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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 26 – Divine Sword 'Scarlet Blood.'

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

That black cover had covered all four palaces and even the area ten miles surrounding the four palaces. On top of the black cover were soaring Black Divine Flames. The countless number of Black Divine Flames were like vipers, as they charged towards the four palaces and the people inside the cover.

There were about several thousands of people surrounded by the cover. Among those people were the three Heavenly Deities.

All these several thousand peoples were enduring the Divine Flames. Each and every one of them were trying their best to search for a way out of this 'Trapping Array.' With the strength of these Heavenly Deities, they were capable of withstanding the Divine Flames for some time.

Mei Ji, Daoist Liu Xu and Xiong Hei were together.

"This formation array is completely covered with Divine Flames. Furthermore, these Divine Flames possess such an intense color." Mei Ji frowned. Covering the surface of her body was a layer of jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy.

With the protection of the Heavenly Divine Energy, the Divine Flames could not do any damage to her. Daoist Liu Xu and Xiong Hei also had their bodies covered in a layer of Heavenly Divine Energy.

"There are not many Heavenly Deities in the Divine Realm that are proficient in using flames to attack. This Qin Yu let out this many Divine Flames using his formation array, furthermore, looking at how densely black those Divine Flames are, they are definitely extremely strong." Gasped Daoist Liu Xu.

Although they might all be Black Divine Flames, there still existed qualitative differences between the might of the flames. Would the True Flame of a High Level Deity be the same as that of a Low Level Deity?

Even the 'color' black had different shades. They were separated into grayish black, black and dense black.

"Liu Xu, enough of the useless words, quickly break apart this formation array so that we can get out." Said Xiong Hei discontentedly.

Daoist Liu Xu was the number one expert of formation arrays in the Black Dragon Pool. However, he shook his head and said. "If I want to break this formation array, I would require at least an hour of careful inspection. However, if we merely want to get out of this formation array, then it's actually not too hard."

"In that case, let us out of it quickly." Xiong Hei shouted. The deaths of the other several thousands of people of the Black Dragon Pool was not something that Xiong Hei cared about.

To the Black Dragon Pool, the loss of several thousand people was not significant at all. What Xiong Hei wanted to do the most right now, was to get out of this great formation array and then go and kill Qin Yu.

"Okay, in that case I'll… get out of the way!" Daoist Liu Xu's expression suddenly changed. Not only him, even Mei Ji and Xiong Hei's expression had changed. They all rushed to dodge.

Two half a man sized White Pure Flame fireballs were flying toward them rapidly. Right after the three of them dodged the two White Pure Flame fireballs, the two fireballs brushed past them and flew into the countless number of Black Divine Flames several tens of meters behind them.

"It's White Pure Flames. Last time in the Mount Bewitch You, that Qin Yu also used White Pure Flames to attack me. This Qin Yu is an expert of using flames. Quickly, we need to get out." Xiong Hei grew anxious.

Mei Ji also looked to Daoist Liu Xu anxiously. "Big Brother Liu, quickly, bring us out of this formation array. That White Pure Flame is too powerful."

Inside the formation array, the Black Divine Flames had covered the entire place. As for the White Pure Flames, they were only able to be barely noticed when they were several tens of meters away from them. If they were careless for just a second, it would be possible for them to be burned by the White Pure Flames.

"Okay, wait a moment." Daoist Liu Xu breathed in a mouthful of air. He then executed several tens of hand seals in succession. Suddenly, marks, seals, and symbols appeared on the black cover. Daoist Liu Xu carefully inspected those marks, seals and symbols.

Mei Ji and Xiong Hei didn't dare to urge or disturb Daoist Liu Xu. All they could do was to wait anxiously.

"Okay. Remember to follow behind me." The space surrounding Daoist Liu Xu started to distort. The space ten meters surrounding him became a burst of ripples.

Mei Ji and Xiong Hei followed behind Daoist Liu Xu. The three of them rapidly proceeded onward. After moving for a short time, Daoist Liu Xu would throw out a couple Divine Seals to examine and inspect ahead.


