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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 22 – Kowtow

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The sky was azure like a first-rated celadon pottery. The enormous formation array, with a circumference of ten miles, was still floating in the sky like two hundred plus years ago. Year after year… the sound of rumbles would occasionally sound from within the formation array.

Evidently, Xiong Hei who was trapped within it was still alive!

Below Mount Bewitch You were several thousand troops from the Black Dragon Pool. All of these Deities were chatting or training due to boredom. Other than that, there were some others who had boiled over with rage and started cursing and such.

"It has already been over two hundred years now. Really, this Lord Xiong Hei, why doesn't he just admit his defeat? Or perhaps he could save some of his strength, why must he continue to resist? He has been unable to come out for over two hundred years now, does he think that he will still be able to come out?"

Said an old man with lush green short hair discontentedly as he sat cross-legged on top of a stone.

Beside this old man were several tens of Deities. Among them, a purple haired woman coldly humped and said. "Old Green Head, do not argue unnecessarily over here. Lord Xiong Hei is not someone who you can evaluate as you wish. Look at how Lord Xiong Hei has been unceasingly attacking, even though he is trapped in the formation array. It has been over two hundred years and he still hasn't given up. Do you think you're capable of possessing the perseverance that Lord Xiong Hei has? If you do, I would also admire you."

"He knows that he cannot break it, yet he still continues to try. Others have said that Lord Xiong Hei's true form is that of a bear. In the past, I doubted it. However now, mn… it would appear that it is true." Said a scholarly looking man with a smile on his face as he reclined his back on a large tree.

[TL: Xiong Hei → Black Bear. So Xiong Trapper could actually mean Bear Trapper. But hey, I didn't want to make assumptions 🙂 ]

To the bored Deities who possessed extremely long life spans, when they happened to see their bosses take a deep fall, it would also bring them quite a bit of delight. Even though they were ordinarily extremely respectful before Xiong Hei.

Qin Yu was sitting cross legged on a lump of green light. That lump of green light appeared like a cloud. Qin Yu had sat like this for over two hundred years already. In the past two hundred plus years, Qin Yu had never moved from this position at all.

Qin Yu's brows were slightly raised. A trace of smile appeared on his face. He said. "Xiong Hei, it has already been over two hundred years. How much longer are you planning to firmly resist this? As I have said, if you were to kneel and then give me three sounding kowtows with your head banging on the ground to admit your defeat, I would directly let you out."

Xiong Hei, who was trapped in the great formation array, was currently wearing only a large pair of underpants. His chest, filled with black chest hair, was completely exposed. His exposed thighs were also filled with black hair all over. If one did not look at his face, he really did appear the same as a bear.

"Huff, huff…" Xiong Hei placed his spiked club to the side. He was sitting on the ground gasping for breath.

Xiong Hei turned his head around and looked to the white wall before him. The wall was so white that it was glaring at him. He then looked to the green passageway beside the wall. It was so green that he wanted to puke. They were too monotone. He had been trampled upon for over two hundred years.

"This Qin Yu is truly too crazy." Xiong Hei clenched his fists in anger. His body was shivering. "Fuck, a couple years ago it was still good. However, why is it that in these couple years, he has been attacking me even though I'm not smashing the walls?"

As time passed, Qin Yu had became more and more proficient in integrating the methods of 'Killing Array' to the 'Trapping Array.'

Experimenting was the best method of learning. This learning of over two hundred years was much more effective than when Qin Yu had analyzed formation array theories for several tens of thousands of years. If this Xiong Hei were to really kowtow and beg for forgiveness, Qin Yu would actually hate to let such a great experiment subject go.

Where could one possibly find another Heavenly Deity to experiment on? Furthermore, this Heavenly Deity didn't die easily.

"How long do you really plan to imprison me here for?" Xiong Yu suddenly raised his head and roared. His gaze was filled with anger, grief and indignation.

"Don't worry, I still have a lot of tricks I haven't used yet. The path of formation arrays is a boundless path. If you were to allow me to take my time and experiment, then even if I were to experiment for ten thousand years, a million years, or a hundred million years, I would still not reach my limit." Qin Yu's words contained an unique sense of tone. It was as if he had become infatuated with formation arrays. "Xiong Hei, for you to be able to experience all these formation arrays, you should be proud."

Xiong Hei was about to collapse.

If he were to enter seclusion training, he would be able to train for millions of years without caring at all. If he were fight at a high intensity with someone, he would be able to fight for several thousands of years with no problem.

