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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 21 – Locked in a Stalemate

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Among the Three Great Types of Formation Arrays, the Killing Array's main purpose was to increase the attack power and also make one's enemy have nowhere to escape to. As for the Defensive Array, its purpose was to increase one's defensive ability. [Robin: <— This is so self-explanatory, god damn it IET, you drive me crazy! xD]

As for Trapping Arrays, they would use everything that can be used to trap the enemy.

Although it might sound simple, it is extremely hard to accomplish. Although it might be easy to trap a Mortal, what about trapping a Deity? What about trapping a Low Level Heavenly Deity? A Mid Level Heavenly Deity, a High Level Heavenly Deity?

The Trapping Arrays were extremely complicated. It would also require a lot of effort when researching them. However, because of how much importance the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' had placed on Trapping Arrays, Qin Yu had spent half of his time studying Trapping Arrays. Qin Yu's achievements in Trapping Arrays were actually higher than those of the Killing Arrays and Defensive Arrays.

Like a floating wind, Qin Yu was drifting in the sky unceasingly. As for Xiong Hei, he had been chasing after Qin Yu frantically. With furious glaring eyes, he violently shouted. "Qin Yu, if you have the skills then do not run! Battle me honorably!"

Qin Yu was changing his direction unceasingly. He said. "Xiong Hei, do not get angry. I am a researcher of formation arrays, I am not fond of using martial force."

Qin Yu said those words with an extremely dignified tone. At the same time, his hands were executing one hand seal after another. A countless number of hand seals flew out from Qin Yu's hands. Rays of red, green, gray, white, black and numerous other colors of light have started to appear in the sky.

Although Qin Yu had been dodging Xiong Hei's pursuit unceasingly, he had only been flying in circle around the sky above the Mount Bewitch You.

Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu were standing in the sky. They were chatting with each other.

Daoist Liu Xu shook his head, sighed and said. "Although Big Brother Xiong Hei possesses very powerful strength, his agility and speed is much inferior than Qin Yu's. Look at how ingenious that Qin Yu's movements are. Look at how clear-cut his turns are. Even when Big Brother Xiong Hei uses Heavenly Divine Energy to increase his speed to violently catch up to Qin Yu, Qin Yu is still able to suddenly turn in fast flight. However, Big Brother Xiong Hei is unable to do that!"

"That Qin Yu is not only flying, he is also executing numerous hand seals. What is he doing?" Said Mei Ji with a frown.

Daoist Liu Xu smiled and said. "That Qin Yu also knows that although it would be more relaxing, for the person setting up the formation arrays, to use Divine Spiritual Stones to set up the foundations of the formation array, once the enemy breaks through the foundations, the formation array breaks. Thus, that Qin Yu is planning to use his own body to supply the energy and not use the Divine Spiritual Stones."

"Oh, Big Brother Liu is truly insightful." Mei Ji praised. "In that case, if Qin Yu is not using Divine Spiritual Stones, Xiong Hei would not be able to break through the foundations of the formation array using his Spiked Club. Would that mean that, he would have no way to break the formation array?"

"No. One does not necessarily have to break the foundations of the formation array to break the formation array." Daoist Liu Xu explained. "What Qin Yu is doing, although he would no longer have Divine Spiritual Stones as his formation array's foundations, he himself would become the foundation!"

Mei Ji shook her head and said. "Once Xiong Hei is trapped in the formation array, how would be be able to attack Qin Yu?"

"To provide the energy oneself has some weak points. The weak points are… he himself must always remain in the formation array. He will not be able to leave and will not be able to use a large amount of Divine Energy to attack." Explained Daoist Liu Xu.

What Daoist Liu Xu said was correct.

What Qin Yu was currently doing was setting up a Trapping Array. Furthermore, he was using his own body to supply the energy needed for the formation array.

Setting up a Trapping Array was extremely complicated. Qin Yu only managed to set up it after spending a day and half a night's time. A day and half a night, although it might sound like a long time, in the Divine Realm, it could not be considered much.

The battles of Heavenly Deity level experts in the Divine Realm, it was extremely common for them to fight for several hundred years or even thousands of years.

This was especially true for Heavenly Deities of the same level who possessed the same level of comprehension of spatial laws. It was extremely hard for them to kill each other. Thus, their battles would be extremely lengthy… To people who can live for an infinite amount of time, several hundreds to thousands of years was nothing significant.

"Xiong Hei, prepare to have a taste of my great formation array!" Qing Yu laughed loudly. He then stood up in the sky.

Countless marks, seals, symbols and all sorts of different colored lights were floating around Qin Yu. They have already covered the area within a circumference of ten miles. This was a relatively large Trapping Array.

Four rays of dark golden colored Divine Energy flew out from Qin Yu's body. These four rays of Divine Energy had assimilated into the Trapping Array. They started to provide energy to the Trapping Array.

"Haha, you've stopped. Are you planning to die now?" Seeing that Qin Yu had stopped, Xiong Hei immediately rushed toward him to kill him.

