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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 18 – Two Fishes

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Kulops and Robin

Mount Bewitch You. At the shallow pond located before Qin Yu's wooden house.

Qin Yu currently had his trousers rolled up and was standing in the pond. His bare feet were touching the smooth and slick stones under the water. Qin Yu had his eyes wide open as he looked at the fish in the pond. He extended his hands. It was as if he were planning to capture the fish.

"Haha…" Uncle Fu was on the shore. When he saw what Qin Yu was doing, he started laughing happily.

Qin Yu did not use his Divine Awareness to lock onto the fish in the pond. Instead, he was using the most primitive and ancient method – using his eyes to see and then catching the fish with his hands. Every time Qin Yu tried to catch the fish, splashes of shining white water also started flying.

"Hey, I do not believe that I won't be able to catch a single fish!" Qin Yu rolled up the sleeves on his arms.

Actually, Qin Yu merely needed a thought and the clothes that he wore, a Divine Battle Armor, would automatically roll up. However, right now, as if having returned to his childhood, Qin Yu was enjoying that sort of pleasure.

"Master, the Divine Realm's fish are not the same as the Mortal Realm's. All those fish are demon beasts. Although they are only low level demon beasts of the Divine Realm and possess very low attack power, they all possessed intelligence. The way you are trying to catch them, it will be very difficult for you to catch one." Advised Uncle Fu from afar.

Upon hearing Uncle Fu's voice, the fish in the pond even jumped out from the pond and then fled back into the water. Evidently, they were trying to provoke Qin Yu.

"So sly." In anger, Qin Yu slowly exhaled. He then stared at those fish with a lightning like gaze. His hands had turned into blurs as he violently thrust them towards the pond water.

Immediately, the fish started to rapidly flee. They were extremely fast and slick in the water. Qin Yu was unable to catch any of them at all.

"Good, good, good!" Qin Yu said three 'good's in a row.

Those fish were actually jumping out unceasingly from the other side of the pond.

"Humph humph…" Qin Yu smiled brilliantly.

Suddenly, the pond's water disappeared. The fish that were originally swimming in the water of the pond all fell to the stones that were at the bottom of the water. Without water, even if they are fish from the Divine Realm, they were also only barely capable of moving.

"Let's see how you all can flee now!" Qin Yu walked over with a smile on his face. He then grabbed a fish.

Those fishes all opened their fishes eyes widely. They were staring at Qin Yu angrily.

"Master, you used the Jiang Lan's Realm to catch fish?" Uncle Fu opened his eyes wide.

Qin Yu turned around and smiled brilliantly to Uncle Fu. He then looked at the two fish in his hands. "Humph, you all dared to act so arrogant to me. Be careful that I don't cook the two of you."

The two fish immediately grew worried…

"Please spare us, please spare us!" These two fish actually spoke. Their voices were extremely sharp and clear.

Qin Yu was stunned for quite a moment. He only managed to wake back up to reality later. These were fish from the Divine Realm, they were not fish from the Mortal Realm. The environment of the Divine Realm, even the people that had just ascended would have to stabilize their bodies to endure the restriction of the Divine Realm. Regardless of how weak the fish of the Divine Realm were, it was still logical for them to be able to speak.

"You two must not resist now. Otherwise, I'll barbecue you." Qin Yu threatened.

"We will not resist, will not resist." A green and pink fish said repeatedly.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. With but a thought, Qin Yu absorbed the two fish into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Never had I expected that master has such a childish heart." Said Uncle Fu on the side with a smile on his face.

With a wave of his hand, the pond water that had originally been absorbed by the Jiang Lan's Realm returned back to the pond. Qin Yu walked to the shore. The rolled up trousers and sleeves had automatically gone back to their original appearance. Qin Yu no longer had the smile and relaxed expression that he had earlier.

"Master, what's wrong?" Uncle Fu already sensed the change in Qin Yu's mood.

Qin Yu's gaze turned misty. He said indifferently. "I too wish to have a childish heart. Unfortunately… It's already been a long long time since i had it. Did you think that I was catching the fish for fun?"

"Uncle Fu, I will usually not allow myself to stop for a rest by myself. If I am not training, I will be analyzing formation arrays or accompanying my brothers. I am rarely by myself not doing anything. Do you know why?" Qin Yu looked at uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu shook his head.

Qin Yu gave a self-mocking smile. "You won't understand. It's because if I am by myself, not doing anything, then I would start thinking, I would start thinking about a lot of things. And what I would end up thinking the most about would be Li'er."