However, when being trapped in this Trapping Array, he was mercilessly tormented unceasingly. It was tormenting his mental state. The dry and dull monotonous scenery in his surroundings had caused him to get a headache the moment he looked at those colors. His head hurt so much that it felt like it were about to explode. All of this had caused Xiong Hei to reach his crumbling point.

Especially when he thought of how these sorts of crazy and tensed days would continue for infinity without end.

Xiong Hei was trembling. Even his soul was trembling.

Xiong Hei clenched his teeth. Suddenly, he raised his head and said decidedly. "Qin Yu, Lord Qin Yu, I beg of you, please forgive me. Ah, please forgive me. It is I who had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. It is I who offended you!"

Xiong Hei was unable to resist anymore.

"Oh? Begging for forgiveness? But don't you forget that I have already said that you have to kowtow with your head banging on the ground three times." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu still remembered the time how tyrannical and arrogant Xiong Hei was when he commanded his army and arrived at the Mount Bewitch You. He had frantically smashed everything with his spiked club. However now, his pitiful appearance was truly something that would let one sigh endlessly.

"Kowtow?" Xiong Hei was shivering all over. His dark face had turned deep red like the buttocks of monkeys.

"In that case, you can wait another hundred or two million years. Perhaps my spirit might be high and I might even research for more than a hundred million years. You can just continue to slowly wait in this 'Xiong Trapper' great formation array." Qin Yu's voice was still as indifferent as before.

A hundred million years?

Sweats the size of beads were dripping down Xiong Hei's forehead and cheeks. Xiong Hei rubbed his face with his thick and dark hand. His sweat dripped onto the floor. Xiong Hei still had his head down toward the ground, it was unknown as to what he was thinking.

After a long silence.

"Qin Yu, if you agree to a request of mine, I will kowtow at once." Xiong Hei raised his head. His gaze was filled with determination.

Qin Yu was surprised. This foolish Xiong was really planning to kowtow? In Qin Yu's mind, he had thought that Heavenly Deities are usually extremely arrogant. It was extremely hard to knock them down from their arrogance.

"Speak, what kind of request is it?" Qin Yu said with a smile. Qin Yu was curious as to what Xiong Hei wanted to request.

"If I were to truly kowtow to you, then you must promise me to not tell others of me kowtowing to you." Said Xiong Hei solemnly.

"Good, I promise you." Said Qin Yu straightforwardly.

"Lord Qin Yu, please make a pledge so that I will be at ease." Xiong Hei continued with his request. Qin Yu however started smiling. "Fine, fine, I'll promise you. I swear upon the Heavens that if I were to speak of Xiong Hei's kowtow to me today to others, then I shall be met with the Heaven's wrath!"

Only then did Xiong Hei had a sigh of relief.

"Lord Qin Yu, I admit my defeat." Xiong Hei violently stood up. He then kneeled down on his knees. Loudly, he knocked his head down onto the ground three times. "These three kowtows with my head banging on the ground, I wish that Lord Qin Yu will forgive me. Please forgive me."

After he said those words, Xiong Hei's forehead was still firmly touching the ground. He was waiting for Qin Yu's response.

At this moment, Xiong Hei's heart was soaring with rage. "Qin Yu, once I get out, I will definitely make you regret your conduct and deeds today. I shall make you pay a hundred fold, a thousand fold, for what you have done to me today!"

"Haha… to receive a Heavenly Deity's three head banging kowtows is a much harder achievement than killing a Heavenly Deity. Haha…." Qin Yu's loud laughter sounded. Xiong Hei's face immediately grew even darker.

And at this moment, the Trapping Array that was composed of red, white, black, green and gold colors, started to collapse. The countless number of walls turned into numerous lights. The countless number of marks, seals and symbols had also started dissipating.

Xiong Hei raised his head and looked to the sky. He saw an azure sky and spotlessly white floating clouds…

He lowered his head and looked to the ground. Verdant and lush forest covered the mountain. There were several thousand Deities looking up with their heads raised in shock. Among them were Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu.

"I finally have my freedom back!"

Upon obtaining freedom, Xiong Hei felt a burst of delight. He was unable to refrain himself from raising his head and howling. His voice was like thunder rumbling through the entire world.

"Xiong Hei was able to tolerate what others cannot. Qin Yu admires that. Xiong Hei, you can return." Qin Yu's voice sounded.

Xiong Hei looked into the distance.

Roughly several hundred meters away from Xiong Hei, Qin Yu was standing in the sky. His long black hair was drifting in the wind. His gown was fluttering.

