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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 24 – The Universe Stage

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The vast earth spread as far as the eye can see. However, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the change that had occurred in this world after he 'split the Heaven and Earth apart.' The earth was spreading unceasingly. The area of this world was increasing endlessly.

"This earth is much greater than even a thousand Purple Mystic Stars." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

As he stood on this piece of land, his heart felt extremely peaceful. This world belonged to him. The entire world was his to control.

"Since splitting the Heaven and Earth apart has created a new universe, then this tenth stage of the 'Stellar Transformation' shall be called the… The Universe Stage!" Qin Yu had decided the name for the tenth stage in his heart.

[TL: The name for the tenth stage is 乾坤之境 which could mean the Heaven and Earth Stage or the Universe Stage. Essentially, Qin Yu created a world within the Stellar Space.]

The 'limit of this world' that Qin Yu had created was actually the membrane of the Stellar Space that surrounded it. This world was unceasingly absorbing the 'flour paste energy' from the outside world and increasing in size without end.

"Never had I expected that I would actually be able to evolve it to such a state. Even my body managed to come in." Qin Yu was somewhat stunned.

Originally, Qin Yu was only able to bring his awareness into the Stellar Space. It was impossible for him to bring his physical body in it. Who knows what had happened in the evolution that caused him to be able to bring even his body into the Stellar Space.

"This world is too monotonous." As Qin Yu said that, the Universal World that he had created immediately started to change.

Rivers, mountains, wetlands, oceans, lakes, deserts, trees, plants, flowers… the world that was originally monotonous was transforming with an astonishing speed. As all this was happening, Qin Yu merely smiled.

At the moment when this world was successfully created, Qin Yu already knew what sort of magical ability he possessed here.

Within his own Universal World, Qin Yu can be said to be omnipotent.

However, he could only be 'considered' omnipotent and not completely omnipotent. That was because this Universal World that he had created was still in a state of growth. It had not yet reached the state of perfection. At this moment, Qin Yu was only able to barely utilize the Spatial Energy from this Universal World and not the Temporal Energy.

However, this Universal World was created by Qin Yu. Even if a Godking were to show up here, although Godkings could control the Spatial Laws, if Qin Yu wished for it, then even Godkings would be unable to use the Spatial Energy of this world. That was because Qin Yu was the owner of this world.


Qin Yu exclaimed in surprise. His body instantly disappeared. He reappeared in the middle of the sky.

At the moment, this place of the Universal World, a dark and yellow colored gas was being generated. The speed at which it was generated could not be considered fast. However, it was still being generated. A half man's size dark and yellow colored gas was floating in the middle of the air here.

[TL: Dark and Yellow → Color of the Heaven and Earth. (Xuan) Dark/Black is the color of the heaven whereas (Huang) Yellow is the color of the earth… I guess that makes sense sometimes (night and dry land)?]

As the dark and yellow colored gas was being birthed, as the owner of this world, the information regarding this dark and yellow gas naturally appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

"Dark and Yellow Energy are born during the creation of the world. Once one merges the Dark and Yellow Energy into a weapon, that weapon's hardness and defensive ability would reach its pinnacle."

Qin Yu's face immediately blossomed into a smile. "Who could've known that such a thing would actually appear with the creation of this Universal World. Hardness and defensive power? Good."

Qin Yu stretched out his hand. The Divine Spear Waning Snow appeared in his hand.

In the Divine Realm, if one did not utilize Grandmist Spiritual Energy, then the strongest weapon one could create would be a 'High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact' that generally possessed the same power as a third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. As for the Divine Spear Waning Snow, although it did not possess Grandmist Spiritual Energy, its might was comparable to that of a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It was also the most prided work of the Craftsman God.

Missing Grandmist Spiritual Energy, yet still comparable to a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

How powerful would the Divine Spear Waning Snow become if it were to fuse with the Dark and Yellow Energy that was birthed from the creation of a world?

The Divine Spear Waning Snow floated out from Qin Yu's hand. It then continued to float straight in the air like so. That lump of Dark and Yellow Energy the size of half a man completely wrapped around the Divine Spear Waning Snow.

