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

When going against White Pure Flames, even Heavenly Deity level experts could not take them on.

Qin Yu saw how fast Daoist Liu Xu was fleeing from him and then looked behind to see Mei Ji who was chasing after him. He was unable to refrain himself from laughing coldly. At once, without any warning, Qin Yu suddenly stopped and hacked his sword down towards Mei Ji behind him!

His sword silhouette was like a screen ripping through the sky!

Like a tofu, that High Quality Divine Sword that Mei Ji had was cut in half. Mei Ji's eyes were overwhelmed with shock. In the crisis of life and death, Mei Ji violently twisted her head.

The sword silhouette slashed Mei Ji's body into two. Fortunately, at the final moment, she twisted her head. This allowed her head to remain whole.

Mei Ji's head rapidly fled. She then started to radiate a large amount of jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy. She once again recovered her physical body. Mei Ji's complexion was extremely pale. To create a physical body required her to consume a lot of her energy.

The several hundred thousands of Black Dragon Pool's troops below were all staring at the battle above in awe.

Their three Heavenly Deities were actually being ravaged to such a miserable state by a single person. Xiong Hei's Heavenly Divine Artifact was chopped into three and his stomach had also been sliced open. Mei Ji's entire body was cut in two. She had technically lost her life once. Even Daoist Liu Xu, who appeared to be in the best state among the three, was only able to flee after being chased by Qin Yu!

Weak! The three of them were absolutely weak compared to Qin Yu.

"No wonder senior 'Craftsman God' was so revered in the Divine Realm. A single High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact is powerful enough to allow me, a High Level Deity that has yet to even reach the Heavenly Deity stage, to easily defeat three Low Level Heavenly Deities." Qin Yu came to better sense the revered status that expert craftsmen possessed.

Actually, it was not the same as what Qin Yu believed it to be.

The reason why Qin Yu was able to defeat these three was mostly due to the assistance of his Meteoric Tear that allowed his spatial comprehension to be at the same level as these three Low Level Heavenly Deities. Had he not possessed the assistance of the Meteoric Tear then even if he possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, it would still be impossible for him to defeat a Low Level Heavenly Deity! After all, a High Level Deity couldn't even fly!


Qin Yu was shocked to discover that Daoist Liu Xu, Mei Ji and Xiong Hei were actually not discouraged in the slightest. They were still radiating fighting spirit from their bodies.

"Could it be that they still possess some sort of hidden trump card that they have yet to use?" Qin Yu started to be on guard. Had the other three Heavenly Deities not had a trump card, it was likely that they'd have already fled for their lives by now.

Xiong Hei, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji all coldly stared at Qin Yu.


Xiong Hei roared loudly. His loud roar acted like an order and all three of them immediately proceeded to surround Qin Yu at the same time. At this moment, the three of them were all displaying ice-cold gazes in their eyes.

"Courting death!" Qin Yu decided to not care that much anymore. He proceeded to rapidly charge forward.

Qin Yu's rapidly charged toward Xiong Hei. This had caused Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji to be a bit slower.

"Die!" Qin Yu attacked at once.

At the same time, Qin Yu's body started to burn with white flames. With White Pure Flames covering his entire body, Qin Yu completely ignored the attacks from Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji. He proceeded to directly deal with Xiong Hei.

However, right at this moment…


An extremely tiny and sharp hook rapidly pierced into Qin Yu's body. That extremely tiny sharp hook then escaped with a lightning speed. However, Qin Yu had started to suddenly shiver. He was unable to slash down the sword in his hand anymore.

Like a block of wood, Qin Yu started falling down from the sky.

With a "Bang!," he landed on the ground.


The several hundred thousand people of the Black Dragon Pool that were watching the battle all grew silent. At the same time, they were all astonished. How did Qin Yu, who originally possessed the upper hand, lose like so?

"Haha~~~" Xiong Hei's loud laughter resounded through the sky. "Haha, Qin Yu, aren't you still going to die under my hands?"

Xiong Hei flew down towards the ground and descended beside Qin Yu. Daoist Liu Xu and the extremely pale Mei Ji also descended.

"Little Sister Mei Ji, I must thank you for your troubles this time around." Xiong Hei said gratefully. The extremely pale Mei Ji shook her head. "Enough of the useless chatter. Earlier, my Poisonous Soul Hook was merely burned by the White Pure Flames for an instant yet it has already become fifty percent smaller. The loss that I had this time, I would require at least several million years of training to recover."

The Poisonous Soul Hook was Mei Ji's innate weapon. Mei Ji's true form was that of a 'Pink Reel Scorpion' of the Scorpion Clan. The Poisonous Soul Hook was poisonous. The attack from the Poisonous Soul Hook did not attack anything other than the soul! When one's soul was attacked, one would become extremely muddle headed for a period of time.

The might of the Poisonous Soul Hook was related to the strength of the Pink Reel Scorpion. The stronger the Pink Reel Scorpion, the stronger the Poisonous Soul Hook.


"Lord Xiong Hei!" "Lady Mei Ji!" "Lord Xiong Hei!" "Lord Liu Xu!"… All kinds of cheering noises were rising up and down unceasingly. The entire ravine of the Black Dragon Pool had turned into an ocean of celebrations.

The several hundred thousands of people of the Black Dragon Pool were all cheering for Xiong Hei, Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu. Xiong Hei, Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu were also filled with smiles. They were extremely excited.

Xiong Hei loudly laughed and said. "Haha~~ I shall kill this Qin Yu for the time being!" Xiong Hei brandished his badly damaged spiked club that was now only two meters long and smashed it toward the skull of Qin Yu who was currently lying on the ground!


Xiong Hei looked to the ground. Qin Yu's body had unexpectedly moved half a meter. Xiong Hei's spiked club merely smashed the ground. And at this moment, Qin Yu had already opened his eyes. He turned to Xiong Hei and said with a slight smile on his face.

"Xiong Hei, one cannot be overly arrogant." Qin Yu's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission sounded in Xiong Hei's mind. And at the same time, hundreds and thousands of scarlet sword silhouettes appeared and slashed through Xiong Hei's body.

At such a close range and with so many sword silhouettes!

In merely an instant, Xiong Hei had been cut into mincemeat. His soul had also been cut into pieces. As for his True Spirit, after a slight jolt from Qin Yu's sword silhouettes, it too had shattered.

At the same moment when Qin Yu launched his sword strike, moving like a lightning fast sword, Qin Yu streaked across the air and arrived beside Daoist Liu Xu.

"Woosh…" A sword silhouette soared to the sky.

Daoist Liu Xu rapidly retreated backwards. However, even though he was fleeing, his body was still chopped in half from his shoulder area. Daoist Liu Xu's head started fleeing far away. Fortunately he managed to react in time. Otherwise, his life would've already been lost.

As for Mei Ji who was the furthest away from Qin Yu, her reaction speed was the fastest. She had also started fleeing far away.

When Mei Ji flew beside the Black Dragon Pool, she started to rapidly fall downward and landed on the side of the Black Dragon Pool. When one saw this scene, they might think that Mei Ji was seriously injured. However, Mei Ji was currently sending her Divine Awareness through the Black Dragon Pool to send a voice transmission.

"Lord Black Dragon, Xiong Hei has died in battle. At this moment, Liu Xu and I might also perish. Please come save us!"

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