And at this moment, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji had flown up from below. In only a short moment, they arrived beside Xiong Hei. Daoist Liu Xu asked curiously. "Big Brother Xiong Hei, what did you tolerate?"

Xiong Hei's eye muscles trembled. A burst of fierceness flashed through his eyes. He said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Liu Xu, Mei Ji, that Qin Yu's flying ability is extremely keen. His speed is extremely fast. The three of us shall join hands hands and kill him from three sides! The two of you both possess faster speed than me. If the three of us join hands, we should definitely be able to kill him."

Liu Xu and Mei Ji glanced at each other.

"Big Brother Liu, what do you think?" Mei Ji asked via Divine Awareness.

"It is feasible. Qin Yu would require some time to set up his formation array. The Trapping Array that he had set up earlier has already dissipated. If he wants to set it up again, it would require him a day or two. That is enough time for us to kill him." Daoist Liu Xu said.

Xiong Hei looked to Liu Xu and Mei Ji. Liu Xu and Mei Ji nodded with smiles on their faces. Xiong Hei's face immediately bloomed to a full smile.

Xiong Hei coldly glared at Qin Yu who stood afar. He shouted angrily. "Qin Yu, you dared to humiliate me like so. Today, I shall avenge myself!" After finished saying that, like a meteorite, Xiong Hei rushed toward Qin Yu with an aura that could bring about landslides and crack mountains.

As for Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu, they had turned into two light winds and proceeded to surround Qin Yu from two sides.

Upon seeing this scene, Qin Yu merely nodded with a smile on his face.

"Sure enough, this is just as I anticipated. However… to be able to force this Xiong Hei to kowtow to me in the last couple months, it could also be considered as being worth it." Qin Yu had a feeling… that he was only several months away from reaching the breakthrough of the Origin Stage.

Actually, even if Xiong Hei did not beg for forgiveness, Qin Yu would still have to disband his formation array after a couple more months so that he could wholeheartedly devote himself to making the breakthrough from the Origin Stage.

Like a sharp arrow, Qin Yu shot downward. "Where do you think you're fleeing?!" Xiong Hei's blood filled eyes were extremely sinister. Like an artillery shell, he smashed downward. As for Mei Ji and Liu Xu, they were also flying downward chasing after Qin Yu.

However, the moment Qin Yu entered the forest, the three of them discovered that…

"He's gone?" Mei Ji and Liu Xu were filled with confusion.

"He's gone? Impossible!" Xiong Hei was like a blind man that had gone berserk. He started charging around violently through the entire Mount Bewitch You. Ferociously, he roared angrily. "Qin Yu, show yourself! Get out here!!!"

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 23 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Rumble~~~" The forest was trembling. The entire Mount Bewitch You was trembling unceasingly. Shattered stones were rolling down the mountain, never stopping for anything. The large trees were smashed apart. The flowers and plants were stepped upon… The entire Mount Bewitch You had become a mess.

"Qin Yu, show yourself!"

The furious Xiong Hei was frantically clearing out the entire Mount Bewitch You with his spiked club. The entire 'Mount Bewitch You' was trembling under the overflowing rage that Xiong Hei was displaying. "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"… The numerous large craters left by the spiked club caused the entire Mount Bewitch You to seem like a face overgrown with scars.

Xiong Hei flew to the foot of Mount Bewitch You. He stood beside Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji. Xiong Hei was gasping in a low voice. He held his spiked club with one hand. His pupils appeared to be burning with a luminous frantic rage. He was looking through the entire Mount Bewitch You. It seemed as if he was trying to find out where Qin Yu was hiding.

"Big Brother Xiong Hei, don't be angry." Daoist Liu Xu advised.

However, Xiong Hei seemed to have not heard what Daoist Liu Xu said and continued to look at the Mount Bewitch You.

"Big Brother Xiong, isn't it merely a single Qin Yu? It's not worth it for you to be so angry over him." Mei Ji advised with a soft voice.

Xiong Hei's furious gaze ruthlessly stared at Mei Ji. This caused Mei Ji to immediately grow silent. Seeing that Mei Ji had grown silent, Xiong Hei once again looked back at Mount Bewitch You.