Qin Yu was able to sense the speed at which the Dark and Yellow Energy was assimilating into the Divine Spear Waning Snow. He was unable to help himself from gasping. "What a slow assimilation speed. With such a speed, who knows when it would complete the fusion."

"Forget about it, I don't have any use for this Divine Spear Waning Snow at the moment anyway. I'll just let it stay in this Universal World and slowly fuse with the Dark and Yellow Energy."

Qin Yu was able to sense the connection between this Universal World and Jiang Lan's Realm. He was able to sense the connection point between the two worlds. It was the place where Qin Yu had previously disappeared from. Controlling the Spatial Energy, Qin Yu directly came back to that location in Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu understood that once the Spatial Energy of the Universal World covers a location, he would be able to instantly arrive at that place.

In the second layer space of Jiang Lan's Realm. Outside of Qin Yu's courtyard manor. Hei Yu, Wu Lan and them had waited here quietly for many years now. In all these years, none of them had said a single word.

They merely waited quietly…

"Big brother, you must definitely succeed." Hei Yu had an extremely grave expression on his face. His heart was very heavy.

That was because under normal circumstances, the time it take for one to breakthrough a stage to another was extremely short. However, Qin Yu had been in his courtyard manor for many years already. Fortunately there was no change to Jiang Lan's Realm. Thus, at the very least, it signified that Qin Yu was still alive.

A creaking sound was heard.

"The door to the room has been opened?" Hei Yu, Wu Lan, Wu He, Hong Yu, Lu Shui and Uncle Fu stood up at practically the same time. The six of them glanced at each other with pleasantly surprised expressions. After that, all six of them immediately proceeded towards Qin Yu's courtyard manor.

Hei Yu took the lead. He was the first to open the door to the courtyard manor. Sure enough, he saw Qin Yu walking out from his room. At this moment, he had already arrived in the courtyard.

"Haha… I've successfully broken through." Qin Yu saw Hei Yu's worried gaze; he immediately smiled and said.

Hei Yu and the others immediately displayed a relaxed smile. The two girls, Lu Shui and Hong Yu, immediately started chattering. "Didn't I say that Lord Qin Yu would definitely succeed? Isn't it just like I said?"

"I think we should celebrate this. In these past years, I've been so scared that I couldn't even breathe properly." Said Hong Yu who was dressed in all pink as she held her chest.

"Good, let's celebrate this." At this moment, Qin Yu's mood was also extremely good.

After a lively feast of drinking and eating, Qin Yu and Hei Yu talked about a lot of things. In the couple hundred years that Qin Yu had been outside, Hei Yu had been in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm for several tens of thousands of years. The current Hei Yu was much more powerful than before. Merely, he was still at the Mid Level Deity level.

"Big brother, after your breakthrough, how much did your strength increase?" Hei Yu asked.

Upon hearing Hei Yu's question, Qin Yu displayed a strange smile on his face.

How much did his strength increase?

Even Qin Yu himself felt strange. Back when he was at the Origin Stage, he possessed the Origin Energy. However, after reaching the Universe Stage, he became only able to at most utilize the Spatial Energy of his Universal World.

Spatial Energy, Qin Yu was uncertain as to how powerful the Spatial Energy was.

Furthermore, would the 'Spatial Energy' of the Universal World be rejected by the Divine Realm? After all, the Divine Realm was a completely different world from Qin Yu's 'Universal World.'

Other than this, there was also another unusual aspect.

A transformation had occurred in Qin Yu's dantian. The 'Black Hole' that was originally in his dantian had disappeared. Qin Yu did not know when it disappeared, but he suspected that it had most likely disappeared during the period of time when he was creating the Universal World.

Other than this, a lump of White Pure Flames was surprisingly burning in his dantian.

When Qin Yu was at the 'Origin Stage,' his body's True Flame was that of the 'Black Divine Flame.' However, when he reached the 'Universe Stage,' his True Flame had turned into 'White Pure Flame.' Merely, Qin Yu never expected for the White Pure Flame to be in his dantian.

However, Qin Yu still did not appear to be any different from other people from the outside.

Although he no longer had the connection of his dantian to his 'Black Hole,' after creating the 'Universal World,' Qin Yu's soul had become connected with the Universal World. He was able to even teleport to the Universal World with merely a thought now.

