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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 17 – The Master of Mount Bewitch You

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Level five formation array, isn't that the level at which you can create Heavenly Divine Artifacts?" Somewhat surprised, Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu shook his head and said. "Possessing comprehension of formation arrays at the fifth formation array level is merely one of the requirements for creating Heavenly Divine Artifacts. There are also other requirements in regards to flames, materials and so on. As I do not possess a soul, I am naturally unable to control flames and thus also cannot create any Heavenly Divine Artifacts."

Qin Yu started to feel pity for Uncle Fu.

To not possess a soul was indeed a great binding.

"Uncle Fu, you can go and rest first. I will now be setting up the formation array." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face. He then started flying in the air. Soon after, with his hands like mirages, rays of lights started to fly out from his hands. At the same time, an abundant number of seals, marks, talisman and symbols were being shown.

The bright and clear Divine Spiritual Stones suddenly started flying out from Qin Yu's hands.

One piece, two pieces, three pieces… twenty four pieces! A total of twenty four pieces of Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones started flying in all directions of Mount Bewitch You. Each and every one of the Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones was radiating a magnificent brilliance.

Qin Yu, who was currently setting up the formation array, was elegantly executing one divine spiritual hand seal after another. The speed at which he executed the hand seals was sometimes fast, sometimes slow. The amount of Divine Energy contained within the hand seals was both abundant and scarce. Ingeniously, the numerous hand seals were harmonizing the entire formation array.

This formation array was merely a level one formation array. It was a relatively strong illusion formation array among the level one formation arrays.

The Black Dragon Pool was actually a beautiful lake of a hundred miles circumference. There lived not a single fish in this beautiful lake. This lake was an impasse of life. The only thing that grew in it was some aquatic plants.

Besides the Black Dragon Pool was a luxurious and enormous palace. This palace was the 'Black Dragon Palace.'

Surrounding the Black Dragon Palace were three more palaces. These three palaces were the palaces of the three great experts underneath the boss of the Black Dragon Pool, Lord Black Dragon. Usually, those three palaces were a lot more lively than the Black Dragon Palace.

That was because… there were only several servants in the Black Dragon Palace. Those servants were in the Black Dragon Palace only to maintain its cleanliness. As for Lord Black Dragon himself, it had already been a very very long time since he last appeared in the Black Dragon Palace.

The three great experts underneath Lord Black Dragon: Xiong Hei, Taoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji.

Other than these three great experts, the rest of the large number of subordinates in the Black Dragon Pool had never met Black Dragon before. Where exactly is Black Dragon at? Why did he never appear? Has he died?

No one dared to ask. As for the people who knew about the answer, it was only those three great lords.

The Black Dragon Pool possessed a very large sphere of influence. The number of subordinates it had was extremely numerous. Each and every one of these three great lords was able to casually put forward a hundred thousand troops. If one were to compare the power and influence of the three lords, then Xiong Hei would be the one who possessed the most power and influence.

Lord Xiong's Palace.

This was the palace among the three palaces that belonged to Xiong Hei. Xiong Hei controlled over half of the troops of the Black Dragon Pool. He was the person who decided the majority of the things in the Black Dragon Pool. However, in these past couple months, Xiong Hei was somewhat distressed.

It was because several tens of his subordinates had gone missing without cause or reason. Had they been killed, then Xiong Hei would not mind about their death that much. He would merely immediately send troops to avenge them. However, he was unable to determine if his subordinates had been killed or not.

Inside the main hall of the Lord Xiong's Palace. A robust black skinned man with a height close to three meters sat on the main hall. He had his hand underneath his chin and was frowning.

Clear sound of footsteps were heard. A black clothed woman rapidly walked in. Seeing that this black skinned man's gaze had shifted toward her, this black clothed woman hurriedly said. "Lord, after our numerous investigations, we have finally found something suspicious."

"Speak." Said Xiong Hei indifferently.

The black clothed woman said respectfully. "Although these forty plus people had left in three different groups, they all possess a common ground. They had all left and proceeded onward toward the south. This subordinate has dispatched troops to search along the route and finally managed to discover a thing."

"Mn?" Xing Hei groaned with his nose. His gaze was concentrated on that black clothed woman.

"At a location several thousand miles south to our Black Dragon Pool's headquarters lies a small mountain. When I dispatched people to search along the route, they discovered that whoever that entered that small mountain would become lost within it and would no longer be able to come back out. We know that because during this investigation, three people among our investigation group had been lost to that mountain."

After the black clothed woman finished her report, she started to quietly await for Xiong Hei's orders.

"A small mountain?" Xiong Hei stood straight. He stared at the black clothed woman directly. "What is the name of that mountain?"