However, suddenly…

Qin Yu disappeared from his sight. Those marks, seals, symbols and lights that were visible before had also disappeared. Xiong Hei looked to his surroundings, surprised, he saw only a world of lights.

Red, black, white, green… the numerous different colors walls formed an extremely vast world.

"This, what is going on?" Xiong Hei could still be considered as being calm. After some time, Xiong Hei had a smile on his face. "This is an illusion array. But why didn't this Qin Yu use the same Killing Array from last time?"

"Xiong Hei, I have yet to give this formation array of mine a name. Today, I shall give it a name. It shall be called, Xiong(Bear) Trapper. If you are able to break this formation array of mine, then I will admire you." Qin Yu's voice have sounded through the entire formation array.

Formation array… 'Xiong Trapper!'

To name his formation array with such a childish name, Qin Yu also started to smile. However, Xiong Hei, on the other hand, had grown furious.

"Qin Yu, you wait and see how I shall break through your illusion array!" Xiong Hei roared. Jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy started to drift through the surface of his body. At the same time, the space surrounding him started to distort.


Xiong Hei discovered that something was amiss.

In the past, the 'illusion' birthed by the illusion array would automatically be broken when it encountered the distortion of space. However, these numerous colored walls and ground were actually very hard to break apart.

"The reason why an illusion array is called an illusion array is because it is mainly composed of illusions. Furthermore, the illusions could change unceasingly. However, these multicolored walls could be considered as true existences." Qin Yu's voice sounded in the formation array.

There was another person watching all this unfold in Mount Bewitch You.

It was Uncle Fu!

"Old master, master has used merely two hundred plus thousands of years to research the Trapping Array to such a level. He is able to completely harmonize the power of the five elements and the power of light and dark. Through the harmonization of numerous different formation arrays, he formed this level three Trapping Array. Surely… master will be able to reach the target that you had in the future too." Uncle Fu looked to the great formation array in the sky and thought of this in his heart.

"That Qin Yu, the energy that he emitted earlier was Divine Energy, dark golden colored Divine Energy. I saw that very clearly. What's going on?" Daoist Liu Xu who was watching the battle had grown confused.

When Qin Yu was setting up the formation array earlier, he had dispatched four rays of Divine Energy to supply the energy for the formation array. Daoist Liu Xu and the rest of them had all witnessed that scene.

Before, when Qin Yu flew, he had caused everyone to believe that he was a Heavenly Deity. However, why would a Heavenly Deity emit Divine Energy?

Mei Ji was also confused. "Perhaps, perhaps this Qin Yu's soul has only just reached the Heavenly Deity level and his energy has yet to completely transform." This was the only explanation that Mei Ji could find.

To go from being a High Level Deity, to the Heavenly Deity Stage, one's soul must first reach the Embryo Soul stage. Only then would the energy within one's body transform into that of Heavenly Divine Energy.

However, usually those people who had just reach the Heavenly Deity Stage would hide themselves somewhere and wait till their energy completely transformed before coming out. This Qin Yu, why did he show himself when his Divine Energy hadn't even transformed into Heavenly Divine Energy?

This was the only explanation that Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu had.

Flying was the magical ability that only Heavenly Deities possessed. In all these years, there had never been anyone who had violated this rule.

"They're real? Good!" Xiong Hei humped coldly. Holding the spiked club on one hand, he ruthlessly smashed it to a red colored wall. From the smash of the spiked club, the red colored wall actually shivered and vibrated several times. However, it did not break.

Xiong Hei opened his eyes wide.

As for Qin Yu who stood in the middle of the formation array, he was nodding in his heart. "The five elements complement one another. Adding the numerous harmonization of various layers of formation arrays in this great formation array and then adding the principle of the defensive arrays, the defensive power of this formation array is strong as expected."

"I refuse to believe this." Xiong Hei changed from one handed to two handed. He grabbed the spiked club with both his hands and ruthlessly smashed it toward that red colored wall. The red colored wall trembled violently. However, it was still standing.

Rapidly, Xiong Hei smashed it two more times. The wall was unable to withstand the force of the smashes anymore and a large hole appeared within it.

Rapidly, Xiong Hei passed through the red wall.

However, the moment he passed through this layer of red wall, what he saw was a layer of white wall. There were also some passageways in the surroundings of this white wall. Everywhere were composed of all kinds of monotone colors.

"I shall see how many layers of wall this Trapping Array of yours possesses!" Xiong Hei humped coldly.

Then, grabbing the spiked club with two hands, Xiong Hei started to frantically smash the light walls. What Xiong Hei didn't know, was that the light walls in the Trapping Array had integrated the restrictions of Defensive Arrays. This had caused the light walls to possess an extremely powerful defense and made breaking them to be hard to do.

Furthermore, Xiong Hei did not discover that by the time he started smashing another wall, the wall that he had smashed and shattered had already recovered.

However, because Qin Yu had used 'Divine Energy' to create the light walls, this had caused the power of the formation array to be a bit weaker.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" …

The people outside, such as Daoist Liu Xu, Mei Ji and them, were unable to see what was occurring in the formation array at all. They were only able to hear the rumbles sounding nonstop. These rumbling noise sounded for three days and three nights.