"Big Brother Liu, what's going on with Xiong Hei? Is it worth being so berserkly angry just because he was trapped for over two hundred years?" Said Mei Ji to Daoist Liu Xu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Daoist Liu Xu glanced at Xiong Hei. He replied to Mei Ji with his Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Logically, he shouldn't be. However, Mei Ji, do you still remember the words that Qin Yu had said?… 'Xiong Hei, you have tolerated what others cannot tolerate.' Say, what do you think Xiong Hei tolerated in that great formation array? For him to be so angry right now, could it be that it have something to do with what he had tolerated?"

"That's right. It's very possible." Mei Ji voiced her approval. "However, what sort of humiliation did Xiong Hei endure?"

Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji could never imagine that the extremely haughty Xiong Hei would kowtow to Qin Yu.

"Liu Xu!" Xiong Hei's gaze have suddenly shifted to Daoist Liu Xu.

Xiong Hei's terrifying gaze had caused Daoist Liu Xu to become extremely cautious. "Big Brother Xiong Hei, is there something you need me for?" Daoist Liu Xu did not wish to anger this crazy bear. Especially now when this crazy bear was in a berserk state.

Daoist Liu Xu still remembered the time when Xiong Hei didn't have his Heavenly Divine Artifact. At that time, he was able to fight against him for several hundred years while holding the upper hand the entire time. And now, after Xiong Hei had been bestowed a Heavenly Divine Artifact by Lord Black Dragon, his strength had become the strongest among the three. This was also the reason why Xiong Hei became the one with the most influence among the three.

"Liu Xu, aren't you pretty proficient in formation arrays and such? Immediately set up a large formation array and burn down the entire Mount Bewitch You completely!" The gaze that Xiong Hei looked to Mount Bewitch You contained savage cruelty. "I must definitely find this Qin Yu. Even if I can't find him, I must destroy his mountain."

Although Xiong Hei was uprooting the entire Mount Bewitch You earlier, he had at the most managed to create some large craters and break apart some large trees on the Mount Bewitch You. As for the entire mountain, it was still standing.

"Destroy this Mount Bewitch You? This would be quite simple to accomplish. We merely need to use Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames." Said Liu Xu with a smile on his face.

As a Low Level Heavenly Deity, Liu Xu's strength could not be regarded as being powerful. However, he was proficient in some of the minor arts. For him, destroying Mount Bewitch You was extremely easy.

"Big Brother Liu, let's see your skills." Said Mei Ji sweetly.

Daoist Liu Xu's body started to float. He casually threw thirty six Mid Quality Divine Spiritual Stones off from his hands. These thirty six Mid Quality Divine Spiritual Stones landed all around Mount Bewitch You and covered it completely.

Magnificent marks, seals and symbols were being unceasingly emitted by Daoist Liu Xu's hands.

To outsiders, those peculiar marks, seals and symbols, were extremely profound and complicated. However, to those who were proficient in the formation arrays, they would be able to tell what use each of the marks, seals and symbols had, with a single glance.

After spending almost two hours, a great formation array, that covered the entire Mount Bewitch You, had finally taken form.

"Chi chi~~~" The entire great formation array was emitting rays of golden light. At the same time, countless golden flames had engulfed the entire Mount Bewitch You like a flood. Among these golden flames were some blue flames.

Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames!

Had this been in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, then an ordinary level nine Immortal Emperor or Demon Emperor would be unable to resist these flames. However in the Divine Realm, the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames would only at the most burn down trees, plants and some ordinary demon beasts of the Divine Realm.

The ordinary demon beasts of the Divine Realm were beasts that had not reached even the Deity stage. When they encountered the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames, they would only be burned to death as they uttered their miserable shrieks.

All sorts of miserable shrieks were sounding unceasingly. The animals of the Mount Bewitch You that had originally hidden themselves from the disaster before, had now been met with a new disaster. Had it been Black Divine Flames, then they would be able to die instantly and not suffer. However, Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames were only able to slowly burn them to death and causing them to suffer for even longer.

The trees had been reduced to ashes. The lake water had dried up. Even the plants on the rocks had been completely burned to nothingness. All that remained were some stones that had cracked apart from being burned. The stones of the Divine Realm were deserving to be called the stones of the Divine Realm, the most the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames managed to do to them was to split them open; they were unable to burn them to ashes.

After burning for about an hour, the overflowing flames reflected a golden color to the several thousands of people standing at the foot of the mountain.

The Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames started to dissipate. The entire Mount Bewitch You had turned bare. All that remained were the ugly stones. Merely looking at the scene before them, one cannot imagine how enchanting the scenery this mountain possessed before was.

"Big Brother Xiong Hei…" Daoist Liu Xu looked to Xiong Hei beside him.