The palace with the strongest defense, the final palace, the Black Dragon Palace, also started to loudly collapse. Under the burning of the Black Divine Flames, the palace's protective barrier had been completely destroyed. The black pillars and golden steps of the Black Dragon Palace… have all turned to ashes as they were burned by the Black Divine Flames.

As for Lord Xiong's Palace and the other two palaces, they had long since been burned to ashes at the beginning.

Inside the Black Divine Flames, there were still over a thousand people struggling for their lives. As for the Low Level Deities and Mid Level Deities, they had been burned to ashes after enduring for a short amount of time. As for the High Level Deities, they managed to endure for a longer period of time. Although they were consuming their Divine Energy rapidly, their bodies were extremely valiant. It was only as time passed that they started to gradually become unable to withstand the flames anymore.

"Ahh~~~" After persisting for a long time, a High Level Deity that had already exhausted all his Divine Energy and still continued to persist for a cup of tea's time, was finally unable to withstand the Divine Flames any longer.

Like a burned up piece of rock, his body started to crack. As his blood started bleeding out from the cracks, the Black Divine Flames rushed into his body. His internal organs instantly turned to ashes. Even his brain was burned to ashes.

"Second brother Yang!"

A black clothed middle aged man beside him was howling with grief. The black clothed middle aged man's dark golden colored Divine Energy was continuously resisting the Divine Flames. However, as the Divine Flames were continuously burning, even though his strength had reached the peak of High Level Deity, his Divine Energy was still close to being completely exhausted.

When undergoing the Divine Tribulation, one merely had to resist the Divine Flames for close to a breath's time. Furthermore, the Divine Flames from that time were not that powerful.

However now, the Divine Flames had burned for half an hour already. Furthermore, the might of these Divine Flames was much stronger than that of the Divine Tribulation… Even a High Level Deity was unable to resist being burned by the Divine Flames for so long.

"Second brother Yang, Lord Xiong Hei has actually given up on us." That middle aged man's heart was filled with grief and indignation. He knew that he was about to be unable to resist the Divine Flames anymore.

At the moment before his death, he clearly remembered the days that he had spent with his second brother Yang in the Black Dragon Pool. They killed, robbed, and pillaged treasures from ascenders…

"Second brother Yang, it had always been us killing others and robbing their things. Never would I have expected that today, we would be burned to death." The middle aged man sighed. And at this moment, a lump of White Pure Flames was rapidly shot at him from behind.

The middle aged man did not have enough time to dodge at all. His skull was directly vaporized by the White Pure Flames.

In the great formation array, other than the omnipresent Black Divine Flames, there were also a small number of White Pure Flames. By the time Daoist Liu Xu guided Mei Ji and Xiong Hei out from the great formation array, there were less than a hundred people alive in the formation array.

The sounds of miserable shrieks and raging curses persisted continuously.

There were those that cursed the Heavens, those that cursed the person who set up the formation array and even those that cursed Xiong Hei… the majority of these people did not know of Qin Yu's name. Thus, they could only curse 'that scoundrel who had set up the formation array.'

Once Xiong Hei, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji managed to escape the great formation array and felt the refreshing wind of the ravine, they were unable to help themselves from feeling a bust of relaxation.

"Xiong Hei, you son of a bitch!"

The raging curses were still sounding in the great formation array. Although the number of people who were cursing was decreasing continuously, there were still people cursing.

Xiong Hei turned around and looked to that cover filled with Black Divine Flames. He coldly humped and said. "You do not have the strength to escape, what does your death have to do with me?" Xiong Hei did not care about those people who were still trapped or had already been burned in the formation array.

Suddenly, Xiong Hei turned his head around and looked to the location where Qin Yu was previously at. Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu have also looked over there.

At this moment, Qin Yu was standing in the sky. His black gown was drifting in the wind.