The Light of Daytime, the Dark Curtain of Light, the two of them alternately covered the entire Divine Realm.

Finally, the rumbling sound stopped.

Inside the Trapping Array, Xiong Hei was softly gasping for air. Smashing the walls frantically for three days straight had caused him to be worn out.

"Fuck, I have smashed over ten thousand walls, furthermore, I have been going forward the entire time. No matter how big this formation array is, it should have been broken by now!" Xiong Hei felt as if he was about to go insane.

In the entire Trapping Array, there were only those several different colors.

The walls were also only two different colors, red and white. As for the winding roads, they were only black and green. The doors that would sometimes appear, they were only gold… Basically, there were only that many colors.

Regardless of how far Xiong Hei managed to travel after smashing the walls, he still sense that… he had not been making any headway.

That was because every location was about the same. Even the layout was completely the same.

"Am I running around in circle? No, that can't be. I am very certain that I have been smashing the front the entire time." Xiong Hei was unable to understand. He looked to his surroundings that had not changed in the slightest.

Red wall, black winding road.

Xiong Hei understood that once he smashed apart the red walls he would reach a white wall and a green winding road. After that, it would be another red wall and a black winding road. Like so, they would appear in alternation… It was like he was walking back and forth in the same place the entire time.

The walls not only covered his front, back, left and right, there were also walls above his head.

Xiong Hei once tried to smash the walls on top of him or below him. However, regardless of how hard he tried to smash them, he was still unable to leave this desolate and monotonous place.

"What exactly is going on? Had it not been for the gravity of the ground, then I would perhaps not know my top from bottom." Xiong Hei raised his head to look to the walls above him. He then looked to the walls to his left and right.

They were exactly the same!

Going insane!

Xiong Hei was truly about to go insane.

After a year.

"Let me out! let me out! Fuck! Let me out!" It was the first time Xiong Hei asked Qin Yu to let him out. This signified that he had admitted defeat.

"It's very simple, I will not take your life. You merely need to kowtow with your head banging on the ground three times to admit your defeat. If you do, I will immediately let you out from this Trapping Array." Qin Yu's voice sounded in the great formation array.

"Fuck you! Bullshit!"

Xiong Hei cursed in rage and stopped saying anymore.

It was merely a single year. Back then, when he sparred with Daoist Liu Xu, they fought for seven hundred plus years straight. To reach the Heavenly Deity level, one must possess the ability to endure loneliness.

Merely… in front of him were still red colored or white colored walls, black colored or green colored passageways. The layout was also exactly the same.

A monotonous scenery. This had already caused Xiong Hei to feel dizzy.

Although he had merely been trapped for a year, it was more exhausting then when he fought Daoist Liu Xu for seven hundred plus years.

After ten years.

Xiong Hei had discovered that the dull days were gone. That was because those walls were no longer letting him smash them like before. Once he smashed a wall, the shattered wall would burst forth flames, lightnings or other kinds of attacks.

The more time passed, the more strange the different kinds of attacks became.

Qin Yu sat cross-legged in the middle of the formation array with a smile on his face. What Qin Yu was doing right now was trying his best to merge the 'Killing Array' into the 'Trapping Array.' Merely, it was extremely hard to merge them perfectly. In all these years, Qin Yu had been attempting to do that unceasingly.

As for the pitiful Xiong Hei, he had became the experimental subject.

Neither Daoist Liu Xu nor Mei Ji dared to enter the great formation array. That was because Daoist Liu Xu, who had researched formation arrays, knew that if they were to enter the formation array and were unable to break it, then they would have no choice other than allow Qin Yu to trample upon them.

Xiong Hei had been trapped in the great formation array for over two hundred years now.

A part of the ten thousand strong army had already returned. However, there were still many people waiting here. Ordinarily, these people would even spar with each other to kill time.

"Mei Ji, when you returned to see Lord Black Dragon, what did he say?" Daoist Liu Xu looked to Mei Ji.

Mei Ji had just gone back to the Black Dragon Pool to report the matter regarding 'Xiong Hei.'

To ordinary people of the Black Dragon Pool, Lord Black Dragon had already disappeared a long time ago. However, Daoist Liu Xu, Mei Ji and Xiong Hei all knew that Lord Black Dragon had been in the Black Dragon Pool the entire time.

"Lord Black Dragon had said that this matter is merely a trivial matter and what he handles nowadays is a huge matter! Furthermore, Xiong Hei is still alive. Thus, Lord Black Dragon is not going to bother with this matter for the time being." Said Mei Ji.

Daoist Liu Xu nodded. Lord Black Dragon's response was exactly as he had anticipated it to be.

"Mei Ji, say, what sort of great matter is Lord Black Dragon doing for the past hundreds of millions of years?" Daoist Liu Xu asked Mei Ji.

Mei Ji shook her head. "I don't know. You should not think too much about it. Hm? Xiong Hei has started smashing again. He's trying unwavering." Mei Ji's gaze was cast toward the great formation array on the sky.

The sounds of rumbles had once again started sounding.

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