"When compared with Jiang Lan's Realm, it's likely that the Universal World is even more safe." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

After all, when hiding in the Jiang Lan's Realm, the true form of the Jiang Lan's Realm would still remain in the original location. At the very most, it could turn itself into a speck of dust, mountain rocks or other objects. However, the Universal Space… was a true world. Once he hides himself in that, no one would be able to find Qin Yu.

"If my enemy were to be able to get into the Universal Space, then that's even better." Qin Yu's face was filled with smiles.

In the Universal World, Qin Yu was unequalled.

"Big brother, what are you thinking? I was asking you how much your strength increase this time!" Hei Yu said.

Qin Yu woke back up from his thoughts. He immediately smiled and said. "This time, mn, my soul's level has increased slightly. It's about at the High Level Deity's peak. I am merely a step away from reaching the Heavenly Deity level."

"Peak?" Hei Yu's eyes have instantly opened wide into circles.

"I have bitterly trained for over two hundred thousand years and only reached a level near the peak of the Mid Level Deity. Big brother, I believe that you haven't trained much." Hei Yu felt a bit dispirited. The gap between their cultivation speed was too great.

Qin Yu helplessly shook his head and said. "Before I had reached the Universe Stage, I was merely at the ordinary High Level Deity level. Perhaps when I broke through to the Universe Stage, my soul improved somewhat. However, I didn't really feel it myself."

However Qin Yu understood that the hardest mountain pass was breaking through the High Level Deity stage and reaching the Heavenly Deity stage. There were countless people in the Divine Realm who were trapped at the peak of the High Level Deity stage, unable to step across and enter the Heavenly Deity level.

"It appears that I will have to train even harder." Hei Yu nodded. He then smiled to Qin Yu and said. "Big brother, I will be leaving first."

Qin Yu stood up and saw Hei Yu off.

After Hei Yu left, Qin Yu stood on the outside of his door. He looked to the boundless Jiang Lan's Realm. "This Jiang Lan's Realm was originally Uncle Lan's. Furthermore, it is Uncle Lan's first Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Compared to Jiang Lan's Realm, my Universal World is only unable to control the time. It is primarily because the Universal World has yet to finish maturing. Mn… when I see Uncle Lan again, I'll return the Jiang Lan's Realm back to him."

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 25 – Flame

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

With a slight intention of his mind, the location of where Uncle Fu was appeared before Qin Yu's mind.

At this moment, several miles away from Qin Yu's courtyard manor, beside two pavilion buildings, one green and one red, Uncle Fu was smiling and chatting with Hong Yu and Lu Shui. Seeing Uncle Fu smiling wholeheartedly, it was evident that he was in a very cheerful mood.

With a step, Qin Yu's figure disappeared from the courtyard manor. When he reappeared, he had already arrived beside the three.

"Master." Upon seeing Qin Yu, Uncle Fu immediately greeted him with a bow.

The two girls, Hong Yu and Lu Shui, were beaming with smiles. They bowed and said with crisp voices. "Lord Qin Yu." The two girls, Hong Yu and Lu Shui, already knew about Qin Yu's strength. In the Divine Realm that possessed as many experts as the clouds in the sky, the two of them were extremely excited to follow such an expert like Qin Yu.

Qin Yu discovered that Hong Yu and Lu Shui were actually also level nine Demon Emperors.

"Hong Yu, Lu Shui, have the two of you managed to sense your Divine Tribulation?" Qin Yu asked.

With a scarlet red face, Hong Yu said in succession. "Lord QIn Yu, Lu Shui and I have already reached level nine Demon Emperor level a long time ago. Although neither of us have sensed our Divine Tribulation yet, according to the time the others from our Fish Clan have stayed in the level nine Demon Emperor level, we estimate that our Divine Tribulation would be coming soon."

Lu Shui opened her bright and intelligent eyes wide and said while looking at Qin Yu. "Lord Qin Yu, I have a matter that I wish to request Lord Qin Yu's help. May I know if it's possible for you to help me?"

"Go ahead." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Qin Yu wanted to know what exactly these two girls wanted to ask him.