Even though they had burned down Mount Bewitch You, they still had not seen Qin Yu. Just like that, Qin Yu had disappeared. He had disappeared before everyone's eyes.

Xiong Hei's eyes radiated a dark black shine as he ran his eyes over the bare Mount Bewitch You. He then said coldly. "Humph, while he might be able to escape once, he will not be able to escape for a second time. Let's go, we'll return to the Black Dragon Pool."

"Yes, Big Brother Xiong." Said Mei Ji sweetly.

Right after walking two steps, Xiong Hei saw the stele. On the stele were the words 'Mount Bewitch You.' Because of the fact that this stele was located on the foot of the mountain, it had not taken any damage.

Upon seeing this stele, Xiong Hei was immediately reminded of the master of this Mount Bewitch You, Qin Yu. Upon thinking of Qin Yu, he started to feel a heart-piercing sense of disgrace and humiliation.

"Humph!" With a kick like an enormous hatchet, Xiong Hei struck that stele.

"Bang!" The stele split apart. It split into four pieces. Only the 'Bewitch' word remained intact. The thousands of troops of the Black Dragon Pool, without suffering any damage, left under the leadership of the three Heavenly Deities. All that remained was a burned-to-bare Mount Bewitch You and a shattered stele.

Inside the second layer space of Jiang Lan's Realm.

Outside of an elegant courtyard manor. There was a thick and solid large tree filled with leaves. Below the large tree were three cyan colored stone tables. Uncle Fu, Hei Yu, Wu Lan, Wu He, Lu Shui and Hong Yu were sat in the two tables. All six of them possessed gazes of worry.

It was because before Qin Yu entered the courtyard manor, he had told them… "Everyone, this time, I will be entering seclusion training to achieve a breakthrough. This time's training is extremely important to me. It also possesses some dangers. Furthermore, I do not know how long it will take for me to achieve a breakthrough, nor do I have certainty that I will be able to accomplish it. I wish that you all do not worry about me. At the very least… this time's training does not possess any dangers to my life."

After he finished saying that, Qin Yu patted Hei Yu's shoulder and walked into the courtyard manor.

Not posing any danger to his life?

Hei Yu did not believe that. He believed that Qin Yu deliberately said that to console him and let him be at ease. Hei Yu looked to the couple people here and said in a solemn tone. "In the time that big brother undergoes his breakthrough, I shall wait here. From today on, you all cannot be noisy here so as to not disturb big brother."

Uncle Fu and them also nodded.

Ever since then, the five of them did not say a single word. They quietly waited.

Hei Yu looked to the quiet courtyard manor and started worrying. "Big brother, you must definitely not lose your life over the 'Stellar Transformations.'"

Inside the quiet courtyard manor. Inside Qin Yu's room.

Qin Yu sat cross-legged on the praying mat, quiet and motionless.

Actually, it was still months away from the time of his breakthrough. However, Qin Yu had already finished his preparation. However, even now, Qin Yu had yet to discover the most perfect evolutionary path.

"Will I die?"

Qin Yu asked himself.

If he did not pursue perfection and proceed on toward the safest evolutionary path, he would definitely not die. However, the safest evolutionary path was also the weakest one.

To create an unprecedented martial technique was dangerous to begin with. This was especially true for an utmost top-notch martial technique.

Inside the Stellar Space. The entire space had been distorted and was revolving because of the 'Origin.' Like an angry ocean, it was moving up and down unceasingly. At this moment, Qin Yu's awareness was sensing this sort of fluctuation.

His awareness had completely fused with the Stellar Space. He was feeling the change within the space, the change within the Origin, from the inside while also feeling the entire flour paste space on the outside.

"What exactly is the flour paste space?' Qin Yu's awareness came in touch with the flour paste space. Rays of ancient aura entered Qin Yu's awareness. They caused Qin Yu to feel more and more calm.


Tranquility. It was so calm that it seemed that there were no movement at all.

As time passed, Qin Yu suddenly felt as if the entire Stellar Space had turned into an 'embryo.' At the same time, the Stellar Space was also Qin Yu. Qin Yu had turned into an 'embryo.'

As for the 'flour paste space,' it was the abdomen of the mother.

This was the sort of sensation that Qin Yu was feeling. Although this sort of sensation was strange beyond belief, for some unknown reason, Qin Yu was enjoying the aura of the 'flour paste space.' His awareness even had the sensation of sleepiness. In such a state, time passed…

The time of a couple months passed in a blink of an eye.