"Xiong Hei, you'd best listen carefully. Last time, I spared your life in my Trapping Array. Granted you are not grateful but actually dared to burn down my Mount Bewitch You. Today, I have came to let you know that since I am able to trap you once, I am capable of trapping you for a second time. Furthermore… as I can trap you, I can also kill you!"

Qin Yu's gaze was extremely cold.

"Qin Yu, humph, you have let me go but you also want me to be grateful of you? Haha. You dumb fool. So long as I can catch you, I will definitely kill you." Xiong Hei loudly laughed.

Qin Yu sneered in his heart. This Xiong Hei actually thought that he was unable to capture him and kill him?

Qin Yu then pointed to a formation array of a mile circumference below him. "You have also seen this Killing Array before. This is the same fire attribute Killing Array from Mount Bewitch You. This formation array has already been improved by me. If you have the ability, try charging into it again."

After he finished saying that, Qin Yu flew into the formation array. When Qin Yu flew into the formation array, the formation array did not attack him.

During the period of time when Xiong Hei and them were trapped, Qin Yu had plenty of time to set up this Killing Array. As it was the second time Qin Yu set up this Killing Array, it was much easier and faster for him to set it up.

"If you have the ability, then charge in. I shall wait for you in this Killing Array." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Xiong Hei looked at the great formation array before him. His eyes started to narrow. Daoist Liu Xu hurriedly said. "Big Brother Xiong Hei, this formation array is a fire attribute great attacking array. Its attack might is definitely much stronger compared to the Trapping Array from earlier. That formation array ought to be filled with White Pure Flames."

"I know. I experienced it last time myself." Xiong Hei shouted with a low voice. He still remembered the scene where White Pure Flames had covered him from all directions. Had it not been for the fact that the great formation array malfunctioned and collapsed on its own, then he might've already lost his life.

Having experienced it once and almost losing his life, how would Xiong Hei dare to enter it again?

As for Qin Yu, he just looked at Xiong Hei from within the great formation array. Qin Yu had already anticipated, that this Xiong Hei would likely not dare to charge into the formation array. The reason why Qin Yu arranged this formation array was merely there to horrify the Black Dragon Pool.

"Qin Yu, if you have the skills then come out and fight me!" Xiong Hei held his spiked club with one hand and shouted angrily. At the same time, Xiong Hei was sending a voice transmission via Divine Awareness to Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji. "Liu Xu, Mei Ji, when that Qin Yu comes out from his great formation array and fights me, the two of you are to seize the opportunity, surround him and kill him with me."

One against one?

Xiong Hei had tried it before. With Qin Yu's flying speed and agility, Xiong Hei was simply unable to catch up to him at all. Even if Qin Yu didn't attack him, it would likely still end up with Xiong Hei being trapped in Qin Yu's formation array.

Thus, he could only attack from all sides with three people!

"Big Brother Xiong Hei, you can rest assured. We will definitely capture and kill him." Said Daoist Liu Xu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. Mei Ji also voiced her approval. "Big Brother Xiong, my 'Poisonous Soul Hook' is no joke."

Xiong Hei's face was filled with confidence. He shouted to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, what's wrong? You don't dare to come out?"

Qin Yu flew out from the formation array with a smile on his face. He extended his hand and a scarlet sword appeared in his hand. A drop of blood appeared in Qin Yu's fingertip. He dripped it on that scarlet sword.

Qin Yu had obtained sixty eight Heavenly Divine Artifacts from the Artifacts Palace of the Bewitching God Temple. He had also obtained a series of Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts from the Bewitching God Temple's courtyard. Among them, the ones from the Artifacts Palace was possessed stronger attack power. Among these sixty eight Heavenly Divine Artifacts, four of them were High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

Among the four High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, one was a sword. Its name was 'Scarlet Blood.'

The Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood was scarlet all around. It was a fire attribute Divine Sword and possessed the special effect of 'sharpness.'

Usually, only High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and a small part of Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts would possess special effects. These special effects also determine the Heavenly Divine Artifact's might. 'Sharpness' was a pretty good special effect.