"Hehe… us two sisters, back when we were still in that pond, we were bullied by the other male fish all the time. It was mainly because us sisters were the sort of fish that possessed extremely weak fighting power. Lord Qin Yu, is it possible for you to also bring them in here… so that we can properly teach them a lesson?!" Lu Shui's eyes were radiating with excitement.

Hong Yu also looked to Qin Yu with hope and expectation.

"Male?" Qin Yu was surprised.

How did he catch them so accurately? There were numerous fish in the pond. Back then, Qin Yu merely casually captured two fish Who would've expected that they would be the only females among those fishes and that all the rest of them are males.

"Sure, leave this matter to me." Qin Yu didn't mind about doing it. "May I ask how the two of you plan to punish them? If the hatred wasn't great, then a small punishment should do."

Hong Yu bulged her chest and said confidently. "Lord Qin Yu, you can rest assured. We would definitely not take their lives… humph humph." After she said those words, her nose frowned and she humphed twice.

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled.

Ever since Hong Yu and Lu Shui, these two girls, came to Jiang Lan's Realm, it was unknown if it was because there were scarcely any females in Jiang Lan's Realm, but Wu Lan and Wu He, the two ruler level demon beasts of the Divine Realm, were extremely good to the two girls. Qin Yu believed that once he got those other fish into Jiang Lan's Realm, Wu Lan and them would definitely help them out in teaching them a lesson.

"Hong Yu, Lu Shui, the two of you can return and rest first. Uncle Fu and I will be leaving Jiang Lan's Realm." Qin Yu said with a light smile.

"Yes, Lord Qin Yu."

Lu Shui and Hong Yu bowed respectfully. After that, the two of them returned back to their own pavilion buildings.

Uncle Fu was smiling with his eyes narrowed. "Master, these two girls, Hong Yu and Lu Shui, are extremely lively. In these past days, I've seen that even Young Master Hei Yu frequently displays a smile on his face."

"Mn, the number of people in Jiang Lan's Realm is too small. Hong Yu and Lu Shui possess very lively temperaments, they indeed brought a better mood to everyone here. Seeing their lively and quirky appearance, even my mood has become a lot more relaxed." Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu. "Uncle Fu, let's go out. I have still yet to finish experimenting with my formation arrays."

"Yes, master." Uncle Fu nodded respectfully.

Just like that, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu disappeared from Jiang Lan's Realm.

The current Mount Bewitch You was incomparably desolate. It had been burned to the ground by the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames. The entire mountain had turned barren. The rocks and stones that were burned by the flames had decayed to a grayish black color. A lot of the stones and rocks were also cracked by the burning.

All the trees had turned to ashes. Those large craters on the mountain were completely visible.

On top of this bare and desolate Mount Bewitch You, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu suddenly appeared. Qin Yu and Uncle Fu looked to their surroundings. Both of them displayed a disbelieving and shocked expression.

"Master, here…" Uncle Fu's brows were completely creased.

Qin Yu looked at the extremely desolate Mount Bewitch You before him. The former enchanting sceneries of this mountain appeared before his mind. The rumbling waterfall, the clear pond water and the animals running around the mountain forest.

"This is Mount Bewitch You?" Qin Yu looked at some of the stones that had been split apart by the burning. He suddenly turned his gaze towards his house that was on Mount Bewitch You.

Like a sharp arrow, Qin Yu flew towards the location of his previous house. As for Uncle Fu, he was like a wind elegantly drifting through Mount Bewitch You. Easily, the two of them arrived by the location where Qin Yu's house used to be.

"This was the pond that Hong Yu and Lu Shui used to be in." Qin Yu looked to that large pit. The form of the pond was still present, however the pond water, as well as those fish, were gone.

Qin Yu felt a burst of anger.

Ever since he started experimenting with the formation arrays, Qin Yu did not have the intention to kill those from the Black Dragon Pool. For the majority of the time, he had spared them when he could spare them. For example, those that had originally been trapped in his Trapping Array were all able to leave with their lives intact.

Even that Heavenly Deity Xiong Hei, Qin Yu also did not kill him.

When he said that he wanted him to kowtow, that was merely a joke. However, Xiong Hei ended up really kowtowing to him. Qin Yu didn't mind about that either. To the current him, that was merely a game.

If he truly wanted to kill Xiong Hei?