The evolution of all these years; at this moment, the Origin had shrunk to its limit. If one were to use one's eyes to see it, then one would only see that the Origin had turned into an extremely small black hole. Because of the fact that the Origin was too small, it had caused the surrounding space to completely cave in.

As for Qin Yu, he was still in that sort of drowsy state. Qin Yu's was even displaying a peaceful appearance on his face. It was like the innocent smile of a baby.

However, under this sort of state, different scenes were unceasingly flashing through Qin Yu's awareness.

Nebula, Meteor, Stellar Core, Planet, Star… The scenes of the evolution of the cosmos was flashing through Qin Yu's mind unceasingly. The speed at which these scenes were flashing through Qin Yu's mind was tens of millions times faster than Qin Yu's speed of deduction.

At the same time, when his deduction reached the 'Origin Stage,' his awareness was still deducing. At this moment, the speed at which his awareness was conducting the deduction was billions of times faster than before. All of this was happening when Qin Yu was in a drowsy state.


It was as if a lightning had struck in Qin Yu's awareness. It had instantly woken Qin Yu up.

At the moment when Qin Yu woke up, the Stellar Space had already reached the pinnacle of its development. The Origin had already shrunk to its limit. If Qin Yu did not wake, then perhaps the Origin would've exploded. Without any guidance, the primitive explosion would cause Qin Yu's awareness to also crumble with it.

"Origin, Origin… so, so it was actually a, it was actually the most primitive bit!"

Qin Yu had a feeling of enlightenment. Although he did not understand the principle behind it, there was a voice roaring in the bottom of Qin Yu's heart. "That's right. That is the most correct path! That is the most perfect evolutionary path!"

It was that path!

At this moment, Qin Yu's physical body that was sitting cross-legged inside the room suddenly disappeared. That's right, Qin Yu's physical body had disappeared.

Inside the Stellar Space.

Qin Yu's physical body suddenly appeared. At this moment, Qin Yu's hands were spread open. His eyes were closed. He was standing in the middle of the Stellar Space. At this moment, Qin Yu was immersed in a kind of extremely profound and extremely extraordinary state of mind.

"Break apart!"

Qin Yu still had his eyes closed. However, he pointed at the Origin with a single hand.

Like a peanut being split open, with a 'kacha' sound, the Origin split open in half. The upper half of the Origin started emitted a cyan stream of air. The cyan colored stream of air was suring out. In an instant, it had engulfed the entire Stellar Space.

As for the other half of the Origin, it started emitting a turbid gray stream of air. The gray stream of air was also frantically engulfing the entire Stellar Space. In the Stellar Space, these two streams of air, the cyan and the gray, had started to tangle together. It was like they were fighting each other.

Qin Yu's eyes were still closed.

A tranquil smile suddenly appeared on Qin Yu's face. With a hand to the sky and another hand to the ground, Qin Yu softly shouted. "Splitting the Heaven and Earth apart!" After he finished shouting that, Qin Yu abruptly opened his eyes.

"Huff!" The cyan colored and gray colored streams of airs that were tangling with each other, seemed to have received guidance. The cyan colored stream of air started flying upwards whereas the gray stream of air started flying downwards.

Qin Yu's body was increasing in size. It was growing unceasingly.

The bigger Qin Yu's body became, the higher the cyan colored stream of air was lifted upward… as time passed, the cyan stream of air had finally condensed into a cyan colored layer. As for the gray stream of air, it had turned into the boundless earth.

In an instant, Qin Yu had returned to his original size.

He raised his head and looked to the sky. That cyan colored sky was pure like a celadon pottery. He then looked to the ground under his foot. The ground was boundlessly vast. Like that, it continued to spread… Its area was so huge that Qin Yu was unable to determine how big it was at all. That was because the range of this land was spreading unceasingly.

"Is this what it meant by splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart?" Only now did Qin Yu come back from that profound and mystic state of mind. Seeing what he had done, Qin Yu also felt it to be hard to believe.

[TL: Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart is in reference to the creation myth of Pangu where he created the world by disconnecting the heaven and earth from each other. Basically, Qin Yu has created a world?]

[ED: To be more specific, before the creation of the universe, there was only chaos(flour paste) and then it condensed into the cosmic egg(the origin), then Pangu(Qin Yu) woke up(the lightning part) inside the egg(and Qin Yu also felt it was like an embryo, so…) and then split the egg apart, creating the yin energy(described as murky, known here as gray) which formed the earth, and creating the yang energy(described as clear, known here as blue) forming the sky.]

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