"I want to meet her. But I am unable to meet her. I want to love her. However, I can only endure. Day after day, year after year, ten thousand years after ten thousand years… all of this has been deep in my heart for all these years." Qin Yu held his chest. "Heavy. It is extremely, extremely heavy."

Qin Yu raised his head and looked up at the sky. A smile appeared on his face.

"A smile could allow one to slightly relax one's heart. Doing something childish could also loosen one's mind. I am not someone who loves to smile. However, I will sometimes make myself smile. I am not someone who possesses a childish heart. However, I will still do some things that only children would do."

"Like that, my heart is a bit more at ease. The deep and heavy sensation that I have will also be a little bit more relaxed."

The corners of Qin Yu's eyes were a bit moist. However, Qin Yu started smiling again. His eyes squinted with his smile.

"Usually, I will either analyze formation arrays unceasingly or train incessantly. I do not have the time to leisure at all. However, these days, if I stop analyzing formation arrays and training. My mind would start to randomly think uncontrollably…." Qin Yu smiled a self-mocking smile as he shook his head.

Uncle Fu stood to the side and looked at Qin Yu. He didn't know what to say.

"Haha, don't be like this. I am actually still very happy." Qin Yu smiled to Uncle Fu. "Compared to the time when I was in the Mortal Realm, my current strength is countless times stronger. And now, I have also ascended to the Divine Realm. Li'er is also in the Divine Realm. I am not able to sense Li'er existence…"

Qin Yu pointed to the north. "That's right, she's over there!"

Qin Yu pulled back his hand. He said to Uncle Fu. "All these years have passed, would I care about trying my best for a short period of time longer? I will continue to walk the path that I am walking now. No one can stop me."

Qin Yu's tone of voice was extremely ordinary. There was no vigor to it. A trace of smile was also on his face.

However, Uncle Fu was able to clearly feel the confidence that originated from his heart.

"Master, no one will be able to stop you." Uncle Fu also nodded and voiced in certainty.

"Ha!" Qin Yu suddenly shouted loudly. His entire person was filled with vitality. "Uncle Fu, let's go. Let's go into the Jiang Lan's Realm and check out how those two fish will look after taking a human form. "

In the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm. At Hei Yu's residence.

This time around, Qin Yu had directly placed the two fishes outside of Hei Yu's house. At this moment, when Qin Yu and Uncle Fu arrived, they were already able to hear the sounds of conversations. Furthermore, the number of people wasn't low either.

"Eh? Wu Lan, Wu He, you two are also here?" Qin Yu looked at Wu Lan and Wu He in shock. They were standing together with Hei Yu.

Immediately, the five people in the courtyard manor all looked to Qin Yu and Uncle Fu.

"Big brother, where did these two little ladies come from?" Hei Yu asked immediately.

Only then did Qin Yu look at the two women. These two woman were pretty, like delicate fine jewels. Their heights were only 1.5 or 1.6 meters. At this moment, those two women were blinking their eyes as they looked to Qin Yu in excitement.

"Lord Qin Yu." These two women bowed to greet Qin Yu.

The two of them were extremely excited. In the Divine Realm, ordinary fish like them would become unable to move the moment they leave the waters. They would only be able to move if they have passed the Divine Tribulation. However, after coming to the Jiang Lan's Realm, they were able to take on a human form as there was no restriction from the Divine Realm.

"What are your names?" Qin Yu asked.

The big guy Wu He immediately said. "Master, the one with the green clothes is called 'Lu Shui.' The one with the pink clothes is called 'Hong Yu.'"

[TL: Lu Shui → Green Water.  Hong Yu → Red Rain.]

"Lord Qin Yu did not ask you." Lu Shui and Hong Yu immediately shouted at Wu He delicately. They then looked to Qin Yu happily. "Lord Qin Yu, I am am Lu Shui, she is Hong Yu."

Qin Yu nodded his head while smiling.

With these two chattering and lively girls, even Hei Yu, Wu Lan and them started smiling more often. Qin Yu had determined that his decision was truly the right one.

Qin Yu stood on top of the tree and looked at his surroundings.

"Master, the Black Dragon Pool has already sent people to attack us four times in a row. The previous three times, they were all easily trapped by us. However, this time around, they have already broken through half of the formation array." Said Uncle Fu underneath Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. "Rest assured, this man's strength in the 'Array Path' is not up to much. He is merely at the level of level one formation arrays… It's good that they managed to break through the formation arrays. With their speed, by the time they finished breaking through the entire formation array, my second formation array will already have been deployed."

The Black Dragon Pool seemed to have truly been enraged. They have started to dispatch one formation array expert after another to break the formation array. However, these formation array experts, in Qin Yu's mind, were truly too weak.