The black clothed woman frowned. "Milord, the investigation group has reported back a very strange thing. We have originally never paid attention to that mountain and have considered it to be a nameless mountain. However, this time around when they proceed to investigate, they had discovered a stele located at the foot of the mountain. On the stele were three words…. Mount Bewitch You!"

"Mount Bewitch You?" Xiong Hei started to frown.

"Milord, that stele appears to be newly placed. Adding on the fact that the entire mountain possesses a strange ability to entrap others, this subordinate thinks that… perhaps someone or a small power has occupied that mountain and also set up a formation array in the surroundings of that Mount Bewitch You." The black clothed woman said the thoughts in her mind.

Xiong Hei coldly humped. "Someone? Some power? Truly daring. Could it be that they do not know that the surroundings of our Black Dragon Pool is not a place that permits any other power to step in?"

The Black Dragon Pool was extremely tyrannic.

There existed not a single power in the edge of its territory. In the past, there were. However, all of those powers were eradicated by the Black Dragon Pool.

How could one allow another to sleep soundly on the side of one's narrow bed?

"They dare to entrap my people and not return them. Good… A'Yi, when your subordinate discovers people who are astute and people who are proficient in the arts of formation arrays, have them go and break that formation array in that so called Mount Bewitch You. After that, kill the person who set up the formation array." Said Xiong Hei coldly.

The black clothed woman said respectfully. "Yes, milord."

As the number of troops underneath the Black Dragon Pool is extremely large, there are naturally people proficient in all sorts of fields.

"Lady Yi, please rest assured. This subordinate will definitely kill all of the enemies in Mount Bewitch You." Liu Qiyan bowed as he said declared his undertaking of the task to the black clothed woman.

"Qiyan, I know that the way you handle things are extremely well done. However, this time around, you must be careful. The formation array set up on the Mount Bewitch You should not be weak. You must make sure to not repeat the disasters that have fallen upon the others." Said the black clothed woman coldly.

"Yes." Liu Qiyan was extremely respectful.

After leaving the Black Dragon Pool's headquarters, Liu Qiyan brought with him his twenty some subordinates and proceeded toward the Mount Bewitch You. This group of people could be considered as being pretty fast. After spending two days, they had arrived in the vicinity of the Mount Bewitch You.

"Halt!" Liu Qiyan waved his hand and commanded his subordinates to stop.

Liu Qiyan was born in the Divine Realm and had grown up in Sealfeel Village. However, he felt that as the Sealfeel villagers have to pay that much tax everyday, there were not even enough Divine Spiritual Stones to train with. Thus, he joined the Black Dragon Pool. After all these years of struggles, he had managed to reach a status of a small squadron captain in the Black Dragon Pool.

Last time around, when Zi Yun who had grown up together with him married Xing Yuan, he did not use force to handle this matter. It was not that he didn't want to but rather that he was unable to see through Xing Yuan's three good friends.

Liu Qiyan was such a cautious and timid person. For him, emotions were merely something secondary. In his heart, power and strength was the most important. Emotions were merely abstract theories.

"Lord Liu, on that stele are the words 'Mount Bewitch You.'" A middle aged man among the twenty some subordinates said.

Liu Qiyan lightly nodded. ""Everyone. This is Mount Bewitch You. This Mount Bewitch You is covered by a kind of formation array. Brother Sanyang, among all of us, you are the one who is most proficient in formation arrays. Please go and check the mountain out."

A middle aged man with a goatee walked forward.

He casually picked up a couple rocks on the ground and then threw them into the Mount Bewitch You. Everyone was carefully watching his actions. Those rocks rolled to a stone on the mountain.

"There appears to be no change. Brother Sanyang, do you know what sort of formation array this is?" Liu Qiyan asked.

The man with the goatee did not speak. Instead, he shot out a ray of Divine Energy into the Mount Bewitch You. An enormous membrane of light suddenly appeared surrounding the Mount Bewitch You. At the same time, an unmeasurable amount of seals, marks and symbols were floating within the membrane of light.

The man with the goatee had a solemn expression on his face. "Lord Liu, if my guess is correct, this formation array ought to be a Divine Realm's formation array! Furthermore, it is one of the more profound Divine Realm's formation arrays."

Liu Qiyan felt that the situation had turned bad. He looked to the other people in the group.

"Lord Liu, what Brother Sanyang said is correct. This formation array is indeed extremely profound." All the rest of the people also expressed their agreement.