If he wanted, he would've been able to easily kill Xiong Hei just by utilizing his Divine Spear Waning Snow. After all, Qin Yu's ability to control space was equivalent to that of Xiong Hei's. Yet, with the Divine Spear Waning Snow, his attack power would greatly surpass Xiong Hei's!

"Master, Hong Yu and Lu Shui, those two girls asked you to…" At this point, Uncle Fu stopped talking.

Qin Yu also frowned. It was likely that Hong Yu and Lu Shui still didn't know that the fish that used to fool around with them and bully them, had already been burned to nothingness and their souls scattered.

"Master, there is no need for you to be compassionate and merciful in the Divine Realm. You spared their lives yet they came and burned down your entire Mount Bewitch You. What you should do now is to demonstrate your might." Said Uncle Fu beside Qin Yu in a light voice.

Uncle Fu understood in his heart that this master of his, although he cannot be considered as being extremely compassionate and merciful, he was still not quite fierce enough.

Had it been the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan, he would've long since killed those that dared act disrespectful towards him, without a care of other things. This was something that those who had reached the higher level of cultivation all understood… the law of the heavens was merciless, to kill and not to kill; one's nature, whether treacherous or kindhearted, did not matter when comprehending the laws of the heavens.

All the roads were interlinked.

Among the Three Great Ascenders Powers of the Divine Realm, the Asura Sea and the Mount Blood Demon were both famous for their slaughter. Actually, slaughtering others was a method that allowed one to increase one's strength even easier. It was a way that allowed one to reach the Great Dao easier.

"Master, although we still cannot determine which one of the Eight Great Families Jiang Li is from, but master, if you wish to obtain the acknowledgement from the Eight Great Families, you must possess sufficient strength and status. As for now, what you should do is to create fame for yourself through might." Advised Uncle Fu.

The Divine Realm was a place where the strong ruled. No one in the Divine Realm would have pity upon a compassionate and merciful person. A person could only rely on himself. Likewise, one's status could only be won over by oneself. One's honor could only be defended by oneself.

"Uncle Fu, let's go. We'll be going to the Black Dragon Pool!"

Said Qin Yu coldly. He turned around and looked to the north. The Black Dragon Pool was located several thousand miles to the north. This time around… Qin Yu had finally decided. The current him still did not have the qualifications to receive the acknowledgement from the Eight Great Families. However, a mere Black Dragon Pool actually dared to look down upon him?

"Don't force me to use Waning Snow." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

The Divine Spear Waning Snow possessed strength of a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to begin with. And now, it had started absorbing the Dark and Yellow Energy. Although it had merely absorbed a very small portion, Qin Yu was still able to clearly sense the increase in power that the Divine Spear Waning Snow had.

"Yes, master!" Uncle Fu immediately displayed an excited expression.

Uncle Fu felt as if he had returned back to the days when he was together with Chehou Yuan where they would move about unhindered in the Divine Realm and no one would dare to be disrespectful to them.

Qin Yu and Uncle Fu left the Mount Bewitch You one following the other. As they were leaving the Mount Bewitch You, Qin Yu saw the shattered 'Mount Bewitch You' stele.

Qin Yu was flying a foot above the ground. As for Uncle Fu, he was gracefully drifting. If one were to compare speed, much less Qin Yu, even a High Level Heavenly Deity would be inferior to Uncle Fu.

The two of them were relatively fast. In merely two hours, they had arrived at the main area of the Black Dragon Pool.

"This Black Dragon Pool also possesses quite an enchanting scenery." Qin Yu raised his head and looked to the unending mountain range before him. He was unable to refrain from smiling lightly. When they were flying over, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu have already discovered numerous troops of the Black Dragon Pool. Merely, because the two of them were flying so fast, they were easily able to pass through without alarming those troops and arrive outside of the Black Dragon Pool.

Uncle Fu pointed to the mountain range ahead and said. "Master, the Black Dragon Pool is located in the ravine within those highest mountains. Inside the ravine is a large lake. That lake is called the Black Dragon Pool. To the side of the Black Dragon Pool are four palaces. The one in the middle is called the Black Dragon Palace. As for the other three, they are the palaces of the other three Low Level Heavenly Deitieis."