Just by merely knowing a bit about the Divine Realm's formation arrays they are already considered experts of formation arrays? This was truly a laughing matter to Qin Yu.

However, those people also possessed some strength. They actually managed to break through two of Qin Yu's formation arrays in a row. These two formation arrays were both relatively weak level two formation arrays. And Qin Yu, he was finally going to be fierce now.

This time around, Qin Yu planned to use a level two formation array's relatively weak… Killing Array!

In the past, all the formation arrays were Trapping Arrays without any killing attack and wounding powers. Thus, others could slowly take their time on breaking the formation arrays.

"Lord Gongsun, please."

Liu Qiyan was respectfully following behind a middle aged man. Last time when Liu Qiyan was trapped by Qin Yu's illusion array, he was lucky that Qin Yu did not kill him and had only merely trapped him. Later on, when the expert of formation array managed to break through Qin Yu's formation array, Liu Qiyan got his life back.

This Gongsun Jin, Lord Gongsun, could be considered as the number one formation array expert of Lord Xiong's Palace's camp. His status was much higher than that of Liu Qiyan's. Furthermore, he had already managed to break through two of Qin Yu's formation arrays in a row. This had caused Lord Xiong Hei to greatly reward Gongsun Jin.

However, every single time, after Gongsun Jin managed to break through the formation array after immense effort, a new formation array from Qin Yu would immediately be deployed.

This had caused the Black Dragon Pool to be unable to capture Qin Yu.

"You all stay outside. Be careful. I will go in and break the formation array." Said Gongsun Jin indifferently. Merely, the results from his inspection this time had caused him to hesitate for a long time.

However, after some time, Gongsun Jin still walked into the formation array.

Liu Qiyan and several other subordinates were only watching Gongsun Jin inside the formation array and executing numerous hand seals one after another. However, Gongsun Jin merely managed to persist doing that for several breaths worth of time.


A sky covering amount of black flames suddenly bombarded Gongsun Jin. There was even a trace of white flame within those black flames.


As Liu Qiyan and the rest of them stood stupefied, Gongsun Jin's body had been burned to ashes like leaves. Just like that, he had been burned to nothingness.

"Run away, quickly, run!" Liu Qiyan still remembered the time when the range of the formation array suddenly increased.

This time around, Liu Qiyan was very fortunate. Qin Yu did not try to kill them. Instead, he was standing on top of the tree and watching Liu Qiyan and them panicking and fleeing for their lives like stray dogs.

"They called you Lord Gongsun? However, you truly do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. You've spent that much time breaking my two previous Trapping Arrays. The speed at which I set up formation arrays is faster than speed you break them; could it be that you still can't tell the difference between our levels?" Qin Yu sighed.

Destroying something was easier than creating something.

In order to set up a formation array, it must be perfected from every angle. As for breaking a formation array, one merely needed to break some significant parts of the formation array. When they do, the formation array would naturally break apart. Qin Yu's speed at setting up formation arrays was even faster than the speed at which Gongsun Jin broke them, the gap between the two in the 'Array Path' was too obvious.

Lord Xiong's Palace.

"Gongsun died?" Xiong Hei's almost three meter tall body was radiating a frightening domineering aura. His two eyes were wide open with fury like two fists. He was staring at the shivering Liu Qiyan below him. "You, how are you still alive?!"

Liu Qiyan was able to sense the anger that Lord Xiong Hei had and was frightened to an uncontrollable shiver.

"Aiyoh, hey Big Brother Xiong, I've heard that you've taken a huge tumble on a little mountain and have lost many subordinates." A red clothed seductive woman walked in with light steps.

"Lil Sister Mei Ji. You cannot talk about Big Brother Xiong Hei like that. Big Brother Xiong Hei was careless, he was careless. Granted he had lost only seven or eight times." A handsome male with snow white skin walked in.

These two people were the other two great experts underneath Lord Black Dragon… Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu.

Seeing how Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu were mocking him, Xiong Hei was unable to refrain from becoming angry.

"Mei Ji, Liu Xu, that person is merely relying on the fact that his ability in formation arrays is amazing. Humph… I shall see how his formation arrays would continue to not break when I twist the space that it's in. Ten Descending Powers, this Heavenly Divine Artifact of mine feeds off of blood!"

[TL: the original raw said 'not a vegetarian.' to describe the heavenly divine artifact. not a vegetarian is a chinese term saying it's something powerful because well, as we all know, my food craps on your food and my food have blood :).]

Xiong Hei's eyes were wide open. He shouted angrily. "A'Zi, bring the troops. I will personally go and crush that Mount Bewitch You flat!"

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