"The scrolls containing information of formation arrays of the Divine Realm, in all these years that I have been in the Black Dragon Pool, I have only seen a single golden scroll before. According to my understanding of formation arrays from the lower realm, I have managed to attain some success after studying through that formation array golden scroll. However, it is still not enough to break through this formation array." The goatee man had an extremely serious expression.

Liu Qiyan and them did not know at all that at this moment, Qin Yu was watching them with his Divine Awareness.

With the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu's Divine Awareness could now extend to a range of a thousand meters. And at this moment, Qin Yu was standing on top of a tree in Mount Bewitch You. He was only three hundred plus meters away from Liu Qiyan and them.

"Scrolls containing information of formation arrays? Furthermore, a single golden scroll?" At the beginning, hearing the conversations that these people had, Qin Yu had thought that this Sanyang might be extremely powerful. However, now that he heard what was said… this guy had only seen a single Divine Realm's formation array scroll.

"Lord Liu, I can only use foolish means to feel the might of this formation array."

This Sanyang looked to Liu Qiyan. "Lord Liu, please tie a long rope around my waist. You all wait here outside the mountain. I will go in myself. After ten breaths of time, regardless of what might happen, you all are to pull me back out."

Liu Qiyan pondered for a moment and then also nodded.

"He really came in. Haha…. ropes, they are things that can break!"

A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. He then fell down like a gentle wind. Uncle Fu had instantly appeared beside Qin Yu. One in the front and one behind, the two of them proceeded toward the foot of the mountain.

"Remember, in ten breaths time, regardless of what happens, you all are to pull me back." Sanyang reminded them.

"Brother Sangyan can rest assured." The others immediately guaranteed him.

Only then did Sanyang who had a rope tied around him walk into the mountain. Right after Sanyang entered the mountain, he felt that the scene in his surroundings had changed completely.

"What an amazing formation array. The person who set this formation array up must definitely be a Divine Realm's great master of formation arrays." Exclaimed Sanyang in his heart.

The scrolls that contained information regarding formation arrays were extremely precious in the Divine Realm. How could the ordinary people possibly be able to see them? Much less study them? This Sanyang did not know at all that this formation array was merely that of a level one formation array.

"It's already been ten breaths time, why aren't they pulling me back?" Sanyang had grown confused.

"Pull me back!" Shouted Sanyang loudly.

At the current moment, Sanyang didn't know at all that he was already unable to go back out. Regardless of how hard he shouted, the rope tied around his waist would not give any response.

"Eh?" Sanyang turned around. He looked at the rope that connected him with the outside world. His expression immediately changed. He started muttering. "No, it's an illusion. It's not real. You can't believe it. You can't believe it."

Liu Qiyan and then violently pulled on the rope. However, what they managed to pull out was merely a severed rope.

"The rope has been cut." Upon seeing that, Liu Qiyan's expression instantly changed.

"Brother Sanyang has also been caught. What should we do now?" Immediately, some people grew anxious.

"Liu Qiyan, you've come to my territory, how could I possibly not invite you in as a guest?" A voice sounded from Mount Bewitch You. Liu Qiyan and them immediately looked to the Mount Bewitch You in shock and terror.

What they saw was that the misty brilliant light has once appeared on the Mount Bewitch You. Numerous and densely packed mark, seals, and symbols have once again started floating on the membrane of light. At the same time, this membrane of light suddenly grew in size. The range that it covered had instantly increased by a hundred meters.

In an instant, while Liu Qiyan and them were still shocked, they had been covered by the membrane of light.

"Liu Qiyan oh Liu Qiyan, you've brought someone who merely knew about the skin and hair depths knowledge of the Divine Realm's formation arrays to come break my formation array. Truly… The Divine Realm's formation arrays, they are able to alter their range along with the change in energy that is given to them. You all don't even know about this most basic point."

Qin Yu took back the Divine Energy that he had poured into the formation array. The formation array immediately returned to its original range. At this moment, the energy of the formation array was being completely provided by Divine Spiritual Stones.

As for Liu Qiyan and them, they had become completely trapped within the formation array.

"Ah! Let me out! Scoundrel! Let me out!" At a certain location on the Mount Bewitch You, a golden haired old man was frantically shouting. He had already been trapped for several months now. And at this moment, Liu Qiyan had walked past this old man. Yet, he did not discover the crazy old man at all.

"Currently, there are several tens of personnels to test out formation arrays with on the Mount Bewitch You. However, it's still not enough." Qin Yu stood on top of a tree. He was watching the people that have lost their minds in fear and muttering in their mouth. "These people possess relatively weak strength. However, after a period of time, it is likely that the experts of the Black Dragon Pool also can not stay seated anymore. At that time, I would be able to test out some of the more powerful formation arrays."

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