"There is no need to bother with the small fries. We shall proceed directly towards those four palaces." After Qin Yu finished saying that, his speed reached its peak. Like a rapid specter, he followed the mountain range and entered the ravine. As for Uncle Fu, he was effortlessly following behind Qin Yu.

Flying in the mountain range, without alarming anyone, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu had arrived outside of the ravine.

Standing on a mountain top outside of the ravine.

Qin Yu was able to see the ravine located between the couple mountains with a single glance. This ravine was enormous. It possessed the circumference of a hundred or two hundred miles. The Black Dragon Pool had occupied more than half of the entire ravine. Such a large ravine was truly something that was rarely seen.

"Uncle Fu, from today on, in front of others, I shall pretend to be an expert who is extremely proficient in utilizing flames. My body's True Flame has already reached the White Pure Flame level. Using flames… should be sufficient." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Having reached the Universe Stage, the True Flame within Qin Yu's body had turned into White Pure Flame. This had caused Qin Yu's strength when using his Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Refining Flame Wristband' to be even stronger. The power that the Refining Flame Wristband displayed was determined firstly by the degree of its refinement and secondly by the level of one's True Flames.

Uncle Fu nodded in approval. "Master, you are now capable of covering the entire heaven and earth with Black Divine Flames. Even the White Pure Flames, I reckon you're capable of creating several tens of meters of White Pure Flames. Furthermore, you are now capable of emitting a small amount of 'Void Flames.' Back then, when my old master utilized flames, he too had only reached this level."

Chehou Yuan was a High Level Heavenly Deity. His body's True Flame was also White Pure Flame. Even though he possessed the Refining Flame Wristband, he was only capable of emitting a small amount of 'Void Flames.' However, even though it was only a small amount, it was sufficient enough to create artifacts with.

Flames: Black Divine Flame, White Pure Flame, Void Flame.

The Void Flame was the True Flame of Godking level experts. The Refining Flame Wristband that was created through using nine Purple Origin Flame Beads, was sufficient enough to allow a Heavenly Deity level expert to emit a very small amount 'Void Flames.'

"Hey, who are you? How come I have never seen you before?" Suddenly, a man in the ravine saw Qin Yu who stood above the ravine. He immediately shouted at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. Like a great Peng spreading its wings, Qin Yu flew past the sky above the ravine and arrived outside the four palaces. With an illusion-like speed, Qin Yu was executing numerous hand seals with his hands. A countless amount of black colored light started to drift above the four palaces.

In an instant, all the troops of the Black Dragon Pool within the ravine became noisy. Countless Deities started gathering here from all directions.

"Heavenly Deity, it's a Heavenly Deity. My wife, quickly, hide ourselves. We cannot interfere in a battle between Heavenly Deities." A youth pulled a woman beside him and started fleeing far away.

"I have never seen this Heavenly Deity before. He's not a Heavenly Deity from Mount Cold Gold nor is he a Heavenly Deity from the Mount Three Forks. When did our Black Dragon Pool make a new enemy?" Said a bald headed old man in confusion.

"That person seems to be the Heavenly Deity from Mount Bewitch You." Said a youth that had gone to Mount Bewitch You with the army close to ten thousand people last time around.

The three bandit groups outside of Yuchi City were respectively the Black Dragon Pool, Mount Cold Gold and Mount Three Forks. These three powers would frequently battle each other.

Amidst the noise, the three Heavenly Deities of the Black Dragon Pool… Xiong Hei, Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu had all rushed out from their respective palaces. Once they saw that Qin Yu was in the sky, Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu's expression changed. As for Xiong Hei, he had instantly exposed anger on his face.

"Qin Yu, you actually dared to run over to our Black Dragon Pool. You truly have balls!" Xiong Hei extended his arm and the enormous spiked club appeared in his hand.

Qin Yu had also finished arranging his hand seals. Suddenly, a black cover lay over the area, concealing the sky. The cover was enormous. It covered all four palaces. Suddenly, an unfathomable amount of black flames started appearing from the black cover…

"A simple Trapping Array supplemented by the attack of Divine Flames." Said Qin Yu with a light smile. "Xiong Hei, you people have burned down my Mount Bewitch You. Today… I shall burn down your Black Dragon Pool!"

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