However, the Divine Spear Waning Snow was much more amazing. It possessed two special effect…. 'Body Break' and 'Devouring Soul.' Furthermore, 'Devouring Soul' was a special effect that usually only amazing Grandmist Spiritual Treasures possessed.

"You have a Heavenly Divine Artifact?" Xiong Hei opened his eyes wide in shock. He looked at the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood that Qin Yu held in his hand.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "This sword is a Heavenly Divine Artifact. It's name is 'Scarlet Blood.' Xiong Hei, last time when I fought you I merely did so to experiment my formation arrays. Since you wanted to fight to the death with me, then I shall also use my Heavenly Divine Artifact to give you enough face."

Qin Yu didn't dare to mention that Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood was a 'High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.' He was afraid that this Xiong Hei would be scared running. Having a powerful weapon was sufficient enough to allow one to skip levels and fight someone stronger than oneself.

"Big Brother Xiong, be careful." Mei Ji and Liu Xu were both a bit tensed. They were no longer as relaxed as they were earlier.

Heavenly Divine Artifacts, in the Black Dragon Pool, were items that only Lord Black Dragon and Xiong Hei possessed. Xiong Hei's Heavenly Divine Artifact was bestowed to him by Lord Black Dragon. As for Mei Ji and Liu Xu, the two of them did not have any Heavenly Divine Artifacts at all.

Thus, one could see how precious a Heavenly Divine Artifact was!

There was even less of a need to mention how precious a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that possessed might comparable to a third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was. Even among the Eight Great Families, unless one possessed enough strength and status, one would not be able to obtain a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Are you scared?' Qin Yu lightly smiled and said.

And at this moment, there were several hundreds of thousands of people surrounding them and watching. Over half of the entire Black Dragon Pool's troops had gathered in the surroundings to watch the upcoming battle.

"Scared?' Xiong Hei sneered. "Come at me!" Xiong Hei, who was close to three meters tall, was holding the spiked club in his hand while emitting a domineering aura.

Qin Yu glanced at Daoist Liu Xu. "I remember that you're called Daoist Liu Xu! Earlier, you led Xiong Hei and Mei Ji and escaped the great formation array that I had set up. You ought to be relatively proficient in formation arrays. It is you who have created a formation array and burned down the Mount Bewitch You, right?"

"Precisely." Said Daoist Liu Xu with a smile on his face.

"Fuck, enough of this bullshit." Xiong Hei cursed in rage. Like a lightning, Xiong Hei streaked across the sky. His spiked club arrived before Qin Yu.

Qin Yu effortlessly moved his body and gracefully made an arc in the sky. His movement was extremely graceful and quick, causing the people surrounding and watching them to become unable to help themselves from acclaiming. And at this moment, Qin Yu had already arrived in the airspace above Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji.

Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu glanced at each other. The two of them both said to each other via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "An opportunity!"

At this moment, Xiong Hei was roaring in rage. With an boundless amount of power, as if ripping apart the space, Xiong Hei was rapidly charging toward Qin Yu. His spiked club that was shining with an ice-cold light, ruthlessly came smashing downwards towards Qin Yu's head.

At this moment, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji also suddenly soared to the sky.

"What!" The several hundred thousand people who stood around and was watching the fight bursted into a clamor. They're actually fighting three against one?

Qin Yu discovered this scene with his Divine Awareness. A smile, however, appeared on his face. His figure started flying backwards rapidly. At the same time, the Heavenly Divine Sword Scarlet Blood in his hand streaked across the sky. Like a waterfall, an unfathomable number of sword silhouettes streaked across the spiked club before him.

"Break!" Qin Yu lightly shouted.

Xiong Hei's complexion suddenly turned pale like white paper.

That enormous spiked club with a size close to four meters had actually been split in half. The roughly half a meter long piece that was cut off actually started falling from the sky. With a 'Bang!" it smashed into the ground.

The several hundred thousands of people that surrounded the ravine of the Black Dragon Pool, watching the battle, had all grown silent.

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